So first let me begin by apologizing for allowing my previous writings to essentially die. This was manly do to attempting to post as I was writing them and because they were long term installments. The following short story has been finished and I will try to post my chapters every Tuesday and Thursday till I’ve gone through all eight. This will give time for constructive criticism and revisions as necessary. So with out further ado I present Changes

You never see the big changes coming. You know the ones that alter your life forever? They just hit you, outta nowhere. Like a black car with no lights at midnight. Just Wham! and your life will never be the same. What’s worse is that those changes usually accompany really bad days or situations you wish could be done over.

It all started with an argument. It was a stupid fight with the only two people that would always want the best for me, my parents. If you don’t have that kind of relationship, I’m terribly sorry, but I do. Dad even claimed me before he was sure I was even his. We’ll get to that later.
I’m not really sure why I chose the particular spark I did or chose the night Mom and Dad had to go to some dinner, but it happened. Mom said “no” one too many times and I snapped.

“But you said I could go!”

“That was before I knew you would be riding with a new driver, Valentine.” She gave me the “you should have told me that earlier” look. “I’m not
comfortable with that.”

She had a valid point, but I was having none of it. “Sarah has had her license since Monday! She’s hardly a new driver.”

“A week’s experience isn’t enough to change my mind, dear.”

Dad chose that moment to walk into the room. “Change your mind about what?”

“Valentine decided to wait until the last minute to inform me that Sarah will be driving tonight. I don’t feel comfortable with that.”
He looked at me. “She’s only had her license since Monday?”

“Yeah, but she passed her first time.”

“I’m gonna have to go with your mother on this one, kiddo.”

That’s when I went from being fifteen to five, but with words I shouldn’t have used. “Oh, for Fucks sake! You’re always doing this. You’re always going back on your word. You’ve never let me leave the house except to go to school and I’m tired of this shit. I mean Jennifer gets to go to a sleep over and I don’t? Fuck that. You’re going to have to lock me in my fucking room in order to keep me here.”

They looked at me in shock. I never ever talked like that before. I guess my red hair got the better of me. Dad was the first to speak. “Valentine Meredith Eaglestone, get in your room now.”


“No? You just used language, toward your mother, that I haven’t heard since I was in the Navy, language you were told never to use, and you think you can tell me ‘No’? Young lady if you’re not in your room by the time I get to three, I will open that door and spank you in full view of the street.”

My resolve faltered there. Up until that moment, I had stared in defiance. I knew there was no way they were going to let me leave the moment I opened my mouth, but I wasn’t going down without a fight. Now I wasn’t so sure. “You wouldn’t.”


“The neighbors would call CPS.”

“I doubt that. Two.”

I was half-way up the stairs when he reached three.

Now my dad never seriously hurt me. He never used a belt, cane or switch. He used his open palm, never struck with full strength, and always hugged me afterwards. That didn’t mean the experience wasn’t painful, I was bawling by the time he got to twenty, but it was never permanent. That should have been the end of it. I should have apologized to dad, gone down stairs and apologized to mom, wished them a nice evening and spent the night in my room like a good little girl, but I didn’t.

I pushed away when dad tried for a hug and ran into my bathroom. Slamming the door I yelled “I hate you and I hate mom. Just leave me alone!” I heard him sigh and walk over. “Whether you feel like we do or not, your mom and I love you very much. We wouldn’t discipline you if we didn’t care. We’ll see you in the morning.”

I waited until I heard the car leave before coming out. Dad had left me my phone, probably so he could check up on me later, but he had taken the laptop. That was fine, I wouldn’t need it. I sent a text to Sarah asking her to meet me at the top of the road. I didn’t want one of our neighbors to see me leaving and let dad know. I packed my things: a change of clothes, toiletries and Sarah’s gift, into a duffle bag and climbed out of the window.

I had long ago discovered that the oak tree, that shaded my room, was perfect for climbing. However that night was the only time I had used it to sneak out. It was an interesting task to climb with my bag, but I managed it. True to her word Sarah was waiting just where I asked her to be.

Her main celebration was at the local movie theater, with a sleep over at her house to follow. The movie was some romantic comedy that had half the girls crying and the other half laughing uncontrollably at the end. For my part, I continued to stare blankly at the screen from the first over acted romance scene till long after the credits started. Sarah noticed my expression. “I’m sorry. You’re more of an action girl aren’t you?”

“Yeah. The acting is almost the same, but the explosions make up for it.”

She laughed and I joined in. Even if I didn’t think my own jokes were funny, if she did, the laugh was infectious.

After a bathroom break, we were headed back to Sarah’s house. It was just us, like it had been when she picked me up, the other girls had ridden back with Mrs. Lane. We were talking about the movie and she missed her turn. Luckily for her, dad was part of the city planning committee and I had seen the road map. I was able to take her on an alternate route.

It was at a stoplight before our last turn that it happened. Sarah was rear ended. The other woman had been on her phone and was very apologetic. While she and Sarah exchanged insurance and contact information, I took photos of the damage with my phone camera. Doing so, placed me between the two cars. A very deadly location as it turned out.

Up the road, a man, fresh from a fight with his girlfriend, had chosen to get behind the wheel of his car with a bottle of whiskey. By the time he reached the fender-bender, he was both going too fast and too drunk to stop. He hit the first car going fifty. The squealing breaks caused me to stand up and become sandwiched between Sarah’s Sedan and the SUV that had hit her. Then the shockwave pushed the Sara’s car into the intersection and I fell backwards.

I couldn’t move, everything hurt with a pain I can’t describe with words. The only thing that comes close, is saying that it overpowered all other senses. I could see Sarah standing over me in shock. Then I realized that I couldn’t breathe, but strangely I didn’t care. What bothered me was that I hadn’t told my parents that I loved them. I was going to die and the last thing I had told them was “I hate you!” Slowly the pain faded away and then I didn’t care about anything anymore.

Suddenly a different pain hit me. This time it felt like my bones were breaking in reverse. With a scream, I vomited blood all over the Paramedic that was in the process of pulling a sheet over me. “Oh my god! She’s still alive! Get a stretcher over here NOW!” I faded out again and found myself getting loaded into an ambulance. One of the Paramedics pulled Sarah in and sat her beside me. “Keep her talking. We need her to stay awake.”
Sarah nodded. “Uh so what was the last move you watched?”

“You were there.” I managed to croak “Like right next to me.”

“I know, but you have a photographic memory right?”

I did and do. It had come in handy on more than one occasion. “So?”

“So you need to keep talking, give me a replay.”

“Ugh, the one thing I don’t want to remember right now. Fine.”

As I repeated verbatim the gushy nonsense we had witnessed, the Paramedics managed to get me stabilized enough that it no longer hurt to talk. I reached the climax just as we reached the hospital. It’s funny how an hour can be condensed into a few minutes. I think the paramedics were interested, because they had me keep talking until they had to leave Sarah outside the Emergency room. They let me pass out after that.

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This is awesome! Very well-written and unique, keep up the good work!

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Interesting very interesting, i would like to see more, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Great start to the story. I’m looking forward to another chapter. Thanks for writing.

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Quite a start, well written and enough content to keep us satisfied and wanting more, a great quality for a first chapter. This could be big, most people would have to have both their legs amputated after an injury like that (I’m not against this by any means and this story has plenty of recovery potential even if it doesn’t go that far. I don’t think this site has any stories like that), but that’s being presumptuous of me. I’d love to see more.

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I appreciate the fact that you took us through the scene of the accident, gruesome though it may have been, instead of just announcing it. Well done.

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Great start. I was completely immersed in the story, short though it was , so far. Excellent description and scene setting. I feel I know just the sort of good, bad girl Valentine us. Perfect choice of name for today, by the way.

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Well Valentine won’t be loosing any limbs, but she certainly will have a lot to deal with. Later on I, will explain what that will be and tell why she survived. I’m glad you like it and tune in Tuesday for Ch 2 Recovery.


As promised here is chapter two. All of them are going to be kinda short so if that’s an issue please let me know what you think should be added. In any case enjoy.

I woke up to find Jenifer curled up next to my right side and Mom asleep in a chair, holding my hand. Since my right arm was under siege by my little sister, I turned my attention to my left. An IV tube stretched up to some lifesaving O- and a heart monitor was attached to my finger. That was pretty much to be expected. I had just taken a car to the chest. I didn’t expect the number of blood packs though; there were three empty bags beside the one I was currently using.

The room itself looked much like the one I’d had after wreaking my bike into a parked truck when I was six, though that one had been a bit more juvenile. A foot from the bed, a door led to a bathroom, there was a TV hanging from the far right corner and all the equipment was on my left while the visitor’s area was on my right. It was a pretty standard room, all things considered. It even had a cot set up in one corner, which Jenifer had vacated if the teddy bear was any indication.

I smiled. She needed to make sure I was still there in the morning and what better way than to trade her teddy for my arm? I gently tickled her tummy, inciting a giggle and waking her up. “Hey Jen, can I get my arm back or do you plan to keep it?”

Her eyes light up. “You’re alive!” Giving my arm one last squeeze, she rolled over into Mom’s lap and woke her up. “Momma, Momma! Val’s awake.”

Before Mom could even speak, I was apologizing. “I am so sorry, Mommy. I didn’t mean what I said. I was just angry and not thinking. Please don’t be mad”

“Oh, honey I know you didn’t mean it. I’m just glad you’re ok.”

“Me too. I was really worried that the last thing I said was ‘I hate you’”

She went to hug me, then stopped. Instead she kissed me on the forehead. "Thank God it wasn’t. " She then gently patted my leg. “They said not to apply pressure to your chest for a while. Does it hurt?”

I took a minute to check. It didn’t. Whether the docs had dosed the blood, or I simply couldn’t feel anything I didn’t know. I also didn’t want Mom to worry any more than she was, so I Just said. “Not right now.” That seemed to satisfy her, because she didn’t press. She simply gave a knowing smile. “Alright then. I’m going to go find your father and let him know you’re ok. Jenifer, do you mind watching you sister till I get back?”

“Don’t worry Momma. I’ll keep a close eye on her.”

Jenifer said that in such a way that I couldn’t help but laugh. She was the best sister one could have. Laughing did kinda hurt, but I didn’t care, it was better than not being able to.

Mom wasn’t gone for very long, but Dad wasn’t the only one that came back with her. They were accompanied by a very cheerful looking nurse. She stood off to one side to allow my parents some time with me and Dad knelt down where Mom had been sitting.

“How’s my little Miracle Girl?”

“Hungry, Sorry and wanting to go home.”

He smiled and brushed my hair out of my face. “I’m sure the nurse can take care of the first one and you’re forgiven. Unfortunately, your punishment is that you have to stay here for a few days.” He kissed me on the forehead and stood up. “We need to go get the twins from Granny’s Daycare and let everyone know you’re alright. We’ll be back this afternoon.”

“Okay. I love you guys.”

Mom kissed me as well. “We love you too, sweetie.” She took Jenifer by the hand and led her out. “But Momma, I wanna stay with Val.” The door closed before I could hear Mom’s response, but I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of “We need to give the nurses room to make her better.”

The Nurse came over after they left. Her name badge read “Joi”. Well her personality certainly matched her name. "Don’t you just have the most adorable family. " She spoke with a voice that could have come from Gone with the Wind, and that made it hard to remain unhappy; I loved that movie. “Just how old is that sister of yours?”

“Six.” I found myself copying her accent, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Six? Well she is just precious. I heard that she even spent the night in your bed. Is that true?” As she spoke she drew a curtain between me and the hallway window and opened the blinds, letting sunlight in. I nodded. “Yeah. I was her teddy bear for the evening, well my arm was anyway.”
Nurse Joi laughed at that. “My little sis used to do that.” Suddenly she was all serious. “Now I’m going to ask a very important question. How do you really feel? I know you didn’t tell Mommy and Daddy everything.”

Like I said earlier I didn’t want them to worry more than they already had been, so she was right. However I wasn’t quite ready to be completely serious. “I feel like Onyx used crush and it was very effective.” It took her a minute, but she got it. “Well it’s nice to see that you still have a sense of humor.” At this point she had finished checking my vitals and had walked over to the IV machine. “My, my, someone was a thirsty girl.” She remarked at seeing the number of bags. At the time, none of us realized just how right she was.

She unhooked the blood pack from my arm and replaced it with a standard IV. In explanation she told me that I wasn’t allowed to have solid food for a while and the IV would give me what the mush I had to eat couldn’t. I wasn’t looking forward to having to eat what was essentially baby food, but it was certainly better than the alternative. Then she did something that was equally surprising, she called in another Nurse.
The new Nurse, whose badge said “Kathy”, entered with a cart. From the cart she took both a thick pink rectangle and a thinner one, a white bottle and a rectangular box. Then she gently folded my covers down revealing the floral gown I was wearing over my bandages. There was something the same shade as the mystery objects peeking out from the hem. Nurse Joi then unfolded the thinner of the rectangles as Nurse Kathy crossed over to me. She put her hand on my arm. “I’m going to have to lift you up now, dear. I promise to be gentle, but it might hurt just a little.” She slipped one arm under my legs and the other under my back, but with her elbow supporting my head. It did hurt, but not as much as if two people had lifted me. It was one of the few moments I was glad for my small stature.

When I was set back down, I realized what was going on. The thin rectangle had been a folded bed pad and it now rested under me courtesy of Nurse Joi. They were changing me. I had been so comfortable, that I hadn’t even noticed the padding between my legs. After that, it became pretty clear what the other Items were.

They were very gentle and it was very easy to space out. Before I knew it, I was clean and dry with only a minimal amount of pain. “Well aren’t you just a little angel, letting us take care of you without fuss’n. I wish all my patients were like you.” I beamed. The praise probably made me happier than it should, but you can blame it on the meds.

Next Nurse Kathy helped me sit up while Nurse Joi fed me some sort of oatmeal. I was perfectly capable of doing these things myself, but it was easier to just let them do it. It was nice to have someone take care of me after years of doing everything myself. After the oatmeal was gone, Nurse Joi held a cup of milk for me while I drank through a straw. I’m not ashamed to admit that there was a part of me that wished it was a bottle.
When I finished eating, the Nurses packed up their equipment and left me to my own devices. I watched some cartoons for a while, after discovering that the TV remote had a tilt feature that made watching while laying down easier. Then I napped until the Nurses came and woke me up for another change and some lunch. This time when they left, Mom and Dad were back and a reverse of the morning occurred.

The twins were reluctant to toddle over to the bed. I couldn’t blame them. I was hooked to two scary looking, at least to a two year old, machines. I wouldn’t want to come near me either. “It’s ok guys, I won’t bite.” Emily was the first to come over. She was holding her stuffed dragon. “'ere Va-va. Dagon help ged bedder”. As she carefully placed it next to my arm, I couldn’t help but tear up a little. I still tear up remembering that moment. It was just too cute. Seeing her sister unharmed, allowed Silvia to find the courage to come over as well. “Va-Va ged bedder soon. Play dolls 'gain.”

“Aww, of course I will. I’ll be home before you know it.” I booped them each on the nose, and caused some giggles. They gave me a hug on my arm and leg respectively and then scampered back to Mom. Jenny came over and gave me a book, she had picked up. It was some heroine action romance novel that had reminded her of me so she pestered dad till he got it for her. I assured her that I would read it and she went back over to her teddy bear. The next few minutes were spent visiting. Then the Doctor came in.

Her name was Melody and she had seen me back when I had broken my arm. I liked her and was glad she was my Doctor again. “Well Valentine, let’s see what you did this time.” She said in a teasing tone while looking at my chart. “Hmm. It seems we got in another fight with a car.” She looked at me with mock shock. “I thought we learned our lesson the last time.”

“It started it, Doc. Honest, it did.”

“A likely story, but don’t worry we’ll have you on your feet in no time.” She put the folder back at the foot of my bed and motioned to my Parents. “Mom and Dad, if I could talk to you in the hallway?” They each set a twin on the cot beside Jenifer and followed the Doctor out. As soon as the trio was outside, Emily and Silvia promptly climbed in bed with me, one on each side. Emily just wanted to cuddle, but Silvia was telling me a story about a frog. I wasn’t paying attention though, I had discovered a new gift. I could read lips.

I could see Dr. Melody and Dad clearly through the hall windows. When the doctor started talking, it was like I could hear her. Only it was my voice and not her’s.

"First let me say that you have a very lucky girl in there. I’m not going to lie, she should have died on impact. "

“She’s a fighter that’s for sure.” That was Dad, Mom simply stood there and listened. Dr. Melody nodded. “I couldn’t agree more. Now you probably want more than ‘your daughter was in an accident’, so do you want me to go into detail or sugar coat?”

“We need to know everything, so we can help her get better after you’ve done your job.”

“Fair enough.” There was a slight pause so she could sigh and then the Doctor continued. “She was sandwiched between two cars, crushing her ribs and cracking her spine. Most of her insides were churned around. She then fell and received a skull fracture. To top it all off, her ribs punctured both lungs and she almost drowned in her own blood.”

“Oh God.” Dad’s hand went to his mouth for a second. “I saw that once, the thought of it happening to my little girl…” Mom put her arm around him and motioned for Doc to continue.

“Well like you said, she’s a fighter. The EMT on sight was declaring her dead when she screamed ‘No!’ and spat blood everywhere. They stabilized her on the way over here and you arrived while she was in surgery.”

“How did it go? All they told us was that they’d done all they could, She’d either wakeup or not.”

“Dr. Mellow was able to repair most of the damage. He’ll need to go back in after three weeks, but for now she’s fine. We’ll have her sitting up and eating solid food by next Friday and after that final surgery, you should be able to take her home. She’ll have trouble getting to the potty for a while, but that should be the only physical side effect.”

“So what should we tell her?”

“I’ll let you decide that.”

I didn’t remember screaming “no”, but if she said it, it happened. What stunned me was the shear carnage I had survived. Dr. Melody was right, I should be dead. I’d seen enough cop shows to know that.

When they came back in, Mom almost flipped. “Girls, get off your sister this instant!” Having heard, well read, what they had said outside, I really didn’t want to be alone. “Mom, it’s ok. They’re not hurting me. I like having them close.” Mom looked at the doctor and she shrugged. “If they’re not hurting her, it’s her choice.”

“Well alright, but be careful. We don’t want to hurt her any more than she already is.”

“Otay, mommy” said Silvia as she joined Emily, who had fallen asleep, in snuggling. Soon all three of us were snoozing away.

The rest of my stay went pretty much the same as the first day. Mom or Dad was there when I woke up. They would stay till about noon and then switch. Sarah came by at least once a week and Nurses Joi and Kathy continued to tend to my necessities. True to Dr. Melody’s word I was eating solid foods at the end of the second week, but I still couldn’t feel the need to go. Even though I was expecting this, they didn’t know so I expressed concern. They assured me that it was nothing to worry about and so I didn’t. When it came time for the second surgery, they didn’t even tell me. They simply waited till I was asleep, put me deeper and fixed what remained to be fixed.

I had to stay one more week before they let me go home. It had been a long month and I was ready to leave. Mom insisted that I wear a dress due to my current undergarments and the one she brought only came to my knees. Much to my chagrin, I was wheeled out to the car with the pink diaper on display for anyone who cared to look. The fact that Mom insisted that I looked young enough to actually need them, didn’t help matters.

Thankfully our only stop was home, where Dad was waiting with my favorite meal: Broccoli Cheddar Chicken. After a month of hospital food, I was in heaven at the first bite. I still couldn’t eat a lot, but I was home and that was what mattered.

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Great story, I can’t wait for the next chapter. :slight_smile:

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Great story so far, looking forward to the next chapter

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This is really well written. Thanks for another chapter

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Just read this one. Looking forward to the continuation.

“Hungry, Sorry and wanting to go home.”

He smiled and brushed my hair out of my face. “I’m sure the nurse can take care of the first one and you’re forgiven. Unfortunately, your punishment is that you have to stay here for a few days.”

Nice to see parents who recognize when they can add nothing to the intrinsic punishment of the act itself and move on.


today we learn that Valentine’s recovery was not as miraculous as everyone thought.

On that cool September morning, I awoke thinking that my only problem would be getting through my first day in 10th grade without anyone finding out I was wearing Dayups. After a month, I was finally able to feel the urge, but I still struggled to make it in time. So I was wearing mostly out of necessity, however I had another motive.

One of Dad’s many holdings happened to be The Royale Diaper Company who had risen in fame because of their renowned Lit’l Prince/Princess line of infant undergarments, training-pants, youth diapers and now youth bed/day wetting pants. They had offered the world the best in comfort, absorbency and price since the 2000’s and now they claimed to add all that to a new gimmick, discreteness.

It was my job to test that. If I signed off, they would launch the new line on January 1st. If I vetoed, it was back to the drawing board. That was a lot of power to give a teenager and I was getting paid to boot! So far the Sweet Dreams had passed the test both at night and during the day and now it was the Dayups turn.

The Dayups were supposedly designed to look and feel like normal underwear, panties in my case or boxer briefs for the boys, and have the 12hr. absorbency of a diaper. The first two points were definitely a check. Yesterday I had gone to the store and held up a pair next to a packet of normal panties. They looked exactly the same. Today they felt no different than the pair I’d worn three months ago. Well they were a tiny bit thicker, but who cares? So far, so good.

It was on the bus ride to school, that the weird feelings began. It started with a tingling in the roof of my mouth, like something was growing underneath the skin. It was gone by the time I got to school, so I wasn’t worried. I should have been.

The next time was when I wet myself in front of the bathroom door. I had almost made it, but a freshman had dropped her books and halted traffic for a good two minutes. As the warmth spread between my legs, I felt an almost uncontrollable urge to kill that freshman. It came out of nowhere; a voice that was mine, but wasn’t. “How dare she prevent you from reaching your goal? Punish her! Kill her!” Where the hell had that come from? I managed to calm down by splashing water in my face and was able to determine that one wetting held up to the claim, before heading back to class bewildered.

The third time was actually a combination of feelings that gradually increased in severity and it began a little before noon. I was hungry, which was nothing new, it was almost lunch time after all. The only weird thing was how suddenly the feeling came on. One second I was paying attention to the teacher, the next I was distracted by needing food. The bell rang and I went to the cafeteria where I got food like normal. I couldn’t eat it. My body simply refused to swallow and the hunger only got worse.

By the time lunch was over, I was in physical pain. I didn’t even realize that I was wetting myself again till I sat down. I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Sarah. “Hey Val are you alright? You look really pale.” I could only shake my head. “Don’t move I’ll be right back.” When she returned I felt
something being pressed into my hand. “Let’s get you to the nurse.” I remembered entering the hallway and nothing more.

I was staring at a purple canopy. I was in bed at home, but how had I gotten there? Despite my confusion, I felt great, better than I’d even felt before the accident. Then I shifted and felt an unusual feeling between my legs. Reaching down I discovered that I’d messed in my sleep. Great there went my streak.

With a sigh I got up. The Dayup sagged and I made a mental note to put “The garment is discrete when wet, but obvious when soiled.” in my report, before heading into the bathroom. Taking a shower would be quicker than a change.

It was a good thing I decided to do that, because I had also suffered a massive nose bleed while I was napping. The mirror revealed a mess all over my mouth and chin and even some on my cheeks. Gross! That was worse than the mess between my legs. With both those combined, it was no wonder I felt better.

The shower cleared my head and I remembered climbing the stairs and collapsing in bed. What had happened at school was still a mystery, but I felt too happy to care. The clock said 6:30, so I went ahead and slipped into a Sweet Dreams and my pajamas. Dinner was usually at seven and then Jenny and the twins had bath-time after. I usually bathed them and then myself while Mom and Dad cleaned the kitchen, then we (the kids) all went to bed at the same time, so our parents could have some “alone time” after tucking the younger ones in. I just figured I’d jump a step forward.
It was when I got down stairs, that I realized something was wrong. Mom and Dad weren’t home and neither were my sisters. I looked everywhere and found no clues as to where they had gone, or even if they had come home. A new feeling hit me, panic.

I am alone. My family is gone. I will never see them again. I am alone. These thoughts repeated through my head and I was filled with an unstoppable feeling of abandonment and fear. I found myself sobbing uncontrollably in my closet. I don’t know how long I was in there, but eventually a buzzing in my pocket brought me back to my senses. My phone! I mentally kicked myself. I could just have called them! I came out of the closet and looked at the screen.

It was a text from Sarah. A text message warning me that my parents were on the way home and that she was sorry she couldn’t cover for me any longer. What? I hadn’t asked her to do that. What was going on? I was soon to have answer, as below me the front door opened.

I had barely set foot at the bottom of the stairs, before I received a sister around each leg and one around the middle. They were crying and holding on like I might float away. “Hey guys, what’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Mom just gave me a look. "Jen, why don’t you take the twins upstairs and play with the doll house? " Jenifer gave me a sympathetic look as she unlatched Emily and Silvia and headed up the stairs. “Valentine, can you meet us in the living room?” Uh oh. Mom only used that tone when we were in trouble. What had I done?

The living room couch was designed with a “U” shape and I was placed on one side while my parents sat on the other. The way they looked at me, made me wish more than a glass coffee table separated us. “So…what do you want to talk about?” I asked, suddenly very interested in my top’s print.

Dad’s voice was even, but I could tell he was unhappy. “We were hoping you could tell us about School. How was it today?”

“Fine, we had spaghetti for lunch and started a new book in English.”

“Did you enjoy your science class?”

My science class? Did I have science today? Suddenly my head hurt and I couldn’t see straight. “I didn’t have science today.”

“You mean you didn’t go. In fact none of your teachers saw you after lunch.”

What? That wasn’t true was it? No, Sarah and I sat next to each other in history. I remembered that. “Sarah and I have history after lunch. We sat together.”

“Valentine Margret Eaglestone, don’t lie to us!” Mom was really mad. “You made Sarah think you were sick and then left her outside the bathroom.”

“I left her outside the bathroom?” It was a question, but I said it so low that Mom misinterpreted. “Now don’t go getting mad at her. A true friend doesn’t keep secrets that might hurt you.”

“Your mother’s right. The fact that your friend is playing hooky is not a secret to keep. Now where did you go?”

“And why did you ignore our phone calls, or Sarah’s texts?”

I looked at my phone. 27 missed calls and 10 text messages stared back at me. I didn’t remember my phone ringing or buzzing until I was in the closet. I thought back and tried, really tried, but I couldn’t recall what happened after I sat down in my desk beside Sarah. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?! Valentine, you’re turning sixteen in two months, not six. What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I don’t know.”

“Valentine! This is not the time for games.”

I tried again and failed again. For whatever reason, I had lost five hours and that scared me more than you know. It’s hard to explain, losing a few hours would be scary for anyone. However, for a girl who could remember her parents arguing while she was in the womb and recite an entire book after reading it once, losing even thirty minutes was terrifying and I had lost a full five hours.

I began sobbing again. “I really don’t know. I…I… Can’t remember. I can’t, why can’t I? What’s happening to me?” For a second my parents thought I was faking, but they quickly realized that no one could fake my level of fear. Almost immediately, I was wrapped in Mom’s arms and sobbing into her as Dad held us both. Mom kept whispering “Its ok baby, Mommy’s got you.” and other sweetings until I calmed down. She then stood up, giving a quiet grunt as she took my full weight. It was only 100lbs, but she was used to the total 30lbs of the twins. “Robert will you go up and get the girls ready for bed? I’ll take care of Valentine.” They kissed over me.

“Sure thing, honey. Should I call the song bird?”

“Tomorrow, if she can.”

At the time, I thought she was telling him when to call. Later I realized they were talking about the Doctor and she was telling him when to get an appointment. They were stealthy like that.

Dad kissed me on the top of the head, said “I love you, Miracle Girl” and headed up the stairs. As his footsteps receded, Mom shifted me to a better position. “Are you hungry, sweetie?” I shook my head. I wasn’t quite ready to speak yet.

“All right then. Let’s get you ready for bed.” She carried me up the stairs, through my room and into my bathroom. There she sat me on the toilet and began to run water in the tub. I was back to myself enough to ask: “Mom, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to give you a bath, sweetheart.”

“But mom, I-” she put her figure to my lips. “Hush dear, let momma take care of you.” She rolled up her sleeves and tested the water. Finding it warm enough, she closed the drain and took a bottle from under the sink. She poured a capful into the water and I realized I was about to have a bubble bath.

“Arms up!”

Ten years of programming is not so easily lost in five, and I found my arms automatically rising into position. Mom gently pulled off my shirt, folded it and placed it next to my sink. “Now lie down.” I obeyed and my bottoms soon joined my top.

I felt mom check my Sweet Dreams. “Well I was worried we’d be wasting your special panties, but it looks like someone had a little accident.” I blushed. It must have been while I was in the closet. The wet garment joined the soiled one from earlier in the pail. “Apparently more than one.” My blush deepened and Mom laughed. “Don’t worry, Mommy will get you all cleaned up.”

Mom clearly hadn’t lost her touch. The water was just right and the bubbles did their job of lifting my spirits. Since I had already showered, most of what was washed away was the cares of the day. It was just so relaxing to let Mom take care of me. By the time she got to my hair, my eyes were drooping.
Soon the water was draining away and I was wrapped in a fuzzy towel I hadn’t seen Mom get. Once again she carried me into my room. This time I was placed on the changing table that had been my roommate since July. Through half-lidded eyes, I watched as I was powdered and placed into one of my remaining night diapers. They featured a picture of Sleeping beauty, their name sake, and were incredibly obvious. I was too far gone to complain, but I’m not sure I would have. My hair was brushed and I was placed in bed, somehow back in my pajamas. I felt Mom kiss me on the forehead and I was asleep.

The next morning, I was woken long enough to dress and climb in the back of mom’s car. I woke up again as it entered the parking lot at Granny’s Daycare and babysitting. Confused, I looked down at myself. While it was obvious that I was diapered, my dress was clearly one bought after my fifteenth birthday. Then I noticed the twins on either side of me. The morning came back. Oh. In the driver’s seat Mom was having a hard time not

It was pretty funny, but we managed not to wake Emily or Silvia by laughing out loud as we carried them inside. When we handed them off, however, they stirred long enough to exchange goodbyes. It was while she was signing them in that Mom couldn’t hold back anymore. Stifling a laugh she managed: “So, Val you want me to sign you in too?” before we both lost it. Our laughs got some weird looks from the staff, so I said. “You had to be there.” I hadn’t laughed like that in a while; it felt good.

Back at the car though, reality came back. “I’m not going to school today, am I?” I asked, climbing into the passenger seat. The only time Mom drove us to school, was if there was a delay or an after school activity. Otherwise Jenifer and I used the school’s bus system while Mom dropped the twins off on the way to work at the publishing house.

While she probably could use an extra hand deciding which of her clients’ manuscripts to publish, I wouldn’t be the first choice. Which meant I was either going to be late or something more serious was afoot. She got in and started the car before replying. “No you’re not. We’re going to see Dr. Melody about what happened yesterday.” Oh great, another trip to the hospital. Well at least I now understood the code exchange the night before.

“Ok, we’re going to put the dye in now. Don’t worry if it feels like you wet yourself, that’s natural.”

“I won’t worry, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway.”

I heard laughter from the other side of the window. Somewhere behind it stood Mom, Dr. Melody, Nurse Joi and some technician I didn’t know. There was a click as the dye machine began to send its contents down the IV tube and into my blood stream. The foreign liquid caused a weird warmth to spread over my body and they were right, it did feel like I was wetting myself. Though, I could have actually done it.

During my first two times, I was asleep. So the third was a whole new experience for me. It was… quite boring actually. I had to stay almost perfectly still while this ring rotated above my head. After five minutes, they had me read a passage from some Teen romance novel. I was told to read both silently and out loud. Then I had to regurgitate what I’d read without the passage in front of me. Talk about a vomit fest, but I did it verbatim. They had me lay there silently for one more pass and then I was done.

Dr. Melody had me and Mom follow her to her office. For a place of business, the chairs were really comfy. The one I sat in, virtually ate me and Mom gave a little gasp of surprise as well. The doctor smiled. “Sorry about the chairs. They were a gift from a wealthy benefactor and the Director is worried we’ll lose that support if we get rid of them.” I relocated to Mom’s lap and the Doctor began.

“So when you got here, we determined that you did not have a concussion or like injury.” How shinning a light in my eyes told them anything, I still don’t know, but I nodded anyway. “Then we had you lay in that boring machine for several minutes. Would you like to see why?” At least she agreed that it was boring. “Sure.”

Dr. Melody turned her computer screen around and colorful oblong shapes appeared. “This is your brain after your first surgery. We took these images to see what could be done. The dark areas you see are damage caused by hitting the road.” A new set appeared. “These were taken after the second surgery. As you can see the damage has healed remarkably on its own. Based on this evidence we left your head be.” The final set was from today, the date said so. “Today there are no signs of trauma left. Your brain is as healthy as the day you were born.”
She let that sink in for a moment. I wasn’t sure whether to be glad or upset “So you don’t know what’s wrong with me?” She shook her head. “Medically nothing is wrong with you. All the tests came back clean.” My face fell. Now what?

Dr. Melody took a brochure out of her desk. “This could be just a mental thing. I have a good friend, Dr. Crystal McLean, who specializes in helping kids overcome trauma. Unless this happens again, it’s up to you whether to see her or not. If it does happen, however, schedule an appointment immediately. You do not need a third episode.” That was for sure.

Mom took the brochure and we stood up. After Mom thanked Dr. Melody for her time, the doctor escorted us to the door and we left. I was still a little down and mostly shuffled to the car. When we got there, mom stopped me from getting in the passenger side. She took a plastic card out of her purse and handed it to me. It was my permit.

“How about you drive home?” I was instantly happy again. The cool thing about Mom’s car was that everything was adjustable. It didn’t matter that I was barely tall enough to see over the wheel, one button press and problem solved. Welcome driver Valentine the computerized voice said. Applying your settings. I love that car.

It was another two months before anything strange happened again. Sarah and I were having a small party at my house. This time I was the woman of the day and I was celebrating three things. First I’d passed my driving test. Second: I was now totally dry during the day, (but I still wore for comfort and monetary reasons). Finally, saving the best for last, it was my birthday! Sweet sixteen had come at last.

We shared the traditional cake and ice-cream with Jenifer and the Twins and enjoyed the two year olds wearing more of their food than eating it. They apparently didn’t like being laughed at and started a food fight. Hearing the commotion, Mom walked out of the kitchen and took a piece of cake that I had just dodged. We all froze and waited for the “rage”. She looked at everyone, picked the cake off her shirt, shrugged and threw it at Jen. That wasn’t weird, what happened next was.

After we cleaned up the dining room we retreated to our own various bathrooms to clean ourselves. Well Mom took the twins with her and Sarah shared with me, but that’s not important. I was brushing my teeth, when Sarah called in to ask me if I would brush her hair. After I gave her an affirmative, I turned back to the mirror and dropped my toothbrush in surprise. I was gone!

I looked away and back, still only the curtained shower tub was reflected. I reached out and touched the mirror. My hand sank into it. I jumped back with a scream and fell in the tub. Sarah was there before I could even get up. “Are you alright? What happened?” I took the offered hand and started to tell her about the mirror then stopped. I was back. “Uh, I just slipped is all.” I said turning red. She turned redder “Oh sorry, I think my shower concert got a little too wild.” We laughed and that was that.

Now normally school night sleep overs are frowned upon and for good reason, but there was a delay in place due to an early ice storm and as an added bonus Sarah got stuck at our house. So that night found Sarah and me falling asleep to the movie version of the romance novel I had read in the hospital. Weird dreams followed.

Most involved romantic liaisons with strapping men, with both Sarah and me participating. Some just had Sarah featured and others just me. Then towards the very end, the two of us were enjoying each other’s company in a way that was unexpected but not at all unpleasant. Then the nightmares came.

I was running through the woods. It was night, but I could see clearly. I felt powerful like nothing could stop me. A shape caught my eye, someone else was running. I smiled. I liked it when they ran. I took to the trees, following them from above, and when I grew tired of the chase I pounced. Hot, fear seasoned blood filled my mouth. It was delicious. I turned the corpse over, it was Emily. I didn’t have time to react before the dream reset. Each time dream me got its prey, it was a different family member. After five times, it was Sarah who stared back with dead eyes and I was able to wake up screaming.

I was still shaking on the ride into school. I had never ever wished that my family was dead. Why then had I dreamed about killing them? It was the same feeling I had gotten after the traffic jam the first day of school, a foreign feeling of pure aggression. I looked over at Sarah, who was driving. She was my best friend. Sure we’d had fights, but I’d never wanted to hurt her. My life had gotten very weird lately.

The good thing about school, is that it helps you forget your problems for a while. All you have to do is fall into the rhythm for 6-8 hours. That’s what I did. From 10 to 4 all that mattered was geometric equations, Spanish conversations, and winning at dodge ball. I made myself forget the dreams and the lost hours and just enjoy learning. Then it happened again.

After school Sarah and I went to the local coffee joint to do our homework. It was a tradition dating back to pre-algebra and the caffeinated goodness was the perfect treat after a long day. At first I thought the disorganized shapes on my paper were the cause of my headache, math had never been my strong suit. Then I caught the news.

Police had responded to a suspicious smell and had found a massacre. An entire drug den had been ripped apart. My headache got worse and my vison was starting to fuzz. The speculation was that a rival gang had shot up the place and then unleased dogs on the corpses. I lost feeling. I remembered looking up at Sarah and saying “Call mom, it’s happening ag…”

I was first in line at the precinct. The Sargent was asking if I was alright. I shook my head. “I don’t know how I got here.” He pressed a button on her desk. “Detective Lions, could you come to the desk?” A police-woman in plain clothes arrived soon after. She looked me over. “10-73?”


She took my hand. “Alright sweetie, come with me.” I was too confused to resist, so I obediently followed. She took me to a decently sized office and put me in a chair. “Do you have a phone?” I nodded and handed it over after putting in the password. Mom chose that moment to call and the detective obviously answered. “No mam, this Detective Lions. Don’t worry Valentine is perfectly fine, she’s just a little confused right now. Yes mam, I’ll watch her till you get here. We’re next to the courthouse. Yes mam, 5th and pine. Good bye.”

I was handed back my phone. “Sit right there and don’t move till your mom gets here, ok?” I nodded. It was quiet for a few moments, I played with my phone and the detective worked on whatever it was that she did. Then a question came to me. Why on earth was a Detective playing babysitter? I had to ask. “Mam?”


“Why did they have you watch me?”

She thought for a moment. “Your momma let you watch cop shows?”


“In any of the episodes did a new guy show up?”

Oh. As a way of initiation the veteran cops gave the newbies, whether they were fresh from the academy or not, the strangest cases. “I’m your initiation aren’t I?”

“Smart girl. I appreciate the lack of over the top craziness.”

“You’re welcome”

We were silent again till mom showed up, which wasn’t long. After a very tearful greeting and thanking of Detective Lions, mom took me home. She didn’t say anything, but I knew that I would be missing school again tomorrow and I knew were I’d be. Money has a great way to move appointments forward.

Re: Changes

Curiouser and Curiouser. I did not expect it going this way at all. It’s very well done, even more so than it has ever been. This story has proven to be a very lovely gem so far, a wonderful surprise.


Chapter 4 in witch Valentine finally comes to terms with what happened and something very weird happens.
4-Crystal Clear

The waiting room at Crystal Clear Minds, resembled a collision of generations. Chairs for all ages sat around the edges and a variety of juvenile entertainment lay scattered about the floor. It was a controlled chaos that was oddly comforting, which I guess was the point. I never really understood psychology.

Today Dad was in charge, as mom had a meeting she couldn’t reschedule and he made his own time. I didn’t care, in fact having Dad around was actually making me a little braver. He sat there all stoic, working on his laptop like taking me to a psychiatrist was perfectly normal. He didn’t even care when they said I needed to be seen alone. Mom probably would have been…well a mom.

“Valentine Eagle-Stone?”

I looked up and the receptionist motioned me over. “Dr. Crystal is ready for you. You can go on in.”

The actual office was very welcoming. The carpet was a cheery blue and the walls were done in pastels. There was a soft lounge chair/couch in the center of the room next to an arm chair, but separated from it by a card table. A play area was in one corner and Dr. Crystal sat at a desk in the other. She even had a bookshelf full of popular stories for all ages. It all certainly made a good first impression.
She looked up when I entered. “Hello, Valentine. Please take a seat on the couch and I’ll be right with you.” It was softer than it looked, something I thought would be impossible. The Doctor sat in the armchair, placed a pad and folder on the table and looked over at me. “Comfy isn’t it?”

I nodded. The reason for the plushness was simple, it would be hard to get agitated in such a chair. She smiled “I’m glad you like it. Now allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Crystal Reed.” I giggled, but quickly caught myself. It was rude to laugh at other people’s names. “Don’t worry I thought it was funny too. That’s why I became a psychiatrist, to help people laugh again. So why don’t you tell me a little about yourself and we’ll see about helping you out.”

I liked that she said “we”, it meant that I could help myself and that she was just there to guide me. “Anything in particular you want to know?” She shook her head. “All right, um… my name is Valentine Eaglestone and I turned sixteen on Sunday. I live with my Mom, Dad, and three sisters: Jenifer, Emily and Silvia. I have a best friend named Sarah and we go to South High, which is ironic because it’s in North City. I like reading, soccer and watching action movies, but I’ll swallow a romance for Sarah. That’s the nut shell, I guess.”

While I talked, Dr. Crystal made notes on the pad she’d brought with her. When I finished, she picked up the folder. My name was on the tab. “Dr. Melody sent this over. In it she says that you experienced blackouts. Would you like to explain?”

I told her how the first day of school went, about how I had no memory after lunch till around 6:30. Then I told her about the bathroom incident and how things started to get worse from there. I finished with the events of the day previous and included the repeat of Sunday night’s nightmare. Once again she took notes as I talked, letting me vent uninterrupted. It felt good having someone listen who wouldn’t judge.

This time when I finished, she set the pad and folder down and pulled out some cards I hadn’t seen her get. “In a moment I’ll try and help you remember those missing hours, but for now let’s play a game.” She held up the cards. “Each of these cards has a word on it. I’m going to flip them over and you’re going to say the first thing that comes to your mind. You’ll then explain why. Okay?”

That didn’t sound much like a game, but it was her show. If she though it would help, who was I to argue? I straightened up as much as possible and gave her my full attention. “Shoot.”

Mommy. I blinked and a memory came. I had fallen off my bike and was crying. A warm hug and a soft, soothing voice was telling me that the steaming mug in my little hands, was going to make me all better. “Hot chocolate.”

“Why hot chocolate?”

Growing up, and sometimes even now, that had been Mom’s medicine. Whenever one of us had gotten hurt, or had a bad dream, Mom was always there with a mug of hot chocolate and a hug. She called it “the universal cure” because it made us forget our pain. When I told the Doctor this, she just nodded and flipped another card.

Daddy. I should have expected that, but it caught me off guard. The memory was farther back this time. Strong arms lifted me from a crib. His masculine voice filled me with Happiness. “Miracle Girl.” I didn’t give her time to ask about the pet-name. The story behind it was one of my favorites.
Before I was born, Dad was a Seal or a Naval Special Operations Officer, depending on who you asked. As a way to cope, he turned to writing fiction while on leave and as a result met Mom. She didn’t care about the long deployments or secrecy, she only cared for him and starting his family. Unfortunately he, to use his term, was “shooting blanks.” Or so they thought. Then in the night of passion before a very dangerous deployment, the miraculous occurred: me!

Returning home to find his wife ready to burst, found him very angry. He stormed out without hearing any explanation. Where he went he never said. At the time, Mom feared he had gone for good. She was so distraught that she almost gave me away the next day after twelve hours of labor. As the nurse was taking me away, Dad came into the delivery room, took me from her arms and declared that no one would ever take his miracle girl away from him till he walked me down the aisle. Then he took me over to Mom and told her that when he had said he wouldn’t leave until he died, he had meant it.
He had claimed me without truly believing I was his. When I told that part of the story, I choked up. If that wasn’t true love, I don’t know what is. I guess that’s why I don’t enjoy romances that much; my life story begins with the best of the bunch. In the end though, he had to get a test and the framed affirmation still hangs in the foyer.

My watery eyes had infected Dr. Crystal as well and she took a moment to dry them and offer me a tissue, before continuing. My sister’s names followed and I elaborated on my relationship with them. Then I got to explain why Sarah and I were friends another great story, but I’ll get into it another time. A few mundane objects followed and my guard dropped again. The last card flipped over.

Car. The sound of squealing breaks, crunching metal, breaking class and my body hitting the asphalt came to my ears. “Accident” my voice came out choppy. I did not want to talk about that. I had been tricked!

“Tell me about it.”

I had put up a front for everyone during that time. I was the good girl who just went with the flow, who wasn’t fazed by what she survived. So what if I’d almost died? Living in the now was what mattered. The past didn’t bother me. No, not one bit. But it was a lie and those four words shattered it.

I told the Doctor how scared I had been, not of dying but of never getting to tell my parents I loved them ever again. I had been scared that they would have to go through life thinking I had died hating them. I told about how much I hated the humiliation of getting changed and fed by strangers and then how I hated myself for growing to love it. I let loose about how mad I was that no one would tell me how bad it really was and that I’d had to read their lips to find out. Then I went into how angry and scared I was over what had happened since the accident. I simply couldn’t hold it in any more.

I realized she was holding me and that I was sobbing. “Do you need me to call your mom and have her bring some hot chocolate?” I’m not sure if she was serious or not, but my sobbing turned to laughter. “No, but I appreciate the offer.” I was handed the tissues again. “Do you feel any better?”
I did actually. Keeping all that junk bottled up inside had really taken a toll on me, and I hadn’t even realized it. I nodded in between drying my eyes and blowing my nose. Dr. Crystal’s watch began to beep. “That’s the first hour, and you’re here for two. Do you need to take a bathroom break?”

I blushed and lifted my shirt just enough to show the waist band peeking above my jeans. The School-Days were easy to conceal and could be pulled down if necessary, but it was obvious what they were. “I brought my own.” There was a pause. “That’s not weird is it? I’m not some kind of freak, am I?”
She knelt down, put a hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eye. “Not if you need them and not if you don’t. As long as they make you happy and feel safe and secure, keep wearing them. If anyone gives you a hard time or tells you otherwise, just tell them your doctor told you to.” She stood up then. “Now I, however, do have to go. So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment.”

While she was gone, I let warmth spread between my legs. That was my second wetting of the day and the diaper still didn’t feel any thicker nor did it give off any smells. Lil’ Princess School-Days were definitely a check in my book, though I hadn’t mustered the courage to mess in public yet, to test the odor eliminators to the max. I doubt I’d ever do that unless I had to. The thought of failure was just too embarrassing.

The lights dimmed as Dr. Crystal came back into the room. She walked over to her desk and retrieved a few things, which she then set out on the table between us. There was a metronome, a lighter, and several candles. Once they were just how she wanted them, she sat down. “Valentine, in order to find the hours you’re missing, I would like to try some hypnosis. Would that be okay with you?”

“Is there another option?” I was a little nervous and also just wanted to hear her answer.

“I’ll leave the lights down and you can catch up on some sleep. Then we’ll try again next session.”

It wasn’t like we couldn’t afford more sessions. Between the two of them Mom and Dad had enough money to put our family through eight years at a private college several times and not even break a sweat. They of course would be more than willing to shell out for my mental health, but I wanted to get things over with as soon as possible. So, casting my nervousness aside, I told the good doctor to go ahead.

She lit the candles and they filled the room with the relaxing scent of flowers. Next came the metronome with its steady tick…tick…ticking and back-n-forth motion. She let those sensations take hold of me before speaking and when she did her voice was musical and impossible not to listen to.
“Okay Valentine, I want you to start by focusing on your breathing. Nice deep breaths in and slow exhales out, nice and slow. On each breath in, I want you to feel the candles fill your body with relaxation. As you exhale, feel all your tension, all your worries just flow out of your body.” She repeated this several times and each time it became more effective.

“Now I want you to focus on the metronome. See how it swings back and forth, back and forth? Let it fill your mind. Feel it push out all your thoughts, all those pesky little thoughts that keep you from relaxing. Let your mind go blank, feel it welcoming my voice. The metronome paves the way for my voice, just relax and let me in.” This too was repeated and all I could hear was her voice. Then all I could think was her voice and it felt good.

“As you feel my voice enter your mind, your eyes may start to grow heavy. That’s okay, just relax and let them droop. Feel my voice relaxing you, feel yourself growing sleepy. Feel the weight in your eyelids increase. It’s so hard to keep them open, so nice to just let them close and drift on the sound of my voice. It’s just so easy to give into the warm sleepy feeling my voice is giving you. Just let yourself go, let my voice carry you into sleep.” I couldn’t keep my eyes open, but that was okay her voice would carry me where I needed to go.

“As you fall asleep, I want you to imagine that you’re standing at the top of a set of stairs. Maybe the stairs are familiar, you may walk down them every day. This time there are a hundred steps, but that’s okay because they’re numbered for you. They start at One hundred and go all the way to one. And as you walk down these stairs you will fall deeper and deeper into trance. I will begin counting backwards and as I say a number, you will take a step. When I say zero, you will fall so deep that you will find your subconscious mind is set free. One hundred”

I was on the third floor at home. I was feeling very happy and Mom was so nice, she left numbers out for me so I could count the stairs on the way down. I counted in my head as I went down. One hundred, Ninety-nine, ninety-eight, the numbers became a song in my head and my happiness increased. I liked singing. There was something special waiting for me at the bottom and I had to make sure I took every step or I wouldn’t get anything. Ten, nine, eight, seven, I was so close now! I could feel the excitement building, just a few more steps and I’d be there. Three, two, one, zero, it was a slide! It was so fun to slide down it, but then I wasn’t Valentine any more.

Re: Changes

This story is insane! I’m really loving it!

Re: Changes

The story reads very well and is quite interesting indeed. Looking forward to how this comes out from here.

Minor punctuation nit: at the end of the second to last paragraph, '…subconscious mind is set free. One hundred" ’ you appear to have a dropped ellipsis (…).

Re: Changes

Love this story, please continue[emoji6]

Re: Changes

Today we finally meet the person, who’s been giving Valentine those blackouts. Be warned, she has quite a mouth.

5-Violent Violet

I was finally free. The stupid bitch was too far gone to stop me now. The quack was about to get the fright of her life. Now why couldn’t I move? Damn it! Dad had told us to be a good girl for the doctor when we got to this stupid place. Fucking obedience gene, always ruining my fun!

“Valentine can you hear me?”

If she meant Val, the answer was no and she wouldn’t be hearing anything for a while if I could help it, but I decided to play along. What did her voice sound like again? Oh right!

“Yes.” I thought that sounded sufficiently monotone. It’s kinda hard to know, when you haven’t actually talked in five months. I was asleep for three of those, however, so I’m not sure if that counts.

“I want you to think back to the first day of school.”

The first day of school, Ha! What a joke. I’d memorized all the books in five minutes and Val had to spend hours just learning one thing. I’d had to mess with her just to amuse myself. The look she’d had on her face when I’d told her to kill the fish in the hallway had been fucking priceless!

“What happened after lunch?”

How best to answer? Ah, what the hell? Telling the truth never hurt. “I tricked Sarah into thinking I was sick so I could get out of class. The teacher wouldn’t have believed just me.”

“And after that?”

“I pretended I had to throw up and snuck out the window in the bathroom next to the office. There was a guy selling drugs down the street, so I convinced him to take me back to the distribution center. Then I tore the place apart”

“You tore it apart?”

“Hell yeah, I fucking destroyed it, bitch.” Oops that was my voice. Oh well, couldn’t hold the charade forever.

“I’m not talking to Valentine, am I?”

“No shit, Sherlock. Whatever gave you that idea? Plus her name’s Val, get it right.” Screw it she knew I existed now, so why be nice? I just had to obey, Dad didn’t say be polite about it.

I heard the quack shift. I’d hit a nerve, score! “So who am I talking to?” Some of her cool was gone. She didn’t know how to react. This might be fun after all.

“My name’s Violet, like a bruise not the stupid flower.” I heard her write that down. Shit! If she told Val about me, I was screwed. If she remembered the
shit I did, she’d kill herself and by extension kill me.

“Why did you destroy the drug den?”

Damn it, I had to answer. Maybe she’ll give me a chance to talk straight later. “I was hungry and bad people are food.”

“Alright, so why did you take Val to the police station? Did you feel guilty?”

“Hell no! They were going to blame the fucking dogs. I can’t have them take credit, plus if they had found out it was me, it would have started a war. While that would be a lot of fucking fun, Dad would be really mad.”

The quack turned to a new page. “How do you feel about Val?”

How did I feel? That was a good question. “She is a piss pants, pussy ass bitch, but I love her to death. She’s everything I can’t be. Nice, loving, friendly, the best big sister in the world, that’s who she is. I’m just the badass warrior girl, who swears like a fucking sailor and is hated by everyone, but gets called upon to do the hard shit.”

The fuck did I just say? Where in the hell had that sentimental bullshit come from? Love Val, yeah I had too, but envy her? No way in hell! She’d almost gotten us killed by that stupid ass car. Not to mention she enjoyed sitting in her own piss all day. Freak. Dr. Crystal told me it was okay. Gah! Only I’m allowed to do that bitch! Go the fuck back to sleep.

“So you’re aware of Val, but she isn’t aware of you?” The quack was on a new page again. That was weird. Hadn’t she just been on one?

“Answer the question please, Violet.” There was the damned compulsion again. At least this time I could make the request. “Yeah, and I’d sure as hell like to keep it that way.”

“Alright we can do that.” For now. She didn’t say that last part, but I heard it any way. Val thought life was weird when she was in control, but it was nothing compared to what I went through. Hearing people’s thoughts was just part of the crazy shit I could do. She flipped back to a previous page. “Let’s talk about Val’s answers to our little game.” I hissed, something I’d only been able to do since my fangs came in. “I don’t wanna play any of your fucking mind games. You’re in my head enough as it is.”

“I just want to know if you agree.”

Well that was definitely a different thing entirely. I could just lie through my teeth and agree with every fucking thing she’d said. “Fine, I do. Well with everything except what she said about Dad.” Arg! Every fucking time I tried to hid something, it bloody came out!

“What would you say about your dad?” Back to my page this time, I hated knowing she was writing shit down and I couldn’t open my eyes to see what it was.

“Obedience would be the word that comes to mind. I have to do everything he tells me. Everything! I can’t resist. I’ve even told you stuff that I normally wouldn’t because he told me to be good for you. The worst thing is he doesn’t know I even fucking exist.”

“I bet that makes you really mad, doesn’t it?”

“You have no fucking idea.”

“Mad enough to want to kill him?” How could she ask something like that? I would never do that to Val. Plus I don’t think I could if I wanted to. “What like in the dream? Val just misinterpreted things. I was saving them, she just reset the damn thing before we go to that part.”

“Saving them, how?”

“The same way I brought her back after the car hit us. I can’t explain how.”

“Was that the first time you realized you existed?”

The answer was yes, but it also wasn’t. I had memories of getting her in trouble as far back as she could remember the consequences. In fact now that I thought about it, every time she had got in trouble it was because of me. I liked the feeling of power that retaliation gave me. I didn’t mean to tell the quack all that though, but I did.

A beeping sound began. “What’s that sound?”

“Don’t worry about it. Just lay there quietly for a minute.” Instantly the beeping didn’t matter anymore and I was cemented to the couch. I heard the quack get up and go to the shelf behind her desk and begin leafing through a book. I heard her thoughts again.

Ah, here it is. Hyde syndrome, the mental separating of morals and immorality. Rare, but I can see why it happened here. Poor girl, you have such a desire to be good that when you didn’t, you had to blame someone else. Though why you needed to claim that horrible crime is a mystery.

The bitch! She thought I wasn’t real? That was unacceptable! She needed to pay, it would be hard to deny me with my fangs in her neck. I struggled, but I couldn’t break the compulsion. My claws shredded the couch, but all that happened was a pile of fluff. In a last ditch effort to get up, I concentrated on not being there. All I accomplished was a headache and the only thing freed was my bowels. Eww! For once I was glad Valentine had worn a diaper today.

I heard the quack sit down again. “Well Violet, it seems we’re out of time. I’m going to count backward from a hundred again. This time you’ll be going up the stairs and at zero I’ll be talking to Val. One hundred…”

No I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay, but the stairs were right there. It would be so fun to climb them. No stay, but wouldn’t be so fun to count them? Ninety seven, ninety six, ninety five, had I really taken five steps all ready? The numbers sounded so nice and they looked so pretty on the stairs. It was nice to follow them. Ten, nine, eight, seven, I was so sleepy. I need to get to bed. Just a few more steps. There it was. So soft, so inviting. Three, two, one, zero, The bed felt so nice, then I wasn’t Violet any more.

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