Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

New story as I have run into some writer’s block with Wishes and Consequences. Hope you enjoy!

Camp for Bethany

Chapter 1

Beep Beep Beep

A shrill and loud alarm filled the room with an annoying buzz. Bethany rolled over sleepily, not really disturbed by the sound, but aware of it. She finally broke from her slumber enough to realize what was going on. Her alarm was going off. She quickly raised a numb from sleep arm to swat at the box that laid on her nightstand next to her bed, and missed in vain. After a couple more attempts she finally hit the button to quiet the alarm, then looked at the clock on her wall, struggling to make out the digital time in her groggy state. She rubbed her eyes, and finally focused enough to see that it was just after 2 AM.

Not again, Bethany thought, as she lifted her covers to survey the damage. The bed mat she was laying on was thoroughly soaked, as were her pajama bottoms and a bit of her nightshirt near the back. Luckily though she believed her sheets had survived any damage. She very carefully mad her way off her bed, so as not to get any on her sheets, and felt her cold feet hit the hardwood floor of her room, her night pants dripping a bit on the floor. She was thoroughly soaked, and her alarm had just woken her up in time to tell her that.

So much for the miracle cure the doctor promised, Bethany sighed, as she quickly removed her urine soaked clothing and placed them in the laundry basket in her room. She shivered a bit as she stood there in just her damp underwear, and quickly grabbed the wet bed pad from her bed and unhooked the wire for the alarm, allowing it to be ready for washing as well. Bethany placed the bed pad in her laundry basket along with her dirty clothing, and after checking again to make sure her bed linens were still dry, as they were, she made her way out of her room, basket in tow, and down the stairs to the laundry room.

Bethany was used to this routine, and being an only child of a single mother, had grown responsible of her little nighttime problem. She quietly tiptoed in the dark past her mother’s slightly ajar bedroom door, and could hear her mother snoring lightly. Good, Bethany thought, the alarm didn’t wake her up, too, at least. She made her way to the garage, and fumbled with the doorknob in the dark, before finally opening the door with a loud creek. That was unfortunately enough to wake her mother.

“Bethany! Is that you? What are you doing up so late?” Bethany’s mother appeared in the doorway of the garage/laundry room, just as Bethany was loading her wet clothing into the washing machine. Standing there in just her yellow stained underwear and blushing profusely, she stammered, unable to articulate her latest accident into words, but her mother caught on.

“Alarm didn’t work again, huh? What is that, four nights this week now? And what have I told you about walking around the house half naked young lady? Give me those panties, and go back to your room and get some new pajamas on, I will finish up here.” Bethany’s mother stated, question after question rapidly before barking out her last orders matter of factly, and Bethany, too dumbfounded and embarrassed to answer, just nodded and quickly shed her wet underwear and handed them to her mother, while making a mad dash back to her room to get dressed.

Bethany’s mother just shook her head and sighed at the sight of her naked 8 year old daughter as she scurried past her and handed her the wet underwear. This is getting to be ridiculous, Bethany’s mother thought, as she added soap to the washing machine and turned it on.

Bethany ran to her room and shut the door behind her, embarrassed that she had taken that naked walk of shame again, admonishing herself for not thinking of changing her clothes before she left her room. She was just so tired and out of it, she hadn’t thought about it. Bethany quickly made her way to her dresser drawer, and opened it. It was there that she saw the package of Goodnites, and her remaining panties. She knew what her mother wanted her to do, even though she had not said it. It was part of the routine. Every time Bethany slept through her bedwetting alarm, and woke up wet, she had to wear one for the rest of the night. It was her mother’s rule, one that Bethany thought was for both punishment and to make sure her sheets stayed dry for the rest of the night. Bethany knew if she didn’t wear one, her mother would be mad, so she grabbed a fresh Goodnite out of the package, and hastily pulled it on.

Bethany hated this part. She hated having to wear what basically amounted to a diaper for the rest of the night, but she also knew that sometimes it was for her own good. There were many a times that Bethany would return to sleep at night after cleaning up an accident, only to awake in the morning to find she had had another accident in her sleep. And with her bedwetting alarm out of commission for the night as it washed, she knew this was the only way to protect her bedsheets.

As Bethany made her way to the closet to grab some new pajamas, she caught her reflection in the mirror that stood next to her dresser. There she was, in the pale moonlit room, standing there in just a Goodnites pull up. The childish designs of Tinkerbell and her fairy friends adorning her midsection, she looked no older than 5, definitely not 8 going on 9. It was enough to make her eyes tear up at the sight, so Bethany quickly made her way from the mirror and to her closet. There, she grabbed a nightgown, and pulled it over her head and down past her bottom, hearing the crinkle given off by her unfashionable nighttime accessory. The nightgown hid most of the diaper, but on further inspection in the mirror by Bethany, she could clearly see it poking out from under it, which made her feel even worse.

Bethany heard a knock at the door as her mother opened it to see her daughter staring at herself in the mirror. Bethany turned to see her mother, and blushed and quickly jumped on her bed to try to hide under the covers. Her mother saw the pull up peeking out from under her daughter’s nightgown, and sighed.

“That’s a good girl, at least we don’t have to fight about it. Now go back to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow.” Bethany’s mother said as she closed the door. Bethany laid there, under her covers and faced the wall away from the door. She had almost forgotten, tomorrow she left for camp. As Bethany looked over and saw her bags packed in the corner, filled with new clothes her and her mother had gotten for her, she couldn’t help but feel the dread build up in her, as she went through all the crazy scenarios that she thought she would encounter in her first year of sleepaway camp. What am I going to do, she thought fitfully as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2

Camp Florence was a rite of passage in Bethany’s family. Her mother had gone, her great grandmother had gone, and even her great, great grandmother had attended. Plus, Bethany had numerous cousins that had attended as well, but this year, none of them were going. They were all too old for it now. Bethany had the misfortune of being a year behind at school, due to her age and the month she was born, and due to her little nighttime problem, her mother had forgone sending her when she was five, like most of the family did when they started, but her mother insisted on sending her now, even though she still struggled with nighttime dryness.

Bethany woke that morning, as her mother pulled the shades up, and filled her room with light.

“Time to rise and shine, sleepyhead! Its orientation day! You are going to love Camp Florence, Bethany!” Bethany’s mother said in a sing song voice as she went on and on about the camp as Bethany rubbed the sleep from her eyes and tried to wake up. Bethany stretched as her mother tore her comforter from her, which caused Bethany to blush and try to hide her obviously wet pull up. But her mother saw it.

“Oh Bethany, not again! You really need to get this under control. That’s twice in one night! What are all your friends at camp going to say, you are almost 9 years old! Sheesh!” Bethany’s mother dropped the comforter and threw her hands up in disgust. Bethany just brought her knees to her chest, in a sitting position, making her wet pull up even more noticeable, and just whispered sorry.

“Sorry? Sorry! That’s your answer? You need to get over this and speak up young lady! No more of this shyness either, you need to be able to express yourself, you are way to, what is the word the doctor used, inverted, no, introverted! That’s it! That’s why I am sending you to camp this year, you need to make some new friends, and start acting your age! Now, tell me what you did!”

Bethany’s mother just stood there, arms crossed, tapping her foot at the end of the bed and waited for her daughter to say it. Bethany hated this part of the routine. Her mother wanted her to tell her she wet the bed, and that is was her fault, and to ask for forgiveness. It was barbaric to Bethany, and only stripped away at her self-esteem. But she knew she wouldn’t be able to take it off until she told her mother, so she buried her face in her knees, and stammered as she spoke.

“I’m sorry…… Mom……I wet the bed again…. My diap……pull up is wet……… can I please…… change?” Bethany caught herself before saying diaper, even though she felt like that was what she was wearing. Her and her mother had many arguments about that, her mother preferred the term pull up, and the arguments usually ended with her mother telling Bethany, that if she thought it was a diaper, she would get her real diapers, and she would have to put them on her and change her like a baby, which usually shut Bethany up. Her mother did not seem to notice her slip, and finally smiled.

“Good girl, but you need to look at me when you talk. Try again.” This went on for another 10 minutes or so, when Bethany’s mom was finally satisfied with her daughter’s answer. With that, Bethany was allowed to get out of bed and pulled her wet diaper to her ankles and stepped out of it. Leaving it on the floor, as she marched to the bathroom to shower, just in her nightgown. Bethany’s mother picked up the sodden undergarment, and took it to the trash can in the kitchen, and as she heard the water running in the shower, picked out an outfit for Bethany, laid it on her bed and proceeded to load her bags into the car.

Bethany quickly showered, and felt a little better as she cleaned up, the warm water encasing her as she washed all her troubles away. Bethany was freaking out about camp still though. She hoped they would be ok with her wearing a pull up to bed at night. Her mother had assured her that she told the counselors about it, and even though she was mortified by that, she felt better than she would if she had to explain it herself. At least if they knew, she wouldn’t have to worry about them finding out. It was a minor comfort to her nightmarish thoughts.

As she let the warm water run through her shoulder length blonde hair, she thought about all the things her mother had told her to try to reassure her that her bedwetting wouldn’t be an issue. For one, the camp would provide her with pull ups, which was one less thing she would have to pack. That made Bethany feel better, mostly because she could imagine someone going in her bag, whether on purpose or by accident, finding her stash of diapers, and telling everyone what a big baby she is, all the while teasing her to no end. Bethany shuddered at the thought, but realized if the camp went to so much trouble as to stock pull ups in her size, then she must not be the only one with that problem. However, Bethany didn’t realize that she was much smaller than most kids her age, and fit into the smallest size of her pull ups, so the camp really only kept them for the younger set of kids, but her mother did not share that information with her.

Bethany finished her shower and grabbed the big towel hanging on the rack and dried her hair and body. She quickly wrapped the towel around her and headed for her room. Once there, she found her bags were gone from the corner of the room, but the clothes that her mother had picked out for her were laying on her bed. Bethany quickly pulled on the white panties, khaki shorts and plain white shirt her mother had laid out for her, and then put on her white socks and shoes. Her shoes were a bit childish for her age, and had Barbie on them, and were Velcro closed, as Bethany still struggled with the tying of shoelaces. But Bethany didn’t care, they were her most comfortable shoes, so she did not notice the fact that they were made for younger kids.

Bethany made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a bowl of cereal. As she munched down on it, she heard her mom return from packing the car. Her mother hurried her last few bites, and soon they were in the car and on their way to Camp Florence.

Chapter 3

The camp was less than an hour away, and as they pulled in, they were greeted by many parents doing the same with their kids, and a counselor named Becky greeted them at the car.

“Hit there! I am Becky, senior counselor at Camp Florence, and who might you be?”

Becky was wearing khaki pants and a purple shirt that read Camp Florence in big bold letters. She looked like she was fresh out of high school, but she had the caring demeanor of an adult twice her age.

Becky bent at the waist and smiled at Bethany, as Bethany stepped out of the car with her mother. She just looked away shyly, and her mother answered for her.

“Sorry, she is a bit shy. Her name is Bethany, Bethany Peterson.” Her mother said to Becky as she rounded the car to open the trunk. Becky just smile and pulled a roll of name tags from her pocket, and a black marker, and quickly wrote Bethany’s name on it and put it on her shirt.

“There you go! Now everyone will know who you are, Brittany! Why don’t you go to the orientations tent over there, and talk to the lady at the table, she will pull your file and give you your cabin assignment! Right over there!” Becky pointed enthusiastically to the tent about 30 feet away, and Bethany made her way to it, not even bothering to correct Becky when she mispronounced her name. She didn’t even realize Becky had put the name Brittany Peterson on her name tag as well.

Bethany’s mom struggled to pull the bags from the car, and Becky soon joined her to help. While they were busy fighting the bags, Bethany made her way to the orientation tent. There she approached the table cautiously and nervously made eye contact with the counselor on the other side of the table. Bethany noticed she was a large woman, with thick glasses and a mean disposition. The woman just stared at her as she approached, took a look at her name tag and opened the file cabinet next to her.

“Let’s see. Here you are, Cabin 214. Take this folder to the counselor you just met. Go on, now! I don’t have all day!” The large woman grumbled at her. Bethany grabbed the file from the woman and ran back to her mother, away from the big mean impatient lady without another word.

She approached Becky and her mother, and handed Becky the manila folder, trying not to look overwhelmed as she blushed profusely. Bethany was really starting to feel out of sorts with shyness, she was having trouble with all the new people she was being forced to meet. Becky just smiled as she took the file from the small girl with her head down looking at her shoes and unconsciously rotating her foot in the dirt.

“Let’s see here, ahhh cabin 214! You lucky girl! That is my cabin this year! We are going to have a blast!” Becky smiled and whooped it up as she continued to flip through the file.

“Oh, Mrs. Peterson, it says here that your daughter has some nighttime issues, I want to assure you that here at Camp Florence, we take the utmost care with your child, I will personally see to that.” Becky smiled again as she turned to face Bethany’s mother. Bethany’s mother returned the smile as she approached the car door.

“Thanks, Becky! Now, I must be going to work, come give me a hug!” Bethany’s mother beckoned her, so Bethany quickly made her way to her mother’s embrace. With a quick peck of a kiss to the forehead, Bethany’s mother told her to be good, then got it the car and sped away, leaving Bethany with Becky in the car’s dust.

Bethany and Becky just stood there awkwardly, watching the car pull away, Bethany’s bags at her feet. Becky was still reading the file, and she closed it in finishing it, she announced,

“Well, I guess it’s time to get you situated in your cabin. Come now, Brittany!” Bethany just followed Becky, still not sure why she was calling her by that name, but she soon found out.

As they walked together, Becky was just talking and talking, telling Bethany all about the camp, about all the fun activities they would do, and pointing out various landmarks. That was when Becky started talking to her about what she read in her file, and when Bethany realized what was going on as they lugged the heavy bags to the cabin.

“So, Brittany, it says here you are 5 years old, such a big girl you are! Going away to sleepaway camp at this age can be tough, but don’t worry, we will take good care of you. Right over there, that is the bathrooms, now I read that you still have some issues making it to the potty on time, do you need to stop by quickly? It’s no problem, if you need it. Just ask, ok? Oh, right, your file says you still wear pull ups during the day. Are you dry? Let me see.” Becky stopped walking and talking long enough to bend at the knees and pull back the waistband of Bethany’s shorts. Bethany was so shocked, she was speechless, all she could say was, “uhhhh”, as Becky just looked confused by her lack of protection.

“Well, this won’t do at all. What was your mother thinking, sending you unprotected. Its ok, we will fix that, come now, let’s try to make potty like a big girl and get you some more proper underwear!” And with that, Becky quickly rose to her feet and took Bethany by the hand towards the bathroom, Bethany too shocked to speak. Becky took Bethany to a stall and led her in. Becky even helped Bethany undo her pants button and lower her shorts before saying,

“Well, you go ahead and get on the potty like a big girl, I will be right back.” Becky quickly left and Bethany just stood there, shorts around her ankles, slack jawed. She was so confused, she didn’t even move to get on the potty, and she just stood there trying to collect her thoughts. However, they were all a jumble, and before she knew it, Becky returned to find her still standing there, but this time, Becky had what looked like a small diaper in her hand. Bethany tried to say something, but all that came out was a small squeak.

Becky broke the silence, “All done, huh? What a big girl! Did you need help putting your shorts back on? Well that’s ok, because we need to get your pull ups on anyways! Here, let me help you.” Becky leaned down in the small stall, as Bethany just stood there in silence and horror, unable to speak as Becky removed her shorts and underwear, lifting her legs for her, soon naked from the waist down except for her shoes and socks. Becky took the pull up, and shook it to open it up and pulled it on over Bethany’s shoes, all the way up to her navel, and fussed with it a bit to make sure the fit was snug. Then she pulled Bethany’s shorts back onto her, over her now diapered behind, and smiled at the small girl, who just stared at her blankly.

“There, that’s better, isn’t it? You were such a big girl, not putting up a fuss about it, even though your file said you don’t like wearing them. It’s for the best though, we don’t want to have any accidents, do we?” Becky said as she lightly popped her finger on Bethany’s nose, and grabbed her hand again.

“Well, you are certainly quiet, your mother said you were shy. Don’t worry, its ok to be shy! Let’s go to your cabin and get you situated. Come now, Brittany!” Becky exclaimed as she led Bethany out of the bathroom, and after retrieving the bags from outside, made their way to Cabin 214.

So many thoughts ran through Bethany’s mind. Did they think she was someone else? Was there a Brittany Peterson at camp that year, and they just got their files crossed? Did they really think she was only 5 years old? She wanted to say all these things to Becky, but she was unable to get a word in edgewise, because Becky, apparently, loved to talk. She did it the entire way to the cabin, and Bethany was forced to follow, painfully aware of the new bulk between her legs. Bethany had not worn a pull up in the daytime since she was 5, so it made her waddle a bit, until she got used to the extra padding now securely covering her inner thighs. She was painfully aware that the waistband was clearly visible above her shorts, and hoped her shirt covered it. She was still thinking of when Becky put it on her, the Dora the Explorer designs, the pink waistband, the obvious wetness indicators adorning the front, it was mortifying. She wanted to stop and scream that she was almost nine and didn’t need pull ups, but she was unable to do that. So, she just followed Becky, her hand still cradled in the counselors, and followed until they reached the cabin.

When they got there, Becky let go of Bethany’s hand, and opened the door, while announcing,

“Here we are, Cabin 214! This is where you will be staying for the next month!”

Becky flung the door open and Bethany followed her inside.

Chapter 4

Cabin 214 was a sight to behold. It was quite spacious, and had two bunk beds, for a total of 4 beds, two dressers, a walk in closet, and everywhere you looked, was wood. It was a rustic design, but not bad rustic, as everything shined with fresh lacquer. The bunk beds were on opposite sides of the room, and the dressers stood next to them, and the middle was all open space. The closet was at the far end of the room, opposite the beds, and the light fixtures were bolted to the walls. But what Bethany noticed mostly was the rather large changing table that stood in the corner next to the closet. It was fully stocked, with what must have been at least fifty baby diapers, pull up diapers, and Goodnites, wipes and powder. Along with a variety of lotions and creams, it was also wooden and about big enough to fit a small adult on. Becky caught Bethany staring at it.

“Yeah, you lucked out kid. This cabin is for kids with your same issues, so we set it up to be sure we could handle it appropriately. So, I guess you already have something in common with your new roommates!” Becky said as she quickly deposited Bethany’s bags into the closet. Bethany made her way to the corner bunk, and looked at the bottom bed. The sheets and pillowcase were pink, the curtains in the room were pink, the walls were even a shade of pink, all surrounded but the wooden floors and closet doors, and wooden beds, and the changing table. It was all so much, she felt somewhat dizzy, so Bethany sat on the bed, causing a muffled crinkle from her diaper, and a crinkle from the obvious plastic protected mattress. Bethany just sat on the bed and sighed, as Becky continued to put her things in the closet. What am I going to do, Bethany thought.

Bethany was suddenly painfully aware that she needed to pee. But she had just been to the bathroom, if she told Becky she needed to go, she would figure out that she never went. Bethany struggled with the thoughts that swam in her mind, trying to figure out if she should say something to Becky, and trying to hold back her urine, but as she panicked, she realized the extra padding of the diaper was making it impossible to close her legs, and she felt a small stream trickle out. Bethany gasped and jumped up, off the bed, and that is when she lost control. She could feel the warm wetness fill her pull up, and just hoped it would contain it all. Even though it felt quite a bit heavier now than before, Bethany thought she had escaped detection.

Becky wasn’t fooled however, and went to check on Bethany.

“Why are you just standing there silly goose?” Becky asked playfully, as she bent down to come to eye level with Bethany. “Uh oh, I know that look. Did you have an accident?” Bethany couldn’t believe her face had betrayed her so easily, but she tried to deny it, covering her crotch and frantically shaking her head no. But Becky wasn’t buying it.

“Well, let’s have a look then,” and with that Becky tugged at the sides of Bethany’s shorts, causing them to tumble to around her ankles, leaving her sodden pull up in full view. “Wow! That is one wet pull up you have on, Brittany. Did you not go potty when we were at the bathrooms? Oh well, no matter. I bet you were just a bit nervous to go in a strange place, huh? Its ok, we can fix that. Come to the changing table, and we will get you all cleaned up!” Becky didn’t even bother to wait for an answer from Bethany, even though Bethany tried to string together a coherent sentence, as she was led, waddling over to the changing table.

“But……I……it……I don’t……. you can’t…… accident…….Sorry…….” was all Bethany could manage to spit out.

Becky just smiled at her, and with a quick lift under her armpits, laid her onto the table with surprising strength. Surprisingly, Bethany fit on the changing table, legs and all, shorts still around her ankles, a light squish from her pull up as she rested on it.

“It’s ok, Brittany! Accidents happen, but just in case you are still a bit nervous to use the potty, and so you don’t leak, I think you should probably wear a real diaper for now. Actually, you kind of have to, it’s camp policy.” And with that statement, Becky quickly tore the sides of Bethany’s pull ups, and pulled it from under her, taking time to fold it and discard of it in a waste bin next to the changing table. Becky grabbed some wipes and cleaned Bethany’s thoroughly, raising her hips to get her underside, and then disappeared for a moment to check the diaper supply on the shelves of the changing table.

“Size 6, I think they will fit. Do you wear regular diapers at home, Brittany? Did your mom ever tell you what size you wear?” Bethany just shook her head as Becky came into view aging, holding a white diaper, with blocks adorning the front tape area. As she tried to cover her nakedness with her hands, all Bethany could say was, “No……. diapers…….”

Becky just smiled and nodded. “Its ok, Brittany, we can always do a bit of trial and error until we get the fit right.” And with that, Becky opened the diaper, and laid it under Bethany’s backside. Becky then grabbed the lotion and put some on Bethany, which caused her to let out a small cry.

“Oh, I am sorry, Brittany, is it too cold?” But instead of waiting for an answer, Becky just continued applying it, and then a generous supply of powder, before finally bringing up the front of the diaper to cover Bethany’s crotch. Becky then taped it closed, finding it was a perfect fit, and fussed with the edges, making sure it was secure against leaks and picked up Bethany under her arms and placed her on her feet on the floor. Then she pulled Bethany’s shorts back up, but due to the added bulk of the diaper had a little trouble buttoning them. But after playing with it a bit, she finally got them fastened, and stood there looking at Bethany as she stood before her.

Bethany was blush red and could feel it in her face. Literally, in the span of just a couple hours, she had gone from underwear, to pull ups, and now, here she was, in a diaper for the first time in years. She was mortified, and too embarrassed to look her counselor in the eyes. Becky caught on, and tried to lend comfort to her charge.

“Oh, dear, it’s ok. I know you aren’t used to wearing diapers, but it’s just for orientation, if you can stay dry and clean, we can put you back in pull ups, ok?” Becky said so sweetly, like she really did care.

This caused a sniffle and nod from Bethany, which in turn got another smile from Becky. Bethany wanted to tell her she was mistaken, that she was actually almost 9 years old, and that they got her name wrong, and the wrong file on her, and that it was all a terrible mistake, but as she opened her mouth to speak, someone opened the door to the cabin and came barging in.

Chapter 5

Bethany just covered herself in shame, not realizing she was fully clothed and had nothing to hide, except for the obvious bulk of her diaper. In walked the large woman from the orientation tent, and behind her was a small Asian girl, who looked younger than 5 but all Bethany could do was stare. She was wearing what looked like a school uniform, complete with pleated skirt and dress shirt, and herders hair was done up in ponytails. She had a light complexion and when she smiled, you could see the glint from her braces. She was, in no fewer words, just adorable. The large woman broke the silence.

“I got another one for you, Becky. Here is her file.” The large woman bounded to Becky, and Becky took the file, quickly skimming it as the large woman spoke again,

“Her name is Pan Akihiko. That’s all I got out of her, seems she doesn’t speak much English. Also, you may want to take care of her, she smells kind of ripe.” Becky sniffed the air and nodded to the large woman. The large woman sauntered out of the room, leaving Becky, Bethany and Pan just standing there awkwardly. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Pan spoke.

“I do speak English, my mommy and daddy don’t. I think that made the lady confused.” Pan said.

“Well, that’s good news. Hi, Pan, my name is Becky, and this is Brittany. Welcome to Cabin 214! I don’t want to embarrass you, but do you need a change, sweetheart?” Becky said knowingly. Pan just lowered her head and nodded, and said a small, “M’hmm.”

Becky smiled at Pan, and said, “Ok, then! Let’s do that! Brittany, why don’t you have a seat on the bed, while I get Pan cleaned up, ok?” Becky pointed to the bunk that Bethany was sitting on before she wet herself, and Bethany just walked over and sat down. Bethany couldn’t help but watch, and as Becky lifted Pan onto the changing table, she got a full view of Pan’s diapered behind under her skirt. That made Bethany blush and look away as Pan got her diaper changed by Becky, quickly and quietly.

When they finished, and Pan was once again on the floor, Becky motioned to both of them to follow her, as she wanted to see if they could find the other two girls that would be sharing the cabin with them. So Bethany hopped off the bed and followed behind Pan, who followed Becky out the door. On the way out, Bethany was having trouble figuring out how to walk properly in the diaper she was wearing, and after Pan noticed, she giggled at her. This caused Bethany to blush, but she still waddled like a duck.

Pan fell in line with Bethany and whispered to her, “Is this your first time wearing a diaper? You look funny walking like that!” Bethany just blushed and nodded. Pan smiled, her braces shining in the glow of the sun.

“Aww, its ok. I wear them too. Mommy says I have to.” Bethany just kind of smiled. 5 year old logic.

“You don’t talk much, do you? Did you lose your voice?” Pan asked with worry in her eyes. Bethany just shook her head, and whispered back, “Just shy.” Pan nodded understandingly.

“That’s ok. I like to talk, if you like to listen, we will be friends soon enough!” And with that Pan just skipped ahead, her skirt bouncing as she did, putting her diaper on display for everyone who would look. Bethany just smiled.

Becky, Bethany and Pan made their way to the orientation tent to meet the large woman once again sitting at the table, checking in another young girl. This girl had brown hair and freckles and she was dressed in a sunflower dress and Mary Jane shoes. She also looked quite uncomfortable. An older lady was standing next to her, talking to the large woman, as the large woman searched for her file. The girl just pulled on the lady’s pants, and said, “Grammy, I need to go potty!”

The older woman just shushed her and waved her off, but it was apparent the little girl was struggling to hold herself. Becky approached the large woman and tried to help her find the file, as the little brown haired girl squirmed and danced about. Then, she just stopped, stood still, and a look of relief filled her face. Bethany knew that look. The little brown haired girl had just peed her pants. She must be in a diaper too, Bethany thought, as she did not see a puddle forming under her. The little brown haired girl just went back, looking a bit forlorn now, and joined her grandmother. After the large woman finally found her file, the grandmother told the little brown haired girl they could go use the potty.

The little brown haired girl started to cry a bit at that. And she blubbered, “Grammy, I had an accident!” The older woman just looked down in shame and said, “Not again! I am beginning to think I will never get you potty trained! You are almost six, Samantha, too old to be wetting your diapers!” The old woman scolded the young girl and then turned to the large woman, and said, “I do hope you have diapers big enough for Samantha, little brat never tells me she needs to go until it’s too late. It drives me nuts, can you take care of this?” The large woman just gave her a dirty look, but Becky spoke up.

“Sure, I can take care of little Samantha for you. Come dear, let’s get you changed!” Samantha just nodded and waddled over to Becky, and Samantha’s grandmother just walked away without a word.

The next girl in line walked up, arguing loudly with her mother. “But Mom! I don’t want to go to stupid camp this year! I just know they are gonna put me in the baby cabin again! Please let me go with you and daddy!” The woman with the girl just shushed her and said, “Well, if you didn’t wet the bed every night like a baby, maybe you could stop going to the baby cabin! Now hush, mommy needs to sign you in!” The lady started talking to the large woman, ad. This caused her to search for a file again. She found it rather quickly, and handed it to Becky.

“Looks like your last kid.” The large woman remarked as she handed Becky the file. Becky read it and looked confused.

“There must be a mistake, Mrs. Young, it says here your daughter is well past 7. Usually Cabin 214 is reserved for 5 to 6 year olds. Let me get a supervisor.” But Mrs. Young just smiled, and waved her off.

“It’s no mistake, Patricia here needs special attention due to her little nighttime problem, so I was told that your cabin would be best suited to fit her needs.” Mrs. Young explained calmly as her daughter just looked up at her and pouted.

Becky continued to read the file and continued looking confused. “The file says your daughter has some daytime issues too? Is that correct? If so, you know our policy, isn’t she a bit old to be in diapers all day?” With that line of questioning by Becky, Bethany looked up in surprise just as Mrs. Young’s daughter shouted,

“I do not wear diapers all day. I am not a baby!” Mrs. Young just stared at her daughter sternly.

“Now, Patricia, you be good and do as your told!” Mrs. Young shouted at her daughter. Then she calmly looked back to Becky as her daughter pouted, and said, “Whatever your policy is, I am sure you better follow it for your sake. Even though she might put up a fight, it is a constant battle to get little Patricia here to use the potty. Whatever you need to do, I suggest you do it!” Mrs. Young pointedly stated.

“But Mom! That’s not fair!” Patricia yelled as she cried. And then she folded her arms, and squinted like she was concentrating hard. In a few seconds, a large dark patch started running down her jeans, and a puddle formed at her feet. Ms. Young looked on in horror and disgust as her daughter peed her pants in front of everyone. Patricia, however, looked rather proud of herself.

“See? What did I tell you? Do whatever you deem fit.” Mrs. Young just left Patricia standing there in wet jeans, and walked away. Becky was a bit shocked by the whole ordeal, but just beckoned her troop to follow her back to the cabin so they could clean up. Patricia and Samantha held the hands of Becky as they marched to the cabin, and Pan and Bethany just watched them waddle forward from behind. Bethany could already tell it was going to be a long month.

Chapter 6

As they reached the cabin, another couple counselors approached them from behind to deliver Pan’s, Patricia’s and Samantha’s luggage. Becky thanked them and took her time putting the bags away in the closet. Patricia just stood there, pants still quite damp from her ordeal, and Samantha looked uncomfortable in her wet diaper. Samantha, Pan and Bethany couldn’t help but stare at Patricia though, even though Bethany was technically older then her, everyone there thought she was 5 and she was trying to stay in character. So she tried to look in awe of the older girl standing in front of them in wet pants. Patricia just sneered at them and gave a nasty look.

Becky finished packing the bags into the closet and said,

“Ok, that’s done. Well, Patricia, I guess we should get started. Lets’ get your pants off and get you onto the table.”

Patricia just stared at her, and said, “You must be joking. Just give me one of those pull up things and I will change myself.” Patricia crossed her arms in defiance.

Becky just looked impatient. “Sorry dear, but the rules at camp say anyone in this cabin who has a daytime accident needs to be diapered for at least the rest of the day. If you can be a big girl and keep it dry all day, then you can go back to pull ups, ok?” Before Patricia could protest further, Becky was already pulling down her sodden jeans. Pan, Samantha, and Bethany just looked on in amazement.

“Hey, do you have to do it in front of everyone!” Patricia yelled out in embarrassment, waving her arms for balance as Becky removed her jeans by lifting each of her legs. Then without a further word, Becky jumped up and lifted Patricia onto the changing table, Patricia’s feet hanging off the edge slightly. Becky pulled off Patricia’s dirty panties as Patricia just laid there resigning to her fate. A few wipes and lotion and powder later, Patricia was lifted up and a size 7 diaper was placed under her. As it was snugly fastened, Becky exclaimed,

“Awesome! I didn’t think it would fit, but it looks like it fits perfectly!” and then Becky lifted Patricia back up and set her on her feet on the floor, in just a diaper and shirt. Then she beckoned Samantha over and did the same to her, changing her quickly and efficiently, and set her back on the floor with the others. Then Becky went to Pan and lifted her skirt, and seeing a clean diaper was satisfied. Then she went to Bethany and pulled her pants down to check her to her horror, but was satisfied as well so she pulled her pants back up. Then she took Patricia to them closet and got her some sweat pants from her luggage and Patricia was allowed to put pants back on.

Then Becky made an announcement.

“Ok, Cabin 214! Looks like we are all ready for orientation. So if you will just follow me, we can go to the orientation building!” And Becky waved for her troop to follow and they did, Patricia leading them, trying to look older and not like part of the group, even though it was quite obvious that she was diapered, the waistband even stuck out at the back of her pants without her knowledge, which made Bethany and Pan giggle. Samantha brought up the rear. They all followed Becky to a large building on the other side of camp, and Becky pointed out some landmarks on the way, and also stopped and asked if anyone needed the potty, which no one did.

As the girls mad their way to the orientation building they were shocked by how crowded it was getting. The camp took in about 500 kids a year, and the ages ranged from 5 to 15, but still, for Bethany at least, it was a sight to behold. She was so nervous, she found herself grabbing Pan’s hand to hold it as they walked in a group inside. Pan didn’t mind it, and smiled at Bethany in return. They all took their seats and waited as the auditorium filled up. After they waited for everyone to get settled, cheers erupted as the camp director made his way on stage. Everyone clapped and hollered, and it made Bethany even more nervous. But it soon died down, as the Director spoke into the microphone.

“Hello Camp Florence kids! I am your Camp Director, Dr. Charles Finnegan, for all you newbie out there. I just wanted to say welcome, and tell you a little about Camp Florence history. You see, my great great grandfather started this camp over 100 years ago. Back then, it was mainly a place for day workers to drop their kids off so they had a safe place to play while their parents were at work in the fields. That’s right, this whole area used to be surrounded by farmland, as far as the eye could see, and people would come from miles away to work the fields, but they did not always have a place to keep their kids, so my grandfather started this camp with about 15 kids and a couple bunk houses, and now, we have the capacity to fit over 500 kids here, and we have a little over 200 cabins. Now Camp Florence is one of the biggest camps in the USA. And it serves as a sleep away camp for the summer months. How cool is that?”

Clapping and cheering ensued, before the camp director once again quieted the crowd of kids and counselors.

“Now with every camp, we do have some rules, and they are posted around the campgrounds. Read them, know them, follow them, it is your responsibility. The biggest rule, however, is there will be no bullying of any kind tolerated, especially in the case of our special needs cabins, numbers 210 – 214. These kids are here to work through some problems, emotional and physical, and any picking on of these kids will be followed by expulsion from the camp.”

Everyone started whispering and pointing towards Bethany and her group, which made Bethany slide down in her chair to avoid sight. If anyone she knew saw her, they might blow her cover before she had the chance to explain the mistake herself. I have to tell someone soon, Bethany thought to herself, as she listened to the Director ramble on about all the fun activities in camp.

“We have hiking, bird watching, flora and fauna studying, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, various arts and crafts, all sorts of fun activities for you to take part in during your stay, all accumulating to the big jamboree we have before you leave at the end of summer, where we invite your parents to take part in the festivities. Doesn’t that sound awesome, campers!” Again, loud cheers, more hiding for Bethany. She really hoped it would end soon. Bethany looked over her group. Pan was just sitting there, smiling and kicking her legs, causing her skirt to fly up and expose her diaper, but she was oblivious to that fact. Samantha was leaning in her seat as well, but she was asleep, dress hiked up and you could see her diaper too. How she could sleep through all the cheering perplexed Bethany. Patricia just sat there, arms folded in front of her, pouting, a large diaper bulge particularly evident in her sweatpants. But no one really seemed to care. Becky was fixated on the Camp Director, and joined in on the cheering when it was called for.

Everyone seemed happy, everyone except Bethany.

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So… This is all well and good but I kind of have to ask… Is Wishes and Consequences coming back? Or are you finishing this instead?

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

Interesting, but I have to say, and this isn’t so much directed at the author as it is generally at EVERYONE who uses this trope:

A Pampers size 7 isn’t going to BULGE on anyone larger than a three-year-old. They are made to be super-thin, and on a teenage frame, they’re going to be hardly noticeable at all unless the kid is wearing a sheer dress. They are no wider than a size 6, just a couple inches longer, so they’ll basically ride on a teenage girl’s hips - no, you don’t even get the “poking out the top” part.

If you want bulge, put her in proper adult diapers.

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

I am enjoying the start to this story so far,I honestly think her mom made this fake file

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

Another awesome story, I love it, can’t believe I missed all those great stories in the past, this website is becoming my first source now, so awesome.

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapter 7

All I could come up with unfortunately, because I am trying to finish my other story, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! Thanks for reading!

Chapter 7

After orientation, the girls and their counselor made their way back to their cabin. It was getting near lunchtime, so thy stopped at the cafeteria to get food. Bethany had a sandwich and an apple, Pan had a muffin and some chips, Samantha had a sandwich and a banana, and Patricia had a sandwich and chips. Becky didn’t eat anything though, just watched them eat and smiled if they looked her way. After lunch they went back to the cabin, and Becky decided it was time for an afternoon nap, as they had all had such a busy morning. Patricia was the only one who protested.

“Naps are for babies! We don’t need naps!” Patricia shouted in protest. But everyone else was yawning or rubbing their eyes, agreeing that a nap wasn’t such a bad idea.

Pan ran up to Becky, pulling at her shirt to get her attention.

“Becky, if we are going to sleep, I need to wear my nighttime diapers, in case I have an accident!” Pan reminded her intently.

Samantha agreed, and Patricia nodded in agreement but sneered at Pan. Bethany was about to agree as well, but Becky cut her off mid nod.

“Ok, why don’t you all get out your pajamas, and I will ready the changing table? That sound good?”

Becky announced and everyone rushed their bags, and fished out their jammies. Pan brought out a white nightgown with ruffles, Sam pulled out a yellow sleeper, complete with feet and zipper and butt flap, Patricia laughed at their ridiculous pajamas and pulled out a shirt and track pants, while Bethany got out her flowery laced nightgown. Each girl, armed with her pajamas, lined up in front of the changing table, and each girl was hoisted up, changed efficiently, and set back down after their diaper changes. Bethany could feel the sheer thickness of the new diaper she was wearing, it made her legs spread a bit more than usual, due to the sheer amount of padding now between her legs. She waddled to her bunk and changed into her nightgown, as each other girl did.

Bethany took the top bunk on the left side of the room, with Pan on the bottom bunk beneath her. Patricia took the top bunk on the right side of the room, with Samantha on the bottom bunk beneath her. Bethany felt the covers, and slid a bit on the obviously plastic sheet. Even the pillows were lined with plastic on the inside, and it was hard to get used to for Bethany at first. Becky turned out the lights and closed the curtains, and left the cabin to allow the girls to sleep.

Bethany laid there and stared at the ceiling. She thought about everything that had happened that day and sighed. She could hear the other girls breathing softly, all asleep already. All Bethany could do was lie there, and ponder her day as sleep escaped her. She felt her stomach grumble, aware that she needed to use the bathroom. She wondered if she should get up to find Becky, but she felt really sleepy all of a sudden, and fell asleep right then.

She dreamed of camp and them finding out she was a nine year old fraud, parading around as a five year old. She dreamed they punished her severely, by pushing her into the lake, and holding her head under water. The water felt so real, and so warm, and she struggled to breath. She fought and tried to explain that it was all a big mistake, but no one would listen, they just tried to hurt her. They tried to drown her, then they put her in a hole in the ground and filled it with water, causing Bethany to bathe in mud. It felt so squishy and real, and just before she went underwater, she woke up with a start. Becky was standing at her bedside, shaking her shoulder, and she woke groggily to see her there. Bethany rubbed her eyes, and looked at Becky quizzically, before Becky whispered, “I think you had an accident in your sleep. Let’s get you changed.” Becky whispered, and Bethany realized all the other girls were still asleep. Bethany wondered what the big deal was, but then she caught a whiff of it. A slight wiggle of her backside confirmed her biggest fear, she had messed herself while she slept!

Bethany was near tears and looked to Becky, her eyes pleading for explanation. Becky just gave her a confused look, before assuring her everything was ok, and helping her off the top bunk, her diaper sagging as she climbed down. Bethany felt the mush slide off her backside as she lifted it, and felt really disgusted with herself.

I can’t believe I pooped my pants, she thought. Becky helped her onto the changing table and removed the diaper, taking care to clean Bethany thoroughly. She then put Bethany back into another thick diaper, and helped her back into bed. Bethany hoped she wouldn’t embarrass herself like this again, but Becky didn’t seem all that put off by it, as she covered Bethany up and left the cabin once more to allow the girls to sleep. Bethany felt herself return to dreamland, this time with more pleasant results.

Hours flew by as the girls napped contentedly. Becky did some paperwork, and went through her young charges files once more. She was looking over Bethany’s file when she got a bit confused. They had gotten her height wrong, and her weight too, it seemed to Becky. She chalked it up to kids growing so fast these days, but something else troubled her. The chart said that Bethany, or Brittany, was outgoing and talkative, maybe even a bit of a troublemaker. This was in stark contrast to the young girl she had met, and the chart said that diapering her might be an issue, as she would fuss about it. Once again, this did not line up with the girl she was taking care of. Becky made a notation in the file that these claims were outdated, and moved onto the other kids. By the time she finished with all the files, she realized that it was probably time to wake the girls.

Becky returned to the cabin, and went over to Patricia first. She was hard to wake up and made a loud grunt of disapproval to being woken up, and Becky feared the other girls might be woken up by it. But they all stayed asleep, and Becky helped Patricia up out of bed. Patricia stood at the foot of the bed and yawned, as Becky pulled her track pants down with a swift motion. Patricia nearly yelled and covered herself, obviously embarrassed by the hanging yellow diaper between her legs. Becky just smiled and waved it off as no big deal, and helped Patricia to the changing table. Once there, she cleaned Patricia up and put her in a pull on diaper, as her file said she was used to wearing during the day. Patricia put up a minor fuss to being diapered at all, but eventually agreed to the pull up, as it was better than a real baby diaper, in her mind at least.

Becky let Patricia get dressed as she went to wake up Samantha. Samantha was easier to wake, and she smiled at Becky and followed her to the changing table eagerly. There her pajamas were unzipped, and pulled off, and she was hoisted onto the table, and cleaned up. She was put in an extra absorbent diaper, as, according to her file, she was prone to accidents and rarely, if ever, made the toilet on time. Samantha didn’t seem to mind at all though, and was quickly ushered off to get dressed as well.

Next, Becky turned her attention to Pan. She needed a bit more time to fully wake up, but she eventually got the idea. And to Becky’s astonishment, Pan’s diaper was bone dry. Becky gave Pan a pat on the back and whispered good job, which made Pan smile. However, according to Pan’s file, she was prone to accidents during the day, so Becky left her in the thick night diaper, and Pan was very obedient and went to get dressed as if it wasn’t any problem.

Finally, Becky made her way to Bethany. She woke Bethany after a few tries, and Bethany realized she was all alone, as all the other beds were empty. This made her panic slightly but Becky just led her to the changing table. Bethany was wet, again, but at least she wasn’t messy. Becky made a mental note to check her through the night, as she seemed to be wetting multiple times in her sleep, and Becky didn’t want to have to deal with constant sheet changes due to leaks. She changed Bethany, and put her in the same diaper as Samantha, even though her file said she should wear a pull up in the daytime, Becky realized the file was somewhat inaccurate. So to make sure Bethany stayed dry all day, she put her in extra absorbent diapers, and Becky was sure that Bethany would protest. But Bethany just went along, not understanding that her file said she was difficult when it came to diaper changes, and Becky was somewhat relieved, if not a bit confused.

“Thanks for being such a good girl during your changes, I know you don’t like them, I appreciate you not making a fuss.” Becky said softly to Bethany. Bethany smiled, and even though she was confused, just nodded at Becky, who returned her smile. Bethany rushed off to get dressed as well, and met the other girls in the walk in closet, as they were getting dressed as well.

Patricia wore her normal sweatpants and colorful t shirt, proudly smiling that she got to wear the only pull up in the room. Pan wore a skirt and dress shirt, once again looking like a little school girl, with her pigtails and mouthful of braces. Samantha wore a bright and colorful dress, decorated with red roses. Bethany decided to wear some shorts and a shirt, doing her best to conceal her diaper, but upon seeing the fact that Samantha and Pan were fully exposed just by bending at the waist slightly, gave up her struggle to hide her diaper, and just let it peek out from her shorts with pride. It seemed Patricia was the only one who looked mature in the group, even though if you looked closely enough you could see the puffy outline of her pull up beneath her sweatpants. And it also peeked out above the waistband of her pants as well, but none of the other girls were going to tell her.

After getting dressed, brushing their hair and getting their shoes on, Becky led the girls on a nature hike, which really was just a long walk around the entire camp. Becky pointed out numerous landmarks, lots of trees and flowers, some bugs and wildlife, and showed the girls the lake. She even pointed out the other cabins that were like hers, and Bethany was intrigued by who was in those cabins, as she knew they were probably just as diapered as she currently was. Finally, they made their way to the bathrooms, and Becky once again asked if anyone needed the potty. Patricia went, but came out looking slightly annoyed. She used the toilet, but found her pull up was a bit wet, and she wanted a change. Becky didn’t have any on her though. Samantha was wet already, having gone in her diapers, so was Pan. Bethany was dry, but not wanting to be left out and worried it would give her away, said she was wet too. So Becky decided to take her group back to the cabin for diaper changes before dinner, and Bethany managed to wet herself on the way, through sheer force of will.

After returning to the cabin and getting changed, each into the same type of diaper they were wearing previously, all the girls went to have dinner in the cafeteria. It was spaghetti night, and all the girls ate their fill, and got somewhat messy doing so. Seeing her troop covered in sauce made Becky giggle, and she ordered them back off to the showers to get cleaned up in preparation for bed. The showers were adjacent to the bathrooms, and provided a bit of privacy for each individual, but only when they got into the stall. You had to remove your clothing in what amounted to a large locker room. Bethany was embarrassed to expose her diaper to the other girls, as was Patricia. Pan and Samantha tore their clothes off, however, and stood there in just their slightly wet diapers for the world to see. There were some giggles, and maybe a finger pointing or two, but it died down quickly as the older girls reminded the younger girls of the rules. Seeing this, Bethany decided to just go with it and stripped down to her diaper as well. Patricia was a bit more apprehensive, but Becky snuck up behind her and pantsed her quickly, adding to her embarrassment, but moving it along. Seeing that no one was laughing at her, Patricia removed her shirt, but sneered at Becky. Becky gave each girl a towel, and helped them out of their diapers, and each girl made their way to an empty stall to shower.

Bethany loved a good shower. The water felt really good, and it was very warm. She found that she could get used to this, as she let the water wash away the spaghetti and urine that once covered her body. Once she was clean, she wrapped the towel around herself, and returned to Becky who was standing with the rest of her group. Becky had come with a cart of fresh diapers and powder, and some new pajamas for each girl. Becky had each girl lie on the bench in front of the lockers, which got some looks from the other girls as they left the showers, and diapered each girl in a thick nighttime diaper. Then she had each girl put on their pajamas, which amounted to four nightgowns. Then each girl followed Becky back to the cabin, holding their wet towels, waddling due to their freshly padded rears. It was quite obvious they were all very much diapered, but no one seemed to care too much. Bethany realized she could definitely get used to this, as they reached the cabin.

That night was glorious. Bethany slept so soundly, and had good dreams. Becky woke her in the middle of the night to check her diaper, and seeing it was only slightly wet, allowed her to return to sleep.

Bethany was finally starting to enjoy camp, and even though it was only the first day, she could definitely see the fun.

But she would soon find out, camp isn’t all fun and games.

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Another awesome chapter, take your time if you feel you can work better on another story for now, but please, don’t hang this one forever like many authors do after awhile, that story is going so well for now. I wonder if the real Britanny will show up somehow at this camp, it could bring a new twist to that story, maybe she was sick and had to stay home and can only come to camp later, would be interesting to see how they would deal with this, even if Bethany doesn’t seen to mind that.

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

I don’t usually post comments, but I thought I’d throw out a few today.

I really like this story, even if it’s just simple fun made in between writer’s blocks. And as a former camp teacher I can’t help but playfully nod my head and think, “This would never happen.” But that’s part of the fun!

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

Still no inspiration for a new chapter on this awesome story by any chance ???

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Bethany, Pan, Patricia, and Samantha all were awoken early the next morning by Becky. They all had their customary diaper changes, and all were dressed and ready, albeit a bit tired, as it was really early. Becky informed them that they were going on an early morning hike to the top of the hill near the lake, to watch the sunrise. All the girls groaned when they learned that the sun had not come up yet, and that they were awake. Patricia, of course, groaned the loudest.

Becky ignored their groans and grabbed a large duffel bag, which she from then on referred to as the diaper bag, for obvious reasons. The flap was slightly open and Bethany could see it was jam packed with diapers, changing mats, an assortment of powders and lotions, and wipes. The outside of the bag had pockets that afforded multiple bottles of water and snacks, along with sunscreen and bug spray. Bethany could tell that they were in for a long hike, that might span the day, and Becky had packed accordingly.

What Becky failed to mention was that they were not going alone. Outside their cabin, another set of campers were gathered waiting for them with their camp counselor. To make matters even worse, they were all boys, and all seemed to be a bit older than them. Patricia seemed to be the only one who didn’t care about their age, Bethany, Pan and Samantha all looked at them warily.

Becky introduced them to the other counselor, whose name was Josh. Bethany could see that Becky had a thing for Josh, but Josh did not seem to return the same feeling. Josh then introduced his troop.

“This is Blake, Terry, Sam and Toby.” Josh said nonchalantly. Samantha perked up at the mention of her name.

“Well that might get a bit confusing! We have a Sam of our own, but we call her Samantha! And this is Pan, Patricia, and Brittany.” Becky announced with a flourish. Josh just nodded. The other boys kind of just looked at the ground, Sam even looked kind of perturbed.

“Just so you know, they have been told about you girls and your situation, and have been warned of punishment should they mention your, you know, diapers.” Josh said, whispering the last part loud enough so everyone could still hear it. This elicited a chuckle from the boys, but it was quickly silenced when Josh turned to see who it was that was laughing.

Patricia groaned audibly again, and said, “Well, we might as well just not wear pants now, the whole world already seems to know what we have on under them!” Patricia pulled at her waistband of her sweatpants, and mimed pulling them off. Becky quickly blocked the eyesight of the boys by stepping in front of Patricia, as now all the boys were studying her intently.

“Now, there is no need for that, Patricia, let’s keep your pants on for now, ok, please?” Becky stammered with a smile. Josh smiled as well.

Patricia sighed, and shouted, “I was just kidding! Jeez!” She crossed her arms on her chest and pouted.

With that, Becky sighed and said, “Well, I guess we should be off then, Josh, you can lead the way.”

Josh nodded and turned and motioned for the boys to get started. The whole lot of them walked the trail that led to the woods, as the first light peaked over the hills.

Eventually, Josh and Becky were leading the pack, and the boys and girls all commingled together. Toby walked and talked to Patricia, Blake with Pan, and the two Sams walked together talking. This left Terry to walk next to Bethany. Terry spoke first.

“I like your name, it’s very pretty.” Terry said. Bethany just sighed and quickened her pace.

Terry frowned and tried to catch up.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to talk to me? That’s kind of rude. I am trying to be nice, but I guess babies can’t talk, huh?” Terry sneered and Bethany stopped abruptly. This caused Terry to walk into her, his hand pushed firmly into her backside. The resounding crinkle could be heard for miles.

“Oh, yuck I touched it! Gross!” Terry shouted as he jumped back and wiped his hand on his shirt. The other boys snickered and pointed at him. Josh and Becky looked over and sneered.

“Terry, I warned you about mentioning these girls and their diapers, didn’t I? What are you doing?” Josh said sternly and his voice carried. If anyone was ignorant to their situation, they were now well informed.

Terry stammered a reply. “I was just talking to Brittany, and she pushed her butt into my hand! It was so nasty, it squished when I touched it. I think she got some pee on me! Ewww!” The boys laughed as Terry continued to wipe his hands on his shirt. Bethany looked at him with cold eyes.

“Now Brittany that wasn’t very appropriate, you shouldn’t do that, Terry was just trying to be nice. Apologize, and don’t do it again. Come now, everyone lets go, we are almost there!” Becky shouted at Bethany, as she looked at her in disbelief. Josh and Becky marched on and the other kids followed suit. Terry just sneered at Bethany and joined the rest of the troop. Bethany was close to tears so she just stood there on the trail.

Bethany watched as everyone just marched onward, until they were all almost out of sight, like they didn’t even know she wasn’t there. A single tear made its way down her face as she looked at everyone chatting and hiking, having a good time without her. She turned around and headed in the opposite direction, back towards camp.

In her somber state, Bethany didn’t even realize she had wandered off the trail until it was too late.

Becky, Josh and the rest of the campers made their way to the top of the hill and watched the sun rise. Everyone was having a good time, when Becky looked over and realized that Bethany was missing. Suddenly the bright happy moment was filled with fear and worry.

“Has anyone seen Brittany? Where could she be?” Becky asked excitedly.

Josh and the rest of the campers all shrugged their shoulders. Terry spoke up.

“I haven’t seen her since I bumped into her wet diaper!” Terry shouted stupidly, gaining an admonishment from Josh.

“But that was like an hour ago, right? I hope she didn’t get lost on the trail! There are bears and wolves and snakes out there!” Becky sod as she paced back and forth trying to figure out what to do.

Josh tried to diffuse the situation. “I am sure she is fine, Becky, she probably just went back to camp. Let’s go back and find her.”

Becky nodded agreement and soon they were all making their way back to camp. When they arrived, they asked around, checked the cabin, the bathrooms, the mess hall, everywhere they could think, but there was no sign of Bethany. Becky and the other girls were starting to get worried.

Josh and Becky left the campers at their cabins and told them to stay put as they went to search for Bethany. The girls and boys did as they were told.

Soon, Josh and Becky were back on the trail in search of Bethany.

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

This is good, I like it and I hope you continue this.

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

more please

Re: Camp for Bethany Chapters 1-6

Ooo getting interesting. I wonder if this little adventure would help Bethany’s personality to show.

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Want more, please, that can’t end on a cliffhanger like this.

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I like the story, bt if you wait to long people will lose interest

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That is my main concern, if a story is on ice for more than a few weeks, I begin to look somewhere else because too many great stories are never finished, I can’t count how many great stories I’ve read and they are never finished or they are rushed and the end doesn’t seem legit.

i do hope this story gets continued

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