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Chapter 14

Tina woke up and immediately looked at her sheets. Dry. She was ecstatic she was so happy and proud that she hadn’t pissed the bed like a little baby. She hopped out of bed like a little bunny, she bounced over to her wardrobe and chose her outfit for the day, her school uniform. She tore of her pyjama’s to reveal her heavily sodden nappy. She stared down at her crotch in utter disbelief. How could she forget that she was wearing a nappy, and that’s why she hadn’t pissed the bed. Her world came crashing down around her. She had felt so grown up, she had felt so proud, she had felt like her life was back on track. Now she was back to square one. She had no idea what to do, so she did the only thing she could do, she fell onto her padded behind, with a squelch, and the full impact of what had occurred during the night hit her, she had completely destroyed her nappy with poop, and then she began to cry her little heart out.

Her Dad had come to her doorway in a slight panic, from the sound of Tina falling on her behind. He was not prepared for what he saw. His 18 year old daughter sitting on the ground with a nappy on her bottom. A heavily soiled bottom. Granted he was very aware of her situation, it was still early days and he wasn’t prepared for this. He stood in the doorway for a few moments, Tina was totally oblivious to his presence. Finally his paternal mechanism kicked in and he walked into the room. Tina noticed him and turned to look at him.

“Daddy…. I’ve had……. An accident” Tina cried, as she reached out for her Daddy.

Tina’s Dad bent down and hugged her tight. She felt so secure in his warm embrace. She felt humiliated at the same time, not only because she had fudged herself but because her Daddy was making her feel better, which made her feel more like a baby. She was a cauldron of emotion, so she just gave into herself and indulged in her baby side, and sought comfort in her Dad’s embrace.

Tina’s Dad hugged her for a few minutes, then he helped her to her feet. He felt that he was responsible for this, he felt it was all his fault. He was going to do what ever he had to, to fix this.

“Tina, are you ok?” Asked her Dad.
“No Daddy, I’m not, I can’t believe this is all happening.” Sobbed Tina.
“Look honey, I know this isn’t ideal, but we are going to get through this. You are not on your own, we are in this together. Now give me a hug.” Offered Tina’s Dad.

Tina sniffled and gave him another long hug.

“Now why don’t you get ready for the day and I’ll drop you to school.”

With that Tina hopped in the shower and started the tedious task of cleaning up her own waste. It was horrible, the mess was all over her bum and crotch. She hated this part, it sucked way more than waking up messy. She wished that she had someone who loved her enough to change her. She felt guilty at that because this was her problem to look after, she wouldn’t want to force that stink on anyone. Her mind wandered to Tony, she fantasized about him changing her stinky bum and it sent shivers down her spine. The idea of transferring her responsibilities to someone else seemed like heaven to her.

She suddenly snapped out of it when she realized that she hardly knew Tony, he might be all talk, like a lot of boys she knew. She knew he was into the ab scene but how much. It was no use thinking of it so she got on with her shower.

She was a good half hour in the shower when she got out, she didn’t wash her hair, she had spent the entire time cleaning up after last nights accident. She headed to her room to get dressed and noticed a pull up was laid out on the bed with her school uniform. Strangely she wasn’t annoyed at her Dad for making such a bold move. She felt completely reassured that he was in this to help her. She got dressed and headed down stairs to her Dad.

“Hey Hun, how was your shower?” Asked her Dad.
“Ah icky.” Sighed Tina.
“Well come on, we got to get you to school.” Informed her Dad merrily as he handed Tina the keys to his car.
“Why are you giving me these?” Asked Tina
“Well you have had your permit now for quit some time and I think you need to get some experience driving. So I got you insured on my car, the new policy just came today in the post.” Smiled Tina’s Dad.

Tina was stunned, she had received her license a few months ago, but had not had the chance to organise a car. She hugged her dad and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. She started to jump with joy. She was so thrilled. She grabbed her back pack and ran to the car. Completely forgetting to grab the toast her Dad had made for her. She started the car and her Dad had just enough time to hop in the passenger seat before she set off. She was confident behind the wheel because when she had got her licence her Gran had paid for an extensive driving course for her and she had excelled at driving.

Tina shot off down the road, she was about to set the radio to 11 but decided that her Dad would probably get a bit mad at her for trying to deafen them so she stopped herself and found a radio channel she liked. She settled for the local talk radio show. She wanted to put a CD on but thought again that her Dad would not approve, so she didn’t want to piss him off after he just got her insured on the car. Soon enough they were at the school, and Tina glanced over to her Dad to give him another kiss on the cheek and noticed the look of blind terror followed by complete relief when he realised that the car had stopped and he was about to take control of the car. After Tina kissed her Dad on the cheek she hopped out and made her way to class

Ceile Chapter 14 plus links to the rest of the story

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Ceile Chapter 14 plus links to the rest of the story

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Ceile Chapter 14 plus links to the rest of the story

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