Charlie’s holiday

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Chapter 8

I started to stir as I let some faint light enter into my eyes. Progressively opening them, but as I did so the tiredness was still strong and my eyes closed once more. I didn’t know where I was as the last thing I remembered was cuddling on my mums lap at the show.

What I had already figured out was that we definitely were no longer at the show and as I opened my eyes and they started to adjust to the light, I was faced with a strange mesh like material right in front of my face. I pulled my head back, puzzled by what was going on and rolled onto my back. I then realised I was in a bed and guessed we must be back in the room. However this wasn’t a bed like I had at home, this one seemed to be surrounded by a frame with high mesh sides.

Whilst I was confused by what I saw and intrigued to understand more, the bed did feel very comfortable. So much so that I struggled to keep my eyes open and must have drifted back off to sleep.

I next woke to the sounds of my parents talking and making noise in the room. I saw I was again initially a little confused but things started to become more clear as my mind woke from its slumber. I felt hot and thirsty as I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.

“Morning sleepyhead” my mum said softly.

I first sat and then stood up, my balance a little shakey on the soft mattress, so I had to grab a hold of the top of the mesh side of the bed which was actually quite firm. The sides came up to my chest and I could see that they completely surrounded the bed so I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get out.

“I am thirsty” I said, to which my mother dutifully handed me a bottle of water.

The water was cool and I could feel it go down my throat and into my body which was really refreshing. When I was finished I handed it back to her. She then grabbed me under my arms lifted me out and my feet hit the cool hotel room floor. I looked down to see that I was wearing my pyjama top but no bottoms. With just my seemingly very well saturated nappy clearly on display.

The nappy felt warm and bulky between my legs as it continued to hug me round my waist and hips and across my bottom. It wasn’t uncomfortably wet to be fair so it didn’t really bother me in the slightest. Mainly I still felt tired and so I awkwardly and a little bit noisily climbed up onto my parents bed and laid down again, whilst my parents continued to busy themselves getting ready for the day.

After quite a few minutes of them buzzing around the bedroom and in and out of the bathroom my mum eventually turned her attention to me. I watched as she grabbed my clothes, exactly the same clothes I had been wearing all the time, and laid them on the bed next to me. Then she went into the bag we had out with us last night and found the wipes, before she headed over to the chest of drawers upon which I could see sat the bag of nappies we bought from the little supermarket.

“”Right you little stinker. Time to get you dressed” mum quipped.

“Hey… I am not a stinker” I replied laughing.

She then grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me quickly down the bed towards her. This made my pyjama top ride up and gave her ample opportunity to blow raspberries on my tummy, which made me giggle uncontrollably.

After a little bit of playing she proceeded to untype my nappy and pull it out from underneath me, before wiping me dry with the cold, wet wipes.

“Holy cow. How much did you pee last night” my mother remarked as she rolled up the nappy and taped it up into a ball.
“Feel how heavy that is!” She added as she handed it to my dad.

“Wowsers. At least we know he isn’t dehydrated” my dad replied lightheartedly.

“Definitely not. Pretty amazed that nappy held it all. Mum answered.

Why don’t you go and try and do a morning wee for me in the toilet and then I will finish getting you stressed.” My mum asked but sort of instructed. I wasn’t sure if I needed one but chose to do as she asked, so I slid off the bed and went into the toilet.

It took a while but it turns out I needed more than just a wee, so this took longer still but once I was finished my mum helped me clean up and I was back in the bedroom.

“Jump up on the bed for me so we can get you dressed then we can go and get some breakfast.” Mum said, with the temptation of breakfast to fill my increasingly hungry tummy, a poorly disguised incentive for compliance.

I was not in a mood to argue as I was already looking forward to breakfast and I had started to become accustomed to holiday attire, which hadn’t changed at all since we got here. So I hopped onto the bed and laid back while my mum lifted my legs and slid the freshly opened nappy under my bottom. In just a few moments I was all snugly taped up and my clothes quickly followed, so we were ready to go.

My mum picked up the bag and we headed out of the room and down back through the lobby to the restaurant. Things started to become more familiar with regards to my surroundings and even some of the hotel staff. It wasn’t long before we had made our way to our table, escorted by what I was pretty sure was the same waiter as before. It wasn’t exactly the same table as last time but it was in a similar area, plus that didn’t really matter as I was super impatient to get some food in my tummy.

Breakfast was yummy and I ate and drank as much as my parents would allow. I would have liked more but apparently that would have made me feel sick. I have often heard them say that but have never been sick so had begun to wonder if it was just a way of parents saying no without being really annoying.

With breakfast done it was time to head out for a while. My dad went to check if there was any update on our bags, but came back with little news, much to my mums frustration. So as a result we were back with plan A, which was a shopping trip to get some clothes for us to wear. Top of my list for clothes was some swimming stuff like swimming shorts and maybe some goggles or perhaps even a huge inflatable crocodile to play with.

We headed outside and this time we turned a different way, as the bus stop was a short walk from the hotel. Even though it was still fairly early in the morning it was still really hot outside. Luckily there was some shade near the bus stop so we didn’t have to stand in the sun. But it was still really bright which made me squint my eyes.

It took about 5-10 minutes for the bus to arrive, which fortunately was nice and cool so the journey to the shopping centre was pleasant. I can’t remember how long it took as I was distracted looking out of the window but we snaked through the town and along a faster road out of town until a big, modern looking shopping centre came into view.

The shopping centre was huge and again quite cool which was nice as the short walk from bus to the entrance reminded me how warm it was outside. That didn’t stop my mum making us stop to drink water some water as apparently it’s important to stay hydrated in hot weather.

We checked the map of the shops on a big glass tv type thing and headed off with purpose to get some clothes. This actually proved more difficult than we thought and my parents had started to get quite annoyed. They didn’t seem to be able to find the sort of shops they were looking for or ones that are like what we have at home. We had already been walking around for ages and had only managed to find a few things in a sports shop. Importantly one of those things was a pair of swimming shorts and a hat for me.

A lot of the other shops seemed to be more fashion type stores and didn’t have much of the basics like pants and socks. She did however find a kids clothes shops that seemed to have a lot of things for me. So we went in there to see if we could find something else to wear other than the same things I had been for the last day or so.

My mum picked out a few things for me to try on before asking the lady where the dressing room was. Much to her annoyance the lady seemed to suggest they didn’t have a dressing room.

“Apparently another thing they don’t have here is dressing rooms. Which is just stupid.

Well we need to try them on so we will just have to do it here.” My mum then announced.

So without any further warning my top, my shoes and my bottoms were whipped off. In a flash I was left stood in the corner of the shop in nothing but my nappy.

I must have tried on 3 pairs of trousers and 4 tops before my mum finally decided which ones she wanted to get. Grateful that she had finally made a decision and I could get dressed back into my normal clothes and we could get out of the shop.

Next we decided to try the supermarket to see if they had some of the stuff we needed. At one end of the shopping centre there was a big supermarket, much more like what we had at home. So my parents were hopeful of find some things in there.

Unfortunately this drew largely a blank too and my mum and dad had started to get quite impatient. So they started to get a little more desperate.

The only underwear my mum could find for her was in a shop that seemed to specialise in just that. I didn’t see what the problem was although it did look like weird underwear and not very comfortable as it was all stringy and not much to it. But she at least bought something. Dad and I were less fortunate and there just didn’t seem to be anything for us at all. So instead we headed back to the supermarket and managed to buy some washing powder to wash stuff in the sink.

We were more successful with other things like hats, t shirts and shorts for everyone. In fact my dad had to stop my mum buying too much for herself and reminded her we only needed enough for a day or so. By this time we had been shopping for quite a while and my bladder had started to protest that it needed to be emptied.

“Mummy I need a wee” I blurted out as we walked along the main walkway of the shopping centre. They didn’t seem to hear at first as they were pre-occupied chatting about whether we should try and find another shopping centre or head back with what we have got. So I repeated myself, this time I added a tug to my mums hand that I held.

“Ok Charlie, I am just trying to figure out what to do. In a minute” came her grumpy and somewhat short tempered reply.


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Absolutely loving this story. I really like the little affectionate moments.

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Another great chapter, this story is somehow unique cause its told in the real POV of a not yet 6 yrs old and I must admit for the most part, its the first time I can identify its a real kid that tells the story, you’re doing a nice job at it, I guess that most 6 yrs old in stories would wake up saying why I’m in a playpen mommy I’m not a baby, but your version is plausible, if you tucked a soon to be 6 yrs old that was already asleep in a playpen, they wouldn’t worry about it in the morning either, ok maybe they would find it strange, but most wouldn’t complain immediately about it.


Its been a month nearly and no updates, is your inspiration stuck, if you are in vacations I can respect that too. Funny that I’m leaving for a 1 week vacation in the sun this Saturday, I really hope my luggage will arrive with me. Be safe and take care I won’t be able to look at this forum while on vacation since I’m going to Cuba, not sure how they check what sites we go online, but I won’t risk it unless my VPN works.

This is the kind of story I really enjoy reading so I hope you continue to write more chapters.

Extremely cute story. Let’s have more of it!

Sorry for the big delay. I have the next part mapped out on my head and here is the first part. Hope you like it.

Chapter 9

We seemed to be headed towards the exit of the shopping centre when my bladder began to twinge once more. I hadn’t dared ask my mum for the bathroom again after the last time when she almost shouted at me to be quiet. But the need had grown since then and I decided I needed to pluck up the courage to ask again.

“Mummy… mummy…” I asked as I tried to catch her attention.

“Yes what is it?” She replied somewhat irritably.

“I need a wee” I answered, with a touch of trepidation.

“Oh Charlie can’t you just hold it. I don’t know where the bathrooms are” she replied slightly more softly.

“It’s ok I will take him, you wait here” interjected my dad, which was really nice. I took my dads hand as we headed back towards the centre of the shopping area, in search of a bathroom.

We walked for quite a while until we finally found it. But there was a problem. As we approached there seemed to be locked barriers which stopped you getting into the bathroom. There was a sign which I couldn’t read but my dad seemed to understand what it meant.

Stupidly it seemed that you had to pay for the use of the toilets. My dad had money, but didn’t have any coins that you needed to open the gate. We waited around for a while to see if someone who worked there could help, but unfortunately there was no one around.

“Sorry Charlie, we will have to try something else, let’s go find mummy” he announced as we finally gave up and we walked back to where my mum had waited for us

“All sorted?” She asked on our return.

“Erm no… the bathrooms are coin operated and I didn’t have any change, so no joy unfortunately.” Came my dads reply.

“Oh dear that’s annoying. To be honest I want to go back to the hotel now. I am fed up and just want to start to relax by the pool and start on my tan.

You think you can hold it until we get back?” She enquired as she shifted her attention in my direction.

“I don’t know” was all I could say in response, which was the only honest I could think of. I thought I was pretty good at holding it, but what happened on the dance floor at the show had shaken my confidence. Plus the extra walk around the shopping centre has done nothing to ease the pressure on my bladder.

With little option I took my mums hand as we headed out of the centre and back towards where the bus dropped us off. Once again as soon as we left the cool confines of the glass encased shopping mall we were greeted by the warm morning air and the hot sun on our faces.

The walk seemed longer on the way back than on the way there and the sun felt hotter too. I saw a girl that didn’t look much younger than me in a push chair and must admit I felt touch jealous that she got to be pushed around still where as I had to walk everywhere.

When we got to the bus stop my mums mood hadn’t improved, especially as the wait for the bus was quite a bit longer than hoped. I just tried to sit patiently as I watched her pace backwards and forwards, periodically checking her watch for the time.

Things in my bladder region had started to get more desperate by this point. But I was fearful of how my mum might react if I told her again, so I just tried to squeeze my thighs together and hold it as best I could. As I did so, I could feel the soft but thick padding of my nappy compress between my legs and it gave me mixed emotions. On one hand it made me feel quite small, as I clearly wasn’t wearing my big boy pants. But on the other hand it felt comforting and reassuring. And given my predicament I was probably glad to know that if the worst comes to the worst I was pretty well protected.

The other thing that all the waiting around had done nothing to help was the heat. I was pretty sweaty by this point and the thought of a cool glass of water had made me feel thirsty.

Whilst a number of buses came and went, none of them had the right number on the front and it wasn’t until the third bus arrived that it was finally our turn. By this point we were all eager to get back to the hotel. I jumped up off of my seat and rushed towards the door that had just opened, even before my mum had had chance to grab me by the hand. I then completely clumsily didn’t quite clear the first step of the bus with my lead leg and tripped. I landed on all fours with a thud and scraped both my knees in the process. It hurt a lot and I immediately burst into tears, as my mum rushed to help me up.

I couldn’t help but be completely consumed by the pain in my knees that I almost didn’t even realise at first that my bladder had given way at some point through the process of the fall and being picked up. As I regained some composure once the pain had started to subside? I quickly realised that the warmth that had begun to spread in my groin and between my legs was my bladder attempting to and succeeding to empty it’s entire contents into my nappy. This only made me cry for longer as I felt pretty sorry for myself.

My mum helped me to a seat while my dad paid the driver for the journey. My bladder was still not quite empty as I sat down. I looked down at my sore, red knees and that did nothing to quell the tears. My nappy felt very saturated as my weight pressed against it and the seat.

I managed to gradually settle down during the course of the remainder of the journey and by the time we got back to the hotel I was calm once more. My knees didn’t look quite as bad as they felt at the time. They were still a bit red, but I was convinced I must have split them open by how much it hurt when I came crashing down.

We stepped off the bus and walked back into the hotel. I didn’t want to walk fast. Partly due to how sorry I felt for myself. Also my nappy felt warm and pretty bulky between my legs with every step.

We took the opportunity to have a nice refreshing glass of iced water in the hotel lobby. It felt so cool I swear I could feel it trickle down my throat and into my tummy.

“Ok let’s get these things back up to they room and then we can go swimming” my dad announced. Much to my complete excitement!


Good chapter, looking forward to seeing what happens next


Any chance for a new chapter soon, most stories I follow aren’t updated lately, but take the time needed if its not ready, a rushed story is never good.

A great story. I’m really enjoying it. I look forward to the next chapters.

Great Story Charlie is the right age can’t wait for another chapter. But you never followed up as to why Charlie was in a crib. Did the Hotel run out of portable beds? or did him Mum order a crib? When they delivered the crib did the hotel also leave a gift basket with baby products, ie baby powder, lotion, wipes, bottle, or pacifier?

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We are in a fiction story, sometimes just assume some stuff just happened, the start of the story made it clear that Charlie was diapered at night at home, so we got to assume the mom knew what to purchase when they found out they didn’t have their luggage after the airport, she may also had theses diapering supplies with her in her cabin bag, as she changed him into a Pull-Ups before boarding the plane, out of a heavily soaked night diaper, so she must had some wipes and such with her for sure. As the playpen being in the room here (or crib if you call it this way) remember that Charlie is pretty small, perhaps the hotel just assumed it was what was required for him to sleep which would be easy to believe here.

I also can’t wait to see another chapter of this story.

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I have super enjoyed this story. I look forward to see things progress with Charlie.


Is anything in the works, long time without an update on this one.

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