Cassie's Revenge

Prompt: Write a story about buying something off of the internet.

Disclaimer: Almost all of my ABDL stories are more or less humiliation BDSM with an ABDL element–basically the protagonist is forced into a humiliating situation involving wearing and using diapers and/or acting like a toddler for the pleasure of the reader. These types of stories are fairly common in the genre, from what I’ve seen, but I guess I thought I might let you know in case you were looking for something else.

This is also still a fictional story. Most of the events are fictitious.

Fourteen-year-old Casandra was looking on the internet trying to find real-life bullying stories to get some ideas on how she should handle her own school bullies. Nicole and her friends were making fun of Cassie, and it made her feel really bad. Plus, this wasn’t the only time Cassie suffered at the hands of bullies. She was bullied all through elementary school for just being “too weird.” At this point, she assumed it was just a normal thing kids do to each other. That didn’t make it right, though.

After hours of searching for stories, she ended up on a website advertising various revenge items. Each one made her mouth water when she read the descriptions and the humiliation they could cause. One was called Liquid Gass; it smelled just like a poopy diaper and was guaranteed to cause extreme embarrassment for the target. Plus, it was nearly impossible to wash off! There was other stuff, too, though, like a laxative called Situation Evacuation; the stories posted said that it made the target helplessly poop their pants, sometimes multiple times! There was also something called the Water Pill, a powerful diuretic. It was supposed to not only rapidly fill the target’s bladder with pee but also stimulate them to wet their pants, and like Situation Evacuation, it supposedly worked on them multiple times. The last item she added to her cart was called Methane Powder; it was supposed to cause the target terrible gas, to the point where they would fart constantly for several hours.

As she read the descriptions, it was too much to resist. She took her mom’s emergency debit card and ordered all of the items she added to her cart. If they truly worked the way they said they did, she was going to have some fun with those bullies the next time they bothered her!

The items arrived by the end of the week in a discrete package. Her mother gave her a quizzical look. “You didn’t use your allowance to buy those, did you?” she asked.

Cassie gave a sheepish look that indicated, “yes.”

Her mother gave a sigh. “You know dear, that money is for your college education; it should only be used in emergencies,” her mom said.

“I know, Mom. Look. I needed some books, okay?” Cassie said.

“If you needed–” her mom began.

Cassie cut her off. “Look, Mom, I have to go, um, I have homework. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Cassie said. She ran off to her room before her mom could continue the conversation.

Once Cassie was inside, she opened the box. It looked a little like a chemistry set. Each item was contained in a small glass jar, except for the Liquid Gass; it was in a small plastic spray bottle with a tip on the nozzle to prevent the user from being sprayed.

Cassie carefully removed the items and set them on her computer table. She eagerly read over the pamphlets that came with them suggesting how they were to be used. A smile crept over her face as she imagined Nicole and the other cheerleaders having to deal with the embarrassment and social consequences this stuff could cause. She needed to test it to see if it worked, though. Unfortunately, there were no willing test subjects in the house. Her mom would be angry. Her dad was away on a business trip, and she was an only child, so there were no brothers or sisters.

She gave a heavy sigh as she carefully picked up each of the vials. She’d test each one on herself, except for the Liquid Gass. It would end up being tested on the rug in the bathroom. She smiled to herself as she continued to form a plan.



Cassie took the small plastic bottle of Liquid Gass and discretely sprayed it on the fluffy bathroom rug. At first, not much happened, but after a few seconds, “Phew!” Cassie said to herself, fanning the air. It was starting to smell like someone was taking a huge dump, and the smell seemed to be continuing to get worse. Eventually, she had to hold her nose, and her eyes started to water. After about three minutes, she had to leave the bathroom entirely, closing the door behind her.

Once she got out, she took another whiff of the air and almost gagged. The smell was very very strong! She tried breathing through her mouth while she thought about what she did. This wasn’t working out the way she’d planned. She thought about going in and grabbing the rug out of the bathroom and taking it outside to air out, but just as she was thinking about what to do, her mom walked up.

“Hi sweetie, ugh, what’s that awful smell! You-you didn’t have an accident, did you?!” Her mother practically demanded that last part, even though she was trying to keep a straight face and calm demeanor.

Cassie blushed and stammered. “N-no, Mom, I just–it’s coming from the bathroom,” Cassie explained.

Her mother put her sweater over her mouth and bravely walked into the bathroom. Cassie could hear the sound of gagging. “Ugh-urp-I-I-don-don’t see-urgh-urp-anyah-thing, but–” before she could finish the sentence, her mom started gagging and quickly ran outside the bathroom. She kneeled down and coughed furiously like she was going to throw up.

“Mom! Are you okay?” Cassie asked.

“Urp-yeah, but there’s something wrong with the bathroom. I think we have some kind of leak, sweetheart. It smells like raw sewage,” her mom explained. “I guess-urp–I guess we’ll have to-argh-use the guest bathroom for now.”

Cassie flushed red with shame. The Liquid Gass worked all right. It was working so well that her mom was almost throwing up. She managed to ruin the main bathroom. Cassie contemplated telling her mom what it was so that she didn’t do anything drastic like call a plumber, but instead, she just stood there frozen until her mother left.

Once her mom was out of sight, Cassie made a few attempts to walk inside and grab the rug, but the distinct odor of fresh human poop turned her stomach almost instantly, sending her running for the door. It was so strong that it felt like it was sticking to her. Once she was out of the room, she had to smell her clothes several times to make sure she was clean. The stuff smelled so bad she could swear it was clinging to her clothes, but after checking herself thoroughly, she realized it was just in the bathroom.

Cassie made her way back to her room, smelling her clothes a final time to be sure that she didn’t accidentally get any of the foul-smelling liquid on her. Once she confirmed that she smelled clean, she went back to her desk to check out the other items.

Curiously, she picked up the vial of Methane Powder. The pamphlet enclosed described it as powerful stuff. It only took a teaspoon or two to do the job. It worked best in hot liquids. Cassie was eager to try it, so she got a glass of water from the kitchen and warmed it up in the microwave before taking it back to her room. She then used the enclosed scooper to dash a liberal amount of powder into the glass and stir it around.

To Cassie’s disappointment, it wasn’t clear. The liquid turned a disgusting poopy brown color. She smelled it curiously, but there was no smell. Cautiously, she took a sip. That was a tad disappointing too. It was mostly clean, but there was an aftertaste like ginger. She slowly drank the rest of it.

Fifteen minutes later, the powder she ingested started working. Cassie was surprised that the powder didn’t cause her stomach to bloat up like the licorice powders did. With this, she didn’t feel much bloating or discomfort, but she was dealing with a situation that could be potentially embarrassing if it happened in public.

She felt like she really needed to pass gas, so she shifted in her chair and tried her usual tricks to hold it in; however, this time her body wasn’t giving her the option to hold it. Instead, her backside produced obnoxious sounding eruptions every few seconds. The constant farting was loud enough to hear in a quiet room, but so far it could probably be covered up by making a little bit of noise.

The pressure continued to build, and she continued to shift. She thought about maybe just relaxing to see if she could pass the gas silently. That would be pretty disappointing if she could. She allowed herself to relax to see if she could get the gas to slide out. “Toot!” she let out a really loud fart for her troubles. She giggled to herself. Apparently, trying to pass it silently made it louder. She continued to stay relaxed to see if she could succeed in letting out one quietly. “Poot!” So far, no such luck.

Cassie let out a sigh as she passed more gas. It did work, but it wasn’t as effective as she’d wanted it to be. Every fart wasn’t super noisy like she’d hoped. She imagined her victims’ backsides helplessly trumpeting like some loud out-of-tune musical instrument being played poorly as they walked down the halls, cheeks flushing red while people stared and chattered. In her imaginary scenario, her targets had no hope of hiding what they were doing. This wasn’t exactly it.

“Toot!” Cassie let out another loud fart. She noticed that if she didn’t concentrate on holding it, they were much louder, so maybe the key was to distract her targets.

“Cassie, dinner!” her mom yelled.

“Coming!” Cassie quickly drew herself out of her thoughts and got up to go to the dinner table.

Dinner was a slightly uncomfortable situation. Cassie could hardly concentrate on her food as she shifted in her chair to try to minimize the sounds coming from her backside. “Toot!” Her mom noticed after she slipped and loudly passed gas for about the fourth time.

“Is something wrong, sweetie?” her mom asked.

Cassie gave an embarrassed smile and laughed softly. “No, Mom.”

“Poot!” Cassie moved her chair slightly to try to cover that one up.

“Okay,” her mom said quietly.

Cassie gave a small sigh of relief and tried to eat her food quickly. Her backside wasn’t behaving, though. “Braaap!” Cassie shifted the wrong way and suddenly let out one of the loudest farts she’d ever heard. She decided to try to laugh it off. “Heh heh, excuse me!” she apologized.

“Do you still need to use the bathroom, dear?” her mom asked.

Cassie shifted uncomfortably again, “Heh heh, no,” she said. “Faaart!” She again tried to laugh that one off.

“Phew, Case, I think you’d better go to the bathroom,” her mom said playfully while fanning the air.

Casey shifted in her seat. “Poot!” After farting loudly again, she got out of her chair, pushed it back in, put her dishes in the sink, and pretended to head to the guest bathroom, her backside occasionally loudly signaling her problem. “Faaart!”

She didn’t actually go to the guest bathroom, though. It was just gas from whatever chemicals were in the fart powder, and she wasn’t going to be able to pass it all just by going to the restroom anyway, so she went back to her room to enjoy the situation in peace.

So far, she was pretty pleased with how the powder was working. It was causing her to fart uncontrollably every few seconds, but she could usually keep the noise down by shifting around and holding it in, but any time she lost concentration, she’d release the pressure a bit and be “rewarded” with a really loud sound. She usually couldn’t hold out for more than five minutes at a time. This meant that if she timed it right and had one of the bullies ingest it before going to a quiet room, like a class or the library, there was a good chance it would do what she wanted it to.

Cassie continued to observe herself, making mental notes of when she farted the loudest. After about five hours, she stopped farting every few seconds and regained some control. By that time, though, she was ready for bed. Overall, she was pleased with the results. If she gave this to her bullies first thing in the morning, they would have to deal with passing loud obnoxious gas the whole school day. She would love to see that!

She thought about it for a few minutes and then rolled her eyes. They would probably figure out some way to pretend to be sick and talk their way out of it. Her mom would never do that for her just because of a little embarrassment. She felt a pang of jealousy against the girls.

After seething for a little while, she turned over and went to sleep.

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Looking good so far. I’m curious to see who these bullies are that she plans on taking revenge against and what they did that requires such a drastic response.


Thanks. I think I’ll try to make that clear as the story progresses. Any ideas? I have a few in mind.

Saturday came quickly. Cassie wasn’t exactly sure how to proceed with the rest of the experiment. Both the Water Pill diuretic and the Evacuation Situation super laxative guaranteed the target would have accidents. She was excited to use it on her bullies for sure, but she wasn’t exactly sure how to test it on herself.

She went into her mom’s room and grabbed several pairs of adult-sized training pants. Her mom kept them with her because she sometimes had bladder control problems. There were several boxes in her mom’s room, so she doubted she would miss a few dozen.

Carefully, Cassie slipped them on. They felt weird and bulky. She usually didn’t even wear pads during her period, so to suddenly have all of that padding hugging her crotch made her a bit uncomfortable. She shifted and heard a tiny crinkle. These pull-ups made her feel very babyish. She didn’t want to wear them, but she also didn’t want to chance having an accident and dirtying her clothes.

Her mom was away at work and wouldn’t be back until much later in the day, so now was a good time to try out more items. She picked up the vial of Situation Evacuation. The instructions said to mix one teaspoon of solution into a target’s food or drink. It was supposed to work within only a few minutes and the stories she read online described them pooping their pants before they even know something was wrong. Cassie felt her mouth water as she became more and more eager to try it.

She poured herself a glass of juice and spooned in a liberal teaspoon full of the super laxative. Then, she gave the solution a good stir. It still looked like normal juice, mostly. There was a tiny bit of cloudiness, but no one would notice if it were mixed with soda or milk maybe.

Cautiously, she drank it, taking care to try to recognize any unusual flavors. There was a slight hint of prune juice flavor, and it kind of messed up the taste of the apple juice. She’d have to get creative when administering this one. Other than that, though, it wasn’t so bad.

Once she drained the glass, she waited for something to happen. She had some work to do, so she decided to busy herself with that while she waited for the drug to take effect. After about thirty minutes, Cassie doubted the super laxative was as good as the product descriptions and stories claimed. She had been standing around, tidying up her room, and she didn’t even feel so much as a fart or stomach ache to indicate that she had to use the bathroom. She was ready to write this one off as a dud. She went to her computer desk to type up a review for the product.

“Squish!” Once she sat down at her computer, though, she had second thoughts. The bulky pad squished underneath her and there was a warm itchy sensation around her butt and privates. She put her hand to her crotch experimentally and felt something strange, like a load of warm gooey mush. From the way it felt, there was a lot of it, too. No way?! Cassie thought. She looked at her diaper and found it stained brown with obvious poop.

She quickly made her way to the guest bathroom, diaper sagging behind her, to survey the damage. When she pulled down the pull-up, she couldn’t believe what she saw. There was a huge load of mushy poop coating the diaper. “Heh heh! Gross!” she giggled. That super laxative really worked! This diaper looked like it belonged to a one-year-old with bowel trouble, not a potty-trained young adult, and she didn’t get any warnings; her bowels just emptied on their own! It was a nice big healthy bowel movement, too, not just a little leak! It was enough to mess up underwear and probably pants. Oh! Those girls were in for it! Cassie laughed evilly as she proceeded to change and clean herself up.

The instructions said that it might take a while to work its way out of the target’s system, so Cassie changed into another pull-up to be safe. She then went back to her room to write a different review for the product than the one she had in mind previously. This stuff worked so well that she wondered why it was legal.

She sat down at her computer again only to be met by a familiar squishy sensation. She touched her crotch again only to discover more mush nestled against her privates. Her stomach growled irritably and she thought she felt warm liquid rush out of her backside. The idea that her backside was releasing soft warm mushy poop without letting her know excited her. She wriggled in it, imagining the nightmare she could create for those girls. They might be able to find an excuse for the farts but not for this!

“Poot!” She finally heard herself pass gas, but given the state of her diaper, she was pretty sure that it wasn’t any kind of signal that she was about to have a bowel movement. It might be a suitable signal that she was in the middle of having a bowel movement, but either way, it wasn’t enough warning to actually prevent it from happening by the time she heard it. She imagined the bullies sitting in class, suddenly letting out a fart, and not recognizing they’d pooped themselves until they felt it on their skin or the class started to smell it. Then, with no hope of hiding it, they’d embarrassingly be escorted to the nurse, given a change of clothes, and come back to class in a cold flushed sweat, only for it to happen again! Cassie laughed evilly and rubbed her hands together like she saw the villains do on TV. She could not wait!