Ceilé Chapter 15

Ok heres the latest chappy, it has adult themes and bad language. so its not for kids

Chapter 15

Adam arrived at school an hour late since he had to drop Sinead off. He was still fighting with Tina and he didn’t know what to say to Mick or Rick, he didn’t really want to be around them so he just went to class.

It’s not that he was prejudice against gay people, he was happy that they had found that in each other. He had suspected that Rick was gay, and with the recent explosion of gay chicken matches that Mick was competing in he also suspected Mick of being gay. He didn’t want to be around them because although he was cool with it, he was still nauseous at the thought of them at it,. When he had walked in on them Mick had been in Rick, he could see Mick’s balls smacking off of Rick’s balls as he thrust in and out of Rick’s ass. He decided he could avoid them till lunch and then they could hopefully ignore the whole thing.

He checked his schedule and he had Irish, luckily he was in a different Irish class than his friends. Actually he wouldn’t have a class with them un till the end of the day, so he was very relieved. Although he did miss his friends.

He got to class and took a seat down the back, as he was taking out his books he received a text from Sinead.

“Hey hun, I had a gr8 time lst nite, I hope I dnt seem desperate txting you so soon, but I would really like to c u again WB Xxx” Texted Sinead.
“I had a gr8 time 2, Id like to c u again also. When are you free?” Replied Adam
“I’m free all week after 4” Texted Sinead.
“Cul well do you want to see a movie with me 2morro nite then?” Asked Adam.
“Defo” Replied Sinead.

They kept texting each other through out class. Adam was happy that Sinead texted him, he liked that she was so direct with him. Not many girls were like that, but then again she was older than he was so maybe that’s what mature girls did. He was so infatuated with Sinead. He almost forgot about his crush on Tina, but since she had been a huge part of his life for nearly his entire life, he still thought about her loads.

He was still pissed off at Tina but he knew that all he needed was time and since now he had met Sinead he might be able to keep his mind off of doing Tina and things might heal faster. He still really missed her and was craving to just talk to her. But he was still hurt, he hoped that she would apologise to him soon. He still thought she was to blame for what happened, he couldn’t remember what happened but was sure she was to blame.

In between texts he started to think about Rick and Mick. He missed them even though it had only been a couple of hours since they last talked, they were tight and he would normally get a load of texts off of them when they were in separate classes.

That was the thing about Adam, even though he was grossed out, he knew that wouldn’t last long, and he yearned for the companionship. It was that thought that made him get over his nausea about seeing his two mates go at it.

He thought maybe they had seen him come in and were mortified or maybe they were still asleep, it wasn’t unlike them to miss school because of hangover. He decided then that he was going to be cool with whatever they said to him. If they came out he was going to be cool with them and if they didn’t mums the word.

Adam was having a great time texting Sinead that he almost didn’t hear the bell go. He was surprised that he hadn’t been caught by the teacher but then he read the black board.

“Mr O’Neill is absent please go to the study hall”

Adam laughed to himself, he really was away with the fairies today. He was in the middle of texting Sinead when he got a text from Mick

Mick was the first to wake up. He was laying in bed with his arms around Rick, spooning. He was confused at first, but the pain in his butt had reminded him what had happened. He was mortified, he started to dry wretch and was lucky to keep down the vomit. He couldn’t believe what had happened. How could he have slipped with Rick. They were best friends, how could he let this happen, he must have been drunk. Considering the hang over he had he knew he had drank a foul amount of booze.

He had always suspected that Rick was gay, maybe that’s why they were such good friends, but Mick knew that he himself was certainly not gay. He wasn’t sure how this had happened. What ever about gay chicken, but this was crossing a line that Mick did not want to cross. He was convinced that Rick just got him drunk and took advantage

Mick was trying to figure how to get out of this situation. He didn’t want to talk to Rick because he was furious at him. He was completely blaming Rick for what happened. He decided to stop thinking about it and to try and figure a way out without waking Rick. He thought of biting threw his arm but after the first nibble gave up promptly on that blunder. He decided to try and wiggle free.

His arm started to come back from under Rick an inch at a time. After a few minutes of gentle wriggling he was almost free. All that was left under Rick was Mick’s manly hand. Almost there he thought. He gave one final grand tug and his arm came free. He was out of there . He reached for his pants when he heard it.

“Hey…. Emm what did we do last night?” Rick asked groggily as he rubbed the sleep out of his blood shot eyes.

There Rick had given an out, they could have ignored the whole thing and gone back to being friends, but Mick was to angry and still very drunk to let it go. He was going to let Rick have a piece of his mind.

“You know exactly what we did last night, you serpentine BASTARD!!!” Barked Mick as he glared at Rick.

Rick was completely astounded at what Mick had said, he felt so betrayed. What they had last night was special to him, he had just come to terms with himself for being gay and he was overjoyed that Mick was going to be his first. The night was beautiful for him, how could it have turned so ugly. Rick could feel tears welling up inside him. He knew Mick may have felt weird, that’s why he gave him an out.

“I…I…I” stammered Rick meekly.
“Ah shut up you fucking ponse, I don’t want to fucking listen to you. I know you got me drunk last night so you could have your way with me. You sick freak. Fuck you man, I cant believe I trusted you. You were my best mate and you fucking rape me. What the fuck man. You’re fucking scum. Don’t even look at me you fucking prick. Man If you’re a fag that’s fine but don’t be dragging me into your sick little world fag. Your fucking dead to me!” fulminated Mick as he put on his pants and stormed out of the room

Rick just sat there crying as Mick vocally attacked him. How could he be so wrong about his best friend. He curled up into a ball and cried for what seemed like an hour. He was so hurt and betrayed, he needed someone to talk to, so he texted Tina.