caught by my wife

This is a short story of a man being caught by his wife and put into diapersCaught by my wife

It was a Thursday afternoon. I just came home from the office and went into the shower.
When I came out from the shower, I saw my wife holding an adult diaper in her hand and just look at
me. Then she said:
-Can you tell me about this? With quite an angry voice.
I figured out she had found my stash. I really like being diapered but my wife doesn’t like that side of me
and I haven’t been allowed to be diapered at home.
-Eh, yes, you know….I started.
-I know what this is, she said angry; you do not have to explain that. What you need to explain is
why you lied to me.
-I lied to you? I asked.
-Yes, you said you did not use diapers anymore and still I found them…
-Well, ok, yes I lied to you about that, I answered.
My wife just stood there and where thinking, she didn’t said anything for a few minutes. Then she said:
-What else have you lied to me about?
-Nothing, I promise, nothing.
-I don’t believe you, she said.
Now it was my turn to be quiet, I just did not know what to say.
-I want to hypnotize you, she said. That’s the only way I can know if you tell me the truth or not.
-Hmmm, ok, I answered. I didn’t have any other secrets for my wife, I didn’t believe in
hypnotizing, and therefore I thought it was harmless. She had taken some courses in hypnotizing
and now she wanted to test it on me.
-Ok, sit on that chair, she said and pointed to a chair by the bed.
I sat down on the chair and she started doing her thing. I started to feel relaxed and after a while, I
heard her saying it is time to wake up.

When I woke up, I realized I where laying in the bed. I could feel a diaper between my legs and I saw I
was wearing the onesie I had in my stash. I felt a pacifier in my mouth. I tried to move my hand to feel
the diaper but realized I could not. I started to panic; I could not control my arms or legs.
-Hi my little baby, my wife coed to me. Now I know you didn’t have any other secrets for me, but
I think it’s time for you to be a baby. Right now, you are like a 3-week-old baby, you can move
your arms and legs a little bit. You can’t roll around in the bed but you can eat, burp, pee and
She laid down on the left side of me. Looking at me and smiled. Then she took of her t-shirt and move
up a bit in the bed so here head where higher up than mine. Then she pulled her left breast out of her
bra and moved here nipples to touch my upper lip. I open my mouth and she pulled my head towards
her breast. I got her breast in my mouth and started to suck on it like a baby. I where surprised how my
reflex worked. As I laid there sucking on my wife’s breast I realized how great it was. I had never felt so
secured and loved in my entire life and I hoped this would never end.
-Yes, you are a good baby, my wife said with a very sweet voice.
After a while, she put her finger in my mouth and removed the breast. I felt like I was about to start to
cry, when I realized she just changed side to the other side of me. Now she made the same procedure
with the other breast. It felt so great. After another time, she removed the breast and went out from the
room. After a while, she came back with a baby bottle with some baby formula. She put the bottle to my
mouth and I started to suck on it immediately. I could feel the warm and sweet baby formula in my
mouth and going down my throat. After I had finished the bottle, she helped me sitting up and burped
me. Then she put me down in the bed again and said it was time to sleep. I where at sleep within a few
I did not know for how long I slept, but I woke up sucking on my wife’s breast again and fell a warm
feeling in my body. I was so happy. After a while, she changed to the other breast. Then I fell asleep
Next time I woke up where when I felt my diaper where all wet. I did not know what to do. I could not
move and I could not talk. I tried to talk but no sounds where coming out. Then I began to cry. That I
could still do. My wife woke up and started to comfort me. She saw the diaper and went away to the
bathroom. She came back with a new diaper and changing gear. After a while, she had changed me into
a new fresh diaper. She gave me her breast again so I could go back to sleep and after sucking on both
breast I felt asleep again.
I waked another time during the night by getting my wife’s breast into my mouth. I did as earlier and
then I felt back into sleep.
I woke up by the alarm clock went off. I heard my wife turning it off. Then she came with her breast
nipple to my upper lip again and I just opened my mouth and started to suck. While sucking on her
breast I felt an urge to pee, but after a few seconds, I felt how it just came out in my diaper. I continued
to suck on her breast. Then I felt my stomach started to tell me I needed to poop. It was also out of my
control and I just started to poop.
-Good baby, my wife said to me and continued. This is how this work. I hypnotized you to be a 3-
week-old baby last night and that is what you have been. Now you will be an adult again, going
to the office and do your job. Sometimes there can be some delays so I will put a diaper on you
that you can have in the car going to the office and then just remove it on the toilet at the office,
just to be safe.
Then she changed me and put on my normal office clothes. I could start to move my body again. I felt a
bit chocked and she saw that so she gave me a pacifier.

  • Suck on this one, it will feel better, she said. I have also put another diaper into your computer
    bag. Put it on before leaving the office, just to be safe. Have a nice day.
    I went out to the car, with the pacifier in my mouth and wearing a diaper. I was very thankful for having
    a long coat covering my diaper area. It was dark outside and no neighbors could been seen.
    I arrived to the office after a 30 minutes’ drive. Went straight to the toilet and removed the diaper. It
    was dry and that is a relief. I put the used diaper in my bag so no one in the office found it. I realized I
    did not have any hair on my body, she must have removed that while I where hypnotized. I went to my
    desk and started to work. That day I went to the toilet every 30 minute just to be sure not having an
    accident in the office.
    When the working day was over, I went to the toilet and put on a new diaper, just as my wife had told
    me to. Then I went to my car and start driving. I used the hands-free to call my wife:
    -I’m leaving the office now.
    -Good, are you wearing the diaper?
    -Yes, I answered and at the same time, I felt my diaper being wet, I was peeing…
    -What happens dear? My wife asked.
    -I wet my diaper, I said silently.
    -Oh, my little baby, she said. Don’t worry I’ll take care of you when you come home. Just drive
    -Ok. I ended the call.
    After driving for 20 minutes, my phone rang. It was my wife:
    -How’s it going for my baby? She asked.
    -Fine, I answered but then I felt how I pooped in my diaper. I started to cry.
    -What happened? Don’t cry my baby! I’ll take care of you. My wife said.
    -I just pooped, I answered.
    -That’s all right, take it easy. Use the pacifier. I’m waiting for you.
    I took the pacifier into my mouth and it felt a little better. I kept driving and after 10 minutes, I came to
    our house. I parked the car and hurried inside. My wife met me at the door. She started to take off my
    clothes. I wanted to reject to her treatment, but I could not. She stripped me down until I only had my
    diaper on. Then she said.
    -Now my baby, you can crawl to the bathroom.
    I wanted to reject again, but my body just did as she said. I crawled into the bathroom wearing nothing
    but my dirty diaper. In the bathroom, there were a big nursing pad on the floor. She told me to lay on
    the nursing pad and I did. My wife took of my diaper and cleaned me up. Then she put on a new diaper
    and order me to crawl to the bed and I did.
    -This time I will tell you the entire truth, she said. I have hypnotized you to do exactly what I want
    and I control you completely. Did you think the accidents in the car on your way home were
    accidents? They were not. I started them. Like now, you will start pee in your diaper.
    I started to pee immediately.
    -Now you are a one-month-old baby, my wife told me. The next second, I where back and could
    not move my arms or legs. Since its Friday now, we have the entire weekend ahead of us. There
    will be times when I control you to walk or crawl, but otherwise you will be one-month-old.
    Then she changed my diaper, since I just had peed, and then she removed her t-shirt and lay down
    beside me. Once again, she moved her nipple to my upper lip, I open my mouth, she pulled my head
    against her breast, and I started to suck. This time my mouth filled up with breast milk. It tasted sweet,
    warm and good. I continued to suck and drink and this was the best feeling I ever had.
    After being breastfed, I fell asleep.
    When I woke up again, my diaper were wet and needed to be changed. I started to cry and my wife
    came. She changed and breastfed me again and then she put a mobile over the bed. It contained some
    red plastic clowns. I tried to reach them but could not reach all the way. I tried a couple of more times
    and then I stopped. My wife rolled me to lay on my stomach and put some plastic baby toy keys in front
    of me. I tried to reach them, but I could not. She rolled me back so I laid on my back again and then she
    put the baby toy keys in my hands. I manage to get hold of them and played with them for a short while
    before losing the grip of them and they fell to the bed again.
    -Lay here and play for a while, my baby, said my wife and went away.
    I did not have any choice but to lay there and try to play with the toys. After a while, I fell asleep.
    That evening and the following night passed by with some diaper changes and a couple of
    breastfeeding. In the morning, I was changed and breastfed and then she dressed me. I got a new onesie
    I never seen before. It was baby blue. She put on my jeans and told me to stand up. My body followed
    her order and I was standing up. She told me to go to the door and I did. Then she put me shoes on and
    my coat.
    -We are going out to shop, she told me.
    I just followed her, even though I did not want to. She put me in the backseat complaining that she
    could not use a baby seat for me. She put my seatbelt on and then she get into the car and drove away.
    After 15 minutes, we arrived to a big mall. She parked the car, unbuckled me, and helped me out of the
    car. She took my hand and led me into the mall. When we had entered the mall, she stated that we first
    must go to a changing room and change my dirty diaper. I wanted to protest since my diaper was clean,
    but I still could not talk. I was still a one-month-old baby except I could walk.
    -Yes, I know your diaper is not dirty yet but it will be by the time we get there. Trust me, I am in
    control of you, she said.
    We walked toward the toilet sign but before we got close, I could feel my diaper filling up. I had peed
    again. We stopped in front of the toilets. There were four different rooms to choose from, Ladies,
    Gentlemen, disabled and a nursing room with breastfeeding possibility. I really hoped she would choose
    the disabled. As we stood in front of the toilets, I started to poop. I could not help it, it just come. Then
    my wife took my arm and we walked into the nursing room.
    When we came into the nursing room, it was empty and it was possible to lock it from inside. I felt
    happy when I saw my wife locked it from the inside. She told me to lay down on the nursing table and I
    did. She changed me and put on a new diaper. She put on me my clothes again and then we walked out.
    We walked into a shop for women clothes. My wife told me to sit down on a chair and I did. Then she
    went away looking for a new bra, one with clips for easier breastfeeding. When she came back, she
    where done shopping and we walked to the car. She put me in the backseat and she buckled me up.
    When the car started to move, I started to feel hungry. In a few minutes, I felt very hungry and tried to
    say this to my wife but I still could not talk so I started to cry instead. My wife polled over the car to the
    side of the road and stopped the engine. She came back to me and asked if I was hungry. I stopped
    crying when she asked that. She sat down at the other end of the backseat and unbuckled my belt. Then
    she tell me to lay down with my head in her knee. She pulled up her shirt and loosen the cover on her
    newly bought bra that she already where wearing. She helped me up with my mouth to her breast and
    then I started being breastfed in the car. When I had “eaten”, my wife drove us home. I fell asleep in the
    car and once at home, my wife had to wake me up.
    She unbuckled me and we walked into the house. She took of me my jacket and my jeans so I was
    standing only in my diaper and onesie. She went into the living room and put a blanket on the floor.
    Then she called for me to crawl into the living room and lay down on the blanket. I did and when I laid
    down, I was back being one-month-old again and could not crawl or walk or anything like that. I laid on
    the blanket and she put some baby toys around me. I started to play as much as I could, but I could not
    get a good grip of anything. After a while, I fell asleep.
    When I woke up, I saw my wife sitting in the sofa watching the TV. I could not see what she was
    watching since my head pointed away from the TV while I was laying on the blanket on the floor. She
    told me to crawl up into the sofa, and my body did as she said. I laid in the sofa with my head in her
    knees watching at her. She took a pillow and put under my head. Now my mouth was in the same height
    as her breast. She had a new shirt, a mama shirt, and it had an opening for breastfeeding. She opened it,
    unclipped the cover in the bra, and put her breast into my mouth. I was sucking it again. It felt so good.
    -My little one-month-and-one-day baby is so cute, she said. Yes, now you are one-month-and-
    one-day. I also spoken to a doctor and he has agreed to sign the papers stating you are sick and
    will not work for the next 6 months. This means that you will be going from one-month to a
    seven-month baby in real time.
    I continued to suck the breastmilk into my body and was so happy.
    To be continued…

Re: caught by my wife

The grammar is very flawed, and the formatting leaves me scratching my head. Very difficult to get through, but honestly just seems like some serious one handed typing. OP, i would suggest you work on making stories with actual plot points beyond XDXD lelel diaperz and working on grammar/formatting if you want your work to be well received here. That being said, don’t give up! keep trying to improve. All great authors started somewhere.

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Caught by my wife part 2

I did not know how many days had passed by. I was breastfed, changed, playing a little and then back to sleep again. I had no idea of time and did not really care about it either. I did just as a normal one-month-old-baby do. I no longer took notice if I messed my diaper in any way, it was just naturally and totally out of my control.
One day I woke up to a voice I recognized:
-Oh, he is so cute, she almost shouted out.
I opened my eyes and there I saw my wife’s sister. She was just a few years younger than my wife. She had always tried to pick on me in different ways, but the only time she had succeeded were during our wedding when I had to participate in different humiliating games. Now I was laying in the bed, just wearing a diaper and an onesie, pacifier in my mouth and no blanket on me. She was just staring at me with a big smile.
-He is a baby after all!
I wanted to disappear, but could not since I was just a little baby.
-Why doesn’t he try to take the blanket on or hide in any way? She asked my wife.
-Because I’m controlling him and right now he is a one-month-and-one-week baby. He can hardly move his arms or legs, she answered.
-Yes, he can’t even speak. Try him.
Her sister to out my pacifier from my mouth.
-You’ve always been good at math, what is one plus one? She asked me.
I really tried to say the answer but my mouth refused to. I tried even harder and started to tremble on my lower lip.
-You are so cute when trying to; can’t you answer the simplest question?
I started to cry. She put the pacifier back into my mouth and my wife comfort me.
-But, how? Can it be?
-Put your hand on his diaper, my wife said.
Her sister, Theresa, did so and then my wife told me to pee. I peed in the diaper and Theresa shouted:
-Wow, I can feel it’s getting warm, he is peeing in the diaper.
Theresa was very thrilled over this new situation.
-How, I mean what have you done to control him like this?
My wife told her about the hypnotizing and everything else.
-But, how or what does he eat?
-I’m breastfeeding him.
-What? How’s that possible?
-I can show you.
My wife lay down on the side of my, pulled out one of her breast and put it in my mouth, I started to suck on it immediately.
-I read an article about how to get breastmilk without being pregnant, my wife started. It turned out many women who adopt a child still want to breastfeed it used the same program. You need to pump your breasts every 4th hour and then after a time, your breast will produce breastmilk. I programmed him to be like a baby and babies suck on breast. I let him suck on my breasts every other hour and within 24 hours; I had milk in my breasts.
-Wow! Said Theresa.
My wife put a finger in my mouth the get the breast out and then moved to the other side of me and continued the breastfeeding.

-How does it feel like breastfeeding someone? Theresa asked.
-It feels great, my wife answered. Do you want to try?
-Yes, but I don’t have any milk.
-Don’t worry. Just try it to get the feeling.
-Ok, but how do I do?
My wife told her to take off her shirt and bra and climb up beside me. She did.
-Now climb a little bit higher up so your breast is in the same height as his mouth. She did.
-Now take your breast and put the nipple on his upper lip, when he open his mouth, pull his head towards you so he get the breast in his mouth. She did that and I started to suck on it right away.
I continued to suck on her breast but no milk came and I felt a bit disappointed. After a while, they changed to the other breast.
-How does it feel? My wife asked her sister.
-Strange but nice at the same time, she answered.
-Now, let him sleep for a while and we can take a coffee, my wife suggested. I fell asleep at once.

When I woke up, I had a breast in my mouth and I sucked on it. I did not get any milk and realized very soon that it was Theresa’s breast.
-Just continue little baby, she said to me. You are such a good baby. Your mom is out shopping some groceries so it is just you and me.
I had no choice than to continue sucking, that was how my wife had hypnotized me. After a while, she changed to the other breast. As I where laying there and sucking on her breast, I could hear my wife getting home.
-Oh, you like it that much? She asked with a smile.
-Yes, her sister replied.
-Good, I really need your help. I can see it is time for a diaper change, should you or I do it?
-Let us do it together, answered Theresa.
The two women started to change my diaper. My wife taught her sister what to do. When they were done changing me, it was time for me to get food. I was breastfed by my wife and then I fell asleep again.

This time I woke up sitting in the car. I was sitting in the backseat and my wife and her sister where in the front seats. I where dressed with a white onesie with some dinosaurs, my jeans and shoes. I did not have a jacket or anything covering my diaper. I also had a pacifier in my mouth. What where they up to now? I could see the car entering the same parking as we did when visiting the mall a couple of days ago.

My wife helped me out of the car and put my jacket on. I felt relieved. She took my hand and we walked into the mall. We went into a baby store and looked around at all stuff they had there. We looked at baby beds, baby chairs and other things.
After a while, Theresa took my hand and said I should follow here. I did as I was told, since I did not have any choice. We walked towards the toilet. I feared the worse, what was Theresa up to? We went into the nursing room. She locked the door behind us and then she told me to lay down on the changing table. I did as she told me to.

When I laid on the nursing table, she moved me to the side. Then she took a chair and sat down beside me. Then she removed her shirt and pulled out her right breast from her bra. Then she put her right arm under my neck and down my back. With the left hand, she moved the breast towards my mouth, her nipple touched my upper lip, and I opened my mouth. She pulled me towards her with her right hand on my back and I got her breast in my mouth. I started to suck immediate. I was laying there like a little baby on the side sucking on her breast.

After a while, she put her finger in my mouth and put the breast back in her bra. She laid me back on my back and took off my jeans. Then she unbuttoned my onesie and my diaper became visible. She removed my diaper, cleaned me and put on a new diaper. Then she put the onesie back and then my jeans. Then she moved me to the other side and gave me the other breast.

We came out from the nursing room and she led me to my wife. My wife where sitting in a café. She had ordered coffee to her and her sister. She sat in a corner and it where two sofas pointing towards each other.
-Did it went well? My wife asked.
-Yes, it did, Theresa answered. I think he might be hungry tough.
My wife told me to lay in her knee, I did as she told but felt like I wanted to run away. Then she opened up her mama shirt and her bra so I could be breastfed while she was drinking coffee. I started to suck on her breast and where focused on drinking the milk, I was very hungry. I did not see if anyone saw us, but I hoped no one did. When I was done with the first breast, I had to move so I could get the other one. I was too afraid to look around if someone was watching so I just started to suck again as soon as I could.

When we were done, we went to the elevator. We should go to the upper stair of the mall. When we went into the elevator, it was my wife, her sister, I and two other woman. As soon as the doors closed, I felt I started to pee and poop. I did it silently, but the smell where quite easy to follow. I was very ashamed. Once the elevator got up, we went out and went to another nursing room. My wife changed me and then we went to the car.
When we had only 50 meter left to reach the car, Theresa took my jacket off and my wife put a pacifier into my mouth.
-Shouldn’t he waddle like a toddler? Theresa asked.
-That’s a good idea, answered my wife.
At once, I started to waddle and my arms went up in the air to help holding the balance. The way to the car had never felt so long. People were looking at me and some laughed while others just smiled. I finally got to the car and Theresa took off my jeans and put me into the car. She fastened my seatbelt. I was sitting in the car only wearing my diaper and an onesie while sucking on the pacifier. When we left the parking garage, people were looking and laughing at me. Some children pointed at me and laughed. I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes again, I was sure we should be at home, but we were not. I did not know where we were, but my wife parked the car and Theresa came to me in the backseat. She unbuckled me and lay me down in her knee. She were now also wearing a mama shirt and just opened a little bit of it by the breast and also opened her mama bra and gave me her breast, I started to suck on it and this time there where some milk coming. I continued to suck and after a while, she changed to the other side of the backside and the other breast.

Then she dressed me with some trousers and some babyish rain clothes. She led me out of the car and there my wife where standing with an adult sized stroller. They placed me in the stroller and fastened me with the belts. Then they started to walk with me. I had no idea where we were or where we were going.

We went to places that was not familiar to me. It looked like a suburban but I had no idea. After a while, we came to a playground. They stopped and talked. I could her my wife said:
-A one-month-and-one-week baby doesn’t play in the playground. Let’s come back when he is older.
-You are right, answered Theresa, but he normally shouldn’t be sitting in a stroller either.
-No, you’re right, let’s have him playing.
They helped me out of the stroller and helped me up to the smallest slider, Theresa let me go from the top, and my wife caught me at the bottom. The slide was very small, just for the youngest babies. We repeated that a couple of times and then they put me back into the stroller and started to walk again.

After a very short time, Theresa remembered she had not checked my diaper for a while so she did. It was time for a nappy change. They stopped by a park bench and put a nursing pad onto it and then me. They changed on me in front of anyone passing by, lucky for me there where only one mom walking with her baby.
When we finally came to the car, it was time for me being breastfed again. This time by my wife. It was in the backseat again and after that, we went home.

That evening, I was laying on a blanket on the floor while my wife and her sister watched TV. They took turns of changing me and feeding me. They put me to bed in the middle of our king size bed and I fell asleep. I woke up by getting breastfed by my wife. When I was done being breastfed by her, it was time being breastfed by her sister. They both slept in the same bed with me in the middle. Then I fell asleep again.

Next time I woke up, I had Theresa’s breast in my mouth getting breastfed. I fell asleep again but shortly I woke up having my wife’s breast in my mouth. The night continued like that and in the morning, my diaper was as full as it had never been before. I was very lucky having two moms even though one of them scared me a bit.