Choose your own adventure

Hey all, I’ve been a lurker for a while, and have tried writing a few stories but my problem is that I tend to get bored pretty early on and don’t return to it and I would feel bad posting incomplete stories. Anyway a while ago I found a website where people build their own choose your own adventure stories. Most of the ones of decent length are very smutty and there are some pretty weird things on there, so browse at your own risk.

I started a story in there which is still short at the moment, but which I’ve come back to and made small additions to regularly. The interesting part about this site is that the stories are publicly editable so anyone can add to them, one of the members there added a bit to the story (he actually added about as much diaper content as I did, which is interesting). This also means that you guys can add to the story and that’s the main reason I’m posting this, to provide a link to the story and to invite you to join the building process.

The story starts off at a screen that probably isn’t necessary at all, you’re given three options about possible new lives to choose, one of which is a female college student with a bladder control problem, the other two options I wasn’t all that serious about I just included them there in case anyone from the site wanted to take it in a different direction, that hasn’t happened and I feel like it might be best to edit the start to only provide the path which has work done on it. I guess I included the three options because I felt weird posting a story with diaper content on a site that doesn’t look for that stuff and I felt having the other two options masked it a little. However I don’t think that should be a concern considering there are so many other strange fetishes represented there.

Anyway here’s that link I was talking about:

P.S. I wasn’t sure if this post was best in the stories section or the link section, as it is a link to a story, and none of the story telling occurs in this post. If I’ve put it in the wrong section, I apologize, you can move it with no argument from me.

Choose your own adventure

This’ll be interesting to check in on from time to time.

Choose your own adventure

How’s that coming along, anyway? It seems to have been quite a while since I’ve heard about it.

I think the fundamental problem with the average CYOA story is that there’s only a small number of ‘real’ story lines, along with plenty of dead ends. This college student thing is pretty open ended, which means it’ll just go in a dozen different directions.

That said, I’d still like to see an AB-themed text adventure or even a dating sim type thing.

Choose your own adventure

Plus it’s nice to have your tree not entirely linear. So halfway down branch three could send you to branch one at the beginning etc.

You can even get circles depending on the matter discussed (once happened to me in a section of a book that was describing finding your way through a forest).

Choose your own adventure

Cool idea! This is really neat. I used to read choose your own adventure books all the time.