Christmas Miracle

(This was written as a secret santa gift for “that1guyfromschool” on DA, who wanted a pokemon setting and his OCs used. Hope you enjoy!)

Marrow raised his bone into the air and brought it down hard. “Mine!” he said.

It was late at night, but with the light of the moon caught in the snow, the the woods were still lit well enough to see. His target had followed a path into the corner of his forest he considered his own, and in his mind, that meant anything it held was his too.

“OW!” the cat-like creature yelped as it struck him. “The heck man!? This is my apple!”

“MINE!” He said again, swinging it harder.

“OW! Fine, here take it.” The Meowith throw the apple at him. It bounced off the hard shell of his skull hat and fell into the snow.

Gleeful, Marrow danced and reached down into the snow and picked it up. He bit down. It was sweet and crunchy, though with some soft spots.

The Meowith rubbed his head as the Cubone ate. He glared at him, but didn’t want to challenge the larger Pokémon. Suddenly he smiled. “Fine. You take that tiny, old, rotten apple. But you know what? I’m going back HOME to my FAMILY, where I’ll have all the apples you want. Have fun out here in the snow.” He walked away and flipped Marrow off.

Cubone felt his heart drop and stopped eating. He then growled and, with tears in his eyes, raised his bone in the air and threw it with all his might.

The Meowith dodged it easily, and it struck a wall and fell to the ground. It picked up the bone, looked over its head and laughed. “Its mine now, loser!” He said, and began to run.

Marrow chased him. He ran as fast as he could and felt like he was getting closer. The woods suddenly became suburbs, and the snowy path became a paved road. The salt burned on his feet, but he kept chasing. At the last minute before he caught up, the cat looked over his shoulder, laughed, and began to run faster, easily outdistancing him. He then jumped onto a garbage pail and onto the roof of nearby home.

Marrow’s breath caught. The bone was all he had, and the last remains of…

He couldn’t lose it. He panicked, ran at the house and began clawing at the wall, trying and failing to climb it.

The Meowith laughed again. He held the bone out at the length of his arm and stared at it. “You sure you want to do that? You’re in the town now, you know if they catch unadopted pokemon here, its straight to the pound. I wouldn’t give anyone an excuse to call for help.”

A chill went up Marrow’s spine. He looked down the street. It was empty for now, but he didn’t know how quickly he could make it back to the woods. He looked back up at the Meowith. He decided he needed the bone no matter what, so he went back to trying to climb the wall.

The cat like creature laughed. “Its mine now, loser. Might burn it in my fire place.”

Marrow let out an involuntary whine.

“Awww you poor widdle bone-head. You want this?” He said, waiving it in front of Marrow. Marrow, crying now, nodded. “Beg me for it.”

Marrow looked down at his feet.

“You heard me. Beg me or its getting burned.”

Marrow looked back up, then, sighing, sunk to his knees and put his hands up. “Please,” he said.

“Hmmmm I don’t know…”


“Well alright. Its ugly anyway. Catch it! Go fetch!” He pulled it back then threw it as hard as he could, and it flew through the air, landing in a gutter.

Marrow bounded after it. He dug it out of the mud and snow and brushed it off, then held it close to him and rocked it.

His stomach grumbled, and he put a hand to it. How long had it been since he’d eaten? It seemed like days, and that apple would have been the first real food in a while. It was hard in the winter.

“Well well well, what do we have here?”

Marrow’s breath caught. There was a pair of heavy black, leather boots in front of him. Was it someone from the pound.

He looked up slowly. White fur on top of the boots… red pants… a heavy, red coat. That wasn’t the uniform of the pound.

An massive, old, bearded man looked down at him. “You have been on my naughty list for years, and now that I’ve got you, I can finally do something about it.” He grabbed the Cubone and lifted him right into the air.

You know what, I can’t promise I’ll follow this one, since–I don’t know–I’m just not feeling a Pokemon fanfic right now.

But man, the Cubone lore always hit me right in the feels.

I get it, I don’t normally go for pokemon or really any other kind of fan fic.

And yes cubone is sad really

Aaron sighed as he flipped through his dating profile on his phone. A dozen ‘maybes’, no “yeses”.

He rolled over on his bed in his empty apartment. “Empty” was a operational word. Sure, there was furniture. His bed and a side table in the bedroom, a couch and a table in the other, even a nice Christmas tree, but it was empty in an entirely different way.

He had moved to the city a year earlier to start a new career. It seemed great at first. His own place, a new job where he could from home, a decent salary, and all sorts of fun things to do… alone. That was the part he had missed. Alone. Even when he found people to date, and endless stream of one night stands did little to fill his empty home, and it seemed impossible to find anyone who wanted anything more. Even the opportunity to work from, which had once seemed like a blessing, now just meant there was less people to talk to during the day.

He rolled again. He blushed and went to the “other” dating site. “AdorableAdultDiaperButts -” appeared in bold, colorful letters. This was the one he really hoped to find someone on, but also was terrified of it.

He laughed at the idea. What was he really scared of? An impact on his nothing of a social life? Still, the thought of being known to be in that type of relationship was frightening.

And hence was his issue. He knew there were others out there, though a lot of them were closeted and certainly wouldn’t be meeting strangers from online. A few others were the opposite, far too open, with links to their social media pages full of pictures of them in diapers, which made him far too nervous to even try. He had met some, though many only wanted the same kind of one night stand he might find on tinder but with a kinky twist. For others, he learned the lesson that enjoying the same kink didn’t mean compatible personalities over and over.

So what was left? Adopt a pet or a Pokémon? Maybe, if he had more money. He sighed and looked at the ceiling. What other options were there?

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Marrow squirmed in the sleigh, terrified of where they might be going, but even more terrified of falling. They raced through the sky at an incredible pace, and land beneath them and the stars above them flew by in a blur. He saw snow become water, become sand, become trees, and become snow again in seconds.

“Now now, hang on,” Santa said, and the sleigh tilted wildly to the side and plummeted out. Marrow shrieked in terror as the land beneath them expanded and became clearer. Tiny boxes on a white plane expanded into straight lines, then into houses and buildings. The sleigh slowed, and it settled on a rooftop.

Santa looked at him. “Well new elf, time to prove yourself. You like your Christmas gift?”

Marrow looked down, then back up and shook his head. His “Christmas gift” was an outfit. Specifically, it was a bright green vest with red buttons and a black belt over a red sweater shirt, with white and red striped leggings that ran up to his…

He cringed. His diaper. Plain white, with reindeer running across a front panel beneath “HO HO HO” written in red… It was thick and wide, making walking difficult, and perfectly matched the pacifier that came with his outfit that he found himself sucking automatically.

“HO HO HO,” Santa laughed. “Well the best way to get you off the naughty list is to have you become an elf, and that means starting at the beginning, just like everyone else. Do well tonight, and you might start to earn your way to the next level.”

Marrow perked up.

“The next level is toddlerhood, then its school. You’ve got a long way to go. Don’t worry, elves live a long, long time.” Marrow sighed.

“Hey now, you know what they say, ‘you better not pout.’ You do this house, and I’ll do the next.” Santa waved his hands and light began to form around them. They engulfed Marrow and lifted him out of the sleigh.

Aaron started into the empty night and breathed the cold, winter air. The balcony was his favorite spot for when he got lonely. In the winter nights, the cold air cleared his mind, and from where he stood on his balcony, he could see for miles through the towers of the city. The stars provided the only light he needed, and he pictured all the the opportunities the city might bring him.

A couple walked down the street across from him. They walked hand in hand, then one pulled the other close and they spun through the snow. Aaron heard them laughing, then saw them walk again cradling each other for warmth. He imagined himself in the same situation, just having someone to hold in, to love and be loved…

He saw a bright light racing across the sky. A shooting star? It was hard to tell, it seemed close and strangely long, and kept going.

He followed it. Was it his imagination, or was it turning? Either way, he made a wish upon it as it passed.

“Took you that long? I did ten while you were down there. Thankfully time doesn’t really work the same tonight.” Santa said while reviewing a long, worn scroll with a list of names on it.

“Well it be much easier without an inch of stupid @#$@ padding to stumble around in,” Marrow thought.

“Well you should have thought of that before you acted up.” Marrow’s eyes went wide, and Santa looked at him from over the list. “Really? Like I can’t read your mind. I see everyone at once to know if you’re bad and travel in a magic sleigh, but THAT is too much? Please.”

He marked something on the list with the pen and waved his hands again. “Alright, this next house is yours, and I’ll do 10-20 of the ones after while you waddle around like a baby. Have fun!”

Marrow flew up into the air, then down into a chimney, and landed flat on his bottom. “Well, there is one good use for the diaper,” he said, rubbing his behind and grateful for the protection from the impact. He looked around the room. It was a spacious living room with a couch and coffee table. It was decorated with ribbons and a tree, and ran into a hall with boughs of holly.

“Where are the…” his thoughts were interrupted as a present hit him on the head. “Oh, there.” He picked it up and began to waddle toward the tree.

CRRK. His diaper made a loud crinkling sound as he walked. He heard snoring beside him, and looked in panic to the couch. He hadn’t noticed before, but a girl was sleeping there, wrapped in a blanket and holding a Dedenne. The sound of his diaper had made both her and the mouse like creature stir.

He watched them and took a slow step. CRKK… “$#!%” He thought. “#@(%!^% diaper…”

“HEY! No thinking swears while visiting houses!” A voice said in his head. “And yes I can communicate telepathically, its called magic, look it up. Also, no bashing the diaper, its part of the uniform for baby elves.”

Marrow scowled, hoping at least that wouldn’t be transmitted. Of course, pouting was…

The truth was, he didn’t hate the diaper. He had always day dreamed of finding a family, having a “mommy” and a “daddy” of his own, and since the last time he had any was when he was a baby, those dreams almost always involved… he blushed and shook his head. NOT the right time to think of that.

He took another step, and another crinkle.

“Santa?” The girl said.

Marrow’s heart skipped a beat.

Suddenly she bolted up. “He came! Look, and he brought me a baby Cubone doll!”

She rushed over, picked Marrow up, and hugged him hard to his chest. Marrow felt her squeeze the breath at him as she swung him around in circles.

"Look Morty! " she said to the Dedenne. "He’s so cute! Look at his little outfit! Awww we can play, and half tea times, and take him to the park…

“No no no!” Marrow tried to think of what he could do. He doubted Santa would like him fighting, and he didn’t want to blow his cover as an actual grown up Marrow who happened to be wearing a diaper and an elf costume while breaking into houses. What could he…

A light enveloped him, and he felt himself pulled into the chimney.

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Aaron stopped day dreaming and went back inside. He coughed. It was too cold to be out long. The next day was Christmas, and that meant spending it all alone for the first time he could remember. Sure, he could speak to some friends or family online, but that never felt the same.

He went back to his phone for a completely different kind of search. He looked up Christmas events, though there weren’t many due to quarantine restrictions. Those that were had a familiar theme. “Fun for the family!” “Day out with the kids!” “Socially distanced meal, please bring at least two to a table…” Nothing was made for one person alone.

He sat back at the edge of the bed. When the star passed over him, he asked for someone to spend time with. He wondered if there was really any point.

“I’m not going to lie to you, that will happen from time to time.” Santa explained. “Its easier for me because most people recognize me, and I don’t exactly look like a doll. Also, I’m to heavy to be picked up off the ground and swung around in a bear hug.”

Marrow glared at him.

“The trick is not to get angry, and just wait. The magic will bring you out soon enough, and until then, they’ll think you’re a toy and won’t hurt you. Once you’re gone, they will go back to sleep and wake up remembering it as a dream.”

“You’re doing fairly well so far tonight. I think we are just about done.”

“Thank god,” Marrow thought. He had only done a few houses, he guessed Santa had been doing more, or perhaps did some before he found him. Even if he was going to stay with Santa, going back to wherever he lived in the North Pole sounded better then flying around in the freezing night. His sweater/leggings/diaper combination only provided so much heat, and he didn’t want to get found again.

“Wait… wait…,” Santa said. He pulled out his list and counted down the names. “There is one more for you to do. Come on, its a while away.”

The light appeared again, and held Marrow down into his seat. The sleigh bolted into the sky, and Marrow watched the ground disappear beneath him. They sure did seem to be going a long way.

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Aaron was awakened from his light sleep by a clatter. He shook his head until it was clear- he hadn’t realized he had fallen asleep on the couch. He arose up to see what was the matter.

“AAAAAA WHUMP…” came a sound from the living room.

“Intruder” he thought. Aaron had practiced jiu-jitsu and karate for just such an occasion. He cracked his knuckles, then grabbed a baseball bat beside his bed. In his opinion “bat” was a far more effective art then the other two. The only ones that could consistently beat it was “rifle” and sometimes “knife/sword”. He had gathered this from the multiple Humaning tournaments he watched, where people trained by Pokémon fought for prizes. It was an odd twist on the regular formula, but far more entertaining in his opinion.

He walked into the living room, bat held high. “What are you doing here?!” he shouted.

“Ok so I was specifically promised the opposite of this,” Marrow thought, remembering the promises about them thinking he was a toy and not hurting him. He wondered if this counted as a fundamental breach of contract. Would any lawyer help him sue Santa? At least get out of part of the deal.

The person in front of him, a tall, slight, dark haired boy in his mid twenties, paused. “What are you?” He asked.

Marrow waited for the light to come to take him away. “And where is that @(#&@ present?” he thought. He remained perfectly still.

The apartment he was in was nice, but certainly not the same as the houses he had seen earlier. It was a lot smaller, so this person probably lived alone, he figured. That meant no one would sneak up on them, and perhaps he could beat the guy’s bat with his bone. Then again, he had watched those Humaning tournaments, and some of them were fierce. What kind was this guy? It was hard to tell.

What had he asked for?

The guy lowered his bat and crouched down. “Oh, you’re a Cubone. A baby Cubone?”

Marrow blushed, and he giggled.

“No, not a baby, but in a cute diaper nonetheless.”

Marrow blushed deeper.

“Awww I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean to make fun. You’re just so adorable in your little baby elf costume! I almost want to hug you!”

Marrow backed away shyly. Where was that light? Where was the gift?

“Its ok. Don’t be scared. Do you want a hug?” The boy was kneeling down with his hands outstretched. “Come on, you must be cold.”

Slowly, Marrow felt himself put one foot in front of the other. He did want a hug. He wanted one badly, actually.

“Come on little guy, its ok. Are you lonely?”

Marrow nodded.

“You don’t have a family, do you?”

He shook his head.

“That’s ok, I don’t either. Do you want one?”

Marrow looked at him and nodded. He did. He wanted one for a while, and never had a way to find one.

“Then why don’t you come here? You want to be in my family?” He snickered and smiled. “You even want to be my little baby in diapers? That’s ok too, I promise I’ll take care of you. I’ll keep you warm and fed, even change those cute diapers of yours.”

Marrow looked at him and thought. It suddenly occurred to him why there wasn’t a light coming, and why no gift had appeared. He walked toward the boy with his hands forward.

The boy lifted him up and cradled him. This wasn’t hard and rough like the girl from earlier, but gentle and loving. He smiled down at Marrow. “Hehe, you’re so cute. You can be my baby, and and I bet your so adorable and little could take you out in public like that and no one will even notice.”

Marrow gasped. He felt something stirring inside him. The thought of being dressed like this in public, of people seeing him, of thinking of him that way… it was frightening at first, but at the same time exciting. IT was something he always dreamed of, and slowly the excitement was matched by something he hadn’t felt as long as he could remember- a deep, wonderful calm.

The boy rocked him. “I was hoping for something like this. You never had a chance to be someone’s baby, did you?”

Marrow shook his head.

“But I bet you always wanted to be?”

He nodded.

“You want to be my baby?”

He thought about it. He had spent years and years alone in the woods, often cold, hungry, and wet, with no one to be with. The entire time, he wished for this, but had always been too scared to even try. Slowly, he nodded.

“Good. Then its settled. You’ll be my baby” he smiled again. “Until I decide its time for you to grow up, if ever.” He sat on the couch, settled Marrow in his lap, bent down and kissed him, and Marrow giggled.

A sound came from the side of the room, and Marrow looked to see piles of packages. He blushed- they weren’t wrapped presents, but boxes and bags of diapers, topped with onesies, pacifiers, toys and outfits, all inside a play pen. A small high chair appeared beside it, and a stroller on the other side. It occurred to Marrow that those weren’t the boy’s gifts, but his. The boy laughed when he saw, and cradled Marrow closer. “So you really did want to be a baby then.”

From somewhere deep in the night sky, a voice came, booming at its origin but almost silent where they were, so they weren’t sure if they heard anything at all. “Hohoho, Merry Christmas!” It said, and for both of them, it was.