Ceile Chapter 19

ok so this took me a bit longer then anticipated. i had to rewrite it a few times. sorry for the wait

Chapter 19

“Hey sinead” Adam answered his phone
“Heya studdly, I’m finished early do you want to pick me up and we can hang out?” Sinead asked lustfully
“Emm hold on a sec.” Replied Adam.

Adam thought to himself for a minute, he had to make a choice, Sinead or Tina, Sinead or Tina. This was a hard choice. But he knew what he had to do no matter how much it hurt him.

“Yeah ill see you soon” Replied Adam as he hung up
“Who was that?” Tina asked
“My girl” Adam replied
“Ohh” Tina said half heartedly.
“Yeah…. I better head” said Adam as he turned to walk to his car.

Tina wasn’t sure what had just happened. She was just about to plant a big wet one on Adam and now Adam was leaving. What the hell. As Adam got into his car, a tear began to roll down Tina’s cheek. She felt like crap, she had just been rejected, she had to get home. She sat down on a nearby wall and put her head in her hands and started to cry.

Rick came over to comfort her with Mick.

“Tina look” started Rick
“Shut up Rick, just take me home” Tina sobbed
“Ok ok” agreed Rick

The three got into Rick’s car, Tina alone in the back with Mick riding shotgun. There was complete silence. Neither Rick or Mick knew what to say to Tina. This was a horrible situation. They reached Tina’s house and Rick walked her to the door.
“Hey Tina, lets rent a movie tonight” suggested Rick
“I don’t know, I kinda want to be alone” replied Tina
“Ahh come on, we have to have our first girls night in” smiled Rick
“Well when you put it that way.” Tina laughed
“Great it’s a date” Rick smiled again and left for his car “Ill give you a text or a call later to arrange the plans”
“Sure thing” replied Tina

Tina went up to her room and flopped down on her bed, she was in bits. She was so upset, where had it all gone wrong. She had Adam, she was going to kiss him, then in a blink of an eye, this Sinead bitch calls. She needed to talk to someone. Tony, that’s who she could talk to, he was really intelligent. He would know what to do. She sat up and noticed a wet patch on the bed. She hadn’t noticed herself peeing, but she checked her nappy and it was totally soaked, she had leaked. But surprisingly this made her feel a bit better, she didn’t feel humiliated or ashamed. It made her feel happy and content. She had no idea why but she was not going to question something that makes her feel good. She got up and headed for her computer, she didn’t want to change, this feeling was to good. She logged on and Tony was online, luckily for her. She then preceded to tell Tony everything that happened.

Tina: And then Tony, he just left me, I feel horrible.
Tony: Didn’t I tell you Tina, Adam is not a good friend
Tina: Yes but, I thought I loved him
Tony: Well obviously he doesn’t love you Tina, I know you don’t want to hear that, but lets look at the big picture, he left you high and dry the other day when you had an accident, and he’s about to kiss you then just ditches you. Forget him
Tina: It’s not that easy
Tony: I know, but nothing is. Look I think you need to take your mind off it, what are your plans for the night?
Tina: Rick is going to watch a DVD with me
Tony: Ok hun, well that should be fun, but look if your still feeling blue, I’m going to give you my mobile number, and you can text or call me anytime, I don’t sleep much :stuck_out_tongue:
Tina: Thanks Tony, you’re a real friend. Rick is calling me I better go, but ill talk to you tonight?
Tony: Sure thing sweat heart, take care.

Tina logged off the computer and picked up her phone and answered with a sombre “Hello”

“Heya” replied Rick gleefully “Just a quick question, is it ok if Mick comes along”
“Yeah sure thing” Tina mournfully replied.
“Excellent, and what time?” asked Rick quickly.
“Well I could do with some company, so how about in a hour?” suggested Tina half heartedly.
“Sure thing, and babe cheer up, were gona have some fun tonight.” insisted Rick cheerily as he hung up the phone.

Tina was a bit bummed about Mick coming, she loved the guy like a brother, but he wasn’t the type of guy she could pour her heart out to. Also he didn’t know about her nappies, so she was going to have to be extra careful around him tonight. Which reminded her of her current situation.

She checked her nappy one last time and couldn’t find an inch of dry material. This nappy was history. She squelched up to her room and took her cloths off. She was clad now in just a sodden yellow nappy. She proceeded through to her bath room and just as she was about to un-tape the discoloured garment she heard a sickening squelch, and suddenly a weight had been lifted from her hips. She looked down and all around her was a sea of yellow goo.

This was the last straw, she slumped over on the floor, and started to bawl her little eyes out. She was so heart broken and frustrated, and now covered in goo. This was all to much for her. She was balling her eyes out un till no more tears would come, she was incredibly dehydrated now, and was starting to get a grip on herself.

She looked up at the clock on her wall, and saw that Rick and Mick would be over in half an hour. She didn’t have time to cry. She darted to the cabinet under her sink and grabbed a black sack, she had been mindful to keep a roll of black sacks there and extra wash cloths since she started to wee and mess herself. She scooped as much of the goo as she could into the black sack and then tried to wipe the rest up. She looked up at the clock again, twenty five minutes left. There was still goo left but she had to make a rash decision. She grabbed a towel from the towel rack and covered the remaining goo with it. She tore off the shredded protection and jumped into the shower, scalding herself in the process.

She had to really shower hard to get all the goo off of her. She rushed out of the shower and gazed at the clock, they would be arriving in five minutes. She quickly threw her bathrobe on and wrapped a towel around her head. She headed down stairs and gave a quick tidy around the living room. She looked at the clock on the mantle piece. They were five minutes late. Then it dawned on her, they were always at least a half hour late when it came to renting a DVD. Tina sighed and went back to her room to finish drying off and see if she could tackle that goo. Fortunately for her the towel was had soaked up all the goo so all she had to do was wash the towel. This gave her a bit more time to get ready.

By the time Rick and Mick arrived they were forty five minutes late. Tina was dressed except she still had the towel around her head like a turban drying her hair. She had decided to wear pull ups and be extra alert about how much she peed.

“Hello Rashid” mocked Mick as he spied the turban on Tina’s head
“Oh fuck off queer” jested Tina in return. All three broke into laughter

Rick and Mick had brought three DVD’s. “As good as it gets”, “Good Will Hunting” and “Dawn of the Dead”. Tina smiled to herself, she could tell that Mick really didn’t want to watch the first two films and imagined Rick had to bargain “Dawn of the Dead” with him.

Tina led the way into the living room and stuck on “As good as it gets” she was in the mood for a feel good movie. She sat on her own on a twin seat while Mick and Rick sat together on the couch. Tina couldn’t help but notice the two holding hands. Mick looked up at Tina and his face started to burn crimson. He immediately let go of Rick’s hand.

“It’s ok Scarlet O’Hara, my parents are out and I’m not a homophobe” smiled Tina
“Oh yeah, ehh cool, I know, just, um my hand, was oooh yeah getting sweaty.” babbled Mick.

Tina giggled to herself and noticed that Mick still kept his hand to himself. He was obviously still not comfortable. Tina was starting to forget about Adam and was enjoying the boys company. For the first ten minutes of the film anyway. After that Rick and Mick started to pay more attention to each other then to the film, or Tina even. Soon they were making out.

Tina had never felt more out of place in her own home. She decided to text Tony. He completely lifted her spirits and she felt much better. She didn’t even notice that the credits had started to roll on the film.

“So Tina, what movie next?” Rick asked as he tore himself away from his big love hound.
“oh actually I’m feeling really tired I was thinking of hitting the hay” replied Tina half heatedly.
“Oh yeah no prob babe, its getting late anyway so we better head” agreed Rick as he and Mick got off the couch and headed to the door, a bit hastily, they clearly wanted some alone time.
“Oh the DVD’s” reminded Tina.
“Don’t worry we can watch them tomorrow seeya later” replied Rick as he bid farewell to Tina
“Yeah seeya Tina” chorused in Mick

And just like that they were gone. Tina was some what relieved because it was tedious having them making out and ignoring her, but she still felt lonely. She felt a vibration in her pocket and took at her phone. She had just received a message from Tony. It read “Hey Tina do you want me to come over to cheer you up?”