Caravan Trip

It might seem a little out of the ordinary, but at 17 I still quite enjoyed spending time with my Mum, and that included going away on holiday with her. I could have gone away with the few friends that I had, but I didn’t Mum to feel that she had to away by herself. Since my Dad walked away years ago, it was just me and her. I know she had tried dating other guys, not that she ever told me but nothing really seemed to work out for her.

So here we were at the caravan site. It was towards the end of the season when we would visit, it wasn’t hot, it wasn’t particularly lively, just the usual British caravan site. We couldn’t really afford to go abroad, and going end of season meant it was always relatively cheap. We generally visited the same site every year. Mainly because Mums friends owned the caravan we stayed in and they charged us a minimal fare. It wasn’t your bog standard caravan, it was a static home, with a nice little decked area outside for whenever it was sunny. It had all the mod cons, TV, DVD player, games console, 2 double bedrooms, kitchen area and toilet. Sadly it was just lacking a shower, but the shower block was only 5 minutes walk away so it wasn’t too bad. We had arrived mid-afternoon, I unpacked the car, Mum rustled up a spot of dinner and I did a bit of exploring. Well I say exploring, the place hadn’t changed much from the previous years of visiting. There was an on-site shop, bar, entertainment area, kids park, crazy golf and just over the banks behind our home was the beach. I wandered over there and as usual it was pretty desolate. There were a couple of people far out at the edge of the water, but barring that it was just murky sand and wind. Looking around the rest of the caravan park, it was pretty dead. From the hundred or so vans on site, I counted 3 or 4 that looked occupied which was typical for end of season. Most of the owners had shut down for the season, with overcast weather and most attractions closed there was little demand bar people like us.

“Ryan, do you want to head over to the shower block before Eve closes them for the evening? I’m going out with her later, so you’ve got the place to yourself.”

She handed me a towel and I headed over to the shower block. It was quite a luxurious shower block, individual shower units with high powered hot showers. It was probably better than most at home showers. Whilst I was showering Mum banged on the door to take my clothes so she could put them in the washer whilst I showered. Once I was done I towelled myself and unlocked the door, where Mum was standing outside waiting for me.

“I thought we would get this done here and now. After i’m going to get the washing, take it to Eve’s to dry and probably go straight for there. If we get this done here at least I know it’s done incase you fall asleep in the van, and you can always just put your pants on back at the van.”

Mum was stood right next to the changing table with a nappy resting on it. I knew exactly what the nappy was, a Tena Slip Maxi. The same nappy she had me wear every year we had gone on holiday and all because of one silly accident when I was 12 years old. On that visit, unexpectedly I had wet the bed, It was the first time I wet the bed in years, but Eve found out when doing the inspection and charged mum a vast amount for a new mattress. So ever since Mum had made sure that after 7pm she would put a nappy on me so nothing would get ruined. And she had even purchased a pair of plastic pants incase I was wetting.

“Please Mum, seriously? I’m 17 years old and you’re seriously thinking I need to wear a nappy. I haven’t wet the bed in years, this is getting silly now.”

“We have this same argument every year and every year is the same outcome. I can’t afford to have you ruin another mattress. I won’t take the chance of it happening again. Don’t think I won’t spank you either.”

Mum wasn’t of a particularly domineering nature, nor was she a disciplinarian. But every now and again she had this mean streak, a nature that made me stand to attention as it were. Her tone and manner would send a shiver down my spine and as she opened the nappy and set it out for me to lie on, I knew it was inevitable.

“We can either do this now whilst there’s just you and I in here or we can do it when someone walks in. The choice is yours.”

She stood there, one hand on her hip and the other pointing towards the nappy. Resistance was futile.As I dropped my towel, I clambered on to the changing table and just closed my eyes. Mum dropped a plentiful supply onto my groin, gripped my ankles and expertly lifted my legs to expose and powder my bum before releasing them. She spread them slightly and taped the nappy on me. She helped me off the table and patted my backside, adjusting the leg cuffs slightly. I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror, against the backdrop of my semi-tanned body, the crispness of the white nappy stood out a mile. At 17 years old there I was stood helpless in a nappy and all for the sake of an accident 5 years ago.

“Right, i’m going to head over to the launderette to pick up the washing, I’ll head over Eve’s and be back later.”


She had left before I had even a chance to ask the questions. She had left me in a complete state. I looked around, in the stalls, by the changing table and on the floor, but I had no clothes to wear. Mum had obviously been in and taken the clothes i had worn to the shower block to the launderette as well. All I had was my flip flops and this nappy, that every time I moved it emitted a deafening crinkling noise. I had no idea where the launderette was so trying to get to mum was no use. And I couldn’t hang about the shower blocks because somebody would be over to close them shortly or knowing my luck, somebody would come in and see me.

I stood there for a few more minutes contemplating my predicament, a predicament where my mind was about to be made up for me. I stuck my head out of the door and noticed the cleaner was heading over to the block armed with her mop and bucket. Directly opposite the entrance to the shower block was the cleaners office. I prayed that she was heading that way, it might give me a short window to escape the shower block. But that would mean I would have to run for it, and head for my caravan. In my head I planned the route,from memory I remembered there was one, possibly two vans that were occupied.

I hid just inside the doorway as the cleaner went past, the plan was in motion as she entered the cleaning cupboard and that was my cue to get out of the shower block. I dashed out, i didn’t even look over my shoulder, I didn’t care if she saw me from behind. I headed towards a van I knew was unoccupied and gathered my breath for a second. I had 4 rows of vans to negotiate from here, the first occupied one was in front of me. I leaned round the corner and glimpsed a couple just entering the van. Whilst there backs were turned I dashed past there van and straight behind another, that looking through the window I knew was empty. I could feel the goose pimples and hairs all over my body standing on end through fear and the adrenaline rush. The next slightly worrying thing was the weather, the wind was picking up a fair bit and as I looked to the sky,the white afternoon clouds had been replaced by grim, dark evening clouds. Regaining my composure I just dashed straight to my van. I ran onto the decking, clattering into the concrete plant pot and grabbed the door handle. My heart sank, the handle didn’t budge. The door was locked and in my haste, I realised the key was in the clothes mum had took. Then, I perked up, I remembered there was usually a key under the plant pot. I lifted it hoping with optimism that there would be a key. My heart sank when all that was there was the outline of the key in the dampness. Speaking of dampness, as I felt disappointment, the howling of the wind and the crinkling of my nappy was interrupted by what i can only describe as a rather terrifying clap of thunder. So loud and so much of a shock to me that I let out quite the torrent of pee. I looked down at myself to see the crisp wet had now been replaced by a darker white, much like the sky. Accompanying the thunder, was the rain and an instant it started bucketing it down. I just turned round and sat on the step, despondent. I looked down at my knee, the trickles of rain had turned the graze where I hit the plant pot into a trickle of blood running down my shin. I sat with my chin slouched into my hands as the rain started to come down.

As the rain started to come down, my despondency was interrupted by a banging on the window from the caravan opposite. I looked up to a see a hand banging on the glass, I could barely make out through the rain that the hand was beckoning me towards the van. It was a catch-22 situation, either stuck out in the rain and risk getting hit by thunder, or get inside the van with a stranger, the latter option was my choice.

I walked across the grass, into the door that was ajar. The relief to be in the warm was good, but the apprehension and nervousness about who was in here was making my heart pound. I stood in the corridor, waiting for what felt like an eternity as the door to the main area opened. The door was opened by a female, she had a dressing gown on, her hair wrapped in a towel obviously she had just been showering.

“Hi, are you OK? Come in, come in…”

I just stood nervously as she again beckoned me to come in. I took my trainers off, I was always courteous when entering someone else’s property. There was a silence, broken with the steps I took and the crinkling of the nappy.

“I’m Nicki, Eve’s daughter. Please take a seat, I’ll get some disinfectant and the first aid kit for your knee.”


I could meagrely reply. I didn’t want to sit down on the settee as I was wet from the rain. She disappeared out of the room and came back shortly with supplies and a towel. I quickly dried myself off, and sat down on the settee. She brought a stool over and sat down in front of me.

“Is your Mum Janet?”

“Yeah. She’s gone over to see Eve.”

“Cool I’ll give her a ring now and let her know what’s going on.”

Nicki got back up again and fetched her phone and called her mum, asking to speak to my mum.

“Hi, Janet, Yeah he’s fine, it appears he got locked out of the van. He’s had a bit of an accident…” She chuckled before continuing, “…No, not in his nappy. He’s banged his knee and got a small cut. I’m just treating it now… a couple of hours. He will be fine here, just knock on when you’re back. Bye.”

I must have turned a thousand shades of red when she mentioned the nappy. I mean she couldn’t struggle to miss it. I was wearing only that now and she was kneeling right in front of me.

“So come on, let’s address the elephant in the room. What’s with the nappy?”

“It’s a long and stupid story. Basically like 5 years ago we stayed in the van and I wet the bed. It’s the first and last time I ever did it. It seems stupid but every time we visit now she makes me wear a stupid nappy for bed.I’m 17 and she still makes me do it.”

“Oh i’m sure mum has mentioned you before. She gets mad when kids wet the bed. She’s always joked that all kids staying in her vans should be in bedtime pull ups or nappies.”

I just smiled back as she cleaned up my knee. Disinfectant stings, like you wouldn’t believe. This stuff was supposed to be good for you. Once she had finished, she put a plaster on it, probably just for it effect seeing as it looked like a kids plaster.

“There you go, all done. So, how come you’re in the nappy now?”

“Mum thought it would be a good nappy to change me after my shower. But inadvertently she took all my clothes, with the key in. And i thought there was a spare key under the pot. But that’s missing as well.”

“Is it wet because of the rain or…”

“Well, like I heard the clap of thunder and it kinda caught me off guard.”

Could I have gone any redder? I mean not only was i sat in front of her in a nappy, but she had also noticed i had peed in it.

“I was supposed to be going out tonight with a couple of friends but the weather has put paid to that. I’m just going to get dressed. Feel free to put the TV on.”

She handed me the remote, before sticking the fire on and leaving the room.

I had time to recompose myself and think about Nicki. I’d hazard a guess she was early 20’s, from the picture on the side she had shoulder length brown hair. She wasn’t fat, nor was she skinny, I actually had this little crush on her. She had an infectious smile, thinking back to the last 10 minutes she never once stopped smiling. Or was she just laughing at me and my predicament.

I pulled the curtain behind me back slightly to the rain was not torrential. Like you couldn’t see more than a few feet ahead, typically british weather. I thanked my lucky stars that Nicki had allowed me into her place. A rumble of thunder in the distance reminded me that had I still been out there, the consequences could have been disastrous.

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Nice start. I like these characters and the situation could lead to all sorts of fun. There are some typos you might go over. Example:

Most of the owners had shut down for the season, with overcast weather and most attractions closed there was little demand bar people like us.

I pulled the curtain behind me back slightly to the rain was not torrential. Like you couldn’t see more than a few feet ahead,

I assume from context that “not” should have been “now”? But for the most part your writing is crisp and fresh. Keep it up!

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I really like the story premise! Please keep going! :slight_smile:

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Please continue this story it is really good it has great depth to it

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Nicki came back in and we sat watching a bit of TV and idle chat. I still felt so stupid sat in a wet nappy in front of this girl, and was wondering when Mum was coming back so I could get back in our place. But as the rain continued to pour, I was content that I would be here for a while. Then Nicki’s phone rang and she handed it to me, it was Mum.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have stay there tonight. This rain means it’s impossible for me to get back from Eve’s flat. Are you wet?”

“A little bit yeah. But it should hold till the morning.”

“Ok. Be good. Put Nicki back on.”

I felt a lump in my front as I came to the realisation that I would be staying here for the night.

“Yeah,he doesn’t look too wet. I think the spare bed has a plastic sheet on it anyway. Mum put them in all the vans after his accident last time. Bye.”

Again, I just sat there red-faced as she ended the call and went back into the bedroom to check it before coming back and confirming it did have a plastic sheet. Her phone started ringing again and she disappeared off to answer it. A few minutes she poked her head round the corner,

“I’m going to my room for the evening. Help yourself to snacks and drinks. I’ve left a toothbrush for you in the bathroom. Shout me if you need anything…”

She dashed back off, I could hear her and her friend on Facetime chatting away, the walls on these vans aren’t exactly thick.

“Who was that? Is that a new love in your life?” Her friend asked.

“No, don’t be silly. That’s Ryan from the van across from me. He got locked out and his Mum is stuck in my mums van. So he’s staying here for the evening.”

“Is he cute?”

“He’s nice yeah.”

“Bring him to the beach tomorrow, I’ll check him out.”

“Bridget, stop. You’ll terrify the poor lad. But I think you’ll like him.”

Once Nicki had gone to her room there wasn’t much more for me to do except do the same myself. I turned everything off and headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth before heading to my room. I could still hear Nicki on the phone to Bridget as I got into bed and turned the TV on. Not wanting to upset Nicki, I had it on low. Running through my mind was the fact that Nicki had probably told Bridget about my nappy. It didn’t really matter much, I probably wouldn’t ever see her.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of music and the shower running. I looked out of the window and the rain had finally stopped, it actually looked like it would turn out to be a warm day. I looked down at my nappy and begrudgingly it was definitely wetter than when I went to bed last night. It was obvious that Nicki would see it but there was to be no avoiding it as she knocked on my door.

“Hi Ryan, sleep well? Would you like a bacon sandwich?”

“Slept well thanks. Yes please.”

For the 30 seconds she was stood I couldn’t help but feel she was staring at my now soaked nappy. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and the back was also pretty soaked. I just took a deep breath and went into the living area where Nicki was rustling up breakfast. I felt really awkward as I didn’t want to sit at the table for fear of the nappy leaking, so I was kinda hovering about trying to think of a solution.

As Nicki put the plates on the table I think she also realised there was a predicament. She just smiled, said absolutely nothing and returned with a towel from the bathroom which she placed on the chair. We both sat down and ate breakfast, whilst she hummed away to the radio in the background.

“Do you have any plans for today? Myself, Bridget and a few others are heading down to the beach for the day. You’re more than welcome. We take a few games, food, drink. There’s more than enough to round.”

“Erm, I dunno. I don’t want to intrude and it’s just…”

“You won’t be intruding. And don’t worry I didn’t tell Bridget about you know what.”

At this point she looked down at my groin, I knew what she was hinting at.

“You’re mum said she would be round soon so you’ve got time to go get changed.”

“Yeah ok, saves me wandering around doing nothing by myself.”

Nicki grabbed the empty plates and cups and took them over to the sink.

“Don’t worry Nicki, I’ll wash up and put the pots away. It’s the least I can to say thank you for taking me in.”

I jumped in, glancing back at the towel to see it was still dry and smiled to myself as it was. Nicki stepped to the side and as I washed up she dried and put the pots away. The only issue I had was the trickling of the water was encouraging my bladder to become more active. I let out small trickles of pee, praying the nappy would hold. I got a small shock as there was a knock at the door. I just looked at Nicki with a degree of fear, it was going to be Bridget. She must have felt my fear,

“Don’t worry it’s just your Mum.”

My heart slightly stopped racing as she declared who it was. As I finished up washing the pots, Mum came in and gave me a small hug before remarking on my cleaning skills. As her and Nicki chatted small talk I finished up cleaning the sink area and wiping the table. Much to my annoyance Mum then decided to take up Nicki’s offer of a hot drink. As much as the time hadn’t been as bad as I had feared, I wanted to get out of here and get this stupid nappy off. Nicki nipped back into her room so I grabbed a word with mum,

“Mum, can we go soon. I need to get this nappy off and have a shower.”

My words seemed to fall on deaf ears as she allowed Nicki to pour her a cup of tea and the 2 of them sat there chatting for a good 15 minutes.

All of that time, I just sat on the floor, trying to angle my backside so that it didn’t make a full contact and leak. The more pressing matter I had was that I needed to empty my bowels. As regular as clockwork, I would have a morning poop. This was particularly awkward as I had a severe bout of farting to accompany it. Luckily they were pretty silent, now and again I would have to cough to cover a potential noise. At one point I managed to grab the gaze of my mum and shifted my eyes towards our van in the hint that we could leave.
“Well thanks for the drink Nicki. We best be getting back and get him sorted. Thank you for looking after him last night. Sorry it was a bit unorthodox but judging by the state of it I think it’s called for.”

She was referring to the state of my nappy. In my haste I had jumped up and left myself vulnerable to both their gazes.

“It’s no bother. He was very pleasant, polite and a credit to yourself. Ryan, I will come and knock on your van in an hour so when Bridget and the others get here.”

As we walked towards the door, I let out a particularly vicious fart which caught the attention of the women. I opened the front door to quickly let in fresh air, forgetting momentarily that I was again out in the open in a nappy. But with the pressing matter of my bowels about to release it wasn’t particularly at the forefront of my mind.

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Thanks for the chapter. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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I enjoyed the update and look forward to more! :slight_smile:

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This is a good story so far looking forward for more.

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For anyone else “across the pond” who wasn’t completely sure about the terminology, a caravan is a trailer/mobile home, and a static caravan is the “non-mobile” version of the same. “Caravan site” is more or less “trailer court”, only in this case it’s a “holiday caravan site” so it’s seasonally occupied only (and at the beach). The story references there being a hundred sites, which is reasonably big but not huge. (This is backed up by the reference to the shower block being a 5 minute walk, which Google tells me is about a quarter mile away, though the description of the run back makes it sound much shorter). In my head it all looks something like this.

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Thank you for the clarity. I was sort of struggling with some of the terminology, but just went around it as a cultural mis-understanding on my part.


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I knew about the terminology only because of an episode of Top Gear where they drove a “caravan” around. I’m familiar with camper culture here in the states. However, I am deeply impressed on your level of research for this. I half-expected the link to go to a homemade map of the fictional caravan park. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry I haven’t got round to completing the story yet.

Unfortunately life events have got in the way.

Very happy that someone has explained what a caravan park is! I didn’t even consider that the overseas readers might be confused by it! Thanks to all who clarified this!

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[QUOTE=ryano6;70328]Sorry I haven’t got round to completing the story yet.

Unfortunately life events have got in the way.

Very happy that someone has explained what a caravan park is! I didn’t even consider that the overseas readers might be confused by it! Thanks to all who clarified this![/QUOTE]

Any chance this gets an update?

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Is there any chance you will finish this story please