Ceilé Chapter 17

Ive spotted another blue moon so its time to post my cliff hanger chapter :stuck_out_tongue: oh and this is very adult so readers beware

Chapter 17

Mick had texted Adam to meet him in the locker room at lunch so they could talk. Mick was still really pissed at Rick. He felt betrayed and appalled at what happened. He needed to talk to some one, and Adam was the only one he could turn to.

Mick turned up a half hour early, he was so anxious. He was pacing up and down the locker room completely enthralled with his own thoughts. He was distraught, he had been violated by his best mate. He didn’t know what was worse being violated or loosing his best mate. He was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice Adam walk in.

“Story horse” greeted Adam.
“Oh fuck man you startled me” Mick gasped “Thanks for coming to meet me”
“No prob so what’s the sitcho?” Adam asked
“Man this is fucked up but I got fuckin raped last night” Mick aggressively informed
“What?” Adam gasped with horror “fuck man, that’s bollox, look we’ll get Rick and we will find who did that to you and give them a good seeing to, prison style! Who was it”
“It, it ……. It was Rick” stammered Mick
“What?” Adam asked sternly, boring holes through Mick with his stare.

Rick recanted the events of the morning to Adam, leaving no crevice untouched. Adam stewed with anger as he learned each and every gory detail. He was fuming, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe that one of his friends would do that to the other. His rage swelled and he knew he had to do something. He clenched his fist and punched Mick right in the face, bursting his nose. Mick stumbled backwards and just looked at Adam, he wasn’t sure what the hell had happened.

“Mick you stupid piece of crap you were not raped!” Adam yelled
“What?” gasped Mick
“I walked in on you guys, and you were giving as well as receiving Buddy, so don’t go calling Rick a rapist you fuck!” bellowed Adam
“Your taking the piss, I would never do such a thing” Mick stammered
“Well you did Mick, look I don’t care where you put your cock, but dude when you try to fuck over one of my friends, you got another thing coming.” Adam shouted then he took a deep breath to calm himself down. “OK ok look dude you have to think…… Are you gay?” asked Adam.
“Fuck no!” Mick spat
“Then why all the gay chicken?”
“I Dunno” whispered Mick
“Come on now” said Adam raising his voice
“I I I I dunno” Mick stammered
“Dude, look you have to come to terms with it or you may loose Rick forever” reasoned Adam

Mick was really scared, he had never thought this much about his sexuality. He had been a bit of a ladies man but her never really enjoyed the bedroom stuff. He got a much bigger kick out of the gay chicken he played with Rick. He thought about loosing Rick and he started to feel a bit weak. Shit I am gay he thought. He couldn’t control himself, he broke down and started to cry. Adam came over to him and wrapped his arms around Mick in a tight embrace.

“I’m gay man I’m gay” Mick sobbed
“I know buddy I know” soothed Adam
“I’ve really messed things up with Rick haven’t I” cried Rick
“Well there’s only one way to find out” Adam stated
“I know” sniffled Mick
“Well lets get a move on then” ordered Adam
“What now?” Mick asked
“Yup no time like the present”
“But I’m a state”
“He won’t mind” encouraged Adam
“But I don’t even know where he is” sniffled Mick
“I’ll find out ok”

And with that Adam phoned Rick. The moral of the conversation was that Mick needed to speak with Rick. And after much re assuring by Adam that Mick wouldn’t stomp the poop out of Rick, Rick finally agreed.

There was a rather boring conversation there but I though it best to skip that bit, its one of the perks of being the narrator or what ever the book equivalent of a narrator is. I should have paid attention in narrator school. One of the downsides is that I have to break up the story when things get to tense and make you guys feel a bit more relaxed, well at least that’s what union rule 207 states, it’s a bad rule but it got us our dental plan. Anyway back to the story.

Rick agreed to meet them at the school. He made sure that Tina was with him because he knew that Mick wouldn’t do anything if Tina was around. He was very nervous still, he had no idea what was about to go down. Tina was a bit addled as well. She wasn’t sure what would happen either and she hadn’t spoken to Adam since there so called date. The mood was tense in the car. The two hardly said a word.

Soon they had reached the school and were getting out of the car.

Ceilé Chapter 17

I love this story man!