Choices chapter one

this is an old story based on a little boy that was part of my life back in the middle 70,s there are also many more parts if other find it interesting sorry for mistakes i have redone it many times and i know there are still there but due to bran damage from a crash in viet nam my mind see things different

Chapter 1

This is a story about a child who Lived with me for about with his mother for about 6 years he was like a son to me, John did have special need to a point, I would guess would be a form of autism, and he was only dry at about half the time at night and his under wares was always a little damp or wet
It was summer and school was out, I had been trying to get my son to play more outside and not just sit in front of the TV and watch cartoons, today was no different than any other day really.

I suggested he need to go outside and play for a while before the weather got too hot later in the day. then he could watch TV or read one of his books. As I told him to go out in the back yard and play it was is such a nice summer day,"

I knew he would rather watch the captain on TV, as he stood up. And proceed toward the back door, I told him how great of a son, he was as I kissed him on the head “Good boy; go have some fun outside,” while I worked around the house he asks when his mother would be home today.
I told him I did not know all depended on her work, told him maybe alter we could go for a ride and we will take the bike if he wanted too.
Then we can go to the swimming hole and he could play in the water. then maybe we will all go for a ride.
He skipped to the door then as I watched him as he walked to the swing set. Where he started to swing like we he was trying to reach the sky over to the swing set.
As I went about picking up the house and walked in to his bedroom to make his bed and I decide it was just a good day to air his bedding.
I checked on him a few times as I took his bed spread off and noticed a few wet spots in the bed I did not think much about it at first.
I noticed he was watching and studying the birds and sort of acting funny. As I stood there watching him I knew something was wrong. By how he was walking and acting, I really thought about calling him in the house and asking him, if he need to needed to go to the bathroom, but you know at 10 years old, he should know his own body.

John stopped swinging and stood up then he looked down to his feet. As finished my cup of coffee and went to the door and called out to him and ask if he would like something to drink he said yes.
I got him a soda and walked it out to him, and ask him about the birds and sat down in one of the swings, John stated to explain about the different birds he saw. We talked for about 10 minutes it was fun getting to know john he was a very smart young man in many ways.

As he went back to playing I walked back into his room to get his dirty clothing out of his closet. I was really surprised to find a box of wet underpants hid in the closet as I started to wonder if he was ok. I walked back out to call him in the house. I now had no question he needed to use the potty

Know There was no a question that he need to go potty as I watched him. He stopped swing and stood up then headed for his trucks on the ground by the sand box, as he got on his hands and knee and started to move his trucks around the area, I just stood there watching and trying to get a better understanding of him.

Then he stopped for a few minutes and looked between his legs as I started to walk out the door to call him in.
I knew he was thinking over his options at that point, and I really was concerned about what I had found today and was not sure how to bring it up as I stood there and watched him.
I was wondering if he was just going to keep on playing, or if he was going to make a mad dash to the house at the last minute to use the bath room.
I also had to think about how was I going to react to it,
was I going to spank him or just send him to the corner. His mother and I had never talked about this with each other and I was started to get to know him and he seemed like a great kid.

I got to thinking about the fact, I had just found wet under pants. but no wet outside pants, and that made me wonder if he had been removing his outside pants and just wetting his under pants a few times. Which in some ways was a something I used to do when I was smaller than he is?

As he had just turned back to play with his trucks I guess he had made up his mind. About another 10 minutes had pasted, as he got a funny look on his face and looked between his legs and spread them apart more. As I was watching from the kitchen

It was clear his body had made the choice. As he looked between his legs even from the kitchen I could tell he was starting to do his business in his pants. as I backed away from the door encase he made a bolt for the door, but he just stayed there as he watched the wetness spreading first slow then it was like a dam had broken and he really was flooding his pants.

As he sat up right in hurry, but he made no afford to stand and run to the house he just spread his legs more and stood half stood there and half kneed there as he finished going potty in his pants then he looked scared.

Then he just relaxed like it was over with and while it may not have been what he was thinking it would be it did not appear that bad. as he was not crying or running to the house in fact he was doing just the opposite.

His pants were over filled with urine as I could see it was dripping down on the sand and grass and you could see where it had washed the dirt off his legs.

I could see he was thinking over his options at that point as he leaned back over and started to play with his trucks. But I could also tell from how he was looking around and at the house that he was not really sure what to do

I knew I had a choice to make also on how to deal with this new issue of day time wetting and even day time wetting on purpose. All he did was go back to playing, like nothing had happened.

About an hour later I heard the door open as I walked out of the wash room from folding clothes.

I just handed him a stack of his pants and ask him to go put them away for me correctly please, He just smiled and said ok then he asks if he could have a drink of something as it was getting hot outside.

As I looked at his shorts I knew he had wet himself them at least one more time as the front was darker then the back of his shorts.
I told him sure, them please come back here and sit down and give me an explanation as he looked at me with a blank look on his face I just smiled and look at the front of his shorts as he turned red.

As he walked back over and sat at the table he drank about a 1/3 of the glass of cold water. I said he must really be thirsty from playing so hard outside.
he asks if he could go back out and play some more, I told him yes, but first I needed him to explain his actions this morning

He acted like I did not know what he had done. did he really think I was that I could not see the difference in his pants wondered? Explain what, he asks as I looked at him and ask if he needed some corner time, to help him figure it out help you to figure it out then.
Corner time he asks looking me in the eyes then it hit him and he just said sorry. Oh the wet spot, I go honey that is way more than a wet spot, I Think the question should be is there any dry spots and he looked like he was ready to cry. As I reached out my hand to him and held it there for him.

He just said he was playing in the yard and having fun. I ask him if he was having so much fun he forgot he had to go potty in the bathroom
As he starts to turn red in the face again. He was starting to cry as I reached out and slow touched him and lifted him into the air and sat him on my lap.
"Yes, John, those as I point to his wet shorts pointing to my wet pants. I once again asked him “What happened honey?”
“I told you, I was playing real hard,” I told him he always plays hard outside but what happened this time.

I was thinking to myself about how much he loved to play, in the back yard without other kids around. But I also knew he had play hard many times in the back yard and not wet his pants.

And I ask what happened this time playing that was different to cause this. You to go potty in your pants
“Oh, well, was all he said he was just having such a good time playing that I didn’t want to stop and come it to use the bathroom,” and tried to hold it too long.

I ask just to make sure we were on the same line I ask if he knew he had to go potty and he said yes, as he looked away from me and down to his feet. "So then what happened john I ask him?
"Well, he said just kept holding it in and it finally started to come out. I felt it and then looked down and saw what I was doing.

"And what exactly where you doing john, I asked him he said he was wetting his pants. When he was all done, I went back to playing until he got thirsty.
I put my arm around him tighter and told him that was ok accidents happen and please do not be afraid there is nothing we can not deal with
"I see. So you wanted to stay playing, knowing that you had to go to the bathroom and decided to take a chance on going potty in your pants or wet your pants instead. Is that about it I ask him.

“I ask if he was alright with his decision?” he answered yes he thought so. I ask him if he was ok with it “Even if boys your age usually use the bathroom during the day time and not their pants, when they feel the need to go?”

"Well, I suppose so is all he said he just didn’t want to stop playing and rush in to the house. And then it was to late he was already wetting his pants. I ask him if he tried to try to stop his wetting and run into the house, all he said sorry no I was already wetting I stood there and finished.

Then he thought about what I had done and that I’d probably get in trouble from me for going potty in his pants but he just wanted to stay and playing outside. I ask him if he had wet then a second time as he looked down to avoid looking at me and whispered.

I told him I did not hear him and he looked right at me and said yes he was sorry, I hug him and told him it was ok this time, just ask him if from now on he has clean pants on to try and use the potty please and he said ok as he finished his drink and hugged me for the first time and shot out the back door to play.
part way to the swing set he stopped and looked back and just stood there and I was very sure he was going potty in his pants again
I knew it is just a matter of time till he repeats today, I sure that within the next week he’ll repeat his pants-wetting behavior. I did not understand why, just that john was so sure of himself when discussing his behavior that I knew he’ll do it again. He’s not even bothered by wearing his wet pants back out to play.

And I wonder how I should respond the next time when it does happen. And I know it will happen John played the rest of the morning without another major pants-wetting incident, but I was sure he had rewet them a few times.

I think he just likes the wet feeling between his legs. I smiled at him each time I see him playing in the yard and standing still. he smiles back. it’s as if we both know what the other is thinking and are just waiting for the next move in this chess game of sorts.

About 1:30 he came in for lunch and a drink and I ask him if he wanted to for a bike ride to the swimming hole, John looked at me and ask what was going to happen if he had another accident. I told him I would prefer he wait till he had is jeans off and was just in his swimming trunk and he smiled.
Was not sure what to say to him specially seeing as the whole time I was talking with him I was dripping pee in to my pants also.

As he finished his lunch and his soda I told him to take off his pants and under wear so I could wash him then to run and get jeans and his swimming suit on. and his helmet while I put his stuff in the washer which he did then he kissed me and said thank you.

John ran to his room to dress. And was soon standing beside me as he tied his shoes with my help, then we went out and got on the bike .as I picked up a bag for us and started the Harley up and we head down the main road to the train tracks and then followed the track to the swimming hole as he got off I found a place to watch him from as I helped him of with his shoes and he took off his jeans, I hand him a juice to drink first. As he was giggling around he looked at me and at the other kids playing in the water and running around the area and he started to put his hand between his legs I told him that was a bad idea to just pee as others would see him do it and know he was wetting himself. I learned that was I was little and he looked at me.

As he looked at me and was not sure, then he relaxed and nature took it course, then he finished the drink. I walked with him down to the water’s edge to play in the water we stayed and he played for about an hour and a half.

I told him it was time and we walked back up to the bike and I gave him a towel I had with us to dry off as he looked at me I told him to come around the bike to the other side so no one would see him.

I looked at him I told him it was a good idea to go pee before we headed for home, I was expecting him just pull it out and go pee, but it was ok. I told him I loved him and he put his jeans on over his wet swimming suit then sat on the towel as we started the bike and made a pass thought town, to see if his mother was still working.

We saw his mother outside with some other kids she worked with. We pulled up his mother and walked over and said hi to us. She told us she was going to be later and it may not be till after 9 tonight and she told her son to go to bed please without fighting and he said he would.
she asked what he wanted for dinner and it was no
surprise as he said square pizza.
I asked her if, she wanted us to bring her back a small one and she said thank you but there are not allowed to eat that here. as he kissed her good bye. We drove down to the pizza place he was talking about, as we walked in he ran to the bathroom. but it was pretty clear he did not make it all the way.
John was crying, I just took is hand and took him to a booth then went to order the pizza and jojo potatoes for us and sodas we talked. While eating dinner and he ask if we could go the coast on his Mother’s Day off, if I was not working.
I ask him where he wanted to go and said it had been a long time sense, we had been to the sand place I ask him if we were talking about Pismo and he smiled and said yes that was the place.
I told him we would have to get the tent out and see if the sand car would start first and he ask if we could do that in the morning.

I told him yes, we ate dinner and played a few of the arcade games before we head to a store. As we parked the bike, a few kids teased him for being wet.
I just looked at them and told then we had been to the swimming hole and he put his pants on over his swim suit so we could run to the store and they left him alone. John reached for my hand and held it tight.

I got what I was after as he looked at me I told him it was ok, and he ask if he could look at books fast. I told him sure and he found two he wanted.

I paid the bill as we head for the bike I got on first the he got behind me with the bag between us as we headed for home as we parked the bike and walked to the back door and unlocked it I looked at him and ask if he need to go potty and he said yes. I knew he was afraid for some reason all of a sudden.

I was not sure what to say to him. As I picked him up and carried him into the house and took him to the bath room and set him down by the tub and removed his shoes and socks then lifted him into the tub and turned on the water to start too warm up as he looked at me.

I reached for his shirt to help him remove it then stood him in the water as nature took it course he started to cry he was going potty, I told him it was ok like this I took the shower end off and washed his pants down and helped him off with his wet clothes.
Told him to play in the water while I went to go make his bed.
I came back in and sat down to talk with him as he looked at me and ask if I was going to tell his father, I told him no way right, now I am working in that role of his father now.

John ask if I was going to tell his mother he had wet himself I told him I had to but she will not tell you dad either. as I called him over to me and washed his hair and washed him all over then turned off the water.

I wrapped him in a towel and carried him to his bed room and sat him on the floor and told him to go get his PJs as he ran to the closet he stopped and looked at me, then he stopped and got his old blue PJs from his draw as he looked at me and brought them to me. I looked at him and ask him if he was sure.

I Told him it was ok but with these he had to have a diaper on, as he cannot get out of them by himself with the zipper in the rear to use the potty. he thought about it for a few and said ok.
I laid him on the bed and went to get some of his old diapers and looked at the I knew they would never last all night.
I laid two them on the bed and went to get a towel and plastic pants also. I soon had him in what our mother use to call night diapers for us as kids and got the plastic pants on him and the PJs and told him he still had 30 minutes till bed time and ask him f he wanted to watch tv for a while and he smiled.
As he sat in my big chair.
I went and got him a big glass of milk to drink and some chips to snack on. It was almost his bed time when his mother got home as he ran to her, she picked him up and held him, as she looked at me, as her son he asks her if she would tuck him in like she use to do.

She smiled and carried him to his bed as I walked along behind she ask him if he need to the potty as this would be the last time tonight once lights were out it was bed time. he said he was ok, and his mother grinned I do not think she believed him also, as we both kissed him good night, john held me and kissed me good night also. we turn off The big light and turned the night light.