Chrissy's Weekend (need feedback)

Chrissy formerly known as christian sat content cross legged rocking on the floor of the living room. Mind not completely blank but not a complete thought to be found. Blocks,tinker toys and a padded ABC floor mat were his domain. His wife looked upon him with a content look as she gazed over her port able system. You see chrissy was 29 going on 3. You could almost confuse him with a toddler if it werent for his size. He had Long curly brown hair and eyes of chocolate haze. He was wearing nothing but a balck onsie that poorly concealed a large white diaper around his waist. A Large black pacifier was being sucked on greedily from between his slightly chubby cheeks. The television played Futurama; Chrissy and his mommies favorite show.

Chrissy barely noticed his wife get up from the couch. Not to say he didnt notice he was always aware when she was away. She was the light of his world. her eyes were a gorgeous shade of bluish green light lightning bolts. Her natural hair was a gorgeous amber brown but she always dyed it flamboyantly. This just made her light up the room brighter. Her gorgeous figure was always noticeable as her hips swayed while she walked, she had a thick voluptuous figure. What she lacked in stature she made up for with a wit so sharp no cutler can compare. He quickly glanced a look as she walked in to the kitchen. Quickly returning to his legos and television his mind slowly going blank again.

“chrissy come to mommy”

Like the sound of sirens his loves voice was nothing short of a spell to his ears. His legos seemed to float in air before crashing down to the mat parts flying every where. No sooner had heard the words than chrissy was crawling across the floor. His thickly padded bottom didnt allow his legs to close properly so his craw was a bit akward. He looked up into his wifes eyes as he got to the couch he gorgeous gaze hypnotizing him once more.

“up.” decreed with a firm sweetness patting the couch next to her.

“ ymmmp mummy” chrissy mumbled from behind his pacifier.

Chrissy easily climbed on the couch as his mommy grabbed a pillow and placed it against the armrest of the couch and on her lap. Instinctively chrissy laid back and cuddled up to her warm chest. She was very much gifted in the breast department. Her warm arm curled around the back of his head embracing him. As chrissy peered over her amazing bossom into her eyes he felt a calmness that monks in the mountains of tibet fail to achieve. His heart beat quickly as it always did in her arms.

“is my babyboy hungry?” she asked with a soft coo.

Chrissy could only nod eyes locked on the face of an ngel before him.She slowly reached over grabbed thew pacifier from between his lips a small line of drool trailed behind it.

“cutie drooly boy” she cooed.

She quickly produced a bottle from the table beside chrissy’s head. She brought it slowly to his lips intentionally missing the first few times as to drizzle a little milk on his face. As she finally brought the bottle to his lips he instinctively latched on. Slowly liquid In the bottle began to drain.his eyes closed I a half daze as he sucked the sweet liquid from the bottle.

“hold.” she said with a soft intention.

Chrissy’s arms came up as he grabbed the bottle with both hands holding it gently. His wife reached down between his legs and swiftly stuck a finger in the leg gathers of his diaper. Feeling what she already new to be true as the soft padding of the diaper was swollen and moist.

“somebody’s a wet baby arent you”

Eyes widening and face flushing he nodded while still slowly nursing the bottle in his hands a trickle of milk dripping down his chin onto his onsie. His lover grabbed the nd of the bottle.

“messy little one let go mommies got you” she looked down into his eyes and smiled a gentle smile. Chrissy readjusted and huggged her tightly. The bottle almost empty at this point. He was feeling full and content. Wit that fullness in his stomach camea pressure on his balder. Withou musch thought he let go. The front of his diaper swelling a bit in his onsie. The warm and wonderous between his legs reminding him more so of his babyish state.

I’m not sure what kind of feedback you’re specifically looking for, whether it’s on plot or mechanics so I’ll give you my thoughts on the mechanics of the first chapter.
You might want to proofread this again and make some corrections to the spelling and grammar. Sometimes letters in words can be transposed, I find it happens to me a good bit, especially with words like form instead of from, ot instead of to, and aobut instead of about and a lot of times i is lower case, even though I press the shift key to make it upper case as examples of things that can go wrong.
Maybe English isn’t your native language, but even if it is, my intention is just to point out that some things need to be corrected so that the presentation can be better.

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