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Still not in the mood to continue Stained Glass. Sorry. All the same, I’ve still got it on my mind and I figure it’s okay to have two incomplete stories outstanding considering I’ve finished some too. The second, you ask? Hayley’s Issues, ancient as it may be, will get revised and finished someday. I tinker around with it occasionally but I’m still not sure where it’s going and I won’t post more until the outline, at least, is done. This one I’ve been trying hard to work on my description and third-person narration. I hope you enjoy it.

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Thanks for the quick and well-thought out responses guys; it means a lot to me. I’m glad this one is getting some reading. Enjoy chapter 2 (I hope)

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Catharsis - Chapter 1

Natalie awoke shortly after dawn, as she did most days, and headed out to the living room to begin her morning routine of watching cartoons. She scratched her head, feeling the shorter locks of brown hair from her recent haircut pass through her fingers. She was finally getting used to keeping her hair shorter but, now that the summer was ending, it didn’t matter as much for keeping her cool. Still, her page-boy haircut was cute; at least her mom and dad said it was. She rubbed her eyes, thinking about how she had a few hours before her mom would start rounding everyone up for school and how she planned to enjoy them.

The mornings were cool but not cold, yet, and there was a blueness about the house caused by the early-morning twilight. She padded down the hall and into the living room her feet aching lightly against the cool floor. The couch was cool as well when she sat on it and she grabbed a throw blanket to wrap around herself as she warmed up her seat.

Her sister and brother were never very good about waking up on their own but that made it all the better for her. The living room was practically silent except for the muffled sound of her mother starting to cook in the kitchen and her father taking a shower far away in her parents’ bathroom. The T.V. was all hers; she set it to her favorite channel, nestled into the couch, and felt her diaper grow a little warmer at the release of her bladder.

She usually didn’t notice too much when she actually peed but, sometimes, she did and it felt kind of nice. She preferred not to think about diapers and pushed it away from her thoughts as much as she could. Being twelve years old and still in diapers was a pretty embarrassing thing to deal with. It had grown even more embarrassing when Cody potty trained at only two and a half. It would’ve been far easier if there was something wrong with her body; then, at least, she’d have an excuse. Instead it was laziness or, at least, that’s what her parents thought even if they didn’t bother her about it anymore.

Only Natalie personally understood the intense dread she felt about her toileting issues. She had no idea why she felt that way, only that she did. Her heart raced, her stomach turned, she panicked every time anyone started to talk about the toilet or her diapers. It was stupid; she was twelve, she knew there was nothing special or scary about using the potty. Knowing her dread was silly didn’t make the dread that had built up over her lifetime any less real though; the anxiety was paralyzing. Sometimes she felt anxious when she realized she had to go, and the anxiety only went away when she used her diaper.

So, here she was, soaking her diaper in the early morning hours while watching cartoons. Her mom had tried to guilt her on her tenth birthday by suggesting that double-digit girls always used the potty. A few gentle prods to just give it a shot and Natalie had ended up sobbing on the floor, begging her mother not to make her try, in front of their extended family. Her mom had just rubbed her back and let it go, like her parents always had. They hadn’t formally brought up the issue since. It was put off for another day… and now another two years.

When she’d turned twelve, last month, she’d felt worse than ever about it. She was going to be a teenager in a year but, at least, she didn’t look like it yet. Her mother had warned her about periods but she hoped hers would never come. It’d just be more proof that she was a complete failure, managing to be a woman and still not out of diapers. She thanked her stars that she still didn’t look more mature than her classmates even though she was the oldest in her class. That would make the situation even more unbearable. Natalie was even more apprehensive about how things would be in middle school next year. She had heard that you had to change clothes for gym class. Would her diapered state be on display for her classmates every day?

Natalie didn’t like thinking much about those specific issues, however, and quickly focused her attention on the T.V. instead.

An hour later Emily pattered out into the living room, her long hair tousled and disheveled. She looked at Natalie with a sleepy, blank expression. She became more conscious, noticing Natalie’s nightshirt had ridden up to reveal her yellowed, soaked, disposable-youth diaper beneath. Emily absently touched her own hair again, noticing how much neater Natalie’s looked. Natalie had taken a brush to her hair already but, Emily considered, it was easier for Natalie to manage her hair now that she’d cut it short. It felt like she’d cheated, they used to have the same long, brown locks.

“Hi! Wanna watch Adventure Time?” Natalie asked as her sister as the show started.

“Change it to SpongeBob,” Emily ordered.

“No way!” Natalie replied, “I was here first.”

“Mom!” Emily shouted, the battle joined and her mind fully waking to bring her to the occasion. “Natalie’s soaked; you should probably change her before she leaks on the couch!”

“I’ve still got to make your lunches.” Their mother called back from the kitchen. “Why don’t you help your sister, Emily.”

“Mooom!” Both girls called back. Emily hated helping Natalie change almost as much as Natalie hated her helping.

“Just do it!” Their mother’s voice returned; the sister’s groaned in unison.

“This is your fault.” Natalie said venomously, giving up on asking her mother for assistance. “I’m not even close to leaking.”

“Whatever, go grab your stuff.” Emily said annoyed.

“You go get it; it’s your fault I gotta change now.” Natalie rejoined.

“It’s your fault that you still pee your pants like a baby!” Emily returned.

“Shut up!” Natalie yelled back. The situation had escalated in mere moments, as usual.

“Girls?” Their mother’s voice came back, loud but not angry. “Are you doing what I asked?”

“Yes, mom.” They replied, Emily finally losing the impromptu staring match and running to grab Natalie a fresh diaper, powder, and some wipes before the commercial break was over. Natalie’s victory was incomplete though, she wouldn’t have had to change if Emily hadn’t tried to pull that stuff.

Emily returned, handing her sister the wipes as Natalie laid on the floor. Natalie undid the tapes, feeling the cool autumn air freeze her private area as it was opened up from its snug encasement. She wiped herself as she raised her bottom, Emily pulling the used diaper out from under her and sliding the new one under her. Natalie finished wiping, powdered herself, and moved her hands so Emily could pull the diaper up and tape it into place. She helped hold it tightly while Emily worked with the tapes.

Natalie would’ve been fine handling her own changes except that, first, she could never get the tapes quite tight enough and it had resulted in a few too many leaks for her parents to let her do it completely on her own and, second, if left to her own devices she’d sit in wet diapers too long and end up with a rash. That was, unfortunately, why their parents always took Emily’s reports of her diaper’s state over her own and why she suffered through the humiliation of Emily being involved. She didn’t mind her mom’s help at all though, her mom did the whole process herself and Natalie liked being taken care of. Natalie did not like Emily having any power over her though, even if Emily helped.

The two watched Adventure Time in an uneasy truce. Emily didn’t want to miss all T.V. this morning just because Natalie’s taste in cartoons sucked. Natalie, alternatively, always felt awkward around her sister after Emily had helped her change. She, despite putting up a somewhat stoic front to her siblings, was very sensitive about her diapered state.

Cody, their five year old brother, came out a few minutes later, plopping onto the couch next to them; he was well used to never having a say in what was on T.V. so his entrance was comparatively uneventful. Not too long after, morning cartoon time came to an end and the three were in the dining room, their dad and mom already sitting at the table, prepared for breakfast. Dad said the blessing, and everyone dug into bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns; the parents and Natalie sipping coffee as the Emily and Cody drank orange juice.

Emily thought Natalie’s decision to start drinking coffee at breakfast last year was just pretentious. She even drank it black like their dad did. Emily noticed that her sister was always trying to act like their mom and dad but, Emily reminded herself smugly, Natalie couldn’t even use the potty. Emily had been potty trained since she was three and couldn’t believe her parents put up with Natalie’s toilet issues.

Natalie was practically the laughing stock of the school because of it. It didn’t help Emily’s popularity any to be the sister of the diaper-girl and, because of that, Emily resented her somewhat. Even worse, their parents had tried to hold Natalie back a year so that she would potty train. It hadn’t worked but, thanks to that, Emily and Natalie were in the same class.

Everyone in class knew that Natalie had wet herself when she asked to be excused. Even worse, was the embarrassment Emily suffered when someone had to remind Natalie to get changed after she pooped. The fact that her sister had pooped her pants in class definitely took her down a social peg just by association. Emily thought it was disgusting and didn’t believe for a second that Natalie didn’t smell it sometimes, regardless of what her sister claimed. At least her sister normally did her business in the evenings because, when it happened in class, it was humiliating for both of them.

Natalie munched on her toast, trying not to make eye contact with her sister. She hated it when her mom asked Emily to help her; she’d even asked her mom not to do that on multiple occasions. Her mom simply replied that Emily was a big help and that she found herself busy sometimes. Her mom, however, only ever seemed to use it as a punishment for both of them… even if their mother never admitted it openly that’s what it was. It made Natalie seriously consider giving up prior T.V. rights in the mornings… but not enough to actually do it.

Sometimes it felt like Emily was the big sister. Natalie hated that. Emily was more popular at school and Emily was prettier (she didn’t have to get braces like Natalie did; she didn’t have to wear glasses either); Emily was the perfect daughter. Natalie was the weird kid that couldn’t use the toilet even though she was twelve. Natalie had to make up for it somehow, her only solace was in trying to identify with grown-ups in other ways.

First, when she was four and Emily had trained before her, she started doing extra chores to impress her parents. Washing the dishes, putting away her clothes. It seemed to offset the problem a little. She worked super hard in school to, anything to stay ahead of Emily in some way. Now she was in the gifted program, but it still felt like it wasn’t enough. Emily said Natalie only got into the gifted program because she was a year older anyway. Natalie worried secretly to herself that Emily was right.

So Natalie took it further. She started drinking coffee, reading parts of the newspaper with her dad, playing Chess with her mom and reading the same books her father read so she could talk about them. That had finally worked, she had more in common with her parents and Emily could see it. But, even if she had more in common, Emily was still the perfect daughter…

Breakfast finished, the children went to get ready for school. Their mother sent them to get dressed and the girls retired to the room they shared, Emily claiming the top bunk by right of not having the chance of accidentally leaking down onto Natalie.

The room itself was bigger than Cody’s but their little brother got a room all to himself. The girls room was separated into two sections; Emily’s on the right and Natalie’s on the left. The bunk bed was flat against the far wall and, thus, was half on each of the girl’s sides of the room.

Emily’s side was decorated with posters of boy bands, magazine clippings, and the other accompaniments of being a preteen girl; even if they’d replaced My Little Pony and SpongeBob paraphernalia only two years prior. Natalie’s side was more stable; a combination of artwork, school reports, and family pictures gathered during her life so far. There was no popular culture; just a personal story over time emblazoned on her wall. Emily would often tell her how uncool that was. Natalie had given up being cool.

“Do you need help dressing, too?” Emily snarled quietly as they finally found themselves alone. Emily whipped her pajama top over her head and kicked her bottoms off, tossing them onto her top bunk.

Natalie bristled, having already taken her nightshirt off and feeling particularly vulnerable as she stood away few feet away from her sister in nothing but a diaper. At least it was still dry. She didn’t dignify Emily’s question with an answer as the cool air reminded her to get dressed quickly.

“So, the baby’s just going to ignore me then?” Emily pushed as she pulled out a clean pair of panties and an undershirt from her dresser drawer, switching into them as Natalie grabbed a pair of jeans that were baggy enough to wear over her diaper.

Emily began brushing her hair at her dresser and looking in the mirror, wishing her parents would let her wear make-up. Their parents had said they had to wait until middle school which, to Natalie, seemed patently unfair because it meant she had to be almost of whole year older than Emily. Natalie reached over her shoulder and grabbed the training bra that Emily hadn’t noticed hanging over one of the pegs of her dresser.

“Keep your stuff on your side.” Emily replied haughtily as Natalie began pulling the elastic garment over her head. She hated that she was a little jealous that their parents had decided Natalie needed one and that she didn’t need one, a few months ago. She had developed slightly, she thought, they might as well have gotten her one at the same time.

Natalie, alternatively, hated the training bra as it was another symbol of her impending womanhood and failure as a person. Her parents had insisted she wear it, even if there were only four other girls in class that seemed to be wearing them. She always wore an undershirt over it to diminish the lines of the bra, in case someone looked.

“Even if you wear a bra, you’re still a baby.” Emily added petulantly.

“Quit being such a bitch!” Natalie replied, finally losing her composure and glaring at her sister. Emily had been riding her the whole time they had been getting ready. “I’ll let you watch SpongeBob tomorrow, okay?”

“Fine,” Emily agreed, reluctantly, feeling unsatisfied even as she had gotten what she wanted. And so, the cold war continued as the two finished preparing for school.

Re: Catharsis - New Story

This is pretty good. I like this story and want to know what happens. You explained pretty well how this situation was allowed to go on in a way that I think might be plausible. I wonder who changes her at school? Is it the school nurse or does she need to go to the special ed room for a change?

My criticism of this story isn’t about writing or storytelling. It’s just that I see signs of the cliche of diaper stories where no one has a shower or bath unless it is a humiliating being bathed by someone bath. Since Natalie has a messing problem as well as a wetting problem, she probably smells without bathing in the morning.

It’s possible I am reading too much into this and if I did, I’m sorry.

Re: Catharsis - New Story

Not at all. I find your proposition about smell interesting and an excellent critique. Usually I have the answer prepared before anyone even asks but your point gave me pause.

Usually kids take baths in the evenings because it’s more convenient for the family if mornings are hectic. I suppose whether or not Natalie smells would depend (1) on the last time she messed, and (2) general cleanliness. While I did not describe any particular smells, it is reasonable to assume Natalie carries a tinge of odor around with her. There’s pretty much no way around it with regular messy diapers. That also fits in with her occasionally not noticed that she has messed (because the smells always a little there for her).

On the other hand, I feel it is okay that I didn’t describe it yet because, as to her immediate family, they would likely also be somewhat used to it and might not take mental note of it. However, it is an important consideration as she interacts with non-family members and, maybe, Emily should have added that to her arsenal of insults. I am taking note of this.

About bathing, however, I kind of consider it like toileting in a non-diaper story. Assume it’s happening unless it is said that it is not. The reason we right in the humiliating scenes are because some readers are specifically looking for those. I don’t think anyone cares about “…and then Jim took a shower. Afterwards, he evenly trimmed his toenails, plucked his nose hair and squeezed a zit from his chin. Ouch, he thought as he washed his hands with floral-smelling soap to get the droplets of blood off his fingertips. He scratched his butt casually; the towel he was wearing chaffing him slightly. With a sigh, he realized he should probably was his hand again and did so. Time to get dressed, he thought, walking out of the bathroom.” (I actually had fun writing it, though)

Re: Catharsis - New Story

The lack of bathing is a problem I have with every diaper story. It’s not just you. However, Natalie and Emily are not little kids. They are almost teenagers and at that age they have hormones that cause body odor. Kids take baths in the evening so their parents can supervise them.

Despite the ridiculous scene in your rebuttal, just changing the scene where they were dressing from taking off pajamas to taking off towels would have solved the bathing problems. You don’t put your pajamas back on after your shower, even if you regularly shower after having breakfast.

Natalie stinking all the time can be addressed when we get to a scene where she is at school.

This is funny. Five bonus points if you incorporate the scene into this story. However, the truth is that grooming is addressed in fiction.

His day was going all wrong, though Jim. First he had a zit which was painful to pop, and then the only soap in the shower was his wive’s floral-smelling girly-scented soap. He emerged from the bathroom with bits of toilet stuck on his face to staunch the flow of blood from when he cut himself shaving. He stood wrapped in a towel as he looked in his dresser, only to find he was out of clean underwear.

“Today, I’ll just let the boys go free,” he said as he pulled on his pants. Unfortunately the jagged metal edge of the zipper brushed against his manhood and he screamed in pain. After stopping the bleeding with his towel, he finished dressing and hurried out the door. Today he had a meeting that was going to make or break his career and he couldn’t afford to be late. He ran out the door almost forgetting his briefcase. The time he spent going back for it was his undoing. He arrived at his bus stop just in time to see the bus pulling away.

Jim’s day was definitely going wrong, but the worse thing is that his day was just beginning.

That was fun writing too.

You can hand wave over grooming. A more realistic scene can completely be hand waved with “Jim got ready for the day.” or “After Jim got ready for the day…,” or just starting the scene with Jim riding to work on the bus. Don’t start a scene that contains some morning ritual that doesn’t contain at lease a mention of bathing or dressing the character in a towel.

I don’t have enough to do. Keep up the good work on this story. I could have written a full chapter of the Weird Scholarship instead of engaging in idle criticism of a fantastic story over a trivial issue. Even if you don’t change anything, it will still be great.

Re: Catharsis - New Story

Write and Left,

I agree with your bathing issue - but some people take baths/showers at night regardless of age. I had, in my mind, assumed both of them had bathed the night before when I wrote the chapter. But, even if the lack of morning cleansing is reasonable, I still think the smell issue is important and has borne fruit in my ideas for future chapters so, either way, it’ll contribute to a better story. Thanks.

Re: Catharsis - New Story

I like this story. The third person narration feels natural, and there is a lot of well done description. I especially like that you keep mentioning the same details multiple times, like Natalie’s hair - it’s mentioned in the first paragraph, and then Emily comments on it later when she wakes up. That feels natural, but also emphasizes the description fairly well.

As for the description, I think the part about “closely shorn fingernails” is a little over the top - the details about her hair make sense since you come back to them later, but this line feels like you’re trying a little too hard. Maybe I just being picky, but it didn’t feel natural when I read it.

You do a similar thing with the cartoons, when Emily wants to watch SpongeBob, and again that her room used to have SpongeBob posters and stuff, but that’s a little confusing to me. If she’s outgrown it, why does she still want to watch it? Or is she just trying to act like a mature preteen and still actually likes that type of stuff? The descriptions of their room is a clever way to get across their personalities, however, as what they display reveals a lot about them.

I was a little confused about Emily’s age at first, but there were plenty of hints to suggest she’s younger, and you do confirm them quickly enough.

I’m looking forward to more - even if I was hoping for an update to Stained Glass sometime soon :).

Re: Catharsis - New Story


I agree, I removed the fingernail description. I was going to do something with it but then I forgot and, if it bugs you, there’s probably others that feel the same way. Description tends to be my weakest point so thanks for noting it; I’m trying to improve it in this story.

Catharsis - Chapter 2

Natalie leaned against the brick facade of the outer wall of Woodcrest Elementary School from where she sat on the ground reading 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Her father had recommended it and, while it was a bit of a challenge to read, she was enjoying it. It was weird to think it was originally written in French. The sounds of children running, laughing, and playing were white noise to her as she attempted to exist in a world of her own. Briefly, she glanced up to see the late autumn sky; clouds were building overhead and it was cool. She was glad she had worn a sweater.

Her sister was with her pack of friends, she noticed, in the far corner of the play yard. Right behind the classes was the black top: basketball courts, four-square sections, and handball. Beyond that, the soccer field and, lastly, the far chain-link fence which bordered residential houses. Her sister was hanging out in the shade provided by a tree from a neighboring house, chatting happily with her peers. Well, Natalie thought, she’d never realize how cool 20,000 Leagues under the Sea was as she returned to her book.

Meanwhile, across the field, four girls were having an important meeting.

“You should invite your sister,” Riley said to Emily, a wicked grin appearing on her face. The girl’s grin accentuated the dimples on her face and added to her impish appearance, including her incredibly short haircut which, at first glance, might make one think that she was a boy unless, of course, they also noticed the small earrings and lip gloss she wore.

“Yeah, that’d be hilarious,” Lucy seconded, fiddling with her hair around a finger. She wondered if it was longer than Emily’s yet; Emily’s was a lot longer a month ago but she’d had it trimmed now. Whereas Emily’s was mousey-brown though, Lucy’s hair bordered on jet-black.

The girls were in the midst of the last planning discussion regarding a sleepover this weekend. Chloe’s parents were out of town and the only authority remaining would be Chloe’s big sister, Brooke. Chloe’s parents had instructed Chloe to have a sleepover, ostensibly so that her big sister wouldn’t be able to have her own friends over. While Riley’s parents wouldn’t care about the lack of adult supervision, Lucy’s and Emily’s parents might be reluctant to allow them to attend a sleepover chaperoned by a teenager. Hence, it had been agreed not to tell their parents that fact.

The Jameson girls (Chloe and Brooke) were no strangers to negotiation, however, and Brooke had plied her little sister with pizza and no bedtimes in exchange for not saying anything about her big sister having a couple of friends of her own over. In the end, the Jamesons had, whether they’d ever realize it or not, managed to prevent a full-blown party that would have occurred had they taken their youngest with them but had not eliminated their eldest daughter’s hedonistic pursuits entirely.

Aside from supervision, Chloe had still realized the problem of entertainment at the sleepover. Her big sister was going to have friends of her own over and that meant Chloe and her friends would have to entertain themselves. If there wasn’t planned entertainment it could quickly get boring and that led to fighting. Chloe wanted her party to be a hit so, in the end, she’d presented the problem to her friends. After a brief debate, Riley had suggested a solution; she had proposed Emily bring the entertainment. Both Emily and Chloe had their misgivings.

“I dunno,” Emily said, “Natalie’s not stupid.”

“Plus, she kinda stinks, right?” Chloe threw in; it was her house after all. She didn’t want her room smelling like the diaper queen for days after.

“It’ll be okay,” Riley countered, “she doesn’t smell -that- bad. Besides, if we offer, she’s gotta come; she has -no- friends.”

“Well, I mean, who’s going to be friends with the diaper queen?” Lucy asked rhetorically.

Chloe’s face still displayed her concern. Having someone potentially pooping their pants in her house was not a fun idea, even if the spectacle would be hilarious. She twisted her mouth, considering if it was a risk worth taking.

“Why do we even want to ask her?” Emily posed. She knew the answer though, her popular friends wanted a target for humiliation. They’d push Natalie as far as they could, trying to keep it just before where she’d be so upset she’d call her parents. Emily had seen another girl, Katie, in that same position at the last party Riley had held. Katie had suffered from a bedwetting problem. She’d only made it until 10PM before calling to her parents sobbing, asking to be taken home.

“It’ll be fun,” Riley pressured Emily and Chloe.

“Yeah, we’re not going to be mean or anything,” Lucy added.

Chloe folded her arms. Her room better not smell like poop after this. Emily noticed Chloe’s worry and felt embarrassed for her sister.

“We’ll take showers before we come…” Emily suggested and Chloe nodded reluctantly.

Emily knew the fallout from this would be horrible at home. Her parents would -not- be okay with her setting up her sister like this. Then again, maybe she could bluff it off if she didn’t do too much of the teasing herself. It would also help her distance herself from her sister publicly; her sister was the only thing keeping her from top-tier popularity… She hated that this proposition was so tempting.

“Okay, I’ll ask her.” Emily replied. That response really meant that she’d find a way to make it work. The girls all knew it.

The bell rang and the girls lined up for class, Emily watching Natalie make her way to the line from where she’d been reading against a wall. It wasn’t making anything better for Natalie that she was becoming more of a nerd at school but Natalie never listened to Emily about popularity anyway. Everyone walked into class and the teacher began teaching the late-morning subjects.

The inside of the classroom was warm compared to the external breeze of late autumn. The yellow, warm lighting and primary colors of different charts on the wall maybe the room a little more active than a place of learning probably should be. Still, the children were used to it and they took their chairs quickly as the teacher began the lesson.

As the day progressed Emily tried to concentrate on her math work but her mind kept being drawn back to figuring out ways to convince Natalie to come to the party. She sighed inwardly, tapping her pencil on her desk; it’d probably be easy like Chloe had said.

Suddenly, a dull snickering rose from the room. Slight at first but Emily knew the start and her eyes flickered around for the source of her classmates’ amusement. Quick perception was important when something was going on or one might miss it and have nothing to talk about at lunch.

Her eyes darted around until finally settling Natalie’s chair. Her diaper had leaked, soaked through the back of her jeans and was dripping onto the floor where a small puddle was growing slowly. Emily bit her lip in concern as she saw Chloe shoot her a knowing glance from a few chairs forward, grinning as she looked at Natalie’s predicament.

Natalie was completely engrossed in an advanced math workbook. She was well aware that she was wet but, in her opinion, it was nothing so intense she had to go down to the Special Ed. class yet to get changed. She heard the first snickers and pushed them out of her head as she continued on the work book. The stupid kids were always finding something to distract them from work. She was almost done, and then she could get back to reading her novel.

“Psst,” She heard, and recognized Emily’s voice. Against her better judgment, she craned her head, looking two seats behind her and to the left, where Emily sat. Emily made as small of a motion as possible, indicating for Natalie to look down. Natalie did so, her heart sinking into her stomach instantly.

There was already a little pool under the chair from her pee. Natalie’s heart jumped, feeling that familiar, deep, paralyzing worry that overwhelmed her whenever her diapers came on display. She took a deep breath, which did absolutely nothing to stop the stress, and raised her hand. Dammit, she thought, she’d gone this whole school year so far without leaking; why hadn’t she been more careful?

“Yes, Natalie?” The teacher responded, looking up from the papers she was grading.

“I, umm, I leaked…” Natalie said apologetically from her seat as the class burst into uproarious laughter as she admitted what she’d done. Tears were already threatening the edges of her eyes as her body shook anxiously.

“QUIET!” Ms. Steffen yelled, and the students slowly came to order. Luckily, the shock of the order also helped calm Natalie enough to stop shaking. As soon as the class had come under control, Ms. Steffen addressed Natalie in a warm voice, “It’s okay, go get cleaned up and tell the janitor on your way to come in here, okay?”

“Okay,” Natalie said, her words echoing through the now deathly silent room. She stood up, feeling all eyes on her as her wet jeans finally made contact with her skin. It was icky. She gulped, putting one foot in front of another in a daze, and walked out of the room as quickly as she could, retaining whatever dignity was still there for her. At least she hadn’t burst into sobs again; those days in her previous school years were the worst. Even if she’d blown her no-leak streak, she had managed this whole school year, all two months of it, without breaking down in class yet. That was an accomplishment.

As she walked outside, memories of her last disaster came to her mind. Near the end of fourth grade year she’d been eating in the cafeteria. She hadn’t been feeling too well that day, and she had felt a good amount of diarrhea force out into her diaper while she was eating. That, in and of itself, would not have been the end of the world. When she stood up, however, and felt the wetness on her leg, she knew she was doomed.

Of all the days to wear tights, white tights, with a belted, loose shirt. The shirt barely went down to mid thigh and, as Emily would later describe to her in excruciating detail, the brown lines were visible all the way to her ankles to everyone. The fifty or so kids that saw it laughing uproariously at Natalie had almost destroyed her psyche, especially when she noticed Emily was among them. Her mother had let her take a week off school after that. She tried to force the regret and pain out of her mind as she continued down the corridor to the janitor’s office.

As soon as Natalie was out the door, Chloe motioned her head over towards the door while staring at Emily. Emily caught the hint and saw Riley making a similar motion. The point was clear, her friends wanted current updates.

“Ms. Steffen, can I go check on her?” Emily asked while raising her hand.

“That’s fine,” Ms. Steffen agreed, nodding, as she looked back to her papers. Emily jumped up and headed out the class, jogging quickly down the hall to catch up with Natalie. Natalie turned as she heard the quick footsteps, not in any way relieved to see her sister catching up with her.

“What’re you doing here?” Natalie asked angrily as they arrived at the janitor’s office. The girl’s conversation paused while Natalie shame-facedly explained her error to the janitor without giving Emily a chance to respond. After the janitor had headed off to their class, Natalie and Emily continued towards the Special Ed. class.

“Look, I just thought I might be able to help.” Emily offered, “Do you want me to call mom for a change of clothes?”

“I’m hoping they’ll have some that fit me in the Special Ed. class, otherwise, yeah.” Natalie replied, annoyed.

They arrived in the Special Ed. class which had an array of students of different ages and several aides helping the teacher who was giving a lesson to a group of five out of the total twenty or so students. The room itself was like the other classrooms, with the exception of a cubicle that had been setup for accidents and diaper-changes, an extra-wide aisle for wheel chairs, and a row of cubbies for the students to store their belongings in (as opposed to the outside pegs most kids now had to utilize).

The aide that regularly helped Natalie noticed her right away and gave her a nod as she finished helping a boy with a reading assignment. Within five minutes she was over to Natalie and her sister, surveying the damage.

“Is this Emily?” The aide asked. “Wow, you’ve grown.”

“Yeah, she came to help.” Natalie explained, “You remember Doris? She helps out and her son is in this class.”

“Oh yeah,” Emily replied though she didn’t remember Doris at all. She hadn’t come with Natalie to the Special Ed room in almost four years.

“Pretty soaked, huh?” Doris said sympathetically, noticing the wet lines down Natalie’s pants.

“Do you have something else I can wear?” Natalie asked hopefully. The aide went to the back and produced a pair of jeans but they looked far too small once she got them up close; there was nothing else. Emily nodded and headed off to the office to call their mom while Natalie followed Doris back to the classes changing area.

“You doing okay?” Doris asked, as Natalie unbuttoned her pants and put them in the sink.

“Everyone saw…” Natalie said sadly, defeated, as she hopped up onto the changing table. “I feel like such a baby.”

“You’re not a baby honey,” Doris said firmly. “You’ll get over this eventually. Everyone learns at different speeds.” Doris untaped the completely soaked diaper, as she grabbed a few wipes from the box to start cleaning all the pee off the girl.

“I’m twelve now.” Natalie replied pathetically, as Doris wiped her. Even if her birthday was still less than a month ago, the fact remained. It struck even harder as she allowed another person to cleanse her off her own waist. Additionally, the vinyl of the changing pad was sticky and uncomfortable on the back of her legs and it added to her general malaise.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” Doris reassured her, uselessly. Natalie raised her hips as Doris pulled out the completely soaked Attends diaper and tossed it in the garbage where the diaper went straight to the bottom with a dull thud.

She took a fresh diaper out of Natalie’s box. Her parents sent one to school with her whenever she was running low. Those days Natalie would furtively sneak to the Special Ed. room in the mornings, before most of the kids arrived, to deliver her diapers without anyone else seeing.

After unfolding the diaper, Natalie raised her hips again and Doris slid it under her. Natalie suddenly wondered if middle schools had aides too. If not, she was going to be royally screwed. Doris looked her over as she took out the rash cream.

“You’re getting a little rash again.” She cautioned Natalie. “Get changed quicker, okay?”

Natalie nodded, embarrassed that she had to be told to get her diapers changed regularly enough. Doris smeared the rash cream over her privates, lifting her legs a little as she got the cream plastered over Natalie’s butt. Natalie liked that Doris still gave her a full change; Doris had been changing her diapers since first grade and she just assumed when Natalie was ready to do it herself, she would say so. Natalie didn’t like being treated like a baby but, the more effort she invested in her changes, the more she had to think about them, and the more anxious she felt.

Doris taped the fresh diaper on and Natalie hopped off the changing table, walking back into the rest of the room. She felt incredibly self-conscious in just a t-shirt and a diaper but there was nothing she could do until her mom brought her some pants. They had said she could bring a spare change of clothes with her and leave it in the Special Ed room but Natalie had insisted to Doris and her parents that she would be careful; now she felt like an idiot.

Even though the kids from her class were far away, even though the kids in the Special Ed class wouldn’t judge her as much, the shame of her situation struck her as she stood, half-naked, at the back of the class. She wanted pants now. Tears slipped silently from her eyes as she stood there wishing, desperately, that she was normal. She hiccupped, and a couple of kids turned to look at her. Frantically, she wiped her eyes and tried to get control of herself.

Thirty minutes later, Emily collected the clothes from her mother and ran down to the Special Ed class while her mother signed her, her sister, and her brother out. Seeing as it was after lunch already, their mom had simply decided to take them home now, also in hopes of diminishing the teasing that would inevitably occur for Natalie. Emily arrived back at the special Ed class to find Natalie standing at the back in just a t-shirt and diaper, her wet clothes in a baggy next to her, looking patently miserable. The redness around her eyes made it obvious she’d been crying.

“Hey,” Emily started, handing her sister the clothes their mother had brought. “Umm, you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Natalie replied sharply, flipping out the fresh jeans and pulling them up her legs. As soon as they were on she grabbed her socks and shoes off the counter and started putting them back on as well.

“You know how I’m going to that sleepover tomorrow?” Emily asked. Natalie nodded, annoyed because she believed Emily was bringing it up to make her jealous. “Well, the girls thought maybe you’d want to come…”

“Yeah, like they’ll want me to come now,” Natalie sighed.

“Look, they already know you wear diapers…” Emily said innocently. “They feel kinda bad you don’t hang out as much with the other girls. Come on’, it’ll be fun.”

“Maybe…” Natalie replied. But it was too much to think about right now as Emily and Natalie headed to the office to meet with their mother. Cody was already there waiting with their mom, and the three of them got in the car and headed home.

Chapter 3

Natalie’s stomach churned as Emily rang the door to Chloe’s house. Natalie had managed to escape school today; her mother felt that a day off after the embarrassing incident might let things die down a little. Natalie certainly wasn’t going to contradict her on the issue.

Emily was angry at that turn of events, claiming that it was unfair Natalie got a day off school for being lazy and not checking her diaper. Natalie claimed the diaper had a hole or something and wasn’t her fault. Both bickered but Emily had been convinced by her friends to offer a truce in order to get Natalie to agree to attend the party.

Thus, when Emily arrived home from school she explained to Natalie that the girls felt sorry for her after that accident in class and really wanted her to join them for the weekend. Natalie’s mind was at war between her hopes for friends and her fears about the realities of elementary school social structure. In the end, her hopes won out and, against her better judgment, she agreed to go to the sleepover.

Her mother, of course, was excited for her and was more than happy to get her two daughters ready together. Emily insisted they shower first and, since Natalie didn’t know if they were going to skip showers that night, she agreed.

By the time they were packed, clean, and ready it was already four. It was four-thirty by the time they found themselves on the doorstep to Chloe’s house.

Natalie was still uncertain whether her hope besting her fear was a good thing. Sure, she would love to have friends, but…

“Hi!” Chloe said, opening the door and letting the sisters inside.

The house was a craftsman-style dwelling, the interior had dark blue carpet and polished pine walls. The lighting was low, and it had a homey, almost cave-like quality to the house. The shades were drawn in front of many of the windows, although it was almost night anyway.

Natalie had never been to a sleepover so the whole idea of staying in someone else’s house was a new experience. When she was younger, she hadn’t wanted other people’s parents to diaper her. Now that she was older, the diaper thing kept her from having friends. Plus, she still needed a little help with them. Luckily, Emily had agreed to help her without complaint tonight, so at least that wasn’t holding her back.

Their mom had seemed a bit concerned when Natalie had announced she was going. Their mom packed Natalie a full diaper bag in addition normal sleepover stuff because it was a two-day event. She had made sure Natalie knew she could come home whenever she wanted. Their mother was no stranger to the world of kids and had somewhat seen through Natalie’s invite to what it really was. That being said, if she was wrong, she’d hurt her daughter’s chances at making friends.

Emily was both anxious and happy. Happy, because, as the provider for entertainment, her popularity in the group would go up a bit. Anxious, because, as she well knew, this could backfire on her. Natalie looked excited and her heart sank a little, wondering what her friends might do to her.

Chloe led Emily and Natalie up to her room where Lucy and Riley were already hanging out. Emily and Natalie sat on the floor and Chloe sat in her desk chair as they all chatted about school. Natalie felt included, finally, being able to hear gossip about other boys and girls that she would never normally be privy too. It was, admittedly, not as fun as playing with toys or something, but she didn’t want to act all immature. Especially around these younger girls.

“Where’s Chloe’s parents?” Natalie asked as the evening wore on and the pizza arrived. She still hadn’t seen anyone but Riley’s big sister. The five had run to the door as soon as it rang, Chloe paying the man with cash that had been left.

“They’re gone.” Chloe said, grinning, “It’s just us, Brooke’s in charge.”

“But you said…” Natalie turned, challenging Emily.

“It’s okay, don’t be a baby.” Emily replied, trying to calm her sister. “Brooke’s old enough. Chloe’s mom and dad don’t have to be here.”

But Emily had told their parents that Chloe’s parents were going to be here, Natalie thought to herself; or, she remembered, had Emily just neglected to mention they would be gone? Natalie wasn’t unsure but she felt her discomfort growing.
Everyone went into the dining room where Chloe set the pizzas on the table. Everyone grabbed paper plates that had been left out. The girls all dug into the pizza as a couple of teenage boys and a teen girl showed up at the door. Chloe let them in and they headed into the back of the house. This felt… naughty.

Natalie wanted to phone home right away but also didn’t want all the other girls to hate her, which was surely what would happen if she tattled. So, instead, she just played along, hoping he evening would be fun and nothing would go wrong.

Natalie was starting to be familiar with Emily’s clique. It consisted of Emily, Chloe, Riley and Lucy. The four had been friends since second grade when they were all in the same class. They’d never invited Natalie to participate before.

“Let’s go change into our pjs!” Chloe suggested and the other girls nodded. The plan was to sleep out in the living room, so everyone had stored their sleeping bags and clothes next to the couch. The living room was a square room with a sunken floor. There were two plush couches with an end table at the corner between them and a flat screen T.V. opposite. Once all the girls arrived, Chloe pulled her t-shirt over her head and started pulling off her skirt as the other girls likewise began disrobing.

Natalie took a deep breath; there wasn’t much she could do now. She pulled her dress up over her head, revealing her somewhat wet youth diaper beneath it. As she tossed her dress onto her bag, she stood naked except for the diaper, reaching over to get her bag with the pajamas in them.

“Looks like someone needs a change,” Chloe said evenly, a mild snickering coming from the other girls. Natalie felt her blush.

“Yeah, you don’t want to leak…” Riley added. The tone seemed of sincere concern but, had Natalie been looking, she would’ve seen the mocking glare Riley gave her. Natalie did not see it, however, and actually became a little worried about leaking on Chloe’s carpet.

“Umm, maybe I should change?” Natalie ventured, looking over to Emily. Emily had been trying to stay uninvolved but she now didn’t have much choice; her sister was asking for assistance.

“Let’s go to the bathroom…” Emily started.

“You need help changing your diapers?” Chloe chortled, Lucy immediately let out a snort, involuntarily, while trying to keep a blank expression on her face. Natalie felt tears brimming at the edge of her eyes, something was wrong. She could feel it. Were they just making fun of her? “So what if I have a hard time changing myself?” Natalie thought to herself, but “so what” really felt like a big deal here.

This was going too fast, Emily realized. They were teasing her hard the first instant her diaper was noticeable. At this rate, Natalie was going to be getting them dragged home before even the first night was out.

“It’s hard getting those tapes on,” Emily said, defending her sister in the least confrontational way possible, trying to shoot her friends a glare. Were they trying to get them all in trouble this quick. "I mean, how would we know how hard it is to put a diaper on yourself?

Riley shrugged in acknowledgement about that one; certainly no one but Natalie here knew what it was like to put a diaper on. Lucy was glad it’d been toned down herself, she’d been trying not to laugh, even if she failed. Chloe snorted derisively but allowed the subject to drop.

“You can just change here, if you want,” Lucy proposed. For the first time, the tone was one of actual interest opposed to actual mockery.

“We should probably go to the bathroom…” Natalie suggested, grabbing her right arm with her left hand, trying to cover herself up a bit. Even if everyone was down to their panties, she was the only one just wearing diapers.

“Come on,” Lucy suggested, “We can even help.”

Emily realized this interlude was not actually out to destroy Natalie’s psyche but that Lucy had actually taken a passing interest in how the changing process went. Lucy was always the most sensitive of them; when they’d sent Katie home crying, Lucy had felt bad about it the rest of the night. Besides, it was better the girls be focused on the diapers than on Natalie’s need of them, at least for now.

“It’s okay,” Emily assured her sister, “They just wanna help.” She whispered into Natalie’s ear. “They didn’t mean to be mean.”

Natalie nodded mutely, not at all sure that her sister was telling the truth. Everything was like a hurricane of social forces that Natalie didn’t understand. Somehow, Emily guided her to the floor while asking Lucy to get her Natalie’s diaper bag.

Natalie looked up from her position on her back, three girls standing above her looking down, while Emily was on her knees in front of her, un-taping the diaper.

“Wipes.” Emily asked and, after Lucy handed them to her, she handed the wipes to Natalie.

“She wipes herself?” Riley asked surprised, as Natalie blushed. Wiping away the pee in front of four girls, all of which were slightly younger, was kind of humiliating and scary.

“Well, yeah,” Emily replied, “She’s not a baby.”

Natalie tossed the wipes into the used diaper as Emily pulled it out from under her. Lucy seemed interested, so Emily instructed her to slid a fresh diaper under Natalie’s bottom, which she did. Next, Riley sprinkled some baby powder on Natalie which Natalie proceeded to rub in before Emily worked in and tightly got the tapes on.

“That was kinda cool.” Lucy suggested as Natalie got off the floor.

“Yeah, but it’s still weird,” Chloe added, her and Riley agreed.

Natalie felt simultaneously violated and refreshed by the experience. On the one hand, they had watched her being changed for their own amusement. On the other hand, they had not done anything cruel when she was in a completely vulnerable position; if there was any point where Natalie was expecting them to take advantage of her, it would have been then. Natalie was incredibly confused about how she felt about it but at least she was in a clean diaper.

There was now a palatable tension in the air, even as the five argued about what to do next. In the end, a movie was voted on and everyone, after changing into their pajamas, sat on the couch in relative peace. Natalie was still worried though, as the movie continued, the immediate tension subsided somewhat.

Re: Catharsis - Chapter 3 posted (1-28-15)

This getting good I just hope they don’t end up being mean to Natalie.

Re: Catharsis - Chapter 3 posted (1-28-15)

Excellent story. You’ve done very well with the plausibility factor in this story. Also, great job breaking away from the “sibling tormentor” cliche, I’m glad Emily seems at least somewhat remorseful for her treatment of Natalie.

Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to the next release!

Catharsis - Chapter 4 posted (1-30-15)

Things went pretty well after the event of Natalie getting changed. Everyone got in their pajamas: Natalie had a nightshirt with Tinkerbell on the front, Emily’s had Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Chloe’s had One Direction, a boy band, on it, and Lucy and Riley had regular pajamas, with a heart design and bunny print on them, respectively.

The movie was over and, once more, there were arguments about what to do. Riley proposed that they play “truth or dare,” Chloe wanted to wanted to listen to music, Lucy put in a request for, just maybe, checking out Chloe’s toys, but had quickly let it drop when Chloe mentioned she’d put most of her “baby toys” in the attic. Emily sided with Chloe just to keep things even and Natalie sat quietly, trying to ensure she didn’t draw more attention than necessary. As they bickered she couldn’t help but wish she’d brought a book.

Finally, they all agreed snacks were in order and, as such, put off the substance of their debate until the issue of dessert was resolved. As the girls went into the kitchen, Natalie trailed behind, placing a hand on the hallway wall as she squatted slightly, her face tensing as she felt her rectum relax and the first sponge-like mess push its way into her waiting diaper. Dairy didn’t always agree with her and the cheese pizza had brought about one of those messes.

It felt nice, Natalie considered, alone in her thoughts in the quiet hallway as the girls went ahead. It needed to happen but, still, Natalie wished she wasn’t doing it. Regardless of how the girls had dealt with her wet diaper she knew poopy ones were a different thing entirely. The deed was done now; if only she could signal Emily before the other girls noticed.

“I think she’s pooping…” Lucy whispered excitedly, the last to exit the hall. The girls expressions turned to glee as they began whispering to each other. Natalie didn’t hear Lucy herself, but Natalie did hear the sudden cessation of conversation, or rather, the ensuing silence.

Emily groaned inwardly. She hated Natalie’s poopy diapers, it could take forever to clean up depending on how messy she was. Natalie couldn’t even wipe herself completely for those; she couldn’t see her own butt after all. She was angry Natalie hadn’t pooped before they left. It didn’t matter that Natalie’s eliminations seemed largely random, to Emily it felt like Natalie had done this on purpose. She gritted her teeth, incredibly worried about what her friends were thinking.

Natalie finished walked down the hall, feeling the load in her diaper swaying slightly under her, the smell emanating heavily, beneath her pajama bottoms as she reached the kitchen as few moments after the other girls. They had already formed a huddle, which broke as they saw she’d entered the kitchen. Natalie blushed involuntarily as they stared at her.

“It smells like poop.” Chloe announced harshly. Natalie gulped.

“We all know you pooped your diaper.” Riley challenged, as Natalie sheepishly moved from foot to foot. “You really are a baby, huh?”

Emily kept a blank expression. She wasn’t sure what to do. If she stopped Chloe and Riley this time, she was going to have to help Natalie with a nasty, poopy diaper. If she let them torture her sister, then Natalie would probably demand to go home and Emily would get dragged back along with her. She sighed, considering which was worse: poopy diapers or being stuck home tonight.

“I am not.” Natalie replied, hurt. Tears started slipping at her eyes more from Riley’s tone than the words. She looked to Emily but her sister was just staring off in the distance like a statute. She squeaked, looking to Emily.

“Can you help me,” Natalie pleaded, her voice tiny, to her sister.

“Can you help me,” Riley and Chloe intoned, squeaking and patting their butts for emphasis.
Natalie shivered in horror. This was exactly what she was worried about. Her lip quivered as she stood, surrounded by girls, in a soiled diaper. “I wanna go home…” she said, quietly, to Emily.

“I wanna go home.” Riley and Chloe continued, dancing around her and holding their noses. Natalie shook with impotent rage and pain at their mockery. Emily took a deep breath, willing herself to not take a position. Lucy stared in interest but didn’t join in other than to give smiles when Riley and Chloe mocked Natalie. Natalie was used to torture; she was expecting it. It didn’t make the actual mockery any easier to handle. She was here by choice, not force like at school. That fact made her break all the more quickly.

“I WANT TO GO HOME.” Natalie screamed in anguish as she ran off to find a phone. The girls jeering at her as she ran, the load in Natalie’s diaper bouncing around as she ran, making her cry all the harder.

She found a phone in the living room quickly but there was already a teenage girl and two boys waiting for her.

“What the fuck’s going on?” The girl asked. A dank smell of something hung around the three teens, Natalie sneezed involuntarily, looking up. The boys wore faded t-shirts with rock bands, and Chloe’s older sister, Brooke, had her hair dyed partially pink. Bracelets cascaded down her arms and her tight t-shirt and jeans gave her a sultry look. The three looked very different from the kind of people Natalie was used to hanging out with. Still, they were the authorities here.

“They’re making fun of me; I wanna go home.” Natalie said pathetically.

“Did you shit yourself?” One of the guys asked, his nose wrinkling in disgust.

“I wear diapers,” Natalie explaining, her voice was extraordinarily high and desperate. She stopped crying from shock as the harshness of the teen’s words. The question of whether she “shit herself” still settling in. She wasn’t used to be talked to like that from grown-ups.

“Fuck; why’d the hell Chloe invite you then?” Brooke asked rubbing her forehead.

“Dammit, Brooke.” The boy continued sourly. “You said the little shits could watch themselves. I didn’t come here to be a fucking babysitter.”

“Whatever,” The other boy said, hazily, from his reclining position on the couch. “I’ve got a baby brother; I can change a shitty diaper, it ain’t no big thang.”

“I don’t want to be changed.” Natalie replied unhappily. “I want to go home. They were all making fun of me.”

As if on cue, the girls wandered nonchalantly into the room, trying to appraise the situation now that Brooke and her guys were involved.

“Well, look.” Brooke said, “You little fuckers can’t play nice for one fucking evening.”

“It’s her fault!” Chloe stammered, “she pooped!”

“Did you know she wore diapers?” Brooke asked coldly. Chloe nodded. “Then fucking shut up. You don’t invite a kid over then make fun of her. If her parents come, they’re going to want to talk to our mom. But mom’s not fucking here, is she? So they’re going to want to talk to me. I’m high as fuck; I don’t want to talk to fucking parents. The deal was you could have your shitty little friends over if you didn’t harsh my buzz.”

“I’m sorry,” Chloe said, whining, as Brooke glared at her, continuing.

“Besides, if that happens, then our parents are going to find out you had friends over. Then our parents are going to ask why I let you have friends. And you’re going be a little spore and admit it was cause I had guys over. Then –I’m– fucking grounded.” Brooke continued harshly. All the kids were silent as the teenaged, somewhat scary looking girl dressed-down her little sister. Finally, Brooke turned to Natalie.

“Kid, what’dya these others have to do so you’d be willing to stay?” Brooke asked calmly. “And to not mention this shit to your parents.”

“I dunno…” Natalie said, confused and upset that everyone was looking at her now. Especially since she was still in a poopy diaper. She hiccupped in worry. “I just want to go home.”

“Fuck!” The first boy said, annoyed.

“Calm down, asshat,” The second boy replied. “What if we made all your little friends wear diapers too? Then would it be okay? No one gets made fun of then, right?”

Natalie nodded slowly. It seemed to make sense somehow.

“Okay, you twerps.” The second boy said, cracking his neck and sitting up off the couch. “You’re all wearing diapers the rest of this weekend or I’ll tell all your parents about what you did to this poor kid. They’ll all probably be pissed as hell. Plus, you’ll have to go home tonight. Brooke, you okay with this?”

“I don’t give a shit Paul,” Brooke said annoyed. “You wanna deal with them, deal with them. Come on Rob, I need another j now.”

Brooke and Rob left in disbelief as the quintet of girls stood in shock across from Paul. The stood warily, even Natalie, who had no idea what to expect.

“How many diapers did you bring?” Paul asked Natalie.

“Like, a pack,” Natalie offered quietly.

“Alright, we’re hitting the store then.” Paul said. “I’m going to change her, go to the store, and come back with some diapers.” Paul said, addressing the un-diapered four. “Until then, not a single 'nother fight? Got it?” The girls nodded as Paul gently pressed his hand onto Natalie’s back. He led the girl to the bathroom.

“Shit, I’m high.” He said, splashing his face as he locked the door. “I’ll get you changed, just give me a sec to straighten myself out.”

Natalie stood silently next to the boy rinsing his face. He had a rugged appearance: stubble, messy and short black hair, an held odor of strong deodorant and whatever that weird smell earlier had been. His face dried, he flashed Natalie a sympathetic smile.

“Why’re you helping me?” Natalie said, still shocked by the turn of events; shocked that some teenage boy would take pity on her. He had to be almost a grown-up. The boy took on a more serious, dour look as she asked him.

“Don’t you breathe a fucking word of this. It’s a secret, okay?” Paul said, turning back away from her as Natalie nodded in quiet submission. “I shit my pants until I was eleven. I got made fun of every damn day. When I got better, my parents moved to a new city just so I could be a normal kid. I know how it is; I felt bad for you.”

“So, you were like me?” Natalie asked hopefully.

“Don’t you dare tell anyone.” Paul hissed. His intensity scared her a little.

“Okay,” Natalie promised again.

“Let’s do this, then. Bottoms off, okay?” Paul requested. Natalie nodded, removing her pajama bottoms as Paul walked over. He expertly un-taped the diaper and scrapped the poop off her bottom with the back of it. A few flushes and chunks of toilet paper later, Natalie was pretty much clean. Paul grabbed a washcloth from beside the sink and wiped her a little more thoroughly. Afterwards, he rinsed the washcloth until he was sure it was clean.

“Okay,” He said, making sure she was pretty much clean. “Go put on a fresh diaper and your clothes; let’s go grab some diapers for your friends.”

“I’m not really good with the tapes…” Natalie said, finding herself even more embarrassed.

“Fine, bring one here then.” Paul replied with a sigh but still more kindly than she expected.

Natalie nodded and ran back to the living room where the four girls were talking quietly on the couch. Chloe and Riley fancied to glare at her but Natalie said nothing as she grabbed a diaper and her clothes ran back to the bathroom. Paul helped her get the new diaper on and Natalie started to put her clothes on while Paul said he was going to get ready to go.

By the time Natalie was finished, Paul was already revving the car in the driveway. It was an new Kia, nothing like the fancy SUV in the driveway next to it but a nice car for a teenager. Natalie hopped in the passenger seat, buckled the seat belt, and Paul backed out of the driveway carefully, with that exacting focus of someone who worried they should not be driving in the first place.

They reached the Walmart quickly and, once the car was parked and Paul could divert his focus, he managed to be a little more friendly to Natalie, starting a conversation. They walked together through the huge parking lot; Natalie felt very grown-up being out in public without parents. Maybe, she wondered, Paul looked like her boyfriend.

“It must suck at school, huh.” Paul said as he grabbed the cart.

“Yeah, I have to get changed in the special Ed room.” Natalie said sadly.

“You think that’s bad.” Paul replied. “I had to go to class in the Special Ed room.”

“That’s not fair.” Natalie replied.

“I know, right?” Paul said, pissed. “Fucking school. Fuck them.”

Natalie was starting to feel much better as they walked into the Walmart. Paul was the coolest person she’d ever met. He’d been just like her and now he was a teenager with friends. Maybe she could have friends too; maybe she’d get better like he did. Paul’s strides were long and she was practically jogging to keep up with his fast pace.

“You wanna ride?” Paul asked, chuckling.

“I’m not a little kid.” Natalie replied; suddenly wanting him to think she was mature.

“I know,” Paul shrugged. “That doesn’t mean it’s not fun.”

Without waiting for a response, he stopped the cart, grabbed her under her armpits and lifted her into the cart. Natalie just froze, then giggled at being picked up once he had set her down safely. She had decided she liked this boy even if he was a little scary. Well, she certainly wouldn’t look like his girlfriend now, Natalie thought, as she blushed at being pushing around in a shopping cart at twelve.

They went into the baby aisle finally, Paul asking what diapers he should buy for her friends.

“They’re not really my friends; they’re my sister’s friends.” Natalie said sadly.

“Yeah, I was wondering about that.” Paul said. “So, what diapers do you want to buy for those punks?”

“The ones with the Seasame Street characters!” Natalie replied, seeing the ridiculously babyish diapers. Her parents had switched her to small Attends when she’d turned eight, which she had appreciated. Even if Pampers still fit, she despised characters printed on her diapers. Plain, white diapers had been find with her. Paul grabbed a larger box of Pampers Size 7 Cruisers off the shelf as she requested, setting them in the cart in Natalie’s lap.

“Do we need anything else for them?” Paul thought aloud.

“You should make them be babies.” Natalie said, emboldened by Paul’s support. “Make them use pacifiers and eat baby food!”

“We can’t go so far that they flip out like you did…” Paul mused as Natalie bit her lip in disappointment. “Or can we?” He added finally.

Paul considered a plan as they began gathering supplies. Agreeing with Natalie he pushed baby food, wipes, pacifiers, rash cream, and some baby toys into the cart. Next they went to the clothing section and Natalie picked out an outfit for each of the other girls at Natalie’s decision.

Natalie was starting to get the idea of Paul’s plan as they purchased supplies. Soon there was scheming and Natalie smiled at the dastardly nature of her new friend’s mind. Still, one thing was worrying her.

“This is gonna cost a lot of money, right?” Natalie asked, getting concerned.

“Whatever; my parents make bank.” Paul replied, shrugging. Everything loaded up, the conspiring duo headed towards the checkout counter, Paul casually removing the charge card his parents had gotten him from his wallet. The purchases paid for, the duo headed back out to the parking lot.

Natalie was nervous but she felt a lot more in control as they discussed how they were going to handle things when they got back. At first, she just wanted to be a part of a group. With Paul onboard, somehow, he was convincing her to turn the tables in a way she hadn’t even initially desired. Either way, Natalie no longer wanted to go home yet.

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Well that’s not a direction I expected this story to go. I’m not sure if having a bunch of kids wear/be forced into diapers at a sleepover is one of the standard ABDL story cliche’s, but even if not it’s easy to do poorly. In this case it’s very well done, and the setup for why it’s happening (and why no one is going to tell their parents, I assume) is believable.

I really like the last line - it’s short, but a nice contrast to her wanting to go home earlier, and makes me look forward to what’s going to happen next.

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Thanks everyone for replying so far. I’ve got it planned out but I’m glad I at least surprised some about the direction.

@ Little Acorn, thanks man, I always try to manage believability. If I’m failing, please let me know.

@ Diaperdante, sorry they were mean to Natalie.

@ Ulthernon - I never got that cliche. I think it stems from abusive households. I read somewhere that most abusive parents single out one child to receive the abuse and encourage the other children to engage in abusing the “scapegoat.” Thus, as much as it seems unrealistic for one child to utterly bully the one kid in diapers, it sadly may happen in some instances. However, unless the family is an abusive family, the cliche doesn’t make sense. As such, that’s why it’s abandoned here and why I think it makes for weird and creepy stories when it’s incorporated. Normal teasing, back-and-forth is fine but excessive torture by a sibling often means the parents are allowing it, and there has to be something wrong with the parents for that to happen.

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As for always being the smallest kid in my class at school and being pickedon because of that, I can relate to this story and am really looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for writing.

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Damn. Do I really need to say that this is amazing? Or does commenting just imply that this is fucking awesome?

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This is great. I want more!!!

Catharsis - Chapter 5

Meanwhile, inside Chloe’s room, the four friend were arguing and worrying about their eventual fate. After an ample time had been spent blaming each other, they had finally turned to trying to save their dignity.

“Chloe let’s just call it off.” Riley said, worriedly, “we can just go home.”

“Then we’ll all get in trouble!” Emily hissed. She knew, for sure, that she at least would be in a lot of trouble for the way things had gone with Natalie.

“Brooke will kill me if you guys go.” Chloe said, with an uncharacteristic streak of actual worry. Chloe idolized her sister and couldn’t bear to be thought of as the one who ruined Brooke’s weekend.

“But, then…” Lucy said, gulping. They all knew what then. It was obvious that Natalie and Paul had gone to buy diapers for all of them. Lucy, actually, was kind of interested. But she had to keep up appearances by pretending to be as worried as the other three.

Emily was familiar with diapers; she just thought they were gross. It wasn’t the end of the world to have to wear them for a day or two but, like Lucy thought, Emily also assumed not being horrified by the prospect seemed a quick way to lose one’s popularity. Riley didn’t want to be diapered but didn’t have a particular reason, except that it was a punishment and she liked being able to make fun of Natalie for it. Chloe was the only one actually horrified by the punishment but that was because, if Brooke saw her in diapers, how could she ever get her sister to think she was cool or mature? Chloe looked up to her big sister in a big way.

“You little shits seen Paul?” Brooke asked, shoving her head in her little sister’s room. She glanced around, seeing the four looked up from the circle they had formed on the floor. Clothes, toy-fashion accessories, and other accompaniments of childhood littered the floor. Brooke was just glad they had been playing quietly.

“He and Natalie went to the store…” Chloe said sadly.

“Shit, he’s really doing it?” Brooke chuckled. “Okay, well, you guys be good babies for him. Rob and I are going to the park for a bit; we’ll be back later.” She glared down at Chloe. “If you absolutely need me my cell phone is on but do not fucking call me for no reason.”

“I won’t.” Chloe declared earnestly. Brooke nodded, shut the door, and her footsteps were muffled by the carpet as she walked away, leaving the girls again in their circle, alone, and apprehensive. They tried to talk about T.V., or music but the conversation inevitably returned to just what was in store for them. They talked in whispers and fidgeted nervously. It wasn’t the same as being punished by a grown-up; they could sense that. This was… uncertain in the nature of whether it was for their own good or not.

The sound of the car arriving made the girls glance at each other worriedly again. A few moments later, Paul and Natalie were heard through the house and, soon after, came into the room. All eyes turned to them.

“Okay, everyone but Chloe out.” Paul said, “We’ll call you in one at a time.”

Riley, Emily, and Lucy left the room nervously, as Chloe gulped, standing up and facing Natalie and Paul. As the door shut, leaving the three of them alone, Paul spoke.

“Okay, me and Natalie have been talking. She’s been telling me it’s not just today that you guys have given her a hard time. This is payback.” Paul said harshly. “Strip.”

“You can’t make me?” Chloe asked, hoping the half-demand, half-question would stop this. Natalie and Paul simply glared. Paul turned and began preparing things from the bags he and Natalie had brought in. Swallowing and taking a deep breath, Chloe took off her clothes, down to her underwear and, when Natalie’s cold, firm gaze did not falter, she removed her panties.

Paul had setup a changing station on Chloe’s bed and she quickly walked over to it, wanting the situation to just be done with. She flopped down on top of the diaper, which Paul quickly taped onto her, and then Chloe started to sit up. Before she could, Paul was helping her into a dress which was clearly made for someone smaller and younger than her. Chloe didn’t really fight it though, and just raised her arms as Paul helped pull it onto her. As she finished sitting up, she realized the dress barely came to mid-thigh, leaving her diaper on display for anyone. She pulled at the hem in annoyance as a flash caught her attention.

Her eyes grew wide as she looked up to see Natalie taking pictures with a cell phone. Natalie pressed the button again and again, happily following Paul’s suggestion that she should get hard evidence of the other girls’ diapering. This was part of the plan.

“Hey!” Chloe said, frantically and ineffectually trying to cover herself and the diaper.

“Quiet.” Paul cautioned. “Think before you say anything. Now Natalie has diaper pictures of you. She won’t release them if you play along but, if you warn your friends, and they refuse, then you’ll be on your own. If we do this one at a time, and everyone has pictures taken, then everyone’s in the same boat and no one’s going to get in trouble or exposed.”

Chloe was steamed but, even as a kid, she saw the wisdom in the teen’s words. It’d be far worse if she was the only one who had pictures taken of her like this. Angry, but unable to see an alternative, she allowed Natalie to take a few more shots before Natalie put the cell phone in her pocket and went out to call in Emily.

Paul was having the time of his life. Revenge, sweet revenge, he had wished on his peers from elementary school. But he had moved and, while life might be fine now, those years of torture weighed heavy in his mind. This chance at revenge, even if it was to Natalie’s tormentors and not his own, was a beautiful thing.

Such sweet circumstances the heavens had delivered to him. Enough to pass up a weekend of getting high and double-teaming Brooke with Rob. Rob, his buddy, hated double-teaming anyway because, officially, Brooke was his girlfriend and he wasn’t prone to sharing. Brooke was a kinky girl, however, and Paul was more than willing to oblige occasionally at her insistence even if Rob was irked.

Paul defended his actions on the basis that, if Brooke was stuck with only Rob’s vanilla interests, he’d have been dumped by her long ago. Paul kept the spice in their relationship without butting in; he didn’t want Brooke as a girlfriend. Rob should’ve realized what a good wingman Paul was but, sometimes, that instinctual jealousy would kick in. Paul shook his head, pushing Brooke and Rob out of his mind for a bit, he had to ensure Natalie came out on top; it would be his catharsis.

Emily came in next, at Natalie’s request. She was worried but less so than the other girls because, after all, Natalie was her sister. As she went into Chloe’s bedroom, and saw the cute lie dress and the diapers Chloe was wearing beneath it she began to balk. Natalie told her to take off her clothes, and Emily’s eyes widened, as she motioned to Paul angrily, begging Natalie with her eyes.

“So,” Natalie replied coldly to her sister, voicing the issue. “He saw me when he helped me with my diaper because all you guys were doing was making fun of me.”

Emily, shocked by the coldness in her sister’s voice, listlessly removed her pajamas and panties, blushing thoroughly as she covered herself with her hands and walked over to the changing mat. Natalie might be used to being naked around people, Emily considered, but Emily herself had handled all of her own hygiene needs for the better part of the last five years.

The teenager began diapering her as Emily realized something else was going on, even if she wasn’t sure what. Natalie was furtively moving around as the diaper was taped up and a pair of overalls started being pulled onto her legs. She tried to sit up but the boy wasn’t about to help her. After a short moment of struggling the overalls, tight as they were, barely going down to mid calve, were on. She sat up to see Natalie taking pictures as the boy popped a pacifier into her mouth. Emily spat it out in disgust, but the moment of shock had allowed Natalie to get the picture.

“You bitch!” Emily said venomously to her sister. She glanced to the corner where Chloe was sitting quietly, resigned in her diapers and baby dress, waiting for the others to be suffering with her.

“So?” Natalie challenged. “You guys were making fun of me like I was a baby.”

“That’s different you –have– to wear diapers.” Emily spat, then turned her glare to Paul. “You’re an asshole.” Emily added, looking angrily at the boy that was helping her sister. He looked down at her with a harsh glare. Suddenly Emily felt very scared. What had she been thinking saying that to this older boy. Her fear started getting to her, she felt her breathing increase in speed.

“How could you do this to your sister?” Paul asked Emily as he glared at her with disdain. “She’s your fucking sister and you were going to let your friends make fun of her? You should be ashamed.”

Emily started to speak but the words died in her throat. She had been decried for her exact sin; the heavy weight fell on her as she realized she hadn’t cared at all about Natalie. She closed her mouth. She wouldn’t say she was sorry… but, she wondered, did she deserve this? Silently, a few tears slipped down her cheeks, burning as hotly as the image of Paul’s gaze of disgust had burned itself upon her memory.

Riley was brought in next, and all her fighting was done with threatening glances and then Lucy, who fought not at all. All said and done, the four girls sat on one wall, as if in front of a firing squad. Chloe in her incredibly short, pink, ruffled baby-dress, her diapers peeking through whether standing or seated. Natalie had put matching pink ribbons in her should-length blonde hair which was now separated into pigtails. Chloe’s arms were folded across her chest in the only statement on non-compliance Chloe could manage to muster, her will having been somewhat broken as she watched all her friends succumb to the same treatment.

Emily sat next to her, rolling her eyes every time the diaper rustled under her overalls. They were almost painfully tight; the snaps for diaper changes couldn’t all be done, one in the crotch had to be left open to accommodate her size. It was nice to know she couldn’t properly fit in toddler clothes, she supposed. Under her overalls was a Sponge-Bob t-shirt. Emily knew it was Natalie’s way of saying to Emily that her little sister overestimated her own maturity.

Riley was downright angry in the dancing leotard and tutu she was forced into. It provoked her even more so because, although she was the only one that knew, she’d been forced to wear a getup like this when she actually was a toddler. The tight material held her diaper snugly in place, making it feel even more annoying. Riley had never been, nor did she want to be a girly-girl. Everything was pink and it burned her.

Riley glared at Lucy, who seemed to have gotten off the lightest of them, her diaper less visible inside her footed pajamas emblazoned with Dora the Explorer. Lucy looked the least bothered as well. “Lucky for her” Riley thought bitterly to herself. Lucy was, simultaneously, considering the interesting feeling of the diaper without trying to seem like she liked it. But, she noted, she did like the way it felt… at least a little.

“Okay,” Paul said, the transformation of the quartet complete; Natalie stood at his side like a lieutenant. “I’m glad to see everyone is dressed like their age. Now, the bathrooms off limits for the rest of the party. You need a change you can get me or Natalie. You fight, bite, or back-talk to Natalie or me and I’ll punish you like the babies you are. After all…” Paul held up the cell phone that Natalie handed back to him. “We’ve got pictures, and they’re already uploaded to an email account we setup, so getting the phone won’t help you.”

“So, what do we do now?” Emily asked, petulantly.

“Have a good sleepover.” Paul said, shrugging. “Natalie’s in charge, she’s your babysitter. Natalie, come get me if you need me.”

Paul left and, suddenly, Natalie found herself feeling vulnerable. Even with Paul in the house, it was still scary being in the room with four enemies. The girls eyed Natalie warily, as if she was a demon in disguise.

“So, umm, what do you guys want to do now?” Natalie asked sheepishly.

“Fuck you.” Riley cursed. Chloe nodded adamantly.

“Come on, guys.” Emily said, resigned. “Whatever, we lost. It doesn’t matter. We have to wear and use these stupid things for, like, one whole day and then it’s over. We can still have a good time, right?”

“You’re just gonna let her get away with this?” Riley demanded.

“You’ve never lost a fight with a sister before?” Emily asked, raising her eyebrows. Riley was an only child, however, so she did not understand tactical retreat. Chloe, however, did and acknowledged the point.

“Whatever,” Chloe said, “Emily’s right, we might as well have fun. No hard feelings, Natalie?”

“I guess,” Natalie said. In actuality, her feelings were still hurt but she also wanted to play with the other girls again. The dynamic was awkward but at least the power had shifted in her favor. Looking at the four, as they began to talk, Natalie finally felt a sense of confidence. Maybe she was wearing diapers too, but they looked like ridiculous little babies. And she had photos of it. She steeled herself, willing herself to have a good time until it was time to go home.

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A nice take on the “tables turning” trope. Well played with the unexpected hero…