Cassie's Discovery

Chapter 1

“No, I swear.” Cassie protested “I wasn’t trying to pry, he shut down his computer before he left and it did that thing where it says you have unsaved work and are you sure you want to shut down. I just pressed cancel so I could save his work for him.”

“Ok. Ok. You weren’t prying.” Said Becky “So, how do you know he had it open on purpose? What if it was like a popup? I get some weird stuff in popups.”

“It wasn’t popups.” replied Cassie “There were about 4 different websites.”

“Or research?” offered Dina, stepping in now.

“Research for what?” Asked Cassie “His job doesn’t involve research.”

The group was silent for a moment, then Abbie, who had been silent for most of the conversation interjected with a question.

“So what did you see? Like, specifically?”

“I don’t know” Cassie began. “There were a couple of forums I think. Maybe a chatroom. And one was porn.”

“What sort of porn?” asked Becky, confused now.

“What do you think?” replied Cassie impatiently “People in diapers”

"Is it really porn if they’re wearing diapers? " asked Abbie with a chuckle.

“Well it was on a porn site” said Cassie.

“Ok.” said Dina. “So, it seems that you’ve discovered Chris has a secret Diaper fetish. So what now?”

“I don’t know” admitted Cassie “What would you do?”

“If it were me?” Dina responded, gesturing to herself “Honestly, I’d probably kick him out on his ass.”

Cassie turned her head to focus her attention on Becky.

“Me?” Becky asked realising she was being asked for input. “I guess I would probably sit him down and tell him what I found, get it all out you know?”

“What about you Abs?” asked Cassie “You ever do anything with diapers?”

This wasn’t such an unusual question, Abbie was by far the most sexually adventurous of the group and would regularly provide updates on what new thing she had tried with her boyfriend Andy.

“No” Abbie laughed in response “Maybe though” she continued almost to herself.

“Though if you’re asking me what I would do? I only have one question for you, do you still love him? Like is this a dealbreaker for you?”

“Of course I still love him” replied Cassie indignantly

“Ok.” Said Abbie triumphantly “Here’s what you do then. Stop being a prude. Buy some diapers, stick one on and surprise him with it.”


Apologies if anyone saw this a few minutes ago. I accidentally hit to post mid sentence so I had to edit.

I hope you like the start of my new story. I decided to go past tense for this one, I know some of you found the tense of my last story hard going.


Chapter 2

Cassie didn’t do anything straight away, she just carried on as normal, while also watching Chris for any telltale signs that she felt she should have recognised. But there was nothing, he was just his same normal self.

All of her friends seemed to have different takes on it and she spent most of the next couple of weeks jumping between them in her mind. Until eventually she made up her mind.

She waited until Chris was out for the evening as he had to work late so that she could get ready in peace.

Having arrived home following a trip to the shops, she stood next to the bed looking at the pack of diapers sat on the bed.

Abbie’s suggestion had seemed strange at first, but after thinking about it she had realised that she was right, Cassie didn’t really feel that strongly and if doing this could make Chris happy and remove this secret between them, all the better.

She ripped open the packet and pulled one out, noticing the soft crinking sound as she opened it out and lay it flat on the bed.

She removed her skirt and pulled down her underwear, then crawled onto the bed to lower herself into position, then noticing it was a little tricky to hold her blouse out of the way, removed that too.

When she found the perfect position, she sat down, then, holding onto the front, lay herself down so she could get the tapes into place and fasten the diaper in place.

She stood up and was pleased to see the diaper stayed on, She took a look in the mirror at herself in just a bra and diaper. The diaper looked a little wonky, but she could sort of see the appeal, it felt really soft and her butt looked really cute.

She turned away, while stopping to check herself out again, then removed her bra and changed into a pajama top. She decided not to put on the matching bottoms at this time.

In order to keep it as much of a surprise as possible, she moved the nearly full package of diapers and hid them under the bed, before climbing into the bed to wait for Chris.

Eventually, she heard Chris’ key turn in the lock to the house and lay excitedly waiting for him to make his way to the bedroom. After a few minutes, he appeared in the doorway, silhouetted by the light from behind him. It is dark in the room, so Cassie sees Chris looking over to see if she is awake.

Strangely Chris doesn’t begin getting changed but instead slowly lowers himself to sit on the edge of the bed next to her.

“Cass, you awake?” He asks softly

“Yea.” she responds.

He sighs quietly to himself then says “I think we need to talk.”

“Oh yea?” Cassie asks somewhat trepidatiously.

“Yea.” Chris continues. “I need to tell you something and I think it best if you just let me tell you it all.”

Cassie stays quiet by way of response.

Chris clears his throat then begins. “I’ve… had these feelings… a sort of fetish, for a while now, I’m a member of a couple of internet forums and… It’s diapers. I’m obsessed with them, I don’t know how long it has been going on, but I feel like it is a large part of who I am and I don’t think I can keep it secret any more.”

Cassie senses that Chris isn’t quite done, but quietly smiles to herself at the thought of the surprise she has for him.

“So anyway.” Chris carries on. “I… I’ve not been working late. I met up with some people, a couple actually. Really nice people. We met on one of those forums and I spent the evening with them. It was so great to actually wear diapers for a change.”

Cassie finds herself a little annoyed by the deception, but lets him finish.

“Well, this couple, they had this fantasy see? And I was helping them out with it.”

“What do you mean ‘helping’”? Asked Cassie suddenly, unable to wait any longer. “Do you mean like a sexual fantasy? Did you… have sex with them?”

“Well… yea.” Chris responds “Her anyway. But I mean, that’s not…”

Cassie interrupts him before he can finish “I feel sick. I…”

“Cass, you’re not…” Chris begins.

“Get out!” Cassie shouts. “Get out of my house right now!”

Cassie continues shouting until Chris gets up and lets himself back out of the house.

When she hears he has gone, she lies back down on the bed and cries herself to sleep.


Honestly had no intention of switching tenses, purely accidental.

I suppose it’s because I just type straight into the text box on here, so there’s no real editing going on.

Yes, I was thinking hard about where to end the chapters. I think that normally I might choose to end on a cliffhanger, but I decided to try actually putting the whole scenes together.

Not sure if that’s making sense.

Thanks for the comments anyway.

Chapter 3

The next morning Cassie awoke, her wet pillow reminded her of the night before and she felt devastated once more about what had happened with Chris. But there was the much more immediate matter of the familiar weight of her bladder telling her that she needed to pee as she did every morning.

She climbed out of bed and only when she felt the crinkle did she remember that she was wearing a diaper, the diaper she had worn for Chris, to prove to him how much she loved him, regardless of anything else. But then he… she couldn’t bring herself to finish the thought.

She was amazed that she had been able to sleep so well in the diaper, she thought the crinkling or the extra heat would drive her mad, but it didn’t, it remained comfortable all night. Dare she say possibly even more comfortable than usual.

She admired herself once more in the full length mirror of her bedroom and how cute she looked with a padded behind. She stood and wondered what it would feel like to wet the diaper, that was after all what they are for.

The thought soon passed and she undid the tapes, letting the unused and dry diaper fall to the floor, before walking to the bathroom bare from the waist down.

“So have you heard from him since?” asked Abbie. Nearly a week had passed since Cassie had kicked Chris out and since Cassie had refused to go on a girls night out, Abbie had instead shown up at her house with a bottle of wine and a dvd to watch.

“No.” replied Cassie “And good riddance too” she continued.

“I can’t believe he just came home and told you. I wonder how he thought that would go” Abbie mused thoughtfully. “So, what about that diaper thing you were telling us about? Did anything come of that?”

“Well, Funnily enough” Cassie began “I had actually already decided that you were right. That I didn’t care about the diaper thing. And I actually took your advice. When he came home and told me that, I was waiting to surprise him wearing a diaper.”

“Wow. Look at you!” Abbie said proudly. I didn’t think you had it in you. So what did he say when he saw your diaper?"

“He didn’t.” Cassie replied. “I was in the bed and I didn’t get up.”

“Should have showed him” Abbie laughed. “Showed him what he was missing out on. So what did you do with it?”

“The diaper?” Cassie asked confused “It’s in the bin.”

“Well I should hope so” she replied. “You wore it nearly a week ago, I mean did you use it?”

“No!” Cassie almost shouted “That would be a bit weird wouldn’t it?”

Abbie Shrugged in response “I’d have probably at least tried it out. Hey, have you got more? Go and get one, let me have a look.”

“Sure, I guess.” Cassie said before leaving the room.

Cassie returned a moment later brandishing a clean white diaper, it was folded into 3 and one side fell open as she held it out for Abbie to look at.

“No, put it on girl!” Abbie said as encouragingly as she could. “I want to see what it looks like.”

“No way” Cassie said forcefully, throwing the diaper at Abbie. “If you want to see so bad, you put it on.”

With barely a moments hesitation, Abbie picked up the diaper and began unfolding.

“Alright then prude, I’ll wear the diaper” Abbie said while removing her panties from under he skirt and attempting to lift the diaper up between her legs.

“You’ll have better luck if you sit down.” Cassie said with a laugh. “Here sit down and let me do it up for you.”

Moments later Abbie was sat on the couch admiring the padding and running her fingers across the outside of the diaper to feel the crinkling.

“Ooh, I can see the appeal.” Abbie said quietly, almost to herself.

“What do you reckon?” Abbie said to Cassie “Should I use it?”

“I’d rather you didn’t.” Replied Cassie firmly. “I don’t want it leaking on my couch.”

“Its not going to…” Abbie began, then deciding against it, stood up and walked to the back door. “I need a smoke anyway. You coming outside?”

Cassie followed Abbie outside and accepted a cigarette, letting her light it up for her. As they stood, Cassie heard a trickling sound and looked down to Abbie’s waist where it had come from.

When it stopped, Abbie lifted her skirt and grabbed the now sagging bottom of the diaper. “See nothing to worry about.”

But as she did this, a small trickle of pee ran down her leg. Abbie looked down and let out a laugh.

“Yea well” she said. “That’s just the way you put it on”

Cassie laughed and continued smoking her cigarette. A Moment later Abbies phone vibrated on the table and after putting out the remains of her cigarette, she returned inside to read it.

“Looks like Andy’s here, I think I’d better be going.” Abbie said.

“Alright.” Cassie replied “Do you want helping out of that diaper?”

“Nah” Said Abbie gathering up her things. “I think I’ll keep it on. Let Andy see it.”


Really interesting start to the story. Curious to see where it heads.

liking what im seeing so far

Chapter 4
Cassie was awoken the following morning by a banging on the door. Sleepily she pulled herself out of bed, wrapped herself in a gown and made her way to the door. Opening the door, she found herself annoyed to see Chris standing outside and made to close the door again.

“Wait.” Chris said placing his hand on the door. “Please Cassie, I’ve left you alone for a week, but I need some stuff, please just let me in to gather some of my things.”

Cassie pulled the door slightly further open.

“And how do you know I haven’t thrown away your things?” she asked with as much venom as she could muster."

“Because” Chris began, pausing to consider. “Because Cassie, I don’t think you’re like that.”

Cassie considered for a moment, then pulled the door all the way open while standing to one side to allow Chris to pass.

“Thank you.” Chris said as he stepped past her into the house.
Cassie followed Chris through to their bedroom where she found him pulling a large duffel bag from the bottom of his wardrobe, which he proceeded to stuff clothes into.

Not really sure what to do with herself, Cassie sat down on the bed and watched him. She couldn’t quite remember who the bag belonged to, but decided it wasn’t worth querying.

“So, Where are you staying?” She asked in an attempt to break the silence.

“With the folks.” Chris replied “Dad’s been lending me some clothes for the past few days, but I needed to come and get mine.”

“Do they know…?” Cassie began asking.

“No!” Chris replied quickly. “No. I didn’t know how to begin having that conversation with them. Just said you needed a bit of space, so I was giving it to you.”

Cassie nodded quietly to herself.

“You know it’s relatively common? I don’t know the numbers, but there’s a lot of people into diapers and all that you know?” Chris said without stopping what he was doing.

“What are you trying to say Chris?” Cassie asked sternly.

“I’m just… you know.” Chris began, stopping what he’s doing and stumble over his words. “I’m just saying, I know you’re mad and a little freaked out at the moment, but I think we can work past this whole thing.”

“I don’t give a shit about the diapers!” Cassie snapped at Chris in response. “I’m ‘mad’” she said making quote marks with her fingers “because you cheated on me. Simple as. Now are you done yet?”

“Not quite” He murmured, his face turning red and turning back to his task of packing away.

“It’s just.” Chris began again. “I know that’s what you’re mad about. I can’t take that back, I wish I could. I just feel as though I you understood about the diapers, then we could work past the other stuff, you know?”

Cassie sat on the bed, seething with anger. Then in one quick movement, she reached under the bed she was sat on and pulled out the pack of diapers, then plucked out the first one her hand came to before throwing it at the back of Chris’ head.

“Asshole” she shouted as she threw it.

The diaper hit the back of Chris softly, then fell to the floor one side of it folding open as it did so.

Chris turned around and picked it up carefully and absent-mindedly folded it back together.

“What’s this?” he asked confused.

“That is one of the diapers I bought last week. I already knew about it, I’ve known for weeks. And guess what?” She paused to compose herself. “I already decided that I didn’t care, that I loved you and I decided to surprise you by wearing one. As a matter of fact, I was wearing one when you came in from your little affair.”

Realization dawned in Chris’ eyes and he found himself dumbstruck.

“So yes.” Cassie began again. “You could have done whatever you wanted at home, but you just had to go off and try it somewhere else with some one else.” She finished.

Finally he looked up at Cassie.

“Can I have them?” he asked quietly holding the diaper up.

“No!” Cassie exclaimed.

“Why not?” Chris almost whined. “You’re not going to use them.”

“I don’t care” Cassie stated firmly. “We’re not together any more, so I don’t but things for you. They’ll go in the trash before I let you have them.”

At that, Chris threw the diaper and it landed next to Cassie on the bed, then he stood up wordlessly and left carrying his bag over his shoulder.

Cassie remained where she was quietly seething, when a moment later her phone buzzed with a message. It was from Abbie.

“Hi Hun. Think I was bit tipsy last night, but by the way DIAPER SEX IS AMAZING!! Haha.
Where did you get them?

Cassie rolled her eyes and began typing a response.

“You can have these if you want.”

Her finger hovered over the send button, something stopping her from pressing it. She looked down and gently stroked the diaper lying next to her enjoying the soft crinkling sound it made.

Then she deleted the message and replaced it with the name of the shop she bought the diapers from and hit send.


Cassie discovering something unexpected? When the anger subsides will she give him a second chance? Trust broken like that takes a long time to recover from.

Chapter 5
Cassie put the phone down on her bedside table and picked up the diaper next to her. Slowly, she opened it and lay it back down on the bed so that the plastic was facing down and the soft and clean inside was staring back up at her. She ran her finger along the inside and a shiver ran down her spine.

After a moment, she stood up and carefully removed her gown and hung it back on the door where it had come from. Next she removed her pajamas and folded them up neatly, placing them under her pillow. She was in no rush and intended to take her time.

She then stood back up, completely naked and looked down at the open diaper in front of her. She considered whether she should proceed. It wouldn’t be her first time wearing a diaper, she had one on only a week earlier, but then she thought she was doing it for Chris, as a treat because of his somewhat unusual interests. By putting this one on, she was admitting to herself that she liked it and she was putting it on for herself.

Cassie paused and turned to reach for her underwear drawer. Then she stopped herself. A part of her really did enjoy the diaper and wanted to try it again. If her friend Abbie could take an interest and have absolutely no shame about it, then why should she care?

Cassie lowered herself onto the diaper, then lay back, pulling the front of the diaper up and attached the tapes as well as she could. It felt a little loose and wonky, but she felt a tingle of excitement to be back in a diaper again.

She began running her fingers over the outside again, then remembering Abbie’s text, wondered what she could try. She reached into the drawer next to her bed and fished around in the drawer until her hand drew out something something rubbery and purple, her vibrator.

She turned it on at the bottom and the end began to swivel around. she turned it back off and considered how this was supposed to work. If she held it on the outside, it would just move around too much and it seemed pointless to open the diaper back up. She returned it to the drawer and for a moment considered asking Abbie how it should work mechanically.

She decided against asking Abbie and instead pulled herself up out of bed and sat down in front of the computer wearing nothing but her diaper. She could find out on the internet, anonymously.

After a little bit of searching around, Cassie found herself scrolling through several discussion forums and chat rooms and discovered a couple of things. First that there was a large and active community, much bigger than she could have imagined, and secondly, from her visit to a more risque website, that she wanted something with a large round head. The post even had a link to a specialist website where she could buy one.

She followed the link and added the item to her basket on the store, then after a bit of browsing around found herself adding packages of almost every sort of diaper she found on sale, from large extra crinkly ones with childish patterns on, to discrete pull-ups.

Clicking on the basket at the top of the screen, she had what now seemed like an unreasonably long list of items, with the price going way beyond what she had intended to pay. The reasonable part of her mind decided that she should empty her basket and maybe start again with much fewer items. But then another part of her clicked to buy and left her wondering why she had just spent so much money on diapers.


Chapter 6

Cassie couldn’t believe she hadn’t checked, it hadn’t even occurred to her how embarrassing it might have been until she felt her stomach lurch at the sight of those 4 words on a slip of card next to her door: “Sorry we missed you”.

She tentatively picked it up, turning it over slowly and hoping against hope that she would be directed to rearrange a delivery. No such luck, Flat A, her downstairs neighbor.

She considered maybe leaving it, but wondered if that was somehow worse, so she closed the door again and walked slowly down the stairs, as if not being heard would reduce the embarrassment.

Her mind was going wild imagining a gaudy printed box of some kind, but also knew that something as simple as a printed label would also give the game away, because she knew that she would nosey at anything she brought in too.

After what felt like an eternity she plucked up the courage to knock on the door. She could hear movement inside and Mrs Simmons opened the door with a big smile.

“Oh Hi Cassie” She said breezily. “It’s a big one today. Looks exciting”.

She picked up the large brown box and handed it to Cassie.

“Sorry I can’t chat, Dinner’s just coming out the oven.” She said before closing the door behind her.

Cassie looked at the box in her arms, it was plain brown with nothing but a simple postage label on it.

Her relief was palpable. Of course they were going to be discreet, she shouldn’t have worried.

Cassie hurried upstairs and back indoors as quickly as she could, her feelings of worry now dissipated and replaced by excitement.

After closing the door behind her, she tore into the box immediately, not even waiting to return to her bedroom. She picked up and squeezed some of the packets, even though she only bought them a week previously, she could hardly believe how many there were.

She put the packets back into the box and dragged it through to the bedroom and finally selected today’s diaper, a big thick one, imprinted with pictures of teddy bears to look like baby diapers.

She carefully ripped a hole in the top and pulled one out to put on. She stood and considered whether she needed to go the toilet first, then decided she did not and brought it over to the bed to put on.

A few minutes later, she was admiring herself in the mirror wearing nothing but the diaper on her bottom half, she was amazed at how much thicker it looked than her regular ones. She moved over to her computer and sat down, being pleasantly surprised by how much noisier this one was.

This had become her daily routine, change into a diaper, then sit down at the computer and visit various chat rooms and forums, to read stories or communicate with others within the diaper community. Then take it back off after she had had enough or needed to use the toilet.

She still hadn’t been able to bring herself to use the diapers, she knew that was what they were for, but there was something simple and pure about the pleasure she felt just having it on, the soft clean feeling of it against her skin, something she didn’t want to spoil with bodily fluids, so all of her diapers were disposed of still relatively clean.

On switching to her second forum of the day, she was excited to see a reply to a private conversation she had agreed to have the previous day:

From BigS999

“We live so close! How would you like to meet up? How’s this Saturday? You could come here. I’ll send you the address if you want?”

Was Cassie really going to do this? Meet up with some guy on the internet? She was about to turn him down, but then changed her mind and sent a “Sure” with a big smiley face.

At this point Cassie became nervous. She could still change her mind if she wanted to right?


Chapter 7

Most of the diapers that had arrived in the box were still sat in there because Cassie didn’t really have anywhere to move them to, so the large cardboard box occupied a corner of the room and every day, Cassie would dig through and choose a diaper to wear.

She stood considering which were her favorites and which ones she felt she looked the best in, which was usually the bigger and thicker the better, but today she chose a discrete pullup.

She had to open the pack as she hadn’t worn one of them yet, but today was a little bit different. She had agreed to meet with BigS999 and this was the first time going outside, so a part of her wanted to hide it beneath her dress. But mainly it was because she still couldn’t bring herself to use the diapers she was wearing and reasoned that she could simply wear the one pullup and could easily use the toilet without the tapes losing their stickiness.

The pullups were packed neatly together and she could see some of the animal prints on the bottom. She pulled one out and laid it on the bed next to the dress she had chosen, a light blue floral print dress, and began to get undressed.

After a quick shower, she dressed herself in the dress and the pullup. The dress reached down to just above her knees and easily hid it unless her dress was lifted or someone was beneath her somehow and the pullup was comfortable and felt light compared to the diapers she normally wore.

After applying makeup and putting on her shoes, she was ready to go. She locked the door and continued downstairs and out the building and was surprised to find herself face to face with Chris.

“Did you think I wouldn’t find out?” Chris asked angrily.

“Find out about what?” Cassie responded with confusion.

“The forums.” He replied “You’re all over them. Did you think I wouldn’t notice? You use the same screen name you use for everything else.”

Cassie was stunned for a moment, it hadn’t even occurred to her to use a different screen name or that Chris would be frequenting the same forums.

She composed herself and suddenly indignant asked “What’s it got to do with you?” Then followed up with “I can visit whatever website I want to. Did it ever occur to you that maybe I was there researching because of you?”

“Yes.” Chris replied bluntly. “But I saw the registration dates too. And I have seen you agreeing to private messages with men all over them. I came to say you have to be careful talking to strangers on the internet. Please don’t meet up with any of them.”

“I…” Cassie began speechless.

Chris suddenly came to a realisation. “You’re going to see one now aren’t you? Cassie, don’t, you don’t know this person, he could…”

Cassie cut him off before he could finish. “He could what? You met up with strangers off the internet, was it not dangerous then?”

“That’s different.” Chris said quietly.

“How?” Cassie barked angrily “Because I’m a Woman? No, I’ll tell you how it was different, you were in a relationship and I was at home thinking you were out working, while you were out doing god knows what with people you had just met, while I am single and not hurting anybody.”

“Cassie. Please.” Chris started, defeated.

“Goodbye Chris.” Cassie said finally as she walked over to her car and climbed in.


To be honest, I originally didn’t think Chris needed to be in the story any more, I just saw him as a way to introduce her to diapers, but your response made me realise that even though it’s over, their relationship is important to the story and I needed to keep him in it. Although yes, she’s still pretty angry at him.

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I am really enjoying this story.

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I think you did a good job on the last chapter. I think by leaving Chris as part of the story, it give opportunities such as the end of the chapter. I am curious to see where this goes. Maybe she’ll end up giving Chris another chance and they will end up back together. Right now the pain is still new and she is still hurt. Will see what the next chapter holds.

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Chapter 8

Cassie arrived at the address she was given outside a large apartment building. Cars were parked on both sides of the road and she had to drive a short while past to find somewhere to park.

She checked her makeup in the mirror one last time and climbed out of the car, brushing her dress down to make sure it still hid her pullup from view.

She walked up the steps to the main door of the building and realized she did not know the apartment number, so she pulled out her phone and dialed the number he had given her.

“Hello” came a voice on the line.
“Oh hi” Cassie said trying to sound as breezy as she could “It’s Cassie. From the forum. I’m outside your building.”
“Ok, I’ll be right down.” He replied.

He stayed on the line and after a minute Cassie could hear a door opening and closing and then footsteps on stairs.

“Ok, I see you” he said, then hung up the phone.

Cassie then saw a largeish man with balding hair coming into view. He looked a view years older than her, he wore a loose fitting T-Shirt and pants and had what looked to be a couple of days of stubble.

He opened the door. “You must be Cassie? Come in Come in”.

Cassie nodded to confirm who she was and followed him inside, up some stairs and across a hallway to a door that he pushed open having clearly not locked it on his way out.

Cassie followed him in into what appeared to be a very small apartment. She was stood in the lounge area which led straight into the kitchen and she only saw one door heading to a bedroom off to her left. He closed the door behind them and walked back past her into the room, dropping his phone onto a table by the door, before immediately removing his trousers.

“I hope you don’t mind” He said, revealing a white diaper, that appeared slightly yellow and a pair of large hairy legs. “I can’t stand wearing pants in the house.”

Cassie laughed not knowing how else to respond. “Looks like you’ve wet yourself.” She said pointing at the clearly used diaper.

“Yea.” he said looking down. “And maybe I’ll let you change me.” he said in his most seductive voice.

Cassie laughed again.

“Do you want to come through?” He asked, before walking into the bedroom without waiting for a reply.

Cassie tentatively followed him in, suddenly unsure of what she was doing there and found him sat on the bed.

“So. What do you want to do?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Cassie replied truthfully.

She spied a door at the back of the room beyond the bed, figuring it to be the bathroom.

“Let me just go to the bathroom first” She said walking over to the door.

“Ahh. Who needs bathrooms.” He said playfully. “That’s what the diapers are for”

“Even so” Cassie said, opening the door.

She opened the door to find a small bathroom consisting of a shower, a sink and a toilet, but was shocked to see the toilet with piles of boxes on it.

“I already told you, we don’t need to toilet” he said suddenly right behind her “That’s what I wear diapers for”.

“I know.” Cassie said. “But I’d prefer not to if that’s alright.”

Following this, she started lifting the top box from the pile.

“Come on.” he said. “I like to see people wet.” As he said this he reached for her dress and attempted to lift it.

Cassie let out a yelp of surprise and pulled away falling forwards into the bathroom. His grip on her dress ripped it completely in half when she fell. Cassie sat on the floor shocked for a moment in nothing but the top half of a dress and her pullup completely out in the open.

He stood there, with a surprised look on his face, looking at the piece of material in his hand. “Uhh. Sorry” he managed.

Cassie composed herself, stood up and put on the most seductive voice she could manage “You have been a bad boy” She said"

“Yes, I have” he said suddenly excited, before dropping the torn dress and retreating onto the bed. “How are you going to punish me?”

“Oh, you’ll see.” Cassie said and followed him to the bed, before stepping up onto the bed.

He removed his T-Shirt quickly and scrabbled his way to the top of the bed and she followed him until she was standing right over him and she could lower herself down and sit straddled across his chest.

She then reached over to his bedside drawers and started to rummage through them. Until she found what she was looking for in the second drawer, a pair of pink and furry handcuffs.

“How did I know you would have handcuffs?” she said.

He laughed in response and she grabbed his wrist and cuffed it before cuffing the other side to the bed post firmly, keeping the keys in her other hand.

Then she climbed off his chest and got back off the bed and walked over the the wardrobe next to the bed, opening the door so she was hidden from his view and started looking through it.

“What are you looking for? What are you going to do now?” He asked.

In response, Cassie pulled out a large pale blue shirt she found and removed it from the hanger.

“Now” she said “I am going home. You are a pig. I won’t ask you to pay for the damage to the dress, but I will take this to wear home. Thank you very much”

“Hey” he shouted, all of a sudden trying to pull himself free of his restraints. “You can’t just leave me like this.”

Cassie ignored him and removed what remained of her dress, before pulling on the shirt. It was big for her, so covered the pullup, just not quite as convincingly as the dress had. She walked across the room and picked up the other part of the dress and for a lack of any better ideas, she stuffed both parts into her bag and walked out of the bedroom.

“Hey” he shouted again “You can’t just leave me like this” he repeated in a more pleading tone this time.

She stopped and looked at the keys still in her hand, before putting them down on the table by the door and picking up his phone.

“Here” she said, throwing the phone to him “You had better call someone to let you out then.”

She let herself out of the apartment and ran down the stairs and out onto the street, then ran to her car as quickly as she could to get out of sight as soon as possible. She opened the door and sat down in the drivers seat, then realized that she was trembling. Then she looked down and discovered that she had wet herself.


Thanks sklawlor and AdultInnocence for your kind words, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story and hope you also enjoy the most recent addition.

What an interesting turn of events. She found a way out and he deserved what he got. Looking forward to the next chapter. I wish I could write as well as you guys. I’ve tried my hand a couple of times at diaper fiction but have always been nervous to share anything. I guess I have way more confidence in my music than my writing.

Suddenly Chris sounds a lot more pleasant… Do you think he has a chance? Impatient to know. Great story so far!

You’re welcome. Definitely not what she expected and Chris was definitely correct. I wonder if a friend of hers or maybe a family member that has had experience with what happened with Chris cheating will convince her to let Chris try to mend what they had. It’s good she has a backbone and thought to look for one of his shirts. Shame that her dress got ruined though.