Charlie’s holiday

This is my first story so please be gentle. Just intended to be a cute little story expanding on my memories growing up and with a bit or artistic licence. Hope it’s ok to post here.

Charlie’s Holiday. Chapter 1

I was woken up early that morning and bundled straight into the car half asleep. It was still dark outside so I had no idea what time it was. My mum silently strapped me into the car seat and I drifted back off to sleep.

When I next woke up it was much brighter outside and I looked out of the window to see we were now in a car park.

“Good morning sleepy head” my mum chirped as she undid my seatbelts.

I was still pretty sleepy so I didn’t really say anything, preferring to rub the sleepiness out of my eyes and stretch. I could see my dad was round the back of the car getting our suitcases out of the boot as my mum joined him.

I jumped down out of the car and watched my dad go and get a trolley to carry the cases. I loved being at the airport, as it was super exciting. Not only did I like going on planes but it also meant we were going on holiday.

Once everything was loaded up my mum put a zip up fleece top on over my pyjama top and slipped some crocks onto my feet. I wasn’t cold but didn’t complain as the top always made me snuggly warm.

We headed down in the lift and I held my mums hand as she led us into the airport departure area. My dad checked the screens and told us which way we had to go to find the check in desk.

When we got there the queue was huge which made my dad quite cross. My parents had a bit of a mini argument about it as my mum tried to calm him down and telling him not to get so stressed about everything. My dad definitely had a bit of a short temper and always seemed to get stressed about things, especially when driving, where he would often shout at the other drivers and even used bad words sometimes.

I got bored fairly quickly so I tried to entertain myself by climbing on to the trolley and riding it every time we moved along the snaking queue.

After what seemed like an age we were finally at the front of the queue and the lady took our bags. I watched as they were whisked away on a conveyor belt and wondered to myself where they went and how they got to the other airport for us to pick up.

My mum took our carry on bags out of the trolley and put my back pack on my back, before we headed away from the checkin desk and onto security. I never really liked this bit as I found it scary. I was always worried what would happen if the detector went off and whether they wouldn’t let me go on holiday. My mum always used to tell me that would never happen but I was still worried.

The queue for security was also long and I started to feel like I needed to wee.

“Mum I need a wee” I announced probably far too loudly, as the teen girl in front of me turned around and almost chuckled.

“Try and hold it, I am going to get you changed in the bathroom once we are through security, it shouldn’t be too much longer.” She replied.

Like the check-in queue we snaked backwards and forwards, slowly getting closer to the big scary scanning machines. The pressure on my bladder continued to grow and whilst I had started to fidget as a consequence of my pressing need to pee, I managed to hold on all the way until we got to the front.

My mum took my back pack off and they took stuff out of the bags and put it into big grey trays. I didn’t really understand why they had to that because it all seemed to go the same way anyway. But before long it was my turn to go through the scanner.

I was sent through first and a huge towering security man beckoned me through. So I started to walk towards the arch and actually closed my eyes as I went through. Not sure what I expected that to achieve, but I was just desperate for the alarm to not go off.

I was through and to my delight nothing went off so an involuntary grin spread across my face. Next I watched my parents go through and they also didn’t set it off so we were free to collect our bags.

With that ordeal out of the way my attention was returned to my growing need to pee. I gripped my mums hand tightly as we headed for the departure lounge.

“Do you want to look in the duty free while I go and change him.” my mum suggested to my dad, to which he dutifully agreed. I was pleased that she hadn’t forgotten my pressing need and we headed off away from dad to find a toilet.

I am not sure why, but my mum chose to use the disabled toilet as opposed to the normal one. But at least there was a lot more room in there and it didn’t smell.

My mum put down her bag and my back pack which she had carried from security. She opened up her ruck sack and started to take out my clothes, which were neatly folded and right at the top of the bag. I could see she had pulled out a pair of track pants a t-shirt and a jumper to begin with. Next she pulled out a pull-up and some wipes.

I had a bit of a love hate relationship with pull-ups. On one hand I clearly had been sold by the marketing about how they are much more grown up than nappies and look and feel like underpants. But the reality was they didn’t really feel like underpants. I found them scratchy and sometimes uncomfortable. Especially when they got wet they felt horrible and my mum says they make my bottom get red, which then can hurt.

“I will get you changed into undies once we have got there, this is for just in case. Ok?” My mum announced. The ok was more of a statement than a question so I didn’t really reply. She took my silence as acceptance and said I was a good boy.

Next she took my crocks off and removed my fleece, which left me just in my blue Batman pyjamas. My pyjama top was then quickly taken off before she pulled my bottoms down and got me to step out of them. She folded my pjs up and put them in her bag, before opening the pack of wipes and taking a few out.

She returned her attention to me as I stood there and fidgeted as I tried to keep my bladder cramped shut. She started to undo the tapes on my heavily saturated night nappy, which sagged somewhat between my legs. Once they were undone the nappy dropped away and I felt cool air hit my slightly clammy skin. The coolness was nothing compared to the wipes which felt initially like ice as she wiped me clean.

Even though I was going to be 6 in 2 months I had yet to have a dry night, so had only ever known being put in nappies for bedtime. I am proud to say I was much better during the daytime though and so pull-ups were only ever a thing for long car trips or journeys like this.

I watched as she wrapped up the nappy into a ball with the wipes and put them in the bin that was in the corner. While she did that I quickly sat on the toilet and let my bladder empty which brought instant relief. After that she got me to wipe myself clean and step into the pull-ups, before she finished getting me dressed.

As we walked out of the bathroom I felt the usual scratchiness of the pull-up but other than that it was very thin, so just tried to put it to the back of my mind as I ventured out into the brightness and all the sights and smells of the airport terminal.


Let me know if you anyone likes my story, or if it’s no good. If people like it I will probably write more, but don’t know if it’s any good or quite boring.

Chapter 2

We went and found somewhere to get breakfast and I had some cereal which was nice. It came in a tiny little box which was cute, but it tasted exactly like what I have at home so that was good. Apparently according to my mum I was what you would call a fussy eater.

Once breakfast was done we went to find a place where we could sit and I could watch out the window so I could see all the planes. That was one of my favourite things to do. Watching them drive past the window and every now and again you would see one take off or land. It was so cool.

After we had watched for a while I got a little bored so my mum took me to find a play area. It was a bit of a walk and when we got there it was pretty crowded already. But there some soft stuff to climb on and a dinosaur slide so I had fun. I am not sure how much later it was but eventually it was time to go to the gate where our plane would be and I started to get excited again.

Once we got to the gate I asked my dad if the plane outside the window was ours, which he said it was. It was huge and looked really cool. I could see what my dad said was the pilot walking around and making sure everything was ok.

I was quite impatient at this point as I just wanted to get on. But we had to wait until they said it was time. Fortunately they let parents with children go on first with the people in the wheel chairs, so that was cool. Once on the plane it still looked just as huge, especially as there was no one else on the plane yet, just row after row of seats.

We found our seats and I asked if I could sit by the window. My mum sat next to me and my dad was on the seat next to the aisle which went down the middle of the plane.

Once everyone was on the stewardess came up to us and gave me an activity pack to play with which was really cool. I wanted to play with it straight away but had to wait until we had taken off to use it properly as I needed the table to draw on,. there were some other plastic toys that I had to build so at least I got to play with those.

Take off was definitely my favourite part of the journey, as you feel like you are going super fast as the plane pushed you down the runway. The noise built as the engines roared. My nose glued to the window as we climbed up higher and eventually through the clouds. I tried to get my mum to look too, but she seemed too scared. Instead she kept her eyes closed and had a hold of my dads hand.

The flight was very long, I think my mum said it was 4 hours or something like that. Plus I t seemed to take forever before the food came, by which time I was starving. When it didn’t come and much to my mothers annoyance I didn’t like what they gave us. It was supposed to be spaghetti but there was lots of cheese all over it so I wouldn’t eat it. Instead she got me some snacks from my back pack.

The flight also was quite bumpy at times. My dad said it was called turbulence and every time it happened the pilot made everyone sit down with seat belts on.

The bumps didn’t help the fact that my juice at breakfast and my water on the plane had started to fill my bladder. As time went on I increasingly felt like I needed the toilet.

I tried to ignore it but it’s t wouldn’t go away so in the end I announced “I need a wee, mummy”, again probably louder than was appropriate.

“You will have to wait until the seat belt sign has turned off” came the reply.

“I really need to go” I responded.

“I don’t know how long it will be Charlie, when the pilot thinks it’s safe to be able to stand up he will turn off the sign” was the answer I didn’t want to hear.

I was generally pretty good at holding it during the day. Having said that once I realise I need to go it does come on quickly and I feel like I can’t hold it for that long.

I tried to concentrate on something else and coloured in another page of the little colouring book I got in the activity pack. Which worked for a while.

My mum could tell I was getting desperate, but she said there was nothing she could do and I had to wait. So I just had to sit there and do my best to hold on, whilst I stared at the stupid seatbelt sign and prayed for it to switch off.

It felt like it went on forever and there were a couple of times where I felt like I was going to be unable to hold it. It felt like it was coming but then right at the last second I managed to stop it. It wasn’t a lot of fun and it wasn’t long before my tummy started to hurt.

Finally the light turned off and straight away you could hear the sound of seatbelts coming undone and people getting up. I looked at my mum and she undid my seatbelt so I could get up.

To my horror there was already a queue at the toilet. I was sure I wouldn’t make it as I felt like I was going to burst. Once again it felt like it was going to start to come as I stood in the aisle and again I just managed to squeeze hard enough to stop it.

After what felt like an hour but was probably only a few minutes we were finally into the plane toilet and I pulled my pants and pull up down as fast as I could then sat down on the toilet.

It was ecstasy to feel the pressure release as my bladder emptied and my tummy pain was gone. I wiped clean with the tissue my mum handed me and she flushed the toilet which made me jump as it made a huge sucking noise. As she pulled my pull-ups back up she checked them for wetness.

“Only a little damp, it will be ok for now” she announced to my complete surprise.

“I didn’t wee mummy….I held it.” I stated in my defence, almost insulted at the accusation, having felt so proud of being able to hold on for so long.

“It’s ok, no need to worry. It’s just a tiny bit. I know it must have been hard to hold it and especially with all those bumps. You did very well”. She replied affectionately.

I really didn’t understand. I was sure I had managed to hold it, I thought to myself as she pulled them back up, followed by my track pants.

I wait for my mum to have a wee as well before we headed back to our seats. As I waited I started to realise that my pull-up did actually feel a bit damp, if only in the front. Maybe she was right I thought, maybe I hadn’t managed to hold it all in after all. I couldn’t help but feel deflated as I reflected on the fact that my big boy status had just taken a definite hit!


Love this kind of story, can’t wait to read more.

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Great couple of chapters! I Always enjoy these types of regression stories, keep up the good wood.

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Thank you to those that have liked and taken the time to reply. Here’s another chapter:

Chapter 3

The rest of the flight seemed to drag to be honest. I had done everything I my activity pack and even the magazines my mum bought me had been done too. So I started to get a little bored and restless. I swear the flight felt like it seemed to go on forever and I remember my dad saying it was something like 4 or 5 hours, which even the excitement and novelty of air travel was not easily able to overcome.

The stewardess came round and asked if we wanted anything else to drink. My dad got another beer and my mum had some fizzy wine. I still has some of my fruit shoot left so wasn’t allowed anything more. My tummy was rumbling though as I didn’t eat that much of my dinner and to my surprise I was allowed some more sweets. Most likely to keep me quiet, but I wasn’t complaining.

Whilst I was busy devouring the last of my sweets the seat belt sign came on again. This time it wasn’t for turbulence, but this time the pilot came on the speakers and said it’s because we were going to land. With that new information I sensed that must mean we were close to the ground so I looked out of the window to see if I could see anything interesting. However, all I saw was still just water. The sky was clear and blue, the water seemed flat and endless. I secretly hoped the pilot knew where he was going and wasn’t going to try and land in the sea.

“Have you got ants in your pants” my mother enquired unexpectedly.

I didn’t answer, but I figured I had probably been fidgeting in my seat. Partly because I was excited that things were starting to happen and we were getting closer to our destination. Partly also because my pants still felt very itchy and no matter what I did, or how much I wriggled the itchiness remained.

“I am itchy” I replied, not sure what else to say.

“We will be landing soon.” Came her reply. Although I didn’t really understand how that related to her previous question or my informative reply.

Instead I continued to watch out of the window as land started to come into view. It looked a lot browner than where I lived, with not as many trees. And there didn’t seem to be that many big towns or cities, just collections of houses and at one point I saw some boats parked in a harbour.

The landing seemed quite bumpy and very exciting, with all sorts of sensations and noises . When we got close to the ground everything suddenly seemed to go by the window very fast and the engines got even noisier as the plane slowed down quickly on the runway.

The engines went suddenly went quiet again as the brakes released, before we turned off the runway and the pilot drove the plane towards the airport buildings. After the previous boredom had been replaced by a rush of adrenalin, I was excited again to see more of the new place we were going to spend our holiday, which was now a much closer reality.

Again my impatience got the better of me as it seemed to take forever for the plane to park and for people to get off the plane in front of us, which then allowed us to get off too.

My mum packed all our things back in our bag and we eventually were able to get off the plane and walk down the steps to the awaiting bus. As soon as we were outside the plane my senses were hit from all angles. The wind felt warm, the sun felt hot, the plane still sounded noisy and my eyes were met with a foreign land. I was quite overwhelmed, so the embrace of my mums hand to help me down the steps was more than welcome.

Once in the airport we had a long walk, which was fortunately helped by some escalators. But instead of going up they went along the floor which I thought was very cool. I couldn’t help but run along them to see how fast I could go. Much to my parents displeasure.

After that we hit yet another queue. All we seemed to do in the airport was to go from one queue to another. All I wanted to do was get to our hotel so I could go swimming. But much to my disappointment, first we had to wait some more and snake towards what my dad said was passport control. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but when we got to the desk there was a lady in a uniform who looked very serious, as she checked the little books that my dad showed her.

She seemed happy enough with what we had and she waved us through the door and down some steps to where we had to get our suitcases.

“Do you need the toilet Charlie, I am going to go” my mum asked. I thought for a second and then said I was ok. I didn’t feel like I needed anything and I was eager to get our cases so we could get into the next part of the journey.

Minutes seemed to drag at this point. I felt quite tired and a little grumpy as even though it probably wasn’t that late, it already felt like it had been a long day.

We watched the bags start to go by and I stayed with mum as my dad stood by the conveyor belt, as he waited to pick our bags out from all the others. A feat I had no idea how he was going to achieve as all the bags looked the same to me.

More and more people collected their bags and the conveyor belt became more and more sparse, yet my dad still stood waiting. Every now and again he would share an increasingly stressed conversation with my mum. I didn’t really know what was going on but they didn’t seem very happy at all with the situation.

Eventually the conveyor belt stopped and no more bags came. We were left with about 10 other people who all still waited too. Those people looked just as cross as my parents did, which couldn’t have been a good sign I thought. After a while a lady in a red uniform came over and started to talk to the group. I didn’t really follow what she said, but whatever it was everyone seemed quite angry and I felt quite sorry for her because everyone seemed to be crowding around her and no one seemed happy.

“The bags haven’t made it! I can’t believe it” was all my dad announced as he came over to where mum and I stood.

“Where are they? When will they arrive?” Came my mums exasperated reply.

“I don’t know. We have to fill some paperwork in and then talk to the rep at the hotel and they will help us from there” my dad responded.

I still didn’t really understand what was going on, but whatever it was my parents were most unhappy and we had to wait even longer until my dad got to the front of the queue at the desk so he could write on the pieces of paper that the man behind the desk gave him.

After that was all done we left the baggage area and went to find the bus that would take us to the hotel. Once outside the airport building I was once again hit with the hot air and warm breeze. It felt so different to the cold from where we had come.

We found our bus after a little walk and saw that it was already full of people. Everyone seemed to be a little cross which I didn’t understand as it was only the start of the holiday and there was so much to look forward to. So I ignored everyone’s grumpiness and found a seat next to the window so I could continue to explore the new place we had arrived in.

Before long we were on our way and it was about another 30-40 minute journey to the hotel. I remember seeing much more of the brown, dry scenery that I saw from the plane, mixed in with white houses and shops. It was so different and so very cool. Although again, my attention span was short as the view from the window didn’t really change once we were on a faster road and my uncomfortable underwear became the forefront of my attention once more.

“What’s the matter. Does it hurt” my mum asked, as she sensed my unease and I guess had noticed that I continued to fidget.

“No it’s just itchy” I said as I grabbed the front of my track pants and tried to pull everything away from my skin.

“We will be at the hotel soon, it’s not long now.” Mum replied with an affectionate smile.

As we got closer to the hotel things started to get more busy. The building became closer together and more people walked on the streets. The lady started to talk on the microphone again and we started to stop at different hotels so people could get off. After about 4 or 5 stops my parents said it was our turn and we got off the bus.

The hotel looked huge and grand. I was very impressed. There was a man dressed in uniform near the door, which he opened for us as we approached. Once through the door the redemption area was also impressive with sofas, plants and huge lights which hung from the ceiling.

My dad talked to the man at the desk for a while, as my mum and I waited. Once he finished he had some papers, a key in his hand and told us to follow him to the room, which was on the 3rd floor.

“Can you find room 318 for me Charlie, that’s our room?” My dad asked and we encourage keen to help as always, I replied that I would.

There were so many doors it was hard to know which one was ours. The corridors also seemed to go on and on. I tried to guess which one was ours, but kept getting it wrong until eventually my dad announced that we had arrived out our room.

He held a white card against the black square under the door handle and there was a click as there door opened. Impatient as always I rushed passed and jumped on the huge white bed that dominated the room, while my parents busied themselves as they explored our new accommodation.

“Ok you two wait here while I go and see if I can find the holiday rep to find out what we do about our bags.” My dad stated confidently.

“Ask them what we are supposed to do in the mean time. We have nothing with us and tell them we have a young child too. We need things for the rest of the day and the night.” My mum offered with a hint of anger.

With those instructions still ringing in his ears my dad left the room and headed back downstairs.


I loved this chapter, can’t wait to read what will happen next, no luggage, in a foreign country, for me that would be a nightmare in real life, and lucky for me in more than 11 flights and travels, I’ve never lost my luggage anywhere, as a fact 98,4% of all handled luggage make it to their destination without any issues (one of my cousin was a baggage handler for 15 yrs and is now going to be an airport manager in a year from now)

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Glad a couple of you are enjoying the story. Hope you like the next chapter.

Chapter 4

Once my dad had gone I decided to carry on exploring our new room. There was a big bed in the middle of the room, but I didn’t see a bed for me to sleep in which made me confused. Maybe I was expected to share the big one with my mum and dad. The room was actually very big, much bigger than I was expecting or had been used to when going to a hotel, or at least it was bigger than others that I remembered. There was a big tv on the wall, with drawers underneath. Along the little corridor where you came in there were tall wardrobes on one side and an entrance to the bathroom on the other, which my mum had gone into explore.

When she came back outside I asked if we could have a look at the balcony so I could see the view. She was actually as keen as I was to see it too and helped open the sliding glass door so we could go out.

As soon as the door was open the warmth of the outside air flooded towards you, as the sun beat down on the balcony. There were also much more sights and sounds to see and hear as the pool area stretched out in front, all the way to the beach. There was the sound of music playing and children splashing around having fun. I noticed there was even a children’s pool area with a pirate ship slide. It looked very cool and I was immediately super excited to try it out.

“Can we go swimming mummy?” I begged.

“Not right now, baby I am sorry. All our swimming things are in the suitcases. We need to wait until daddy gets back so he can tell us if he knows when we will get them back”. She replied apologetically.

I couldn’t help but be disappointed as I had to watch everyone else have fun while I was stuck up here with nothing to do.

“Is your pull-up still itchy?” She asked, as she changed the subject and led me back into the room.

I nodded as opposed to saying anything. Now less distracted and after my mums enquiry I was suddenly re-aware of the uncomfortable feeling in the front of my pants.

Without saying anything further she took my shoes off and pulled my pants down, which left me stood in just my pull-up. Next she pulled that down too and asked me to step out. She seemed to check it before she rolled it up and took it into the bathroom.

“You can stay like that for a little while, it’s nice and warm it’s good for your bottom to get some air. ” She announced as she re-entered the room, with the pull-up now seemingly disposed of.

That didn’t bother me at all to be honest. She was right it was warm and I was more than happy to be naked when at home and didn’t see any reason to be worried about being naked from the waist down here either. What I did mind was the coldness of the wipes that she had fetched from the hand luggage and used to wipe me down with. No matter how many times I was cleaned this way I never got used to that initial shock of the first wipe touching skin.

“Those pull-ups are not very good, you look a little bit sore again. Does it hurt anywhere?” She questioned caringly. I thought about it for a moment, but I couldn’t feel anything that was sore once the pull-up was gone, so I told her I was ok.

My mum found a kids tv channel no doubt to help keep me amused while we waited for my dad to come back. However, it was weird, I recognised some of the programmes but they were all in a different language so I couldn’t understand what they were saying. As a consequence, whilst it was better than nothing it didn’t stop me getting increasingly bored.

My dad eventually returned after what felt like an age. By the look on his face he didn’t seem very happy and my mother pounced on him almost before he had even got through the door, eager for information.

“Well… do you want the good news or the bad news.” My dad started.

“The bad news is they couldn’t tell me when our cases will be with us as they are still in the UK. They will need to be flown out on the next available flight.” My dad continues”

“Ok but when will that be?” Mum interrupted.

“The next flight with our tour operator isn’t until the middle of the week, but she did say that they often can get them on an alternative flight with a different carrier, but that is all dependant on spare capacity on any available flights.”

“But middle of the week is days away, what are we supposed to do until then?” Mum asked in exasperation, her face getting increasingly flushed with anger.

“What they did say is we can buy any essentials we need until we get our luggage and they will refund us any money we spend. So at least that’s something, we just need to make sure we keep all the receipts.” He explained.

“But we need all sorts of things, clothes, toiletries, sun cream, swimming stuff, hats… I am not paying all this money to sit in our room all day.” She almost shouted.

“No, I agree. There is a supermarket just down the road where we can get some things immediately. It probably doesn’t have everything we need. So she suggested we could go to the shopping district in the morning, which is only a short bus trip where we can buy swimming outfits and any clothes we need. Let’s try and stay positive, we could get our bags tomorrow or the day after so we don’t need to let this spoil the holiday, we are just going to have to work through the next day or so until we get all our things. Ok?” My dad said reassuringly as he gave mum a hug.

“Ok. So do you think we should go shopping now or get something to eat” mum asked, her voice sounded a little calmer.

“The restaurant is open for quite a while yet, according to this, but not sure when the supermarket shuts so we better get that done first.” Dad replied as he consulted the paperwork he had been given at the reception desk.

“What are going to do with Charlie, I have no underwear for him as it’s all in the case?“ mum stated as she noticed my still semi naked state.

“Do you not have any more pull-ups in your hand luggage?” My dad replied.

“No I don’t think so, I didn’t plan for us to have no luggage when we got off the plane” my mum answered irritably.

“Can he not just go without for now? What happened to the pull-up he wore on the plane, can he not just wear that?” Dad offered as a suggestion.

“I have had to throw it as it was wet. It wasn’t soaked, but he must have had a small accident or dribbled a bit. So he will have to just go without for now.

Charlie, these are the only trousers mummy has so you need to make sure you tell us if you need the toilet, ok? Let’s try now before we go.” Mum concluded as she directed the last part directly at me before she led me into the bathroom to try and go for a wee.

I managed to go a little bit after which mum made sure I was wiped clean and then my jogging pants were put back on before we headed out of the room and back out the front of the hotel.

Once again the change in temperature as we left the cool air-conditioned lobby and stepped outside took me by surprise. As the noise of road that ran in front of our hotel was very also very evident, as it came into view. Fortunately my dad seemed to know where he was going and said the supermarket wasn’t far. When my dad said we were going to a supermarket, what I had in my head was one of the huge supermarkets we had back home, but this turned out to be something quite different.

This supermarket was more like a much smaller shop. Like one of the more local ones that were near our house at home. We only normally used those when we needed a few things as we went to the big ones for our big shop. Maybe they don’t have big supermarkets in this country, I pondered.

At least it was cool when we went inside and my mum grabbed a shopping basket from the pile near the door.

“Not sure we are going to find any clothes here” my dad announced. “But that’s pretty much what the rep said, let’s just get the essentials for tonight and the morning then I will chat to her again.” He continued.

We started at one end of the shop and worked our way down the various aisles. The food all looked quite strange. They seemed to have a lot of similar things but all the packaging was different and I didn’t really recognise anything from home. The main area my parents seemed to focus was the toiletries section. My mum put toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and sun cream in the basket. My parents then had a bit of an argument over shampoo. My dad said that the bathroom had shower gel and shampoo so we didn’t need it, but my mum was adamant that she needed a better one and wasn’t prepared to use the ones the hotel provided. She then seemed to take forever to pick the bottles she wanted and my patience ran out quickly. My dad must have got bored too as he walked off, rather than stand and wait.

Eventually when she had finally chosen we went to the next aisle and my dad rejoined us.

“We need nappies or pull-ups if they have any.” My mum announced, as she spotted the section of the shop that had the baby items.

“Not sure there is a lot of choice.” my dad replied as he searched the small selection on offer.

They both started to examine the packs on the shelf, as they tried to find something they considered suitable. Again I was pretty used to what the packs looked like that they normally bought at home and none of these looked anything like those.

“What about these, junior XL.” said my dad as he picked up a pack and showed it to my mum.

“Those might work. What’s that one the next shelf down?” My mum enquired.

My dad grabbed the pack she had pointed at. I noticed that this package was quite a bit bigger than the last one.

“Erm… looks like these might be good for nighttime and are the same size.” My dad responded as he flipped the pack over to try and read the back. “I can’t really tell what it says as it’s in Spanish, but not sure we need as big a pack as this and they are quite a bit more expensive.”

“I thought you said they will refund us whatever we spend? Its not our fault they lost our suitcases. If they are going to better for nighttime then we should get those.” Came my mums rather firm and grumpy reply.

My dad decided it was better not to argue so held onto the pack whilst we finished our shopping and headed to the till. Whilst my parents loaded the things we had picked up onto the conveyor belt I spotted the toy section where they had all sorts of things to play with on the beach, buckets, inflatables and balls. I couldn’t help but run over them to see what they had and was immediately drawn to the ball section first.

“Can I get one of these please daddy?” I asked. I decided mummy seemed a bit grumpy so I would probably have more luck with dad.

“Yes you can, which one would you like?” Came the reply I hoped for.

I pulled as many balls out of the basket as I could to see which one I liked best before finally I settled on one that looked just like a normal football. I couldn’t help but beam with joy at my new toy, which kept hold of tightly. I only let it go so they lady could scan the sticker for us to pay before she gave it me back.

With everything paid for and bagged up we headed back out into the heat and back towards our hotel.


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Interesting story so far

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Loving this. Don’t take the handful of us who bother to respond as your whole audience. There are 10x more who love the story and never say anything. I know – I’ve had the same anxiety when I post my story updates. Keep up the good work!


Yup, love this story, but don’t want to comment at each update of it, its fun to see where this one will go and often authors take suggestions and it all ends up to be same stories, I could see a 6 yrs old ending up in a crib or pack’N’Play playpen at the hotel they’re staying at, depending on how small he his, he could fit in it nicely. But I won’t suggest it, we will see where this story goes.

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Thank you for the comments. I really appreciate it and to be honest I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading so it’s not obvious if I should carry on.

Please feel free to make comments, but please understand that I will do my own thing with what happens.

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Chapter 5

Being back in the coolness of the hotel lobby air conditioning felt great. Despite it only being a few minutes walk, it didn’t take long for the heat to have an effect, especially as there was no shade in between the shop and the hotel. A cold glass of iced water from the dispenser by reception also felt nice. It felt like I could almost feel the liquid go down my throat and into my tummy.

With refreshments completed it was back up to the room with our supplies and hopefully after that it was time for dinner as my tummy had begun to rumble.

“Charlie’s bed still hasn’t arrived.” My mum stated as we entered the room”

“I did speak to them about it but I can give reception a call to find out what’s happening.” He replied, as I sat in the bed and turned the tv back on.

“Do think they will say anything about our clothes at dinner. Aren’t you supposed to have trousers instead of shorts. Plus I hate not having anything to change into and smarten up.” mum questioned almost repeatedly.

“Well if they say anything then we will explain what happened, but I am sure it will be fine. Do you want to go and get something to eat now?” Dad replied.

“Yes I am pretty hungry. What’s the plan…… Are we coming back up after dinner?” Mum questioned.

“Erm… we can come back up if you want otherwise I wouldn’t mind exploring the hotel a bit and checking out the evening entertainment” dad responded confidently.

“Ok that sounds good. I will take his bag so he has a few things to play with in case he gets bored. I think there is a kids disco too so let’s check what time that is.

Oh…. You know what we did forget to get… travel wash.” She continued, clearly annoyed at herself.

“Ah yes. Well hopefully we won’t need it and we will have all our stuff back soon.” My dad offered constructively.

“Yea, but in the mean time we need to try and keep these clothes presentable as that’s all we have got.

If we are staying out for the rest of the evening I think I will put a nappy on him, so that’s at least one less thing to worry about.” Mum announced.

“Yeah not a bad idea and it’s been a long day so he may need a nap.“ Dad replied in agreement.

With that clearly having been decided my mum went over to the large bag of nappies we had just bought that had been placed on the chest of drawers near the tv. With the last part of the conversation having a direct bearing on me my attention was drawn away from the tv. Mums body blocked my view but I could hear her rip open the pack and within seconds she was on her way over to me on the bed.

“Charlie sweet…. I am just going to put your nappy on a bit earlier tonight…… ok. It’s just because mummy doesn’t have any undies for you and we need to keep these trousers clean until as I don’t have any others… ok?” She explained as she took hold of my shoulders and encouraged me to lay back on the bed. Whilst I was quite tempted, I knew better than to whine or argue. I was also very used to being changed in the evening before bed, so whilst this was a bit different, it wasn’t something I felt worth having a major tantrum over. My main priority more about wanting to satisfy my ever increasing hunger for food, plus I was excited to see what we were going to get to eat at the hotel.

As soon as my back was on the bed I felt my tracksuit bottoms immediately get pulled down. I looked down to see my mum had already started to open up the nappy, which I thought sounded a little noisier than I was used to.

“Not sure if these nappies are going to be any good. They seem a bit cheap.” she stated in my dads direction.

My view was once again averted as she took hold of my ankles and lifted them into the air. I felt my bottom lift away from the bed as she slid the nappy underneath, before my legs were allowed back down again. It only took a few more seconds before my mum had expertly pulled the nappy up between my legs and taped me in.

It wasn’t an unusual feeling for me at all. But after the relative feeling of freedom of being without even underpants for the last few hours, the nappy suddenly felt very thick and snug.

My mum helped me off the bed and before she pulled up my tracksuit bottoms she seemed to check my nappy from all angles.

“All good?” my dad enquired.

“Not sure how they will hold up through the night, but they seem to fit fine.” She concluded. “I bet you are hungry. You want to get something to eat?” She added with a big smile before pulling my pants up and tickling my tummy.

“I am sooooo hungry” I answered with a laugh and a giggle.

I headed towards my dad who was stood by the door while my mum faffed around, as she added extra things to the bag we were going to take with us. Fortunately she didn’t take too long and we were off back down towards the reception of the hotel.

As we walked down the silent corridors where all the rooms were and into the lift, I was convinced I could hear my nappy with almost every step. I didn’t really remember my normal ones making much noise so this was a little odd. The other thing I noticed was that the nappy did feel quite bulky. The waistband hugged my tummy tightly and all the way round my sides and across my back. I could also feel the padding between my legs and all across my bottomHowever as soon as the lift pinged to say we were on the floor we wanted my mind had far more important things to be interested in.

The lobby was quite busy now, with more guests coming and going. My dad seemed to know where we was going as he led my mum and I passed the reception area and down some steps.

“Mike, you need to ask about the bed!” Mum commanded, seemingly annoyed at my dad for forgetting.

“Yes sorry. Be right back.” He answered before we darted back towards reception.

My attention on the other hand was drawn to what appeared to be a games room. I tugged on my mums hand to ask if we could go in, which she said we could.

There were already quite a few older kids in there and some were playing on the pool table. It was all very cool. There were arcade machines and a big square a machine with one of those grabbing hooks. I really wanted a go but mum said “not now”. At least she didn’t say no altogether I thought, so I was hopeful we could return before long and get a teddy.

My exploration was eventually interrupted when dad returned. He said the hotel told him the bed would be sorted in the next hour or so, which sounded puzzling for me, as I didn’t know how they were going to build a bed in the room so quickly.

This however wasn’t really my problem I decided as my mouth started to water when my dad led us away from the sights and sounds of the games room and towards the entrance of the restaurant.

The restaurant was huge. We had to wait for a man to take our details and then take us to our table. Whilst we were led that way I craned my neck around to where all the food seemed to be. From what I could tell there was already lots of food already laid out at one end of the restaurant. People seemed to just be able to go and take what they wanted.

“Do you need a high chair?” The man asked as we reached our table.

“Erm… no thank you I think we will be fine.” My mum replied.

“Ok no problem. We do have some booster seats if you would like that” he offered further in a string foreign accent.

“Oh yes that would be perfect” came my mums reply, before the waiter disappeared again.

“Can we get some food mummy?” I pleaded impatiently.

“Just a second we need to wait for the waiter to come back and then we will get something to drink” she replied, much too my displeasure.

It seemed to take an age before the man returned with the seat booster, which was plastic but had a padded seat. It looked more like something you had in a car as I saw there was some sort of seat belt which hung down as he carried it. Once it was placed on my chair I tried to sit in it, but with the extra height of the booster seat on top of the normal chair, I couldn’t actually climb up onto to it without help from my dad.

I had to wait for what felt like an age as we waited for the man to come back again. I asked for apple juice. I didn’t really listen to to what my parents wanted as finally it looked like it was now time to go and find what there was to eat:-)


Great chapter curious to see Charlie being more babied since they don’t have his things and the hotel really thinks he is little baby ! Since I am sure they gonna bring a baby crib for him

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Thank you for all the comments and likes, I really appreciate it.

Hope you like the next chapter.

Chapter 6

There was loads of food to choose from. Most of which didn’t look like anything I would normally have to eat. I tugged at my mums hand, eager to see more, as she tried to hold me back and stop me from running off. Fortunately, at one end of the food area my mum found a kids section, just as I had started to lose hope of finding something nice. There wasn’t loads to choose from, but they did have some things that I liked and mum got me some chicken nuggets and chips, with lots of ketchup.

With my plate full we headed back to the table. The hustle and bustle of the restaurant easily overpowered any rustling that might have come from my slightly noisy underwear, so other than the added bulk between my legs and over my bottom I had become pretty accustomed to and almost completely forgotten about my attire.

By the time we got back to the table the drinks had already arrived and I was helped back into my seat. I was pretty thirsty so I took a big drink from my glass, which emptied nearly half of it. My parents then took turns to get their food, while I impatiently tucked into mine.

The chips were yummy although the nuggets were a bit spicy which led me to drink the rest of my juice in an attempt to get rid of the heat on my mouth and the tingling on my lips. My parents threatened me with no ice cream if I didn’t finish my plate, although after admittedly a level of whining on my part that I didn’t like the chicken, they eventually gave in. So before long I was back on my feet and off to fetch my ice cream.

I devoured the chocolate ice cream, that I had drowned in chocolate sprinkles. It was sooooo nice, if a little bit sickly, which might have had something to do with all the chocolate sauce I put on too. After that I started to get bored while I waited for my parents to finish. I was still thirsty too as I finished my drink some time ago. So most likely as a form of appeasement and to try and stop my fidgeting, they let me order another apple juice, while they finished their desert.

Once dinner was finished we headed out to explore more of the hotel and my parents promised we could watch the kids disco. As we walked around I couldn’t help but be amazed by how big and impressive the hotel was. There were gardens, plants and flowers everywhere, I had never been anywhere like it.

We completed at least one full lap of the hotel grounds before we found a table that was free near to stage, which was where my parents said all the shows would be. I could see there were already some kids sat on the floor in front of the stage, while others sat at the table with their family like I was. There did seem to be a lot of children around, probably because the hotel had so many cool things for kids to do.

My parents ordered more drinks and this time I was only allowed water, as my mum said there is too much sugar in juice. Apparently too much sugar makes me too hyperactive, according to my mum. By this time I was actually quite happy to have water given the amount of juice I had drunk at dinner. I quite fancied a change.

“Do you need the toilet before the show starts Charlie? My mother asked.

“No I am ok.” Came my quick reply. I hadn’t really felt like needing to go before now, which is why I responded as I did. But over the next few minutes, having had my attention drawn to it I did notice my bladder start to signal that the juice had started to have an affect.

My attention was then suddenly drawn away from my bladder, to the noise and lights on the stage as the show had started. I was captivated by it, especially as it was designed for kids. There was even a big fluffy dog character that I instantly fell in love with.

“Can I go and sit at the front” I asked as I noticed more and more kids had congregated in front of the stage. I would get a much closer view from there I thought.

“Ok you can but stay where we can see you. And you need to sit down and stay where you are ok. There are lots of people and we don’t want anyone to get lost. Understood”, came here long winded reply.

I nodded, having not really listened to all the instructions and ran off to find a seat as close to the front as possible. I found a small gap, sat down and looked back to see if I could find where my parents were sat, which I could.

The show was brilliant. The cast was very funny, but the star of the show for me was still Thomson the dog. I was probably a little over excited by this stage and couldn’t sit still. Not least because I now really needed the toilet, but whilst my bladder continued to strain, there was no way I was going to miss the show. I will just go as soon as it’s finished I decided.

Plus I could still feel the reassuring thickness of the padding underneath my pants as I squirmed around on the floor. I must admit that my mum had told me off before for weeing in my nappy after I had woken up in the morning, when at home, especially on the weekends when I get to stay in my pjs for most of the morning. She says I should take it off and go and use the toilet. But the thing is, I am always awake before them in the morning and as there is nothing to do I get bored. So I get out of bed and go into their room to get them to wake up. Once I have succeeded, mum often just puts cartoons on and then tries to go back to sleep. My nappy is always wet from the night anyway, so If I need to go for a wee, I guess I just do it so can I carry on watching. At the end of the day I figure that it’s better to do that than to miss stuff and having to get up again.

The last part of the show had loud music, flashing lights and dancing. The people on the stage acted out dance moves while everyone else copies. Even Thomson the dog joined in, so I tried my best to follow what was going on, although it turned out my coordination was really bad and I couldn’t really do it like they were. That didn’t bother me though, as I still had just as much fun jumping around to the music. In fact I was having so much fun I was pretty out of breath and felt quite sweaty.

All the excitement and dancing had even made me forget all about my swollen bladder. That was until I suddenly felt the front of my nappy start to become warm. It took me a moment to realise what was happening. I tried to squeeze my bladder shut but it was no good, it just kept coming and coming and coming. Whilst everyone else still hopped and bopped to the music, I stood frozen like a statue, I felt the warmth had begun to spread down between my legs and even back towards my bottom, as there was now nothing I could do to stop flooding my nappy.

Eventually the flow stopped and I felt a touch self conscious all of a sudden as I struggled to get back into the swing of things. The bulk between my legs had grown so was harder to ignore, but other than that it wasn’t particularly uncomfortable. The waistband still hugged me just as snugly as it had before and if anything it didn’t feel as saggy as my normal ones did when they got very wet. i didn’t really know what to do. I was worried about what my mum was going to say more than anything else. I was worried she would be mad at me, even thought it was a genuine accident this time. I just tried to put it at the back of my mind and pretend nothing had happened while I tried my best to enjoy the rest of the show.

The final song finished and the last one was the best one yet. Once the stage had cleared most of the kids headed back to the tables to find their respective families, so I did the same and headed back to our table.

“My word you look a bit sweaty. That looked fun!” My mum said enthusiastically.

“Did you see Thomson. He was my favourite!” I replied loudly.

“I did. He was great. Have a drink, you must be thirsty.” She offered, which I accepted. All that exercise had made me very thirsty and the coolness water was very refreshing.


Really enjoying this story! Keep up the great work

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Great chapter


Another awesome chapter once again, evening show is concluded now its going to be back in the room for the night, what kind of bed will be there for Charlie, if most of the hotel staff think he’s a toddler, can’t wait to see what will happen there.

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Not sure what’s going on with the forum. Trying to post another chapter but it’s not showing, so will try again.

Chapter 7

The show was now quiet for a moment, but there were still children running around and climbing up onto the stage. I was tempted to join them but I needed to catch my breath for a moment. Whilst I wouldn’t admit it I had started to get a little tired by this point.

I sat on the chair and in doing so the condition of my nappy became evident to me once more. I think I must have peed a lot as even the padding under my bottom felt warm, as it became compressed by my weight against the hard plastic chair. It wasn’t that it was uncomfortable and it didn’t feel soggy. It was just not as soft as before, plus I was still a bit worried about what my mum would say.

“Do you want some popcorn?” My dad asked enthusiastically.

“Yes” came my even more enthusiastic reply. I loved popcorn but never got chance to eat it, so even though I wasn’t really very hungry the offer was still too good to pass up on.

“Is there a magic word?” my dad added.

“Please” came my reply, understanding that this was the expected response that would unlock the access to what I wanted.

“Good boy” he replied as he stood up and took my hand.

I followed him past all the tables until the popcorn machine came into view. It was bright yellow and lit up brightly. I was a bit puzzled however as there didn’t seem to be any popcorn visible through the glass just these little balls that looked like some kind of seed.

“Ok so what I think we do is we put this box under here and put the money in” dad explained.

He handed me 2 coins and I put them both in the slot. Once the second one had been accepted I was told to press a red button which initiated the machine. As soon as I did that the machine came to life and started to make quite a loud noise. The noise lasted for quite a while and not much happened at first but then there was a sudden pop. Followed by another and then more and more. It was so cool it was actually making the pop corn right in front of us. I had never seen such a contraption before.

When the machine finally went quiet my dad took out the box as he said it was too hot for me to do it. It was like magi, it was full to the brim with popcorn, so much so that some fell onto the floor as he took the box out of the machine. I was desperate to have some but was made to wait until we got back to the table.

We sat back down again and I was allowed to start to munch on the tasty popcorn. I felt really happy, the hotel was amazing. The show was great, there was popcorn, there was Thomson the dog… what more could you want!

“I think the show starts in about 10 minutes, so you want to order some more drinks, I am just going to go to the bathroom” my mum announced. I didn’t realise there was another show, I had assumed when the last one finished that was it.

“I am going to the toilet Charlie, you need to go too?” She asked, now stood in front of me.

The popcorn had distracted me from my predicament, but the sudden parental challenge brought things back into sharp focus. I wasn’t prepared for such a question and didn’t know what to say. So I just shook my head.

“Are you sure? You have had lots to drink and it was a long time ago since you last went.” She further questioned. To be fair she was correct in that I had drunk a lot, but she was obviously not correct regarding when I last had a wee.

Again if found myself not knowing what to say, so I think just sat there nervously with a faint hope that she would just let it go.

“You want to come and try with me?” She asked which resulted in another shake of the head from me, as I leant back and rested my back against the chair. I guess I hoped that she would recognise my keenness to stay sat down and relax while she went to the bathroom without me.

Much to my disappointment however, I wasn’t that lucky. Rather than give up, within a flash she leant down and grabbed the waistband of my track pants and pulled them down, just enough to expose the front of my nappy. With her other hand she pressed and squeezed the padding.

“Charlie you are wet. When did that happen?” She asked. She must have become suspicious about my reluctance to go with her. I didn’t intend to really answer the question so I just shrugged my shoulders and put on my best puppy dog sad face, hoping for some sympathy as a means of avoiding getting into trouble.

“He probably just got a little over excited with everything. Its just a little accident and not the end of the world” my dad offered in support. I loved my dad. He was always super kind and loving.

“You’re right. Don’t worry Charlie, just try to remember to ask us next time… ok?” My mum added, with a kind smile on her face. I was really pleased they weren’t mad. Particularly as I didn’t mean to do it, it really was an accident. But still I wasn’t sure how they would react and so it was a pleasant surprise.

“Let’s go and change your bum” she added, before grabbed the bag and opened it. I watched her fish around for a moment until she pulled out a pack of baby wipes and a fresh nappy.

With changing supplies in one hand and my hand in the other I was led through all the tables, out past the busy bar area and where there were several waiters carry drinks or empty glasses back and forth. We eventually found the toilets round the back of the bar area, but my mum didn’t seem content with the options on offer. So she walked me back round to the front of the bar and tried to catch the attention of the staff.

“Excuse me. Please could you tell me where the baby change is?” She asked, once she had attracted the attention of a young waitress.

The girl didn’t seem to know what my mum meant. Perhaps she didn’t speak English. So without saying anything in response she went and grabbed one of the other waiters.

“Yes …. please” he said in a thick accent.

My mum repeated herself, only this time she held up the contents of her hand as she asked the question.

“Please” the man said. Which seemed an odd thing to say. But he seemed to have understood as he came out from behind the bar, walked us around the other side of the seating area and towards the hotel building itself. It turns out that round the back of the stage there was another toilet block. This time there were more doors to choose from. My mum then thanked the man and led me through one of the doors.

Inside the room, which was fairly big and brightly lit, I saw the walls were colourfully decorated. There was a sink and table with a microwave, which I thought was a little odd for a bathroom. There was also a tall white bin in the corner and what appeared to be two changing tables against the back walls. One was a little taller and smaller than the other one which a lower and bigger. They were each topped with a dinosaur pattern padded mat

“Let’s get you all nice and dry.” My mum announced as she led me over towards the back of the room before she picked me up and lifted me onto the lower, but larger of the two tables.

She didn’t waste any time and in a flash she gently laid me on my back and I felt rather than saw my pants being pulled down to my ankles. In fact she actually took them all the way off and then seemed to inspect them for some strange reason.

“Wow Charlie. This is really full!” she commented before undoing the tapes with a loud rip.

She rolled up the used nappy and put in the big white bin before she returned to where I lay. Next she grabbed the new one and unfolded noisily before she laid it on the table next to me.

Obviously over the years we had been in this position countless times, so with practiced precision she grabbed my ankles with one hand, lifted them and my bottom away from the mat and pulled the nappy out from under me with the other. Then without even letting go she expertly wiped me clean, before she slid the fresh nappy underneath and lowered me back down. Within seconds I was snugly taped in and being helped back into my clothes.

By the time we got back to our table the next show had begun and fresh drinks had been provided. I was a little disappointed to see that I could tell that the show already was not going to be as good as the last one. It was mainly just music and singing by some people on the stage. So after a quick gulp of my drink I settled down, sat on my mums lap. I felt loved, cared for and content.

The lack of excitement from the performance had started to make me feel tired. My eye kids had suddenly begun to get very heavy. I couldn’t help but fidget on my mums lap and in the end I twisted around to see what was going on behind us, which turned out to be not a lot. So instead of seeking new stimulus, I rested my head on her shoulder, felt her hand cup and gently pat my bottom, as I let my eyes slowly close.