Charmed, By: Falz

Hereby the story based on the Charmed TV show, as requested by Babychris

I have no idea who wrote it, but thanks for writing it. I hope your not offended that I repost your story.


With a loud pop the demon burst into nothingness surrounded by flames. Triumphantly Billie turned to Paige.
“You see you were just overreacting…” She bragged. The motion was sort of defeated when a vial flew inches from her ear. Turning she saw a second demon finish vaporizing.
“Right. Overreacting.” Paige sighed.
“How was I to know he had backup?” Billie pouted.
“Honey you weren’t, but you should of at least suspected it.”
“At least we didn’t need the Power of Three…” Billie began.
“This time.” Paige said. Her cell suddenly blared into life. Diving into her purse she answered it “Paige Halliwell” as she and Billie orbed back to the manor.

Billie didn’t need to wait around long to be told off. Even before her feet had hit the landing Piper was beginning the lecture.
“Lecture…” Billie blurted out leaving Piper mid rant as she continued down the stairs.
“Yeah well, come back tonight. I’ve got to finish scolding you.” Piper shook her head. Being the oldest had its disadvantages.

Billie wasn’t even concentrating. To be honest her mind kept wandering back to the recent events. During the last couple of months every time she had got into any trouble the sisters had needed to use the Power of Three to save her, stop the demon or a combination of both. She sighed. Deep down she wished that this power could have been hers and hers alone. But then she was also glad that the sisters where her safety net. Locking down at her absentminded scribbling on the paper she had inadvertently written down a question.
‘Could the Power of Three belong to one?’

The Underworld was by no means a nice place to live. It might have had something to do with its occupants but Grondas still clung onto the fact that all the bitter infighting and dying should have made it a lot more fun to live in. Instead there were plotting factions and no good places to eat and for a demon such as him he needed good meals to devour. Striding through the halls he felt the an massive increase of power coming from a supposedly empty room. Peering into it he saw a rather homely looking woman muttering incantations into a swirling void.
“What witchcraft is this?” He asked the homely woman.
Turning the woman began to glow. Her bland features melted away revealing a stunning figure with long flowing black hair and piercing blue eyes. “My witchcraft.” She laughed.
“And you are?” Grondas asked unimpressed.
“Luna the jailor of souls.” She smiled. “And what about you, fat man?”
“Grondas, lord of the Tormentors.” Grondas boomed rubbing his fat hand through his hair. His sandy complexion contrasted sharply with his stylish black suit.
“Tormentors?” Luna asked striding over to Grondas. She stared deep into his eyes and Grondas felt her absorbing all the information in his skull. Within seconds the fat demon fell to the floor vanquished. “Well when you don’t have a soul I’ll just take your powers.” Luna said licking her bright red lips. “And now let’s see where my prison break is heading now.”

Billie mooched back upstairs to the Attic. The sisters had chewed her out good and proper. At least it was only them in the manor just now. The rest of the extended Halliwell family was away visiting the sister’s dad on Phoebe’s recommendation. Perhaps she had sensed something. Billie wondered. Reaching the attic Billie moved over to the Book of Shadows turning the pages she wasn’t sure what she was looking for only that she’d find it here.

Luna smiled at the old crone who was staring at her. The look of disbelief on the old hag’s face was enough to convince Luna that she may even keel over and die on the spot.
“I vanquished you.” The crone croaked.
“Not well enough apparently.” Luna boasted. Reaching out her hand shot out from within the mirror dragging the old crone closer. Their faces close enough to be touching the old crone tried one last incantation but even as she opened her mouth she found herself burning on the inside. Falling backwards she tried to release the imprisoned demons’ hands from hers but as she fell backwards she pulled the demon from the mirror and into the real world. As a final insult Luna stepped over the fallen crone. “Nice soul. I’ll take it.” She said before her eyes glittered and the old crone dissappeared. Turning her head towards the Halliwell manor she smiled. “The Power of Three for one.” She breathed.

Billie felt a shudder run down her spine. She looked again at the Book of Shadows. It often creeped her out. Closing the book she decided it was just a pipe dream anyway. So she turned and headed downstairs.

“What were you doing up there?” Piper asked.
“Yeah we get nervous when you plan things.” Phoebe joked.
“Leave her alone.” Paige said dumping down onto the couch beside the other two bowl of popcorn in hand. “We have the house to ourselves for a couple of days let’s enjoy tonight.”
“Isn’t it still like three in the afternoon?” Piper laughed.
“What do you care?” Phoebe puzzled.
“Don’t some of us still have to work?”
“Not today. Today is sick day.” Paige smiled. “Are you staying here or coming back later?” She asked Billie.
“Later.” Billie said before walking out the door. Sometimes the sisters were too weird.

Luna grabbed the man from behind and broke his neck with a single twist. Taking his soul in with a single breath she used the power she had stolen from Grondus to plant a Tormentor in his body. Standing errect and straightening out its neck the Tormentor stood. “Take this to the blonde witch. Don’t let her see you.” She barked. Handing the manshell a crystal and a piece of paper. Turning the shell wobbled on its feet and then began to walk straight to Billie’s dorm. Staring up at the sky Luna began to use another ability she had stolen. She began to infect Billie’s mind with self doubt.

Billie had gotten all the way to her dorm before she began to feel down. The same thing kept playing on her mind. At first she had thought it was jelousy, then ambition, back to jealousy and finally she realised it was fear. The sisters, Piper especially, talked to her like she was a child sometimes no older than the boys and one of them was still in diapers. But without the Power of Three the sister were the same as Billie just ordinary witches, if there was such a thing.

With a woosh she saw a young man being grabbed by the neck and dragged into an alleyway. Rushing to help him she bounded into the blind alley only to see nothing. Hearing a clatter she saw a black shape leap high onto the roof and leave the shivering shape of a young man with his neck broken. In the quiet of the alley she heard a sharp clink as the shape dropped something as it fled. Moving to the sound Billie found a sharp piece of crystal, shaped like a three sided pyramid, wrapped in a piece of oil cloth. She felt the crystal hum with power as she touched it so she quickly wrapped it back up in the cloth determined to show the sisters.

Luna cackled as the Tormentor told her of its ruse. With a click of her fingers the Tormentor then vanished in a dark haze.

As Billie opened the door to her room she dropped the crystal beside her computer and began to strip off. Almost naked she ran quickly into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Letting the cold water heat up she sat in just a pale blue bra an knickers set looking at the crystal. Taking out her grandmother’s diary she began to search the pages until she came across a picture that looked similar. By this time however steam was rising from under the bathroom door so grabbing her towel Billie jumped into the shower.

As soon as the young witch was safely engrossed in conditioning her hair the crystal began to glow and Luna appeared. Grabbing the diary sitting on the desk she began to use the old witches power. Incanting softly she changed the words on the page then when she heard the young witch began to hum softly to herself she channeled a spell into the crystal. Taking a step back Luna faded into nothingness.

Piper, Paige and Phoebe sat together on the couch buried under an enormous duvet comfortable and warm. The movie over and TV unable to hold their interest the sisters began to talk.
“We really should stop being so hard on Billie.” Paige said.
“Yeah its because of her we can do this.” Phoebe reminded.
“But we still have to bale her out all the time.” Piper countered. “We still have to use the Power of Three and we still have to fight demons. The only difference now is Billie does more of the groundwork.”
“Which is helping.” The other two said in unison.
“Ok, I’ll try to stop reprimanding her all the time.” Piper sighed.

Billie stepped out of the shower and back into her bedroom dry except for the towel around her head. Pulling on a loose pair of grey track pants and a long sleeved tee she returned to the crystal and her grandmother’s diary.
“A conduit crystal…yadda yadda yadda…” She half read outloud. Pacing as she did so. “Used to hold magical energy or combine spells…blah blah blah…is not good or evil and depends on its purpose…can be set up to do almost anything by someone with enough power.” She concluded. Her grandmother often did this for artifacts she found she tried to dissect them like Billie did. Not rely on old world type descriptions from the Book of Shadows. “I suppose…” Billie mumbled out loud. Running her hand up and down the surface of the crystal.

Immediately her mind was back to the Charmed Ones. The Power of Three, she could combine the sisters powers and amplify them with her own. Her very own Power of Three. She could let them finally retire for a normal life. Throwing on a pair of white sneakers and discarding the towel Billie rushed out of the door.

Paige and Phoebe were trying to convince the other as to who it should be to go and get the next tub of popcorn when Billie came bounding into the mansion.
“So somebody sure seems in a better mood.” Paige laughed.
“I think I’ve got the solution to our final problem.” Billie said excited.
“Our final problem?” Piper asked surreptitiously.
“You guys. Well the Power of Three I think I’ve finally got a way for you guys to finally retire.” Billie smiled.
“We tried that remember. New identities.” Phoebe stated.
“No I’ve got a way to take your power, well some of your power and create a Power of Three that I can amplify with my own.”
“So it’d be what? A Power of Four?” Paige asked.
“Sort of.” Billie shrugged.
“Well let’s take a look at it.” Piper said with a lot of skepticism. Drawing looks from Paige and Phoebe. “Ok maybe somebody else should do it first.”
“I’ll do it. I should be able to tell if there’s any danger.” Phoebe said.
“So where’d you find this Billie?” Paige asked as Billie passed the crystal to Phoebe.
“Some demon dropped it.” Billie said as Phoebe unwrapped the oil cloth.

Phoebe immediately dropped the oil cloth in fear. The crystal dropped onto the blanket and bounced beside the sisters’ legs. “It has to be a trap.” Paige said. At once the Charmed Ones reached forward to try and brush the crystal away from them. But as each of the sisters touched the crystal they were immediately pulled inside it. In a flash the Charmed Ones were trapped inside the crystal with each of their faces showing on one side of the crystal each. The crystal then began to levitate off the sofa and towards Billie who cart wheeled away from the floating crystal. Rather than chasing Billie however the crystal appeared to hang in midair. In a dark haze Luna appeared in the main room of the mansion.
“Well that was easier than expected.” She said taking the crystal in her hand. Holding it by its peak she placed the flat bottom onto the top of a silver mace-like wand leaving the sisters heads each facing outwards from each other.
Billie looked at Luna, the large woman seemed to resonate power wearing her all black dress that stopped at her knees. Billie looked at herself, wet hair in rag tails and all, and felt very insecure.
“As you should.” Luna smiled. Billie immediately knew that her feelings, as well as the crystal, were because of this demon.
“I’m not afraid of you.” Billie said stepping toward Luna.
“Child I have the Charmed Ones I have no need for you anymore.” Luna said.
“Well vanquishing demons is what I do; so you’ve got me until I free the sisters.” Billie said.
“Most of what you’ve learned about the crystal is true, Child.” Luna mocked. “It really does have the ability to combine powers. And now I have the Power of Three.” Luna pointed the wand at Billie who was immediately frozen to the spot. “As well as their individual powers.” Billie was then levitated up against the ceiling. Luna turned her back as Billie was released and crashed back onto the floor.

Rising Billie saw that Luna still had her back turned. Calling forth a lightning spell she fired it at Luna who turned and caught it without so much as even surprise on her face. Staring at Luna for another second Billie took a deep breath and ran for the front door.

Rushing towards the door Billie held her arms out to push it open only to have to try and back peddle as Luna orbed in front of her. Seeing no other opportunity Billie leapt onto the landing and began to run up the stairs. Heading for the attic she saw Luna appear in front of her. Throwing a smoke spell Billie darted into one of the other rooms to hide and regroup.
“Oh come now Child, I have the Power of Three!” Luna mocked. “I can find you anywhere.” She laughed as she orbed into the same room that Billie was hiding in. “And I find you here.” She snorted.

Billie looked around. She was in the boys’ nursery. The child’s bed along one wall, the changing table along the other, with the crib in the middle of the room and toys strewn around the floor. Billie looked for something that could be helpful but found nothing. If she had been in Paige or Phoebe’s rooms she could have at least found some vials. Turning to run again Billie found herself frozen by a thrust of the wand. Inside the crystal Piper’s face winced as her power was again forcibly channeled from her.

“And where do you think your going?” Luna mocked. “Your in your room now.” She gestured around. “All it needs is a little modification.” Luna spun the wand and Billie felt the sisters’ powers being drawn from them. Billie watched, horrified, as the changing table extended out and the crib melted into the floor and reformed around the child’s bed creating a bigger crib. Billie didn’t like where this was going and was definitely thinking that being trapped in the wand was going to be preferable. “Seeing as you’re the Junior Witch in Training I guess its better if we take some of the stress away from you.” Luna smiled wickedly. “Huggies.” She commanded and a half open package of diapers appeared in her hands. This time it was Paige’s turn to wince. Setting the package of unisex Cruisers on the floor Luna spun the wand again and the package seemed to swell outwards. “Pants.” Luna commanded and Billie found her pants had reappeared in Luna’s hands. “Panties.” Luna continued unrelentlessly and Billie found herself naked from the waist down. Finally Luna pointed the tip of the wand at the package of diapers then at Billie. “Diaper.” Luna said stressing every syllable.

Billie looked down disheartened. She could feel her legs being pushed outwards from the added bulk of the diaper however she couldn’t move them due to the fact that she was still frozen in place by Piper’s power. The very fact that she could move her head meant, she hoped, that Luna’s control over the sisters’ powers was still less than absolute.
“I’m sure you hope so.” Luna taunted. Phoebe was wincing as Luna used her empathic abilities. “My control is not only absolute it is unquestioned.” She pointed the wand at Billie’s midsection. “As you know Piper could unfreeze certain body parts. Well, I can too. She could also make molecules force themselves apart and expand. Which she usually used to blow up demons. Well as I don’t want to blow up my Junior Witch in Training I have just unfrozen your digestive track and I’m expanding everything in your bowels. In fact they should really be ready to pop by now.” Luna commented.

Billie couldn’t feel anything. She was frozen. Not knowing what else to do to check she turned her head downwards to inspect her own diaper.
“Oh your not going to use it yet.” Luna smirked. Suddenly both Billie and Luna orbed back into the living room. Pointing the want to one end of the living room Billie found herself levitated to that corner of the living room. “Potty.” Luna called. And the blue racing car potty appeared in the opposite corner of the living room. Luna gave the wand a twist and the potty increased in size. Billie didn’t want to think at how accommodating it would be for her bottom but she could guess at what was coming next. “I’m prepared to give my Junior Witch in Training a sporting chance.” Luna smiled. “You know that your about to go. So all you have to do is make it to the potty and this nightmare will be over for you. Fail and my Tormentors are hungry.” Luna laughed. “And don’t think you can just take off your diaper. It’s being levitated up and on.” Luna smirked.

Billie then found she could move. She was also involuntarily moving her bowels. At first as she sprinted towards the potty, she didn’t know why she believed that Luna would keep her word but she had to take that chance if she behaved like a good captive she might have a chance to stop Luna. It wasn’t to be though as Billie found herself filling her diaper for the first time since…forever. The warm mess pulled at her diaper in oblique angles causing it move in uncomfortable ways. The only respite that Billie had in the embarrassing ordeal was at least gravitiy was keeping most of the mess away from her skin.

Suddenly Billie found herself orbed onto the changing table. The load in her diaper was suddenly pushed in and upwards by the hard contact of the plastic sheet beneath her legs. Billie gagged as she felt the mush spread around her most sensitive areas.

“Harness.” Luna barked and Billie found herself webbed to the changing table by an expanded version of the boys harness. Although she could move Billie really wanted to try and avoid it because of the way her diaper was sitting. “Pail” Luna commanded. Billie found the diaper pail sitting between her legs. “Diaper.” Luna spoke again. The soiled diaper around Billie’s waist disapeared. Suddenly Billie found herself levitated off of the table. Then she felt water orb underneath her. Staring at the wand Billie could see her reflection but more importantly she could see the strain on the faces of the sisters as their powers were used again and again. Firstly to orb the water, then to leviatate it and Billie and then to expand and contract the water so she was cleaned without being touched. Billie fought back the tears as the water disapeared and Billie was deposited back onto the cold plastic of the changing table. “Mmm, you are still a bit damp. There’s no point giving your diaper extra work to do.” Luna taunted. She pointed the wand at Billie who found herself once again frozen to the spot. Motioning with her hands Luna called forth a tormentor and although Billie couldn’t see it Grondas’s face briefly flickered in the crystal beside the sisters.

Tormentors were the worst kind of imps in the Underworld. Unlike most demons they fed off negative emotions. Also unlike most once they fed their power was then withdrawn from them and passed into their master. It was the reason that Grondas had become so fat but with them powering the wand Luna could use them to draw the Power of Three almost continuously. Tormentors had no fixed form, though their normal was a black shadow-like creature with two beady sliver eyes. However they could react to their surroundings and take on almost any form, save for their eyes which would always remain a haunting silver. Tormentors were not as mindless as imps which was one of the reason they were feared more. They were vicious, scheming and nasty and these were traits that Luna would only encourage.

As the Tormentor approached Billie its darting eyes absorbed her predicament and its body contracted on itself. Rearranging into a young girl, maybe nine or ten. She had long sandy hair and wore what was very close to an Alice in Wonderland costume except in red. Stepping beside Luna the Tormentor bowed her head.

“No you need to be older to be a babysitter.” Luna spoke quietly. The Tormentor began to age and grow until it appeared to be around 16. The costume remained in a similar theme except the the skirt got shorter and the blouse underneath became tighter as if to emphasize a blossoming teen. “Perfect.” Luna smiled. “Wipes.” She ordered and a quarter full package of baby wipes appeared in her hands. “I’ll let you finish diapering my Junior Witch in Training.” She said turning “And don’t make it pleasant for her.” Luna laughed as she orbed a throne into the nursery. Sitting upon it she helf out the package of baby wipes.

Taking the package of baby wipes the Tormentor turned towards Billie, who now found herself unfrozen. Kicking her legs apart she tried to think of any spell that could get her out of this but with her hands harnessed down by her waist she would have to verbalize the spell and at this particular moment in time she couldn’t really concentrate on thinking one up. Trying to buck herself off of the changing table Billie became more and more desperate and as she did so the Tormentor appeared to be growing more and more powerful. Realizing her the full futility of her situation Billie stopped and sagged her head. This was going to be horrendous.
“Oh don’t stop, Junior.” The Tormentor laughed as it approached Billie. “The more you squirm the more I like it.”

Phoebe found herself floating in darkness. It was like she was suspended in liquid that she could not see or touch. Swirling around her she felt different presences, some good, some bad, some innocent, some guilty but most of all she felt her sisters. Willing herself towards them she began to drift through the darkness.

Billie winced as her ankles were smashed together by the Tormentor’s strong hands. She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out as her legs were lifted from the plastic sheet and her bottom was exposed to the demon. “Now we have to do this so you don’t get a rash.” The Tormentor laughed. “Now I know you don’t mind waddling around all day with a load in your diaper but its not really good for you.” It stated matter-of-factly. “And besides the smell is overwhelming.” It mocked taking a pronounced sniff. Billie strained back the tears as she felt the first baby wipe make contact with her skin.

Billie winced with each movement of the baby wipe. The smell filled her nostrils and the texture of the wipe was creepily gentle. As her legs were lowered Billie realized that the Tormentor had finished with her behind. Shuddering at this thought Billie tried to clamp her legs together. The Tormentor simply moved its fist from holding her ankles together pushing them apart with three fingers. Even though the demon only held her ankles together with its thumb and pinkie Billie could still not kick free of its grasp. As the demon slid its free hand down the inside of her thigh Billie felt what she thought was utter humiliation.
“I don’t think its a good idea for babies to have hair down here.” The Tormentor stated.
“That’s a good point.” Luna agreed. “Don’t you agree Junior?” She taunted Billie.
Billie had no answer for either of the demons. Well at least one that was going to help her plight.
“I asked you if you agreed with your Nanny. If you can’t answer Junior then I can only deduce that you have no objections.” Luna smiled. She lifted the wand and spun it around.
As the baby wipes moved over her Billie could only watch with dismay as her hair was removed. She had been wrong before this was utter humiliation.
“Good job.” Luna nodded to the Tormentor which disappeared in a black haze. “Now I guess we have to go for the finishing touch.” Luna smiled. “Diaper.” She commanded and Billie found herself once again in overgrown Huggies.

As Billie found herself levitated into a standing position she saw her reflection in the crystal. She looked helpless, like an infant in fact. Her hair had dried raggedly, her top was old and worn, the harness constricted her movements and kept her hands pressed down by her sides and her diaper was fasten snugly around her waist. Even the white sneakers on her feet looked childish now. As Luna raised the wand to Billie there was a knock at the door. Levitating Billie into the crib Luna orbed downstairs leaving the helpless witch to wallow in self pity.

To Phoebe it appeared as if the darkness was subsiding. Continuing her track towards the apparent light source she found herself staring at a ring of floating bodies surrounding what appeared to be a mirror. In the middle of the ring Piper and Paige floated with their jaws wide with astonishment.
“What’s going on?” Phoebe asked.
“Billie is being tormented by this demon so she can use our powers constantly.” Piper stated.
“But I don’t feel anything.” Phoebe said puzzled.
“We’re not really here.” Piper explained. “From what we’ve been able to gather.” She gestured to the other light sources. “This demon has got us imprisoned in her wand. She calls herself Luna the Jailor of Souls and she uses the souls she’s trapped for her own devices.”
“Basically she’s using our powers and our knowledge to punish Billie.” Paige added.
“Can it be that bad?” Phoebe asked.
“See for yourself.” Piper said moving to the side so Phoebe could see the mirror. Phoebe watched as Billie was diapered then levitated into a giant crib, whilst harnessed so she couldn’t move, and left by the demon.
“That’s horrible.” Phoebe gasped.
“Yeah, well that’s the nice stuff.” Piper shuddered.
“And the worst part is…” Paige began. “That she’s stuck in our house. Even though the boys are away we’ve still got plenty of their clothes lying around.”
“Oh no.” Phoebe gasped. “What happens if she finds our old stuff in the attic?”
“Nobody should ever be forced to wear those sailor suits again.” Piper shuddered. “And all of our old booties, mittens and those plastic pants…”
“Stop.” Phoebe said shaking her head. “What if this demon can hear us?”
Suddenly the sisters felt very worried for the young witch.

Luna disguised herself as Paige and answered the door. It was some random salesman with the latest in vacuum technology. So powerful that it could lift up a bowling ball. “Well.” Luna had started. “I do love power.” She smiled as she drained the man of his soul.

Billie found herself stuck on her knees. As soon as Luna had dropped her she had slipped on the plastic and tumbled forward. The crib walls were too high to climb out of and she couldn’t use magic to leap out of them because the bars stopped to close to the ceiling. What was worse was that when she had tumbled forward Billie had found she had to slither across to the crib wall push her chest against it to climb up. This had begun to work her diaper lower on her body so the only way she could pull it back up was to go back onto her knees and stay there. At least with the demon gone she could begin plotting a spell to get her out.

Before her mind could really get to work Billie found herself orbed into the Attic. Staring at the Book of Shadows longingly Billie found herself frozen to the ground.
“It appears that the Charmed Ones don’t like you very much Junior.” Luna laughed. “They have just told me where to find some good old-fashioned girly girl clothing for you.” Luna spun the wand at old wardrobe in the back of the Attic. As they parted a couple of musty looking chest came into view. The chests then sprung open and lines of baby clothing, enough for all three sisters, began to levitate out of the chests and land neatly in a rows in front of Billie.

Pinks, polka dots, yellows, lilacs and strawberry reds where all present in clothes that would be much too small to fit but Billie knew that wouldn’t really be a problem. After all the diaper bunching around her waist had come out of a normal package. Billie then saw baby equipment the boys had outgrown orb in front of her just long enough for Billie to see it and wince before it orbed somewhere else.

Reappearing in the living room Billie found she could move. However she was now in the playpen in the corner of the room. Luna walked up to the bars of the pen. “Harness.” She commanded and Billie found that she was once again able to move her arms. Luna then smiled. “I’ve been thinking of the best way to ensure that my Junior Witch in Training doesn’t get too big for her britches and try to start casting spells against me.” Luna informed Billie. “And of course I’ve come up with a perfect solution.” She said holding up a pair of mittens connected via a length of cord in one hand. In the other she held a pacifier. Letting go of the two objects they both stopped in mid air whether frozen or simply levitated Billie didn’t know. All she knew that whatever power Luna had over messing with people’s heads she was using now because she could concentrate on nothing else. Luna then picked up her wand and spun it at the two garments. “Pacifier.” She commanded and Billie found the pacifier between her lips and clipped onto her shirt via a pink Minnie Mouse clip. “Mittens.” Luna spoke again. This time Billie found her hands placed inside the white mittens and the cord was placed underneath her shirt.

Suddenly Billie’s head became clear. Not caring about mittens or pacifiers she aimed a lightning bolt spell at Luna. The mittens sparked as the lightning discharged but they did not rip. Instead Billie watched as the lightning travelled up from one mitten across the cord and down through the other. Without warning Billie’s gloved hand raised itself up and planted itself firmly against the back of her diaper. Billie looked at her padded hand as if it had betrayed her. She had just spanked herself, hard. She turned to glower at Luna who simply smirked causing Billie’s anger to boil over. Spitting out the pacifier Billie began to chant an incantation. As she reach the climax of the spell she found pacifier hovering just inches from her lips. Her eyes wide she watched as the end of the pacifier began to glow. Suddenly it shot into her mouth and Billie felt the jolt of a spell run through her. It was then she found herself wailing. Not an adult cry but a helpless babyish cry that was so immature that Billie just felt so little stupid and helpless and the tears came as she subsided to deep gulping breaths.

Billie then found herself orbed right in front of Luna who took hold of her diaper and checked it. “A spanked ass, a little cranky tantrum but there’s nothing downstairs.” Luna smiled releasing the waistband of Billie’s diaper and giving it a pat. “Maybe what you need is a makeover.” Luna smiled.

Ch. 2

A dark haze filled the living room and as three Tormentors were summoned into the living room. In their shadow forms they stared at Billie with their unblinking silver eyes. Then they began to reform. Their bodies shrunk down and moved into the colored spectrum. Each Tormentor began to morph into preteen girl. The first became a small blonde girl about 11 or 12 wearing a black and white striped crop top and white pants. The second Tormentor sprouted mousey brown hair from underneath a green colored straw hat. She was wearing a summery outfit consisting of a dual cut top with a soft green stripe along the top. It was white underneath the green stripe and finished just above the Tormentor’s three quarter length green pants. The last Tormentor molded itself into a girl slightly older than the other two. Possibly 13 or 14 not much older but a definite amount. This Tormentor transformed itself into a having red hair, hung in pig tails, whilst wearing a white USA soccer shirt and pink track pants.

The demons then rounded on a still frozen Billie eyeing her with haunting silver eyes. The two younger Tormentors then swiped at Billie’s legs knocking her down to their size whilst the oldest grabbed at Billie’s top. Ripping it off of Billie’s back the red head then stuffed the top down the back of Billie’s diaper. Tears formed in Billie’s eyes as she was forced to stand in front of Luna in nothing but a bra and a diaper.

“With the amount of use those diapers are going to get I think it’ll be better if Junior can’t actually remove them.” Luna smiled. Pointing the wand at Billie she began to chant.
“Your powers are nullified in those baby clothes,
They feed energy to me, so my magic grows,
I’ll now abuse the Power of Three,
And bond you into diapers, you helpless baby.”

Billie found herself awash with magical energy. Staring down at her diaper it seemed to fasten itself to her skin, like egg sticking to an unoiled frying pan. Sliding her mittened hand against the waistband of the diaper Billie found she was completely unable to pull it away from her skin. She lifted her head up to glower at Luna but all she found instead were the three Tormentors staring at her. Now that she could move however Billie wasn’t exactly going to hang around and wait to see what they had planned. Turning she started to sprint for the door.
“Baby bouncer.” Luna commanded. Billie tried to force what had just happened out of her mind. She knew, deep down, that she had just been placed in a baby bouncer and whilst her feet hit the gorund and the bungee cords hadn’t gone slack yet she wasn’t hopeful of how long that situation would last for. As the cords went tight Billie found herself being propelled backwards and up. Her back slapped against the ceiling before she was dumped uncerimonliously onto her face on the floor. The cords then tightened up more and Billie found her feet lifted to just off the floor meaning she was once again captive. “Now I think it might be best if you stop running away all the time.” Luna mocked moving inches from Billie’s face. Billie tried to kick and punch forward but the baby bouncer held her too rigidily beneath her arms and her legs too high off the ground so she ended up performing a cycling motion in mid air. “Now, now, temper, temper.” Luna smiled. “If your getting cranky then perhaps you have a fever. And you don’t want me checking for one of those do you?” Luna asked. Billie thought on this for a second then stopped. “Good baby.” Luna patronised. Turning to the Tormentors Luna laughed. “We will have to go shopping to get somebody some more diapers.” She jerked her head back to Billie. “Whatever you dress her in will be fine. But as she’s soooo sad perhaps you should dress her in something special to lift her spirits.” Luna affected concern as she orbed out of the room.

Piper, Phoebe and Paige clung to each other as the Power of Three was forcibily drawn from them. Convulsing Paige felt like she was on fire as her greatest gift was used to demean her young charge again.
“We have to stop this.” Phoebe said recovering first.
“That’s pretty obvious.” Piper stated flatly.
“But how? We’re not even here we’re just some memories. We don’t know where our bodies are and apparently our souls are somewhere different.” Paige shrugged exasperated.
“Perhaps I could be of assistance.” A blond haired fat man asked.

The three Tormentors crowded around Billie. She hung her head in shame as the abominations unceremoniously dumped her out of the baby bouncer and onto the floor. Despite their small size the demons were blessed with the usual increased strength and stamina. Finding a pair of hands down her diaper Billie started to turn around only to have another set of hands clamp around her waist and hold her steadily in place. Taking the ripped top out of Billie’s diaper the Tormentors held it up in front of Billie.
“I don’t think she can really wear this again.” The red head told the others.
“Your right.” The other two agreed.
“Oh well I guess we had better go up to Junior’s nursery and get her ready to go.”

Re: Charmed

Billie was then frog marched from the living room to the boys’ nursery wearing nothing but her pale blue bra, mittens and a diaper. Each step she took was accompanied by an immature crinkle as the scaled up diaper bunched between her legs and the causing the cover to crinkle. Once into the nursery Billie was told to stand in front of the changing table. The Tormentor with the green hat had given Billie’s arm a hard enough squeeze that the young witch had decided to comply rather than be seriously injured.

Rummaging through the neatly folded piles of baby clothes the Tormentors drew out a couple of different “suggestions” for Billie but they kept their backs to their captive so Billie couldn’t see what they had taken hold of. After a very brief conversation in muffled voices Billie found the three demons turning around together each holding a different garment of clothing. Pouncing on Billie, who found herself knocked onto her back with a jarring thud, the Tormentors pulled on the baby clothing which seemed to expand as it was pulled over Billie’s body so it fitted perfectly. ‘Well perfectly for the Tormentors’ Billie thought. Being dragged forward so her neck was forced forward Billie had to strain her neck whilst the demons fixed her hair. She doubted they would put any makeup on and Billie could guess that the only accessories she’d have would be her pacifier and diaper bag.

The Tormentors allowed Billie to draw her neck back in she stared down at the outfit she had been dressed in. Biting back tears, Billie stared at the bright red strawberry shortcake dress. The large frilly white collar seamed to be the only decal on the dress which was plain white and the skirt only extended down far enough to cover the top half of Billie’s diaper. On her feet where a pair of black patent leather Mary-Jane shoes with the T-bar buckle securely fastened over brilliant white socks that extended up to her calves. Finding her pacifier being pushed between her lips Billie watched as the pacifier was clipped to her chest via a Minnie Mouse holder. Touching her hands to her head Billie found a large bow that forced her hair down around her head with the front of her hair forced down so it gave her a childish straight fringe just above her tweezed eyebrows. Pulling her hands either way Billie found that the cord attached to her mitts was threaded underneath her dress and out through the arm loops making her the perfect baby-doll. Only she wasn’t a baby and being the empitamy of cute did not please her whatsoever. She spun as she felt Luna orbing back into the room and her dress flew up revealing all of her diaper to the room.

“Well aren’t you sweet.” Luna mocked. Turning to the Tormentors. “Now we have to go out and buy some diapers for Junior so you will have to come with me.” Luna smiled. “But I don’t want you to attack the general population. Instead I want you to make sure that our Junior Witch in Training here is as uncomfortable as possible. So don’t forget her diaper bag.” Luna said as she orbed everybody out of the room.

Being bonded into the diaper meant Billie had little or no chance of removing it. And even as she was transported through time and space to her destination she could feel the pressure on her bladder growing. Unbeknownst to her Luna was increasing the volume in the young witch’s organ but even that wouldn’t had improved Billie’s mood.

Reappearing in her local mall Billie allowed her head to sink downwards. She didn’t want to make eye contact with anybody especially as there was a high chance that she would meet more than one person she knew. First she would have to suffer being made to wander around dressed like a baby. Then Luna would probably force herself to reveal she was a witch and with the Tormentors there Billie knew her embarrassment would increase threefold.

Strangely even as she crinkled through the mall Billie wasn’t receiving that much attention. Steeling glances upwards she saw that whilst she drew some stares most people hardly took any notice. Or at least where trying not to take any notice. As Luna silently guided Billie around the mall and into the main shopping centre the volume of people increased as did the stares and whispering. With the pressure on her bladder increasing exponentially Billie tried to force herself to forget about the pressure and concentrate on remaining dry and saving herself a lot of embarrassment.

However as the pressure increased to an almost unbearable level at the shoe section of the mall Billie’s pace began to slow up too much for Luna’s liking. Turning to Billie and crouching down, as one would do when talking to a toddler, Luna affected a cross face.
“Now what’s wrong Junior? Do you need something? Or do you just want to stare at some new shoes. Because I’m sure one of the ladies will be able to help you find some nice new ones.” Luna patronized in that stupid way people speak when addressing a baby.
Billie looked up at the workers in the shoe department. Far from being ladies they were instead 16 year old girls with smirks on their faces. Billie shook her head and tried to keep pace with Luna. Very shortly Billie again found herself lagging behind the demon and the Tormentors who had been keeping pace began to drop back behind Billie and push her so she stumbled forward. With her head down Billie was forced to stumble along.

With one misplaced step Billie’s toe found herself stubbing harshly on the edge of a mirror that she hadn’t seen. Billie winced because as she had stumbled to prevent herself from landing face first on the floor she had overstepped and now the pressure on her bladder was effectively easing the hard way. In the reflection of the mirror she watched as an increasing damp patch appeared along the bottom of her diaper. Praying that no one noticed Billie knew that was idiot optimism as her skirt had never been near to covering that far down and as she walked Billie could feel the increased weight on her diaper pulling it further down. She was, now, able to step back up and keep pace with Luna who Billie could see was offering her a condescending smile to the young witch as they walked along.

“Hey cutie.” A boy from one of Billie’s classes laughed. “You appear to be in need of something.” Billie looked up at the boys face and behind her pacifier offered him a snarl. Of course the childish garment somehow made the gesture meek and placid but Billie felt a little better about until…
“Aren’t you going to thank this man for telling you Junior?” Luna asked.
“Yeah Junior.” The three Tormentors sang together giggling.
Billie contorted her face as she stared at the boy. “Thank you.” She gurgled behind the pacifier biting each word out.
“Well done Junior.” Luna mocked. “She’s been practicing her manners.” Luna smiled proudly.
“If only she could practice going to the potty.” The boy laughed.
“Yes that would be a help.” Luna guffawed.
“See you on Monday.” The boy smiled at Billie giving her cheek a pinch.

Billie felt the tears come forth now. That was humiliation of the highest order. It was one thing to run around with full diaper in privacy but a wet one in public was worse and Billie knew there were only two things that could top it. And she wanted neither.

Seeing how Luna hadn’t thought to restrain her in anyway Billie began to look up. Although this meant she could see the judging faces of the people in the store more clearly she could also plan out how far she would have to run when she chose her moment. Looking down again Billie realized she was slightly thankful that the Tormentors hadn’t put her in booties because the Mary-Jane’s should afford her a bit more support once she was running.

Being thankful for small mercies was all Billie could take from her present situation. Especially as she was directed down the diaper aisle. Billie had hoped it would be deserted but there was a crowd at the bottom of the aisle of people who had clearly been informed of Billie’s predicament and wanted to see for themselves. She could even hear the click of camera cells going off as she guessed that she would been an internet celebrity by the end of close tonight. She glared up at the stores security cameras before returning her gaze to Luna who was standing in front of Billie with a package of diapers in her hands.

The package of Convertibles that Luna held in her hands began to swell slightly as the demon pumped magic into it. The outward designs remained mostly the same however the size chart changed so it read “Sabrina - For all Junior Witches” and the baby on the front began to age considerably. Billie kept her gaze constant and tried to stare through the package.

Satisfied that she had held the package up long enough so that all the camera happy crowd could get their pictures Luna thrust the package of diapers at Billie and with a large sigh waited until her captive took hold of the package. Turning towards the crowd in the aisle Luna began to meander down it looking for some other ‘products’ for Billie.

With Luna turning her back the Tormentors did the same. Sensing this was her chance Billie hurled the package at Luna as hard as she could and was rewarded with the demon being knocked off of her feet. Sprinting down the aisle Billie ignored the Tormentors as they tried to grab her lifting herself over them with a flip. Darting forward she headed into the crowd who parted when they saw the desperation on the girl’s face. And although some tried to stop her Billie wasn’t letting a couple of hands stopping her from escaping.

Rushing through the crowd Billie watched as Luna pulled herself to her feet and motioned for the Tormentors to start after her. Reaching the checkouts Billie didn’t stop to get held up by the lines she simply jumped onto an unmanned station and cart wheeled back onto the floor causing her skirt to fly up around her face but it did nothing anyway so the young witch didn’t care.

Her Mary-Jane shoes squeaked as they came into contact with the mall floor and as the Tormentors tore after her by jumping from wall to wall and running in unnatural ways after her Billie knew that most people would either be talking about what they saw or would hear about it.

Billie had just begun to open up a lead away from the Tormentors, after all no matter what running abilities they had in a straight sprint they were still smaller than Billie, and she was rounding a corner when heard Luna yell across the mall.
“Your being very bad, Junior.”

Billie gritted her teeth as her mittens gave her butt a good pounding but rather than stop she used every stinging swat to try and force herself onwards. Fortunately she didn’t begin crying behind the pacifier. Unfortunately however Billie found her dress becoming heavier. At first it pushed Billie off balance but as she was leaning forward anyway this wasn’t a major problem. However the weight continued to to pile onto the dress and as it wasn’t long enough to even cover her diaper when she saw sprinting Billie became increasingly top heavy. So much in fact that she began stumbling forward. Despite this Billie kept kicking her legs and manage to keep the Tormentors from breaching the lead she had over them.

Finally though the weight of the dress became too much and forced Billie to the ground. Kicking out with her feet Billie began to try and crawl as quickly as she could away from the Tormentors. Knowing that the door to the mall was just around the corner spurred Billie on and gave her enough strength within her thin arms to hold off the weight of her dress from forcing her to a complete stop on the ground.

As she rounded the corner on all fours Billie found that all that separated her from the outside world was two sets of legs. Each wore the standard issue mall security grey slacks and as Billie tried to bundle past them she found herself being pulled upright by the sleeves of her dress. The two security guards held her underneath her arms and left Billie kicking her legs out to try and find some traction even though she was off the ground. Billie even tried a few futile kicks at the security guards but they held her firm.
“Let me go.” Billie squirmed.
“Aren’t you a cutie.” One of the security guards cooed at Billie. It was then that behind the obligatory Ray Bans Billie saw that both of the guards had the silver eyes of Tormentors.
“Let me go.” She struggled again.
“But you’ve had a little whoopsie.” The other Tormentor smiled. “Maybe we should take you back to Mummy.”
“You’ve got such an affinity with kids.” The first Tormentor smiled to his partner.
Billie kicked and bucked like a mule but the demons arms stayed tight under her armpits seemingly unfazed by the substantial weight of the dress. They lifted Billie between them as if she was nothing.

As Billie was carried through the store she began to slip down slightly from the guards grip. Far from being a sign of the guards weakening, their grips remained constant, it instead caused Billie’s dress to ride up higher revealing the extent to which she had wet her diaper. The core between her legs was nearly solid with liquid and was in a quite a bit of danger of leaking.

She heard voices coming up behind and shortly Billie was staring at three familiar faces.
“We could have caught her.” The oldest teen Tormentor moaned.
“But your just a kid yourself. And you don’t send a child to do an adults job.” The first security guard Tormentor mocked.
“We were just about to catch her at the door to stop her from hurting herself. You’ve been forced to carry her all the way.” The green hatted Tormentor sighed.
“Well don’t worry about it if you want a piggy back you can go next.” The second security guard smiled.

Billie couldn’t believe what she was hearing the Tormentors were actually fighting over her. As if she was a trophy or a prize. This wasn’t a good thing but perhaps it could be used to her advantage when she made her move to escape. It wasn’t like she’d be getting that chance soon however as Billie felt a strong hand underneath her diaper and as she was levitated up slightly Billie knew she would be shortly face to face with Luna.

With Luna’s hand underneath her diaper it must have looked as if the demon was carrying with as little difficultly as one would have carrying an infant. Billie found the arms of her dress tightening slightly as she was pulled in against Luna’s chest. The young witch’s legs were then frozen and pulled up around Luna’s hips so it looked like she was cuddling into the demon. The bow of her head then began to increase in weight as well forcing Billie’s head down onto Luna’s shoulder. Lifting her eyes up to Luna’s face Billie was greeted by only a mocking smile so omnipotent it made her toes curl.

“I think your little one’s had a little whoopsie.” One of the security guards stated. Billie could no longer see the guards as her head was almost clamped to Luna’s shoulder. Billie felt her diaper being squeezed underneath her.
“She is very wet. I don’t want her to get diaper rash again.” Luna announced loudly whilst hiking up Billie’s skirt exposing her entire diaper.
“Is it a common problem?” The other guard asked.
“Oh you saw how Junior likes to run…” Luna explained. “If she’s carrying a load then I have to wait until I can catch her to change her.”
“I understand.” The guard laughed. “I know how difficult it is with little ones.” He must have done something to the Tormentor in the green hat because she yelped slightly.
“But the girls are such a big help.” Luna smiled.
“Yeah we dress Junior and everything.” The girls chimed.
“Sometimes though its better just to rely on adults. For instance maybe you could have put a couple of these three down for a nap whilst you went shopping. It would have been so much easier to hang onto Junior.” The Tormentors were very openly in fighting now.
“Thanks for the suggestion but no.” Luna snapped once again cracking the whip to show she still wielded it.

Billie then found herself moving darting her eyes about she heard Luna’s high heeled clack on the mall floor. As Billie became disorientated due to her lack of anything but her peripheral vision the young witch just shut her eyes and prayed for a quick end. This of course wasn’t to be.
“Are you tired Junior? Well you did do a lot of running about. Don’t worry you can have a nap when we get you home.” Luna cooed snapping Billie’s eyes back open.

Billie then found her back dropping down slightly and as she gasped around her pacifier she felt herself being dropped onto a bench. The bench was a circular metal contraption around a plastic tree, ironically put there to give the mall more natural life, and as Billie’s dress came in contact with the corrugated iron she heard it groan slightly against the weight. Finding herself looking at Luna and the three girls Billie’s eyes darted from each, she wasn’t exactly in a prime position to fight them off at the moment. Looking to their hands Billie saw the Tormentors each had something in their hands that spelled trouble.

The Tormentor dressed in black and white held a bag that Billie guessed could only be a diaper bag, the Tormentor with the green hat held the package of diapers that Billie had flung at Luna and the Tormentor in the soccer top was holding onto a plastic mat. Glancing about Billie knew what was coming next and she didn’t like it. Trying to pull herself upwards Billie realised that she couldn’t even move her head the weight of what she was wearing was so intense. Looking at Luna she saw that she was holding what was worst of all, her wand. Luna then tapped her wand gently against the ground. For Billie that sound seemed magnified but the rest of the mall appeared to have its volume turned down. She could hear her own slightly panicked breathing and heart was beating loud in her chest but the usual hustle and bustle of the crowd was gone.

The bench creaked with relief as Billie levitated from it slightly. Being held inches above the ground Billie was forced to watch as the changing mat was slid underneath her. The Tormentor’s sandals squeaking on the floor. As Billie was settled back down onto the changing mat she felt her legs stick slightly to the mat, her exertions from running had made her sweat slightly and the plastic was readily sticking to that. Every move Billie now made was now accompanied by an orchestra of crinkles as the sounds felt magnified in Billie’s ears.

Luna then took the package of diapers of diapers from the Tormentor and tore it open. The tearing sound was almost deafening to Billie who shook her head to try and clear her ears.
“Oh poor baby is getting figidety.” The soccer Tormentor mocked. She then moved over to beside Billie and placed her hand on top of Billie’s stomach. “Coochy coo.” She mocked.

Suddenly Billie felt like she was being electrocuted. Everytime the Tormentor touch her stomach Billie felt jolts of electricity jolt out from the demon’s finger tips. Billie had no choice but to try and squirm. She even yelped behind the pacifier but the gurgling sound closely resembled that of a giggle so Billie knew she wasn’t going to receive much help.

Respite did come though however from an unlikely source. Luna shooed away the Tormentor and with a diaper in one hand motioned for the diaper bag to be brought to her. Billie gritted her teeth and prayed for Luna to get on with it. Opening the diaper bag Luna opened a lined pocket, Billie wondered what that was for, and then pulled out a packet of baby wipes out of another. Using the excess of weight around Billie’s head and shoulders Luna hardly even needed her demon strength to move Billie’s legs up into the air. Although Billie was not offering much resistance in the hope that this would speed her change. Luna methodically untaped Billie’s diaper and balled it up. She then took the soaked garment and placed it into the lined pocket of the diaper bag. Billie silently scolded herself for not guessing what it was for but also wondered why on earth Luna didn’t just send one of the Tormentors to the bin with it? Now exposed to the mall Billie watched helplessly as Luna opened the baby wipes and carefully drew one out.

Piper stared at the fat demon. Everything he said made sense but he was a demon. It made believing him more difficult even if what he said was logical.
“So we are trapped in this demon’s wand, with you and everybody else who’s souls she stolen?” Piper questioned.
“That’s right.” Grondas said.
“You’ve got to forgive Piper, she has a hard time believing demons.” Phoebe smiled.
“I’ve got good reason to be this way.” Piper shot back.
“But from what you’ve said we don’t really have emotions here.” Paige asked.
“That’s right, your powers are being drawn out from you.” Grondas stated. “You felt that.” He justified to Piper. “And what happens is the rest of you get transferred to here. For demons like myself who have no souls we end up just floating here whilst our powers are used. Once our usefullness is expended we simply vanish. Sometimes Luna keeps our power other times she just abandons it.” Grondas sighed. “People like you however she can’t absorb fully, hence why she’s called the Jailor of Souls. She can keep you locked up and abuse your powers but she can’t steal them completely.”
“So how do we stop her?” Phoebe asked hopefully.
“Wait a minute.” Piper said her gaze narrowing. “If there are so many hundreds of souls where are they all. Its just us here.”
Grondas regarded Piper for a moment. His mouth showed shock and awe but his eyes showed sadness. Lifting his arm up he left a shimmering residue behind it.
“I don’t see it.” Piper stated. She felt Paige nudge her in the ribs.
“Look again.” Her sister growled.

This time Piper watched as Grondas lifted his arm. In the glowing trail following his arm Piper could make out a swirling mass. Again Grondas moved his arm and Piper saw that the swirling mass wasn’t some strange fluid like she’d orginally believed she was floating in. No instead she could now make out hundreds of faces staring at her in the tiny piece of light from Grondas’s arm. Turning her gaze around her Piper saw that there was enough space in this cavernous place to be full of millions, if not billions of souls. Watching her own luminence Piper watched as she lifted and fell with what she had orginally seen as the tides of the liquid was instead hundreds of souls trying to make her see them rushing at her at once. She looked at Paige and Phoebe both with tears in their eyes, Piper touched hr cheek and realised that she to was crying. They had to find a way out of this and soon.

Ch 3.

Billie winced as the final baby wipe was drawn over her skin. It wasn’t the texture of the cloth that made her winced but with the sounds all around her being subdued she was forced to listen to her own harsh breathing. With the lack of ambienent noise from the mall Billie retreated inside her mind desparately searching for every tidbit of information she knew about her captor and her imps. And unfortunately that wasn’t much so instead she found herself pondering her situation and wishing that her next diaper change, as due to the hopelessness of her situation she was sure that there would be a next change, would at least be in the privacy of a nursery or restroom. She shuddered at the thought that this should bring her some consolation.

Finally Luna took the diaper in her hand and pulled it under Billie. Bringing out baby powder she deftly powdered the young witch and then fastened the thick diaper around Billie’s waist. Billie guessed she should have been at least grateful for a clean diaper as the noise from the mall began to pick up and the world seemed to shift back to normal. Finding the weight of her dress subsiding Billie was made to sit up and stare into Luna’s eyes.
“You look hungry.” Luna smiled it wasn’t a nice gesture. “Well you shouldn’t need changed and I bet you sleep a whole lot better with a full tummy.” She teased crinkling her nose at Billie who had to restrain a curse.

Picking Billie up and dropping her on back onto her feet Luna placed a hand a Billie’s back. And pushed her ownwards. Billie screwed her face slightly as increased the length of her paces and turned to glower at Luna who simply responded with the word “Harness.” Billie felt the blue nylon orb around her dress and she could feel the reins being drawn up behind her.
“Well I don’t want to loose you again.” Luna taunted.

The three Tormentors quickly surrounded Billie. The demons would take it in turns to try and grab her hands and pull them into the arm restraints. At first Billie had no trouble in fending off the abominations but they became more and more persistant. From simple “look over there” taunts they started messing with the cord around her mittens and her pacifier. Biting back spell after spell Billie was forced to try and fend off the Tormentors whilst once again becoming a public spectacle as Luna steered her up towards the food court. As the demons finally pulled one of Billie’s mittens into the arm restraints Billie found herself being hoisted up by Luna who pressed the young witch against her hip.

Taking one look into Billie’s startled face Luna licked her lips. “What a good idea.” She said examining Billie’s mitten. She removed both of her hands from Billie who stayed floating against her hip whilst Luna quickly harnessed Billie’s free hand against her waist. “Oh don’t pout Junior.” Luna threatened returning one hand to underneath Billie’s diaper. “Or I will give you something to pout about.”

Billie tried to suck in her lip but it was hard she was fighting a cavalcade of differing emotions not least the embarrassment of having to wander around with both her mittens fastened to her waist making her look like she was waddling around with her hands permanently on her hips. Reaching the top of the escalator Billie was returned to the floor and nudged towards the food court. She could feel a sense of dread and forboding. Upstairs in this mall there was a creche and she felt pretty sure that she would end up diapered besides real babies before very long. Stealing a quick glance at the Tormentors Billie knew they suspected the same.

“Now girls I am going to find Junior and myself a seat why don’t you go and join the queue?” Luna ordered she hadn’t asked that as a question. Slightly disapointed to be passing the creche the Tormentors obediantly joined the queue of dinner time patrons. Although the mall was busy the food court was packed. Moving over to the children’s play area Luna wandered up to a table where a family was sitting, it was clear they were just about to sit down because although they were at a table their food was still on the trays and their own baby wasn’t yet in the highchair. “Your at our table.” Luna said pushing Billie towards the highchair.
“You can’t be serious.” The father said. He took one disbelieving look at Billie then turned to Luna.
“Deadly.” Luna smiled.
“Sorry but I believe its first come first served.” The man gave a look to his wife who began to put her baby into the highchair. “And anyway its a free country.”
“But its not free for you to live.” Luna glowered.
“What?” The man asked his eyes wide with disbelief he obviously thought that Luna was some kind of weirdo.

Luna simply looked into the man’s eyes and he appeared to melt in a dark haze. When it cleared his body was gone and Luna shook out her head, clearly she wouldn’t be feeding on the food at the court. The mother opened her mouth to scream but she to was engulfed by the same haze and she disappeared. Billie desparately wanted to help but she found her feet frozen to the floor as Luna rounded on the baby. It was such a small helpless being that Billie was sure that if Luna had any compassion she would show it then. The baby however only gurgled as it to disappeared into a dark haze.

With her hands on her hips and feet frozen to the floor Billie wasn’t sure what she expected to accomplish but she tried her hardest to leap over and choke the life out of Luna. Unfortunately what she was reduced to was a little bob that looked almost like she was trying to dance.
“Aren’t you cute.” Luna sneered turning her wand to the highchair.

The plastic seat expanded outwards and began to recess further down so Billie wouldn’t sit much higher than the other diners. The straps also became a lot thicker whilst the feeding tray became bigger and stronger so it could support a lot more pressure. Luna didn’t even pretend to put Billie into the chair she simply orbed the young witch into and snapped the feeding tray sharply around Billie’s arms locking her hands out of the way below the tray. Calling one of the Tormentors across Luna ordered the demon to watch Billie whilst she took its place in the queue.

Billie locked eyes with the green hatted Tormentor.
“Hows it going Junior?” It teased. “Are you feeling better now that your wittle bot-bot is in a nice cwean didee?” She mocked. “I mean you have done a couple of big whoopsie’s in your diapers since you went back into them.”
Billie stared ahead stoney faced.
The Tormentor was not to be denied however. Pulling the pacifier from Billie’s lips it held the pacifier by the ring. “Come on you can tell me. You enjoy squeezing a big load into your diapers. It makes you feel all warm and mushy doesn’t it?”
Billie took a deep breath.
“Well mushy in your diaper anyway.” The Tormentor chuckled. “I’ll bet you even enjoy…”

“I might be alone without the Power of Three
But these shackles are coming off, I’m no baby
To call forth the wildcard power, to make them pay
Strike down these villians and save the day.” Billie said finishing casting the spell.

The Tormentor cocked its head at Billie as if it didn’t quite understand. “Now I know your not that much of a stupid little baby to think that would work, so I guess you must really like screaming like a little baby.” The demon smiled. Billie stared at the imp wide eyed. “You’ve got about three seconds to put this pacifier back in your mouth before you make everybody turn around and stare at you.”
Billie began whailing like a banshee.
“I meant from the moment I started explaining this.” The Tormentor laughed wickedly. It dangled the pacifier tantalisingly close to Billie’s mouth who for no other reason than to save her throat bit down on the pacifier to stop herself from crying. “Awww, I wuv my wittle baby shister.” The demon ridiculed.

Luna then returned with the other two Tormentors who had big smiles on their faces. They had each brought a large plastic juice cup with a lid on whilst Luna carried a tray with what looked like mince on it and a coffee. Setting down the tray in front of Billie Luna looked at the imprisoned witch with a plastic smile on her face. “Did somebody miss her mummy?” Luna sneered. “Bib.” She commanded and tied the extra large garment around Billie’s neck. Looking down at the bib Billie saw that it was pure white with a yellow boarder with “Mummy’s mess maker” in cartoony writing across the front. Billie gave a slight shake of her head as the pile of steaming mince was deposited onto the feeding tray of the high chair.

Billie looked at mince before her and back to the demons. They clearly didn’t expect her to drop her face into the muck and start eating did they? Looking from each of the Tormentors and then finally to Luna Billie watched as they each brought out a fork. Stabbing a forkful the demons raised them together and lunged for Billie’s mouth. Billie kept her teeth clamped around the pacifier as the first of forks smeared against her mouth and none to gently stabbed at her face. Luna stopped and waited for the Tormentors to tip the forks back into the mince for another go. Luna simply held out her hand the pacifier appeared in her grasp. Smiling she motioned to Billie who found the bow on her head began to squeeze her crown. Opening her mouth to wince slightly Billie found a forkful of the hot mince in her mouth. Luna then snapped Billie’s mouth shut and gave her a warning point with the same finger. Swallowing Billie found the mince to be an extremely hot and sweet chilli. Not hot in temperature but as in spice. Again she found her head being squeezed so Billie just took a deep breath and began to feed on what was being provided.

Looking down she saw that she was beginning to make an impression on the amount of chilli sitting in front of her but her mouth was burning and tears were now streaming down her eyes. She could feel her guts churning already and was pretty sure it wouldn’t be long before the chilli made its way onto the wrong side of her digestive track. The forks then stopped coming and Billie found herself staring at an oversized sippy cup with the picture of a Disney Princess on it. Without hesitation she gladly began sucking down the thin milk she had been provided in no doubt that it was probably laced with something but Billie decided that at that moment it would be more beneficial to trade her pride for something to stop her mouth from burning.

Slurping the last mililitres of liquid from the cup Billie found herself back to being fed. This time the chilli didn’t seem so bad to start but as the coating on the roof of her mouth disapated she was back to feeling the heat. Watching, Billie found that a couple of girls from her class were also in the mall. One was wearing a MacDonald’s uniform the other a shop assistants. At first they took a double take at Billie who found herself missing mouthfuls of food and having them drop onto her bib as she tried to ignore the girls and continue to bite down the chilli as quickly as it was being fed to her.

Every glance Billie stole towards the girls Billie found herself staring into their eyes. She tried to look away and concentrate on what she was being fed but it was very difficult. Looking back at the pile of meat Billie was surprised to find that she had finished the whole tray. Looking back at the girls she saw them stand up giggling and begin to walk towards her position. Billie stared at Luna, there was no way she could convince the demon to hurry up and go, if she did she would probably be made to endure pudding in this highchair as well so Billie just looked around wondering what was next. When Luna pulled a bottle out of Billie’s diaper bag the young witch winced as the girls had surreptitiously walked all the way to the closest cleanup tray station just so they could get a better view of their classmate. They continued to walk towards Billie who was trying to keep her head down when she found the bottle being forced into her mouth, with a little persuasion from her bow.

Sucking on the bottle Billie watched as her classmates approached.
“Oh my goodness.” One of the girls affected surprise. It took Billie a second to remember her name, Jean, Jenna, something like that.
“Is that you Billie?” The other girl Alice asked.
“Yes it is her.” The Tormentor in the black and white snarled.
“Behave.” Luna warned the demon. “I see you know Junior.” She said to the first girl, Jenna.
“We’re in class together.” Jenna stated. “Or at least we were. They way she’s dressed I doubt she’ll be in class for quite a few years.”
“Except maybe kindergarten.” Alice laughed.
“I’m surprised you say that.” Luna said she hadn’t released the pressure on the bottle so Billie had to sit there effectively gagged by the bottle.
“Why’s that?” Jenna asked.
“Oh Junior’s been in diapers all the time she’s been in class. In fact a few times she’s come out needing…you know. I would have thought you all would have smelt her.” Luna lied.
“Really?” Alice asked.

Re: Charmed

“Yes we’ve already had a couple of whoopsies today haven’t we Junior?” Luna asked. Billie felt the bow on her head gain and loose weight rapidily causing Billie to nod her head overenthusiasitcally.
“She must be the one who wet herself down the diaper aisle.” Jenna stated. Billie almost sighed, there was somebody who wouldn’t be on the dean’s list this year.
“It was more like the shoes section.” The soccer Tormentor stated.
"Oh ok. " Alice shrugged. “Who are you guys?”
“We’re Junior’s big sisters.” The Tormentors smiled.
“And Junior’s always like this?” Alice asked. Affecting Billie’s new nickname.
“Oh yes, well except when she’s at class. Then its usually just a nice safe diaper until she can get home.” Luna explained. “At classes she’ll try and act nice and grown up but once she gets home its back into her true role in our family.”
“Isn’t that a little bit weird.” Jenna puzzled.
“Not really it was her choice.” Luna lied again.

Billie found that she had finished the bottle and Luna had pulled it away. Standing Luna moved over to the highchair. Before she released Billie from it she pulled out a spare towel from a pocket in the diaper bag. Using a baby wipe to clean around Billie’s mouth Luna removed the young witches bib and placed the towel over her shoulder. Sliding the catch from underneath the highchair Luna release Billie and quickly released Billie’s hands from the harnesses as well effectively setting Billie free. However Billie once again found she was frozen solid. Unable to move she had no choice but to allow Luna to levitate her up and pull Billie over her shoulder. Standing up Luna forced Billie’s legs around her waist and with no effort at all Luna supported Billie with one hand and rubbed her back with the other.

Billie couldn’t believe it, she was being burped in front of two of her classmates.

What was even more surprising was the size of the burp she did let out after only a few seconds. Satisfied Luna sat back down to speak to Billie’s classmates. She replaced Billie’s pacifier and dropped Billie down onto the floor infront of her whilst holding onto the reins attachted to the back of Billie’s harness.
“Sorry duty called.” Luna smiled politely. Billie stared at her clasmates with begging eyes but they seemed oblivious, more like dumbstruck by her appearance, so they were of little help.
“And this is Billie’s idea?” Jenna asked.
“Of course. Once we established that she pretty much was going back into diapers 24/7 Junior felt it was better if she simply accepted where babies come in life.” Luna explained to Alice and Jenna. “Didn’t we Junior.” She cooed at Billie moving her head down to Billie’s level. “Mmm, aren’t you fussy just now?” Luna asked puzzled. “Can you get her dolly please?” Luna asked the Tormentor with the green hat.
As that Tormentor went to get a dolly for Billie the other two descended down to Billie’s level. The young witch was in a very difficult position as she was sat on the floor in front of Luna and her classmates with the Tormentors on either side of her. “They’re great with her.” Luna smiled at the two Tormentors.
“They must be a big help.” Alice said wearily. “So its nothing medical?” She said inclining her head at Billie.
“Oh goodness no.” Luna laughed. “This is what Junior wanted diapers and all. Don’t worry she’s only a little embarrassed but it was her choice.” She said directing everybodies gaze back down to Billie who was trying to stop the Tormentors from flicking ice down her diaper. The first Tormentor returned with a soft ragtime doll for Billie and set it down in front of the witch.
“Oh my.” Jenna gasped.
“Well, its good to meet you.” Alice smiled at Luna. “And we’ll see you in class Junior.”
“Actually before you go…” Luna began, this stopped both girls from standing. “I don’t suppose I could ask a favour?”
“What is it?” Jenna asked.
“Well I’m a single parent and sometimes I need a bit of a break from my treasures.” She said ruffling the top of the nearest Tormentor’s head. “I was wondering if you knew of anyone on campus who might be willing to babysit Junior and the girls?”
“I’d do it.” Alice smiled arching her eyebrows.
“Really?” Luna asked.
“Absolutely, I used to babysit in highschool. I’m guessing the only difference with Junior is bigger diapers.”
“And bigger messes unfortunately.” Luna laughed. “But I’ll pay good rates.” She added.
“Sounds like a plan.” Alice said before she gave out her cellphone number to Luna. “I hope to see you soon Junior.”
“Yeah see you on Monday Junior.” Jenna laughed as the two girls got up to walk away.
“Well isn’t that lucky.” Luna asked Billie who frowned through her pacifier. “But I’m really sorry girls somebody needs a nap so we will have to be going.” She said to Billie’s departing classmates.

As soon as their backs were turned Luna orbed Billie and the Tormentors back to the mansion. Billie found herself dropped in her cot in the nursery whilst the Tormentors appeared in the doorway. Luna herself remained behind in the mall for a few seconds. Spinning her wand around Luna absorbed the souls of the entire population of the mall in single sweep. The bodies of the soulless began to fizz in a dark haze as Luna orbed herself back to the mansion.

Billie stared at the Tormentors in the doorway. They were wearily watching Billie who found that not only was the crib’s sides higher than she could climb out of but they were very securely locked in place. Jumping against the walls of the crib Billie hoped to use her momentum to push the crib over onto its side so she could escape. It was as this point that Luna orbed into the nursery and as the demon watched Billie jump against the sides of the crib and try to push it over she smiled. Waving her wand at the crib she changed it so that crib could now rock from side to side. And as Billie fell back onto the plastic mattress the young witch’s inertia set the crib swaying.

“Oh rock-a-bye.” Luna laughed. She jutted her head towards Billie. “I think we had better get Junior ready for a nap don’t you?” She asked the Tormentors. The demons nodded their heads. “Good you had better find her something to wear after all we can’t have a baby sleeping naked now can we?” Luna said shooing the Tormentors away. Luna then levitated the crib into the middle of the room so she could walk around Billie whilst she mocked her. Striding up to the bars of the crib Luna watched as Billie sat down dejectedly in the middle of the bed. Crossing her legs the young witch began to pout around the pacifier. Luna walked around to the side of the crib so she was staring into Billie’s eyes. “What’s wrong baby? Have you done another whoopsie?” She mocked. Billie just put her head down and prayed for some respite from Luna. Luna however had other ideas.

Using her demon strength coupled with her stolen levitating powers Luna grabbed the side of the crib and spun it with all her might. Billie found herself pinned to the mattress of the crib as she was spun 360 degrees. The spin continued at the same speed as Luna kept the friction off of the bearing with her levitating powers. Soon Billie began to feel dizzy and disorientated. As Luna then began to increase the speed of the rotation of the crib Billie’s vision began to narrow and she began to black out. Feeling very weak suddenly the rotation slowed and Billie found herself sliding along on her stomach as the centrifugal force kept her mostly supported to the crib’s plastic mattress. However once the crib reached the top of its arc Billie found herself dropping away from the crib. Falling face first Billie thought that at least she’d be out of the crib. Only to find herself slapping harshly against the plastic of the crib as it rotated to quickly catch the young witch before spinning her around again.

Billie was spun and dropped four more times by the crib before Luna finally stopped it. Looking up at the demon, her face red, hair a mess and looking disheveled, Billie sneered at Luna. Standing up on jelly legs she walked over to the edge of the crib where Luna was standing and attempted to kick out the demon. Luna didn’t even look disinterested as she froze Billie’s leg in place. Arching her eyebrow at the witch Luna walked motioned for Billie’s other leg to lift and sent the young witch onto her back.

From lying facing the lighting fixture Billie found herself orbed over Luna’s lap. Billie’s upper torse was frozen solid but the demon left her legs able to kick, even if Billie herself couldn’t move. Pulling the young witches skirt up and exposing her diaper Luna affected disapointed.
“You will not grow up to be a voilent little girl.” Luna said sadly. “I’m afraid there’s only one thing I can do to straighten you out.” She grinned wickedly as she removed Billie’s pacifier and pulled down the witch’s diaper. Billie just remained where she was trembling. The demon had her completly at her mercy and with her strength could easily end her life. However she was toying with her and the more she did the more helpless and alone Billie felt. She, of course, had no idea that Luna was amplifying these emotions but there was still a small part of Billie that felt like this anyway. Luna absentmindely tapped her hand against Billie’s exposed rump as she waited for her audience to return. Of course like everything in life the time of wait only served to increase Billie’s emotions. She was nearly histerical by the time the Tormentors finally returned with a couple of hideous footed sleepers. “Now girls, Junior here has been naughty.” Luna patronised. Like many when speaking to children Luna was using words that were more imature as if Billie couldn’t understand the concepts of good and bad yet. “Its not good to be naughty. This is what happens.” Luna said as she brought her palm down against Billie rear.

Billie had thought that Luna might have built up to her strokes but evidently she was wrong. The first slap left a stinging welt on her rump and brought tears to her eyes. Looking up at Luna the demon simply gave a minute shrug. Then she brought her hand down a second time. Although this was done with the same force as the first Billie still arched her neck willing her body to move away from the pain but finding herself still frozen to the spot. The with kicked her legs about to try and rid herself of the stinging sensation but was only rewarded with a third and forth smack that followed in quick sucession. By the time Luna had brought her hand down a fifth time the tears were flowing freely down Billie’s cheeks.
“Look the little baby is crying.” One of the Tormentors mocked.
“I bet she wishes she had her paci now.” Another said as the sixth smack rained down on Billie.
“She’ll be balling in no time and wishing for a soft spongy diaper.” The last giggled when the seventh swat hit home.
Billie bit her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out as Luna slapped her backside an eighth time. By the nineth she had drawn blood but hadn’t cried out much to the chargrin of the watching Tormentors. The tenth and final stroke left Billie humiliated and sore. Luna turned Billie around as if she weighed nothing and pulled her diaper back over her bruised rump. Ripping off the red dress and bow Billie had been forced into she held the young witch under the shoulders on her knee.
“Have you learned your lesson?” Luna asked Billie. The young witch could see she wasn beaten for the moment so nodded her head. “Well, say thank you so I know there are no hard feelings.” Luna pressed.
“Thank you.” Billie bit out.
“That’s good, that’s how a nice young lady should ask. None of this bratty nonsense from you.” Luna said extending her arms out for a hug.
“No.” Billie said quietly. She had no intention of hugging the demon. Luna simply raised her hand to Billie’s side and extended her palm. Her meaning was clear. Swallowing Billie leaned into a hug.
“Would one of you please get Junior another diaper.” Luna asked sweetly releasing Billie.
“Why she hasn’t filled that one yet.” The Tormentor in black and white giggled as she grabbed the poofy white garment.
“Of course she hasn’t but I think somebody might need a bit of padding downstairs.” Luna emphasised drawing the overlarge diaper around Billie and patting her bottom. “Now did you get some plastic panties I don’t want Junior to leak all over her sheets.” Luna asked lifting Billie by both shoulders and dangling the witch over her head. “Do I? No I don’t.” She mocked. Billie for a moment considered spitting in the face of the demon but her sore rear quashed those urges.
“Here they are.” The soccer Tormentor rushed. Handing Luna a pair of bright yellow plastic panties. The panties looked, to Billie anyway, remarkably plain they were a dull yellow colour and had elasticized cuffs and waist but another than she could see no patterns or any other types of frills.
“Thank you.” Luna smiled drawing the panties up Billie’s shapely legs and over the top of her padded rear. She set Billie down onto the floor and Billie winced as she touched the floor. “Now what did you find for Junior to wear?”
“We got this. Its special.” The Tormentor with the green hat smiled holding up an oversized purple footed sleeper.

Billie at once understood why the plastic panties had been so minimalistic. This sleeper was beyond an eyesore. It was a riot of colours and angles and would drown Billie’s shapely form which Billie suspected was the point. Luna took hold of Billie’s hands and removed the mittens she was wearing. Billie however was wary if the magic in them was truly gone after what happened in the mall with the pacifier as even though she couldn’t hit herself as hard as Luna could Billie was afraid to try it just now. Even with her hands free Billie was too timid to fight back just now and allowed her feet to be stepped into the sleeper. Even as it was drawn up her body Billie could tell the sleeper was horrendous in so many ways. The feet attached were differening colours, her left blue and right red, which were then capped by and overhanging frill, this a lime green, the purple sleeper body then hung loosely around her knees until around her diaper where it was drawn in tightly, accentuating her diaper bulge. The crotch also had buttons to allow for quick diaper changes and each button was an off putting brown colour that was tied to the sleeper by thick orange thread. Billie shuddered as she felt the sleeper’s zipper being drawn up her back. The sleeper was again very loose around Billie’s chest and torso, make her figure completely neutral and its garish purple was offset by thick black piping in vertical stripes. Billie’s arms were gently forced down the sleeves where the purple arms continued down to rust red cuffs that were large and frilly but went to become very tight at her wrists. Around Billie’s neck the sleeper’s collar which extended out past her shoulders and down to her breastbone was a putrid yellow but was so light that a slight movement would sent it up to reveal its pink underside.

Billie stared down at what she had been reduced to as the Tormentors backed away to admire their handiwork. Aside from her large double diaper bulge Billie’s form was hidden behind frills and loud colours she guessed that this wasn’t exactly one of the garments that the sister’s had either had stowed away in the attic or that one of the boys would have been forced into but that was of little comfort. As Luna motioned for the other demons to put Billie into her crib the young witch felt her stomach start to churn, signalling the onslaught of the chilli she had been force fed at the mall. Looking out of the bed as the rail was slid up in front of her face Billie was about to protest when Luna used her wand to rock the crib and Billie had no intention of being caught in another spin cycle. Lying down Billie felt a sheet being drawn over her and frozen into place. Struggling briefly Billie forced herself to relax as the demons left the room.

Ch. 4

The texture of the footed sleeper bristled against her skin. It felt like a it was animal fur like a rat or mouse, which meant it felt uncomfortable rather than warm and encompassing. Rubbing her sleeves Billie tried to ignore the pressure building on her insides. She didn’t want to mess herself again. Struggling with the frozen sheet Billie looked down at the trapped bulk of her diaper. At least her thick diaper was slightly more pleasant on her sore behind. She mused. Looking at her hands now free from the mittens Billie wondered it she could actually use some of her magic. Unlike Paige she couldn’t just orb out of here or just blow them up like Piper. Even Phoebe could have levitated the sheet off of herself and then escaped out of the crib but Billie was stuck. Pouting Billie was spurned into action as her stomach rumbled. Shaking off her torpor Billie summoned a small lightning spell.

Her fingers fizzed momentarily before the spell failed to ignite in its radiance. Billie chewed her lip as she wondered what had gone wrong. Trying again Billie pulsed more power into the spell and was rewarded as the electricity discharged from her hand. The spell began to fly from the young witch lighting the room in an electric blue flash. However the spell didn’t arc away from her body as planned. Billie watched as the back of the bolt appeared to catch the front just above Billie’s head. The spell then burst in a shower of golden dust that fell on Billie’s head. Trying to shield her face with her hands Billie found herself inhaling some of the dust. It began to stick to her eyebrows and lashes and Billie began to feel really weak. Shaking her head to try and wake herself up Billie raised her arms in an effort to try and keep herself awake. It was to no avail though as Billie felt her eyelids grows heavy and as she watched as the golden yellow dust settled on her body Billie already felt like she was in dreamland.

Luna orbed into the nursery as soon as she could feel Billie drifting off. Pointing the wand at the young witch Luna watched as Billie’s image began to appear in the confines of her crystal wand. Unlike the Charmed Ones however Billie’s body didn’t disappear. Instead Luna moved her hands over the wand and placed them above the crystal. Dangling her fingers as if she was controlling a puppet a world began to form around Billie’s image.

At first there was darkness. Then a blinding white light caused Billie to shield her eyes. “I’m not in Kansas anymore.” Billie thought dryly. As the light began to subside and shift Billie found herself standing on wooden plank above the ocean. For as far as she could see the plank stretched out infront and behind her. It didn’t appear to be supported by anything and was no wider than Billie’s shoulders. Rubbing her hands to her biceps Billie felt the uncomfortable sleeper was gone. Staring down at her appearance Billie found that she was wearing a ripped linen shirt that had long sleeves that fell about her fingers. Lifting up the shirt Billie found that her diapers were gone. Well almost. They had been replaced by bright and colourful Little Mermaid Little Swimmer. Dropping the shirt down back over the swim diaper Billie brought her hands up to her head. Her hair felt stringy and unwashed, her skin grimey and unclean and her bare feet felt like they had been caked in mud.

The plank began to shake as Billie heard mutterings coming from behind her. Looking over her shoulder Billie saw Tormentors in their black oily form approaching her. Not wanting to find out why Billie took a couple of steps away. The plank began to shake more violently as Billie stepped and the young witch had to carefully tread to avoid bumping herself into the water. Billie wasn’t sure why but she felt that falling into the water would be a very bad idea.

Sneaking a glance down into the crystal waters Billie’s fears were confirmed when she saw other Tormentors circling beneath her. They had fish like fins and large flippered feet but the imps still retained their humanoid forms. Beginning to increase her pace Billie began to move quickly along the plank. Billie found she was reduced to waddling as she tried to escape her pursuers. Her swim diaper was designed to be latex tight against her skin causing it to bunch between Billie’s legs as she tried to move quickly. Coupled to the fact that the faster Billie tried to move along the plank the more the wooden beam began to oscilate. Stealing a quick glance behind her Billie saw the Tormentors gaining on her. Ignoring the wobbling plank and the uncomfortable garment around her waist Billie attempted to pick up the pace causing the demons to whoop in delight.

Rushing along the plank her legs feeling like jello Billie’s glance kept drifting behind her. For a second it appeared that the Tormentors had dropped back, staring at the demons for a second too long Billie found her foot missing the beam. It wasn’t so much that the witch had missed the beam, in fact her foot slipped straight through the solid wood as if it wasn’t there. Throwing her arms forward Billie could only scrabble hold of a solid piece of the beam with her nails. Feeling the wood jar against her hands leaving splinters embedded deep in her finger tips Billie clung to the beam. The wood began to bend down towards the ocean and the Tormentors swimming beneath Billie began to hum with activity.

Staring down Billie watched as the demons began to circle like sharks setting themselves for a feeding frenzy. As the first demon leaped from the water aiming itself at Billie the young witch swung her legs up and wrapped them around the solid beam. The Tormentor missed by inches, Billie was sure she could actually feel its breath the backs of her legs. With no time to react a second Tormentor jumped at Billie’s hanging form. There was no way for the young witch to avoid the demon and Billie tensed her body biting her fingers deap into the plank. Unfortunately for Billie even though she couldn’t avoid the Tormentor she still had to watch as the demon flew through the air towards her hanging diaper. Tensing her body Billie felt the Tormentor hit her.

Rather than the demon striking at Billie with mass however the demon seaped through her body. Billie shuddered as her stomach clenched and her gag reflex kicked in. She felt like she was going to be sick and soil herself whilst choking all at the same time. Managing to gain control on her convulsing insides BIllie prevented herself from doing any of those things as she tried to swing herself around and back up onto the skyward side of the beam.

Pulling her leg over the beam Billie began to slide her body around. Whilst her vision was obscured by the wooden plank a third Tormentor flew at Billie. Billie felt her insides clench again but as she was in the middle of trying to pull herself around Billie wasn’t as quick to reassert her control over her tensing body and she felt herself wetting her diaper slightly. Hiccupping as well Billie shook her head and gritted her teeth. Staring down at the swirling Tormentors Billie sneered at the demons. Looking back at the demons who had been following her on the beam Billie saw them resume the chase. Muttering under her breath Billie turned and began to run again.

Try as she might Billie found that she was unable to keep herself far ahead of the chasing pack of Tormentors. Despite sprinting so hard that she felt that the beam’s wobbling would throw her up and into the cool blue waters beneath her Billie couldn’t outpace the demons.

It was then that she caught sight of the island. Redoubling her efforts Billie increased her already lung bursting pace. Her balance was tested by the beam’s vibration and she could feel her legs wanting to buckle under her own weight. Ignoring all this Billie just sucked down burning lung-fulls of air and tried to make it to the island. The Tormentors behind her kept narrowing the gap between the themselves and the witch and within several steps were close enough to be able to slash at Billie’s flailing shirt. As their claws tore out at the garment Billie could feel her stomach convulse with each slash. As the tail of her shirt was torn into strips actively revealing her swim diaper Billie felt herself releasing a little bit of urine into her diaper. Acting as a spur this forced Billie to run at an uminaginable speed. As the island got closer Billie watched as figures on the sandy shore became clearer. If she hadn’t been so busy pumping her arms and legs Billie would have stopped in shock.

It was the Charmed Ones.

Rushing to the island Billie saw the sisters beckoning to her. She sprinted on ignoring her tumbling stomach and weakening knees. Grimancing as she was forced to wet her swim diaper again slightly Billie forced herself onwards and away from the chasing pack of Tormentors. Watching the sister’s ahead of her Billie noticed that they were chanting a spell. Billie watched as a framework appeared around the island. The frame seemed to shimmer with silver light as if there were very fine sheets hanging from it. However there was one gap directly in front of Billie and she charged towards that.

With two paces to go until she was inside the frame Billie snuck a look backwards and saw the Tormentors only a pace behind her. Turning to look forward again Bille found herself staring directly into Paige’s eyes. Billie nodded slightly as she tried to run past her friend. Only Billie found herself stopped. She had run straight into Paige’s outstretched hand which was currently against Billie’s diaper. Billie shuddered as her mentor witch squeezed the Little Swimmer.
“Let me past.” Billie shrieked hurriedly.
“Oh I’m sorry.” Paige shrugged. “Only clean girls get to stay safe.” And with that she pushed Billie so hard that she spun the young witch back to face the Tormentors who were just about on top of her. Billie turned back to the frame but found the gap was gone. Turning back to the Tormentors Billie tried to summon a spell. However she was too late and the demons piled towards her diving through her body causing her to convulse. Billie felt her stomach cramp painfully as she began to black out.

Billie awoke to a near crippling stomach cramps. As the cramps eased they were replaced by a foul stench. Not daring to open her eyes Billie was only too aware as to what had just happened. Worse than that with the sheet being frozen in place Billie literally had lie and feel the mess being spread up and down her skin. Forcing away the wallowing self pity she felt Billie managed to wiggle one of her arms free. Conjuring a tiny lightning spell that sat on the egde of her finger Billie burnt through the sheet that was holding her in place. Peeling herself away from the plastic sheet Billie sat up on her knees with her diaper sagging beneath her.

She regarded her surroundings. Effectively she was trapped by the crib and although she could cast some spells it appeared that anything too powerful would result in that yellow sleep dust being released again. Billie touched her hand gently to her rear of her sleeper. And she didn’t want that to happen again. Moving gingerly to the bars of the crib Billie felt the bed shift with her weight. Hanging onto the bars Billie felt along them looking for the latch. Finding it just at her finger tips Billie gently tried to work it loose. Finding it stuck Billie zapped a lightning spell at the latch. As the bars of the crib descended Billie began to feel really woozy as the sleep dust blew past her face. Shaking it off Billie tried to stand and walk to the door. Finding her knees weak Billie resigned herself to crawling until the dust wore off.

Pulling open the door to the nursery Billie very carefully snuck out onto the landing. Looking up to the next floor for the attic Billie caught sight of the Soccer shirted Tormentor sitting on the stairs waiting for Billie. Billie briefly considered using the element of surprise and her magic to blow the imp away and charge up to the Book of Shadows however the more than likely din of a magical battle would alert Luna and Billie didn’t want that. Looking instead to the front door Billie’s musing where cut short as the Tormentor in the black and white began to move up the stairs towards Billie. Sliding back along the wall Billie eased herself from the nursery doorframe to the next room along, Piper’s. Obviously as the boy’s mother she would want to be near the nursery in case anything was to go wrong so Billie decided against hiding in this room because of two reasons. The first was that this was the most likely for Luna to be in and more importantly there was a significantly lower chance of this room containing any potions with which Billie could use against the demons. Moving instead to the last room on the same side of the stairs Billie snuck quickly into Phoebe’s room before the Tormentor reached eye level with the landing. Carefully and quietly closing the door Billie turned and faced the room.

She nearly yelped when she saw the napping form of the green hatted Tormentor. It was lying up in bed with the hat pulled low of its face and its chest was rythmically rising and falling. Billie shuddered slightly, and if she had indeed needed diapers, Billie thought dryly, she would probably have wet them a little. As her thoughts once again turned to her diapers Billie rubbed her hand against the soiled undergarment sagging around her waist and she was filled with disgust and revile. Staring around the room Billie saw that on the dresser half way between herself and the Tormentor there were some potions. Of course Billie didn’t know exactly what was in them but Phoebe was usually smart enough to label them with their constituant parts so Billie would at least know if they would be effective against the demons or not.

Billie eased forward. She hadn’t tried standing up when she entered the room and she was afraid to now. Pushing herself out quietly on her belly Billie felt for any loose or creaking floorboards as she gingerly pulled herself towards the dresser. Upon reaching the old fashioned wooden vanity Billie rose up onto her knees and reached for the first potion. As Billie made to grab at the small glass vial a green blur whizzed past the tips of her fingers actually shaving off a portion of one her elongated finger nails. The blur then arced back away from Billie who trained her eys on it as it slammed into the doorframe effectively sealing the door shut. As it spun to rest Billie saw that it was the green hat from the Tormentor. Turning to face the demon Billie’s hands felt for a potion vial but found them all shattered by the spinning hat.

“I think your a little young for makeup.” The Tormentor smiled as another green hat appeared on her head. “But its a good job your here because I can smell that one of us is in a dirty diaper.” The demon mocked moving her hands to the bedspread. “What do you think Mr Hoppy?” The imp asked a rabbit soft toy. “Go get the dirty diaper.” The Tormentor stressed hurling the soft toy at Billie.

As Billie ducked out of the way of the speeding soft toy she found herself being pounced upon by the Tormentor. As the toy hit the wall the impact dropped two pictures from the wall and left a sizable hole in the wall behind. Using its demon strength the Tormentor quickly overpowered Billie and held the young witch’s hands behind her back. Frog marching the Billie to the door the Tormentor savegly yanked Billie’s hands backwards causing her land on her full diapers spreading the mess further. Touching the green hat that was embedded in the doorframe the Tormentor cooed at Billie smugly as the green garment vanished in an oily haze. Pulling Billie roughly to her feet the imp casually walked Billie back into the nursery.

Thrusting Billie into the nursery the Tormentor roughly pushed the young witch up onto the changing table. Flipping Billie onto her back and causing the mess to in her diapers to move more the demon drew a strap over Billie’s chest and tightened it holding her in place. Although Billie could have fought the demon she decided to lay low and at least have the dignity of a clean diaper before she would try and make her escape. As the Tormentor stood over Billie it began to grow and although its clothes stayed in the same style as it was already wearing they became as decidedly more mature cut as the demon aged to slightly older than Billie before it reached for the first snap on Billie’s crotch.

At first Billie thought that the Tormentor was being quick and efficient as the demon unsnapped her sleeper. However Billie realised that she had been lulled into a false sense of security. As the Tormentor removed the tapes of Billie’s diaper it tutted disaprovingly. Looking up into Billie’s eyes it shook its head and carefully refastened the tapes of Billie’s diaper. Releasing the chest strap around Billie the Tormentor picked up the young witch and stood her up on the changing table. Spinning Billie around the Tormentor unzipped Billie’s sleeper and pulled it off of her. Stepping out of the garment Billie was naked save for her drooping plastic pants which masked her sagging diaper the young witch folded her arms across her chest to try and retain a little modesty.
“Sorry Junior but your going to need more than babywipes to clean up your whoopsie.” The Tormentor said in mature voice. Billie then found herself lifted off of her feet by the Tormentor. Hoisting Billie over its shoulder the demon placed its hand firmly on Billie’s rear further moving the mess in her diapers around. Billie wanted to try and fight the Tormentor off but without help there was no way for her to remove her own diapers and the last thing she wanted was to end up with diaper rash because of these evil demons.

Billie tried to remain motionless as she was carried through the mansion to the bathroom. As the Tormentor opened the door and it stood Billie in the bathtub and moved back slightly with a warning point of its finger.
“Now Junior we need to get all the whoopsie off of your bot-bot before we can put you in nice clean diapers ok?” The Tormentor mocked. “Now you just stand still and let the big girls clean you right off.” The demon laughed as it unpopped Billie’s plastic pants.

Discarding the yellow garment the Tormentor began to untape Billie’s diaper. Due to all the moving around that had befallen Billie some of the mess had leaked out from the inner most diaper and into the second. As Billie watched the Tormentor fussed around with the diaper making sure none of it fell onto the enamel bathtub that the demon had placed the young witch in. Equally as carefully the Tormentor then slowly removed the inner diaper and it casually discarded both into the boys’ diaper pail that was sitting by the toilet. Turning on the shower the Tormentor hummed softly to Billie as it took a facecloth that was sitting on top of the bathtub and it began to clean Billie’s most sensitive of areas. Billie was inert in shame as the demon rubbed her bottom clean she knew that deep down this was her chance to escape but instead she found herself staring at her reflection in the mirror. From the waist up she was as she would like to be, an adult, naked but Billie looked like an adult. From beneath her waist however Billie had somebody cleaning her mess from her bottom. She would have pouted but that would have affected the tiniest piece of dignity that she was striving to maintain.

“All done.” The Tormentor announced happily. Turning away from Billie to grab a towel the demon had left itself open for an attack.

Readying herself against the wall so she wouldn’t slip at the wrong moment Billie braced herself. Taking a breath Billie pushed herself forwards to land on top of the Tormentor. Holding her arms out in front of her ready to wrestle the demon to the ground Billie was surprised by both the Tormentor’s speed and actions. Rather than readying itself for a counterattack the Tormentor pulled off its hat and held it infront of itself. Billie watched with horror as all she could see was the darkened insides of the garment and as she moved towards the hat rather than pushing against it Billie fell inside the hat. She then found herself dumped face first onto the cold plastic mat of the downstairs playpen.

Completely naked and dripping wet from her waist down Billie placed her hand over her body to try and retain some modesty. The playpen looked out onto the big double bay windows and the busy street outside could easily see the shamed young witch. Moving to the back of the playpen and crouching down Billie hoped she would cast a small enough figure to be mistaken for the boys by the speeding traffic flying past the windows.

Billie then felt the toe of a high heel tapping against her bare behind. Looking up but not spinning around Billie saw Luna and the Tormentors standing behind her. The Tormentors were all back in their little girl forms but that still didn’t stop the sense of forboding that the young witch got from seeing them all standing over her.
“Changing mat.” Luna commanded and Billie found herself orbed onto a changing mat in the middle of the living room.
Finding herself frozen Billie was pushed onto her back by Luna as the Tormentors moved out of her field of vision. Billie could feel babywipes moving over her drying the water as the Tormentors returned with a new outfit for Billie to wear. Wordlessly Billie’s backside was raised up and the deposited onto diapers. As the tapes were drawn around her Billie found herself being raised up once more. This process was repeated until Billie had six diapers taped around her midsection. Finding herself unfrozen Billie tried to squeeze her legs together. Finding herself unable to the young witch sat up and stared at her captors. They were all admiring their handiwork.

Re: Charmed

“Corner.” Luna commanded. Billie found her nose in the corner of the living room. Her massive rear was now firmly on display to all those travelling past and as it was now getting dark the lights from the house would only attract the attention of the passerbys. “Now a little bird told me that two of my girls might have been fighting. But I know it wasn’t you Junior because you already learned your lesson about being a naughty girl didn’t you?”
Billie nodded her head not trusting herself to speak she could feel Luna behind her now and that sense of dread returned. Billie shivered as the demon slid her fingers under the waistband of her diapers and gave her rear a tap.
“No it certainly wasn’t you.” Luna smiled her mouth inches from Billie’s ear. “But just in case it was you can stand here and think about what you did whilst the big girls get your stuff ready for tonight.”
“What’s happening tonight?” Billie asked shakily.
“Oh because I haven’t got a babysitter you’ll have to come with me to P3.” Luna laughed. “Now don’t move.” She stressed leaving Billie alone.

It must have been only minutes that Luna and the Tormentors left Billie alone for but it seemed like hours. Billie could hear crashing, banging and giggling coming from the Tormentors as they piled what they needed together. Billie then found herself being swept up in the din of noise. Her hair was pulled back and platted, a pale blue Tweenies shirt was roughly pulled on her and her feet were covered by a pair of frilly white socks and a pair of white velcro trainers. Before she could react Billie found herself staring at a bulging diaper bag and the large bag for the boys’ travel cot. Gulping Billie turned and saw Luna stalking towards her left arm behind her back. Summoning her wand Luna gave Billie a toothed grin which made young witch feel very uneasy. Spinning the wand at Billie Luna began.
“When the music starts playing and the beat is pumping
You have to dance like a child that’s all runnning and bumping
I’ll pin this on you with the Power of Three
When in these pants your my dancing baby.”
Billie looked down as a red and black diaper cover squeezed itself over the gaurgantuan mass of diapers around Billie’s waist. The plastic pants where a full cut pair of rhumba panties and six lines of frills flagged the massive padding between Billie’s legs. Pulling the TV remote from behind the couch the Tormentor in the soccer shirt flicked the TV onto pop music station and as Billie was subjected to an overtoned Madonna studio aided to sound cool the young witch found herself dancing like a loon. There was no chance of a mature slow step with a beat that fast Billie was instead waving, bopping and weaving unsteadly on waddling steps whilst the music played. Finding herself being oogled by the Tormentors Billie tried to at least turn around and dance away from the demons but she found that her couple of faltering steps to spin her body away from the imps caused her to instead spin fully around with her arms wide open for dramatic effect.
“Aren’t you the little ballerina?” The Tormentor in the black and white teased.
Luna switched off the TV and turned to the imps. “Now you three behave whilst Junior and I are out.” She warned the Tormentors. “Now sweetness we had better go. We’ve got a lot to sort out to make sure your ready for when the crowds arrive.” She said pointing the wand at the pile on the floor. Before pointing the wand at Billie Luna stopped and looked at the young witch. “I might loose you in the crowd and I wouldn’t want anybody to mess with you or your diapers whilst we’re out.” She nodded sagely. Spinning the wand at Billie’s rhumba panties Luna added a strong looking heart shaped lock around their waist. The lock came complete with the phrase “Property of Mummy” etched into the lock. Luna then aimed her wand and Billie and the two orbed out of the room.

Phoebe turned floated to Piper the two sisters took each other’s hand. At the mention of P3 both became very worried for Billie. The staff at the club knew Billie and if Piper wasn’t there they would probably not know what to make of the development of this demon turning up with Billie diapered and in tow. Piper’s motherly instincts came to the fore and all she could think of was how terrible for Billie it would be. Phoebe however was being more practical. All she could think of was where Luna was going to put Billie because there was a possibility that the young witch would have access to some potions or weapons in the club.
“Maybe if Billie ends up in your office then she could use the potions in your safe.” Phoebe mused.
“I don’t keep potions in the safe.” Piper said defensively.
“Of course you don’t.” Phoebe smiled.
“I never thought I see your rumba panties again.” Piper shuddered.
“I wish we never had them to start with.” Phoebe said. “And I can bet Billie will never want to see them again once she vanquishes this demon.”
“The quicker we can get out of here the better.” Piper finished. “Then we can help make sure that Billie never has to suffer this ever again.”

Billie found herself orbed into an oversized car seat. The seat was wider and taller than a normal car seat however it was of the same style as the one that Piper used for the boys. It was also a lot deeper and Billie was sunk into the seat so it encompassed her making her feel very small. Beside her in the driver’s seat of Piper’s car Luna was using Piper’s voice to make arrangements at P3. As she casually told the staff that Piper was sick and she was taking care of business the demon turned to Billie and popped a pacifier into the young witches mouth. Even though Billie was secured by a five point harness and her arms were wedged in tight beside her body the young witch tried to think of some way she could stop Luna from driving her to P3. With her only real choice being able to make Luna crash the car Billie attempted to kick the stick into neutral but only succeeded in having the chair pushed backwards slightly to take her out of harms way. Sighing Billie felt like giving up and accepting her fate but a gurgle from her stomach reminded her of just how far down Luna had forced her to sink which increased Billie’s resolve ten-fold. Luna who had obviously heard Billie’s stomach gave the young witch’s knee a pat.
“Trying to clear some more room in there are you?” She laughed. “Well don’t worry your wearing enough diapers to last you the night. Even for a big messer like you.”
“I’ll just ask the staff for help.” Billie gurgled defiantly around the pacifier.
“Sure and how exactly will you explain all this.” Luna motioned to Billie. “I know what you goody goodies are like. No you won’t ask for help because otherwise you’ll have to explain that I’m a demon and your a witch. And I know the Charmed Ones wouldn’t approve.”
Billie didn’t know what to say. Luna was right and they both knew it looking back out the front window Billie began to watch the streets roll by.
“Don’t get down hearted though Junior.” Luna smiled in mock sympathy. “I know something that will cheer you up.” She nodded.
Billie then felt immense pressure on bladder. She couldn’t hold it and she wet her diaper in a sudden burst. The urine pooled and began to be absorbed but as Billie was in a reclined position the liquid not immediately absorbed flowed to the back of Billie’s diaper before pooling there and finally disappearing as the diaper did its job.
“Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?” Luna laughed. Billie shut her eyes bit back tears and tried to ignore her situation.

All too soon the car pulled up outside the back of P3. Luna left Billie secured in the car as she removed everything from the boot of the car in a single trip. Returning finally to Billie the demon orbed the young witch out onto the damp floor of the alleyway.
“Harness.” Luna commanded and Billie found herself strapped tightly to Luna. “Now its time to go inside and get you set up.” Luna said dragging Billie inside by the reins.

Billie tried to avoid eye contact as she walked inside. Most of the staff of P3, many who Billie knew by name, would be there tonight. Billie hoped that the unpleasant storm that was brewing would keep the crowds away tonight, as it usually did on the less busy Friday nights. Coupled to the fact that Piper hadn’t booked a band to play meant that hopefully Billie would be spared some embarrassment. Her huge waddling behind however seemed to imply otherwise though. Being lead directly up to the bar Billie tried to keep her eyes on the counter top as Luna showed her off to the staff.
“Now I’m the babysitter that Piper usually uses for the boys. However tonight I have another charge. This little one is having some control issues and as such I have taken that responsibility from her.” Luna explained loudly. Billie chanced a look around the club and saw everybody staring at her. And her huge diapers. “However Piper is sick tonight and as such I have to be here as well. Don’t worry I’m not a pro so I’m not going to be making many changes to the plans for this evening. All I can ask is that everybody keeps an eyeout for any accidents and let’s me know.” Luna said squeezing Billie’s diapers as she said this. “Apart from all that everybody should be ok. And it’ll be bedtime soon anyway.” Luna laughed.
Billie looked up to the bar. She saw one of the shaggy barmen, he was in his early twenties and had the obligitory scraggy beard and unkept hair that made him look cool, stare at Billie. His questioning gaze was piercing and Billie tried to just express a single word, ‘help’, to him through her eyes. Looking back into her’s all Billie could see was pity. And that wasn’t helpful. The young witch then found herself being pulled by the reins back towards Piper’s office.

Luna had clearly set up all she thought she would require in the office. In the centre of the room, which usually doubled as the place that the barstaff could chill in when the club calmed down, the travel cot was set up. It looked to Billie that it hadn’t been changed that much as it was only slightly longer and not any taller than when the sisters had set it up in the office before. The sound proofing on the office made it the perfect place for Billie to be left. Of course Billie knew that just because something looked unchanged it was more than likely that Luna had booby trapped it in some way. Rounding on Billie the Jailor of Souls grabbed her by the wrist and forced Billie to look into her eyes.
“Listen you, I have all the knowledge from the Charmed Ones at my disposal as well as their powers. You might think that you can use the confusion from tonight as some way to escape but I can just simply call you to me with the lost witch spell so no that there is no chance of your escape. Got it?” Luna warned sternly.
Billie nodded her head. She knew it was futile to argue with Luna whilst she had her harnessed to her and it would be foolish to do so anyway.

As the lights went down and Billie watched as the first few patrons began to enter the bar the young witch tried to mentally prepare herself. Once thrust out into the clubs main room she would be dancing like an idiot whilst wearing wet diapers. She couldn’t come out this with her head held high but she had enough pride to know that if she paid attention then she would eventually discover the secret to defeating Luna and rescuing her friends. And then she was out in the main room. The harness orbed from her in single moment as Billie turned back to look at Luna. Feeling a shiver run down her spine Billie moved to the far end of the room to squeeze herself into a booth. Sitting higher due to her packed behind Billie watched as the DJ fretted with his equipment trying to get the music going. Billie people watched as the club began to fill up.

Whilst there was no music Billie was completely save. Her thoughts had been right though the nasty weather had kept many people away and within five minutes there were no more people walking through the door. Feeling the eyes of the bored bartstaff upon her Billie realised that the music was about to start. Trying to wrap her legs tightly around the centre column of the booth’s table Billie prayed for the something to break down. Of course that would never happen. Piper herself had designed the music station with the help of the DJ so there were plenty of backups and after a few minutes of fumbling with his head out of sight the Dj re-appeared and started spinning his wheels of steel.

Billie clamped her hands around the edge of the table and tried to keep her legs tight around the column. At first it appeared to be working as even though her head was bobbing along with the music at least she wasn’t running around like a crazy person. However as the songs wore on Billie found her legs loosening and her fingers tapping. A little voice inside her head kept repeating over and over “Got to dance”. Without really being aware of doing it Billie stood up and began to bob in time with the Sugarbabes. It wasn’t the usual bump and grind of the club either it was the bobbing and spinning of a two year old. Pretty soon Billie got dizzy and just ended up bobbing on the spot or having her head lull from side to side.

Even though P3 was a lot emptier than it usually was Billie could see plenty of regulars and people she knew moving around her in a big circle. She was a public spectactle and her only saving grace at the moment was that her wet diapers where hidden by the massive bulk between her legs. The bulk also removed any of Billie’s natural grace that she would have retained whilst dancing and as the circle started becoming tighter and tighter around Billie her dancing became worse and worse. She then felt a hand on her diapers as one of the braver elements of the crowd gave her diaper a swat. Billie then spun away form the guys hands as she felt the mood of the people in the club change. A greesy looking guy with olive skin advanced on Billie taking her hands. He began to wiggle with Billie who copied him with less than graceful movements. Looking her up and down like a piece of meat the guy gave Billie a toothy grin. It was then his eyes stopped on the lock around Billie’s plastic pants.

It was at this Billie had to smile the guy’s eyes practically bulged in his skull.
“Holly crap.” The guy mouthed before dropping Billie’s hands and retreating to the edge of the circle with his friends. Billie stopped smiling as she saw the information whip around both sides of the ring of people. It was then she could sense the mood of the circle turning. From a girl dressed in a silly costume to somebody who was locked into diapers the wave of confusion, and with that anger, began to rise. Billie tried to force herself out of the circle but as the music was still playing she was still dancing and it was almost as if she was tied to the middle of the circle. Billie felt like every time she tried to move to the edge of the circle her body was pulled back into the middle to continue dancing.

“We have to stop this.” Paige stressed to her sisters. “We have to do something. We must be able to.”
“With what? We don’t have our powers or the Power of Three.” Phoebe sighed.
“Well I’m not being defeated by some crystal.” Piper announced. “There must be somebody here who knows whats happening.”

Billie felt like a prized animal. The circle’s mood had changed again as the alcohol had started flowing, at least the barstaff had taken some pity on her and been prompt in serving drinks. The shaggy barman who Billie had pleaded to help her had even taken to coming out with drinks in hand, partly due to the fact that the bar wasn’t busy and he was searching for a tip but also because of the curiosity of seeing Billie in her current state. She guessed that he was trying to keep the mood of the crowd mellow as well. Which was good for him and for the moment Billie however gauging when to stop with the drink service could end up leaving Billie in a precaurious position.

As the night progressed and Billie became more and more tired with the constant dancing she found herself looking longing across to the booths and tables. Even the bar from which she was attracting so much attention would offer her aching feet some respite. What was worse was that once again her bowels were begging to ask for relief. Billie was sure that Luna would not take her into the office until she soiled herself but Billie did not want the indignity of doing so as when she defeated the demon she would want to return to P3 with as much dignity as she could muster in tact.

Something deep inside Billie snapped. From deep inside the recesses of her mind that had been drowned out by the confusion and fear a plan formulated, it was so complete but simple and uncomplicated at the same time. With no help Billie could at least accomplish some of her goals. All that the young witch required was the courage to use a power that she had promised the sisters she wouldn’t unless it was a dire emergency. And as Billie felt her stomach lurch and her sore knees ache she decided that this was the emergency that she required. Billie allowed herself to relax she had unfortunately found that she could now mess herself quite easily and even if that wasn’t a great skill at least when she did it herself Billie could pretend it was a choice she made rather than a pitful act as the Tormentors and Luna wanted it to be. At the final moment of her disgust Billie let her emotions fill her. Feeling the magic within her build she dug deep into her reserve of power and allowed her senses to permeate through into the minds of the crowd. Feeding her projection power Billie let took the crowds’ collective mind and to put it simply changed it. She simply told the crowd she hadn’t pooped herself. And with all that power in her projection they all believed it. Weak or strong willed the power the young witch poured into the projection and the simplicity of it made it easy for the crowd to accept it.

Luna however wasn’t within the tight radius of the crowd and was therefore unaffected by Billie’s projection. She was however more than aware of the sense of embarrassment and shame that the young witch felt on having messed herself and continuing to dance relentlessly. Smiling the demon strode over to the crowd who were either to intoxicated to care or simply unaware of the situation had not react with the shock and awe expected. Deciding to give them a little show Luna lifted Billie up onto her shoulder and placed a hand under the young witch’s diapers. Giving the sagging garments a squeeze Luna affected surprise. The crowd laughed with her but without sympathy for Billie as the demon walked into the back office with Billie frozen in place on her shoulder.

Once inside the the back office Billie was sat on Piper’s desk. As the uncomfortable mess was forced around her diapers Billie stared around the back office. As expected there were a couple of security guards and a couple of members of the bar staff having a quick break whilst the club was not busy. They all stared back at Billie, and the smell she had brought with her, not wanting to look but unable to turn away. Luna however was delighted with such an intimate audience and so wasted no time in unlocking Billie’s dancing pants and laying the young witch face down and frozen on the desk.

As the warm mess began to ooze down from the rear of her diaper Billie watched as Luna took out Billie’s diaper bag. Slapping out a large handful of thick multicolored diapers Luna took out the changing mat and spread it on the floor.

Billie found the lower portions of her body frozen but other than that she was free to wiggle. Looking around as the staff members strode around agape. Billie saw that this might be her chance to escape. Reaching for the phone cord on the floor Billie hooked her hand around it and pulled the fax machine down hard. The large white box froze in midair just above Luna’s head who wordlessly pulled out another handful of thick diapers and gave Billie a warning look. The young witch didn’t know what she was more shocked by the fact that she failed to get Luna or the fact that the demon had used her powers in front of mortals. Leaving Billie stuck as she was Luna stood up and calmly placed the fax back on the desk. The bar staff looked shocked but Billie could see that they were all frozen in place as the demon took up her wand and drained them of their soles.
“I guess sound proofing works both ways.” Luna laughed. “And now that I don’t have a crowd to please.” She gestured at Billie with her wand and Tormentors, in their dark oily form, shoot out from it. Grasping the young witch in their claws they grabbed the baby wipes and diapering supplies and roughly cleaned and powdered Billie. Luna then swept her wand over the pile of diapers. “Diapers.” The demon commanded and Billie found her legs forced apart as the diapers orbed around her one at a time. By the time the pile was cleared Billie could barely move because of the bulk around her waist. With her legs forced so far apart Billie found sitting up difficult and even as Luna unfroze her legs Billie knew that moving would be next to impossible. “Shirt.” Luna sighed. The Tweenies shirt appeared in her fingers. “Sleeper.” Luna smiled as Billie found herself once again the garish garment. This time however the bulk around her midsection caused the sleeper to strain. Billie could feel the extra slack designed to hide her features being drawn down to try and encompass the disabling bulk around her waist. “Travel Cot.” Luna pointed orbing Billie into the blue and white bed. Luna then strode over to the edge of the travel cot. Billie watched as the demon used the power from her wand to create a top, matching the rest of the cot, that sealed the young witch in the bed. Locking Billie in place Luna turned to leave but just as she was about to close to the door the demon turned to the fax machine. Frowning at Billie and then at the machine Luna chewed her lip as she thought. “Heavy bear.” Luna said pointing to the ground with her wand. A large pink teddy bear with a goofy expression on its face appeared beneath the wand. It then orbed above Billie’s head and dropped on the young witch. Billie found herself stunned and the bear landed on her it was at least as heavy as the fax machine and as her vision swam as Billie fought to avoid passing out with concussion Luna exited the room with a smirk.

Billie succumbed to the her head injury mere seconds after that. Positive that her best chance to escape her just deserted her.

Ch. 5

Phoebe and Piper grabbed hold of Paige as the Charmed Ones were lifted up and thrown apart by the onrushing tidal wave of incomming souls. Piper saw faces that she recognised from P3, Phoebe’s empathic powers had her feel the confusion and pain of Luna’s victims and Paige had to suffer the worst fate of all. For it was her orbing power that allowed Luna to capture the souls and harvest them at a distance. And with such a momentus drain on the whitelighter’s power Paige felt every soul surging through her own body. Once or twice her sisters were forced to grab hold of each other to prevent Paige’s essence from dimming into the shadows with the forgotten souls.

When Billie came to the blue and white polypropylene prison was gone and she was once again in her cot at the manor. Her diapers felt grimy and used, much to Billie’s chagrin, and Billie could feel the egg sized lump on the side of her head pushing through her hair. Shrugging off her discomfort the young witch pulled herself onto her diapered rear and began to work on a healing spell. There was no use in being half cocked today she decided it was better to be ready to go than not.

As the healing spell drew to its conclusion Billie heard excited little voices from outside her door. Obviously Billie knew that inside the mansion she was a good as a baby because this was the Charmed Ones power base which meant that Luna’s stolen powers would also be at their maximum here. The door was flung open and Billie watched as the Tormentors, back in their little girl forms, rushed in followed by Luna who was smiling her wicked smile.

Billie then found the cot spun upside down and she was dumped onto the floor. The Tormentors then grabbed her by the sleeper’s neck and dragged her off to the bathroom all the while followed by a supreme looking Luna. Billie was stripped of the sleeper and made to stand in the bathtub in nothing but her diapers. The shower nossle hissed to life beside Billie and as the Tormentors grabbed and pulled at the young witch in the pretense to be washing her all the water that hit Billie’s torso began to drip down her body and into the young witch’s diapers. As the initial blast of icey water turned to a more pleasant heat Billie could feel her inner diapers beginning to leak into the outer ones. Of course this was invisible to the watching demons as Billie was never held in one position long enough for her leaking diapers to be noted although the taunts from the Tormentors showed that they at least knew that her diapers were swelling with the water. With soap in her eyes, her hair pulled into tangles and reddening skin from where she had been pushed and pulled Billie was in no fit shape to fight off the Tormentors but suddenly they stopped leaving Billie to stand upright again and find herself face to face with Luna.

“Not bad girls but babies need to be cleaned everywhere.” Luna commented. As if on cue the sodden mass of diapers around Billie’s waist finally gave up and the plastic mess fell. Hitting the tub with a wet thud Billie stood helplessly naked in front of the demons. “Now do you see where you missed?” Luna asked. Billie found herself frozen as Luna clicked her fingers for a rag. One of the Tormentors, Billie didn’t see which as she had closed her eyes by this point, handed Luna the rag and the demon began to wash Billie’s most private areas. Not daring to open her eyes until Luna was finished Billie just chewed her lip to prevent the tears from coming. “Now I’ll need your help to get our little baby ready. I need someone to get breakfast, someone to look out Junior’s clothes for today and somebody else to pack her diaper bag. Do you think you can manage that?” Luna asked. Billie heard three postive replies and was suddenly alone with the Luna.
“Why are you doing this to me?” Billie dared to ask. She need the information but had been afraid up-till-now of the consequences of asking.
“It may surprise you to know that not all of my powers come from the Charmed Ones.” Luna stated flatly. “And unlike you witches who have a fixed power base some demons require outside influences for power. For example my Tormentors, as their name suggests, are fuelled by negative emotions. Other powers come from different sources so to me you are just a great big well of power.” Luna cooed the last few words of the sentence as she orbed Billie back into the nursery.

Lying on her back and once again strapped to the changing mat Billie watched as Luna passed her wand over her drying her instantly. Without touching the young witch Luna began to orb diapers onto Billie who could only struggle as diaper after diaper adorned her waist. However as the forth and final diaper appeared over Billie’s swollen midsection she realised that these weren’t the overgrown Convertables she had been forced to accept as the norm. Instead of the usual white cloth-like covering these diapers where plastic backed and crinkly. The cartoon designs weren’t those of trains and jack-in-the-boxes but they were all witch based with wands, black cats and pointy hats. The diapers were also fastened by three sets of tapes each one a different colour, a bright pink, yellow and orange respectively, and they weren’t resealable. Apparently Billie was in these diapers until she really had to come out of them. Unbeknownst to the young witch each diaper proudly displayed Billie’s name in an upwards arch across her backside.

As the Tormentor in the soccer shirt entered the room Luna orbed Billie into a standing postion as she inspected the outfit that the Tormentor had selected. Nodding and clucking her approval Luna began to orb the clothing around Billie. The white Telletubbies T-Shirt around Billie pressed her chest down and didn’t cover the top of her navel fully exposing the witch patterned waistband of Billie’s diapers. However both garments where covered by the pink cordory shortalls. Althought Billie guessed that the widely spaced snaps would reveal a lot of her diapers if they were ever to be used.

Finding herself being dragged downstairs Billie tried not to fuss about her lack of shoes or the fact that her hair had once again been left to hang in ragtails. As she stumbled downstairs the young witch could really aprreciate the difference between these diapers and the ones she had been forced to get used to. The deep wide crotch signalled that these diapers could hold a lot and instead of the quiet rustling of the other diapers Billie’s movements where accompanied by a loud plastic crinkle, like that of a plastic bag, with every waddling step she took. She really shouldn’t have worried about her lack of shoes though because as she found herself dumped in the overgrown highchair and strapped in Billie watched as two Tormentors approached her brandishing white strappy sandals and some blue ribbon for her hair. As Billie’s toes were pointed into the sandals and her hair was combed into childish pigtails the young witch could only watch in horror as an overful bowl of Cheerios placed on the tray in front of her. With no spoon forthcoming Billie sat patiently as Luna approached with the racing car shaped one that Piper had used on the boys.
“Now come on Junior open up the garage for the racing car.” Luna taunted. Billie didn’t need to be warned. One way or another she would have been forced to eat the meal so she did it with quiet dedication making sure not to spill any of the ceral as Luna hadn’t provided her with a bib. “Such a big girl now aren’t we?” Luna cooed. “You didn’t even need a bib anymore. Maybe you’ll grow out of diapers soon.” Luna laughed. Billie found her stomach cramping and she was sure she was about to mess herself. “Maybe not.” Luna smiled. As the demon turned away she picked up the diaper bag. “We’re good to go? Excellent. Let’s get in the car then.”

As she was orbed into the car seat Billie felt her stomach twist again. Luna had given her no clues as to where the demon was taking her. ‘At the very least she’ll be away from the manor.’ Thought Billie as the engine started and Billie’s seat began to gently vibrate with the engine revs. Of course any chance Billie had of having a quiet trip was taken away from her by the three Tormentors sitting in the back of the car and as the pacifier was forced between Billie’s lips the Tormentors began to try and tickle their captive with their claws.

Piper and Paige had been deep in thought as to how they could help Billie since the last onslaught of souls had entered the space. Strangely sleep and eating held no meaning in this place but that was of little consolation at the moment. Phoebe however had gained a large insight into how Luna’s, and especially her wand’s, powers worked. It was because of this insight that she had been interrogating Grondas for the last five hours straight.
“You still have answered my question.” Phoebe stated.
“I thought I did.” Grondas countered.
“Honestly.” Phoebe frowned.
“Oh what the hell its not like you can vanquish me here.” Grondas stated. “So my powers come from the Tormentors. As their name suggests they feed off negative emotions. They can take any form they choose or whoever they listen to tells them to. They’re really quite smart and they have the ability to heal each other by merging. When they do this they also become more powerful.”
“They sound pretty lethal. How come you haven’t tried to take over the world.” Phoebe questioned.
“Because they are really bad.” Grondas moped. “If they become too powerful then you can’t control them. They’re smart enough to work by themselves or in packs and once they’re out you either have to have enough power to call them back or you destroy them.”
“Well say I was to go and try and take over a big city. The Tormentors get more powerful. Lot’s of people lot’s of power. They get stronger. Too strong for me to call them back. Now I’m the only one who knows how to stop them or could theoretically do. So they turn on me. What powers do I have to get rid of them? Make more Tormentors. Now they will compete against each other for power but in that situation I’m willing to bet their smart enough to merge with each other. Meaning I can’t do a damn thing to stop them.”
“So effectively you couldn’t stop your powers.”
“No. No I couldn’t you happy now.” Grondas sulked. “This is why I don’t try and take over and everybody knows it. I’m a laughing stock, even amongst vanquished demons.”
Phoebe looked at Grondas for a while. The silience between them making the fat demon uncomfortable.
“What you thinking?” Grondas asked nervously.
“How would you like to become a legend in the pit?” Phoebe asked.
“Yeah sure. The Charmed Ones helping a demon.” Grondas snorted.
“Think about it.” Phoebe said before floating away to confer with her sisters.

Billie watched the city roll by. When the car finally stopped at its destination Billie recognized it as one of the parks way across town. Billie wondered why she had been taken here but as she was orbed beside the car, Luna preferring this to actually trying to lift the young witch out of the car seat. As the Tormentors piled out of the car Billie found her hand tightly grasped by Luna. Looking up at the demon Billie received a warning glance and with a sigh allowed herself to be dragged into the park.

Clearly when Luna had been absorbing souls she had also be gleaning information as when Billie rounded the hedge row into the park she saw a brand new play structure waiting for her. In fact it wasn’t just one play structure there were three. Each one was designed for different ages and had a large sandpit surrounding it to prevent any trips or falls from skinning knees. The play structures themselves where made of bright plastics and clear plexiglass allowing for excellent visibility for the watching parents who could sit on the large benches or even the grass in front of the sandpits. Billie watched as she saw a couple of volunteers who were clearly responsible for ensuring that the sugar-fuelled overexcited children remained on the correct play structure remove shoes and help children find they’re feet. Ironically Billie felt comforted by this. There was no way the Luna could claim that Billie was of the right age even for the oldest play structure as she was just too big.

The world seamed to draw to an eerie quiet as Billie approached the play structure for the children 3 and under. As Billie looked around at the people who were now frozen in place she stared back at Luna and her Tormentors.
“And I bet you thought you were too big to play with the other babies.” Luna smiled as she slapped a daisy sticker on the front pocket of Billie’s pink shortalls.

As soon as the sticker hit Billie’s shortalls the young witch found her shoulders being squeezed by the straps of her shortalls. The straps began to apply constant pressure across her shoulder blades and as Billie lifted her arms to try and pull the straps away from her the young witch felt like her chest was being squeezed in a vice. The whole outfit was slowly compressing on itself and for once Billie was glad of her thick diapers provided her with some protection from the crushing pressure. As the ridiculous outfit began to compress on Billie’s lungs and other vital organs in her chest Billie found it difficult to breathe. Dropping onto all fours Billie squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated on breathing. Feeling the oxygen burning in her throat Billie spat out the pacifier and began to wail. With the lack of oxygen her vision swam as the world around her began to feel bigger. Clearly the lack of oxygen was affecting her brain because it appeared that Luna’s legs where getting bigger and thicker.

Shutting her eyes again Billie concentrated on keeping her heart nournished with oxygen. There was no chance of conjuring a countering spell the pain was too intense. Eventually it subsided and Billie dared to open her eyes and look up at Luna. Only now she had a long way to look up. As the world around her became unfrozen Billie found out what it was like to be to the size of a small infant. Running her hands along her body Billie realised that she hadn’t actually been transformed into a baby. Instead she had just been “scaled down” in the reverse process than what happened to the diapers she was put in.

Billie then found herself scooped up by Luna who smiled at the blinking girl who was clearly trying to accept the difference between what she had been looking at before she was frozen and now what she was being presented with. As Luna approached the girl shook her head and her smile returned. Taking the frozen Billie from Luna’s arms she quickly removed the shrunken witch’s sandals and set her down on her feet. Billie took a couple of waddling steps away from Luna, then spying a gap in the plastic structure began to charge towards it. Even if she was shrunk Billie hoped that she might be out of range enough to escape the demon.

The gap, Billie realised was a gate and as her tiny legs powered her towards it her escape route was shut off as another one of the supervising girls re-entered the play area. Finding herself stranded in the middle of the sandpit Billie suddenly felt very alone and very small. It was then she heard footsteps on the warm sand behind her. Turning around Billie realised that whilst she might be the oldest girl in the play area she certainly wasn’t the biggest. Towering head and shoulders above her was round three year old girl in a white summer dress with yellow trim, dirty yellow hair and a malicious smile on her face.
“Look at the little baby.” The girl boomed. Even her voice was bigger than Billie. “Aren’t you cute?” She smiled leaning forward so she could stare at Billie with her piggy little eyes.

Re: Charmed

Her silver eyes. ‘She’s a Tormentor.’ Billie thought.
“I’m Bertha.” The girl boomed again. “I want you to be my friend.”
Gritting her teeth around the pacifier BIllie sensed she really had no choice. This girl was huge. “Ok.” She gurgled around her pacifier.
“You talk silly.” Bertha giggled placing her massive hand on Billie’s back and pushing her onwards.

Taking Billie to an abandoned corner of the sandpit Bertha presented the young witch with a bucket and spade. Seeing that she had no real choice Billie took the bucket and began diligently filling it with sand.
“No, no, no.” Bertha began. “Your doing it all wrong.” She finished picking up the bucket. Placing one of her massive hands on Billie’s back she pushed the young witch’s face into the sand. Flipping Billie over, who found herself pinned by the tight shortalls and the larger girl’s size, Bertha reached for the snaps on Billie’s crotch. Squirming to no avail Billie found her diapers revealed to the larger girl who’s sausage-like fingers deftly flicked the shrunked witch back onto her front. Feeling the rear of her diapers move away from the small of her back Billie continued to try and struggle without any success. As the sand began to flow down on over her exposed skin like a fluid Billie just lay still and accepted it. Once the bucket was empty Billie offered no resistance as Bertha picked her up and refastened the snaps of Billie’s shortalls.
“Do it properly.” Bertha ordered.
Billie stared at the Tormentor with hate filled eyes. Picking up her shovel once again she began to dig into the sand again. Bertha sighed and moved back towards Billie. Not to be caught by the same trick twice Billie took the spade and hurled it at Bertha’s face blinding her with sand. Dropping the spade Billie then turned and sprinted towards the play structure.

The sand shifted quickly in the back of Billie’s diapers working its way around her skin irritating it. The plastic of the diapers made them uncomfortable and clammy but the young witch simply ignored this and powered on to the play structure. Skidding onto the first level of the structure Billie immiediately headed up the nearest ladder, her diapers swaying as she climbed up to a vantage position from where she could watch for Bertha and any other Tormentors.

The chubby Tormentor had recovered quickly and was already nearing the play structure. Billie looked around for any obvious hiding places however the clear plexiglass construction afforded excellent visability which made it near impossible for Billie to hide. ‘But not to run.’ Thought Billie heading through a round pipe away from Bertha. The Tormentor didn’t bother trying to climb and follow Billie instead she chased Billie from one floor below obviously hearing the young witch towards slides or open spaces such as monkey bars where she could jump up and catch Billie. The young witch wasn’t going to play that game though and as Bertha stood beneath a gap for the monkey bars Billie scrambled up a net to the third and final level.
“Aren’t you a baby monkey?” Bertha taunted before using her demon strength to leap up onto the second level. Billie stared down at her escape routes. There were only two. The first was a slide that bypassed the second level entirely and the other was the route she had just climbed up. With Bertha stalking steadily towards her Billie realized that she only had one route.

Pushing herself across the structure Billie watched as Bertha watched the route Billie was taking. Moving quickly to intercept Bertha moved towards the first set of monkey bars that Billie would have to cross to get to the slide. As Billie neared the bars Bertha readied herself to leap up and catch the young witch. Billie however would not be denied and so she used her own strength to jump up ontop of the bars and crawled across neatly avoiding the demon. From then it was a mad chase to see if Billie could out pace the demon and get to the slide quickest.

Hitting the plastic slide with a thump Billie lept head first down the slide. As she spun quickly down a corkscrew she lost sight of Bertha. Arriving at the bottom of the slide Billie attempted to scrabble to her feet looking for the tubby Tormentor when she felt a thick hand on the back of her shortalls. The hand quickly pulled and twisted the straps of the shortalls together leaving Billie unable to move her arms or shoulders.
“Did you have fun on the slide?” Bertha asked. She was not smiling. “I think you might have had to much fun.”
“What?” Billie asked trying to twist away from the hulking toddler.
“Your all wet.” Bertha laughed.
Billie felt a pain build in her bladder. As the pain increased Bertha lifted the young witch into the air so her legs were kicking uselessly in mid air.

Finally Billie allowed nature to run its course and with the sand and urine sloshing in her diapers Billie found herself lifted outside with Bertha screaming in a loud voice about how the baby had made a stinky. However as Bertha transfered Billie from two hands to one the young witch rolled, squirmed, kicked and wiggled herself free of the pudgy Tormentor. Rushing away from the play structure Billie realised just how barren the sandpit was. Looking around for any escape route Billie saw that the gate had once again been left open. Rushing towards freedom Billie’s fully developed form easily outpowered Bertha’s toddling legs.

As she neared the gate however Billie found herself scooped up into by a pair of large hands. Looking up into the eyes of her newest captive Billie would have almost prefered to tangle with Bertha. Finding her body frozen Billie could not stop Luna from unsnapping her shortalls and checking her diaper. Bending down low so she was at eye height with the small Tormentor Luna gave Bertha a big smile.
“Thank you. I’m pretty sure the way Junior here was rushing about she had no idea she was so messy.” Luna thanked the Tormentor.
“It was nothing maam.” Bertha rushed. Before turning to scurry away.

“Ok.” Grondas sighed moving near the Charmed Ones.
“Excuse me?” Piper asked questioningly.
“Whatever your plan is I’ll help you.” Grondas said defeated.
“Why the change of heart?” Paige questioned.
“She put one of my Tormentors in training pants.” Grondas sulked. “If I wasn’t a laughing stock before I will be now. So if I help you you’ll make me a legend in the pit?”
Paige and Piper turned to look at Phoebe.
“Of course.” Phoebe said nodding at both her sisters.
“Then what do I have to do?” Grondas asked.

Billie had been stripped down her diapers and shirt and placed on her changing mat. The cool plastic against her legs only soured the young witch’s mood more but she doubted she would be given much of a reprieve from negative emotions until she destroyed the demon currently hunting for powder for Billie’s rear. As Billie sat there she became aware of becoming unfrozen but she felt light-headed weak even. The world was beginning to shift again. Strangely Billie could see almost no-one in the park taking any notice.

As Billie’s legs began to extend the young witch watched as her legs began to pour off the changing mat. From being shielded from view by her diaper bag Billie’s head began to move above it. Her arms, chest waist and unfortunately diaper bulge all began to increase in size. Outside of the shortalls she was returning to normal size. It was just a shame, for Billie, that her babyish attire was growing at the same rate.
“Ah, good.” Luna remarked seeing Billie’s return to her normal size. Holding up one of Billie’s usual diapers. “I was worried I’d have nothing that would fit you.” Luna smiled.
Billie wasn’t sure if she was frozen or not. Her head was actually pounding as if she didn’t have enough oxygen in her lungs and her vision was swimming. Feeling like she was going to be sick Billie tired to move her head to the side to avoid throwing up on herself. It was then Billie discovered she was frozen.

Billie couldn’t even spit out her pacifier as she began to heave. As the vomit rushed from her half closed mouth it propelled her pacifier from her mouth and onto the ground. Finding her upper body unfrozen Billie opened her mouth wide and took large gulping breaths of air. The taste of vomit presisted in her mouth but she could feel oxygen returning to her brain. As her heart slowed to a normal rate Billie found herself once again frozen as Luna carefully picked up the pacifier and began to clean it off with a baby wipe.
“Oh look you’ve ruined your pretty clothes.” Luna tutted motioning to Billie’s puke covered shirt and diapers. Fortunately for Billie she had also sprayed some of her vomit onto the shortalls thus redenering the garment unwearable.
‘Unless of course she decides to clean it with magic.’ Billie thought with a sigh.

Frozen as she was, in a sitting position in diapers in a public park Billie was attracting a lot of unwanted attention, unwanted for Billie if nothing else, and as the crowd gathered Luna took her time wiping Billie’s mouth clean and tidying up the young witch. As her hair had been pulled out of her face by the childish pigtails Billie mercifully didn’t have to worry about her sick being in her hair but she could still smell and taste the vomit on her breath. The crowd however were being treated to a real spectactle as Luna carefully produced clean diapers, a spare shirt and a pair of pastel green shorts. After fishing a clean pacifier from the diaper bag and placing it in Billie’s mouth Luna laid the young witch on her back and began to untape Billie’s sodden diapers.
“Excuse me.” A frumpy middle aged mother harrumphed at Luna.
“Can I help you?” Luna asked not bothering to turn around.
“Do you think what your doing is appropriate?” The woman asked tapping her foot demanding Luna’s attention.
“Well I’m not leaving my little moppet in sodden diapers any longer than I have to she is obviously not well. She’s even been a little bit sick.” Luna smiled turning from the woman back to Billie. “Haven’t you?” She cooed untaping the top diaper.
“Look I don’t know what’s wrong with you daughter but its inappropriate for a girl of her age to be changed in public. It’s bordering on indecent exposure. In fact it is indecent exposure.” The woman yelled throwing her arms out to emphasize the statement.
Luna turned and stood to face the woman. With their noses almost touching Luna spoke very softly. “Whether or not Junior here has special needs or just wants to be treated like a baby has no concern of yours. You are nothing but an unimportant useless busy body with a good for nothing soul that is looking to be offended at every turn.” And with that the woman disappeared in a black haze in front of the entire crowd. Kneeling back down Luna continued to change Billie with the crowd standing motionless around them.

As Billie was cleaned, powdered and oiled in front of a frozen crowd the young witch wanted to scream and kick at the demon but her own frozen body rendered her as helpless as the watching mortals. Luna quickly taped on five of the Cruisers diapers before shimmying Billie into the tight shorts. The green material was a soft fleece and the shorts were pulled so tight that they revealed a large portion of the top of Billie’s diapers although it was unnecessary as it was plainly obvious what the young witch was wearing under the shorts. As Billie was shrugged into a white Ninja Turtles T-shirt the entire crowd was dissolved in a black haze.

Luna it appeared had decided to simply devour the souls in front of Billie rather than doing it in secret as before. This did not bode well for the young witch.

Ch. 6

“So if I understand your plan right we’re simply going to overpower this demon.” Piper asked raising her eyebrow.
“Making the Tormentor’s too powerful for Luna to control.” Phoebe nodded.
“Giving Billie a chance to escape.” Paige added.
“And trading us one uber powerful demon for another.” Piper concluded nodding towards Grondas. “You’ll forgive me being cynical.”
“Sure.” Grondas shrugged. The demon seamed altogether non-plussed by the Charmed Ones approach.
“Well what else have we got?” Paige asked.
“Nothing. No back up and no power of three.” Piper sighed. “I guess that’s why I’m worried.”
“Let’s see what Billie makes of the opportunity.” Phoebe levelled. “We can’t do anymore than give her that.”

Billie sat bound up in her carseat once again. This trip home however was not progressing as smoothly as the trip out. As Luna tried to chug the engine once again into life Billie felt her seatbelt being drawn tightly around her. Apparently the Tormentors were going to vent their boredom.
“Well, looks like the cars is broken kids.” Luna smiled turning around to face the back of the car. “So we get to take a bus trip home.” The demon smiled. Billie could feel the car’s suspension being bounced up and down in excitement by the Tormentors in the back.

Billie was orbed from her seat and then quickly hoisted into Luna’s arms. The young witch was frozen and forced to watch as the weekend streets, now beginning to fill with shoppers, turned to stare at the her. The Tormentors were in their element. Making snide remarks pushing into people and generally being a nusance. And in the middle of it all Luna’s face was shaped into a cunning smile. Billie was dropped onto bench at the bus stop as Luna gathered the Tormentors around her and quickly checked the timetable. Finding her body frozen but arms free Billie watched as the Tormentors drew another clean pacifier out of Billie’s diaper bag. With Luna’s back turned Billie tried to swat the Tormentors away as they attempted to push the pacifier between her lips. Quikly growing tired of the game the imps moved back into the diaper bag and pulled out a blue nylon harness. Now that they had more ammunition the game began again in ernest. Billie quickly found herself on the loosing side as her arms were harnessed to her sides and the second pacifier was placed in her mouth.

Turning back to her charges Luna smiled and patted the Tormentors praising them for getting Billie ready. “But you didn’t have to fix her arms.” Luna smiled. “She’ll probably be so sleepy from playing all morning that she’ll need a nap.” Luna cooed at Billie. The young witch’s pacifiers twitched at the demon as she was once more hoisted into Luna’s arms. Removing both the pacifiers from Billie’s mouth Luna smiled at the Tormentors. “And if she’s sleepy I’ll give her her bottle instead of her sucking on these.”

Unusually the bus arrived promptly and Luna ushered the Tormentors inside. As the demon wandered in Billie got a look at the number of passengers on the bus. Fortunately there wasn’t a lot, two young couples and a couple of old ladies on their shopping trip, and so as Luna moved to the middle of the bus the attention Billie received was a lot less than it had been in the park. The young witch tried again to block out the dark thoughts and emotions she was having. It was very hard. Even before she had found the crystal her emotions had been enhanced, and Billie was now starting to believe that Luna had something to do with this. Another problem was that Luna had actually absorbed souls in front of her. And although the only other time Billie had seen the demon do this was at P3 the young witch was theorised, correctly, that the demon had been doing this since she had absorbed the Charmed Ones.

As Billie’s mind moved into overdrive she felt pressure being placed magically on her bowels again. Rolling her eyes, perhaps anger could prevent the Tormentors from feeding from her, Billie tried to wiggle in her diapers in an attempt to give herself more room.
“What’s wrong Junior?” The Tormentors teased.
Billie said nothing and instead tried to give the demons a blank stare.
“She doesn’t know.” The Tormentors giggled.
Billie sat motionless, this wasn’t how it usually worked but she hoped that by starving the Tormentors of attention and emotion they would leave her in peace.

As the airbrakes signalled the bus had arrived at its next stop with a woosh Billie’s stomach was cramping and in pain. Wishing desparately for the passengers to get on quickly Billie watched as a young single mother struggled onto the bus with a pram, diaper bag, shopping bags and a coat. The young woman was flustered but she struggled onto the bus and into her purse with nobody moving to help her. Billie might have contemplated helping the mother if she hadn’t been so sure that moving too much would have resulted in the need for a diaper change.

The young mother pushed the pram into the wheelchair space and lifted the baby out onto her forearm. Holding the baby close with one arm the mother quickly stuffed her sizeable shopping into the pram and carried the baby to the middle of the bus. Sitting only two rows in front of Billie, on the otherside of the aisle, the young mother seamed oblivious to the young witch. Billie actually felt good about this. Here she was struggling against demons but at least to some people she wasn’t important. The young mother was carefully holding her babies head in case the bus came to too sharp a stop. Billie watched as the mother fussed with the baby. Looking closely at the baby’s clothing Billie realised that she was wearing almost exactly the same as the baby. Both were in green fleecy shorts and white Ninja Turtles T-shirts. The only difference was that the babies shorts amply covered its diapers. The young witch watched as the baby looked around taking in its surroundings. Looking over to wear Billie was sitting the young witch gave the baby a quick smile.

The pain in her bowels returned almost as soon as the smile had played on Billie’s lips. Billie wanted to grab her sides but she couldn’t shifting in her seat Billie now saw the young mother turn back to look at her. Tearing her eyes away the young mother playfully pushed on her baby’s belly. It was at this touch that Billie felt like she had been punched in the stomach. Billie stared back at the baby who was now being tickled by its mother. As the young mother ran her fingers up and down the baby’s stomach Billie felt like she was having an electrical probe traced over her stomach.

The pain grew too much for Billie to bear. Relaxing her muscle control she soiled herself. The mess spread uncomfortably around her backside as Billie’s seated position changed slightly to accomadate the load in her diapers. As she did so the pain that Billie felt whenever the baby got touch passed and instead Billie had to wallow in the self pity that came whenever she messed herself.

It didn’t take long for the smell of Billie’s diapers to waft around the bus. The air blowing system seamed to pick up the smell and throw it around. Billie watched as the people on the bus began to sniff. A few made some polite coughs whilst none failed to notice the smell. After another block the smell had become a stench and accusing eyes were wondering. Falling on the baby Billie watched as the young mother deftly made a big show of checking her baby’s diaper before releasing the waist band with a gentle pat on the babies behind. The eyes then fell on the those of the Tormentors suggesting that maybe the one of the demons, who were still in their little girl forms, had had an accident. Billie sat trying not to move. If she shuffled about in her seat she would clearly have given away the fact that it was her who was the source of the stench so she tried to remain absolutely still.

As those who had seen Billie’s diapers when she was marched onto the bus began looking in her direction Billie tried to use her eyes to very obviously signal to the searching scan that the smell was coming from the baby. Deep down she Billie couldn’t believe what she was doing, she was trying to shift suspicion from herself onto a poor baby. Repulsed Billie tried to block out these dark thoughts as she pretended to still be wearing clean diapers.

However with Luna around pretending she hadn’t messed herself meant almost nothing. The Jailor of Souls used her demon strength to lift Billie onto a standing position on the aisle revealing to those who had forgotten or who hadn’t seen what the young witch was wearing in its entirety. Freezing Billie where she was standing Luna moved slowly to ensure her audience got a good show. The green fleece shorts held the mess in suspension around Billie’s caked thighs but that wasn’t to be a problem as Luna pulled them down to Billie’s knees. This allowed the mess in the young witch’s diapers to sag down under its own weight and Billie had to fight back the tears. As a further insult Luna peeled back the waistband of Billie’s diapers and reacted to the smell. Ripping the shorts from Billie’s legs leaving her wearing only her sagging diapers Luna sat the young witch back onto her messy underwear and hit the stop button on the seat in front; signalling to the driver to stop at the next bustop.

As Billie was squelched into her seat she stared around the bus. All she saw was disapproving looks and grossed out faces. Even the baby seamed apauled by her behavior, not that she could blame it. Feeling like a stupid little baby Billie felt the bus lurch to a stop. Being lifted up onto the aisle Billie was then marched down the bus and out onto the street. The young witch didn’t dare lift her head to meet anybodies eyes as she moved past them but because of the harness around her she wasn’t able to speed off the bus as she wanted. Instead she was forced to shuffle off the machine at a slow pace.

The Charmed Ones watched on as Billie’s depression deepened and the Tormentors power began to increase.
“Should we try it now?” Paige asked her impatience getting the better of her.
“No its too soon.” Piper answered.
“That’s pretty cold.” Paige responded.
“It’s true though.” Phoebe agreed. “Unfortunately for Billie giving the Tormentors power here wouldn’t help her in the slightest.”
“So we have to watch this.” Piper said through gritted teeth.
Paige didn’t say anything she just chewed her lip in annoyance.

Billie stole a quick glance at where Luna was leading her to. The young witch shuddered as she saw the sign for P3 in the daylight. Billie was gauranteed an auidance as the crew from last night turned up to clean the club for the busier Saturday night. Waddling in uncomfortably Billie was presented to the staff by Luna.
“Did I leave some clean diapers here last night?” Luna bellowed. Moving to one side the demon gave Billie centre stage. “Somebody really needs a diaper change.” Luna announced before tugging sharply at Billie’s reins pulling the young witch towards the toilet. As Billie was pulled across the dancefloor to the toilet the three Tormentors moved up to the bar and jumped onto the stools. Luna warned them with a quick “Behave” and then tugged Billie into the ladies.

Billie felt the sick mess shifting in her diapers as she stumbled past the cleaning staff. Feeling her diaper beginning to leak into the next her face contorted as thousand different emotions flashed through her mind. Stopping firmly on revoltion Billie waddled into the toilet behind Luna.

“Now?” Paige asked.
“Now.” Piper and Phoebe agreed.

Luna had stripped Billie of her diapers and was wiping the frozen witch clean when screams started to come from the club behind them. Luna quickly finished cleaning Billie off with a spell and as the demon moved to place a diaper on around Billie a gurgled shout for help was silienced by loud music and wicked giggling. Luna simply left Billie standing naked from the waist down as she turned and exited the stall.

“Come on Billie move.” Phoebe urged through her empathic powers.
“Don’t get distracted.” Piper snapped through clenched teeth. Her brow covered in sweat from the effort of the spell.

Billie felt Phoebe’s pressence beside her briefly. It was all the young witch needed to spur her into action. Finding her body able to move Billie whipped off the harness and looked down at the diaper bag. She doubted greatly that there would be somthing for her to wear that wasn’t embarrassing. Upon checking the pockets Billie found the bag completely empty. Luna had simply been orbing in whatever she wanted to subject Billie to. Looking down at the four diapers at her feet Billie separated the plastic garments and pulled one up around her waist. Knowing that she couldn’t remove it without help Billie gave her head a shake and pulled her hair out of the pigtails. Once she defeated Luna she could ask the Charmed Ones.

The young witch carefully stalked into the club from the toilet. Hiding behind a piece of the DJ booth that was now embedded into the dancefloor upside down Billie watched as Luna tried to stop the Tormentors. The imps had grown in power and appeared to be continuing to do so as they began shape shifting. They had used their claws and Billie balked at the severed body parts of Piper’s staff. Billie watched as Luna tried to use Piper’s power to blow up the demons but they simply changed shape or moved to fast for the fireballs to hit them. In turn they slashed at Luna with their claws or batted back particularly badly aimed fireballs. Billie had no time to watch who was gaining the upper hand. Instead the diapered witch snuck into Piper’s office and moved to the safe. Not worrying about the combination Billie simply blasted the safe open with a lightning spell.

At first Billie thought she had been mistaken as the safe appeared to be empty but she stuck her hand inside Billie felt the potion vials around her fingers. Carefully withdrawing a tray full of potions Billie saw that Piper had been slighty more orginised in labelling her potions. The first row was simply labelled “Demons”. The second “Powerful Demons”. The third and final row was labelled “Cataclysmic Demons”. Pulling out four vials from the back row Billie opened the door to the office a crack.

Luna had summoned a Tormentor to help her but the imp had been absorbed into the others which only served to lengthen their claws and sharpen their teeth. They no longer retained their forms as young girls now. Instead they retained some of their clothing characteristics but their oily black form was back as well as the aforemention sharp claws and teeth. Billie set herself up, she would have to throw the vials almost simultaneously and use her telekinesis to guide them to their intended targets. This meant that she would have to take out the Tormentors first as Luna was currently distracting them. And although Luna had the most power the more immediate danger was from the Tormentors as they were now moving at incredible speed.

Holding two vials in her right hand and one in her left Billie waited until the Tormentors had fallen back into a group together. Either Luna had managed to freeze them or they were waiting to strike but it wasn’t important. Billie flung the vials with all her might and only needed a little redirection for them all to hit home. Gathering up the final vial as the Tormentors screamed and burst into self cinsuming flames the young witch chucked the final vial at Luna.

However the demon wasn’t about to be caught out so easily. Instead of trying to dodge the vial Luna launched a fireball at it. Billie used her power to shift the vial in flight. The fireball narrowly avoided the vial but as Billie ducked to avoid the deadly spell she realised that the vials path had been changed and it would smash harmlessly against the wand instead of Luna.

Clearing the path of the fireball Billie looked back to Luna readying a lightning bolt when she saw the demon spin away from the vial, allowing it to hit her right forearm instead of the crystal. Smiling Billie watched as the demon who had caused her so much pain began to burn up. Strangely though Luna didn’t appear to worried. Instead she pointed the wand at her arm and froze the explosion. Turning to Billie Luna smiled her wicked smile.
“Now I hadn’t messed with your mind but from now on you’ll be needing those diaper for real.” Luna said pointing the wand at Billie.
“Your maturity gone, your bodily functions to,
Your diapers will fill with pee and poo
And you’ll suffer from the Power of Th…
Luna had to stop her spell casting because as she had chanted her arm had become unfrozen and she had once again started to burn up. “If I can’t keep you as a power source I’ll destroy you at theirs.” Luna said orbing herself and Billie away.
“Bring it.” Billie challenged as she orbed with Luna.

Reappearing in the playpen Billie watched as the fire from Luna’s arm flaired up and had now taken almost all of her forearm and some her hand as well most of her triceps. As the demon was distracted Billie used her telekinesis to pull the bars of the playpen apart. Rushing past Luna Billie knew where she had to get to.
“You’ll never reach the Book of Shadows first.” Luna mocked.
“And you’ll never reach the Book of Shadows.” Billie retorted firing a lightning bolt back at Luna who had to magically block it resulting in the fire spreading to her breasts and stomach.

Taking the steps two at a time Billie knew that Luna was right. However the young witch had a plan. Rushing into Phoebe’s room Billie grabbed the two potion vials that hadn’t been smashed by the green hatted Tormentor. Not knowing what they’d do to Luna Billie readied herself for a magical battle and quickly rushed up to the attic.

Luna had not been idle whilst waiting for Billie, the demon had healed herself slightly and now had both her hands back. Her right hand side was still engulffed in frozen flames however and Billie realised that all she really had to do was get Luna to use her magic long enough for the first potion to take effect.
“I’m going to enjoy killing you.” Luna sneered. “I think I’ll make sure your body remains almost in tact so you’ll have to be buried in diapers.”
“I appreciate the sentiment.” Billie smiled. With that she threw the first vial at Luna. The jailor of souls reacted almost immediately using Phoebe’s leviation powers to smash the vial of the ceiling. “Damn.” Billie said quietly as Luna launched a fireball.

As Billie ducked out of the way she watched Luna turn the wand on herself again and freeze the fire. However the demon seamed to be weakening as the fire was spreading faster than Luna was healing herself. The demon appeared to come to a decision and just froze the flames. Billie caught sight of herself in the mirror and had an idea. Standing up Billie called upon her magical powers.

Readying her telekinesis Billie floated the vial out of her hand. As Luna watched the vial groggily she began to raise her wand. Billie simply ducked out of the way and used her projection power. Suddenly Luna wasn’t staring at one vial but hundreds. Billie secretly moved the vial using the mirror to keep sight of it. Luna began to launch fireball after fireball causing herself to burn up faster. Stumbling around as she tried to destroy the vial the demon caught sight of the mirror. Suddenly Billie’s plan was ruined as the demon blew the vial away with a fireball.

Stalking towards Billie the demon smiled. “Even if I go down your going down in diapers.” She laughed. Luna then looked distracted somewhat. Gently touching her fingers to her hair Luna realised she had been dripped on. Looking upwards a drop of potion landed on her forehead. As the fire spread quickly around her eyes Billie ducked out of the attic as the demon began to scream and thrash about.
“I will not loose this power.” Luna screamed. Then in a steady voice Luna began to chant.
“I want to live, not to die,
I want this potion out of my eye
I’m going to keep the Power of Three…”

However she never got to complete the last line of her spell as the demon erupted in a shower of sparks. Moving back into the attic Billie picked up Luna’s wand. Removing the crystal from its top Billie began flicking through the pages of the Book of Shadows.

It took several hours of research for Billie to find anything about this crystal and two more before Billie could finally communicate with those inside. As Billie finally made contact with the Charmed Ones she been been without food or sleep for almost a day.
“Guys, I found you at last.” Billie’s floating head smiled.
“You sure did.” Piper began. “Now hows about getting us out of here?”
“I’m trying there’s not much about this crystal. I don’t want to rush it and make a mistake.”
“That’s good.” Paige smiled she nudged Phoebe in the ribs.
“Hey Billie how come we can only see your head?” Phoebe asked innocently.
Billie made a face. Then with raised eyebrows said. “I don’t know I can see all of you. Must be something about being outside the crystal.” She lied.
“Sure it is.” Phoebe agreed.
“Hows the diaper?” Piper asked.
“You guys better not start now or I’ll leave you in here.” Billie warned
“So it’s doing good then.” Piper laughed. “Don’t worry we’ll get it off you and cancell the spell once you get us out.”
“Yeah, we’ll get you out of that wet thing once we’re free.” Paige giggled.
“But get some sleep tonight.” Piper ordered. “If you get this wrong it could very bad for all of us.”
Billie’s lip petted somewhat. “Ok guys. Don’t worry I’ll have you out of there in a little while.”

Four further hours of research wielded no positive results for Billie who could feel her diaper become cold and itchy. It acted as a spur for her to keep going until well past midnight but eventually when she couldn’t even concentrate on the written words the young witch eventually gave in to sleep and moved downstairs. Avoiding the boys nursery Billie fell asleep on top of Phoebe’s bed, covers and all.

As Billie slept the crystal began to melt with a dark smoke. The smoke eventually began to fill up the room where it became apparent it was the souls of Luna’s victims escaping.

Billie awoke slowly. Slowly stretching the young witch banged her hands against the bars of her crib.

As Billie’s awareness slowly woke Billie realised that she shouldn’t have been in the crib. Her eyes shooting open and suddenly Billie was very awake. Sitting up Billie felt the wetness in her diaper gone and even the slight diaper rash had cleared. Looking down Billie saw that her Ninja Turtles T-shirt was gone replaced by a more femine pink My Little Pony nightshirt. Trying to clamber over the top of the crib Billie heard voices outside the nursery.

Panicking as the door opened Billie moved back to the corner of the crib as three femine forms moved into the nursery.
“Good morning sunshine.” Piper laughed as she moved away from the light revealing her idenity to Billie.
The young witch relaxed as the Paige and Phoebe moved so Billie could make them out as well.
“And how are we feeling?” Phoebe asked. “Better now that your in a clean diaper?”
“Ok guys this isn’t funny let me out of this.” Billie motioned to everything.
“Sure.” Paige smiled orbing Billie out of the crib. Paige handed Billie a towel and motion for Billie to cover up.
Billie felt a draft between her legs and quickly moved the towel down. “Oh, thanks…I’m just going for a shower.”
“You don’t have to worry about covering up.” Phoebe smiled.
“Yeah it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.” Paige added.
“In almost every diaper change.” Piper finished as the Charmed Ones cracked up.

Grondas sat downstairs on the couch eating a bucket of chicken wings. His stylish black suit was stained with the greese from the chicken but he seamed otherwise happy.
“So you’ll stick to our deal?” He asked his mouth full of wing as the Charmed Ones moved downstairs.
“Of course.” Paige nodded.
“I’m not so sure.” Piper said quietly. She saw her sisters standing hands on hips staring at her. “Alright here goes.”

The demons of the underworld felt the magic battle raging again. Using whatever they could to watch it they saw Fat Grondas standing over the Charmed Ones and laughing. Getting ready to deliver the final blow the demons watched as Piper stood up, blood stained and weak as she managed to hurl a fireball at Grondas. The fat demon caught the fireball in his hand and squeeze it laughing. Getting ready to deliver the final blow Grondas found himself hit from behind by Paige and Phoebe’s hurled potion vials. Spinning around and shouting about the injustice Grondas disappeared.

“So how long before you would normally return to the underworld?” Piper asked.
“Not long maybe five or six minutes.” Grondas said finishing his chicken.
“And they won’t be suspicious of what they saw?” Phoebe asked.
“Of course they will. Their demons.” Grondas laughed. “But they’ll accept it. They only see what they want to see.”
“And you’ll let us know if Luna resurfaces?”
“Will do but she’ll start off in a deeper level. It could take her hundreds of years to get out.” Grondas added reassuringly. “Well I guess this is goodbye.”
“Thank you for getting us out.” Phoebe said.
“Next time we meet, we’ll probably be on different sides.” Grondas warned.
“But until then.” Paige smiled. She gave Grondas a little peck on the cheek.
“Now look what you made me do. I’ll be blushing for my big entrance.” Grondas smiled sheepishly.
“Good luck.” Paige said orbing Grondas back into the underworld.

Billie had finished in the shower and began drying herself. Stepping out onto the cold tile floor she realised that she had nothing to wear. Tying the towel around her Billie treaded across the landing to Paige’s room.

Grondas reappeared in the underworld with a large explosion, curtousey of Piper. His entrance was met with excitement from the lower demons. In fact some of the higher level demons where already questioning him when he reached his cave. Opening it he found it already furnished with new leather couches and a big TV. He turned to the lower demons who nodded. It was good to be him.

Billie found herself orbed downstairs. Still wearing only a towel, she was face to face with the Charmed Ones.
“Um guys? I’d like to go and get changed.” Billie sighed rolling her eyes.
“Pacifier.” Paige commanded orbing a pacifier into Billie’s mouth.
“Don’t worry we’ll be getting you changed for the next wee while.” Phoebe smiled.
“You see you probably don’t want to stay and hear your lecture.” Piper commented.
“So we’d thought it would be best if you didn’t want to leave.” Paige added.
“Yes, so we’ll be in charge of getting you ready. At least until you’ve finished these.” Piper smiled drawing her hand from behind her back.
“And my room is a mess, and so is the attic so you’ll be staying until they’re clean.” Phoebe nodded drawing her hand from behind her back.
Both of the witches showed Billie what they had been hiding behind their backs. Revealing two packets of the enlarged diapers Billie backed away.
“But guys I saved you.” She whimpered.
“But you got us captured in the first place. We want to make sure your sorry.” Paige laughed. “Diaper.” She commanded. Billie felt her legs pushed apart by the plastic diaper. Looking at the sisters Billie sulked.
“Now you’ll need something you can get dirty whilst your cleaning the attic.” Piper said.
“Onesie.” Paige commanded orbing a pink and yellow onesie onto Billie.
Billie looked like she might say something but instead she hurmphed and marched upstairs.
“How long before she realises that we’ve removed the spell on her?” Phoebe asked.
“Give her a couple of wet diapers.” Piper laughed as the sisters began to playfully shove each other.

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