Can anyone say they've seen their boss naked?

Well, I can….unfortunately.

Crazy ass day at subway today; apart from the massive amount of customers for 2 people to deal with, and my co-worker spent the better part of that bitching to me about how I wasn’t fast enough in making sandwiches when all he did was take drive through orders, that co-worker did something just unbelievably stupid and got pissed at me for it. He told me that he and my new boss Erin were a couple and had been one for six years, and I said “Wow…I never heard her talk about you, didn’t know that.” So he proceeds to show me family pictures and stuff like that, and one of the first ones he shows me is of Erin, completely naked, in a bath tub.

So I say “Wow, I did not need to see that….” His response- “You’re such a fag.” Erin calls to check up on the store later on that day and just as a joke I go “Hey Erin, guess what? Justin decided to show me a nice little picture of you, of you in the bath tub, remember that one?” I giggle and joke, she’s embarassed as shit for this and Chews Justin out for it (rightfully so too, considering she’s technically Justin’s boss too). Justin then punches me a couple of times in the stomach for “Being a snitch”

I kept trying to get him to stop, I told him “Dude, back off. You showed me a naked picture of someone I didn’t care to see a normal picture of, let alone a naked one, this is your own damn fault. You KNOW I’m a gossip and I like to joke around…a LOT, why would you show me something like that.” He was just more and more pissed off. The punches themselves didn’t actually hurt, they just stung enough to be more like “threats” to tell me if I ever did something like that again he might kick the shit out of me.

Still, in all honesty, I should’ve reported him to Jay, the franchise owner too. Kind of weird to know what your boss looks like naked. Not that she’s fugly as shit or something, I just didn’t ever have the desire to know.

Oh, and one last thing. I was tempted to put this in the sightings thread considering their were bath toys in the picture and it was fairly infantile-like. Enjoy!

Re: Can anyone say they’ve seen their boss naked?

This thread title just made me say WTF, and I had to click on it. Interesting day you had… I don’t think I would care to see a picture of my boss naked in a bathtub, awkward to say the least.
Oh and she is sorta dumb for taking a nude picture, those almost always come back and bit people in the butt.

Re: Can anyone say they’ve seen their boss naked?

Your Subway is fucked.

Re: Can anyone say they’ve seen their boss naked?

No but I did see my grandmother naked once. That’s much worse.

Re: Can anyone say they’ve seen their boss naked?

No, try seeing your parents do the nasty… that’s worse. I saw that once when I was 15, when I came home early from a baseball game that got rained out.


Re: Can anyone say they’ve seen their boss naked?

Nah, seeing my parents have sex isn’t as bad as seeing Eric Foreman’s parents have sex. Now that’s just bizarre. shiver