Carrey's College Days

Prompt: Write about a character having a school or college experience

Disclaimer: The usual disclaimer I put on my ABDL stories on this site applies.

Carrey was sitting in her chair in the lecture hall daydreaming and looking at the clock. This particular lecture was boring. The teacher had been droning on for hours. “I wish something exciting would happen,” she whispered to herself.

Suddenly, she heard a baby’s voice yell “Go poopie, now!” She looked around the room and didn’t see any children; she turned her attention back to her notes and dismissed her stomach when she heard it growl loudly. She smiled at the cuteness. That baby sounded demanding, whoever it was.

“Faaaart!” she sat up at the sudden sound that erupted from her backside. A few people in the auditorium giggled while the professor tried to quiet them down. She heard the baby voice again. “Poopie! Go make a poopie!”

“What?” she asked, as she turned around looking for the source of the voice in confusion. As her confusion grew, so did a fullness in her rectum. “Where did that come from?” She shifted a little to try to relieve it, thinking it might just be gas, but it wouldn’t go away. Instead, the pressure got stronger and stronger. She leaned back in her chair and tried to hold out until she could excuse herself. Bad idea.

“Braaaap!” she let out another loud fart and then began pushing a mess into her panties against her will. Carrey froze in a panic. She couldn’t believe she was pooping herself! Frantically, she tried to squeeze in and stop, but her bowels kept contracting and forcing the contents out. She grunted as she tried to contain the problem. “Blaaaart!” For her trouble and squirming, she got another nice big loud announcement from her bowels to the room. She felt the mess pushing its way past her butt cheeks and nestling itself into her underwear. This wasn’t actually happening!

She kept trying to stop herself but the process only continued. Soft warm semi-solid poop poured out of her bowels. It felt like the biggest bowel movement she’d ever had. “Faaaart!” she finished with another fart and a foul smell wafted up to her nose. She shifted and felt the mess she made irritating her skin.

Her mind raced. How was she going to get out of this? The college had a zero-tolerance policy for low maturity, and pooping one’s pants was definitely considered a display of immaturity. Maybe she could get up, run to the bathroom, and take care of it before anyone noticed?

She didn’t have long to think, though, because the baby’s voice came back and gave her another command. “Pee-pee!” Suddenly, she felt a very strong urge in her bladder. Instinctively, she clamped down and crossed her legs. Just like with her bowels, though, it was no use. A strong contraction caused her bladder to release without her consent. A swift stream of pee hit her panties, soaked into her pants, and leaked onto the chair.

Now she was really beginning to panic. There was a smell and a squish and there was no way her classmates didn’t notice. What was she supposed to do? Getting up and trying to leave would draw attention to her and since she was a Little, she’d be caught, diapered, expelled, and declared too immature to be an adult. Worry began to settle in and add to the discontent of her churning bowels.

She moved slightly in her chair and felt the distinct squish of the large mess in her pants. She reached behind herself to try to get an idea of the damage and came away with a hand covered in poop. It looked like it leaked up to her shirt. There was no way she’d be able to get away undetected. She hid her disgusting hand under her desk in fear that it would get everywhere and she’d look even more like a baby. She winced and balled up and started to cry.

For some reason, though, everyone else in the lecture hall was going about their business like nothing strange had occurred. She couldn’t believe her classmates didn’t notice she had pooped herself. It was mostly Amazons and Tweeners, too. There’s no way an Amazon wouldn’t notice a Little who had an accident, even if she was a classmate. They were trained to point out immature behavior.

She continued to sob and breathe through her mouth. She didn’t notice the Amazon TA come over until she started gently rubbing her back. “There there now, baby, what’s wrong?” she said in a very calm soothing voice. Carrey could only sob awaiting the inevitable. She was sure the TA would discover her accident and then it would all be over.

After a few minutes, though, the TA left, making no comment at all about her damning mess. Carrey sunk back on her messy bottom and gave a sigh of partial relief. Everything in her mind was screaming for her to do something to fix this, but there was nothing she could do but wait for the inevitable.

The bell rang. The students filed out. A few last fleeting seconds of hope took root before piddling out as she again began to pee herself. “Pee-pee!” the baby’s voice said with a giggle. This time, she barely felt the urge before it started. Warm urine again flooded her pants. Again, she tried to regain control but to no avail. Her bladder seemingly had a mind of its own, and if that wasn’t bad enough, another familiar bodily function decided to get back in on the act.

“Faaaaart!” She cringed as she let out another long loud fart. She thought the mess in her pants would have muffled it, but apparently not. “Now, poo-poo!” the baby’s voice commanded. She cringed as she felt her body obey. Her bowels started contracting as her muscles involuntarily relaxed. She again briefly became aware of a fullness in her rectum as her body began pushing another substantial mess into her pants. This time she was lucid enough to notice the muscles relax on their own as the mush slid out of her. It felt just like she was having a bowel movement on the toilet except she was desperately trying to stop herself. She tried to focus and regain control, but her irritated bowels were not having it.

More mush started to pile into her panties and leak into her pants. This time, she felt the squishy mush embracing her groin area and tickling her belly as her bowels continued to empty and her pants continued to fill. She could only whimper as she felt her body betraying her. “Blaaart!” She cringed as her bowels loudly announced what they were doing.

This time, the professor noticed right away and ran over to Carrey, TA in tow. Carrey knew it was all over; she was still in the act of filling her pants. They were going to notice. She braced for the inevitable as her bowels continued to empty in front of the two Amazons.

“She looks so scared and uncomfortable,” the professor remarked.

“I think maybe she needed to go to the bathroom?” the TA noted.

Carrey rolled her eyes at the coy understatement. She was literally covered in poop at this point. Her unruly colon decided to practically bathe her in it. “Hey, little one,” the professor said while gently placing her hand on Carrey’s arm. “Whatever bad nightmares you were having, they’re over now,” the professor cooed.

“…and you probably need to get to your next class,” the overly helpful TA chimed in.

The Little woman huffed a sarcastic laugh before burying her head and sobbing. Next class, yeah right. The only classes she’d be attending from now on were probably daycare and nursery school.

“What’s wrong with her?” the TA whispered. At the sound of the TA’s words, Carrey broke down sobbing.

The instructor studied something on the wall. “I think I know,” the instructor whispered gently. She touched the Little on her back, getting her hand dangerously close to Carrey’s mess. “Sweetie, can you tell us what you see?” she asked.

She stopped sniffling long enough to ask “what?”

“I think you might be feeling the effects of hypnopaedic sound waves I programmed the room with. They’re supposed to catch students who aren’t paying attention and draw their attention back onto the lesson, but some students, mainly Littles, have complained of, well, other effects,” the professor explained.

“You really don’t see what happened?” Carrey asked. Her stomach twisted in a knot. She was half-terrified. They were just playing some game with her.

“I mean, other than hearing someone pass gas a few times a little earlier, no?” the TA answered.

Carrey stared in disbelief. She wasn’t sure if they were being honest or if they were still just getting some kind of sadistic pleasure out of toying with her! The professor let out a long loud sigh. “The affected Littles usually see or experience something scary, embarrassing, or uncomfortable. From the looks of it, you’re having one of those experiences now, aren’t you?”

The TA looked at the frightened Carrey. “You do look a little pink, now that she mentions it.”

“For me to reverse the polarity and make you stop experiencing the illusion, I need to have an idea of what you see,” the professor continued explaining.

Carrey decided to test the professor’s explanation. She took her poop-covered hand and placed it right on the professor’s bare arm. The professor looked at it with disinterest before calmly removing it. “If you don’t tell us what you see, you might start believing the illusions are real or not being able to tell fantasy from reality,” she said in a calm even voice.

There was a beeping sound. The TA stopped and looked at her watch. “I’ve got to go to class,” she whispered to the professor. “Okay, dear, have a good time,” the professor said as she waved her off. The TA scampered out of the lecture hall, leaving the two alone.

Carrey looked like an interrogated witness about to break. She was shaking and crying and barely holding herself together. She didn’t know what was real anymore. Plus, even if the professor was telling the truth, she could get into real trouble over sharing “babyish fantasies” with her teachers. She swallowed hard and closed her eyes. What to do?

While she was deliberating her options, the baby’s voice returned. “Tickle!” it shouted. Immediately, she felt hundreds of little feathers lightly brushing her all over. She shivered and quivered and tried to focus. “This isn’t actually happening,” she told herself. Carrey closed her eyes and tried to ignore the annoying onslaught of tickles, but they were all over. Her feet were being tickled; her underarms were being tickled, even her diaper area was being tickled. Instead of laughing, she started to whimper in discomfort.

The professor stopped and put her hands on the student’s shoulder. “Please just tell me what’s wrong,” the professor pleaded. “You’re obviously having trouble; otherwise, you would have just apologized for your earlier outburst and gone on to your next class with the rest of the students.”

Carrey let out a loud pained laugh and then started gasping for air. The sobbing immediately returned. She was trying to keep it together and ignore it so that she would pass this weird test, but she was failing miserably. Finally, thinking of no alternative, she broke and described her hallucination to the professor.

The white-haired matriarch laughed good-naturedly and pressed a hand on the girl’s shoulder. Her hungry smile and gleaming pearly whites made Carrey’s stomach do flips. “See, now that wasn’t too hard, was it?” the professor asked. Carrey gasped as she saw the professor pull out special childproof straps from under her chair and lock her in tight. She felt the mess she made earlier squishing against her backside and traveling up her back. Her nose caught a whiff of the awful stench.

She’d lost count of how many times her physical circumstances reduced her to tears that day, but she felt it happening again. Fresh tears were running down her cheeks, much like the piss and shit earlier. She felt a hand gently caress her cheek and gently turn her face. “It’s okay, baby. This will be over in a few minutes. Just try to relax, okay?” The professor’s calm motherly tone soothed her as she tried to relax. She squirmed and tried to ignore the disgusting sensations embracing her. The noxious smell made her breathe through her mouth.

While the professor was fiddling with a machine at her desk, Carrey re-surveyed what she could see of the damage. Her hand was not only covered in poop but there were little white worms crawling out of it. She worried that they might eat through her skin and expose her to infection. While she was thinking this, she felt the distinct itchy sensation of a bug bite and saw a growing spot of red peeking through the poop coating her hand. She put her hand down and stopped looking at it. “It’s not real. It’s not real,” she whispered to herself.

“Ready!” The professor yelled. Carrey heard the click of a switch and suddenly the room was filled with a bright blue light. She shielded her eyes as electricity buzzed around her. Then, she felt a jolt and the buzzing stopped. Her restraints snapped open. “Look around, and tell me what you see,” the professor said.

Carrey picked up the poopy hand only to see it perfectly clean. She then wriggled in her chair and there was no squishy mushy feeling underneath her. “What?” she said to herself. She took her now clean hand and felt her backside, it was slightly damp, but that could have been sweat. She pulled it back to reveal a hand with no poop on it. She smelled it experimentally. It didn’t smell like poop or pee. “Where’d it go?” she asked.

The professor gave a mocking laugh like Carrey was a baby who said something cute. “It was never there in the first place, dear. It was all in your mind. A Little’s imagination truly is a powerful thing.” Carrey sat dumbfounded before jumping up and looking at her seat. There was nothing obscuring the pink padding, not even a noticeably wet spot. She sat back down and gave a sigh of relief. She didn’t know how to process what happened. “Are you better now?” the professor asked. Carrey nodded her head. “Good. Now, run along. I’ve got other work to do,” the professor said. Timidly, Carrey raised her hand.

“Yes, dear?” the professor asked.

“Can you please make sure that never happens to me again?” Carrey asked. Her eyes were wide with fear.

“I’ll see what I can do, dear,” the professor said.

Shakily, Carrey gathered her books and quietly left the lecture hall. Her nerves were frazzled. She had yet another close call, and she had only been attending this college for a month. She knew she should have checked for hypnosis devices in lecture halls on RatemyDiapers. Stupid. Stupid. What if the professor would have been more into the idea of capturing and regressing Littles rather than an absent-minded grandmother who didn’t know how to use new technology? Her mind raced as she tried to figure out her next move.

Any place with Amazons was a potential deathtrap for Littles, but avoiding them meant almost missing out on life completely. There weren’t even trade schools for only Littles, much less prestigious colleges. She hung her head as she made her way through the maze of a hallway made for much taller people.

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