Chris and Chrissie 1+2

I originally wrote this for fox tale times (as will be evident in some fairly ignorable details). I already submitted it to the site, but I want critique. So yeah, please critique this so I can learn on what I need to build up on.

Chapter 1
A blue car pulls up to a just-bought house at the end of Fan Street in the not very well known town of Fursa. Let us know zoom into the passengers of the car. In the front streets sit one man and one woman. Let me introduce them. In the drivers seat in Arley Paws, a father and husband. He’s a veterinarian. On the other side is Lass Paws. Lass is a teacher as well as a mother and wife. Now that I feel you have a firm understanding of the background of these two I feel there is only one thing left to say. Since this is intended towards a certain audience that has a fixation on animals (among other things) allow me to tell you that Mr. and Mrs. Paws are dog-people. There. A yawn was heard from the back. Arley turned to greet the sleepy child. “Who’s awake?” He asked.

“Chris.” The cub answered. Let me tell you about Chris. Chris is 12 years old girl pup. There’s more to her then that, but it would be boring to say everything now. “Are we there yet?” She asked sleepily.

“Yep yep!” Lass answered happy to get out of the car. “Welcome to your new home Chris!” She got no answer. “Chris?” She looked to find the cub was once again asleep.

The parents and a pup girl walked into the house. It’s not a big house, but it’s spacious enough. The little pup girl stared at the cold tile floor. She didn’t talk. “Chrissie?” Arley asked.

“Yah.” The pup girl answered. “Chris fell asleep…I didn’t want to bother her so I let her sleep.” She answered back. Now let me introduce Chrissie, a 12 year old pup girl. Chrissie is soft-spoken compared to the brazen Chris. They are opposites in terms of personalities, however there parents have a hard time telling them apart as they look almost identical. “The floor is so shiny.” Chrissie commented while staring at the floor.

“All the easier it is to get dirty.” Lass scowled. “Don’t think you’re going to get away with that doctor’s too busy BS excuse. Teachers have it worse.”

“Whatever you have to tell yourself.” Arley responded nonchalantly. Arley and Lass are always battling it out for whom should do what…or more who shouldn’t have to deal with what. All in all I will just say in due time they hire a maid. “Well the furniture will be here soon. Why don’t we look around?” Arley asked the two girls.

“Ugh, what I would do for a bed right now.” Lass complained. A bumpy car ride isn’t a good place to sleep.

“I guess I’ll look with you dad.” Chrissie piped. The family looked around the house. They were previously living in a rather cramped apartment. They took whatever they could find and this was it. Not a bad deal though.

Soon enough the movers arrived and the unpacking began. Chrissie watched as her and Chris’s bed was moved into there room along with Chrissie’s toys and Chris’s books. Chrissie couldn’t wait to mess around with her toys again. She saw her room slowly build itself. Her new room was twice as big as her old room. She hoped Chris would like it as much as she did.

Downstairs Lass and Arley were wrapped up in a heated discussion. “Obviously you should do it as I have to clean.” Lass started.

“Clean? This house is spotless. You only use that excuse when you want me to do this, and it never works.” Arley retorted. “I on the other hand need to work on hooking up the TV. God knows we would be lost without its endless wisdom.”

“Hook up? Plug it in and connect the cabal! Big deal.” Lass retorted. Chrissie came down to find them arguing. She knew exactly what was going on. She let out a sigh. “Mom, why don’t you do it since dad drove us?” Chrissie has fair judgment. Lass let out a sigh. She hated grocery shopping.

“Fine.” Lass grumbled. Arley was about to do a victory dance, but he didn’t want Lass to see how relieved he was. “Anything you want me to get you, your majesty?” Lass asked her daughter.

“Uh…well…you know…” Chrissie said, afraid invisible ears may hear her.

“Of course.” Lass said knowing exactly what it was. Her father let out an ashamed sigh. What would the world think if his daughter was seen with that! “Oh don’t make that face Arley! If it makes your daughter happy then it shouldn’t bother you.”

“I know…but it’s just not proper.” Chrissie felt ashamed of it, but she can’t help what she likes. Even Chris berates her for it, calling her stupid. Lass drove off for the grocery store.

While the movers unpacked everything Chrissie stared out the window. They lived in a very large cul-de-sac and in the middle there was a patch of grass with a miniature lake. She wanted to get a closer look at the lake, but her parents wouldn’t allow such a thing, but then she though what they don’t know can’t hurt them. She sneaked out.

“It’s so blue!” Chrissie stared at the water, losing herself in the moment. The swishing caused by the little wind felt so relaxing. So relaxing. “Oh! That was close.” Chrissie said to herself as she broke away from the image of herself in the lake. “This was fun.” She said as she got up.

“What are you doing here?” Chrissie stood there stunned at the boy who singled her out.

“I, uh, wanted to see the lake.” She said, staring at the floor.

“Hah! This is my lake! I say you can’t see it!” The boy answered. He’s a loud rotwiler boy while his henchmen like mousy sidekick chuckled. “So go away!” He said as he pushed her. The boy himself is only 10 years old, but for Chrissie he might as well be 14! She felt on the verge of tears as he bullied her. She cried and lost control. “Gonna cry like a baby! Huh? You just wet yourself like a baby! What a baby am I right Chu!” He said as he laughed.

“Yes she is!” Chu said agreeing with him only to be slapped.

“I didn’t say you could talk!” The boy said and turned his attention back to Chrissie.

Chrissie was receding to the confines of her mind. Help me Chris. Help me Chris. Help me Chris.

The boy continued to laugh and taunt. “Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!” He chanted, but then POW! He had been socked by the very girl he was making fun of. He starred back. The girl seemed like she was a completely different person.

“You leave my sister alone!” She said as she picked him up and hurled him into the lake with inhuman strength. “You hear me!” Chu fled in fear. Was this the same Chrissie? No. I, the author, have been leaving you in the dark about something. Let me explain it to you now then. Chris and Chrissie are the same person. Said person suffers from multiple personality disorder. One is the strong and overprotective Chris, the other is the meek yet outgoing Chrissie. Two minds, one body.

Chapter Two

Chris looked down at her skirt, or rather Chrissies skirt as she was the last one to pick there outfit. It was soaked with urine and her legs were wet. For some reason Chrissie isn’t too good at holding it in. Bedwetting, day-wetting, hell sometimes her own shadow could scare it out of her. This is somewhat of a problem for Chris as she is just fine. She hates to be woken up only to find her panties wet and sometimes worse… She sometimes thinks of Chrissie as a bid baby. “Damn it Chrissie!” She cursed into the air.

She returned her attention to the boy who had bullied Chrissie. “Stupid boy! I should tie you to a cinderblock and throw you into this damn lake!” She yelled.

“What! You can’t do that! My father is the richest man here! He’ll sue you!” A stupid rich boy was all that Chris could see. She decided to ignore his whining and head home…but she didn’t know which house was there’s. “Just great. C’mon Chrissie, you can take over any time now.” Nothing. “Wonderful.” She looked around and found there car. She ran over to the house and knocked.

“Hello?” Arley asked as he opened the door. “Chrissie!?”

“Chris now, mind letting me in.” She entered the house and was glad to see all the moving done. “Which room is mine?” Chris asked.

“Down the hall to your left.” Arley responded. Chris found her room. On one side was a row of books for Chris, on the other is a shelf full of various toys for Chrissie. There was a wide range of toys from legos, to dolls, to action-figures, to things only a baby would be caught with. Chrissie was not picky with toys. Chris ignored it all and picked out a book. She had always been good at reading and preferred it over the TV that everyone else seemed to worship. It also helped with dealing with depression. First, she had to change. She threw the wet cloths in the laundry basket and reached into the closet. She located her half of the cloths and picked out her outfit. While Chrissie preferred skirts, dresses and other girly garments, Chris preferred shorts, t-shirts and other casual clothing. She grabbed a book and started reading.

A little while later, Lass returned with the groceries. Exhausted with the mental torture that is lines she plopped herself on the couch and simply mumbled “Get the bags.” To Arley. He did as he was told since he is not totally heartless. Chris, hungry, came to raid the fridge only to find it empty. She looked through the bags. She saw it that Chrissie seems to have a strange attraction for. “Ugh, why she likes catnip I will never know.” She then looked over and saw the other thing this particular group of people has a fixation with, diapers. Chrissie is such a baby. She thought only to her a giggle inside her head. “Anything to eat?” She finally asked.

“Biscuits somewhere in there.” She heard her mom moan. She found them, took a couple and retired to her room.

After eating she looked at the clock. 5:23. She felt tired and decided to take a nap.

Imagine a field of grass on one side of the universe, and a large room on the other. Now imagine the universe is no bigger then a house. That is where we are now. This place is the universe made by the two minds. It is the only time when Chris and Chrissie can talk with each other. Chris starred at Chrissie as she contently played with the imaginary toys. “You need to work on not being so scarred.” Chris told her.

“But, you’ll always protect me if things get too hard for me.” She said as she played with the invisible blocks.

“That’s not what I mean.” She stated in an annoyed manner. “I hate waking up to the stench of piss.” She flat out stated.

“You know I can’t help it…” Chrissie said, saddened by her others callousness.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.”

“Ugh…Mom has your catnip…”

“Really!” Chrissie woke up. She rushed into the kitchen. “Ugh, my…ugh…” Lass got up, reached into the highest cabinet and gave her a little bit of the stuff. God knows what would happen if she got all of it.

“A dog enjoying catnip,” Arley said not finishing the statement as Lass glared at him. “I take it your Chrissie?” Arley asked.

“Yah.” Chrissie answered.

“Well to commemorate our new home I rented a movie!” Lass chipped up holding the rental. “The Indian and the cupboard! An old favorite of mine. I was surprised they had it.” She smiled to herself. Arley sighed at the childishness of his wife. “First though we might as well get Chrissie ready.” Chrissie was waiting for this. Lass took her to her room. “Well Chrissie, you know the routine.” Chrissie smiled and stripped and lied down on her bed. Her mother took a pack of diapers out of the closet that she had placed there while Chris was napping. She took unfolded it, held down the furiously wagging taile, and placed the diaper under Chrissies butt. She then applied some talcum powder and folded the diaper over Chrissie.

Chrissie got up as she felt the familiar feel. She didn’t have to worry about having an accident in them. Chrissie had always liked being like a baby though. She didn’t know why, she just does. A natural affinity? For now I shall just lead you to think this. “All done.” She said enthusiastically.

“Aww, aren’t you the cutest little pup.” Lass commented. “Well go put something on and meet us in the living room.” She left.

Chrissie went into her closet and pulled out a babyish dress. She gave her diaper a little squeeze and ran off. She didn’t want to miss the movie.

“Oh! The ending gets sadder and sadder every time!” Lass said as she cried. Arley rolled his eyes in disbelief. Chrissie also felt sad about the ending. She wished she had something like that. A magic cupboard to bring her toys to life. She wouldn’t have to feel so alone then. She didn’t have to feel so withdrawn. She wasn’t normal, she felt to un-normal to feel call herself un-normal. Catnip, diapers, almost incontinent. Chris always did the sociable and public stuff. Chris was strong and smart. She was meek and a baby. She moved to find what she knew what she would find. A wet-diaper. Just a baby. A weak baby that can’t do anything for herself! Always relying on Chris who just makes fun of me. It’s unnatural for Chrissie to cry over something like a wet diaper, but she did this time.

Chris and Chrissie 1+2

I never have been found of anthropomorphizing animals in stories, but I just pretend they are human and I really like this story.

Chris and Chrissie 1+2

Not a fan of fur story either, but I like this story. Keep up with the good work.

Chris and Chrissie 1+2

I’m glad to see you all like it. Yah, not all of you may be into the anthro thing, but it’s more or less ignorable and this was the only place I could think of to come and get some good critique. Thank you all. I hope to post future chapters for more input. If you all wouldnt mind, tell me who you prefer: Strong Criss or meek Crissie.