Cassidy's Chance

Author’s Notes: This is my first story, and I know it is rather generic. I wrote this as practice, I guess you could say, for another story I would like to to that will hopefully be better than this one. Now, that is not to say this story is bad. It just covers a topic that is commonplace, but I wanted to do something just a bit different with it. I know it is not perfect, so any suggestions are welcome. Having said all that, I hope you enjoy this story for what it is: a newbie’s take on the popular “babysitter trope.”

Cassidy’s Chance

Sixteen-year-old Cassidy Chance’s name was well known amongst the parents of young children throughout her subdivision. This neighborhood-wide popularity was due to her desirability as a babysitter. She was called the best in the business, and many delighted mothers would put her up against any other babysitter in the country. When things such as this were said about her, she would redden in embarrassment. She didn’t think she was as spectacular at her job as the local parents seemed to…in her opinion, they were blowing things way out of proportion.
However, blessed with attractive blonde shoulder-length curls, a soothing smile, and a sweet disposition, one could hardly deny that Cassidy was quite effective at what she did. She knew how to relate to kids without being condescending, and was authoritative without being unkind. Her rates were reasonable, and she would even work for free if a family hadn’t the ability to pay. She would diligently follow any special instructions given by parents, and would listen to the desires of the kids; she was an expert on making compromises that pleased both parties.
This was why Cassidy was to be found ringing the doorbell of a handsome brick house one Saturday night. Her skirt fluttered a bit in the chilly breeze, and she shivered. Boy, she was glad she had worn her thick knit sweater tonight. After a few seconds of standing in anticipation on the porch, her bag strap cutting into her shoulder, a lady in a sleek purple dress answered the door.
“Oh, hi Cassidy! Come on in!” she beckoned.
“You certainly look fancy, Mrs. Chase,” Cassidy commented as she followed the woman into the living room. It was a spacious, comfy room, with squashy red couches situated around a glass coffee table. Not to mention gloriously warm after the cold outside.
“Thank you! I always break out the best outfits when Jim and I go to the theater.”
Cassidy heard footsteps on the stairwell, and soon Mr. Chase entered the living room, decked out in a tuxedo. In his hand he clutched two glossy tickets and a key ring.
“Howdy, Cassidy,” he said brightly, nodding at Cassidy, who grinned back. “Ready to go?” he inquired of Mrs. Chase, who was rifling through her handbag.
“Yep, I think we’ve got everything,” she said, clasping the bag shut. “Cassidy, there are instructions on the kitchen counter. You’ll find everything you need there. Once Maddie is in bed, feel free to watch TV and have anything you want out of the fridge. Maddie!” she called up the stairs.
“What, Mom?” Maddie clambered down the stairs. She looked to be about 9 or 10, with long, straight brunette hair and a thin, slightly freckled face.
“Dad and I are leaving for the theater. We’ll be back around 12 or so. Until then, I hope you have a great time with Cassidy!”
“We’ll be the best of chums, don’t you worry!” Cassidy said.
Mr. and Mrs. Chase both gave Maddie hugs, then the pair of them made their way out to the car. Cassidy waved as they pulled out of the driveway. Once the glow of their headlights had been swallowed by darkness, she latched the door. Briefly, she glanced at her phone.
6:02 PM
Pocketing the phone, Cassidy turned to Maddie and gave her a warm smile. Maddie, it seemed, was much less outgoing when she wasn’t around people she knew. She answered with a small smile of her own, but her face reddened slightly.
“Nice to meet you, Maddie!”
“Uh…nice to meet you too…” Maddie mumbled, looking down at her socks and tracing a line on the carpet with her toe.
“I’m going to have a look at the instructions your mom left really quick,” Cassidy said, “and then we can do something together. Sound good to you?”
“Yeah,” Maddie answered, perking up a bit.
“See, I’m not so scary, am I?” Cassidy said, flashing Maddie a ridiculous face over her shoulder as she made her way to the kitchen. Just as Mrs. Chase had specified, there was a piece of blue ocean stationery waiting for her on the counter. Cassidy picked it up and glanced over it, tongue between her teeth.
Maddie usually doesn’t have a specific bedtime, so if you could just have her in bed by around 10:30 or so, that’d be great! She hasn’t had dinner yet, so I left a container of spaghetti noodles in the fridge. You can also find sauce and milk in there. Cups and stuff are in the cabinets just to the right of the sink. Feel free to help yourself to some spaghetti if you’re hungry! I’m sure you know how to work the DVD player. She likes to watch movies, so maybe you two could do that together! I’m sure you to will have a great time. My number is on the fridge if you have any more questions or problems.
P.S. She wears diapers at night for bedwetting. She will show you where they are. Remind her to put them on right after dinner. She knows how to put them on herself, so don’t worry about it too much.
Cassidy read the postscript again. Diapers? She had, of course, dealt with diapers many times, but never with a kid as old as Maddie. She felt sorry for the girl. If it had been her with bedwetting problems, she would have been constantly paranoid that people would find out and tease her. However, Cassidy herself was not a judgmental person, and she knew how to handle things like this in a professional manner.
“All right Maddie,” Cassidy said, setting down the note and clapping her hands together. “A little bird told me that you haven’t had dinner yet. How about some spaghetti?”
“Yeah, that’d be good.”
Cassidy found the necessary dinnerware in the cabinets, and set out two places. Maddie got out the milk as Cassidy heated up the noodles in the microwave.
“Spaghetti’s ready!” Cassidy placed the bowl on the table. Maddie had remained mostly silent this whole time. The two girls settled down to eat, and Cassidy made it her goal during dinner to break through Maddie’s shell. Well, that and to not spill any sauce on her sweater.
As the bowl of spaghetti quickly disappeared, Cassidy successfully struck up a conversation with Maddie. Cassidy found out that she and Maddie had much in common, from music preferences to their shared love of creative writing. Maddie, Cassidy noted, was surprisingly eloquent for her age. In a whirlwind of talk and laughter, the (rather large) bowl of spaghetti was consumed, the gallon of milk more than half gone, and the level of awkwardness had all but vanished. Cassidy’s hopes for the night were sky high.
“So, Maddie,” Cassidy said as she took the dirty plates to the sink, “what would you like to do tonight?”
“A movie would be lovely,” she replied. Cassidy suppressed a giggle. She found it adorable how proper Maddie’s speech was. However, her amusement disappeared when she saw the look on Maddie’s face. The girl looked absolutely mortified, her face shining like the setting sun. “But…there’s something I have to do first…”
“Oh! Yes, yes. Go right ahead. I’ll be waiting out in the living room.”
Cassidy watched sadly as Maddie turned to head up to her bedroom. She wished there was some way she could help. She realized that Maddie probably didn’t like discussing the issue, but she couldn’t just say nothing to someone who looked so utterly upset…
“Hey Maddie,” Cassidy said gently. Maddie paused, one sock foot on the first stair, and looked back at her babysitter. There were tears glistening in the corners of her eyes, threatening to fall.
“What?” she said, her voice thick.
Cassidy put a soft, consoling hand on Maddie’s slender shoulder. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Maddie. Wearing diapers is nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of older kids like yourself have the same problem you do…there are even teenagers like me who still need protection at night!”
“I know, but…” Maddie said, a tear sliding down her cheek. “I don’t know any of them. I’m the only kid around here that wets the bed. It’s so embarrassing to be that one kid who wears diapers. I know there are other people like me, but I’ve never met any of them. I’m alone.”
Cassidy pulled Maddie into a hug. “Well, I’m here for you, Maddie. If there’s anything I can do to help, anything you want to talk about, you can come to me, okay?”
“Well…” Maddie began tentatively. “No. Never mind, it’s stupid.”
“Come on, tell me. I said I’d do anything to help, and I’m a girl of my word.”
“Um…well…” Maddie fidgeted nervously. “Maybe if you…you wore one…I mean, if you wore a diaper with me…but no, you’d never want to do that, so forget I ever said it.”
Maddie turned to run up the stairs, but Cassidy grabbed her arm. Maddie looked back at Cassidy, her eyes bright and watery, her face pink. After a moment of silence, Cassidy said softly, “Anything means anything.” Maddie’s freckled face broke into a wide smile. She took Cassidy by the hand, and together they raced up the stairs.
I know it’s odd, Cassidy thought as Maddie led her into her colorful bedroom, but I owe it to the poor kid. It’s not even an outrageous request. After all, I did say that even some teenagers wear diapers, so I should be able to wear one just this once to make her feel better. But Cassidy had to admit to herself that she was nervous about donning a diaper. What if someone found out? Realistically, no one could possibly find out unless she or Maddie told someone, but she still was gripped by paranoia.
“Um…you won’t tell your parents about this, right?” Cassidy asked.
“This is just between you and me. Pinky promise,” Maddie said, offering her little finger. Cassidy chuckled and accepted the pinky.
“Alright, sooo…” Maddie said, bouncing nervously on the balls of her feet. “The diapers are in the bathroom cabinet, underneath the sink. I’ll put mine on first, then you. And Cassidy?”
"Will you promise not to take it off until you leave?
“Of course,” Cassidy answered.
“Alright,” Maddie said again. After an awkward pause, she went into the bathroom and shut the door. Cassidy stood in silence, her anticipation building. After a minute or two, Maddie reentered the room, blushing slightly. Cassidy could see the high waistband of the diaper poking up from under Maddie’s soccer shorts.
“Your turn,” she said, wringing her hands.
“All right, I’ll see you in a bit. Why don’t you nip downstairs and pick out a movie while I’m getting dressed?”
Maddie nodded assent, then padded down the stairs, her diaper crinkling audibly as she went. Cassidy found herself alone in Maddie’s room. In the silence, she realized just how fast her heart was racing. Her extremities were tingling, and her breath came in quick bursts. Why was she feeling so antsy? After all, it was just a diaper. Simply a different kind of underwear. However, she could not prevent these reactions. Steeling herself, Cassidy left the haven of Maddie’s room for the small bathroom just to the left. Her heart was nearly pounding out of her chest as she bent down and opened the cabinet beneath the sink. Sure enough, there was a package of Size 6 Pampers. Fingers trembling, she slipped one of the diapers out of the package. It was smooth to the touch, and had a strangely pleasant smell about it. She lamented the fact that it was decorated with Sesame Street characters. She could see why Maddie was embarrassed about having to wear these. Kids her age were not very adept in social manners quite yet, and if word got out that not only was she wearing diapers at night, but they were Sesame Street diapers…that would dog her for years. Cassidy was not too crazy about putting a diaper on herself, but a promise is a promise. She unfolded the diaper and smoothed it out. She hoped she would be able to find a way to put it on. She was an expert at changing diapers, but that was on other people. It was rather difficult to diaper oneself.
Pulling off her skirt and panties, Cassidy pondered the best way to perform the diapering. She opted to place the unfolded diaper on the rim of the tub, and then sit herself on it. She then undid the tapes, pulling them around her waist in order to attach them to their respective tabs. Surprisingly, it fit her rather well. She had definitely not been expecting that. Tentatively, she stood up. Her breathing had steadied a bit, and her heart had returned to a somewhat normal pace. She explored the foreign sensations that the diaper provided. The diaper was soft and, she had to admit, rather comfortable. The thick diaper prevented her thighs from touching like they normally did. In reality, the diaper caused maybe an inch or less in separation between her legs, but as she was used to wearing panties, it felt like she was straddling the Grand Canyon. She tried different poses, just to see how they felt with the Pampers. When she sat, the diaper provided a noticeable amount of extra padding on her butt, and she found that she was unable to cross her legs comfortably.
After a few minutes of exploring her new diapered state, Cassidy remembered that Maddie was probably waiting for her to start the movie. Quickly, she pulled her skirt on over the diaper and headed downstairs. With every step she took, she could hear the faint crinkle of the diaper’s material. The way the thickness bunched between her legs as she walked was disconcerting.
Maddie was sitting cross-legged on the floor, a DVD case in front of her. She looked round when she heard Cassidy’s footsteps.
“Got a movie all picked out?”
“Yep,” she said. Cassidy blushed a bit when she saw that Maddie was scrutinizing her diaper area. “Um…are you really diapered?” she asked, not accusatorially, but rather like a person beholding something too good to be true. Cassidy lifted up her skirt to reveal the Pampers she wore. Her heart couldn’t help but be warmed by the smile that lit up Maddie’s face when she saw Cassidy’s diaper.
“So, what have you got?”
Maddie showed her the disc. It was The Little Mermaid, a classic. “It’s my favorite Disney movie,” she explained. “Ariel is much more independent than all those other princesses.”
“I agree, Ariel is my favorite princess. Hey, would you like me to make some popcorn?”
Maddie set up the movie while Cassidy popped the microwave popcorn and poured it into a large bowl. Cassidy was still not used to the sensation of the diaper. The diaper trapped heat, she noticed, and that fact coupled with the high thermostat setting due to the chill outside made for a slightly sweaty and uncomfortable diaper.
Cassidy, toting the bowl of popcorn, sat down on the couch next to Maddie.
“Do you ever get hot in your diapers?” Cassidy asked, setting the bowl on the coffee table.
“Oh yeah, all the time.” She seemed much more willing to talk about her diapers now that her babysitter was also diapered. “Why, are you hot down there? I usually take off my shorts when that happens; it helps me cool down a little. In fact, I’m a little bit hot right now,” she said. With that, she stood up and whipped off her soccer shorts. She tossed them aside and plopped back down on the couch, diaper fully exposed. Cassidy successfully masked her surprise.
Maddie looked at her expectantly. Cassidy was tentative to follow suit…what if someone saw through the window and found her, sitting on the couch in just a diaper? However, she was really hot, the blinds were firmly closed, and Maddie wasn’t going to spill the beans. Oh, what’s the harm? she thought. She wiggled out of her thick sweater, and then did as Maddie had done and removed her skirt. She felt so much cooler in just a tank top and diaper, but her self-consciousness had multiplied by about ten.
“Ready, slowpoke?” Maddie laughed. Cassidy gave an embarrassed smile.
“Ready when you are.”
Maddie pressed “play,” and the movie began. As she became immersed in the adventures of the teen mermaid, Cassidy forgot all of her diaper-related worries. She and Maddie were soon bonding, commenting on the movie, laughing, and eating their way through the large bowl of popcorn. Cassidy had to admit, even though it was one of the strangest babysitting nights she had ever had, it was also turning out to be one of the most fun. Maddie was a great kid, and all she wanted was to feel a connection with someone. Cassidy was overjoyed that she had been presented with the opportunity to connect with Maddie and strike up a friendship.
About halfway through the movie, however, these happy thoughts were marred by a sudden, horrific feeling. Her face froze as she felt the grumbling of her intestines, accompanied by a pressure on her bladder. She had completely forgotten about the large amounts of spaghetti, milk, and popcorn that she had consumed, and now they hit her full force. She squirmed, trying to ignore the urges that gripped her, but they were unyielding. She tried to focus her attention back on the movie, but her bladder demanded her undivided attention. Cassidy found herself gritting her teeth and pressing down on her diapered crotch, trying fruitlessly to prevent the flow that was threatening to break through. Her bowels continued to grumble and complain, and no amount of fidgeting or wishing could prevent what was inevitably going to happen.
Maddie had taken notice of her discomfort, and asked concernedly, “What’s wrong, Cassidy?”
“I really have to go to the bathroom,” she answered, the pressure on her bladder growing painful. “I’ll be right back.” She made to get up from the couch, but Maddie firmly grabbed her by the elbow. She gazed intently into Cassidy’s eyes.
“You promised you wouldn’t take it off all night,” Maddie said sternly. “Were you lying?”
“No, I…I meant what I said, but…”
“But what?”
“I’ll put it right back on after I’m done, I promise.” Cassidy pried her elbow from Maddie’s grip and started for the bathroom, but Maddie rushed out to block her path. Cassidy was quite taken aback by Maddie’s sudden burst of assertiveness.
“You already made a promise, and I want you to keep it.”
Cassidy knew she only had minutes left. “Please, Maddie, please just let me go.” She couldn’t believe that she was being forced to beg the girl she was babysitting to let her use the toilet. It was insane, but she was so desperate at that moment that she was willing to do anything. Maddie, however, was firm.
“You promised to keep it on all night, so keep it on.”
Cassidy was about to retort, but she was stunned into silence as her bladder gave in to the enormous pressure. She stood stock-still, frozen with horror, as she wet herself for the first time since she was three. The warm stream that burst forth into her diaper seemed never-ending; her bladder had obviously been filled to its maximum capacity. The pee was soaked up by the padding, and Cassidy felt the diaper grow warm around her crotch. As the urine was absorbed, the diaper swelled and sagged. It felt twice as big as it had while dry. After what seemed like hours, but in reality was only thirty seconds or so, the stream stopped, and Cassidy was left standing in front of her charge, clad in a tank top and thoroughly soaked, yellow-tinged diaper. She felt ridiculously small in that moment, and she could not prevent the silent tears that began to flow down her cheeks. She was completely and utterly mortified by what she had just done. Despite what she had said earlier about how it was completely normal for even some teenagers to wear diapers, she couldn’t help but feel like anything but a helpless baby. To make matters worse, her bowels gave another grumble, announcing that they would have to be evacuated before the night was over.
Maddie’s face was a mixture of happiness that Cassidy had adhered to her promise and concern. “Don’t cry, Cassidy,” Maddie said earnestly. “Here, I’ll wet mine too…that way you won’t feel so bad.”
Cassidy almost laughed at the irony of the situation. Maddie was trying to console her babysitter, who had just completely soaked herself, by offering to have an accident of her own. However, she didn’t say anything to stop Maddie from following through with her offer. Cassidy watched through teary eyes and Maddie closed her eyes and relaxed. In her pant-less state, Cassidy could see the white Pampers become permeated with a yellow tinge. When she was done, Maddie spread her arms and said, “Now we’re in the same boat again!”
Cassidy felt her anger at Maddie ebb away, but her acute sense of shame and mortification remained. Wordlessly, the two girls returned to the couch to continue the movie. The wet diaper was even stranger than a dry one; it did not feel wet, exactly, because the diaper had absorbed it all. It just felt warmer and larger. It was not, as she had feared, uncomfortable. That was one plus. As she watched Eric and Ariel slowly fall for each other, she did her best to ignore her intestines. She told herself firmly that she would be able to hold it until she got home.
However, the minutes that ticked by seemed to get longer and longer. Everything was moving in slow motion except for the rapidly increasing need to poop. Cassidy would fight to the end on this one. Wetting a diaper was one thing, but messing it…that was unthinkable. She was a high-school girl, after all, and should have a firm control over her bowels.
An eternity later, the movie ended and the credits began to roll. Maddie suggested that they play a board game, as it was only 9:30. Cassidy, who was pouring most of her effort into other pursuits, quickly agreed. She lifted herself off the couch and began to pace, waiting for Maddie’s return. She took quite a while. When she finally appeared in the entryway to the living room, she was clutching Life. Cassidy noticed that Maddie was now in a dry diaper—the yellow tinge was no longer present. A small flame of anger flared within her. So that’s what had taken her so long. Why wasn’t she allowed to take off her diaper, while Maddie was? Why was Maddie suddenly in charge? She was struck by the absurdity of the whole situation, and by how juvenile her thoughts were. She felt a whirlwind of emotions: anger, confusion, embarrassment, and most of all, extreme discomfort as she conceded that she would not be able to prevent the incoming disaster.
“All right, let’s pick our cars,” Maddie said, the game board spread out in front of her. Cassidy chose one at random; her thoughts were elsewhere. She checked her phone as Maddie selected a blue car and inserted a minuscule pink person into the front seat.
9:46 PM
Over two hours to go. Cassidy felt the tears beginning to wet her eyes. She watched as Maddie spun the rainbow wheel and moved her car forward a few spaces. Did this rash promise she made mean more to her than her dignity and pride? She understood that it was difficult for Maddie to deal with her predicament, but would seeing her teenage babysitter mess herself really make anything better? As Cassidy took her turn, she decided that she would use the bathroom no matter what. As soon as she completed her turn, she mumbled a hurried “Excuse me” and pushed herself up from the floor. She had been experiencing cramps for the past half-hour, and it took all that she had to hold it in. She speed walked toward the nearest bathroom, noticing happily that Maddie had declined to impede her progress this time around. Perhaps her earlier accident had satisfied the promise. She didn’t stop to think about it too much. She grasped the door handle of the bathroom triumphantly, and gave it a twist. It didn’t budge.
Cassidy was stunned. How could this be? The bathroom doors didn’t lock from the outside! A crazy idea came to her. During the time Maddie had been absent, supposedly getting Life, had she sneaked through the bathroom window and locked it expressly so Cassidy could not possibly make another break for it? It sounded like an insane conspiracy theory, but Cassidy knew it was the truth. She could not even manage to be angry. She was overcome by hopelessness as she realized that she was at a dead end. She could not hold it any longer, and her one portal to freedom had been barricaded.
A painful spasm wracked her colon, and she instinctively squatted down. This position was all her bowels needed to proceed. Never had Cassidy felt as utterly humiliated as she did, crouched down like a child, filling the diaper she wore with thick, glutinous poop. Soon the back of the diaper had reached its full capacity, and the disgusting waste was forced into the remaining pockets near the front. Cassidy grunted softly as she pushed the last of it out of her system. The relief she felt was instantly enveloped by intense shame at her actions. She didn’t know what to do. The last thing on earth she wanted to do was stand in front of the cunning Maddie in a wet and dirty diaper. Whatever shred of her pride was left would be decimated. However, she wanted desperately to get out of the diaper she was wearing. The warmth of her wetting had long since gone, leaving her feeling cold and clammy, and the smell from her diaper was clinging to her like an awful perfume. The only option she saw was to ask Maddie, plead if she must, to be allowed to change.
Tears were still streaming down Cassidy’s face as she waddled back to where Maddie sat watching her. The mass in her diaper made walking even more awkward than before, and she was painfully aware of the offensive odor that she brought into the room. Maddie didn’t look as though she was bothered by it. In fact, she looked rather morose.
“M-M-Maddie?” Cassidy sobbed. “P-Please…can I c-change out of this…this…” She couldn’t bring herself to say the phrase “dirty diaper.”
“You’re the one in charge,” Maddie said guiltily. Suddenly, she burst into tears. “I’m sorry Cassidy!” she wailed. “I’m so sorry! I…I…I don’t actually need d-diapers…the truth is…is…I like wearing them, and I was selfish and dragged you into this!”
“What?” Cassidy was dumbfounded.
Maddie gulped, eyes streaming. “I…I forged the last part of that note you read. I rode my bike to the store and bought that package of diapers. I pretended like I was a bedwetter in front of you so you wouldn’t judge me for wearing diapers, then I got you roped into it just because…I was so selfish, I was only thinking of myself!”
“Maddie, why didn’t you just tell me all this? I wouldn’t have judged you! I mean, really, what harm does it do, you wearing diapers? It’s just like people who like to paint or people who like to collect coins.”
Maddie rubbed her eyes with one forearm, and then sniffled. “D…d’you mean that?”
“Of course I do,” Cassidy said. “I’m not going to pretend I’m not angry, though. You took advantage of me.”
Maddie hung her head. Cassidy couldn’t believe she was delivering this speech in a reeking diaper. It was almost comical.
“But I forgive you,” Cassidy said gently. “I mean, it was a very clever plan, after all, and it took major guts…and this whole situation allowed me to get to know you better.”
“So, does that mean you might babysit me again?” Maddie asked anxiously.
Cassidy laughed. “Ask me again once I’m out of this diaper.”
“Fair enough,” Maddie said, smiling.

As Cassidy rolled up the foul diaper, placed it in a plastic bag, and took a quick shower, she wondered how anyone could possibly glean enjoyment from the experience she had just undergone. She scrubbed thoroughly around her diaper area, making sure that not a trace of her diapered excursion remained. She figured it was like anything else. Some people like playing chess, some despise it and wonder how anyone could possibly enjoy moving pawns and castles around a checkered board. The same theory applied to diapers as well. She dried herself off and smiled dopily as she donned her panties and skirt once again. She checked her phone.
11:23 PM
About thirty-five minutes to go. Tonight had been such a roller coaster of a night, with high highs and low lows. As she headed back down the stairs, however, she reflected on her experience. Sure, the embarrassment had been bad, but there was something…gratifying about wearing a diaper. It took her back to simpler days, and provided comfort. Cassidy wondered…if she was able to get over her shame in doing something so infantile, would she—dare she say it—enjoy wearing diapers? She realized the answer was right in front of her, in the form of Maddie.
“Maddie, it’s almost 11:30, so you should get out of that diaper soon if you don’t want your parents to find out. Also, I was supposed to have you in bed an hour ago.”
“You keep my secret, I’ll keep yours,” she answered. “But yeah, I guess I’d better go change…” She trudged up to her room and closed the door. Meanwhile, Cassidy made up her mind. She liked this Maddie kid. She had spunk and nerve, and was likeable when she wasn’t pulling fast ones on you. She would definitely continue to babysit here…and perhaps she would even give diapers another try, if not for her sake, then for Maddie’s. Just then, Maddie strode into the living room, no longer diapered.
“You can throw that into the bin outside,” she said, pointing to the plastic bag Cassidy was clutching. “I’ll get some Febreeze.” Cassidy did so gladly. She may have vowed to give diapers another shot, but she did not really feel like getting caught wearing one by Maddie’s parents. How would she explain that one?
Cassidy found Maddie spraying liberal amounts of Febreeze all over the house. Thank goodness for effective household cleaning products. Maddie deemed the house deodorized, then collapsed onto the couch. She looked miserable.
Cassidy plopped down next to her. “What’s up?”
“Well, I suppose this is the last time I’m going to see you,” she said. “If I were you, I wouldn’t ever babysit me again. I’m a freak.”
“On the contrary,” Cassidy said, “I’m going to come here every chance I get. You’re a cool kid, you know? And maybe I shouldn’t judge something based on only one outing.”
She grinned at the bewildered look on Maddie’s face.
“Wait…so you’d give diapers another try? Just for me?”
Maddie embraced Cassidy in a bear hug. “Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!”
Their warm exchange was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Get up to bed, you!” Cassidy hissed. Maddie bounded up the stairs, but stopped at the landing. She gave Cassidy a wave and a toothy grin. Cassidy shooed her into her room, but smiled equally as wide. Cassidy could tell that her adventures with the lively Maddie were far from over.

Re: Cassidy’s Chance

Some funny stuff:
Given the fact that you emphasized the cold weather multiple times I question the ‘foo’ who be wearing a skirt while grateful for their thick knit sweater. lol

That must be one hell of a theater to be whipping out the tux for. I kid. I eventually figured out they were going to a theater ‘play’ and not a theater ‘movie’. Movie is what comes to my mind when I read theater though. Perhaps you could better clarify this if you feel it necessary.

Oh, this one gave me a might chuckle. Bi*ch ain’t got a bedtime, but that girl best be in bed by 10:30 doe.

Extremities? I ROFLed hard. What a creative way to put it. My mind may be in the gutter but yeah… moving on.

Some serious stuff:
“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!” for making Maddie’s character believably cute.

I’d just like to point out how easy it was for Cassidy to offer to wear a diaper with Maddie, but then go into a massive block of text with very specific detail on how apprehensive and nervous she is. I’d recommend balancing this out a bit for a more believable character. At the very least a self reflective aspect where Cassidy is reprimanding herself on her rash and quick decision.

Double Enter between paragraphs to split up blocks of text for my easy reading pleasure. <3

Very enjoyable read with just enough cute and fetish aspects for my taste.

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Re: Cassidy’s Chance

Loved it, great stuff. Cute, simple, and actually the plot was somewhat original. Hope there’s more.

Re: Cassidy’s Chance

Me too i love the story too