Ceile Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Rick and Tina made there way through the car park towards Mick and Adam. Tina was holding Rick’s hand, offering her support. Their was a wave of tension wafting through the lot, Rick stared at Mick, but Mick could only look at the ground.

Rick was a barrel full of raw emotion, he couldn’t wait to find out what was happening. He suspected that Mick was here to apologise, and truth be told he wasn’t sure if he would or could forgive him. He was still really upset about what happened and was struggling to keep his tears in.

Mick was dreading this moment, he had just come to terms with himself for being gay a half hour ago and he was now about to come out for the second time that day to two of the most important people. He wasn’t used to talking about his emotion or feelings, he wished that this could be sorted out by him and Rick wailing on some one or by some sort of elaborate drinking game the like of which had never been seen before. He was also disgusted with himself, he wanted so much to take back what had happened between him and Rick. But he couldn’t, he was trying to think of the best way to make it up to Rick, but the only thing that kept coming to mind was letting Rick hit him a few times. He knew that that was probably the worst thing he could do but it was the simplest solution in his eyes.

Tina saw Adam and dread filled her chest. She missed him so much but she was still angry with him, she didn’t know why she was but she was. She really wanted to be kissed by him and he had blown that. She was so nervous, every time she looked at him her heart would melt, she really loved Adam and things were so bad between them. She had to really dig deep into her resolve not to cry

Adam looked away from Tina and waved to Rick as they drew closer. A storm of emotion was brewing once Tina and Rick had reached Adam and Mick. Tension, anger, regret, compassion and love all swirled around the four teens. This was way above there maturity levels.

Adam looked at Tina for a brief second and stifled back a tear. He thought of how he longed to be with her, but that was not to be. He had a girl now, Sinead who was really cool. Tina was his past he wanted to look to the future.

“Hey guys.” Greeted Adam to break the tension.
“Hey” Returned Rick, as Tina grunted something in recognition. They stood in total silence for what seemed like an eternity, and then some. Rick decided to break the silence.
“So Mick, I hear you want to talk.”
“It’s about last night.” Replied Mick meekly, almost whispering
“Not this again, look Mick just piss off ok” Rick yelled at a solemn Mick
“No please let me explain.” Stammered Mick.
“Explain what, the fact that you’re a prick!” Shouted Rick as he spat on the ground.
“Well at least let me apologise.”

Rick just stood staring at Mick, he was seething with anger. He crossed his arms and bore a hole through Mick. He could see Mick’s eyes start to water. He looked like he should be at a wake. Rick started to calm down and he began to feel terrible, what was he doing, he uncrossed his arms.

“Ok Michael go on”
“I’m sorry” was all that Mick could say
“Is that all, after what you did to me, you think an I’m sorry is good enough” Yelled Rick
“No, I don’t” mumbled Mick
“Damn straight its not, I know you’re a Neanderthal but you need to tell me why you said that stuff” Rick growled
“Rick, I don’t know why I said those things but listen I have to tell you this” Mick took a deep breath and just blurted out his feelings “you are so important to me, you helped me be true to myself…. I am gay Richard, I am. I just needed Adam to kick my ass to make me realise it wasn’t gay chicken, it wasn’t rape, it was me, I’m gay.” Wept Mick.

Rick just stared at Mick, he felt terrible, granted Mick had been an ass hole, he had been one to, he broke down and started to cry, then grabbed Mick in a intimate embrace “Me to, Me to” was all Rick could say.

Adam and Tina looked on as there best friends made up, they were both filled with a sense of pride and happiness at how there best friends had finally been true to each other. Adam looked up at Tina and Tina at Adam. When there eyes met an understanding between them emerged. They walked over to each other and left Rick and Mick together. At the same time they both said “I’m sorry” and started to laugh. They realised how stupid they had been. They tightly embraced each other. They both had missed each other so much, each others touch, smell and well everything about the other.

Tina was the first one to start crying, she was over whelmed with joy. Then slowly Adam started to cry, a tear at first then water gushed from his eyes. He had the love of his life back… in some form at least.

“Oh I missed you Adam” Sniffled Tina
“I missed you to” Adam giggled through his tears
“I’m sorry about the whole thing, I don’t even know what was up” Tina apologised as her cheeks started to rouge from embarrassment
“Either did I” Adam Admitted
“Were idiots” Laughed Tina as she kissed Adam on the cheek
“We really are” Said Adam as he returned Tina’s kiss.

After Adam kissed Tina on the cheek they gazed into each others eyes. They had been longing to kiss each other on the lips for so long, and finally the moment had arrived. Adam’s heart began to race and sweat began to form on the palms of his hands. Tina was beginning to get weak in the knees, the moment she had fantasised about over and over when she was alone was about to come true. She could smell Adam’s breath, it was warm and minty. She wanted to be kissed right now, by her best friend.

Adam began to get excited at the prospect of kissing Tina, he bent in and just before his lips made contact his phone went off. It was Sinead’s ring tone.

Ceile Chapter 18

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Ceile Chapter 18

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Ceile Chapter 18

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