Chaser's mix up 8 chapters COMPLETE.

This is something, perhaps a little different from your typical story.
I am not aiming for realism, as this is pretty absurd, at least in the comic book sense.
It is based on an RP I tried to set in motion, but didn’t catch on.
I have posted it on a few sites, and will try to update a bit each day.
My ideas don’t like to stay in my head, so I’ll make a short series out of it.
Some characters you will be familiar with. I do not own them.
I also make reference to a few bits of content from creative minds greater than my own.
I hope you enjoy.


The Driver returned with an envelope for the other three members of his team.
From the stern scowl beneath his grey crew cut hair, one wouldn’t have guessed that this was a job well done.
“Here ya go,” he said, his gravelly voice announcing the completion of their work.

“So are you ever gonna tell us how you have laugh lines, old man? I’ve never even seen you smile.”
The Shotgun liked to try to bother the Driver. Shotty liked to joke, didn’t take much seriously. The first day he met The Driver, he vowed that he would get him to laugh. Years later, he aimed for the less ambitious goal of getting the driver to at least make a facial expression that was just out of the realms of contempt or disappointment.

Driver slapped he envelope into Shotgun’s chest.
“Does it matter, boy? Maybe my face was just made this way.”
Driver’s words did not, in fact, echo the sentiment Shotgun was going for.

Shotgun picked up the envelope, looked at the number on, the front and smiled.
“I suppose it doesn’t,” He said from behind a sharky grin, as he stroked his beard.
“Because no matter how grouchy your old ass is, I still like the pay day.”

Driver stuffed the next two envelopes into the cargo pocket on his Lab coat. Something he assumed most ambulance drivers wore. Don’t ask about the plaid shirt and Khaki pants he wears underneath the lab coat. He’ll insist that comfort must come first.
The general consensus is that if the guy beats up another guy that is known to wear blue spandex and leap buildings in a single bound, you don’t argue with him, or his questionable work attire.

“Your back-up is in the clinic for a few days, so this means that this next big one is yours Chaser.”

The girl he was talking to was short. She wore black leggings and a black tank top. She tired to fashion herself as a tomboy, but her bright pink hair betrayed her cause. Of course, the cat ears that sprouted from her thick hair didn’t do much to aid her cause either.

“That means you’ll have to stop tormenting the Moon-Queen, May.”

May frowned as she eyed their most recent catch. May liked the buns the girl kept her blonde hair in, and the pig tails that draped down from them.

“Can’t I change her diapers before they take her in?” May pleaded, “She had an accident almost as soon as I caught her. I didn’t even need to use our formula!”

“No can do. We have another job.”, Driver was in no mood for her weird obsession with the “Guests.”
The Driver held up bit of parchment.

Shotgun pulled the parchment from Driver’s hand took a moment to scan the document.
“This one should be easy. The girl isn’t even a class 3. So really, it should just be a snatch and grab.”

The girl tied to the gurney struggled against her bonds. The gag in her mouth kept her frustrated cries muffled. Her diaper crinkled as she struggled, and May couldn’t help but notice it was actually louder than her protests…

A steel shutter rose up, and the back of the No Mercy Hospital ambulance opened up, revealing the main doors of the Patient Center.
The doors were thick glass reinforced by steel. None would get out until they had met the required time.

Two orderly-looking men came forward and wheeled her out of the ambulance.
The Moon-Queen’s eyes pleaded with Chaser as the large men grabbed the Gurney.
“Sorry, Honey, I can’t help you.” Chaser said before kissing the captive’s forehead.
“Don’t worry though, you’ll have a good time at the clinic. You know, probably…”
The three vanished beyond the main doors of the Patient Center, Moon-Queen trying to free herself the entire time.

The Shotgun took a look at the page and set to work scanning the numerous worlds that could possibly contain their target.

“Found her!”, said the Shotgun. “Kagome Higurashi. Looks like she is in an Earth Dimension sometime in a Feudal era.”

“Let me see!” May tried to contain her excitement, but her cat ears always perked up and gave her away. Oh, and she always sounded way too excited when her target was a pretty girl.

“No, this time can’t be right.” said May, “The Moon Queen girl we just brought in wore a similar uniform. Before she transformed and started throwing Frisbees at us. Let me check around a bit.”

The Shotgun stepped away from his computer. “It’s all yours, Chaser. Have at it.”

May hopped in the passenger seat and began scanning the multiverse, her ears twitching as she focused.

The scanner and computer in their van was top notch. It provided all the information about a target the hunters could possibly need.
The trouble was, it still was only as good as the user.
May was a Chaser. Chasers are chosen because their bodies typically work faster than their brains.

So it wasn’t exactly a surprise when May completely ignored the name of the girl that showed up on the screen when she saw an exact visual match at (what she thought) was a school called Otakon.
Driver didn’t mess with the computers. Technically, as the team leader he SHOULD have, but the company was too afraid to fire him.
Shotty PROBABLY caught this, though he spends his days trying to get Driver to…. Not be driver, if only for one second.

“I have her location!!” Chaser exclaimed too loudly (read: enthusiastically) for the Driver’s tastes.

“And where exactly is that, Sherlock Gnomes?”

May ignored him as she continued, she was used to Driver’s old man sarcasm and genuine lack of any sort of possible positive emotion.

“Earth C-137!” The cat girl exclaimed running a hand through her pink hair.

“I need to retire.” Driver grumbled.
“You are retired.” Shotgun reminded him.
“I need a second retirement.” Driver grumbled.

The ambulance revved to life. Driver floored it, and prepared for the usual phenomenon that he referred to as the 88 MPH hangover.

To be continued….

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

This is quite an intriguing intro. You’ve given us a tense scene with a ton of action, but kept us largely in the dark about what the hell is going on, which amplifies the suspense and intrigue.

By all means, keep going.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Foreword: (again)
Here is today’s update to Chaser’s Mix up. I welcome critique and suggestion.
So without further adieu, here is the next chapter of Chaser’s Mix Up.
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Chapter One: Otakon “High School.”

Lizzy Matsuna was four hours into her first day at the con, and she couldn’t have been happier.
The sun was bright, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The Weather app said that it would be sunny all weekend.
In other words, perfect for a girl who was planning on wearing a Japanese school uniform all weekend.

She had already received countless compliments on her Kagome cosplay, but it was the compliments on her hair that boosted her ego.
Being of an uncommon blend Korean, Japanese, and classic American gave her a more exotic look that helped her soar in the Cosplay world.
Her thick head of black hair seemed to do precisely what she needed it to for any of her costumes. She had even received offers to do Cosplay professionally, but she turned them down.

Cosplay was just something she did because she genuinely enjoyed bringing her favorite characters to life.
It gave her something fun to focus on when she could escape the stuffy dorm room of the University.
She felt that money would cheapen her hobby, and drain cosplay of all the joy it brought her.

As old Chinese proverb goes; If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (citation needed.)

Other than stopping what seemed like every ten minutes to pose for photos for fans and Cosplay junkies, She was making rapid progress through the convention.

Lizzy stopped outside of an event booth.
“How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse on a Sunday with only your wits and Dire wolf companion.”
She wasn’t sure about what content would actually be presented at such an event, but this was where she was supposed to meet her friends.

Lizzy needed to use the restroom, but she didn’t want to lose their place in line. She fidgeted some, though mainly to distract herself.
She wasn’t crossing the emergency line just yet, so she decided to remain in line and keep an eye out for her party.

They were dressed as Kikyo, Miroku, and Sango. Their friend Rich, the odd man out, was supposed to dress as Inu Yasha.
Instead he showed up dressed in an ensemble that was sure to gain popularity on his StumblOR page.

He dressed up as Shiba Inu Yasha.
The Inu Yasha costume was on point. From the perfect Kimono and realistic silvery hair.
It was the Aviator sunglasses and the loud writing adoring his outfit that made things ridiculous.
“Wow! Such (half) Demon! Very danger. Much love triangle! Wow” were just a few examples of what he had plastered all over his costume.

She would have considered it odd that the rest of her group was not around, except Rich’s absurd costume was probably slowing the rest of the group down.

Lizzy eyed an approaching group. Each had a camera. They locked eyes and she knew they would want photos.
Their faces lit up and they began to pick up their pace. The short guy in the front picked up his hand to wave at her.


The thunder was so loud it, shattered the windows at the convention center.
The lights at the center went out, and Lizzy dove to the ground.

What was that!? she wondered, trying to use logic to formulate an explanation that WASN’T terrorism.
A minute passed before Lizzy pulled her head from the ground and cautiously rose to her feet.
It was completely black outside, as if pitch dark storm clouds had come out of nowhere and blocked out the sun.

Such darkness of course, was the usual result of reality itself being torn open. Hence the deafening thunder. The dark clouds pour in from the opening to seal it up, to keep the universe from collapsing. Kind of like how platelets make sure you don’t die from a paper cut.

Most of the other Convention goers were still on the ground. The usual questions were circulating the convention hall.

One person pondered aloud if they were under attack.
Another was going on about solar flares.
Their collective chatter made the whole convention center come to life with a nervous hum.

Lizzy checked herself over to make sure she wasn’t hurt.
to her annoyance, she had wet herself a little. No visible leaks, at least, but it was enough to hurt her pride.
To make things worse, her need to go WAS getting close to that emergency line.

She looked around, afraid of what she might see.
Her mind snapped to gruesome pictures of people torn apart in recent bombings.

To her surprise, no one was hurt. People were even getting to their feet to have a look around.

She decided now may be a good time to find the bathroom.

Somewhere in the convention hall, some idiot was signing what sounded like Rammstein.

Driver’s head throbbed as the No-Mercy Hospital Ambulance roared into the new dimension.
With all the necessary instruments calibrated, and the universal coordinates punched in, all they have to do is hit 88 MPH, and they will crash through the dimensional barriers.
Because Driver is sensitive to every conceivable mental power in the known multiverse, this leaves him with a massive headache that most people would liken to a .50 cal round to the skull.

Though it actually wasn’t the instantaneous ripping away of one energy and instantaneous appearance of a new energy within his skull that was causing his head to throb.
What was causing him the most amount of pain was the fact that their ambulance, was in fact, in the sky. Descending (very rapidly) on what appeared to be Otakon High.

Inhaling very slowly, Driver pulled a Cigar out of the breast pocket of his lab coat.

“Shotgun, may I ask you a question?” The old man asked as he lit his cigar.

“Shoot, old timer. What would you like to know?”

“Do you truly, truly, truly believe that your job can be accomplished by a lobotomized chimpanzee hopped up on polymorphine?”

Shotgun stopped to see if the old man had changed his tone even the slightest. (He hadn’t)

“No, chief.” Shotgun said, “I wouldn’t think such a mentally inhibited creature could do what I do.”

Driver took a drag from his cigar. “So, I have a few more questions then.”

“Fire away, boss.” Said Shotgun.

Driver stubbed out the cigar on his wrist before returning it to his pocket.
“Alright,” the old man continued, " First question; Why are we currently careening through the sky towards what I can only hope is an unoccupied memory foam factory?"

Shotgun opened his mouth, but the old man cut him off.

“No, lad. That was rhetorical. I know why we are about to Hindenburg into this building. My real question is why is Chaser in YOUR seat. Why is SHE entering coordinates in a positioning relay that spans all known realities, and why are you in the back?”

Shotgun grinned at the old man
“I think we both know the answer to that.”

Chaser eyed them both thoughtfully. After a moment, Driver’s words sunk in.

“Hey! Are you calling me a monkey!?” Her ears flattened as her cheeks reddened.

“No Chaser,” Driver said calmly, “I wouldn’t want to insult any creature that is on the verge of entering the stone age.”

Chaser was about to yell at him, but Driver didn’t need any more to add to his headache.

“Quiet, girl. Just turn on the lights, and let them know that their emergency services are here to help.”

Chaser perked up, almost immediately forgetting the insult.
“Yes, Sir!”
She flipped a switch on the dash.
The siren lights came on.
Out of the loudspeaker however, Megaherz had a very important public service announcement.

“Das Tier, in der nacht…Aufgewacht.”

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

As always, I welcome any sort of feedback. If you’re following this story, I hope you enjoy today’s entry.

Chapter Three “The Perfect Landing.”

Chaser pulled on her “steampunk” goggles. Coiled across her chest was a length of silk rope. On her back as slung her work pack.
Most of these work packs were nicely organized and contained everything that the hunters would for long transports for subdued captives.
Diapers, IVs, baby powder, tranquilizers, first aid kit, nutrient supplements, etc.
Chaser’s bag was organized in such a way that only she could possibly find anything.
She made sure her bag was easy to Identify with a large name tag that read “MAY!!!” It is worth noting, that the dots of each “!” is actually a tiny skull.

The other thing that separates May’s bag from anyone else’s is all of her custom equipment.
May’s bag contained various elixirs (of her own creation), each with its own effect. She referred to these as her “formulas.”
Formula 2 would make a subject pass out.
Formula 4 would put the subject in an intense state of arousal.
Formula 6 would eliminate bladder control.
Formula 8 would eliminate bowel control.
She had other formulas on hand, but these were her favorites. She also likes to combine them, to add to her captive’s humiliation.

Chaser looked out the windshield, her grin widening as the ambulance drew closer to the building.

She clipped her black MOLLE belt around her hips, flicking the decorative Cthulhu buckle on the front after it was locked. Her various tools to aid in the chase were all where she wanted them. From Dark Spray to paralysis smoke, she was ready to rock.

She made sure her black bandanna was tight before pulling leather, finger-less gloves tight on her hands.

Shotgun was about to comment how she should play some AC/DC or Black Sabbath as she gets ready, because no 80’s badass montage was complete without one of those two to go with it.

Shotty wouldn’t get this chance, however. Right as he opened his mouth, the ambulance smashed through the convention center roof.

May had begun singing with the song.

Driver was wondering if it would be worth the paperwork to rewrite Chaser’s existence to make her a little less annoying.

When the ambulance crashed through the roof, most of the people inside went to the ground again, seeking to protect their heads.
Miraculously, (Driver actually moved them out of the way), nobody was hurt when the van came crashing into the ground.
In a symphony of breaking glass and groaning metal, the No Mercy Ambulance came to a rough landing about 30 feet in front of Lizzy.

When the Ambulance landed, two things happened. The tires burst, creating a loud, resonating bang.
When that happened, a chorus of screams sang through the convention hall. The bystanders once again thought they had come under attack.
The second thing that happened, was Lizzy had fallen onto her butt and was now sitting in a warm puddle.
Lizzy’s bladder had let go somewhere between the ambulance crashing into the convention center. and its tires popping.

For the moment she was too afraid to do much other than take the whole situation in. She had a vague feeling of relief, warmth and wetness, but her brain didn’t immediately grasp that she had just wet herself like a little girl.

Instead, she was focused on the outlandish Ambulance that had just crashed through the roof.

From an outsider’s perspective, a black ambulance blaring German Industrial rock was ridiculous enough.
Add in the fact that said ambulance had fallen from the sky into a very populated convention center. Yes, the typical onlooker would probably not be entirely sure what they should feel in that moment.
One can imagine that they almost go through the steps of grief, only with a much more concentrated dose of “wtf”, and probably never reaching the acceptance stage.

So, it is probably safe to assume that Lizzy Matsuna’s confusion was amplified when the doors of said ambulance opened up like a DeLorean, and out stepped what appeared to be a tiny, gothic, pink-haired, cat-girl-Rambo.

As Chaser exited the ambulance she immediately began scanning Otakon High for her target. Her eyes darted from person to person. A few girls were dressed similarly, though none were an exact match.
She decided to try to use her nose, to find her efforts were instantly rewarded.

Chaser pointed a half-gloved finger directly at Lizzy.

“Hey boss, I found her! She’s right here in front! The girl that peed her pants!”

I know she is right in front of us, Thought Driver, That is the whole purpose of entering the coordinates.

Lizzy suddenly realized what the relief that had washed over her was, and became all too aware of her state. She immediately felt a thousand pairs of eyes gazing at her, and she instinctively tried to cover her wet skirt.
Her cheeks flushed until her whole face burned.

Somewhere in the convention hall, a camera flashed. Lizzy could imagine what the owner must have been saying.
“Aw yeh, brahs! My followers on WINstagram will dig this!!!”

The time Lizzy spent sitting in her pee seemed to stretch for an eternity. She was honestly grateful when the Cat-girl Rambo started talking to her.

“You should come with us, Miss.” Her voice was as smooth as silk," It will be so much more pleasant if you do. My name is May, and I have been sent to pick you up."

Lizzy couldn’t quite bring herself to trust this May. One moment she was excitedly flailing her arms, pointing, and announcing to everyone that she had wet herself.
The next moment, she was this calm professional that could have been conducting a job interview.

That and the girl met all the criteria for “Person I should not enter a strange ambulance with.”

Dressed as if she was going to give advice for how to survive the zombie apocalypse on a Sunday? Check.
Wearing steam punk goggles and animatronic car ears? Check.
Exited an Ambulance that looks like it was stolen from Batman? Check.

Lizzy cringed as she stood, the excess moisture from her wet butt running down her thighs and dripping into her socks.

May smiled as Lizzy held out her hand.

“I am pleased to meet you, May”, Lizzy said with an exaggerated theatrical bow. “But my answer is no!”

Lizzy turned and ran down the dark convention hall corridor, shoving past the camera toting group she had seen earlier.
She didn’t notice that one boy was taking pictures of her the whole time, but she didn’t have time to care.
There were weirder things going on than this guy.

May jumped onto the ground, a huge smirk on her face,

“I was hoping you’d say that, Miss Higurashi!”

May cracked her knuckles and her neck. She picked up where she left off in the song left off.
Her heart was racing as she thought about the delightful catch that awaited her.
She bent down to stretch out her legs, and felt proud when someone behind her snapped a photo of her shapely rear.

“Would you just go already, Chaser? We know everything is a montage in your head, but you’re cutting into my weekend!”

Chaser turned to glare at Shotgun.

“I’m gonna pull a muscle if I just start at a dead sprint! This takes time!!”

Shotgun ran a hand over his braided mowhawk, something he only did when he was exasperated.

“Chaser, I have a Warhammer campaign mission at nine.”, he said pulling out what appeared to be belt-fed flare gun.
“If you make me late, I have to listen to pony-tail Ted the whole time. I’m not trying to kick off a game against Tyranids listening to Pony-Tail Ted talk about the sportsman’s virtue of punctuality!”

Chaser was going to call his bluff when she saw what rounds Shotgun had loaded.

“Hey! S-Sorry,” She stammered, “No need for anything rash! I’ll be back here with her in 15 minutes! I promise!”

With that, Chaser launched down the corridor after her prey. Her dead sprint was faster than any known Olympic gold medalist.
The photographer seemingly trying to capture every frame of her movement as she passed.

The girl next to him scoffed, “Would you stop already? Nobody on your WINstagram wants to see that many photos of her.”
The guy turned to her, and said matter-of-factly, “You’re only jealous because she’s 4 foot tall and has breasts twice the size of yours.”
The girl punched him.
Chaser punched him.
The photographer fell to the ground.
“Don’t listen to him miss, you’re perfect as you are!”
Chaser was gone again.

The girl stared down the corridor after her.
“When the hell did she turn around…?”

Driver watched, and entertained the idea of giving their target amplified physical strength. Not to make her harder to catch, just because he wanted to fuck with Chaser.

Driver thought about it as he leaned his chair back.

“Shotgun.” Driver said, suddenly bolting upright.

“What is it old man?”

“Change the tires while we wait.”

“You got it.”

Shotgun left the van and set to work.

From down the hall Chaser screamed.

“Ow! That hurt!! How are you so strong!?!”

Driver checked to make sure the doors were shut and that Shotgun was out of sight.
He leaned back in his seat and chuckled before he nodded off.

To be continued…

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Alright, so as per my usual preface, I encourage feedback. Actually, I request it.
I want to hear general thoughts on the story, the writing, the characters, etc. Anyway, you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble about wanting your opinions. Let’s get down to business.

Chapter Three “The moment you’ve all been waiting for.”

Chaser looked at her feet, dazed from the unexpectedly strong blow to her head.
She started counting the eyelets on her combat boots, not quite remembering exactly what had knocked her into the drywall where she was now sprawled.

Lizzy was frozen where she stood in complete shock. The girl who had introduced herself as May appeared out of nowhere.
May’s sudden appearance frightened Lizzy so much that she reflexively threw a punch to defend herself.
While Lizzy suspected it would stagger the significantly smaller girl, or even knock her down completely, Lizzy was blown away by what happened.
The instant she threw the punch, her adrenaline surged, and she felt as if the whole world was moving in slow motion.
When the blow landed on the much smaller girl’s face, she went flying through the nearest wall.
May’s legs stuck out of the newly formed hole in the wall, as if to remind Lizzy of the madness the universe was subscribing her today.

May groaned and pulled her goggles up to her forehead, when she noticed wall studs on either side of her.
“OW!” She exclaimed, snapping out of her daze, “That hurt! How are you so strong!?”

“I’m sorry!” Lizzy yelped, “I’m just as surprised by this as you are!”

Chaser leaped from the hole in the wall and landed about five feet from Lizzy.
Through gritted teeth she mustered a growl that didn’t seem like it could have come from a girl her size.
“Here I was gonna be nice to you, because you’re so cute and all. But now, I’m just gonna treat you like all the rest.”

It was at this time that it dawned on Lizzy, she completely wasted her best chance to escape from what was clearly a pink-haired terminator.

“Look, I don’t know what you want from me,” Lizzy said as she raised her fists, “But, I really don’t think it would be in my best interests.”
Lizzy’s fear had vanished when she sent the smaller girl on a trip to Drywallsville. She couldn’t explain how she suddenly had strength that probably put her on par with some lesser marvel heroes, but she didn’t care. Of all the weirdness that was making up her day, that was certainly the least strange.

The rope crisscrossing chaser’s chest uncoiled like a serpent waking from a deep sleep.
Chaser held the rope taught between both hands.

“Listen, It doesn’t matter if you want to go, it’s not up to me. But I’m not a comic book villain, so I’m not going to divulge all of my evil plans before we get down to business. So let’s just do this.”

Before Lizzy could accurately deduce what was happening, Chaser was on her like a pouncing wild cat.
Lizzy swung with all her might. She missed.
She followed up with a secondary strike. This one connected.
The blow would have sent Chaser flying, but Lizzy had grabbed her by the ankle and slammed her into the floor.
The floor broke apart, and Chaser was lying in a small crater.

“I don’t like it,” the small girl groaned. “Take it back… I don’t like it.”

Lizzy found it hard to hide her smirk. She was feeling quite proud of herself at the moment. She had just repelled her would-be kidnapper. Not once, but twice. She was way tougher than she gave herself credit for.

“Are you going to leave me alone?” Asked Lizzy.

“Not til’ my job is done…” groaned Chaser.

“Then you leave me no choice.” Lizzy raised her knee. She could almost hear Shao Kahn’s disembodied voice yelling “FINISH HER!” (It was actually one very stunned/amused otaku standing in the background, who incidentally, could do a near-perfect Shao Kahn impersonation.)

Lizzy’s foot slammed into the ground where Chaser had been, kicking up no small amount of dust.
Then Lizzy felt it. A slight pressure at first around her wrists and ankles that immediately became a tight, but painless pinch.

The rope had been pulled taught, and Lizzy felt her feet pull out from under her as she was quickly hoisted into the air.

“You’re strong,” May said, rubbing her temple where she had been hit “But slow and predictable.”

Lizzy saw that a rope had been wrapped around each of her ankles, as if she had stepped into two separate snare traps. What really confused her was how the rope had been wrapped around the steel rods in the ceiling so quickly.
She was about to start trying to fight back when her wrists were pulled tight to her sides.

“You let me hit you on purpose?” Lizzy asked, stunned at the idea she had fallen right into Chaser’s trap.
“Oh you figured that out?” May asked,
“Yeah, it still hurt. I wasn’t faking that, but letting you think you had the advantage would have been easier than grappling with you.”

Quickly, Chaser set to work, wrapping up her prey with a spider-like efficiency. A rope between and around Lizzy’s breasts. More bindings on her arms, lashing her wrists together behind her back.
Being upside down, Lizzy’s wet skirt had fallen in the opposite direction, exposing her still wet panties for the world to see (Which as of now was Shao Kahn voice guy since everyone else had the sense to clear out when a dragonball fight erupted in the room.)

Lizzy’s face flushed with shame as Chaser gently lowered her to the ground and rolled her onto her back.

“This is the fun part.” Chaser purred, placing her work pack on the ground next to her.
To Chaser’s amusement, Lizzy was still struggling, trying to see if her new found strength would set her free.
“It won’t do you any good, sweets,” Chaser said proudly. “Those are special ropes made from the silk of- nevermind. I have work to do.”

Lizzy gave up as she realized her bonds wouldn’t soon give. "What did you mean “fun part?” Lizzy asked trying to hide her nerves.

Chaser held a small vial in which she was mixing other vials.
“Let’s see,” Chaser pondered out loud, “Three parts no. 4, one part no. 6, one part no. 8, and half a part no.2 should be fun!”
Chaser mixed drops from each formula in a separate vial before pouring her new cocktail on a pacifier she pulled from her bag.
Chaser smiled with an innocence one would normally associate with taking the first bite from a batch of oven fresh cookies.
“Don’t worry, Miss Higurashi, I’ll show you!”

Lizzy opened her mouth, it suddenly occurred to her that she was the victim of the worst scenario of mistaken identity she had ever heard of.

“No, wait! I’m no-mmmmmm….”

As soon as the paci touched her lips she felt herself grow sleepy. Not enough to fall asleep, but an extreme state of relaxation washed over her. Soon she began trembling with excitement.

Chaser slowly pushed the paci all the way into Lizzy’s mouth with one finger, as if she were sensually feeding her a chocolate covered strawberry.

“There, isn’t that better? Now I have to get you changed.”

Lizzy shuddered as Chaser locked the Paci-gag into place. Her body was tingling to the touch, and she felt herself wanting to be touched more and more as the seconds went by. She was ecstatic when Chaser lifted her skirt.

“Wow, you REALLY had an accident. It’s no wonder we’re taking you to the Clinic. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll take good care of you.”

Lizzy blushed when Chaser commented about her loss of bladder control, but to her own confusion, she felt it made her more excited.

From her work bag Chaser produced a bottle of baby powder and a thick pink diaper.

What? Diapers?? Lizzy thought, bewildered and, to her own surprise, more turned on Noo, come on… My day has been weird enough as it is!

Lizzy moaned into her gag as Chaser peeled her wet panties off of her legs. She thrust her pelvis longlingly towards Chaser.

“Oh no… You’re sensitive to the formula… That means I have to hurry.” Chaser slapped Lizzy’s butt, making the bound girl squeal with delight into her gag.

Chaser applied baby powder to Lizzy’s butt and exposed privates, making sure to take her time with rubbing the powder into her skin.
Lizzy shuddered at the sensation, even though Chaser wasn’t explicitly pleasuring her, the feeling was almost enough to push her over the edge.

The diaper crinkled as Chaser rolled Lizzy onto the soft, thick padding.
The feeling was Alien to Lizzy, yet she still enjoyed the new sensation.
Chaser pulled at the leg gathers as she had thousands of times before.
Lizzy gasped as the diaper was pulled up between her legs, the soft interior caressing her in the right places while the plastic exterior scrunched and crinkled, reminding her of what was happening.

Chaser pulled the front of the diaper so that it was snug and then proceeded to seal the garment with each tape.

As she taped the left side, her hand crept to Lizzy’s padded crotch when she noticed it was already warm and a little swollen.

Looks like I got her just in time, May thought, I don’t need them blaming her accident on me, and making me wear diapers on the way back again…

Chaser finished taping the right side and applied a little more pressure to Lizzy’s crotch.

Lizzy closed her eyes and squirmed.
Ahh… Why am I enjoying this so much!? One half of her brain wondered.
Who cares about the ‘why’ when was the last time you got laid?? The other half argued.
This isn’t getting laid!! The other half countered…

Her internal argument was broken up when Chaser interrupted her,
“Let’s see, I told them I’d have you back in fifteen… Darn. It’s been eleven.”

“Mmm…?” Lizzy asked.
“It means, had you listened to me in the first place I could have finished you. Since you were naughty I only have four minutes to bring you back.”

Lizzy struggled in protest, “Hmm! MmmM!?”
Please don’t just leave me like this! That’s not fair!

In one swift motion, Chaser whisked her items back into her work pack, then slung it on her shoulders.
Easy. She thought as she turned to her prey.
Chaser picked Lizzy up like a baby, her diapered rear poking out beneath her short skirt.

“Oh, relax,” Chaser sighed rolling her eyes. "I didn’t say anything about AFTER I got you back there now did I?
She winked at Lizzy and then whipped her head to get her bangs out of her eyes.

“That is IF you are good.”

Chaser turned on her heel and started walking back down the corridor.

Shao Kahn voice guy stood in the corner, his jaw hanging.

I have no idea what I just saw, he thought, but I think I have a new fetish.

To be continued….

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

So far from reading your story I’ll certainly say that it is unusual from what other stories I’ve read on here. (Unusual in a good way! ;D). So far I’m interested in learning more about this ‘clinic’ that’s been mentioned a few times. Lizzy’s brute strength was interesting to learn about because I’m going under the assumption that she’s supposed to be a normal human girl. And on a personal note whenever I see the name Chaser mentioned or her very quick abilities, I keep putting the image of Tracer in my mind from Overwatch xD. Anyways to briefly express my thoughts so far, the story has my interest, hope to see more!

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Thanks for the input. I’ve been trying to keep things interesting and unusual… As, well… Unusual is what I specialize in.
I haven’t played Overwatch, so I don’t know anything about Tracer… Other than I shouldn’t worry because she’s always here… Which, actually causes me to worry. Apparantly she’s saying “the cavalry is here.” This makes me worry much, much less.
Yes, Lizzy is supposed to be a normal girl from (presumably) our world.
I’ve been thinking about making full bios for the characters thus far, but, I can’t see much reason to… Mainly because I’m not sure where I would put it. Maybe as like a… pro-prologue?
I update the story daily, mainly to keep my writing skills sharp.
My only exceptions for my daily updates will be when I break on Tuesday and Wednesday to re-charge my batteries. And by Re-charge my batteries, I mean play warhammer 40k or Star Wars Battlefront. If I’m gonna stare at a screen for 2-3 hours straight, you’d best believe I’m gonna be blastin’ me some storm troopers.
Anyway, got sidetracked. Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad to know that there are folks out there that don’t just see a text wall and say “NOPE!”

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Good afternoon, friends, readers, countrymen.
Bored here with a brief announcement before I kick off into Chapter 4.
First off, I’m floored with the amount of views this has received. Nope. I have no idea what percentage of that number means people are actually stopping to read the whole thing, but that hardly matters. I’ll keep writing til this tale is done. Then, ya know. Set to work on a sequel. (I did say I would make a short series out of this, yes?)
Anyway, the real reason for this little message is because I am just making it known that there will be no update on Tuesday or Wednesday.
I’m just stepping back to refuel the creative plasma. (Yes, It’s plasma.)
So, to make up for my weekend (Or as I call it, mid-week), I give you a fairly long update to the tale.

On a side note, I’m moving. I also need to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, because, I hate happiness, apparently.
And no. I’m totally not just going into hiding because Chaser is trying to find me. That would be absurd…….
Anyway, enough rambling. Time for me to do that thing I do that involves words, typing, and stuff.

Chapter Four ROAD TRIP!!. No, Chaser, gtf away from my keyboard. That’s not the name of the chapter.

Chapter Four To No Mercy Hospital We Go.

Driver snoozed in his reclined seat. He was having a wonderful dream involving the rearranging of a few neural connections in May’s brain to make her 100% less May. The joy wasn’t meant to be however. Paper after paper appeared. Demanding that he fill out box 3A or 4C, to make sure the rearranging of brain tissue was authorized by the proper powers.
The nightmare grew as he was placed on hold for three hours with a customer service rep that he was pretty sure didn’t actually speak a spoken language.
As the crescendo of terror built, his dream self set everything on fire.
He could feel (For Driver, anyway) joy in this pleasant dream once again.
When all of a sudden Chaser appeared, 100% Chaser.
“Hey Boss, wake up!”

Driver peeled open his eyes and took a groggy look towards his door.

Chaser’s face filled his entire view, as she apparently opted to speak directly into his ear.

Without so much as lifting an eyebrow or cracking even the hint of a smile, Driver flicked the air just in front of May’s face.

A loud snap was heard, and before Chaser had a chance to brace herself, she flew backwards about three feet.

“I’m flattered that you would attempt to sneak in a kiss while I was sleeping,” Said Driver through a yawn, “But really, you know what they say about letting sleeping dogs lie.”

Chaser rubbed her forehead where Driver’s flick-to-end-all-flicks had hit her.
“Owww… C’mon,” she complained, her other hand gripping her ribs, “I got her back here within our time frame so we can get outta here. I have plans, you have plans, can you at least pretend that you don’t want to feed me to a horde of zombies for 6.3 seconds so we can get outta here?”

Shotgun had blind-folded Lizzy and placed thick headphones over her ears. He was busy re-adjusting her bonds so that He could strap her down to one of the ambulance’s gurneys.

He looked up and noticed Chaser’s disheveled hair and running mascara.

“Either you just had sex, or she was a little strong for you,” Shotty scoffed as he locked the last of Lizzy’s bonds into place.
“It’s really quite hard to know with you.”

Chaser blushed and lifted up her shirt to expose her ribs.
“You see this bruise?! I’m pretty sure she cracked my ribs! She was supposed to be somewhere between class 5 and 6 and she broke my BBQ bones!!” Chaser lowered her shirt. “Now I have to go into the clinic to talk to one of those creepy nurses, and avoid the REALLY creepy nurse. How did she get so strong anyway?!”

Driver turned away and started fumbling with the glove box to hide his smirk.
“Who knows,” Driver said, taking an interest in a very fascinating pen. “It will forever be a mystery, I suppose.”

Shotgun raised the gurney into the ambulance and turned the music on on Lizzy’ headphones.

“Speakin’ of creepy,” Shotgun said stepping away from the patient section of the ambulance, “Is that girl sick? She hasn’t stopped trembling or moaning since you got her here, Chaser.”

Chaser looked up with an innocence that probably wouldn’t have fooled anyone if not for her vibrant pink hair and cat ears.

“Sick?” Chaser’s voice dripped with concern, “Well that’s no good! Don’t worry I’ll take care of her right away!”

Shotgun just looked at her, a few of his mohawk braids falling in front of his face.
“She’s sensitive to your weird formulas, isn’t she?”

Chaser hung her head, her eyes falling to her boots.
“Yes.” She sighed.

Shotgun raised one hand and brushed his braids backwards.
"And… WHICH formulas did you give her, exactly?

Chaser looked at her fingers, and nervously began tapping her index fingers together.
“Uhm… No. 1, No.4 and…”

Shotgun pushed past Chaser and hopped into the passenger seat.
“Isolate the cab, old timer. Chaser gave that girl a Molotov Chaser. And she is sensitive to the formulas.”

Driver looked from Chaser to Shotgun, to the squirming bound girl in the back.

“I don’t care what Chaser gave her or what that girl is sensitive to.” Driver flipped a switch and a metal shutter slowly closed behind his seat.
“As long as I don’t have any idea what’s going on back there you two can plot world domination for all I care.”

Chaser stood there, mouth open in mild surprise.
“Hey how can you possibly accuse me of doing such a thing?” Chaser demanded. “I would have tested it on her first before I-”
Chaser trailed off as she started to imagine taking over a world. Mass distributing her formulas around the planet via a giant cartoony humidity machine.
Her face flushed as she muttered to herself.
“Sooo many toys….”

Driver flicked the air, gazing at Chaser’s nose.

Chaser recoiled as if someone had punched her in the face.
“OW!” She cried grasping her nose. “What wassat for?!”

Driver raised another hand, his index finger tucked into his thumb, ready to flick her again.

Chaser covered her head and sprinted into the back of the van.

“I’m sorry!” She yelled, “No more! I take it back!”

Shotgun laughed as he listened to the steel shutters slam shut.
“You know, she actually IS really good at her job.”

Driver pulled the cigar out of his pocket and blew on the previously lit end.
A cherry formed on the cigar, and driver rolled it in his hand to light it all the way around.

“She is,” Driver admitted as he inhaled the sweet tobacco. “But if you pay her a compliment, she gets arrogant and somehow becomes dumber than she acts most of the time.”

“Yea, That’s true,” Shotgun agreed. “Imagine what she could do if she had a bit of focus. Say, do you have any more of those?”
He asked, nodding towards Driver’s cigar.

Driver pulled the cigar from his mouth and exhaled a wisp of blue smoke.
He held the cigar in front of his face and raised an eyebrow as he nodded.
Driver tapped the lit end of the cigar with his finger and pulled his hand away.
As he moved, the cigar seemed to re-form itself until it was a whole, freshly lit cigar.
Driver then flicked the cigar and an exact copy of itself flew through the air towards Shotgun.

Shotty caught it in midair and brought the cigar to his lips.
“Thanks. I have no idea how you do half of what you do, old man. Why do you stick around here anyway?”

Driver grasped the cigar between his teeth and fired up the ambulance again.
“Reality as we know it is unlimited, son.” Driver’s voice was a low growl. It was gravelly on the best of days, but when he smoked it became a full on growl.
“I’ve been places I wouldn’t have preferred to go, and have done things for folks far worse than the Clinic’s Mistress of Care.”
Driver paused, eyeing the glowing tip of the cigar.
“Truth be told, there’s only one thing out there that scares me, and she ain’t it.”

Shotgun raised an eyebrow, pulling the cigar away from his mouth.
“That crazy bitch doesn’t scare you?”

The look in Driver’s eyes shifted, though only for a second.
Shotgun saw something different. It was neither disappointment or scorn. It was too fleeting to tell, but Shotgun could have sworn he caught a glimpse of amusement, if only for half a second.

“You know what a cobra is, yes? It has venom, and when it feels threatened, it unfurls its hood to look bigger.”

Shotgun nodded in understanding.

“Well, that’s all she is. A cobra. When she shows off her little tricks, she does it to look bigger. But that’s all she’s got. There are no aces up her sleeves. There is no secret. She feels secure with her strength so she flaunts it every chance she gets.”

Shotgun took another drag from his cigar before speaking.
“I hardly call her ability a “little trick”. Especially not when she basically lives in a generator for the source of her power.”

Driver casually drove through walls at the convention center, the wheels crumbling over broken drywall as he sought out a straight stretch of road.
“Oh, for roughly 85% of the beings in the known multiverse she SHOULD be terrifying. If you know how to keep her out, she isn’t anything.”
Driver finally found a road long enough to hit 88 mph on. He hit the gas and the ambulance lurched forward.

"So what do you mean by “Keep her out?” Shotgun inquired, buckling up and preparing for the travel shock.
“And you mentioned hiding tricks. You got more things up those raggedy sleeves of yours?”

The old man put on a pair of sunglasses and took another hit of his cigar.
“Shotgun,” Driver said, “I’d say you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Except from what you’ve seen, it’d be like trying to describe the exact size of an iceberg from 100 miles out.”

“So why do you work for her?” Shotgun asked as the ambulance tore through the reality barrier and entered the next one.

Driver grimaced as an entirely different set of energies forced their way into his head and he focused on how to control them.

“Because I’m retired,” Driver reminded him, “And driving is a hell of a lot easier than what I used to do. Plus,” he added, “I like driving. It’s relaxing.”

Shotgun watched as a lightening storm erupted behind them as dark clouds filled the void between the real spaces.
“Fair enough.” He said, putting the cigar out as he punched in some new coordinates into his computer.

Meanwhile, in the back…

It had been roughly thirty minutes since Lizzy had been captured, diapered, and subdued.
She KNEW she should feel terrified. She had just been kidnapped by a bunch of crazy people who thought she was a fictional character.
What made things worse, was that she couldn’t bring herself to feel scared or even afraid.
Whatever she had been drugged with was messing with conscious state so much, she was beginning to wonder if she was asleep or not.

As soon as the pacifier had been placed into her mouth she felt an intense sleep-like lull over take her, yet at the same time, a wave of lust exploded and put her into a state of arousal so strong that she would have considered begging a total stranger to get her off.
The two combined to make her feel as if she was having some sort of incredible sex dream, yet with her body tightly bound as it was, she had no way to satisfy the tingling pulses coursing through her body.
Lizzy tried to feel some sense of shame, if only to regain some part of her senses.
After the girl, May, had diapered her, she wet herself almost immediately.
May had secured the diaper in such a way that it was applying gentle pressure to her crotch.
When Lizzy wet herself, the diaper became warm, swollen and soft. The pressure became even worse, yet it was only enough to tease her.
To let her know that relief could come so easily, yet she could do nothing about it.

Her senses were completely deprived. A pacifier gagged her, a blindfold turned her world into darkness, and the noise cancelling headphones clamped over her ears she found, played whatever song she was thinking of.

For obvious reasons, “Freak like me” by Halestorm had come to mind. She struggled, hoping her newly found strength would loosen any of the various bindings holding her in place.

Gods, she thought, squirming with mounting frustration against her tight bonds I’m not sure if I love this or hate it.

Lizzy trembled as her arousal seemed to flutter through her.
She sucked on her gag as she writhed on the gurney.

Chaser watched her captive with a mixture of amusement and lust.

Since she’s so sensitive to the cocktail, maybe I’ll finish her after she has a messy accident. Chaser thought about how intense the girl’s humiliation would be.
Chaser’s cheeks turned bright red as she thought about the bound girl lying before her.
The combined thoughts of her filling her diapers, having an orgasm, and the confused shame that followed certainly intrigued her.

Chaser put a hand on her captive’s breast and gave a gentle squeeze.
Lizzy shuddered at the touch, pleading as much as she could for more.
The ambulance hit a bump, and Chaser winced as the pain in her ribs came back in full force.

Then again, Chaser thought as she pulled her hand off and held her sore ribs,Maybe I won’t. I’ll just leave her. More aroused in her messy diapers, even more confused, and entirely unable to relieve herself.

Fortunately (or maybe not) for Lizzy, there was still a long ride ahead, and Chaser had ample time to make up her mind.

Chaser leaned back and pulled a pack of gummy bears out of her work pack. She selected a blue one and pulled it into her mouth, savoring the sweet flavor of whatever the hell a blue raspberry was.
She closed her eyes. A nap would do her good. It would still be several hours before they got to the Clinic.
She’d decide her captive’s fate when she woke up.

Sweet dreams. Chaser thought as she placed a foot between Lizzy’s legs, resting her toes against the warm, swollen bulk.
Consider this punishment for my poor BBQ bones.

Chaser drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face, knowing full well the pressure she was applying would only be enough to further taunt her prey, and not nearly enough to satisfy her.

To be continued…

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

I’m not usually a fan of anime-style stories, not sure why as I loved them as a kid and I do follow the occasional manga. I think it’s because I’m more into realism in AB/DL fiction.

That being said this has the energy and humor to get me this far. I can’t guarantee I’ll stick around but you’ve gotten me further than anyone else so far.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

This has the somewhat frenetic narrative style of a good Princess Pottypants story. I have no idea to which anime this is connected, but it almost doesn’t matter, things are moving along so fast.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Well I am glad you have made it this far. I don’t like horribly long series, so unless these characters gain some sort of inexplicable popularity, I will likely finish with them after the story is finished.
I like realism in abdl fiction as well. However, I did find a gap between realistic and unrealistic in abdl stories that was completely unfulfilled.
I am really picky about what anime I watch (I only like 1 in ten series), and I get tired of tropes and predictable plots.
So, you won’t likely see Chaser scream out “KAWAII-DESU” with hearts in her eyes errr… Ever.
And at the same time, you won’t see Driver throw the sun at the moon.
Anyway, I hope you’ll read my next update (Thursday), but if not… Well I am glad you have enjoyed it for as long as you did.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

I am trying to keep it moving at a typical comic book/ anime pace.
As far as anime connected, none, really. I made a reference to Sailor Moon in the prologue.
The girl the hunters were supposed to take was Kagome Higurashi from Inu Yasha. I reference a few other characters from the show in the form of the rest of Lizzy’s cosplay group. And that was only used to the extent it was for plot set up and as a visual aid, since Kagome wears the classic Japanese Schoolgirl uniform.
Everything else has been original content.
I make a few musical and nerd references here and there as well.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story thus far. I will be back at it again on Thursday. Til then, stay off of Chaser’s radar.
Or, maybe not. I am sure there is someone out there that would kill to be in Lizzy’s shoes.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

It might be fun, but I’m pretty sure things will get worse before they get better, so I’ll pass.

If I had to describe the visual style I’m picturing, it would probably more-or-less like some lovechild of Scott Pilgrim, No More Heroes, and Artemis Fowl. Also, Ritalin. All things I’m pretty damn well-educated about.

Carry on.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

I wasn’t criticizing the pace at all. Being that the lead characters (Chaser/Driver/Shotgun) aren’t actually anime, now I’m interested to start getting some nuggets of background mixed into the character development (which is sliding in very nicely between the crazy action).

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Good… whatever time of day it is, Ladies and Gentleman. I am back, after a two day break moving my home almost entirely on my own event.
Wish I could say that I feel well rested, but that would be a lie. Game of Thrones at least made me very, very happy.
Anyway, you lot aren’t here to read about my time not spent writing.

Chapter Five Just as Planned

Up until about five minutes ago, Lizzy had been having a surprisingly good time. Although she was pretty sure that was mostly due to whatever weird chemicals May had given her, it was still hard for the rational mind to tell the overwhelming biological responses otherwise.
The trouble was, five minutes ago, her confusion took an entirely new turn. Lizzy was still so turned on, she would have actually begged for sexual release had she not been gagged.
The key difference was five minutes ago, she had an accident that went beyond simply wetting herself.
While Lizzy was embarrassed to admit that today had gotten her quite familiar with the feeling of peeing her pants (and being oddly into it thanks to Chaser’s perfect aphrodisiac), Lizzy was not ready to endure the feeling that came with being trapped in a messy diaper, or the unwanted feeling of enjoyment she got out of it.
With absolutely no warning, Lizzy had completely filled the seat of her diapers with a soft, uncomfortable load.
Lizzy couldn’t believe how much she was going, she almost felt as if her diapers were being pumped full of exceptionally thick pudding.
When her accident first started happening, she was shocked at the sudden warmth forming in her diapers.
Lizzy felt uneasy as she groaned into her gag, trying to gain some semblance of control as she used what little movement her captors permitted to lift her butt a couple of inches off the gurney to avoid making a bigger mess of herself.
As the soft mass ran out of room, it began to spread towards the front of her diaper, making the leg gathers bulge and strain to keep her filth contained.
Nooo, Thought Lizzy as her poor rational brain fought to tell her she should feel disgusted Why is this happening!?

The smell of baby powder and soiled diapers creates an odd combination of scents. On one hand, the odor is sweet and on the other it is strong and mephitic.
While Chaser wouldn’t likely admit it, she had grown particularly fond of this combination of scents.
The strong smell and the crinkling of diapers from Lizzy’s desperate struggling caused Chaser to stir from her rest.

Chaser opened one sleepy eye, a little sad she had missed her prey’s big accident. Her disappointment was short lived when Chaser saw her captive’s state.
The girl’s already swollen diaper had a noticeable bulge. The leg gathers burgeoned trying to contain the mess, and Chaser could easily see the brown mass just below the elastic bands.
Chaser stood up and removed Lizzy’s headphones.

“You want me to change your filthy diapers, don’t you, cutie?”

Lizzy nodded furiously, hoping just to get out of her loaded diapers, and also entertaining the idea that her captor may relieve her of the concupiscence that had plagued her since her capture.

“Sorry, baby,” Chaser teased, “But I can’t. Your restraints are on a timer. You’re locked in for another 40 minutes. I’ll change you then, I promise.”

Lizzy let out a frustrated whimper, that even through her gag could easily be translated.


“Yes, I’m afraid so.” Chaser said as she stood up on the gurney. The cat girl felt her face flush as she extended one of her (what she considered) perfect legs, and rested her foot on Lizzy’s diapered crotch.
“And that means you need to rest. We don’t want you getting any cramps.”

Lizzy shook her head furiously, the only plea for mercy she could muster as she realized what was about to happen.

“Mmm-Mmm! Mmm-Mmm!” She pleaded through her gag.

“Sorry honey,” Chaser purred, “I can’t understand you.”

Chaser slowly stepped down, forcing poor Lizzy to place her butt flat on the Gurney in agonizing slow motion.

Lizzy moaned in a combination of defeat, disgust, and lust as her mess squished everywhere inside of her diapers.
She sighed as her body went limp, resigning to her humiliating fate as Chaser continued to tease her.

“There, isn’t that better? You’re not wasting your energy or straining your poor muscles trying to keep your butt up.”

Chaser checked around the legs to make sure none of the mess escaped Lizzy’s diaper before sitting down on the Gurney at Lizzy’s feet.

Chaser smirked as she tentatively placed a foot between the padding between Lizzy’s legs and gave a gentle push.

“Time for your ‘punishment’ for what you did to my ribs.” the cat girl said, her words smooth and venomous.

Lizzy shook her head, simultaneously enjoying and loathing her predicament.

The road to the clinic was long and dark. The road was constantly wracked by storms thanks to the constant flux of traffic between the various worlds.
Shotgun took a hit from his freshly re-lit cigar, while his eyes darted around the fallen city that their road passed through.

“Hey old man, Tell me a story.” Shotgun piped up.

Without looking up, Driver replied, his expression and tone completely unchanged.

“Once upon a time there was Driver, Shotgun, and Chaser. One day, Chaser went mute, and Driver was happy. The end.”

Shotgun chuckled, “Nah. I was hoping you’d tell me how you survived the meteor that killed the dinosaurs on Earth C-137.”

“Was an inside job.” Driver said, “Only the elite families, such as myself and the Flintstones, were set up to make it out that day.”

“Ha!” Shotgun laughed,pushing his braidhawk back. “I do have a serious question though. Why don’t we just punch in the coordinates to the Clinic and appear there. Instead of going on this BS four hour drive every time?”

Driver sighed the sigh a young parent might when their three year old learns that all mysteries in the world can be solved with the question why?

“I’ve told you,” Driver snapped, his voice still barely more than a growl thanks to the cigar still clinched between his teeth,
“That loony Mistress of Care is supremely paranoid and has barred all approach save from one direction and exact distance. That’s why no matter where we choose to enter this dimension from, we always start at the end of this damn road.”

Driver turned, avoiding a wrecked car in the middle of the free way, and accelerated back up to his normal cruising speed of 85 MPH.

“Yea, that I get.” Shotgun said, checking out the wreck and marking it on his computer’s map.
“What I don’t understand is why you don’t just tell her to piss off. You’ve done it before in regards to her various rules. In fact, if I recall, You seem to enjoy pushing her buttons.”

“Sure.” Driver growled as he avoided another wreck, this one still flaming.
“I could snap us there, right to the receiving gate. And you’re right, Pissing that pompous witch off is one of the few pleasures I have left in life. But do you know what else I like?”

Shotgun raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

“Driving. I’m retired. Driving is what I do now. So, even if it means a lengthy drive, I will do it. But there is something I enjoy even more.”

Shotgun held up his hands in an exaggerated fashion.
“Whoa, Driver has more than one thing he enjoys that ISN’T making other people miserable? Careful old timer, you may be on the verge of re-finding your long-lost feelings.”

“My feelings ain’t lost, boy. I donated them.” Driver cleared his throat before continuing.
“No, the other thing I enjoy is a bit of quiet. Somethin’ that doesn’t happen with Chaser bouncing around everywhere. It’s why I pick the bounties we get, and It’s why I put up that wall behind us. She’s distracted, she’s quiet. Simple.”

Shotgun tapped away on his computer, adding a few more wrecks to the map. He would pass the updates on so that way cleaners could be dispatched to take care of the wrecks.

“While it’s good to know that you’re a little more than a statue, I gotta ask, do you feel like there’s more roadside carnage than normal around here?”

“Ya, I do,” the old man said as he scanned the horizon. “Be on your toes. I’m not in the mood to deal with any of the rabble that still lives out here.”

Shotgun lifted the belt-fed flare gun and swapped out a few cartridges with some of the ones strapped to his thigh.

“No worries, old timer. I’m good for my part of this trek. You want me to get Chaser?”

Driver’s response was quick as a lawyer, ready to defend their client.

“Is the world ending? Am I on my deathbed? Is there something to chase? Are there zombies for me to feed her to?”

“No. To all of those.” Said Shotgun.

“You have your answer. Why’d ya ask?”

Shotgun smiled, “You know, you’re about the grouchiest MF I’ve ever worked with.”

Driver kept his eyes on the road. “Does it matter?”

“Not a bit. It’s refreshing, actually.”

They both took a drag on their cigars.

Chaser pulled her foot away as Lizzy shuddered, moaning into her gag.
Lizzy was trying to arch her back, but her bonds kept her fully in place. She gasped as pleasure coursed through her body in a rhythm like crashing waves.
Her skin was flushed and she felt as if something had burst inside her. The orgasm was intense, and she had never felt anything quite like it.
She was quivering as she relaxed again, her mess squishing against her one last time as she was finally able to keep still. Lizzy could barely muster one last soft moan into her paci as she tried to wrap her head around what had just gotten her off.

“I call it a Squish Job.” Chaser said in a merry tone that would have been more appropriate had she been announcing the arrival of a meat-lover’s pizza.

Lizzy slowly shook her head, as her last wave of pleasure gave way to an immense wave of shame.

“Don’t sweat the ‘After’s’”, Chaser said matter-of-factly. “I was nice enough to give you a lot of no. 4. The After’s will wear off quick enough, and you’ll be hot again in a few minutes. Though you’ll probably pass out shortly after.”

Lizzy groaned, her sane side trying (and failing) to get her more in tune with the inherent dangers of being kidnapped and all the weirdness that came with THESE kidnappers.She could only muster a feeling of exhaustion. She also didn’t see how she could possibly muster her same state of arousal, but she felt the familiar sensation between her legs just as she passed out.

“Sexy dreams for you,” Chaser said as she kissed Lizzy’s forehead.
Chaser stood up and pondered how she would make her captive earn her diaper change.

I coud sit on her face. Chaser pondered as she admired her own butt in the mirror on the wall. She gave her butt a slap through her skin tight leggings, and decided that would be the perfect way for her prisoner to earn a fresh diaper.
You are a genius Chaser thought, her face turning the color of a beet as she fantasized about the limitless potential for her new racket.

The coffin slammed shut, entombing the girl inside. Her short green skirt did little to hide her very full, messy diaper from anyone once they opened her prison. Of course, the tight quarters made it impossible for her to escape the smell.

“Poor baby,” Fa mused. “She is in for a long, smelly trip.”

Qi Ang grunted as she slid the coffin into the back of the hearse and closed.

“She’ll feel very powerful shame. Will make Mistress very happy.” Qi Ang commented as she removed her jacket.

The twins had stopped to change their captive’s diapers, but she gave them attitude, so they decided to keep her trapped, her diapers unchanged. They even opted to taunt her by placing a clean, fresh diaper, unopened on top of her face before sealing her back up.

“Mistress will pay well. We can take a long break.” Qi Ang smiled her faint smile, imagining the amount of sleep she could get in a single day.

“Correct.” Said Fa. "We seal bounty for out of place school girl, we seal place for higher bounties.

Qi Ang ran back to the passenger seat, her blue pigtails bobbing with each step.

Fa sat behind the steering wheel and adjusted the band around her ponytail.

The hearse fired up and they were again on their way down the clinic road when they heard Shotgun’s voice on the radio.

“To the gate watchers, be aware that we have one last package delivery. Kagome Higurashi. Have the transfer party ready to go for our arrival in two hours. That’s it. Shotty out.”

Qi and Fa looked at one another and spoke in unison.

“Did he say Kagome Higurashi? She’s ours. Do we have fake?”

They looked back at the coffin and back at one another.

“We take both in to be sure.”

“Wait,” Fa said breaking their creepy-twin speak. “We know what team that is. Maybe we should just split the bounty?”

“No,” Qi said, playing with one of her pig tails. “Time is up. We don’t collect full bounty, no vacation. No repaying debt. Mistress will put bounty on us.”

Fa nodded. “Then we must ambush. Best chance to win.”

The hearse tires squealed as they left the road and parked behind a ruined building, waiting for No-Mercy ambulance to come down Clinic Road.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Good afternoon folks, I hope you’re well today. Sorry this is posted later than usual, I’ve spent a long time writing, and had a little more difficulty than usual getting my head into writing more.
I want to announce that when I complete Chaser’s Mix Up (the first story) I will go back and create a redux version.
I will wrap all chapters together nicely in one package. With pretty formatting, a little more polish and everything. I will also include bonus material and deleted scenes, like any good special edition release.
Now, I daresay I’ve rambled enough for one day.

How has Driver not murdered her…?

Chapter Six ENTER SANDMAN!!! EXIT LIGHT!! Seriously, Chaser, I’ve used this joke already. I’m also not trying to get a lawsuit from Metallica on top of shamelessly reusing the same material.

Chapter Six “The Creepy Coffin Twins.”

Shotgun almost could have passed as a paramedic. The keyword here, being almost.
He dressed modestly enough for the part. A pair of fitted khaki pants and a gray polo with a red cross on the right breast.
The professional EMT look however, fell apart at the seams thanks to the mad-max “WE LIVE. WE DIE. WE LIVE AGAIN” look he had going on.
His dark brown hair was shaved all around except for a mohawk. Unlike a normal mohawk, his hair was was shoulder length and neatly braided.

Hanging from his belt dangled a skull, a grisly trinket he often referred to as his assistant.
On his hip he wore a thigh rig loaded with various shells to his heavily modified flare gun. (Calling it a flare gun was probably no longer accurate, given that all of the original parts had been swapped out entirely.)
On his opposite hand he wore an ion buckler. A heavy duty shield that could stop nearly anything he wanted stopped.

Even with these eccentric fashion choices, he still looked more like he belonged in an ambulance than Driver, who looked like an old man who woke up from a long nap, and in a bout of senility, threw on a lab coat.

Then there was Chaser. She looked like she was ready to go to some type of heavy metal concert, but had plans to stop at all the villages along the way, because the villages would surely not pillage themselves.
The Chaos Star tattooed on her shoulder only added to her anarchic look.

Though, considering his past, Shotgun’s looks were comparably tame.
He had once been part of the violent rabble living in the apocalyptic outskirts of the Clinic.
His calling was discovered in his mid teens as a thief. He later became an enforcer, collecting unpaid supply debts for the slum lords.
When he saw a bounty on his employer’s head, Shotgun brought his head to the Mistress of Care, and began his long career as a hunter.
An occupation generally despised by the violent rabble.

“Old man, is it just me or is this shitty road shittier than normal?”
Shotgun asked his question as they passed a fifth wreck on the long stretch of Clinic Road.

“Yer not far off, boy.” Driver said, “but did ya notice anything particular about these wrecks?”

Shotgun eyed another burning wreck on the side of the road.
“Yea, they’re all No-Mercy ambulances.”
“Be on your guard.” Diver grumbled, avoiding another wreck. " I want ya to be ready to jump out at a moment’s notice."
“You got it, old timer. Hey, what’s that girl doing, standing in the middle of the road?”

In the middle of the road, a pale girl stood, her blue hair tied back in a pony tail. On the far shoulder of the road, an old wrecked car acted as poor concealment for the shiny black hearse behind it… And an identical girl lying on top of one of the coffins in the back.

“The Creepy Coffin Twins,” Driver grumbled. “They specialize in ambush, and appearing in horror movies, asking you to come play forever and ever. Best just to let them think they’ve got us. I’ll stop and pretend to see if they need any help.”

Meanwhile, in the back…

“So you understand the deal?”
Chaser’s voice was sweet but taunting at the same time.

Lizzy nodded. Her eyes closed beneath her blindfold in utter defeat.
As soon as she had woken up, May did her best Godfather impersonation to “Make her an offer she couldn’t refuse.”

Lizzy had noted that her voice was a bit too giddy for the impersonation to be accurate, and that went beyond sugar coating it.
Chaser continued, but in her (slightly more giddy) normal tone.
“I remove your gag and my leggings. I use your cute face for a chair, and you figure out how to finish the equation. In exchange, I’ll change your diapers.”
Though Lizzy didn’t have the luxury of judging insane cat girl impersonations of the Godfather. May’s proposal was quite serious, and, given Lizzy’s current status as sexually-starving-captive-in-desperate-need-of-fresh-diapers, her answer was an automatic “yes”.

Chaser looped her thumbs through the tops of her leggings. Her work was about to pay off.
What did Shotty call it? A Chaser Cocktail? A Molotov Chaser?? This mix seems perfect. I’ll definitely remember it.
(She actually already forgot the exact combination and ratios used, but that hardly mattered right now.)

She had slipped the leggings about halfway down her hips, her anticipation making her feel feverish.


The whole ambulance shook and fell lopsided.
Inside Chaser’s work pack, her vial containing the Chaser-Cocktail spilled, most of contents pouring into her open pack of gummy bears.

Chaser’s ears perked up and she picked up her work pack. She wanted to stay and play, but she knew when she hd to work.

The No Mercy Ambulance came to an abrupt halt as an explosion ripped the passenger side tire off, along with a portion of the hood.
Fa noticed a fire ignite in the cab.

“You did well, Qi. I will go retrieve the package now.” The glow of flame radiated off of her face and danced with her ponytail in the stale wind.

“You did well too, Fa. Just hurry up. I smell prisoner from out here.” Qi Ang lie prone on top of their captive’s coffin with a large bore rifle in her shoulder. The cannon was actually a small artillery piece converted into an anti-tank sniper rifle of sorts.
Qi’s pig tails framed her face and rested on the coffin.

Beneath her, the captive screamed and struggled against her bonds inside.
Qi banged on the coffin lid and yelled at the girl inside.

“Be still, smelly pants. You’re throwing off my aim!”

Fa held up a bow and arrow (Except the Bow was actually a form of improvised rail gun, and the arrows were super-charged tungsten rods.
Bear with me, as “bow and arrow” is a little easier to write than “improvised rail gun/tungsten rod thrower”) as she approached the newly wrecked ambulance.

“This makes six,” They said in unison, the same smirk on their faces. “Nobody is as good as us.”

“Hey old timer?” Shotgun asked, lighting the cigar over the flames of the burning dashboard.
“What is it, lad?” Driver growled.
“The rig is in fire. I’m about to bail. You want me to get Chaser?”

The glass on the driver’s side shattered as a glowing blue arrow smashed through the ballistic glass as if it were paper.
The arrow slammed into Driver’s forehead and his body went limp.

Shit! Shotgun thought, I better move! He raised his hand to bang on the wall, but Driver’s gnarled hand grabbed his wrist.

“No!” Driver exclaimed. “Just let me enjoy a little more Chaser-free time.”

Shotgun’s jaw dropped, not understanding what he was looking at.
“Shouldn’t you be dead, old timer?”

Driver looked up at the still glowing rod sticking out of his skull. He raised a hand and placed one finger at the end of the arrow. Driver then nonchalantly pushed the rod into his skull, as if he were eating a pretzel with his forehead.

“Don’t worry about me, boy. Just take care of those two, won’t ya?”

“Alright, you got it. But… Shouldn’t you and Chaser get outta here? This whole rig is about to be an inferno.”
Shotgun asked, placing his free hand on the emergency exit handle.

“Nah. This is fine.” Driver said, leaning forward and playing with the now burning computer. He made a few selections and leaned back into his seat when he heard “Paint it Black” start over the speakers.
Drier placed his seat back into his usual reclining position.
“I got it. Just go. And don’t kill 'em. I’m sure the clinic has room for two more.”

Fa stopped in her tracks as the ambulance started blaring music loudly.
“Qi! Shoot the cab again. You didn’t kill-”

She was cut off as the door of the van exploded outward as the drums for the song came in.
Smoke billowed outwards and their view of the ambulance was completely obscured.

I see a read door, and I want it painted black…

Automatic gun fire erupted from within the smoke, and a braided silhouette strode forward. Gouts of flame erupted from the end of the thing that was once a flare gun. Shotty held a fist to the sky, the bck of his hand facing this girl with the bow.
The tires on the tires of the hearse burst as he advanced, his rate of fire staying constant, just trying to keep the girl with the cannon’s head down.

Qi shrieked, and Fa launched an arrow at this assailant who emerged from the flames like some sort of demon.

The arrow stopped dead and floated as it collided with the field being generated at shotgun’s wrist.
Without missing a beat Shotgun clicked off the shield and let the arrow fall, catching it before it left his immediate reach.

In the same motion he whipped it at Fa as if it he were throwing a knife, and clicked his shied back to full power.

He continued his advance towards the girl lying down in the hearse, the-artist-formerly-known-as-flaregun ready to unleash another terrifying volley of dummy bullets.

Fa jumped to the side to avoid being struck by the arrow. She began to string another one when her feet were swept from beneath her and she began flying into the air.

When she finally stopped she was looking into the face of an extremely angry cat girl.

The cat girl grabbed the top of her head and rotated her to look her directly in the eyes.

“You… You have no, no, NO idea what you’ve interrupted.”

Fa looked from Chaser to Shotgun, to the old man that was apparently relaxing in a burning ambulance.
The whole ordeal had lasted for about three minutes tops, and none of the people that should have been dead were dead.
Fa looked back at Chaser, her confusion continuing to grow.
“How did I get up-”
Her question was cut off as Chaser shoved a pacifier into her mouth, and strapped it securely in place.
“Shhhhhhh,Shhhh,shhhhhhhh……Shh.” Chaser shushed her.
“You don’t get to talk. You can talk when Chaser gives you permission.”

Fa crossed her eyes, gazing at the pacifier that was no filling her mouth and understood she was defeated.

“This girl is ready for you too, Chaser.” Shotgun said pulling Qi from her vantage point.
“We can stash them in this empty coffin and just pull this thing behind us.”

Chaser finished tying up Fa and then moved on to Qi, who was trembling with fear at Shotgun’s feet.
“Don’t kill us.” She said, her voice calm, despite her trembling. “We are almost free.”

Chaser popped a paci in Qi’s mouth. A vengeful smirk creeping across her face.
“Oh no. Don’t worry sweets,” Chaser said as she locked the paci in place. “I like to play with my food before I devour it!” She snapped her teeth to emphasize her taunt.
She pulled down Qi’s shorts and panties to prepare the delicate work of diapering her when she stopped dead in the middle of her work.
“You’re a boy!?!” Chaser exclaimed absolutely astounded.
Qi’s cheeks turned red and he turned to avoid Chaser’s eyes.

Forty minutes later they were ready to hit the road again. The twins had been bound, gagged, diapered and lying within one of their own coffins.
The tire had been changed on the ambulance, as well as on the hearse. Driver did Driver things to make sure the ambulance would run until he could get it fixed (and bill the Mistress for damages, of course.)
Shotgun secured a tow rope to the hearse and moved back to his usual seat.
Chaser sadistically tied the twins up in a 69 position after spiking their pacifiers with what remained of the molotov Chaser.
Odd, she thought to herself, I thought I made way more of this.

The twins began to struggle as the elixir began to torment them. They pleaded through their gags, which Chaser noted was quite adorable… But she was still mad at them. So she slammed the coffin shut and loaded them in the hearse.

Chaser stepped back into the rear of the ambulance and lowered the shutter.
“Sheesh,” She said wafting her hand in front of her nose. “You may be cute, but you’re a stinky baby.”

Still blindfolded, Lizzy could only turn her head in the general direction of the sound.
“So, about that diaper change…?”

Chaser looked at Lizzy and at the restraints.
“I’m sorry, baby. But the timer’s reset. I won’t be able to get you into clean diapers for another fifteen minutes.”
Lizzy’s head slumped back as she groaned. Most of the effects of the drugs had worn off. Not entirely, but her desire to escape her messy diaper had grown exponentially in the last hour.

“I’m just kidding!” Chaser said, smiling brightly. “There never was a timer. I made it up!”
Lizzy lifted her head, ready to scream at May, but found a pacifier popped into her mouth, and the full force of her previous frustrations returning to her all at once. Her anger only slightly dampened by the sleepy lull washing over her.

Lizzy’s anger vanished as she felt the straps around her waist and legs loosen, following by her diapers being untapped.
She sighed into her gag in relief and pleasure as Chaser set to work of getting her cleaned up.
“Just remember,” Chaser said, “You owe me. We had a deal.”

Lizzy nodded and moaned a soft “Mmm-hmmm” into her gag, enjoying Chaser’s direct touch.
She completely forgot that she was being diapered for the second time today.

After she finished changing Lizzy, Chaser sat down, her work pack beside her. She looked through her pack, pushing aside pacis and elixir bottles before finding her opened pack of gummy bears…

I don’t know which ones are better, She thought as she set the package on her lap. The red or the blue ones… Maybe they should battle one another to figure it out.

Chaser selected a red one as she considered what a battle of red vs. blue might look like.
She shrugged as she popped the red gummy into her mouth, thinking about if she would find someone to play with over the weekend.

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Thank you for writing and sharing this story.

So far this is a pretty fun and weird take compared to the “usual” ABDL themed stories, which makes it very interesting imho. At some parts it feels kinda rushed. Maybe that will change in the redux version? I think it would help to give the characters a bit more depth. Like, what happend with the other girl that was Qi and Fas captive?

Please continue! :3

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Good day, dear readers.
I welcome you to the thrilling first half of the conclusion of Chaser’s mix up. Identification of the sequel will be simple.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it. Maybe I’ll post a poll… Or I’ll just be lazy and ask for feedback for what you want to see in the follow up.
Sorry for the late post, I had trouble finding my groove today.
Now, I’ve run out of daylight to burn and words to write.
Autobots, roll out.

Chapter Seven “Wild Goose Chaser”

Chaser recognized something was wrong almost immediately. She personally tested all of her formulas on herself at one point or another. She had built up an impressive tolerance, but was by no means immune.
She checked her bag of gummies and noticed a few drops of liquid at the bottom of the bag.
Recalling her nearly empty vial, and given her sudden urge to pee, she put two and two together quite quickly.
She would be alright for the time being, but she would need to use the rest room once they got to the clinic.
Digging through her pack just in case, she made sure she had some diapers close to the top. As well as her emergency knee-length skirt.
The work pack was indeed stocked with a few more diapers, but the girly pink diapers made her curse under her breath.

If it was needed, Chaser could tolerate wearing her skirt. It fell within her fashion tastes (black), and if someone felt like saying anything about her feminine attire, she could insist i was a kilt.
The thought of wearing anything explicitly feminine made her feel embarrassed. She knew she was a girl. No identity confusion, and certainly no shame. Chaser just considered anything specifically designed for women to be too feminine for her, and therefore always felt awkward when she had to dress up.
Chaser stared at her pack of gummy bears, and decided that she had in her possession the greatest prank item ever created.
This Weekend, The cat girl thought, I’ll have no issues finding a play-thing!
She laughed as she thought about her new scheme, but cringed as the an hit a bump, further increasing her need to pee.

With that she decided she wanted the extra protection- pink or not.
She slipped her leggings down to her knees and spread the thick pink garment on the spare gurney.
Sitting down on the diaper, May set to work powdering herself, trying to ignore how turned on she was at the idea that SHE would be the one smelling like baby powder.
The feeling of a diaper beneath her was strange but not foreign. She’d been made to wear diapers when she first started when she messed up a couple of times. She even spent a few days at the mercy of one of the Clinic’s head nurses who had taken an unhealthy liking to the car girl.

Chaser taped the diaper snugly into place, reluctantly enjoying the feeling of the bulk between her legs and the plastic feel beneath her hands.
As she pulled her leggings over the diaper, she chanced a look at herself in the mirror.
The image made her blush.
I look so cute, She thought as she briefly fantasized about being strapped to gurney next to her captive. No time for that…
Her thoughts returned to her work as she hoped her leggings would hide the crinkling her padded butt now produced.
To her dismay, her leggings only partially masked the tell-tale sound of a diapered cat girl.
She looked at her bulging behind once more and felt her cheeks grow hot.
She pulled on her skirt, making sure the waistband was covered by her leggings. She let her tank top hang over the top of the skirt, just as an extra precaution.
The only danger of being found now was if she walked a little too close to someone.

The No Mercy ambulance pulled forward, lugging its new cargo behind it.
Shotgun scanned the horizon, not wanting to deal with any other surprises.
“So, I scoped out those two we just caught. Couple of pretty high-ranking hunters.” He said, turning to Driver.

“I know who they are,” Driver grumbled. “Strange couple. into some sorta incest role play. One’s a boy, the other’s a girl. They spend a long time dressing up as twin sisters. I once had a job to bring them in when I was rollin’ solo.”

“How’d that go, old man?”

The unlit cigar sat between Driver’s teeth. He pulled in a long breath, and the smoke lit itself instantly.
“About as well as this did. Except, my rig didn’t get blown to hell.” His voice was a growl, exhaling smoke with each word.

“Well, get this,” Shotgun spoke, rotating the screen so that Driver could see it.
“Those two are on a warning list. About to hit the bounty board in about 12 hours. I’d be willing to bet that if we brought them in with the report of this attack on us, we could cash in on them a little early.”

Driver turned the screen back towards Shotgun, never bothering to look.
“Means nothin’ to me. Just cash in if ya can. We’re pulling up to the receiving gates no, so take it up with the twisted bitch of the West if you want.”

As the two vehicles came to a halt at the gate, Driver stepped out and strode over to one of the watchers at the gate.
The hulking man moved to block Driver. “Only one vehicle permitted-” He began, but never finished.
Driver held up one finger as he passed, and the huge man froze.

“I ain’t got time to deal with the gate formalities, Norm. I just need to talk to yer boss.” he growled, taking another hit from his cigar.
He strode over to the control panel and picked up the phone.
“Hey, Ya should get yer boss down here,” He growled at the secretary, “I don’t exactly feel like elaborating, so just tell her Driver said so.”
He strode back to the ambulance at a pace that didn’t seem possible for a man his age, and opened up the back.

"Chaser, get those coffin twins out here so the crazy lady can decide how much they’re worth.
May stood still for a moment, not wanting to move. Her cocktail had worked faster than she thought, so she was closer to having an accident then she cared to admit.

“What’re ya doin’? This is the least I’ve ever seen you move. Go!”
Chaser smiled nervously, trying to play off her predicament as best as she could.
“Y-Yeah, sorry. No problem, boss!”
Her desperation passed for a moment, and she stood up straight.
Phew She thought relieved, Not only did I not wet myself, but He didn’t even question my skirt!

May hopped out of the back and winced as she hit the ground, feeling her bladder give just the slightest.
Her will kept her from having a full on accident, and she ran off to pull the twins out of their tomb, the scent of fresh baby powder wafting behind her as she ran.

Shotgun hauled Lizzy out. He had removed her blindfold and wheeled her in front of the gate.
Lizzy looked around frantically trying to figure out where she had been taken.
A view of a sprawling gate filled her vision. The huge gate almost seemed to be constructed to survive a medieval siege. The guard was so huge, he looked like he could have been ready to defend against such a siege.

The coffin containing the twins came to a stop next to Lizzy. Chaser was clenching her teeth and her legs together, desperate to not use the diaper she had put on. It may have been a silly plight in retrospect, but May was not yet ready to sacrifice all of her dignity. It was a competition. She was determined to prove she was stronger than her Molotov Chaser.

Outside of the gates the hunters gathered with their prizes. Two of them smoking, one dancing in desperation, trying hard not to pee her pants. Literally anyone who looked at her had already figured this out, but with flawless Chaser logic, May thought no one was onto her predicament yet.
The receiving door beyond the gate suddenly swung open, and Chaser watched as the Mistress of Care approached the main gate, the head nurse close at her heels.

The gates slid open, and out stormed a beautiful, very tall woman with a sour expression on her face.

What you need to know about Spider Faeries is very simple; They are the third most annoying creature in the entire multiverse. Beaten only by Mosquitos, and then of course, Sarah Palin.
Spider Faerie is a misnomer. In most cases, they are a lesser form of succubus. They feed off of mortal energies, with sexual energy being the preferred source of food. Others, sometimes suffice.
Secondly, they behave more like a bee colony. Drones and a Queen.
The only thing they have in common with spiders is that they can spin silk, only from their hands.

The drone is about what you’d expect from a faerie. Small, maybe around 6-10 inches tall in most case. Except Spider Faeries all appear as the idea woman (only much smaller.) to whomever they are preying upon. Despite their tiny size, they are incredibly strong.
It would only take 15 or so to subdue a 200 lb body builder.
There’s usually a few hundred in a colony.
The Drones capture prey, and bring them to the queen. The queen then extracts the desired energies however she sees fit.
The queen is usually only grows to be about 3 feet tall. They can often manipulate bodily functions to render prey easier to capture. Legs falling asleep while trying to run, stuff like that.

The Mistress of Care is a queen that stands around 8 feet tall. She can make an individual have an orgasm, salivate, wet themselves, or even break their own bones on a whim. Her scheme with the clinic has brought her little colony from being a lesser succubus to ruling one of the stronger empires in the known multiverse. (The 42nd, as a matter of fact.)
Her appearance varies depends on who sees her. Part of the whole succubus thing. You’ll see what you want to.
The queen controls the drones as if they were part of her body via some type of pheromone or psychic link.
The author can’t say for sure, as the research into Spider Faeries is extraordinarily limited.

Now that raises the question, “What makes them so annoying?” Most succubi will have the courtesy of visiting you in your bed and making that their routine. Or they’ll kill you.
Spider Faeries typically drag their victims out, tightly cocooned. Then after they’ve sufficiently drained them of the necessary energy, sort of leave them there stuck and forgotten.
Some have died this way, most are able to figure some sort of escape… Anyway, that’s unimportant. The point is they’re annoying.
When they get to Mistress level of strength, they get quite confident and start trying to establish themselves as the dominant ruler.
Which is why the lands around the Clinic for about a thousand miles look like something from Mad Max.

“And what, pray, is the meaning of addressing me in such a way, Driver?” Her voice was shrill with anger, long white hair flowing behind her.
Her scowl did little to make her face less beautiful. Her anger made her bangs seem to defy gravity as if she were underwater.

“Step off it,” Driver growled past his cigar. “I wanna know why these two,” he kicked the open coffin containing Qi and Fa towards the Mistress.
“Are tryin’ to blow us to hell.”

The mistress turned her gaze down at the twin, cringing when she smelled their diapers. Her cringe quickly turned to a smile when she tasted their fear, humiliation, and (Thanks to Chaser’s elixirs) arousal.
“Well, dear Driver, I can’t exactly be sure myself. Did you try asking these two darlings?”

"The hell? You think we should ask someone who tried to kill us in the wastes WHY they wanted us dead? Shotgun snapped, stepping forward.

Driver held out a hand and stopped him. “Just get in the back of the Ambulance and close the shutter. I’ve got this.”

Shotgun eyed the old man, then nodded. He’d rolled with the old timer long enough to know when to listen. He went to the back of the ambulance and slammed the shutter.
The Mistress glared at Driver, “You should control your dogs, old man. Someone will put them down if you don’t.”
Chaser started making her way very cautiously to the entrance. If she could just make it to the bathroom….

The Mistress snapped her head in May’s direction. “Where do you think you’re going!?”
Chaser stopped, her legs crossed, leaning forward. “Oh… N-nowhere, ma’am,” She stammered. “I just hurt my BBQ bones and was hoping I could get fixed…”

The Mistress softened her gaze, “Of course, little dearest, of course. Go right on ahead.”
Chaser’s cheeks flushed, she hated being called little, and she hated being talked down to even more.
“T-thank you, Ma’am.” She stammered, in spite of her anger. Her poor bladder was too close to bursting to want to start an argument with the Mistress.

Chaser took a few shaky steps towards the clinic doors when her legs suddenly went numb and she fell to her knees.

“But first,” The Mistress said, “You have to pay my toll, since Driver here is such a grump.”
“W-What is-” Chaser began, but her words cut off as she felt pulse after pulse crash through her body. She arched her back and clapped her hands to her mouth as she had the most intense orgasm she’d ever had right there on the spot.
Her humiliation soared as the unexpected burst of pleasure made her bladder let go and she wet her diapers.

The pink diaper warmed and swelled beneath her as her small body shuddered as her forced spontaneous orgasm broke into multiple orgasms.
Chaser fell down on her side. Her breath was rapid and her cheeks flushed. She felt completely drained- in every way.
She was able to silence most of her cries to try to save some dignity, but the humiliation of wetting herself hurt her pride despite being strong enough to keep quiet.
When she had the strength to look up, she noticed that the twins and her captive had suffered the exact same fate. The twins diapers were so wet they were leaking. Her captive had wet the fresh diaper Chaser had put her in before they arrived.
All of their faces were flushed and their bodies quivering like leaves.

The Mistress had an immensely satisfied look on her face, as if she had just taken a sip of some vintage wine.
“Simply splendid,” She cooed, “Ohh I haven’t tasted anything that exquisite in a long time!”
She opened her eyes, and her sour scowl returned when she looked at Driver.
“Why were you not effected!?”

Driver took another drag from his Cigar, then flicked it at the Mistress’s feet.
“You’ve known yer tricks don’t work on me, Don’t know why ya forget every time. My pinky toe is numb if that makes ya feel any better.”

The head nurse stepped out from behind the Mistress, a look of pure bliss on her face.
“Thank you, Mistress, for allowing me to serve you again.” Her gaze fell on Chaser, and a twisted smile crossed her lips.
“Why Chaser, why don’t you be a good girl and un-gag the twins so they can tell us why they shot at you?”

Chaser stood up, her legs still shaking from the unexpected rush that had taken her over.
“Why don’t you just-”

“Just do as she says, Chaser.” Driver said, his face somehow more stern than normal. “I would just like for us to collect our due, so we can be on our way. Shotty, get out here.”
The rear of the ambulance slid open, and the tall and lean Shotgun stepped out.
“Did I miss anything old timer?”

“Nothing unusual, Shotgun. Just get the computer fired up so we can go home.”

The mistress followed Chaser to the Coffin. Chaser tried her best not to waddle, but her diaper had swollen so much from her wetting it was much harder to walk normal. She hoped against hope that the Mistress couldn’t hear her crinkling, or notice her walking any differently.

Chaser popped the gags off of both of the twins and stepped aside so the Mistress could question them.
“So, you two little precious ones are behind all this trouble?” Her voice was sickish sweet, like a witch luring children into her candy house.
“Why were you trying to kill our cute little Chaser? Driver I certainly don’t blame you for shooting at… But Chaser and Shotgun aren’t so bad…”

The twins spoke in unison, true to their “Creepy” nature.
“We have Kagome Higurashi. They have Kagome Higurashi. We just wanted to make sure we were turning in the right Kagome to settle our debt with the Mistress. To kill was never our intent.”

Driver looked at Chaser.
Shotgun looked at Chaser.
Chaser nervously scratched the back of her head.

To Be Continued….

Re: Chaser’s mix up.

Hello reader, welcome back… TO THE END (of part one).
I apologize if the previous entry wasn’t as well written as normally, I didn’t provide nearly as much proof reading, as I ended up writing way moe than I originally planned. (I was planning on wrapping everything up yesterday to be honest.)
Anyway, I’m gonna start this while I have sunlight. Because they mostly come out at night, mostly.

Chapter 8 “Have a nice weekend.”

The mistress crossed her arms, resting them just beneath her chest.
“Is that so?” the Mistress purred, “Well then, surely you can show me so I can sort this out.”

Given their awkward position of bondage, The twins struggled to look at the Mistress, but continued in creepy unison speak anyway.
“In our Hearse. She is in the coffin closest to the driver’s seat.”

The head nurse strolled over, her butt and stockings wet having just completely wetting herself.
She pulled the coffin from the hearse with little effort, her teased shoulder length hair falling perfectly back into place.
Chaser eyed the nurse warily, noting her wet backside. Even she wasn’t spared from the Mistress’ power.

the nurse opened coffin and smiled when she looked inside.
A girl with thick black hair, schoolgirl uniform with a green skirt. Tightly bound and kept in diapers.
“The twins are telling the truth,” She said cheerfully. “There is indeed a girl that looks identical to the one on the gurney in front of you.”

Driver scowled at Chaser.
Shotgun scowled at Chaser.
Chaser pointed to Lizzy, doing little to hide her surprise.

“Hey, just lookit her! It’s obvious we have the right girl! Those twins outta be punished for bringing you the wrong one!”

Driver slammed his palm to his face Just once, he thought, looking out from between two fingers, It would be nice if she didn’t dig her own grave…

Out of nowhere, perhaps two dozen Spider Faeries appeared, seizing Chaser and lifting her off the ground.
“I love giving punishments.” the Mistress said. “Let’s just make sure we punish the right individuals before we go jumping to any conclusions.”

Chaser struggled against her sudden assailants, but felt her strength drain. All at once, her limbs felt as if they were too heavy for her to even lift.
“What’s this for…?” Chaser mumbled weakly.

“Just to make sure you can’t go anywhere. I know how fast you tend to get away, little May.”
The Mistress strode past her and strode towards where Lizzy was bound. Another faerie appeared next to her queen and undid the gag in Lizzy’s mouth.
“What’s your name, little dear?” The mistress asked.

While Lizzy spoke, the Head Nurse walked over to the now helpless Chaser.
Chaser writhed weakly against the Faeries holding her, trying to get away before the nurse got any closer.
The response was swift, and they just sapped a little more of her strength from her, leaving her to hang limply in their grasp.

Her voice was grated Chaser’s nerves as she spoke. Nothing had changed.
“So, little May…” She teased, drumming her fingers on Chaser’s head, just between her ears. “Last time I saw you, you still needed me to change your diapers… Surely by now you’re fully potty trained… Since you’re a chaser and all.”

“Y-you just go away now.” Chaser said, trying to sound at least one tenth as strong as she felt. “I Don’t want any of what you’re selling. Take it back. Just go. I…” she gulped, searching for more energy that just wasn’t there. “I haven’t worn diapers since you and your bad, bad friends fixed my running bones.”
(For the record, she means her legs. Chaser, in case you had not noticed, substitutes names for many, many things. She probably refers to Otters as “serpentine river cats” if I had to guess.)

“We’ll see…” The nurse said, continuing to tap Chaser’s head.

After hearing Lizzy’s story, the Mistress stood upright. “Well Driver, have your man scan this girl. She claims to go by the name Lizzy Matsuna. According to her, Kagome Higurashi is a fictional character.”
Shotgun strode over to where Lizzy lie strapped down. He pulled a scanner out from his thigh rig and held it in front of Lizzy’s eyes.
A blue light flashed quickly, as if Lizzy had just gotten her picture taken.

“She’s telling the truth.” Shotgun said holding the scanner up to the Mistress. “I’ll go check the other girl.”
Shotgun repeated the same process on the girl writhing uncomfortably in the casket.
“Oh, this is just beautiful…” He said, rolling his eyes. “Hey old timer, creepy twins bagged the taget. THIS is Kagome Higurashi.”
He slammed the coffin shut and strode back over to Driver. “What does this mean?”

Mistress brought a hand to her chin as she considered the question.
“It means,” She said, “That you get the reward. The twins may have caught her, but you brought them all here.”

Chaser sighed with relief, and shot her best “HAH” glance at the nurse.
“Hold it.” Driver said holding up his hand. “I don’t care about the reward. Let the twins have it. Way I see it, this whole mess is Chaser’s fault anyway. Let them collect their reward.”

From their casket the twins cried out gleefully.
Thank you! We owe you, kind master! Yay!!
“I wasn’t finished, so don’t start feeling too happy yet.” He growled.
“I want them to stay here for the weekend to compensate for the damage done to my rig.”

Mistress smiled at the twins. “Oh that’s no issue. I was going to keep everyone you brought to me that’s wearing diapers.”
Driver raised a threatening finger to the Mistress.
“No, yet not. That girl we took… She’s goin’ home.”

The two glared at one another, mutual hatred flowing from their eyes.
“Fine.” Mistress said. “But I’m keeping everyone else that’s wearing diapers.”

“You do that.” Driver growled. “Now, let my girl down so we can be on our way. I have to teach her the finer points of usin’ the damn scanner.”
Chaser began to feel cold sweat beading on her forehead. She did NOT want to spend an hour here. Much less a whole weekend.
The nurse shot her a wicked smirk before calling to Driver.

“I’m afraid we can’t do that, sir.” as Driver turned towards the nurse, presumably to crush her soul, he stopped dead as the nurse flipped Chaser’s skirt up.
Pink diapers bulging obliviously beneath her tight black leggings, Chaser squirmed trying to get away just enough so the nurse would drop her skirt.
“It’s true,” Mistress agreed. “You DID just say I could take all of the ones in diapers for the weekend. You ARE a man of your word, aren’t you? Old Driver??”

The nurse turned to her Mistress. “Look at how wet she is,” she commented, squishing the swollen padding between Chaser’s legs. “She’s wet her pink diapers that she matched to her hair. I think a change of clothes to something more suitable is in order, don’t you Mistress?”

“Hmm…” The Mistress considered for the grand eternity of an entire second, “You’re right.”
With a clap of her hands, more Faeries appeared, these ones carrying an outfit that made Chaser scream.

The dress was pink and white. The tights were white. Omutsu diaper covers to match. All covered in frills.
“Noo!!” She cried, “Driver! Don’t let them do this to me! Help!!”

The Mistress grinned as she watched her Faeries strip Chaser of her clothes and dignity.
They didn’t change her as they wrapped her soaked diaper in a locking pink diaper cover.
They slid the feminine tights over her pale legs, and finally over her newly locked diaper cover.
With a final zip, the girly dress was locked over her body, and they slipped the bndage mittens over her hand.
One Faerie even added a bow to her hair as a final touch, before plucking one of the Pacis from her own work pack and locking it into her mouth.

Chaser wanted to die. It wasn’t just the humiliation of being forced to wear such a feminine outfit, it was the shame of having been overpowered so quickly and so easily.
Her face burned and she looked at her feet, which she noticed now had Mary Jane’s locked on them.
She closed her eyes, hoping it was all a nightmare.

“Bind her.” Mistress commanded, and the Faeries that were holding here immediately began spinning a tight cocoon around Chaser. In less than three seconds, her arms were tightly bound to her sides. Her thighs and shins were also bound.
“Normally,” Mistress teased, lifting Chaser’s chin with one finger. Mistress looked her in the eye before continuing. “Normally, I would have had you completely wrapped up. But I can feel how much you hate this… So I wanted as much of your cute outfit exposed for your friends to see… Little May.”

Chaser felt tears well up in her eyes, but she blinked past them and Glared at the Mistress.
I’ll Kill you she thought, I dunno how but I’ll do it!!
The faeries raised Chaser off the ground by the extra strands still attached, making her look like a marionette.

Shotgun leaned in to Driver and whispered.
“As much as I’d like to let them just take her, you know it won’t just be a weekend. We need her.”
Driver growled back, actual anger cutting into his voice. “I know that!”

“Alright,” Driver said stepping forward, an unfamiliar fire in his eyes. “You take her, but we get her back. Midnight. Monday mornin’.”
“Deal.” Mistress said. Now, thank you for your services as always. But I must go!" She began to turn, sticking her hip out mockingly.
“Not just yet you don’t,” His growl was gradually becoming a roar. “You till have TC. (Tall chaser, the 4th member of the team.) You give her back. Now.”

Mistress sighed, “Oh, you big grouch, Driver… Fine. Go pick her up at the other gate. But I don’t want to see you for the rest of the day.”
She turned and walked back to the gate. The huge orderly pushed the Coffins containing the Twins and Kagome.
Chaser struggled helplessly as she was dragged backwards into the Clinic doors, watching her friends and her only hope of escape slip away.
Her view of the outside cut away as the gates slammed shut and she was plunged into the darkness of the clinic.
The damn nurse teasing her about what a cute little girl she was the entire time.

Shotgun watched as the doors slammed shut, and the three of them were left alone.
“Old ma-”

“Dammit” Driver growled, and the hearse exploded.
Driver shot a glance at Lizzy and her bonds fell away.

Lizzy sat up, massaging where her wrists had been shackled.
“Okay, so I really have to ask. This has been a very bizarre day for me… But why the hell is everyone you capture put into diapers?”

Shotgun stepped forward, gesturing as he explained.
“Because the first time someone was brought in, they asked to be released to go to the bathroom, and they ran! Took Chaser the whole day to get him back. When she caught him, she put him in diapers to avoid repeating the whole fiasco. That crazy tall bitch you just met liked it so much, she made it a standard practice.”

Lizzy raised her eyebrows, throwing her legs over the gurney so she could sit more comfortably.
Her diaper crinkled as she flattened her skirt, trying to regain some dignity.
“So what ARE you guys exactly?”

Driver tossed her a cigar, which lit itself as soon as she caught it.
“Come on, I’ll explain it on the way to the other door. We may even need yer help.”

“Why should I help you?” Lizzy asked, raising her eyebrows.
“Do ya like being the strongest person in yer world?” Driver asked?
Lizzy’s eyes widened.
“C’mon then. We’ve got work to do.”

The end.
To be continued…… In the sequel…


Shotgun rolled the dice. He could barely contain his anger when he saw the amount of 1s that he did.
“Come on you bastards!” He screamed at the miniatures on the table. “I have literally shot better IN PITCH DARKNESS! How can you not hit a 10 foot tall monster RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!?”

Ted whipped his greasy bangs out of his face, his pony tail flailing as he did so.
“Probably,” he said, smugness making Shotgun grit his teeth. “Because their commanding officer was LATE and they stood in formation, awaiting orders. But they grew impatient and lost all morale…”
Shotgun turned to face Ted. “Yeah, well watch this. Watch all the shots that DID hit. Watch them ALL be 6s. your warriors are DEAD.”

The next round of dice hit the table. Not a single six in the lot.
“You see?” Ted mocked. “Punctuality brings favor from the Dice Gods…”
Cursing under his breath, Shotgun picked up the dice again.

Driver sat next to Lizzy, handing her a glass of tea.
“Sorry about the mix-up kid. I stick to jobs that bring in folks who deserve to be brought in.”
Lizzy accepted the tea with a smile.
“Thank you. What do you men “deserve”? There are people that deserve to be brought in to that scary lady?”

He took a drag from his cigar, enjoying the fresh tobacco.
“Some people get put on the board because they pissed someone off. Some actually PAY for themselves to be brought in. Some have committed some universal crime, that would otherwise go unanswered.”
His voice had returned to a low growl, and he scanned the horizon.
“So what about your girl? May? Did she deserve to be brought in?”

Behind them, a glass broke in the kitchen, and Driver felt his eyebrow twitch.

“Sorry Captain!!!” TC’s voice rang through the door. “I’ll have it cleaned up right away!!!”

Driver closed his eyes.
“Chaser may be a bit of a hothead, but she actually has a brain when she stops to use it. The girl in there is a walking hurricane, and brings destruction wherever she goes.”
The words hadn’t even left his mouth when something else broke inside the house.

Driver took another drag from his cigar, but this time, he simply inhaled until the cigar burned out.
He flicked the butt onto the ground and stomped it out.
“I need to retire…”

Chaser watched as the nurse popped the buttons covering her nipple.
The nurse pulled up May’s head and looked her in the eyes.
“You’re in luck, Little May. You get your own wet nurse. Alllll weekend!”

Chaser could practically see the “<3” tacked on at the end of her words. She struggled as hard as she could, but the damned Faerie silk held tight.
She scowled as the nurse positioned her and popped off her gag.

“You put anything in my mouth, and I swear I’ll bite it off!” Chaser yelled.
“Ohh, Little May…” The nurse taunted her. “You forget that you don’t get to control that!”
Chaser saw one of the damned Faeries appear by the nurses shoulder. She felt her strength and will drain, as she opened her mouth.

The Nurse rubbed the back of Chaser’s head as the cat girl latched on. “Good, Little May. It’s just like your last visit, isn’t it?”
milk filled Chaser’s mouth and she felt herself grow sleepier still.

Must… Bite… She thought as she swallowed her first mouthful.
All she managed, however, was to suckle a little bit more.
The nurse smiled wickedly, gazing into Chaser’s eyes.

Alright, well… That’s it for now, readers. Keep an eye out next week for part II.
Will our intrepid heroine escape her cruel fate?
Will Shotgun ever roll a six?
What is Driver planning?
Will Lizzy ever get back home??

Find out next time… On Dragon Ball Zeeeeeeee
Chaser’s Great Escape. It’s called Chaser’s Great Escape. (How is she still doing that!?)

Re: Chaser’s mix up 8 chapters COMPLETE.

It’s like Matt Groening wrote an ABDL anime. Total mayhem. I shall indeed look forward to part II.