Chris and Chrissie 8-10

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Chris and Chrissie
Chapter 8: Chris’s punishment

Chris just woke up. “The same dream.” She said to herself. It was becoming more and more frequent as well as more and more hurtful. The woman would say crueler things every time. In the dream they made sense, but when Chris wakes up the words are vague, but not the sting. Her legs hugged each other, and the guilty feeling returned. “What’s wrong with me? I hate this. I hate this.” She said over and over in an almost hypnotic trance.

Only in school could Chris apply herself and forget about the troubles of her life. She worked hard on working on the arithmetic formulas. The numbers span in her head. Next to her Ellan sat quietly. For the first week it had been awkward, but Chris now just tunes her out. The girl she threatened isn’t really there in her mind.

Ellan on the other hand could never stop thinking about the girl. On various occasions she had tried to force interaction with Chris. Once she dropped her pen and asked Chris to pick it up. Chris just ignored her and left the pen alone. Another time she offered her brownies, it did not work. Suffice to say, nothing worked. Today she had yet another scheme. She thought of it as a bit extreme, but everything else had not worked. She had placed a water bottle without a cap on the corner of her desk. Her plan was to accidentally spill it on Chris’s shirt, and offer her the extra shirt she had in her backpack. ‘Flawless.’ She thought to herself. She initiated the plan.

Murphy’s law states that the worst case scenario will always happen. Well perhaps he’s right this time. The water bottle spilled on Chris’s lap rather then shirt. One brat saw this and yelled “Hey look! Chris wet herself!” Most of the class roared with laughter as the teacher tried to gain control. Ellan and Pep Jr. on the other hand felt like an earthquake was coming.

Chris’s mind twisted in anger. Among the various immature insults throne her way were: baby, bed-wetter, piss-pants (such mature language for elementary school students). Finally the last insult came. A brat shouted “Hey teacher, I think someone needs a diaper change.” Chris lost it and charged the brat. In front of everyone she attacked the brat.

Everything happened so fast. Chris was taken to the office and suspended.

“What on earth possessed you to do that!?” Lass yelled at her in the car unable to control herself.

“They made fun of me. They called me a baby.” Chris retorted.

“The way you acted I should treat you like one, diapers and all. Want that?”


“Too bad. So long as you’re suspended you get to be one. As punishment you’re going to be treated like one. Diapers and all.”

“What! No fair! This isn’t my fault!”

“It’s not your fault that you hurt someone!?”

“They started it!”

“That’s not what this is about. I will not have my daughter acting like this.”

“So I shouldn’t stand up for myself!”

“No. You shouldn’t hurt others. Chris, you’re a little stronger then a child your age should be.”

“So what! I have to be strong. Chrissie is too weak.”

“Chrissie is stronger then you would like to believe. At least as a person.”

“She’s a baby.” Was the last thing Chris said.

They got home. Lass grabbed and dragged her daughter to the room by ear. “I won’t do it!” Chris screamed throwing a tantrum like a baby. However stronger she is, a large adult could easily overpower her. Stripped, diapered, and put in one of Chrissie’s favorite dresses, which isn’t a good sign.

“You have two choices. You can either accept your punishment, or if you disobey me and take off your diaper, I’ll send you to school in one. No one will see you here so grin and bear it.” Lass said flustered.

Chris made a conceited smile and said “Whatever.”

“Now now, what do babies say?”

“Goo goo, gah gah, idiotic spit babble.”

“Close enough. And don’t forget. If you use your diaper, just cry and I’ll come running.”

Time passed as Chris lay on the floor of her room. Her books have been locked up. What could she do? She didn’t like toys in general and found TV idiotic. She just stared at the ceiling as her mind twisted in frustration at her situation. “Chrissie hurry up and take over.” She complained out loud.

Lass sat downstairs watching TV, but she was lost in thought. ‘Did I do the right thing? She can’t do things like that because they make her angry. But to go this far as punishment? I feel like I did it more for myself. I want to get closer to her, and Chrissie practically needs me. I’m an idiot.’

The door bell rang. Lass opened the door. On the other side was Ellan. “Uh, Chrissie is sleeping, if you know what I mean.”

“That’s okay. I came to apologize to Chris. It’s my fault that all of this happened.” Ellan then explained what happened and how she was just trying to force a conversation of some kind.

Lass looked at the girl. She had good thoughts in mind. Just as the kids have helped Chrissie stop being hard on herself and open up, maybe they could get Chris to open up too? “Okay, but you must promise not to mention any of this to anyone.”

“I promise.” Ellan said smiling.

Ellan had seen Chrissie in diapers plenty of times, but this was different. The way Chris sat there cross-legged with the scowl was comical. It took every ounce of self control to keep from laughing on the floor. “Say anything and I will throw you out the window.” Chris said, just like the first time they did speak to one another.

“I came to apologize. If I was more careful with my water bottle this wouldn’t happen.” Saying it was intentional seemed suicidal at the moment.

“Hmph. If is your entire fault then how come I’m the one here sitting in a diaper?”

“How about I bring you my class notes and homework to make it up?” Ellan asked dodging the question. Chris didn’t want to get behind.

“Yah, you do that.” Chris demanded.

“Great!” Ellan felt happy. Her plan did work, though with an undesirable result.

“Now answer my earlier question. If this is your fault why am I the one in a diaper?”

“Uhhh. Because you are wearing one?” A rather flustered answer.

Lass decided to check up on the two. When she opened the door she was greeted by an odd sight. Ellan had reverted to the same status as Chris. Ellan had on a weak smile while Chris had on a rather sadistic one. “Don’t we look cute together?” Chris asked rather darkly. Meanwhile, Ellan is doing her best to hide the embarrassing undergarment between her legs.

“Aww, it’s adorable!” Lass said.

And so for the next week, the duration of the suspension, Ellan repeated the process of going to Chris’s house, babying up, and then helping Chris get up to speed. A couple times she escaped since Chrissie was the one up those days. Friday came, the last day.
“What smells?” Ellan asked while giggling.

“Oh shut up! This is the last day I have to put up with this stupid punishment! I can’t wait to be rid of this.”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry.” Ellan said. She didn’t want to upset her and go through a window.

Chris called her mom who came in and diapered her in a fresh one. “Are you still clean, Ellan?” Lass asked jokeingly.

“Yes.” Ellan answered.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m sure soon.” Chris said with her cold tone. Ellan whimpered a little.

The time came for Ellan to return home. Before she got up Chris stopped her. “Why are you so damn determined to be friendly with me?” She asked.

Ellan answered. “Well, before I moved here I didn’t have any friends. The world seemed cold. When I moved, a ball came through my window and nearly hit me. When that happened I met all the others who were playing with the ball. In time, we became friends and the world seemed bright. You remind me of when I was in that dark place.”

“I don’t want friends.” Chris said. “Friends only hurt you.” She said without knowing.

“That’s not true!”

“You tried to be friends with me and look what happened!” Ellan was speechless.

“I’m so sorry. I really am.”

“Hmph. My last friend, she laughed at me. She called me a freak.” She said.

“I don’t think you’re one.”

“Bull! You don’t know…”

“About you and Chrissie?” Chris was speachless. “Chrissie is friends with everyone. She’s so happy.”

“I’ve noticed” Chris said. “But you all will just end up hurting her. Watch.”

“We won’t! We will always be friends with Chrissie and never hurt her!”

“Talk is cheap.”

“If I can prove that we won’t hurt Chrissie, will you be our friend too?” The question hung in the air.

“Talk is cheap.” Chris said again. “Prove it.” Ellan smiled. “Now before you go, I think someone is ready for a change.”

“But I’m dry.” Ellan said,

“I can change that.” Chris said cracking her knuckles.

Ellan immediately let anything she was holding go. Chris is at times too unpredictable for her to bargain with.

“See, told you I could.”

Chris and Chrissie
Chapter 9: What he couldn’t give up

Pep Junior’s alarm clock buzzed. ‘Three more minutes.’ He mumbled to himself. Pep Junior’s mom walked in. Pep Jr. and his mom don’t get along well. Why? Perhaps it’s because she’s his step-mom, or maybe because she’s a cat-woman, or maybe because she had cost him his previous life.

Some years ago, Pep. Jr. and his dad, Pepé, lived in France. They were part of a rather prestigious family. However his real mom left them. Drowning in sadness, his father met his step-mom, Penelope, and they got married. The cross-species marriage did now bode well with the rather traditional family. Discarded, they moved to The United States, and settled down. Pep Jr. lost all his old friends, his relatives, and his life was turned upside down. This had also put him on rather cold terms with his dad.

She tried to get him out of bed, but he resisted. “Zzz-zzz-zzz.” He snored.

Another boring lecture took place in class. Pep Jr. stared off aimlessly.

Chris paid him no heed to him as she took notes.


Ellan had dropped her pen. Ellan reached out for it, but Chris got it for her. She exchanged no words though.

Class came to an end. “Don’t forget to remind your parents about back to school night tonight.” The teacher told everyone. Pep Jr. ignored the statement. “Anyone who brings in a parent gets extra credit.” Pep Jr. stopped. He needed it. Not badly, but he needed it.

Pep Jr. walked through the door to his house. He looked around for his dad. He found a note from his dad. He will be working late tonight. “I need that credit.” Pep Jr. said to himself. His mom walked in. They exchanged glances. ‘No! Not her! Why her! I can’t show her to everyone!’ He thought to himself.

“Is there a problem, Stripe?” A nickname she made because of his stripe.

“No problem. None at all.”

“Okay.” She walked off disappointedly.

“I-need-you-to-go-with-me-to-back-to-school-night-so-I-can-get-extra-credit.” He said in one breath.

“Sure.” She said. Glad she’s able to do something for him. Pep Jr. felt his stomach tie itself in a knot.

The time came, and the mother and son left for school. In the classroom the teacher told the parents about what was going on and showed off the art projects. Pep Jr. stood at the edge of class hoping no one would ask or take notice. The other kids were either with their parents or following Pep Junior’s example and sitting away from them and staring into space. ‘It’ll be over soon.’ He thought to himself.

“Hey.” Ellan greeted him.

“Wha- oh, hi.” Pep Jr. said taken by surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“Back to school night- I thought it would be fun.” She replied. “And guess who else is here.” She said motioning to Chris.


“No, Chrissie.” Ellan responded.

“Hey Pep.” Chrissie said. “Is this the classroom? I haven’t been to school in such a long time.”

“Yah, consider yourself lucky. Chris takes care of everything boring and you get to play all day.” Pep Jr. responded.

“Like a baby…” Chrissie said.

“Oh, sorry- I didn’t mean it that way. Uh, is that your mom and dad there?” Chris hastily said to change the subject.

“Yah.” She said motioning to Arley and Lass.

“There is mine.” Ellan said pointing to two adults with fox tails. “Where is yours Pep? I don’t see any skunks.”

“Uhh, my dad isn’t here.” He said.

“What about your mom.”

“She’s … Not here.” He said. ‘My mom left me long ago.’

“So who are you here with?” Ellan asked. In all the time everyone knew Pep Jr, he never talked about him mom. He kept everyone away from his house. He kept them all in the dark.

While they were talking, the meeting ended. Penelope approached him. “Let’s go home Jr.” She said.

“Who’s she?” Ellan asked. Pep Jr. didn’t answer, so Penelope answered for him.

“I’m his mom.” She said.

“She’s no one!” Pep Jr. exploded. Pep Jr. stormed out. Penelope looked down, holding back tears, before following him. Ellan and Chrissie were bewildered and confused.

On the car ride home Chrissie asked her parents about Pep Junior’s mom. “Why did Pep Jr. say she wasn’t anyone?” Arley and Lass had never met his mom, but they met his dad on the day they moved. And he explained to them the story all the other adults are familiar with.

“A few years ago, Pep’s real mom left.” Arley explained. “And his father met another woman that made him happy. However, the rest of his family didn’t like this, and he had to give up his old life and his old friends and relatives.”

“Will he be like that forever?” She asked.

“No, one day he will mature, and when that day comes he will love his mom just as much as you love yours.”

“Aww, Arley, you’re making me blush.” Lass added.

Chris and Chrissie
Chapter 10: Maky’s denial

Maky hated her. Maky hated his mom, but not in the way Pep Jr. did. Pep Jr. hated his mom because she took away his old life, Maky hated his mom because she did nothing but spend the money his father worked hard to make. She did nothing but loaf about and complain. His father never lifted a finger to stop her. His dad didn’t keep her from buying all those stupid fancy outfits, didn’t keep her from going out with that guy she says is just a friend, and didn’t keep her from hitting Maky when he asked what’s for dinner. ‘She’s a stupid ho.’ Maky thought to himself on numerous occasions. And it is through all of this Maky told himself he would never be the nice guy, because nice guys finish last. But one day, he met Chu. Chu is a relatively poor kid, but he had something Maky wanted, a loving mother. Allow me to back up to about a couple years ago.

“Give me your lunch money!” A kid asked Maky in a threatening manner.

“No, get your own money.” Maky told him.

“Ok then.” And he punched Maky. His got a bloody nose and his pocket change taken. He just lay there in front of the school. No one bothered to help him or else invoke the wrath of the bully, but one kid came. Chu. Chu came and helped him up, and Maky and Chu slowly became friends.

One day Maky went to Chu’s house, and for the first time he saw a mom who actually cared about someone other then herself.

“Hello! You must by Maky.” Chu’s mom greeted him.

“Uhh, yah.” He said back.

“I’ve been dying to meet you. Chu talks about you all the time.”

‘Chu talks?’ Maky asked himself.

Well that’s all in the past. Now is the time for the present.

Chrissie sat with Ellan, Kits, and Tap about what Pep Jr. had called them all for. “Okay ladies and Gentle-bunny-”

“Hey don’t make fun of him!” Kits yelled at Pep Jr.

“Yah yah. Anyway the reason I have called you all out here is simple. We are going to spy on Maky and Chu today!”

“Why, isn’t that rude?” Ellan asked.

“Well from what I have observed, at the end of every month the two go missing. So we’re going to see what they are up to.”

“Why?” Chrissie asked.

“Why not? Who knows what a jerk like him is doing. Besides, he is kind of a rich kid. I bet he’s in league with the cul-de-rich to plot our downfall.”

“Now you’re just being stupid.” Kit’s commented.

“You have anything better planned for tomorrow?” No one answered.

The next day the cul-de-crew-minus-two waited early in the morning outside of Maky’s house.

“Zzz-zzz-zzz” Chris snored.

“Will someone wake her up!” Pep Jr. demanded. No later did Maky leave his house. He walked quietly but quickly as if he had done it before. Chu joined him soon after. They left.

“Where they are going?” Tap asked.

“Let’s find out!” Kits said.

They followed Maky and Chu out of the cul-de-sak and then out of the neighborhood.

“Is this okay? Going this far? We’re still in elementary school.” Ellan worried.

“Well we’ve come this far.” Pep Jr. encouraged them all.

“Can someone wake Chrissie up! She’s drooling on me.” Kits complained as she and Tap dragged the unconscious Chrissie.

“What a baby.” Pep Jr. laughed.

They continued to follow Maky and Chu to the toy store.

“Why are they here!?” Maky complained in jealousy. “Stupid rich kid.”

“We are in so much trouble.” Ellan worried.

“Yawn. Where am I?” Chrissie asked as she got up. “I remember waiting outside Maky’s place and then falling asleep.”

“You drooled on me!” Kits complained.

“Sorry.” Chrissie apologized.

They followed Maky in. They saw him buy a bunch of balls, jump ropes, crayons, and other things. The two bought nothing fancy, simple toys. He passed up the power rangers and transformers toys.

“What the heck! How boring.” Pep Jr. complained.

They followed Maky and Chu out of the store heading farther and farther from home and the cul-de-sac. Where are they going?

“My feet are tired!” Kits complained.

“We’ll go home soon I’m sure.” Ellan said consoling her.

“Fat chance.” Pep Jr. shot off his mouth.

Chrissie looked especially uncomfortable.

“What is it?” Tap asked.

“Uhh…I have to go to the bathroom.”

“So? How is that a problem? We’re use to it by now so just go ahead and pee.”

“It’s the other one.” Chrissie said.

“Other- Wait! You need to do that!”

“Shush! Don’t tell the world.”

“Well, uh, your diaper can hold it, right?” Ellan said.

“Yah, but, well.” Chrissie said.

“Just go ahead and stop complaining.” Pep Jr. said. Chrissie just went very red, and suddenly looked relieved. “There. Isn’t that- DANG!” The smell hit Pep Jr.

“Oh I don’t want to hear that from you!” Chrissie said flustered. Everyone backed away a little from her though.

After the interruption the group continued to follow. Eventually Maky stopped in front of an old building. He put the bags of toys down. Kids started erupting from the building and came up to Maky. They all smiled and jumped as they went to the bags. All the children wore tattered cloths and shoes that where falling apart. The building was an orphanage.

“Maky came, to help these kids.” Ellan smiled. “He really is a good kid.”

“What! This is it.” Pep Jr. felt disappointed. “No business secrets.”

“Let’s go play!” Kit’s grabbed Tap and ran ahead.

Maky was taken by surprise for the cul-de-crew to come in like this.

“What are you doing here!” He yelled.

“We followed you!” Kits explained quickly.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Chrissie asked.

“Being nice makes you look weak.” Maky said ‘Like my dad.’

Maky didn’t like how his father let his mom walk all over him, but he hated his mother’s callousness. He promised he would appear strong to everyone, but be nice to those in need. He learned this when he met Chu’s family. Let’s back up to that time again.

When Maky met Chu’s family, he found a poor but loving family struggling to get by. Using what money he stole from his moms purse he gave it to Chu’s family, who desperately needed it. In time, his mom found out.

“You piece of crap. Why did you take it!”

“It’s not yours.” Maky said.

“It’s not yours either.”

“Well someone needs it more!”

“Why should I care?”

“I do.”

“Piece of crap!” Smack

And so Chu took his mothers abuse, and used what he could get from her to help Chu’s family. Chu’s family works for the orphanage. Maky wanted to help them out.

The cul-de-crew walked home together.

“What’s that smell?” Maky asked.

“Pepy stepped in poop.” Chrissie answered lying.

“Hey! Don’t call my Pepy!” Pep Jr. complained.

Chris and Chrissie 8-10

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