Chris and Chrissie 11-14 final chapters plus epilogue

This is it. I never intended to make something that lasted 20 something chapters. I hope you all enjoyed it. I can now focus on my other two storeis now too. Please give me your feedback on what you thought on this whole story as a whole. Well, here it is.

Chris and Chrissie
Chapter 11: Water Park

“Go away!” Chris yelled at the familiar old woman who looked down on her from her chair.

Her lips formed the words ‘Why are you trying to run?’ The soundless gasps where enough for Chris as she starred up at the woman in the diminutive body.

Her tail between her legs, she tried again to stand up to her. “You’re not my mom! You’re no one! Leave me alone!” The woman didn’t say a word. She smiled. She reached out and placed her hand on Chris’s head. She once again formed words with her silent mouth,

‘Is that a fact?’ It was as if she waited for this moment.

A child stands on the porch in the rain. The child was no more then four. She banged on the door screaming for help. The door opened, and on the other side was Arley and Lass.

Chris woke up. “Another nightmare.” She said to herself. Her legs hugged themselves. “The same feeling. Go away. I’m not Chrissie. I’m Chris. I’m tough, strong, smart, and mature. Tough, strong, smart, and mature.” She repeated the words to herself. She kept telling herself she was tough, strong, smart, and mature. “Because if I’m not then I’m Chrissie.” She went to sleep repeating these things to herself as if in a spell.

Tap stood on his front yard starring at the sky. He named all the things he saw in them. “Chair, ball, dog, tomb…” His thoughts were interrupted.

“Hiya Tap!” Kit’s had blocked his view.

“Kits!” Tap jumped up and hugged her.

“No down thoughts in front of me, remember that okay.”

“I know.” Tap told her.

The cul-de-crew had gotten together for another weekend of misadventures and friendship.

“It’s my ball!” Pep Jr. shouted at Maky.

“It’s mine! Besides there’s nothing to do today!” Maky shouted back. Misadventures and friendship seemed at a low that day.

“Why don’t we head to my house and watch Monkey King?” Ellan proposed.

“I’ve watched it ten times!” Pep Jr. replied.

Two people emerged though to break the feuding. Tap and Kits, the two youngest members of the group. Kits started talking. “Okay you bunch of sad sacks! Listen up! Tomorrow Tap’s parents are going to take us to the water park!” Everyone shut up, except for one.

“What’s a water park?” Chrissie asked. Everyone stared at the innocent girl.

Maky exploded. “It’s only the single funnest place in the world where there is water everywhere and the rides are super duper fun and no matter where you go you have fun and and and!” The words he wanted to shout escaped him.

“I guess it sounds fun.” Chrissie said. Maky looked ready to explode with more mind numbing speeches of how fun fun fun it is.

“To tomorrow!” Pep Jr. shouted. “So what do we do today?” Maky grabbed the ball and ran, Chu close behind him. “Get back here donator boy!”

That night Chrissie informed her parents about tomorrow’s activity. “I’m going to a water park.” Arley choked on his soda. “What is it?”

“Honey, you have to wear a swimsuit to one.” Lass told her.

“Is that bad?”

“Not unless you want everyone to see you in a diaper.” Arley informed her.

“What!?” Chrissie jumped. ‘If everyone sees me then everyone sees Chris, and Chris will kill me if I destroy her image!’ Chrissie thought to herself. How something like that could happen didn’t matter to the frantic girl.

“Shut up Arley.” Lass said. “Don’t worry! We’ll come up with something to hide it. Quick! We’ll go pick out something now at the store.” Lass said. ‘We need to buy a pack of swim diapers anyway.’ Lass thought.

Tap sat on his bead starring at a picture on the wall. On it was Tap, Kits, and an older girl with rabbit ears. “You won’t be jealous, right? You love the water park, right?” Tap mumbled to himself. “Marline, please don’t be jealous.” He got up and put a flower in front of the picture. “You like these, right?”

The next day had come. Everyone packed into the orange van. Pep Jr. and Maky found something to agree on, chanting water park, much to the annoyance of everyone.

“Tap.” Chrissie called Tap.

“Yah?” He said.

“Your parents know about my, uhhh, condition?”

“Yes, they know.”

“Great.” Chrissie sighed unsure if to be sad or happy.

They arrived at the park. The spectacle of slides and pools opened up to all of them. Tap, Kits, Maky, and Chu were too small to ride on some of the rides though. So the rest of the cul-de-crew had taken to one of those rides were a group of people ride a raft down a large slide. “It’s too high!” Chrissie commented half afraid for her life.

“Don’t worry! We’ll be down in no time!” Pep Jr. told her.

“I’m afraid of that.” Chrissie told him.

“Please Chrissie. It’s only scary the first time,” Ellan told her.

“Ohhh…I knew I shouldn’t have had orange juice this morning.”

“What?” The other two said in unison.

“Nothing!” Chrissie looked down at the other four who all leered in jealousy. “Taps parents sure are nice to take us.”

“I guess we never told you.” Pep Jr. started. “The real reason they did this.”

“What is it?” Chrissie asked.

“Do you remember when we mentioned Marline?” It was a rather painful memory for all of them. “Marline was Tap’s older sister.” Ellan explained. “She died. So every year around this time Tap’s parents do something special. This is this year’s special thing.”

“Oh.” Chrissie starred at Tap, the reclusive little boy that said little. The boy who is emotionally dependant on Kits.

“Look like you’re having fun for him.” Pep Jr. told her. At last the three of them turn came to go down the slide. Chrissie smiled the whole way down. Depression is contagious, but happiness is more so.

Chris and Chrissie
Chapter 12: Picnic of friendship

“Go away!” Chris ran from the woman. Many nights have passed and the nightmares became more and more engrossing. The woman was a witch. That explained her- a monster that craved on Chris’s dreams. Chris ran, but no matter how far she got, she never got any farther when she looked behind herself and saw the horrible visage. Chris ran still, and ran into another girl. She fell and starred up at the girl she ran into.

“I’m sorry, but mommy and daddy wont let me play with you anymore. They said you’re a freak.” The girl turned around and walked off. Chris got up and chased after her. She didn’t know why, but the presence was familiar.

Chris woke up. “Who am I?” She asked herself. “I’m Chris. My parents are Arley and Lass. My birthday is August 25. I was born in the year of the dog.” She repeated the small details of her life over and over. The sun crept in. It’s morning. She got out of bed. The wet diaper made it’s presence to her. The after nightmare guilt of pleasure came. ‘Why, I’m Chris. I’m mature. I hate this. I can’t like this. I have to be mature for her or else I get a time-out. I’m going insane.’ She thought to herself. Her legs guided her out as her mind crept into a shell.

“Morning Chrissie.” Lass greeted her. “You’re up early.”

Chris’s mind suddenly became aware of itself. ‘No! They can’t see me like this. I’m mature. I’m not a baby. I’ll pretend I’m Chrissie! That’s it. Then later I can just say I must have switched!’ She thought. “Uhh, morning mommy!”

“Let’s get you changed!”

“But I like it!” Chris caught herself. ‘What am I saying? I should at least want into a dry one.’ Lass picked her up and dragged her to the changing table. In her tender loving care, she changed the girl.

Chris’s emotions felt mixed. She usually hates this. No, what she hates is to become aware in the middle of it. She had never gone thought the whole thing. Of a mother that cared for her daughter and openly showed that. Chris had shut Lass out of her life previously. Lass diapered her, dressed her, and took her to be fed baby style, the way Chrissie liked it. And Chris went along with it. She let herself be babied like this. ‘Perhaps I’ll go the whole day like this.’ Chris thought.

Later the ball rang. Ellan appeared at the door. “Hello, is Chrissie up?”

“Yes she is.” Lass went to get Chrissie. “Here she is!”

“What?” Chris said.

“You don’t want to be late for the picnic! Did you get your part?” Ellan asked.

“Yep, she did.” Lass said handing Chris a box of cookies. Ellan grabbed Chris and dragged her on.

They were a good few meters from the door when Chris asked. “What’ going on?”
“Today’s the day of the picnic.” Ellan said.

“What picnic? I don’t remember anything about a picnic in class” Chris realized this was something not school related, but friend related. Ellan put two and two together.

“Chris?” She asked.

“No!” Chris got too defensive.

“What are you doing?”


“But I thought you didn’t like this baby stuff and here you are … diapered and more.” Chrissies outfits don’t scream growing up.

“Well … I don’t know. Mom confused everything up and I just didn’t say anything.”

“That doesn’t sound like you?”

“I just … Felt like seeing what it’s like to be Chrissie.”


“I said nothing!” Chris got mad with herself and Ellan. “I should just go home!”

“Wait! Remember what you said before. We have been nice to Chrissie. Just pretend your Chrissie a little longer. I really want to show you we don’t plan to hurt you. We’re having a picnic. Join us. Just laugh a lot when we tell jokes and they won’t notice a thing. Please.” Ellan begged.

Chris wanted to say yes, no something possessed her to say yes. ‘Chrissie? No! I won’t. I don’t like this. I don’t like friends, I don’t like being a baby, I don’t like anything.’ Chris thought. “Okay.” Was what she said.

Ellan guided Chris to the gathering spot at a park with her parents supervising. All the friends, gathered together, laughing, smiling, eating. Moments like this are pure bliss, but how does one react when one doesn’t know bliss? Pep Jr. and Maky had once again got in an argument over small things. Kits and Tap ate together like brother and Sister. Chu tried to stay quiet and enjoy everyone’s presence. Ellan sat next to Chris. “How is it?” She asked.

Chris broke down and cried. “It’s wonderful.” She said. ‘Why am I being so weak? My emotions I’m letting everyone see them.’ Everyone looked back, unsure what was wrong.

Ellan walked home with Chris. “Chris, what was your old friend like? You mentioned her before.”

“She,” Chris started. “Was just my first friend, but her parents wouldn’t let her see me one day. And then she would laugh at me when she saw me. She called me freak.”

“Oh, how terrible, but we would never do that! I assure you.”

“I hang out with you for one day and you expect me to believe that.”

“We have been hanging out with you since we first met. Yes, when you are Chrissie, but that still counts. Months have passed, and you know Chrissie is happy.”

“You’re right.” Chris was ready to brake down again. “Lately I can’t figure out who I am. She won’t leave me alone.”

“Who?” Ellan asked.

“No one you need to bother with.”

“But if it is-”

“Don’t.” Chris interrupted her. It’s my problem." She said. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Well we aren’t far from home.”

“No, I’m Chrissie. And Chrissie uses her diaper because she is incontinent.” She blushed. “I want to try this once, to be loved and cared for and let my emotions show. Chrissie. So open, and I’m closed.”


“I envy such strength. Bye.” She started to run for home.

A car-horn was heard. And then blackness. Ellan shouted. “Chris! Chris! Not like this! Not again! No! Someone! Call a doctor!”

Chris and Chrissie
Chapter 13: Revelations

“Who are you!?” Chris demanded from the old lady.

“Your mother.” The lady answered. No longer with voiceless gasps.

“I ran away from you. You’re no mother. Mothers treat there child with care! You … you were never nice. I suffered painful time outs. To deal with it I forced myself to grow up fast mentally, and deal with the pain with solitude. You evil witch!”

“As a witch I needed to be hard. A ruthless child can cause such a disaster. I wanted to make sure you were obedient and submissive.” She explained.

“So why are you here?”

“You shut out the painful memories and forced yourself to forget, and you were content, but something in you wanted to find these lost memories, but they weren’t hers to see.”

“Chrissie. She wanted to find out more about before I created her.”

“Yes, and now she knows.” A light shined down. Outside the play, in the audience was Chrissie.

“Chris. I’m sorry. Because of me you had to remember all this. I only cause trouble for you.” She said, drowning in depression.

“Shut up Chrissie. I created you, to be everything I wanted to be. Happy, loving, and to be loved. The opposite of myself. A secret wish created by forces out of my control.”

The witch vanished. The dusty room vanished. All that was left was Chris and Chrissie. “I’m going away Chrissie.” Chris said.

Chris and Chrissie
Final Chapter: Disappearing

The two faced each other. Chrissie started to cry. She couldn’t stand it. She wanted Chris to stay. Strong Chris. “Don’t go!”

“I’m tired. I gave up on being happy long ago. You … still have that happiness. Please don’t cry. You’ll be happy. You can always be with your friends, always be with mother and father, always be. You don’t need me. You’re stronger then me. I lash out at the world and everyone who tried to get close to me, you hug it. You’re strong to reach out and touch.” Chris turned around and started walking.

“You’re the original! You should be the one to go on! I’m just a weak baby! Please!” She chased after Chris, but she couldn’t advance. Chris’s image got smaller and smaller.

“I’ll return, promise.” Chris said. “But for now …”

Good bye

Chrissie woke up in a hospital. She had on various casts, but she was alive. Arley lay over her. He was crying for the daughter he took in many years ago. “Daddy, Chris is gone. She left me. I’m the only one here.” Arley looked up at her and hugged her tight.

“You’re alive honey, you’re just being hysteric.”

“No, she said she was going to leave me. I don’t know what to do without her. I’m just a baby!”

“Chrissie, you’re not a baby. And Chris won’t be happy if you keep saying that. If she really did leave you, then be strong for her. There is a reason she did that.”

Chrissie eventually was allowed back home after some r and r. During that time Chrissie discovered a few things. One was that she was no longer incontinent. The next was that she knew everything Chris learned in school. She really was no longer a baby, but …

“Mommy!” Chrissie walked to her mom with her broken arm.

“Chrissie!” Lass hugged her.

“Mommy, please baby me.” She didn’t want to give up some happiness. The happiness born from Chris’s wish to be happy that gave birth to Chrissie in the first place. “Mommy, am I rally adopted?” She asked.

“Honey …”

“Yes.” Arley said. We found you on our porch crying like a newborn. We took you in. For a few days you were just like a baby, then Chris came out and all she said was that she had disassociative identity disorder."

“You are the only parents I know.” Chrissie said. “You raised me, but Chris had to put up with an evil mother! She ran! And found you all!” Chrissie cried. Memories that should have disappeared had caused something precious to disappear instead, and with it the painful memories.


Pep Jr. stood on top of the bench. “High school freshman year! Issss over!” He shouted.

Chrissie and Ellan danced in a circle in front of him. “No more books! No more teaches! No more anything!” Chrissie added.

“Just for a couple months you know.”

“Don’t be such a wet blanket Ellan! I’ll call up my mom to pick us all up. Maybe even get some chow on the way home to greet our middle school bretheren.”

“Maky will be coming here next year.” Chrissie blushed.

“Heh, Maky and Chrissie sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G!” Pep Jr. egged her on.

“I’ll kill you!” Chrissie threatened him.

“Now now settle down you two.” Ellan tried to calm them down. “What are you two going to do over summer?”

“What else other then hang out?” Pep Jr. said.

“I’ll get a lot of me time.” Chrissie commented.

“Remember what happened that one time!” Pep Jr. started laughing. “I swear you had to be retrained all over again.”

“Die Peppy!” Chrissie lunged at the boy.

I can’t live for you, because we are together as one.

Chris and Chrissie Fin

Final author note: I had always intended for one of them to dissapear. I had an ending prepared for either situation, but I prefered this one. So, do I put this in the completed story section now? For future generations of ab/dls to come and read? Heh. Well, I’m off to get typing on the rest (or sleep. Yawn)