Chance Encounter

Small packs of people strolled down the quaint street in front of Coffee Co’s exterior. The initial rush of employees had subsided, and the majority of those on the street were moving at a leisurely pace. The neighborhood had been designed with them in mind. Large, healthy trees lined the edges of the once busy road. Now, grass had been grown in place of asphalt, and street signs had been replaced by lamps, long since extinguished by the morning light. All part of the cities new push for environmental reform. Something that had been a long time in the works apparently. The birds certainly appreciated the extra greenery.

Poppy sat drinking her cup of coffee, staring. Not overtly, just casually watching people as the sun crept higher in the sky. She liked visiting new parts of the city. The coffee wasn’t bad either.

Noting her mug was almost empty, she sighed and drank the rest. An end to a good cup was horrible, but waiting for it to get cold was worse.

She checked her phone. A train would be arriving at the nearby station in a few minutes. She could probably catch it if she left now.

Poppy started to stand. Halfway up she felt a familiar ache in her lower stomach. Maybe it was the coffee, or she’d been distracted by the pleasant scenery. Unfortunately, it was all the warning she got before her body started to push out mush into the seat of her diaper.

She suppressed a grunt as her face flushed red. She hated when this happened in public. Normally she had more time to at least step away from people. Sometimes she made it to the toilet, and, though she knew it meant nothing, couldn’t help but take pride in those small victories.

This was definitely not one of those times though. She felt the tapes stretch and tighten as she continued to fill her diaper. When she was at home she barely payed any attention to this part, but being outside… the apprehension of not knowing when she would be done was what got to her. In the moment, she always worried about leaks.

More mush flowed out then… nothing. Her body had finished. She stood there breathing a bit more heavily than anyone should after standing up. She peered over the hem of her dress to check the floor beneath her.

“Would you like me to take that- Ma’am?”

Poppy looked up to see a barista giving her a curious look.

She finished straightening up. A moment passed before she remembered the question.

“I-I’m fine- I mean,” she started for the door, “Yes please!”

Bursting out into the street she quickly started in the direction of the station, the state of her diaper adding a slight waddle. She’d had dirty diapers before. That wasn’t the source of her embarrassment. It had happened so suddenly, and the past few months had been good. She’d woken up to just a wet diaper this morning. Though, in hind sight, she should have seen this coming. It had been hard to shake the optimism though. It had emboldened her to visit other parts of the city miles away from the handis in her apartment. She’d considered bringing them in a bag, but Smile had admitted their programming was limited. Poppy didn’t want them to pop out and start changing her the moment her diaper was wet.

Her therapist had warned her of the creeping thoughts. The thoughts that maybe, someday, she might be able to finish the potty training her mother had started two decades ago. But she couldn’t. Because she was incontinent.

And that’s okay.

She could hear her therapist already. Unfortunately, their meeting wasn’t for another few days, and she felt horrible now.

She made it to the station as the train was pulling up to the landing. The shiny new sign for the bathrooms was a ways down, but she could hop in and ride back to her own neighborhood.

A tiny trickle on the inside of her thigh made the decision for her. Walking quickly, but careful not to disturb the contents of her diaper any more than she already had, Poppy made her way down the length of the station.

It struck her how ridiculous she must look. If her mother were here she would instantly know what had happened. Eighteen years of dirty diapers meant she often knew before Poppy did when her daughter needed a change. A covert glance around didn’t reveal anyone looking at her.

Finally, she reached the row of doors. She approached the nearest one and tried to push it open, but it was locked. Frowning, she started for the next one, then jumped out of the way as the door swung open quickly.

“Sorry!” a woman started to exit before stopping in front of Poppy, “I was just finishing up.”

The woman smiled and nodded as she slipped by her. Poppy returned the smile weakly.

Once the woman was gone, she stepped into the bathroom and began to look for the fabricator. Behind her, she heard the door catch on something.

“Excuse me?”

She turned back to see the woman holding the door open.

The woman continued, “I couldn’t help but notice you might need some help?”

Poppy sighed internally, “I’m fine, thanks. Just need some privacy.”

She waited for a moment, but the woman didn’t show any signs of leaving. Poppy glanced around nervously, “Did you leave something-”

“No no no,” the woman opened the door a little more to lean in, “And I wouldn’t pry, but I live close by and take this train to get my little girl to daycare.” She glanced behind Poppy before continuing, “The fabricators haven’t been installed yet so…”

“Oh,” Poppy felt the information sink in, “Oh!”

Noticing the furious blush on her face the woman gave her a sympathetic look, “It’s fine dear. I’ve been around enough dirty diapers to recognize the smell… and you’re leaking.”

Poppy looked down, and, sure enough, a trickle of liquid had traced its way down the inside of her leg. Her blush deepened as she turned to hide her shame.

She stuttered out, “I-I-I’m not…!”

The woman smiled and stepped back into the bathroom letting the door slowly close behind her. She looked unconcerned with Poppy’s embarrassment as she started to dig into a bag slung over her shoulder.

“You’re lucky,” the woman said, “Clare just started potty training last week, and accidents happen.” She smiled up at Poppy for a moment before returning to her bag, “I’ve been carrying extra supplies with me for when I drop her off. Here we go!”

She produced a package of wet wipes from the bag. Poppy recognized them instantly. The colorful design had been ubiquitous in her life before moving out of her parents house. “Cutie Wipes” was emblazoned on the side in bright blocky letters, and, of course, it was the scented variety. Despite years of protest, her mother had refused to buy anything else for her. They were designed to mask the odor often lingering after a change, but Poppy had always associated them with the smell of dirty diapers anyway.

“Um… thanks,” she said reluctantly.

The woman noticed her hesitation. Unfortunately, she misinterpreted it.

“Oh!” she went to set her bag on the counter, “I’m so sorry! Do you need help cleaning up? I’m afraid Clare’s diapers won’t fit, but-”

“No!” Poppy interrupted, “I don’t need- I just-” She took a deep breath to compose herself, then continued, “Thank you very much,” she said as she took the wipes from the woman, “but I’ve been doing this my whole life.”

Normally people were more surprised when she told them about her condition, but the woman didn’t skip a beat with her reply.

“Of course,” she gathered her bag back up, “I’ll be right outside if you need anything else. I’m Lola, by the way, Lola Flowers.”

Poppy wished the woman would leave, but supposed she should give the wipes back when she was done. All she could do was nod as the woman steped out.

Once alone, she quickly locked the door. Poppy had learned a long time ago moms liked to help a little too much. Especially when their own kids were still in diapers, or just out of them. She preferred a less personal touch. Besides, handis were less embarrassing than another grown woman wiping her bottom.

Speaking of, she turned back to the mirror. Hiking up her dress, Poppy inspected the damage. The diaper was thinner than what she normally wore around the house, easier to keep hidden. The trade off being less protection. The last time she’d had a blowout in public her mother had used her night time diapers during the day for a month.

As she surveyed herself, she almost wished she had been wearing night time diapers. A thought she quickly crushed. Night time diapers were for sleeping and weekends. Once she started wearing them all the time it would be a slippery slope to thicker diapers in general, even if her mother wasn’t still in charge of dressing her anymore.

Poppy opened the wipes and grimaced. A sickly sweet smell instantly permeated the entire room. It had taken weeks of washing to get the scent out of her cloths. Pulling out a few, she mentally accepted her fate as she ran the wipes over her legs. Once clean, she twisted around to look at the back of her diaper. It hadn’t leaked yet, but it was definitely at capacity. Her day time diapers weren’t meant for multiple messings. She couldn’t even adjust the tapes. The meager leg guards had contained the worst of it, but she doubted they would hold for long. She ran a few wipes along them anyway.

Once done, she straightened up and started to gather up the dirty wipes to throw into the defabricator… except it wasn’t working.

Frowning, Poppy looked at the toilet. She could flush them, but they would clog up the pipes. No doubt Lola would hear it and be on her case the moment she stepped outside. The toilet mocked her thoughts as it sat there, smugly.

“This sucks,” she grumbled as she reached around herself and stuffed the wipes into the back of her diaper. There’d be no way to escape the smell now. At least she didn’t live here.

She washed her hands as best she could with no soap or towels, then exited the bathroom. As she stepped out onto the platform, she saw Lola scrutinizing a holomap of the neighborhood. She clutched the wipes to her stomach and quickly walked over to her.

“Hello again dearie- oh!” Lola paused for a moment before looking her over, “Well, you don’t just smell like messy diapers anymore~”

Poppy felt the heat rising in her face again as she handed the wipes back to the woman. Mumbling a quick thanks, she turned to go.

Lola stopped her, “Hold on! I found another public bathroom with a fabricator close by.”

She turned back to see Lola holding up her phone. The holomap had a location marked in green not too far away. Normally, Poppy would have scouted the neighborhood online before hand, but she’d been lazy today.

Poppy pulled out her own phone and punched in the location, but nothing appeared. Confused, she looked up at Lola.

“I’m part of an online group that posts locations for parents to change their kids,” she explained, “I haven’t used it in a minute, but it wouldn’t be on here if it didn’t work for someone else.”

“Oh, okay,” she wasn’t used to strangers being so casual about her condition. She stood there for a moment before saying, “Well, I’ll head over there then I guess… thanks.”

She turned to leave again, but this time Lola gently grabbed her arm, saying, “I can’t let you go on your own! What if it’s been closed?”

Poppy looked from her arm to the woman pointedly. Lola realized what she’d done and quickly let her go. An awkward moment passed between the two before the woman continued.

“Sorry dear, but the mother in me can’t help but worry for you,” Lola smiled, “Of course you’re more than capable of taking care of yourself.”

The two stood there a moment more. Poppy wasn’t a people person by any stretch of the imagination, but she could clearly tell the woman wanted to stay and help her. She was at a loss for what to say.

The moment passed, and Lola started to turn away, “Good bye dear! I hope you’re able to get cleaned up.”

It was a bit awkward, but Poppy nodded anyway. She watched the woman walk towards the other end of the station.


Poppy surprised herself as she called out to Lola’s retreating form. The woman stopped and turned.

“Yes?” she asked, “Did you need something else?”

Poppy struggled with the words, but eventually stuttered out, “S-show me- um” she paused to breath, “Can you show me…?” She waved her arm in the direction the map had indicated.

She watched the biggest smile she’d ever seen break out across the woman’s face. Not like her mother would smile, as though she were smiling to herself more than others. Lola’s smile was more genuine.

“Of course dear!” the woman said as she walked back to her, digging in her bag, “but first things first. What’s your name?”

“I’m… Poppy,” she wasn’t used to meeting new people. Especially under these circumstances.

“Well, Poppy,” Lola said while producing a small bottle of something from her bag, “I can safely say you have the cutest name of anyone I’ve ever met.” Lola smiled again, “Now, hands out. I know you didn’t use soap.”

Poppy felt a bit of a bashful smile tug at the corners of her mouth as the woman squirted soap onto her hands.

It was a short walk, and despite having worn diapers her whole life, Poppy could tell she was getting a rash. She drew a few odd looks as her waddle became more pronounced. Lola noticed her discomfort and took her by the hand to lead her the rest of the way.

Finally, they stopped. Poppy looked up from her feet to see a colorful building with the words “DAYCARE” written across the second story windows.

“Here?” Poppy asked.

Lola frowned, “It does seem a little… dark.” She pressed her face to the glass and shielded her eyes. After a minute, she pulled away.

“Well it certainly looks closed- oh!”

Poppy turned to see a holopad appear where Lola had pressed against the glass door. It was small and unassuming. No hint as to what the code could be.

Lola smiled, “And if we’re lucky…” She quickly tapped a code into the holopad, and the door silently slid open.

“Fortunately, they haven’t changed the code since the last parent used this place,” Lola gave Poppy a reassuring look.

She smiled back, but was a little more hesitant to step into the dim interior. The woman didn’t give her much of a choice though, gently tugging her by the hand.

The inside was dark. The windows were tinted to block most light coming in, and the interior had no obvious source of light. The front room was small, and the floor covered in something soft. It alternated between different colors in a vaguely blocky pattern. A row of chairs lined the wall opposite a large reception desk, currently vacant.

The shadows were long, but Poppy could make out the sign for a bathroom at the far end of the room. Lola noticed it about the same time as she did.

“And there we are!” the woman motioned her towards it, “Let me know if you need any help~”

She felt herself blush again at the woman’s words. Lola had been helpful, but her overbearing demeanor reminded her a little to much of her mother. Though she was far more considerate than her mom ever was.

“Hello! My name is Kara.”

Poppy felt her heart jump into her throat as a woman appeared behind the reception desk. She stumbled back into a chair with an audible squelch. Her hands flew to her bottom as she felt for leaks. The diaper was secured to her, but the leg guards had failed. She quickly hopped to her feet to mitigate the spread.

“Is there anything I can assist you with?”

She looked back up at the woman. It was obvious now it was a hologram, some VI probably triggered by her passing in front of the desk. She looked… pleasant. Likely designed to appear that way.


Lola stepped in front of her, “We need to use your bathroom please.”

The hologram nodded and a moment later the sound of a door unlocking could be heard in the direction of the bathroom.

“I must inform you,” it said, “our fabricator has not been connected to the holonet. Any personalized settings you have will be inaccessible.”

“Thank you,” Lola said to the VI. She turned back to Poppy and smiled, “Come on dear! Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Poppy shook her head, “I-I can’t walk…”

Lola patted her on the back and gently pushed her in the direction of the bathroom, “Well you can’t stand here forever silly!

The two of them moved slowly across to the bathroom. Poppy held the back of her dress tightly against herself. Again, thankful her mother wasn’t here. She’d never hear the end of it.

They entered the bathroom, and she was initially blinded by the bright lights suddenly shining down on her. Her eyes adjusted, and she saw a changing table against the far wall, the toilet and sink immediately to their left.

Poppy waddled up to the changing table. Her face burned as she looked behind her.

“Don’t feel bad dear,” Lola said with a pat to her bottom, “I’ve changed plenty of dirty diapers. You’re just a bit bigger than my own girl.”

She felt the woman start to unzip her dress. Poppy held her arm up as Lola drew it up over her head. She heard it disappear into the defabricator a moment later.

“Let’s get you up there,” Lola pulled a stool out from under the changing table and helped Poppy lay down on top. It had been a while since she’d used a table. Her mother had preferred the floor to buying her a bigger one. Even so, her feet dangled off the end.

Lola stepped up next to her and pressed a few holographic buttons that appeared.

“It looks like,” she said, “It’ll need to scan you to fabricate everything we need.” She looked down at Poppy, “It’s asking for a name.”

Poppy shook her head quickly.

“I didn’t think so,” Lola paused and tapped some more before continuing, “I’ll just swap your last name for mine, Poppy Flowers.” She blinked, “How cute!”

Poppy scrunched her nose. It was cute, but she’d never admit it. Not while she was getting her diaper changed.

“Age?” she paused, “Well, you look to be about six months-”


“Hush dear. I know you’re older,” she felt the woman idly rubbing her stomach, “but I’m not sure if it will let me put a diaper on anyone older than a few years.”

Poppy was left to grumble about her age while Lola finished tapping out her registration. A minute later the woman made a definitive flourish.

“All done!” she smiled down at Poppy, “Now I can finally get to work!”

She produced a package of cutie wipes from beneath the table and popped the tabs on the front of her diaper. Poppy almost sighed in relief as the front was pulled open. Lola noticed her relax and smiled.

“What a stinker~” Lola pinched her nose in mock disgust. She thoroughly wiped her front clean, “How could your mother put up with this for eighteen years?”

Poppy crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out.

Lola pretended to be shocked, “A stinker and a grumpy gus!?” Her shock was quickly replaced by mischief, “Well…” Poppy eyed the other woman’s fingers wiggling closer, “I guess I’ll have to… tickle out a smile!”

She kicked her legs as Lola assaulted her sides. It was short, but once she let up Poppy felt… better. She’d never felt this relaxed during a diaper change before.

Lola read through the curious look she was giving her and said, “I’m a mother dearie. Clare never likes having her diaper changed either.”

Poppy leaned back into the tables padding as Lola lifted her legs above her head. Normally this was the most embarrassing part for her, but Poppy felt oddly carefree. It wasn’t that she liked her current situation, but it was nice to not worry about it.

Lola finished cleaning her bottom, and balled her used diaper up, barely looking as she tossed it into the defabricator. Poppy heard the rustle of plastic as the woman shook out its replacement. She normally wore cloth backed diapers in public because of the noise their counter parts caused.

She craned her neck to try and see what she would be wearing, but Lola held her legs firmly in place. She felt the waistband of the diaper brush against her back far higher than her previous one had. Huffing, she let her head fall back onto the soft padding beneath her.

“I know it’s uncomfortable Poppy, but I’ll be done soon,” Lola squeezed her leg to reassure her. Poppy started to respond, but gasped as she felt something cold squirt onto her bottom.

Lola started to rub the stuff in, “Just some diaper cream,” she gave her a serious look, “You have a rash.”

Once done, the smell of baby powder hit her moments before she felt it being sprinkled onto her. Her bottom was then lowered onto the new diaper. It was thick, very thick. Poppy sat up a little as Lola dusted her front with more baby powder, then started to tug the front up between her legs. She spread her legs apart to accommodate the bulk. Not even her night time diapers were this big!

“Um,” she asked, “Why is it so thick?”

Lola gently pushed her back down and lowered the front onto her. “Because it’s a diaper silly!” the woman said. Seeing the annoyed look on Poppy’s face, she continued, “There weren’t a lot of options. This was actually the thinnest one available.”

She pulled one of the tapes across and pressed it down. Poppy thought it was odd how large it was. Normal taps had to be small enough for all four to stick in place. Though the waist for this one was a lot higher than her normal day time diapers.

Lola pulled the other side tight and pressed it down. A pat on the front indicated that she was finished. Poppy sat up to inspect herself.

The whole thing was tinted pink. Purple sparkles ran down the front and disappeared out of sight between her legs. Two massive tapes secured it to her waist with the word “BABY” clumsily spelled out in colorful blocks on the plastic panel between them.

It was a baby diaper.


“This was all they had,” Lola said firmly, “I’m certain it will be enough to get you back home.”

“But!” she felt the panic rising in her, “But I’m not a baby!”

I know that dear,” Lola said, “How about we get your new dress on then you wont have to think about it anymore?”

Poppy grumbled but nodded. She sat up and slid off the table. Her diaper rustling the whole way. In the small enclosed room it sounded deafening. There was no way people wouldn’t notice it as she walked down the street.

Lola pulled her dress over her head and tugged it down onto her. It was bright purple, but, mercifully, plain. No juvenile cartoons or symbols were anywhere to be found as far as Poppy could tell.


She turned to give Lola a look, but instead felt an ominous ache in her stomach.

“No-!” she barely had time to speak before she felt her body pushing out another load of mush into her diaper. Poppy heard it crinkle as it expanded behind her.

“Poppy?” Lola looked confused for a moment before recognizing the awkward half squat the girl was in. She pulled her in for a hug.

“Not my- fault!” Poppy grunted out as her body continued to betray her.

Lola patted her on the back, “Of course not dear.”

She held her for a minute more before pulling away. Smiling, Lola asked, “All done?”

Poppy nodded and wiped her eyes.

“Okay then,” Lola said, “Let’s get you changed~”

A one shot that I thought of while dealing with real life things. Also a bit of world exploration. This takes place in the same world as Smile.

Some friendly advice. Don’t try to move while traveling for your job. Everyone gets annoyed and nothing gets done. I’m through most of it now though, and I should be working on putting out another update for Smile the Tuesday after next. Let me know if you enjoyed the one shot!

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