Can you keep a secret? (Ch. 2) 8/27/17

Author’s note:
I have been reading stories on here for quite a few years now, but have never made one of my own. I have read many stories and I have found a few specific qualities that I find makes a story most enjoyable, at least for me. Sadly, stories that have these qualities are few and far between, so I decided to make my own and do my best to encorporate them. I really do hope a few of you stick around to read this to the end, and hopefully even enjoy it. I am completely open to criticism. I promise the next chapter will be longer, but now that i’m finished writing the chapter it is already 3:15 A.M.


Chapter 1

Have you ever watched a good T.V. Show to completion, and felt a hole in your life when you’re finished? A hole that you know can’t be filled? You return to your real life and find it disturbingly underwhelming? These fleshed out characters you’ve grown so attached to are gone, leaving you with only the one dimensional characters that are real people. The well developed world you’ve been so accustomed with is abandoned, leaving you with just the boring setting that is a real city. The expertly crafted plot that you’ve been so interested in is wrapped up, leaving you with the painfully uneventful story that is real life.

This is what I felt as I stared out my window at the blue summer sky and lush green trees of the outside world. What adventures are there to go on? What villains are there to defeat? What worlds are there to save? I felt imprisoned by the restrictions that come with the real world.

As if to answer my unspoken prayers, a rusted truck flies down the road outside my house into the dirt forest path across the street. A large black garbage bag sits in the back. Why was the truck going so fast? What was in that bag? A person? Was this truck driver a murderer? Is he off to bury the body in the forest? He must be! What if he’s a serial killer? Who’s next?

My thirteen year old mind continued to create insane theory’s as I called my best friend with my cell phone. If there was an adventure to be had, I was damn sure it was gonna be us having it.

“Hey Chase, dude, I just saw a serial killer drive into the forest with a dead body! We need to get on this, now!” I yelled into my cell phone, practically screaming with excitement.

“Oh shit dude, what? Damn, I would love to, but like, I’m kinda busy with something at the moment…” my best friend responded, sounding somewhat distressed.

“Aww shit dude, don’t tell me you’re too scared! You said you wanted to go on an adventure just as much as me!” I yell, almost angrily.

“What? No dude, it’s not that, I would genuinely love to make life less boring. Literally any other day I would be down, but i’m actually kinda caught up with something right now” Chase reassured, seeming distracted.

“What are you caught up with? I thought your parents left you home alone for the day” I ask.

“Yeah they did, but, shit… ok I’ll come, I just gotta umm… clean up here first” Chase says, conceding the argument.

“Ok awesome, meet me outside in ten seconds!” I yell at him, rushing to get my shoes on.

“Wait what? Umm, ok, shit, uuuuuhhhh-” Chad lets out before getting cut off as I hang up.

After getting outside the house I run to the sidewalk and wait. A few moments later, Chase exits his own house, which happens to be just 2 doors down the street. He runs down the sidewalk towards me while doing up his belt properly. I look towards the forest as Chase finally reaches me. I finally notice a slight foul smell. It must be the rotting corpse! We cross the street towards the forest. I was about to uncover a secret that would change our lives.

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Again, I know this chapter is super short, but it’s 3 A.M. for me and I already nodded off a few times while writing it so i’m gonna have to end it there for the night.

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Chapter 2

“dude, i’m starting to think that there’s no murderer” Chase said behind me. We had been following the road for about 20 minutes hoping to see the truck parked and the driver burying the body. “Are you sure it was a body in the back?” Chase continued.

“Well no, it was in a garbage bag, but it was shaped like a body” I said.

“Dude, why would someone bury a body at five in the afternoon?” Chase doubted.

“I don’t know, I just want something exciting to happen in my this boring town for once! My life is so fucking boring dude, the most exciting thing that happens to me is getting my fucking period every month!” I yelled angrily.

“So you want people in town to be getting murdered?” Chase argued.

“Yeah! It’s better than this shit!” I yell again.

“Who’s there?” A voice yells from the forest.

“Oh shit…” I say under my breath. Chase and I book it into the bush and hide behind a tree. We hear more yelling from the other side of the dirt road.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck, roxy what do we do?!” Chase said from his own tree, obviously flipping the fuck out. The yelling was getting closer.

“God damn it Chase…” I say. The rambling little shit was gonna give us away. I book it across between our trees and cup my hand over his mouth. The tree isn’t very big, so I had to sit on his lap to keep myself hidden.

“I’m warning you! Show yourself now!” The voice yelled. He must have been close to the road now.

“Mmmmmmm!” Chase said through my hand.

“Jesus Chase, stop talking! Do you want us to get caught!” I whispered angrily. Chase’s eyes suddenly went wide with fear like he’d seen a ghost. “Chase what’s wrong?” I ask. Suddenly my butt feels wet, as if I was sitting in a puddle. “Holy fuck, Chase did you just piss on me?!” I yell at him, forgetting that someone was chasing us. Suddenly we hear a gunshot and the tree we’re sitting behind is hit with a bullet. Bark and wood chips fly off the side of the tree that was shot.

“Aaaaaggghhhh holy fuck!!!” Chase screams. He pushed me over, stood up, and ran away.

“Fuck, Chase! Get behind something!” I scream at him. I start running after him, ducking behind trees. Another gunshot, and one of the trees near me is shot. I see how far ahead Chase is and just say fuck it. I start booking it through the forest behind him, weaving between the trees. Another shot hits a tree pretty far behind me.

After running for about 10 minutes we reach the road. The gun shots stopped a while ago. We jump the fence and hide in the backyard of the nearest house. As I catch my breath I become aware of my fear induced urge to piss.

“I’m sorry Roxy” Chase says, panting.

“No chase, its my fault. I got us caught by screaming. It was pretty scary, so I don’t blame you.” I reassure him.

Chase doesn’t seem to be listening to me as he continues to cry and mutter about how it’s his fault.

“Jesus, chase, listen, it’s ok! It was a scary situation! People pee themselves sometimes! It’s not your fault!” I say, trying to calm him down. He still doesn’t respond.

“Alright you want me to prove it? Here you go! Look!” I say, standing up in front of him. I release my bladder into my pants. The piss pools up a bit in my panties before seeping through them, and then my pants, and down my legs. For a moment, the warmth feels not too bad, but as I finish, my wet pants start uncomfortably sticking to my legs. Chase looks on wide eyed.

“You just pissed yourself on purpose…” Chase said, dumbfounded.

I blush and look away a bit. “Yeah, well, my jeans already had pee on them anyway…”

After we hide out a little bit and calm down, we jump into the back alley and follow it home. We reach Chase’s house first, and we’re about to part ways when Chase suddenly freezes.

“Aw shit, they’re home early…” Chase says, pointing out his parents car in his driveway. He looks down at his wet lap and looks at me. “Hey, uhhh, Roxy, could I stay at your house for the night?”

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Great start really enjoying it

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Interesting. It has a rushed pacing, and capitalization is inconsistent, but I’m enjoying it so far. I want to see what happens next.