Can't search phrases?

I may be doing it wrong but I don’t know how to search phrases. For example I want to search for stories that say “wet the bed” but when I type that into the advanced search it returns “too many search results will appear”

Well you’re actually hitting two separate issues here: One, the word “the” is not included in the search index at all as it is such a common word it appears in almost every post in some way. Second, to prevent the search index from growing excessively 3 letter words aren’t indexed by default. Note your search includes nothing but 3 letter words. This is one of those weird cases where the error message is technically correct but also wrong.

I can update the search index to include words it normally would exclude but it won’t help that much this particular phrase as there is no way in hell I’m whitelisting “the”. it would cause the search index to grow to fill up almost all the available space on the database host!

huh… that actually shouldn’t work on this site…

goes to smack google upside the head with a box of sporks