Careful What You Wish For

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Careful What You Wish For
By Horatio Husky
Commissioned by Muarauder12

After revealing to his boyfriend a secret fantasy he’s always wanted to try out, Muarauder finds himself in the best position yet to fulfill his desires when his boyfriends receives an unexpected raise. Will he come to regret just how real his Daddy makes it feel?

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Chapter 1: The Nursery

Sunlight streamed through rosy, lace shades to illuminate the room that a timber wolf sat in.

The room itself displayed a marvelous combination of pink and white, from pastel-pink decorating the walls in luxurious swirls of vines and grapes to the ornate, white border that lined the floor and ceiling.

The nursery held everything that a baby girl might need. A large crib, with bars that could be raised up all the way to the ceiling, to a changing table displaying an impressive array of straps meant to protect its occupant from excessive squirming.

A rocking chair holding a large, brown teddy bear was situated next to the crib, with a pile of haphazardly placed story books nearby on the carpet.

At the base of the large, white crib, an enormous toy chest stood proudly. Its lid was open, displaying a plethora of stuffed animals that spilled out of it and onto the surrounding floor.

A plus-sized diaper pail, a large white closet, and an ornate mirror also stood in a corner of the room. The mirror was placed at such an angle that one could see oneself in the room and almost any point in the room, as was the intention.

A grand rocking horse could also be seen standing next to the doorway. Ankle and wrist cuffs were installed in its head and base, to ensure that whoever was currently sitting on the rocking horse would not be able to get off their ride without some adult assistance.

Lastly, on top of a large, plastic mat covered in designs of pink ponies and colorful rainbows stood an impressive playpen.

Its padded walls went up to five feet high with plenty of space inside currently taken up by stuffed animals, dollies, and a handful of plastic baby toys.

The gate to the playpen had a large, intimidating lock on the front. Each piece of furniture in the room displayed some measure of security. Be it an imposing lock, or a pair of straps, the entire room was designed to ensure that whoever was being held in the nursery would find it quite difficult to get out of whatever situation they might be placed in.

Currently sitting inside of the playpen sat the individual for whom the adult nursery was made.

Muaruader was dressed in what they usually wore at around ten in the morning. A large, pink diaper was hugging their midsection on full display, mittens, a t-shirt that was too small, and a pair of booties with spikes on the interior heel to prevent one from being able to support their weight.

Their girly undergarments were openly shown underneath their t-shirt, which just managed to reach down to their midriff.

The wolf was attempting to stack together large Lego blocks while struggling to properly grip the pieces through the thick, tightly buckled mittens that reduced his paws to almost useless appendages.

Muaruader’s nanny, a considerably taller-than-average female deer, had recently decided that the wolf’s mittens would now become a permanent addition to the wolf’s outfit.

Nanny always ensured that her little pup was properly mittened, as Muaruader had recently decided to attempt to take his diaper off in protest of his recent treatment.

His nanny would have none of this, and had decided if her baby girl could not be trusted to keep her much needed diapers on that she would simply have to lose privileges over her own paws, much to Muaruader’s great consternation.

A pair of plastic locking pants was also put on around his diaper, as if the pup needed any more security. In addition to all of this, a pacifier gag was snuggly secured inside of the pup’s muzzle to prevent any verbal protesting.

Lastly, the crown jewel to the pup’s outfit was hidden from sight. A small, stainless steel cage was wrapped tightly around the wolf’s bits and had been since the treatment had begun. A chastity tube had been installed which doubly served as a diuretic device as well as preventing him from getting hard.

Muaruader’s daddy had ensured that, in addition to a tube, the titanium piercings that decorated the outside and inside of Muaruader’s now useless member prevented any hope of the pup being able to get out of his current state.

This was the greatest source of the wolf’s frustration, as not having been able to properly paw off for over a year caused the sissy’s libido to constantly be soaring through the roof.

Pathetically, the wolf had tried to feel anything through the mitts, thick diapers, and cage, but the outfit strictly prevented any expression of erotic pleasure.

Feelings of shame and helplessness often pervaded the wolf’s mind when they thought about their cage, which consequently caused them to feel even more turned on, worsening the situation.

The positive feedback loop and being denied sexual gratification combined with the erotic nature of such a denial often forced the wolf into a sexual frenzy, desperately humping his plushies and his diapers to no avail.

Muaruader felt a warmth spread inside of his diaper, the only indication he now had to feel that he had wet his diaper.

Even though this now occurred several times a day, he still felt his cheeks begin to burn as he blushed.

When his permanent treatment began, his Daddy had decided to take a few liberties when it came to the puppy’s body.

One of these included a small surgical operation on the pup’s bladder, which made it so he had absolutely no control of when or where he urinated.

The diapers that hugged his butt 24/7 were not just there to embarrass the puppy and fulfill the desired fantasy of being treated like a little baby girl. Muaruader was fully incontinent, and actually needed to wear the diapers that caused the wolf to blush so profusely.

Not that the puppy would have had much choice otherwise, were he still continent, but the relative permanence of the surgery served as further fuel for his nanny to hold over him and use to tease him.

And boy, did his nanny tease him. It was not enough that he was completely and utterly helpless at the hands of his nanny and boyfriend, they also felt the need to continuously remind him of just how little control over his situation he had.

Just as he finished wetting himself, his ears perked up as he heard the tell-tale hoof clops of his nanny coming in to check on him.

He felt his gut twist, knowing that her overwhelmingly effective doting would no doubt cause him to feel further dominated and humiliated.

Soon enough, the door opened, and his nanny’s presence filled the room.

“I smell a wet diaper! Did my little baby girl have an accident in her pants? I bet she just couldn’t keep her diapers dry for more than an hour. She likes squishing around them so much!”

Withdrawing a key from her bosom, she slid it into the lock and deftly opened the door to the vast playpen, stepping inside and towering over her subject.

Muaruader looked up meekly, unable to respond because of the large pacifier bulb pressing down on his tongue and preventing any coherent speech whatsoever.

His nanny leaned down, pressing her hand against the pup’s padding and squeezing it, taking no notice of his muffled protests as she slid two fingers inside of the padding’s lining.

“My my, you’re one helpless, wet sissy baby alright. I think that diapers can use a little bit more punishment though. You still haven’t had your morning poop after all.”

She stood back up, an almost cruelling sweet smile playing across her lips as she bore down on the helpless wolf.

She leaned down, patting him on the head and saying, in a voice meant only for the littlest of pups.

“There, there. Nanny will change you out of your diapers soon enough. Now be a good little dumb baby and clack clack clack your plastic blocks while Nanny goes to fix herself up a spot of lunch.”

Still smiling condescendingly, she turned around and exited the playpen, locking the door behind her with a distinct click.

Muaruader whined instinctively, the smell of baby powder combined with fresh pee already pervading into his nostrils.

It was a scent that he was all too familiar with. He watched in disappointment as his nanny exited the room, locking the door behind her as she did so.

She would often do this, come over to check his diaper, only to tell him that he would have to wait to be changed.

He was lucky if he got more than one change a day, as she would usually just layer him thickly in two diapers and force him to sit in his own mess for hours on end.

Muarauder would occasionally develop a rash, which his nanny took as an opportunity to take her sweet time applying rash ointment to his bottom while continuously talking down to him.

The wolf would be strapped to the changing table, feeling his cheeks burn as she held his ankles in the air, carrying on a monologue on how only the messiest of babies got rashes on their buns.

She would go on, telling him how grateful he should be that she was taking time out of her day to pay attention to his sore bottom and treat it, even though it was technically her fault that he developed a rash to begin with.

There he would lie, his arms buckled above him helplessly sucking on his pacifier as she took her sweet time applying the ointment. She would rub the cream into his sore bottom, making sure to make absolutely no contact with his caged member.

“What a silly little thing you have, only the sissiest of babies have to wear their cages all the time. I bet you couldn’t stop making naughty stickies into your little baby diapers if you weren’t caged up. Remember sweetie, Daddy knows best for you.”

His nanny had a habit of continually reciting this line to him, reminding him of just who was actually responsible for his completely controlled lifestyle.

Muaruader thought back to how he had ended up in his current predicament, which he would often ruminate over due to sheer boredom.

He grimaced, remembering just how eager he had been when his boyfriend had gotten a raise at work, and had finally decided to fulfill the pup’s most secret and desired fantasy.

Chapter 2: A Wolf’s Wish

Popsicle had met Muarauder a few years ago when the two began eyeing each other at a local fetish club. Having been hired as a local government contractor for military tech, the African dog had taken it upon himself to ensure to explore his interests when he was not convening with his military colleagues.

He had not expected to see a quite spritely looking pup with pink fur highlights, sitting at the bar of the club sipping at a cocktail.

Pop had made the first move, after seeing the pup for the third or fourth time, he had sauntered up, bought him a drink and asked him where he was from.

The pup had been eyeing the African dog as well, and was a little flustered when he was approached. He managed to stutter out his hometown and the fact that he lived only a block or two away.

It didn’t take long for the two to jump into active conversation, and before Muarauder knew it, he had been asked out on a date by the larger dog.

Fast forward a few years later, the two had developed an intimate relationship. So close were they in fact that Muarauder even shared his deepest, as of yet undeclared sexual fantasy with the canine.

“Seriously? A little sissy baby with absolutely no control whatsoever over anything? With constant humiliating reminders present at all times, as you put it?”

“Oh stop teasing, you know just how subby I get. I’ve always really wanted to try something like that out in the long term. It’d be so hot…”

Popsicle could not disagree with how attractive such an idea sounded, if quite pricey. He had greatly enjoyed putting the pup in his place, indulging the sissy in varying amounts of humiliation, babying, and periods of chastity.

This, however, was on another level. Muarauder was talking about 24/7 diaper-wearing, chastity, and humiliating sissy baby treatment. Complete with an independent caretaker that would be solely responsible for keeping Muarauder in his place when Pop was out working or having his own life.

The female domination and cuck component was also quite alluring to him, as he could now actively go out and have relations with other furs now that Muarauder would have a nanny taking care of his messy bottom the whole year round.

“I agree that this would be an incredible fantasy to fulfill, no doubt you’d be tenting that diaper the entire time if your cock wasn’t slapped tight in a cage, but the investment on this would be immense… You couldn’t back out once we started that, you do understand right?”

“Well no duh, but this really would be the dream. Total helplessness, utterly humiliated, forced to pee and poop inside my diapers while dressed up as a sissy and having absolutely no ability to get off from it? No control? No say in anything other than which blocks or dolls I get to play with?”

The African dog felt himself growing excited at the prospect of being able to witness something like that as well. The idea of having Muarauder as nothing more than a sissy plaything to fulfill his desires whenever he wished and not having to worry about the caretaking component was a particularly attractive idea.

Still, it would be a drastic change of lifestyle for Muarauder. As Pop saw it, he was currently blinded by sexual euphoria of fantasizing about it.

He had said that he would think about it. Currently, it was far too expensive, and he would need a significantly larger pool of resources to even begin to plan something like that.

Pop also mentioned that Muarauder should seriously consider whether he would be willing to put up with a complete change of lifestyle like that. After all, for it to be just how he described, there could be no breaks, no freedom, the same schedule, day in and day out.

Muarauder had brushed this off, stating that he was not concerned about that. The dream was his ultimate sexual fantasy, and he had no doubt in his mind that he would enjoy the entire process. Especially, he would love nothing more than to be utterly denied sexual pleasure during the most sexually enticing fantasy he could muster.

The African dog had listened sincerely to the pup’s wishes, and found himself ruminating about it in the evenings when he would watch the pup’s chest rise and fall as they lay in bed.

~ ~ ~

“Puppers! I’m home!”

Pop sang out his usual greeting as he deposited the keys in the waiting bowl by the front door.

Shutting the door behind him, the African dog had an extra kick in his step as he took off his coat hastily.

That day at work had been quite eventful, and he was eager to share the news with his boyfriend. He had been hard at work, keeping in mind the fantasy that his puppy had described to him months prior.

His boss had walked up to him and looked over his shoulder. This was not an abnormal occurrence, as he and his supervisor held a comfortable relationship where they openly talked about the work that Pop put forward.

He glanced up to meet his boss’ eye. His boss, a surely looking water buffalo, nodded approvingly in response.

“Pop, I think it’s time we negotiate giving you a raise. I’ve been particularly pleased with the numbers you’ve been putting forth and I would like to reward that. Once you’re finished here, please follow me into my office.”

Pop had felt his heart skip a beat.

A raise?

Pop had been quite surprised. The water buffalo with whom he had worked was not known for his generosity, and in fact demanded a fair amount of overtime.

The African dog wasted no time in getting to a good stopping point in his work and had gotten up to use the bathroom before going over to his boss’ office to freshen up.

Now, as he took off his shoes back at home, he could not help but smile as he had heard the news about his pay raise.

“Pup! Where are you? I have news!”

“In the kitchen!”

Pop padded into the kitchen to see his favorite pink pup working away at some dough on the kitchen counter. Dressed in nothing but an apron, the dog worked his wrists into the dough as he looked up coily.

“Well hello there mister, it seems like you’ve caught me at an awkward moment. How was work?”

Washing his paws in the sink, the timber wolf walked over and exchanged a passionate kiss with the African dog.

As they withdrew from each other, Pop could not help but sport a perverse grin on his muzzle.

“You won’t believe what happened today.”


Muarauder had returned to working away at his batter, his ears perked up and swiveled in the direction of his boyfriend.

Gradually, the pup stopped working away and turned his attention fully as Pop began to unravel the news to his boyfriend.

Not only had he received a raise, something that the two had been hoping would happen for quite some time, but he knew exactly what he was going to do with it.

As Muarauder felt his stomach twist into knots, he listened as his boyfriend related to him the extent of his plan.

Muarauder’s fantasy would be fulfilled to its fullest, he had already found a caretaker who would be willing to do everything that the fantasy included. She was a deer on the larger side of things, and would have no trouble in physically restraining the pup should he try to resist.

Additionally, he had called a local carpenter before coming home to secure the means of acquiring all of the furniture required to create the adult sized nursery.

He would be sparing no expense creating this, and Muarauder was going to have two weeks to put in a letter of resignation and take care of anything he wanted to be done before being unable to make any decisions for himself again.

At the phrasing of, “unable to make any decisions for himself again” he felt his heart skip a beat. The gravity of the situation was beginning to weigh down upon him.

This… This is really happening… I’m going to be treated like a sissy baby for… well for the foreseeable future…

His cheeks began to turn red as he continued to listen attentively, an action that was not lost upon Pop as he continued to recount exactly what he had in store for his boyfriend.

Muarauder’s tail began to wag instinctively behind him, and he glanced down at it sheepishly. Grabbing it with one of his paws to calm it down, he returned his attention to the African dog.

“This…. This is all so sudden but…“

“What? Are you having second thoughts? We don’t have to do this, you know.”

“N-no… I want to do it. Let’s do it.”


Pop gave Muarauder one of his winning smiles, remarking:

“You know, I think I’ll quite like having a baby at home. I’ve always had a pretty
strong paternal instinct, as you know. Being able to tower over you while you sit in your dirty diapers cooing over your cute little face is going to be something I’ll look forward to after work.”

Muarauder blushed deeply, but could not help but smile back at his boyfriend.

I can’t believe this is happening… my dream… I’m going to be a helpless little sissy baby with not a care or responsibility in the world…

That evening, Muarauder did as his boyfriend had instructed. He went through his various contacts and sent them all a message.

It wasn’t too difficult to fabricate a story about how he was going to travel with his boyfriend for a few months as he announced his raise along with his plans. He wished his family farewell and sent a few scheduled birthday messages for the next six months.

Next, he quickly composed a letter of resignation which he sent to his employer. Lastly, he went through his bank account and subscriptions and canceled the majority of things he was paying for.

After all, why spend money on things like Netflix and grocery deliveries when everything he would ever want would be provided for?

Once he was satisfied that he had taken care of the majority of his responsibilities for a fair amount of time, he closed his laptop gently.

He had done it. Besides responding to a few more messages and emails, he had basically freed himself of most of his adult responsibilities and prepared himself to be completely dependent on his boyfriend and nanny for all of his needs.

He looked around their comfortable living room, imagining how it would feel sitting on the floor in front of the television, unable to walk anymore and waiting on his nanny to change his diapers.

He felt giddy. Muarauder still could not believe all the pieces of the puzzle were actually falling together.

He could not wait for what would happen in two weeks’ time.

Chapter 3: Building a Fantasy

The next two weeks were a blur in Pop’s mind, as he found himself running from hardware store to hardware store getting all the building materials that he needed together.

When he was not at work or sawing wood, he was shopping online to make sure he would have all the supplies for his overgrown charge.

He had already chosen to use their guest room for the nursery, as they usually only got one or two uses out of it per year anyway.

Pop’s furniture list included: a crib with bars that went all the way up to the ceiling, in addition to having a mattress with segufix installed on it: a locking high chair with buckles for his pup’s ankles, wrists, and neck, as well as a central five-point harness; a large playpen with a locking door, big enough to make even the pup look small; a changing table with a vast array of drawers, shelves, and an intimidating amount of restraints on top; and lastly a rocking horse with similar amounts of restraints.

Besides that, he was planning on repainting the room, adding a toy chest, diaper pail, rocking chair, and perhaps one or two other additions if the right idea struck him.

Thankfully, Pop had done quite well in his woodworking class back in college and found himself to be progressing much quicker than he thought.

The garage, of course, was off limits to Muarauder as Pop worked. He didn’t want the surprise to be spoiled, after all.

Muarauder found himself almost unable to wait through the two weeks, as his ears perked up every time he heard any noise coming from his boyfriend’s makeshift workshop.

He had allowed himself only one bit of peeking at what the African dog had in store, and he managed to sneak on his laptop before the display had automatically shut off.

Browsing through his internet search history, he felt his stomach twisting in knots as he perused through the display.

Pop had ordered an almost absurd amount of pink diapers. Muarauder realized that they would most likely last him through the year, even with multiple changes a day.

In addition to crinkly underpants, he had ordered a collection of baby onesies, dresses, sleepers, rompers, plastic pants, pacifiers, stuffed animals, mittens, booties, bibs, and several spreaders and segufix buckles.

Muarauder felt himself growing more and more turned on, and before he had even taken a look at the other half of the internet history he decided to shut the laptop.

I guess he’s really doing it… Better not spoil the rest of the surprise.

With this teaser of what was to come occupying his mind, Muarauder tried his best to keep himself distracted as the days on the calendar trickled by.

When one week was left before the first day of his new treatment, the pup overheard a conversation his boyfriend was having over the phone.

“Yes, the email I sent you had a few attachments that should detail exactly when and how to administer that kind of treatment.”

“Uh-huh, oh yeah I’ve already sent you the deposit, it should clear in a few days. If not, do let me know.”

Pop paused, listening intently to whomever was on the other end. He let out a soft chuckle before responding.

“Oh no, nothing like that. You should be able to do pretty much whatever it is that you want to do to him, he won’t be likely to resist.”

He listened again, and Muarauder noticed a change in tone as he responded.

“Well, I never actually thought of that. That is a little bit of a drastic measure, but I’m sure it would align with what he described to me. It is what he wants. How much would something like that even cost?”

Pop paused again, Muarauder holding his breath as not to give away his position in the kitchen, spying on his boyfriend.

Pop whistled, chuckling once again as he responded.

“Okay, yeah. That is a pretty penny, but we do have insurance so it could potentially be covered. I’ll think about it. What if-”

He paused, as though interrupted.

“Oh really? Well that would really speed things along wouldn’t it? And significantly save on costs. If you could put us in contact with your surgeon we could probably have it done as a seamless transition. Sure, sure, let me get you some more information.”

Muarauder heard the telltale sound of Pop’s footpaws as he strode towards the kitchen, and he was just able to sneak out into the hallway before his boyfriend noticed him.

Pop was just able to get a glimpse of the pup’s vanishing tail as he exited the kitchen in his haste.

Heh, so the pup’s spying on me. That’s alright, he’ll have no idea what’s coming his direction anyway. 7 more days puppy, then you’ll be thinking you should have been careful for what you wished for!

~ ~ ~

Two days remained before the deadline, and Muarauder was finding himself to be in a quite cheerful mood.

“Hey Pop! I’m going to go use the potty and watch Netflix like a big boy tonight!”

He idly teased, as he enjoyed increasing the potential energy between now and his destined fall from authority coming in two days time.

“Maybe I’ll check my email too and see how my credit score is doing!”

Pop shook his head, a wry smile covering his muzzle as he walked over to the couch and ruffled his boyfriend’s hair.

“Have fun while you can, puppy. In a few days time you won’t be able to sit up from lying down without my permission.”

Muarauder blushed, feeling his cheeks grow red as he thought about the phone conversation he had overheard and items he had glanced at in the dog’s internet history.

He could tell Pop was serious, during the first few days of waiting he had entertained the notion that this was all perhaps a big prank to be followed up by a few days of babying to make up for it.

But this seemed to be the real deal. Pop had insisted that Muarauder get out of the house for a few hours so he could move the furniture into the guest room.

During that time, several locks were also installed inside of the house cutting off access to several rooms, including the guest room, bathroom, and several bedrooms.

Muarauder could only access the kitchen, living room, their shared bedroom, and the bathroom with permission.

He could sense his boyfriend’s fatigue from putting everything together as well, as he had fallen asleep in bed before Muarauder had even gotten back from the bathroom from brushing his teeth.

Pop was tired, but Muarauder could feel a similar excitement in the dog akin to his own.

This was happening, all the pieces were falling into place and the pup had a distinct feeling that it was definitely too late to back out now.

Not that he wanted to, his dreams recently had been filled with the fantasies he had recounted to his boyfriend those months ago and he almost could not wait to experience them as his reality.

Even now he had been holding off on pawing off, wanting the sexual gratification to be immense when he finally was placed in diapers and forced into baby bondage with no choice other than to use them.

Little did he know that the last time he had pawed off would be the last for a very, very long time.

“Want to join me for a movie and cuddle? It’s cold outside today, I need somebody to keep me warm.”

“I’ll be right there pup, I just need to take care of something really quick. Don’t wait on me.”

Feeling slightly puzzled, Muarauder gazed at the retreating form of his boyfriend as he disappeared into his makeshift workshop.

Working now? It’s after 8, he’s usually too tired to do anything by this time.

Holding his tail in his lap for comfort, Muarauder flicked on the television and scrolled up to his latest TV show fix.

Before long, he was so engrossed in the narrative that he didn’t notice the garage door open quietly.

The shadow of the African dog crept along the floor, unseen by Muarauder who continued to sleepily gaze at the television.

Suddenly, a cloth was brought over the wolf’s mouth and he let out a yelp of surprise.

“What the- wha… Wha…”

The sleeping agent set to work almost immediately, plunging the timber wolf into a deep state of unconsciousness as Pop continued to gently but firmly press the cloth into the dog’s muzzle.

“Perfect, that was pretty clean.”

He gently patted the slumped over dog on his head, speaking out loud.

“Don’t worry puppy, Daddy’s going to take great care of you from now on.”

Striding over to the front door, several furs garbed in scrubs and wheeling in an operating table entered their living room.

“This is the patient?”

Asked a burly looking rhinoceros, balancing a delicate pair of spectacles on his horn as he squinted at a clipboard.

“Yes, this is him.”

Pop looked over at the only fur not wearing medical garb that had walked in.

“Nanny, I presume?”

“That would be correct, yes. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Pop.”

The African dog smiled, extending a paw forward and shaking the deer’s hoof.

“The pleasure is all mine, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Likewise! So this is the baby in question, huh? He really is a little cutie.”

The medical furs had now lifted the still sleeping timber wolf onto the table, and were strapping his limbs down onto the table as several instruments were laid out on an adjacent table.

“I still can’t believe you managed to get a whole operating team to perform in my living room, how is this not costing you a fortune?”

The deer shrugged, a little smile forming on her muzzle as she nodded towards one of the surgeons, a lanky looking cheetah who was just beginning to develop a grey muzzle, who blushed in response and avoided eye contact.

“Oh you know, one gets around I guess. Your little cutie will be all fixed up in no time, you have everything else set up, yes?”

Pop nodded, noting a slight British accent he had not picked up earlier in their phone conversations in the deer’s voice.

“Yes, the pup’s room and your bedroom are all furnished. I even took the liberty and prepared two weeks’ worth of groceries for your dietary preferences and for the pup’s change in regime. You should be good to go.”

The deer nodded, watching as they lowered a mask onto the pup’s muzzle and unbuckled the front of his pants.

“Good. If all goes according to plan, our little pup should be waking up in around 12 hours time. The procedure is actually pretty elegant, there’s no need for any antibiotics or bandages. Just a little snip, some suturing , and viola. Done.”

Pop turned, motioning that the deer follow him as he spoke up.

“Come, allow me to show off the fruits of my labor for the past two weeks. I think you’ll find that the craftsmanship you’ll be working with will be to your satisfaction.”

Nodding, the deer allowed herself to be guided towards the direction of the nursery.

All the while, the surgeons prepared to secure the timber wolf’s fate. Permanently.