Can't Buy Responsibility

“Can’t Buy Responsibility”

Summary: A brother and sister go to the mall, and come back to a whole new world.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless you happen to have an annoying little sister or patronizing older brother. Brandy and Joel had been at each other’s throats for years, fighting like cats and dogs, or brothers and sisters. Matters weren’t improved by the sudden divorce between mother and father, and the move of the family from their home in New York to their new home in southern Florida.

It took some getting used to, but eventually both kids found new friends and started getting on in their lives. That is until the night Brandy, an up and coming thirteen year old socialite, was having a sleep over party. Joel, seeing a prime opportunity to get a couple of jabs in, had wrecked the party with tales of his 'baby sister’s bed wetting habit, of which she had only a few years back grown out of. Brandy was understandably upset with this, and had been plotting her revenge for months.

When their mother had told Joel to give Brandy a ride to the mall to help with her Christmas shopping this year, Brandy’s mind had suddenly clicked and the most perfect plan imaginable had sprung to life in her juvenile brain. Joel didn’t much mind ferrying his little sister to the mall, since it gave him an opportunity to see Morrine, a girl he’d met at school who had a part time job in the food court.

As the two near the mall in relative silence, Brandy turns to her brother with a look of irritation and impatience.

“You’re just driving me. You’re not to hang around, or follow me… just drive and drop off. I’ve got my cell.”

Joel rolls his eyes. “C’mon, sis, I’m supposed to watch out for ya. Make sure you’ve got your Christmas shopping done and not just buying for yourself.”

As the car rolls to a stop, before Joel can even put the vehicle in park, Brandy hops out and then leans back into the open car door, “All right… Call me later, my friends are somewhere, and I’m sure you can go molest mannequins or something.”

Joel shakes his head, stepping out of the car and hitting the automatic door locks. “Not a chance, kiddo. C’mon.” and he takes his little sister’s hand and starts towards the mall, acting like having her around is a huge inconvenience…

Brandy frowns and tugs at her brother’s hand and immediately starts in on the whining. “Stop treating me like a toddler, I’m FINE.” And seeing it have no effect, switches to insinuations. “I have a life… unlike some people.”

Joel just rolls his eyes and keeps walking, hand in hand with his sister, until he finally gets you to the food court. “Now, look, BABY Sister. I’ll be right here.” and he glances towards Morrine at an Orange Julius stand. “Come get me when you’ve got your dollies and hair junk. Yeah?”

Freeing her hand with a little angry yank, Brandy eyes a few stores. “Yah sure, whatever,” she grumbles, but as soon as she’s far enough away to be not seen, she pulls a small list out of her back pocket and grins mischievously. She takes one look back over her shoulder towards her brother, then vanishes into a nearby store.

Joel smirks as she goes, and nods at himself for a job well done at making his sister know her place. He then heads towards Morrine, hoping she saw the little display. He runs his fingers through his hair, trying to be smooth, and takes on a slightly put-upon look as he nears the fruit stand. “Heh, little kids…” he mentions, and starts up a conversation.

A little while later, Brandy has already finished nearly half of her errands, and is on her way to pick up just a couple more things before she can put her master plan into action. She takes a moment to look over her list once more, when suddenly her phone starts to vibrate in her pocket. Pulling it out, she scowls at the screen as she sees the number. Joel.

Despite wanting to toss the phone into the nearby fountain in frustration, Brandy answers, thinking that making her older brother suspicious at this point would be a bad idea. She flips the phone up to her ear, and growls into it.

“What is it, you? Crash and burn already? I’m not done shopping yet so you’ll have to lick your wounded pride for a bit.”

On the other end of the line, Brandy can hear the girl from the fruit stand in the background, giggling, and immediately identifies that smug tone in her brother’s voice. “Nah, look, we were just talking about little kids, and … look, when DID you stop wetting the bed? nine? Ten?” and this is followed by slightly more giggling, and an obvious snigger.

Again, the thought of tossing the phone into the fountain formed in her brain, but Brandy quickly put that thought down, and simply hung up. He’d pay, soon enough, she’d make sure of that. Once again she looks at her list, nods to herself, and sets off for the next shop she needs to visit.

Twenty minutes later, Joel’s conversation with Morrine is suddenly interrupted by his cell phone. “One minute, it’s just my bratty sister.” He says.

Morrine rolls her eyes and turns to her next customer. “You really should be nicer to her, y’know. I mean, what if, like, your positions were reversed, y’know?”

Joel waves this off with a smirk, and takes a few steps away from the stand to hear better. “Yeah, what is it pipsqueak? Need me to help you wipe?”

Over the phone, Joel can practically hear his sister’s teeth grinding together, but she somehow manages to keep her voice calm. “I think I’m about done shopping… I’m hanging out by… … the pirate cove.”

Joel glances at the nearby map of the mall, running his finger over the list of places and then matching that up to the number on the map, finally pinpointing the location of the kid’s play area. “Crap, that’s all the way at the other end of the mall, Brandy! Do you need me to go pick you up, or are you gonna come back to the food court?”

“You can use your legs and walk, jerk.” His sister retorts, sounding obviously annoyed. “Maybe I’m lost and can’t find my way back. Either way, come get me. These presents are heavy.” and she puts a little whine in her voice to emphasize the point.

Casting a glance back over his shoulder at the fruit juice stand, Joel sees that Morrine has been replaced by some pimple faced kid. Lamenting his lost opportunity to get her phone number, he turns back to the conversation on his phone, aggravated. “Whatever. I’ll be there to hold your hand in a minute. Don’t move.” and hangs up the phone.

After what seems like an eternity of walking, Joel makes it to the play center, named Pirate’s Cove after the pirate ship theme, and instead of seeing his sister patiently waiting for him in the mall proper, he spots her standing on top of the large pirate ship.

Taking careful aim as she sees her brother, Brandy tosses one of the plastic balls from the ball pit under the ship’s ‘plank’, bouncing it off of his head. “Score!”

Already irritated from having to walk all the way to the far end of the mall, Joel’s attitude is not improved by the ball plomping off his noggin. “Brandy…” he sighs. “C’mon, let’s go home before you get too tired and throw a tantrum.”

Brandy stands atop the deck, triumphant in her throwing skills and asks smugly, “What if I don’t want to go home?’ What if I feel like making you come and try to get me to leave?”

Joel narrows his eyes. “Then I will, but mom ain’t gonna like it.”

Brandy readies herself and tosses another ball at her older brother, then leans over and scoops up another, tossing it from hand to hand, smirking.

Joel tries to bat it away. “Brandy…!” he says, in a low growl.

“Mom will take your car keys if you go home without your little sister.”

Joel grumbles, and starts towards the pirate ship. “She won’t much mind if you’re bruised, I hope…” he mutters, and begins climbing up the side, murder in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Brandy peers over the edge at the approaching mass of anger that she’s created. However, she’s planned for this, and quickly moves to the side of the ship to a pre-planned position near the ‘plank’ and ball pit below. “I’d like to see you try it, perv!”

The remark sparks something in Joel, and he grabs the top rung of the ladder, pulling himself over the side of the ship and approaches his little sister, arms held wide so she can’t dodge around him. “C’mon you brat. You’ve already ruined my plans with Morrine tonight, and I don’t need this crap.”

Ignoring her brother’s threats and posturing, Brandy takes a few steps back, leading Joel closer to the edge of the ship near the plank. As soon as he steps next to the opening in the railing, she takes her opportunity to pounce, sending the both of them over the edge and down into the ball pit.

Caught off balance, Joel’s arms pinwheel and flail about as he falls, and he lands hard, a small pile of balls flying up and falling back down to cover his body. Brandy lands on top of him as well, driving him further into the balls and knocking the wind out of him. She quickly regains her composure, and slides backwards to stand astride his waist as Joel flails about trying to regain himself and get standing.

“You’re gonna pay for that!” Joel gasps, arms waving around in the balls trying to find something solid to grasp onto. Brandy chuckles, and leans over, pushing some balls out of the way as she finds what she stashed there after calling her brother.

Suddenly, Brandy makes a grab for Joel’s jean button, “This is not going to be as perverted as it seems… promise!”

Still trying to stand up, Joel is caught off guard by this maneuver. “What are you talking… hey!” and he tries to change gears and push against his sister. “Let go! Stop that!”

Brandy yanks hard, pulling the jeans off of her brother’s legs, and managing to rip his underwear off as well in one fell swoop, falling backwards into the pit with her eyes covered as she grabs up the items she had dug out of the ball pit, and rips open the package.

“This is for years of jerkery! SIC SEMPER TYRANNUS!” she calls, and leaps over her brother to the edge of the ball pit, turning to face him with her hands on her hips.

Joel starts to sit up, and suddenly finds himself wearing nothing but his t-shirt and a small pile of plastic spheroids. “Hey! Give those back! You little witch!”

Looking over her brother, Brandy giggles slightly and points at his current state of undress. “Haha man am I glad that those plastic balls are covering up what is probably the smallest… most insignificant… little….”

The suddenly mostly naked boy suddenly grabs two handfuls of plastic balls and piles them on top of his waist, covering himself effectively for the moment. “Give those back! God, you are gonna be in SO much trouble!”

With a maniacal laugh, Brandy backs away slowly, taking the jeans she’d liberated and tying them around her neck like a blue cape. “Pfft! You don’t need underwear. I bought you a gift earlier since I’m such an awesome little sister, even after all your teasing.” and she rears back and tosses the item she had pulled out at her brother as he sits in the ball pit. It hadn’t cost as much as she had thought, and the medical supply store clerk had been very helpful in picking out a package with little pink flowers and designs on the outer covers, for the handicapped.

The diaper hits Joel squarely in the face, and falls into his lap, opening slightly to reveal it’s true nature. “Not funny, Brandy!” he fumes, glaring at his little sister, and trying his best to repress the urge to jump up and run after her.

“Man… I bet the mall cop would not be happy about some pervert half naked in the kiddie play area…” and she trails off thinking, then it clicks, “And I bet that girl you were molesting earlier isn’t off work yet. I could totally go get her for you!”

Realizing that his sister is totally right about the security guards, Joel grabs the diaper and pulls it down under the balls, grumbling. “You… you little… When I get my hands on you…”

As Joel attempts to get the diaper on while sitting in a pit of balls and also trying not to expose himself any more than he already has been, Brandy starts to giggle, holding her sides in her mirth. “Oh man…. If I only had a camera…” and then her hand feels something in her pocket.

Thinking quickly, she whips out her cell phone and begins snapping pictures of her brother as he puts the diaper on. “Awesome! Cell phone!”

Finally getting the diaper on, Joel stands and lunges out of the ball pit at his tormentor. “Give me my pants back!”

Brandy exclaims, “Nevar!” and turns, running out of the play area and into the crowded mall with her arms held before her like a superhero.

Standing in the middle of the play area wearing nothing but a t-shirt, diaper, and tennis shoes, Joel feels suddenly alone and exposed. Something dark and shiny in the corner of his eye attracts his attention, and he sees his cell phone in the ball pit, having fallen out of his pocket. He quickly grabs it, pulls his shirt down as much as he can, and attempts to sneak through the mall by staying behind the potted plants and signs.

He had made it almost all the way back to the food court with no sign of his sister before Joel’s phone began to ring again. He answers in a huff, his voice low and threatening. "“When i find you I am going to rip your head RIGHT OFF!”

On the other end of the connection, Brandy almost can’t speak for laughing. “Just an FYI, thanks for the donation of $36.72 from your wallet. Also, I have the car keys Jerkola.”

Joel is stunned, and angry, and now broke. “'You can’t even reach the ped… never mind. Where are you?!”

“Haha wouldn’t you like to know. Tell ya what, since I’m such a nice sister, I could possibly bring you something to wear if you swear loyalty to me.”

Trying to keep his voice low and his position behind a rather flimsy looking plant unnoticed, Joel growls into the phone. “You’d better have my pants, twerp.” but the line goes dead before he can finish.

Meanwhile, Brandy is putting the next phase of her plan into action. She’s been watching her brother ever since the Pirate’s Cove, and now moves around to the far end of the food court from him, setting a small gift bag on one of the tables. She quickly flips open her phone while walking away, sending a quick text. “JOEL. WET YOUR PANTS LIKE I DID THE BED IN YOUR LITTLE FANTASY. NEW CLOTHES IN BAG ON TABLE NEAR CHINESE PLACE.”

Brandy then stuffs the jeans in the trash, making sure to rip a hole crotch to butt in them first.

The beeping of the phone nearly causes Joel to have a heart attack, and he quickly flips open the phone and reads the text. Confused, he looks out from behind the plant and spots the bag on the table. Quickly he makes his way over, fully aware of the laughs and jeers he’s getting. Joel snatches the bag up off of the table and runs into the nearby restroom, locking himself into the stall before looking into the bag.

“What the…” he says in shock at the pink and yellow garment folded neatly inside. Then his phone goes off again, and he flips it open to see a picture of his sister laying on the hood of his car, keys in hand. “That little bitch.” He mutters.

Joel catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror, then looks again at the infantile looking dress, wondering somewhere in the back of his mind how his sister got the money for this, and then pulls it out of the bag. “Ugh… better than just this stupid…” and he can’t bring himself to mention the diaper. Angrily, he pulls the dress on and storms out of the bathroom, nearly knocking down a little kid on the way, and heads for the parking lot, eyes blazing.

Brandy lays back against the windshield of the car, watching the entrance to the mall, but is a little surprised to see Joel stepping out into the parking lot, dress flaring in the wind and fists clenched and shouts “BRANDY!” as loud as he can.

Putting her ‘game face’ back on, Brandy relaxes and waves at her big brother. “Well, aren’t we just the prettiest belle at the ball?” she asks, snapping another picture with her camera phone.

The fire in Joel’s eyes ignites to a full on eruption of anger as he stomps towards the car “You are so. So. SO dead!”

Brandy suddenly realizes she may have gone a bit too far, and begins backing up onto the roof of the car to get away from the rage. “I’ve totally got pics of you!” she says, waving the cell phone at her brother. “One button press and all my friends will have them!”

Joel either doesn’t notice, or doesn’t care, that every step he takes causes the short frilly dress to bounce around him, exposing his diapered butt to the world at large. “Oh yeah? Think you’ve got space left in there for the pictures of after I beat you to a pulp?”

“But… but….” Brandy stammers.

“I think I’ve got some rope in the car… Tie you to the bumper.”

In a flash of fear induced brilliance, Brandy holds her phone to her chest and screams. “WHO ARE YOU!!! YOU STRANGE MAN IN A DRESS!”

Joel freezes. “Brandy, what the HELL are you doing?”

Brandy keeps yelling, trying to catch some good Samaritan’s attention, “DON’T TOUCH ME! YOUR NOT MY FRIEND!”

Brandy stops between screams to say to her brother. “Don’t touch me, I swear I’ll have you arrested and you’ll make the papers looking like, well, that”

Just when Joel was almost on top of his little sister, rage in his eyes, a voice sounds out behind him. “Joel. I didn’t know you and your sister were…. so much alike.” Morrine says, behind her hand. Joel freezes, and doesn’t even turn around.

Brandy instantly changes her tune, smiling at the girl, “Oh this? Sorry you had to hear my screaming fit, he was being mean as usual. That’s his favorite dress.”

Morrine nods slightly and tries to control her laughter as Brandy continues. “You should totally see his underwear too! They’re the cutest thing ever. Had flowers and stuff on them.”

Joel pales, and turns around then, slowly, trying to press the dress down over the diaper. “Morrine!” he says, trying to sound innocent. “This… this isn’t what you think. She–”

The nearly evil grin on Brandy’s face widens. “I know right? Poor little girl had a problem at night that spread to day. He’s totally adorable like this though. I have a bunch of pics on my cell of him running around the mall like this too.”

Joel spins back around to focus on Brandy again, face red and fists clenched. “I do NOT have a problem!” he hisses, but Morrine nods and skips past to look over Brandy’s shoulder.

“Oh, show me!”

Brandy pops open her cell and goes on like her brother isn’t even there, with Morrine now between the two of them. “Here is getting ready in the ball pit by the pirate ship. Doesn’t he look naughty and embarrassed? And then a romp from trashcan to plants to sign to bench…. and then here he is trying on his favorite dress…”

As Joel starts to reach out for the cell phone, someone takes just that moment to ride by and honk their horn loudly while making cat calls. Joel jumps and spins, startled, embarrassed, and scared enough to wet his pants.

As he stands there shaking, though, Morrine takes this moment to reach out and flip up the back of the dress, patting the boy’s crinkly bottom. “Oh, looks like someone DOES have a problem.” she says, giggling.

Brandy just grins and grins and grins. “He said the two of you had plans later too… Were you going to babysit him or something?”

Morrine’s hand presses the diaper into Joel’s bottom, letting him really feel the warm dampness he very recently deposited in it. He winces a bit, and starts to turn back around, with Morrine still holding the back of the dress up.

“Oh, someone should…” Morrine says, and shakes her head. “But I’m sorry, I don’t change pissy diapers, even though she is just the cutest little baby.” patting the boy’s bottom once again before letting the dress down.

Brandy leaps down off of the car, wrapping her arms around Joel’s waist and smiling at Morrine. “Don’t worry, I’m a surprisingly responsible sister. I’ll manage.” And then pats her brother’s rear as well. “Ready to go home lil sis?”

Face red and on the verge of tears, Joel stomps his foot and tries to push his sister off of himself. “I am NOT a baby girl!” he yells, trying to regain his composure. “I’m not!”

Brandy begins to laugh, having just now noticed what Morrine had noticed when she patted the poor boy’s rump. “Woah! Joel… you’re wet!” she exclaims in surprise, “All the way back, too! Man, either that girl had a real effect on you, or you like this a little too much, or you really DO need diapers!”

Brandy shakes her head sadly. “The signs aren’t good for you, little sis.” and she opens the car door, patting the driver’s seat. “Now let’s get you to drive me home.”

Joel tries to pull down on his dress again, but the saggy diaper droops just a little too low. “Sh… shuddup…” he says.

Morrine nods at Brandy. “She’s adorable. Just make sure she gets her nap. She sounds a little cranky. Bye bye, Josie!” she says, pinching Joel’s cheek. Joel just flops into the car seat, grabbing the keys. “So dead…” he mutters at Brandy as Morrine laughs all the way to her own car.

Brandy climbs into the passenger seat with a smirk. “What was that? You wanted me to call my friends to come over tonight?”

Joel glares at her. “I’m so changing when we get home.”

“You totally wet yourself!” Brandy reminds him, laughing, “You should be like this all the time! You obviously need diapers, and look how well you wear that dress, you cutie.”

Joel spins on his sister, eyes blazing again. “Did not! Well, okay, yeah, but that… No! This ain’t happening.” he says, and puts up his ‘no more talking’ face.

“If it walks like a duck… talks like a duck…”

Joel starts the car, and stops the conversation, driving towards their house while Brandy laughs all the way home.

A long, silent, drive later, the two finally arrive back at the house, pulling the car into the garage. Brandy hops out first, and smirks at her still diapered brother. “Goodnights and poking fun… not so big now are you, LITTLE sis?”

Without saying a word, Joel grabs his sister’s hand and leads her into the house, not paying any attention to where he’s going until he nearly plows his mother over.

“Joel. Brandy.” she says, getting a good look at the both of them, “What is going on here?”

Like deer in the headlights, Joel and Brandy just stand there, stunned, until Brandy gets her wits back first, “Uh… uh…. Joel has a dark secret he decided to explore at the mall?”

Joel’s brain kicks into gear, and he starts to try and explain. “Mom, the brat here took my pants at the mall, then… this…” and he flourishes at the dress and diaper.

Their mother listens, eyebrow raised at this silliness, then rolls her eyes as Joel finishes. “Joel, I thought you were the older brother here, but now you come home wearing a dress and a diaper, and expect me to believe that your sister forced you into it?”

She then turns on Brandy, “And is this true? Did you take your brother’s pants off at the mall?”

Brandy look nervous, and averts her eyes, “Umm… maybe…? But it’s not like I wet his diaper for him… he’s been teasing me FOREVER.”

Joel turns on Brandy, about to say something, but is stopped by mom.

“Brandy, that is no excuse to take your brother’s pants off at the MALL!” she says, raising her voice a bit. “But, Joel, you have been teasing your sister too much lately as well. It’s always something with the two of you. I swear.”

Joel groans a little. “But she starts it!” he protests, pulling at the diaper a bit, the smell of its wetness starting to waft in the air.

Joel and Brandy’s mother look over the both of them for a moment, then nods and raises a hand to stop any more protesting. “I think, though, I have the perfect solution.”

Smugly, Brandy turns to stick her tongue out at Joel, but her arrogance fades quickly when she hears her mother’s definitive tone.

Joel starts to protest again. “But–” and is shushed.

“No butts, missy. Until you learn to grow up and act your age, you can stay that way.” and she waves at Joel’s currents state of dress, “And until you can learn some responsibility, Brandy, you will be in charge of your baby sister until I say otherwise. That’s changings, feedings, dressings, playing, the whole nine yards. Do I make myself clear?”

“Baby sister?!” Joel protests, eyes going wide and jaw dropping. “But! I’m not a girl! Or a baby!”

Brandy laughs and stands triumphantly, again patting Joel’s soggy bottom. “This is gonna be so much… wait, what?” and all of her mother’s words start to sink in. “Wait… everything?? But but!! I just want to gloat a little, not have responsibility!”

Their mom just shakes her head. “You should have both thought about it. Now, Brandy, please take little baby Josie up to your cousin’s nursery and change her diaper and put her down for a nap, then come see me for a chore list and a quick lesson in caring for your new baby.”

Brandy stammers, “But … but! ….” then she frowns heavily, and grabs Joel’s hand roughly. “C’mon… baby.”

Joel stammers as well. “But… but…” but is roughly pulled along, still trying to protest against this treatment.

Mom crosses her arms. “Ah ah, Josie, no fussies. And Brandy, if she gets a rash I’m holding you responsible.”

Rolling her eyes heavily, Brandy drags her new ‘little sister’ off to their cousin’s spare room. “Well… looks like you’re in for it now.” she says, trying to rub it in as she drags him along. “I guess it’s going to suck, having to care for you in every way… but… well… something tells me I can make this worth my while.”

All the way up the stairs to the spare nursery, Joel sputters and stammers, trying to comprehend what this means, and how it will affect his social life. Once in the room, Brandy lets go of his hand and starts sorting through the bags of things she bought at the mall, sorting out the package of diapers and other assorted things she had planned to use.

“Kinda glad I bought more than one. I never imagined my ‘baby sister’ would be needing so many diapers.”

Crossing his arms in defiance, Joel grumbles. “I am so not doing this.”

“But mom said you are, and your ‘older sis’ said you are.”

In response, Joel just stares sullenly at her, his mother’s words running through his head. Eventually he sighs, and moves over to the changing table, sitting gingerly on top of it.

“You better get us out of this… fast.” he says, thinking of how awful it’s going to be to have you changing him.

Brandy grins big, and starts to untape the diaper. “I’ve always wanted a little sister, anyway! Now I’ve got one, and she’s so schweet, oh yes she is!” she teases in a patronizing voice.

She then wipes Joel off, applying an overly generous puff of baby powder. “And a little powder to smell extra nice.” she says, puffing a little at his face as well.

Joel sneezes at that. “Geez! A little overboard?”

Brandy shrugs at her brother, and pulls the used diaper away, letting it fall into the diaper pail. “Mom said to prevent rashes, and baby is sooo wet… and has such a small….”

She giggles as she starts to puts the fresh diaper beneath her brother’s bottom. “Well if it could even be counted as a…” and she holds up her pinky before pulling the diaper up over him.

His many pride attacked, Joel starts to sit up during the change. “Don’t you… that’s… shuddup! It’s not small!”

Brandy pushes him back down onto the table, a little roughly, and wags a finger at him before taping the diaper up around his waist. “Well… there we go… All dry little sis.” And she pats the front of the diaper. “No need to worry about your… little… problem.”

Joel growls at her a little, and pushes the hand away. “You just wait 'till mom isn’t around…”

The little, now big, sister gasps and shakes her head at Joel, “Someone’s cranky again… must be because it’s HER nap time!” She then turns and lowers the side of the crib and gently pats the blanket inside.

“You just wait…” Joel says, slipping off the table and then crawling up into the crib. “One of these days…”

Raising the side of the crib, Brandy then leans in and puts a kiss on Joel’s forehead, smoothing the dress down and giving the front of the diaper another crinkly pat. “Sleep tight little sis. Your big mature sister Brandy will be back after you’ve had a little nappy.”

Joel just glares hard back at her. “I hope you slip and fall down the stairs.”

Brandy grins and waves teasingly, then takes a few more pictures on her cell phone camera also taking a few more pics with her cell. “For posterity… And your new baby book. A pink one this time.”

In the crib, Joel rolls over, grabbing a stuffed animal and trying to pretend to ignore that comment as his diaper crinkles loudly in the sudden silence.

Brandy quietly turns the light off and leaves the room.

Re: Can’t Buy Responsibility

Nice. This is just the kind of whacky, fun humiliation story I like. I ran into a few errors, but nothing a good proofread shouldn’t fix. Also, I can’t tell if that was the whole story or just part 1. If the latter, I encourage you to keep it up. If the former, thanks for a fun read.

Re: Can’t Buy Responsibility

If you’re in the process of deciding whether it’s a one-off or a chapter story, leave it as is. It’s awesome. It’s a great short story and a perfect example of how a cliche-like plotline can still be made fun and innovative instead of a pile of crap.

Re: Can’t Buy Responsibility

Mhm i’d like to see how Joel gets revenge, but at the same time, i think it ends perfectly. an awesome story :smiley:

Re: Can’t Buy Responsibility

I like it. You do a good job of setting up the sibling rivalry. Getting Joel naked in the ball-pit with a diaper as his only option is a great way of “forcing” the situation, in that way that maintains plausibility. (Better than walking around the mall and being arrested, after all.) Thanks for the story!

Re: Can’t Buy Responsibility

This works remarkably well. It’s very funny. Well done.