Care resort and Hospital {Illustrated Diaper boy story}

Hello Everyone. This is my idea of comfort and care in a medical setting. This a story about a boy named Jake who is recommended by his doctor to go to a special resort to relax and feel comforted and safe.
Join him on his journey as he visits this mysterious place.

I apologize for my grammar,spelling and basically my writing. I like to write stories but I’m not that good at it. I hope to improve thank you. Any advice or help would be deeply appreciated.

                                                                **Chapter 1**

The boy named Jake was dropped off by his Aunt and Uncle in front of a large complex. In town.

He was recommended by his doctor to stay here for his summer break. To unwind from the anxiety he suffers. His friend Joey from school recommended that he ask his doctor to send him to the newly opened Special Care Resort and Hospital.

He would enjoy it. His parents ran the place and said the place was awesome. He said for him to think of it like a vacation. Thinking back to the sleepovers he had with his best friend; His parents even babied him. Jake thought that was strange at first. They were kind and sweet to him as if he was their son. They read them bedtime stories and tucked them in; they even had footed sleepers for them to wear on the cold winter nights. She even gave them foot massages on the side. They both took good care of us during sleep overs.

Arriving at the complex. He is mesmerized that they used the old schoolhouse outside of town to create the new hospital. The hospital is of sandstone brick; some wings look like they are more than 4 stories, sometimes 8 stories. Wow, this place is huge.

Inside an elegant waiting room and small mini arcade some sit scared or sad. The smell is sweet and strangely relaxing. He heads for the main desk.
The nurse looks back at him with a warm smile. Hello What’s your name?

The boy replied nervously. It’s Jake Sans.
Ah how cute. You have such a beautiful name. Lets see, looking at her computer. Ok you’re all set Jake. A nurse will be with you shortly to get you situated.

You can go sit down now or go play some games.
Ok Jake replied.

He heads down to sit on the chair patiently waiting.
He thinks about the brochure the doctor showed him and the strange questions the survey asked of him. They asked if he liked to be hugged and cared for. Wish that he will go back to a time where he wouldn’t have to worry. He really wants to experience the spa and the comfort that comes with it. And to see what else this place has. A boy walks toward him. Wearing a white tank top and white Shorts with flip flops.
Hey dude. It’s his friend.
Glad you could make it guess what?


I’m your assigned friend and assistant for your stay here. Putting his hand on my shoulder you don’t need to worry we’re going to have fun here. Dude you would not believe how much fun this place is.
Maybe later on you could work with me here. I think you would love it or you could be our patient forever.

Sitting next to me. With a binder with papers. We have a lot planned for you. From your survey questions you’re a perfect fit for our care here.
What, you read them, Jake looks scared?

Dude you don’t have to worry your answers and mine are almost exactly the same.

There will be surprises after your medical exam from the nurse don’t be embarrassed. Everyone that is in our care has similar cases of care.

a distant voice speaks.
e. A beautiful nurse in her mid twenties.
Ok buddy I will see you soon says his friend.

Hugging me and walking the Opposite direction.
Walking toward the Nurse. Hello Young man, how are you doing today patting my head. Like a little kid. Alright this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to get a quick exam and you’re going to go on a cool side door to your first step in Care resort. It’s going to be so much fun.

Heading for an exam room. The Nurse asks the boy to remove his belt and shoes and socks.
The boy looking at the Nurse was confused.

It will make sense here we have a bin for your shoes with your name on it they will be safe.

Doing what the Nurse asks.
The Nurse smiles back.
I bet your feet feel a whole lot better, nice and fresh. She touches them with her gloved hands. Nice and soft you will do great in our care. The boy is surprised she would touch his feet like that. It was actually comforting.

She places the cold stethoscope on his chest and, breath for me, sounds good.
Now let’s get your blood pressure.
She wraps the cuff link around his arm squeezing it.
That looks good also.

Now let me have a look at your medical records.
I do have to point out that you will be receiving medical care if need be. Also dental to eye care. Any type of care in that manner will be taken care of.

Well looking over your survey answers I think you are all set to go onto the next step don’t be scared. Just relax.
I’m going to move you to the next room to get you ready with our special equipment ok just relax.

A side door opens up like a garage. The exam table is slid into the next room and the door closes.
A robot feminine voice speaks up.

Please stand on x and put your hands up in the air.

Heading for the x, the floor is strangely warm, not as cold as I thought it would be.

The boy stands on the x and raises his arms. a vent unaware of him opens up and his shirt is nearly blown off as quickly a soft metal band attaches to his torso. What the?

A band wraps around his torso like nothing is lifted, bands with wires attached to his arms. His arms kept raised up above his head they held firmly and tightly hey what’s going on Please let me go.

An automatic voice, what a sweet boy you are, this is for your safety and ours. Now it’s time to take off those restrictive clothes and get you ready for something way more comfortable.
You’re such a cute little boy. It’s bath time little Jake, time to make you squeaky clean.
But first it’s bath time. Hands come out of nowhere and begin to latch on his clothes first lifting his shirt hey hey please don’t.
Oh don’t worry you are perfectly safe here this will help you relax all of a sudden something is inserted into the mouth. He feels a belt wrap around his face. He can’t spit it out. It tastes like strawberries. He sucks on it. It’s a pacifier Strangely calming down a tad the taste mixes with his saliva. The taste in his mouth makes his mouth feel fresh. There you’re safe. The shirt is quickly taken away. Feeling the cool air on his bare chest. Now let’s get those pesky shorts off of you and gently lower them down. The boy’s face gets red.

They are quickly taken away. The boy frantically kicks his legs, the arms reattach to his ankles firmly holding his legs in place. Now they begin to lower his undergarments; he frantically tries to keep them on. He’s crying. there their arm gently rubs his back and he shakes at first. Patting his back in a rhythm like you would a baby, strangely he calms a little. Frightened in the birthday suit,

A towel is wrapped around his lower half and a pin is attached to keep it in place. Now one of our nurses is going to take you to our bath area. You will enjoy it. The boy was lowered down to a wheel chair immediately he was restrained, his arms fastened to the armrests, his ankles to the middle the restraints are like soft sponges, a restraint belt between his crotch and chest.
He tries to struggle but there is no use; he is secured to the comfy padded wheelchair. He tries to speak but he can’t. There is a massage motion on the back of the chair the same on the soles of his feet. Struggling in his binds, there is no way off the chair. No matter what he does.

Another nurse walks into the room.

She looks at the boy with compassion. She wears a white vintage nurse uniform and skirt knee length.
Hey there little man now you’re alright grabbing a tissue wiping his tears. Padding his head rubbing his cheek gently, now it’s bubble bath time she rubs his head and begins to move the wheel chair. Out into a hallway.

The hallway is that of a vintage hospital The boy notices others restrained as he is wheeled by wheelchairs or carried with special harnesses. See you’re not the only one being cared for now be a brave little one.

They head to a designated hallway reading bath time up above the boy, scared and anxious about what lies inside.

Ok here we are little one. Time to get all squeaky clean. She slides a card.

I will leave with our specialized hands. They will see to it that you are nice and clean. The door slides open. The aroma of baby soap steam fills the room. The wheelchair moves by itself. The door quickly closes. All that is in front of the boy is a strange bathtub. With a back rest of sorts. The room is entirely covered in green tile.

The room is steamy and warm. The bath must already be prepared. Hands come out of the sides of the bath they begin to unlatch the restraints; any movement of escape is quickly gone. They quickly lift up the boy and remove his towel he again is embarrassed he is gently laid into the water the water envelopes his body. The water is warm and soothing. He is set back near the backrest, two appendages latch on to his wrists, his arms are bent, his arms can't move, additional restraints latch near his shoulders, his feet splash in the water. He struggles to find a way out of the restraints. No use he's just making the water splash.

A robotic voice,
Silly boy we have kept those footies still, don’t worry we have some special scrubbers prepared for them from below the water two metal like shoes swim towards the boys feet he tries to kick them away but they quickly stick to his soles.
Slimy like appendages wrap around his ankles keeping the shoes in place.

His legs are bent where his feet stick out of the water.
He looks at his feet slimy like appendages continually move around his feet; it’s as if their scrubbing them in a rhythm. The squealing sound, the squeaky sound of scrubbing. They massage and also clean. Going through each toe scrubbing the soles. It’s more of a massage than a tickle. They clean with a texture wrapping them in a multitude of suds. They even clean under his toe nails

The boy calms down a little.

See doesn’t that feel good? Now it’s time to scrub all the dirt and oil off. Just relax, you’re in our care now. We are going to scrub scrub scrub.

Shower heads turn on pointing toward the boy sprinkling him with water mixed with soap. It’s like he’s in an automatic car wash.

Scrubbers come from the sides pressing onto his body they turn on soft bristles yet firm begin to spin at a fast pace. They go all over spinning the dirt and grime away from his skin. It’s a gentle tickle but not enough to laugh the boys’ fears subside/ The tension in his body fades. The aroma and smells calm him down.

You’re such a good patient. Look at you so sweet and cute. We really love you. Our sweet little boy is getting all nice and clean. They scrub his face, clearing his pores thoroughly. His ear. They even clean out the wax. They even clean his nose, sucking out mucus from the steam.

The praises make the boy feel all warm inside making him blush, he feels comforted with their words.

They scrub all over it as if they secrete foam and liquid soap creating many suds. He feels a liquid drop on his head with the feeling and looking up looking at hands coming down he fears but can’t move they head straight for his head. They quickly begin to gently massage his head. The movements make his body tingle. The tension he had quickly subsides. The bristles of brushes scrub out dried skin and oil from his pores.
The soapy water in the tub has a tingly feeling. The scrubbers massage his body. His hair is ringed but no soap gets in his eyes. Over 15 minutes go by.

A motherly voice states that it looks like you’re all nice and clean, time to dry you and puts some lotion on you. We can’t have you getting dry now. What a good boy. You were so brave. Such a cutie pie you are.

The hands release the restraints the boy can not fight; he is lifted from the water towels quickly attached to him drying off the remaining water the water in the tub drains. Uv lights hit all over disinfecting the area preparing it for another patient.

Hands rub him all over; they feel slimy; they smell of baby lotion. From head to toe. They rub the lotion into his body and the scent is sweet to his nose. The smell and feel strangely relaxing to him. On his face to his chest to legs to his feet why even each of his toes got careful attention.
He can’t help but feel relaxed.

Another towel wraps around his waist. He is sat onto the wheel chair firmly restrained once again the chair begins to move with stealth.

The chair moves out of the room and the nurse walks back. Look how clean you look so cute pinching his cheek gently now it’s time to get you into something comfortable we just have to head down across the hallway.

The door opens. I will wait for you out here and you can go play with the others the chair moves into the room like before. This time the boy notices it’s an exam like the room you would find at the doctors office. Hands like before unrestrained him and pick him up sitting him up leaning against the matt with the paper the hands grab each of his wrists a blue like shirt is brought before him the hands place his hands opposite of each side his left arm is to his right and his right arm to his left a belt is place around his tightly but comfortably he tries to break free but he cant he kicks his legs trying to move their their baby were almost done two hands pick up his feet lifting him inches off the table two hands unlatch the towel it is quickly taken away he’s turns beat red. Their hand has a small object heading for his crotch. It sprinkles white powder. A hand brings a white object folded. No it can’t be, it’s a diaper.
He tries to struggle but he can’t. Placing under his butt. The soft padding molds to his bottom lifting up toward the crotch it hugs him with soothing comfort the sides are connected.

Now isn’t that better how cute you look. Such a sweet boy. Now let’s get your id tag on it that was just printed. A hand brings a hospital ID bracelet instead of his wrist. It goes for his right ankle now to get on your onesie.

Wait what? The boy thinks.

What a hand brings a white long shirt with buttons on the bottom the garment holding his hands is released before he could get off the hands hold him still as they place the onesie on. The buttons are fastened. Compressing the diaper around him.

Now you’re ready to go play with the others? You’re going to have so much fun.

The hands quickly put him back in the chair restrained and ready.The wheel chair quickly moves to the door where the nurse sees the boy. The nurse waits oh how cute you look pinching his cheek. Now I’m going to take off your pacifier no screaming or yelling or crying or I will put it back in do I make myself clear little one.

The boy, having no choice, nodded his head.
She takes it out of his mouth.

Do you have any questions for me?
Why am I in a diaper? Why am I tied down? I’m a big kid.

Oh little one that’s our policy here all our patients are required to wear diapers. Those straps are to keep you safe and secure. It’s a part of your therapy to feel at ease and relax. you will enjoy it. We have loads of things for you to do. And many treatments to help you feel at ease. You’re going to make friends and have fun.

Where are you taking me? To one of our play rooms of course. Then after a while it will be dinner time and soon bedtime tomorrow we have a busy day. Arriving outside a set of double doors. Above them in childlike lettering read play room 2.

she presses a button the restraints are undone now you can walk in and play with the others.

The boy looked scared back at her. They are dressed just like you, some are just even in a diaper. Come on I will show you grabbing his hand gently leading him into the double doors.

The room is huge and there are an assortment of video games toys. Cartoons
Arcade games. Everyone is playing, having fun. They all are barefoot and wearing diapers, the nurse was right.

Gently pushing me forward. One of our attendants will take you to dinner later and after that one of our nurses will get you ready for bed.

The nurse gave a kiss on the head leaving the room.
A boy walking toward me now is him. Feeling embarrassed

Hey don’t be embarrassed I’m wearing them underneath. They are super comfy.
Come on, let’s play some video games. Ok walking with him. He’s not wearing shoes in here.

Up ahead was a massive tv screen that looked like a racing game each kid was playing in a chair with a steering wheel and foot pedals. Here there is an extra seat right there where you can use that one.

Joey speaks up and meets our new friend Jake.

Looking at the others one of them was just wearing a diaper. He looked back. With a kind smile sup dude.
Come on, let’s start a new game already before I have to change.
The words make Jake’s eyes go wide. They quickly start the game. It’s amazing the games are so real and cool it’s actually like you’re driving and there are so many maps to race it’s so much fun. The games are so realistic. Wow the seats feel real, the vibrations and everything feel real.

Several hours go by. Alright everyone it’s time for dinner. There is a big ahh in the room.
Come on little ones it’s time to eat. You will love it.

Not noticing Joey said come on dude We have a special room just for the two of us to eat. Not with the whole crowd.

Uh ok the boy replied.

Notice how that everyone is heading in that room down their well. We have to head to a special room on the opposite side. A private one for you and I to eat. You’re going to love it.

Walking down the massive play room there is a lot more stuff here than usual. This part is lined with weird chairs hanging on the walls. There was a closet like an office. Hanging inside were different straitjackets. Also several fridges. A computer. Different equipment.

Dude it’s ok they’re actually really comfortable. The straitjackets don’t hurt, take it as a gentle hug you’re giving yourself. the nurses feed you by bottle here while another massages your feet.

Why this kind of treatment though? I’m not complaining about it. I’m just surprised.

Dude let me tell you how this place was started. You see, my dad is a former NASA engineer and physical therapist and major stock holder. My Mom is a Pediatric dentist.
If you have heard the rate of depression in young people has gone up at a rapid rate suicides are off the charts crime and lack of love are up also. My parents did a consent study on how to solve the problem in a closed setting. A hospital up north dedicated one of it’s closed wings to the study. Youth and adults from all walks of life, those that are depressed orphans, juveniles drug users. They all were put in treatment similar to what is going on now. Over the course of two years the data was that those that were released from treatment had a whole different outlook in life. It was a transformation and those with mental illness had cut in half their anxiety and fear. The rates were astonishing and amazing. Congress got word of this study; they wanted a private hearing and that’s what they did. The United States government wanted an answer to the growing problem within the country.

My mom and dad recently testified before congress behind closed doors. They presented the data. The committee was shocked at how the numbers were cut in half and how those that were in trouble changed from their previous habits. Congress beyond margin lines voted that a facility be created for people from all walks of life in the United States to be created. They were given a budget of around 10 billion dollars to either refurbish a closed hospital or build a new one.

My parents chose our home town. They decided to build it where the old country schoolhouse expanded upon.
The budget was set and medical staff was hired that was ok with the study findings and treatment methods. The hospital was granted medical status. Did you know this place is just like any advanced hospital like you would find in Denver? It provides surgery services and cancer treatment dental services. Mental health services.

It was independent from state officials and only federal officials were allowed. People saw the changes in people for the better. They didn’t care how it was done, they were happy to have their family members back.

You would not believe what my dad has built for us to have fun with and all our new friends it’s so cool you will see for sure opening the door was like a private lounge their was a big table a massive tv the room was colorful and sweet the carpet was thick and squishy under our feet.

Noticing two chairs one taller than the other.
OK buddy now you’re going to sit in that bigger chair you have to trust me on this OK?
OK I guess cool buddy.

The chair really had the appearance of a highchair sitting down on the wooden chair. OK I want you to insert your hands in the mittens attached to the table. Is that going to tie me up Joey.

Does that bother you? No, let’s do it. I like it. That a boy rubbing my head putting my hands in the mittens, the feeling of them shrinking around my wrists and hands I can no longer pull them out. Ok now here is some more security for my best friends getting behind the chair. The sound of a snap white leather band attached to the boy’s chest. Holding him against the two restraint bands go around each ankle. He can’t move now two padded sticks hold his head in place so that he can’t move his head side to side.

Now I’m going to go get our food and we can eat. Yeah all blushed.
Bringing back out plates I’m going to take a bite and I’m going to feed you a bite.

He situates himself. Ok you first since you are my guest open up the choo choo I do so that's a good boy it was mashed potatoes chicken fried steak and mac and cheese all in three separate small portions. It was good.

So how does it taste buddy? It tastes good. Wow. They really make good food here.
Yeah for sure buddy.

He takes a bite. This goes on for some time. The chair is comfortable for Jake. the seat molds to his bottom with the additional cushion of his diaper.
Asking were you surprised with this place.
Yeah I sure was and I love it. I was really depressed before my mom and dad saw that and came up with this kind of treatment and it’s sweet. I can be a patient or an attendant any time I want. When I first started I was hesitant but with the kind staff and treatments I loved it. Since you are my best friend you can come here anytime you want. My family will figure something for your folks and take it as a job also.

How are our two little patients doing? Nice to see you again Jake both boys look up.

Mom Dad it’s been a while since I last saw you. Yeah we were tinkering with some new equipment and sees that you’re best friend is enjoying his treatment.the woman walking toward Jake patting his head. Looks like both of you are finished with your meals. How about we give Jake a little ride around the area then it’s off to bed for the both of you. Our silly boys.
Come on little one lets get you in the stroller he presses a button the mittens let loose as so the other restraints. Come on we have it already pushing the double stroller on the carpet.
Joey, excited by the thought of the stroller, quickly sat down. Like that the restrains come out automatically restraining his hands on the hand rests the same with his ankles. Now it’s your turn Jake, Jake sitting on the next seat quickly, the restraint latch on to his wrists and ankles and a strap on his chest and crotch attach. Look how cute both our boys look Joey’s mom grabbing our feet quickly tickling them. They are my sweet boys. We both giggle. We can’t move. Ok sports lets go for a ride through our facility. Heading out into the hallway. It’s more quiet.

Mom and Dad, where are you taking us? A ride through the hallways we don’t want to spoil anything for our little Jake here. Riding down the hallway there are few nurses with their patients. Both are fast asleep, their restraint wheelchairs. suckling on their pacifiers.

The nurse states time to get these monkeys in their cribs. Every day here is an adventure for our babies.

Look at these little cuties. And one of our little attendants is getting some treatment I see.

Yeah Joey states. Well will see you two boys later tickling our toes for a moment they make us giggle a little. They both give us a kiss on our foreheads.

Traveling down the many hallways Jake begins to get sleepy looking at Joey. He’s getting sleepy also. His parents talk but in a whisper. Getting sleeper by the moment.
We’re both out.

Looks like our boys have finally fallen asleep. How sweet they look.
Looks like our Joey has a really good friend. He’s always talking about him and how kind he was to him at school when nobody else paid attention. We’re going to give these two the royal treatment. Well let’s head for their room and check if they need any changes. It’s going to take some time to get little Jake to get used to using his diapers.

Arriving at the room she moves the stroller near the cribs, one on each side of the room. Well looks like our boys are in for a long peaceful night of slumber. OK, let’s head back to our room. We had a big day today.

We sure did, dear. Pressing a button. The door closes.

Both boys sound asleep in the stroller, hands come quietly out of the cleaning of the room the begin to unlatch the restraints and oh so carefully lifting each boy up from the stroller carefully removing the onesie and shorts and shirt from Joey. sticking a finger in each of their diapers. Joey is wet. They lay him on a changing table quickly changing his diaper and placing on a new one. Jake is still dry; the machine scans the boy’s bladder; he will be wetting soon. It calculates. Laying both boys in their respective cribs. They place sleep masks on their eyes. They each put pacifiers in their mouths with their belts. Next they place oxygen masks on their faces, each given a scent specified to what each boy likes. For Jake it is strawberry, for Joey it’s vanilla. laying them gently on the bed quickly restraining them both in bed restraints a teddy bear head is placed on their chests.belts attach to their teddy bears. Their wrists, torso thighs and ankles are comfortably fastened. Weighted blankets are placed on both boys. The night has only begun because they will sleep close to ten hours.

Later that night Jake awakens to find he can not see, he can not move. What's going on why cant I move somebody help. He can't speak, the pacifier is still in his mouth. He struggles and his bladder is bursting. He needs to get to the restroom. He needs to pee badly. He struggles at the Binds inhaling the air hitting his face becomes stronger. He becomes calmer.

He feels something press on his abdomen. The Pressure being built up trying to protest the pacifier is in the way the urge it’s getting hard to hold the pressure only growing from what feels like a hand on top.The urge to pee it can not be held he pees in his diaper feeling discussed by the idea the warm feeling between his legs spreading he wants out of it. He squirms at the feeling.

Feeling the blanket removed he feels hands begin removing the diaper he can not do anything about it. Wiping his down more powder they place on a new diaper just as quickly and also quickly restrain him. Trying to move in his binds the crib rocks gently the air hits his face more intensely making him relaxed he gets more and more drowsy.
He once again falls back to sleep.