Camp Angel

I’d like to introduce a new story. If you like adventure, bondage, embarrassment and horror, this story would be the right one for you.


A commercial in the local newspaper:


Do you have any partner issues? Our company is the right solution. We have got the top experts and reliable reconciliation methods. Call 0741 375 842.[/chat]

The answering machine and human response in case of an identified male voice:

[chat]Do you have a stubborn daughter, girlfriend or wife? Don’t hesitate and tell us about your problems. We assure a reliable and discreet solution at a reasonable price. Wait a minute please … ringing tone … Good afternoon, sir. How can I help you? [/chat]

The answering machine in case of an identified female voice:

[chat]We are sorry, but our system is out of service. Try to call later. [/chat]

After two calls by identical female voice the line goes dead for an hour.

An article in the local tabloid newspaper:

[chat]Camp Angel or Camp Devil

Do you want to solve your partner problems? Camp Angel provides you a solution. What do we know about this strange company? How do they solve the partner problems?

A week ago H. W. was hospitalized in the mental clinic. She was diagnosed a serious anxiety disorder with numerous anxiety attacks. She isn’t able to tell what happened, but she often repeats the name Ahibor and every time suffers a new seizure.

The husband of H.W. wasn’t willing to give any explanation and he stated he didn’t know what had happened to his wife. However his sister-in-law told that her sister H.W. had been sent to the Camp Angel and something serious happened there.

I tried to contact Camp Angel, but I didn’t get any reasonable answer. The answering machine told me repeatedly the system was out of service.

According to my investigation the case of H.W. wasn’t the only one. However nobody has initiated a criminal complaint so far and the police declare they can’t do anything without an official accusation.

I’d like to ask if the Camp Angel shouldn’t be renamed to Camp Devil.

Elena Tasis[/chat]

Re: Camp Angel

Part 1:

Bella Berganza was driving home. She was glad to be out of her work; Bella was a small clerk in a big company and she didn’t like her job very much. The department headusually kept bossing her around and her work was quite boring. She desperately needed a way how to cope with her condition and she found an opportunity at home. The small clerk changed into a big boss who was ruling the whole family. Of course, her husband and two sons didn’t like her behavior and they tried to convince her to change her attitude several times; anyway they failed totally. Bella didn’t want to give up her dominant position at home.

Three days ago her husband Mike found the commercial in the news and he called the number. The person on the other end of the line explained him everything and he agreed even if the price didn’t seem very reasonable. Fortunately Mike had some secret funds available and he was able to pay the first payment.

Bella parked her car in front of the house and hurried up inside. Mike was standing in the corridor and he told her there was a visitor inside waiting for her. Bella stopped and checked her outer look. She was an attractive woman in her middle 30’s with a little buxom figure, round face, blue eyes and long blond hair. The dark blue business costume matched her very well.

The visitor was a man about 40 wearing an elegant business suit. He introduced himself as Berrigan and showed Bella some materials about partner problem solution:

“Madam, we can provide you a wonderful solution to improve your partner problems. I’m sure your husband becomes more obedient,” Bella’s heart jumped at this image and she started reading immediately. The Camp Angel was described as a place where disobedient men can be re-educated. Unfortunately she couldn’t know that the documents were a false version and their pure purpose was a distraction of her attention. Meanwhile Mike brought coffee and gave a cup to everyone. Bella drank the coffee immediately and she continued reading.

All of sudden a bell rang somewhere back in her mind. Why the hell would Mike call somebody for this reason? It would be stupid. Bella also remembered an article she had read a week ago, but she wasn’t able to recall the details. An investigative journalist wrote something strange about the Camp Angel.

As she was reading the last page, she felt tired and her eyes were about too close. What happened? At that moment Bella realized that she fell into a trap. The man wanted to distract her and the coffee had been drugged. She dropped the document and wanted to stand up, but her legs betrayed her. Two seconds later her head dropped onto the table.

Elena Tasis was sitting in a small bar on the street corner and waiting for her contact. Somebody had called her yesterday and promised to provide interesting materials about Camp Angel. Elena was curious and she hoped for a miracle; she could write a new article and encourage everybody to fight against companies like Camp Angel. After all, it was her job and her hobby.

Elena was a slender girl in her late 20’s. She was 6 feet tall, had a well-maintained figure, oval face with deep brown eyes and long black hair in a ponytail. Her outfit was a little casual; a dark red top, short denim skirt and dark tights. Usually she was wearing sunglasses and a big handbag.

Of course Elena was aware of a possible danger and she watched the bar before entering it; she also checked the surroundings. She didn’t find anything suspicious, sat down and ordered a cup of tea. The contact arrived at the bar exactly at the agreed time. It was a young girl and she sat down next to Elena: “Miss Tasis, I’d like to show you interesting documents. However I’m afraid to show you it here. Could we go into the toilets?” Elena nodded and followed the girl.

The toilets were located near the back entrance. Elena left the bar and got into the small corridor in front of the toilets. As long as she closed the door, she felt a gun pressed against her back. A man appeared in the back entrance door, gave the small girl a couple of bills and she ran away:

“Don’t dare to scream!” The man grabbed her and dragged her out of the bar while the second person kept the gun on her back. In the backyard they forced a scarf into her mouth, grabbed her arms and tied her wrists tightly behind her back. She has to proceed to a car and sit down on the backseat. Her ankles and knees were tied up tightly, the man with the gun sat down next to her and the other one started the engine and drove off.

Elena tried to struggle, but the ropes were tight. She cursed herself for her carelessness, but she couldn’t do anything at that moment. How could she swallow that simple bait? She didn’t check the back corridor and the captors could surprise her there.

The driver was driving the car towards a small pier and Elena spotted a boat. They stopped and the man sitting next to her got off, lifted her and carried her to the boat. He climbed down the stairs and entered a small cabin. Elena could see another female figure lying on the cabin floor and her captor put her down near the woman. As soon as he left, the engine was started and the boat accelerated quickly.

Elena was watching the other woman. She was wearing an elegant business costume and she probably was older then Elena. Her wrists and legs were tied in the same way and the gag was in her mouth as well. Elena tried to speak through her gag, but her mate didn’t react at all; she probably was unconscious.

Bella opened her eyes and tried to find out what happened. Her last memory was related to the coffee and the strange man. His name was Berrigan and he set a trap for her. She looked around and could see a small cabin. The cabin was swinging; was she inside a ship?

Her first reaction was an attempt to stand up and find out what was going on; however her limbs refused to respond. She realized she was tied up. Bella opened her mouth and wanted to scream, but her mouth was stuffed by a cloth. There was another woman lying next to her and she also tried to speak through her gag. Bella wanted to roll over and try to untie each other when the boat stopped and two men appeared in the cabin. They untied the leg ropes and grabbed both women at their arms. Bella and her mate had to climb the stairs, pass the small bridge and walk to a distant building.

Bella looked around, but she was able to see only the building. It was a tasteless plain concrete building with bars on the windows and a massive iron front door. Its color wasn’t visible in the dusk, but it lookedlike gray.

All of sudden Bella spotted Berrigan; he appeared behind them, hurried up and opened the door. The whole group entered a large entrance hall. The hall looked a bit better than the façade. There were several doors on all four walls, but no furniture or other equipment. Bella could see two large bulletin boards hanging on the wall on her right side between two doors. She was able to read the headings:


At that moment Bella realized they were in the Camp Angel and what had happened. Her husband had sent her to the Camp Angel and a cold chill ran down her spine.

The door next to the bulletin boards opened and a tall and muscular man emerged from the room behind it:

“Welcome to Camp Angel!” his words sounded like a thunder. He gestured at the guards and they removed the gags. Bella and Elena were led to the bulletin boards and the boss continued:

“First of all read the rules and tell me you have understood.” Bella and Elena looked at the left bulletin.


  1. The clients are addressed ‘Camper #x’ where x is the assigned number. They are not allowed to use their names.

  2. The clients are restrained as much as possible to be able to perform their duties.

  3. The duties are assigned by the staff members.

  4. The clients have to obey all commands issued by any staff member.

  5. The clients have to be diapered for the entire time. Using the toilets or diaper change is allowed only with assistance of a staff member or an authorized client.The clients stay restrained.

  6. Washing and feeding are performed by a staff member or an authorized client. The clients stay restrained.

7.Rewards can be provided for good behavior. There are following rewards available:

  • Untying the hands at dish time
  • Visit the dayroom and reading books
  • Walk in the outside area
  1. Punishments are given for bad behavior. There are following punishments:
  • A strict bondage for long time
  • Hard physical exercises
  • Diuretics and laxatives
  • Spanking
  • Application of unpleasant substances like itching powder

Bella stared in disbelief at the rules and so did Elena. They needed several minutes to become aware of their true condition. The shocked Elena nodded first: “Y… yes, I understand.” and Bella nodded a few seconds later. The man laughed:

“Okay. You are the camper 125,” he pointed at Bella: “and you are the camper 126,” he gestured at Elena: “Remember the rule 1!”

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 2:

Elena was still trying to understand what was going on when she realized her bladder was full. It was a long time since she had been captured and the tea was about to leave her body. She looked around carefully and whispered: “Please, could you let me use the bathroom?” At that moment Berrigan stepped forward to her, grabbed her neck and turned her head towards the bulletin board:

“Camper 126, can’t you read? Read the rules 1 and 5 once again! We have to teach you the right way. I expected a polite request like Camper 126 has to pee.”

Elena startled and almost peed herself in fear, but she nodded: “Camper 126 has to pee.” Berrigan laughed and dragged her through two doors to a large bathroom. Elena stopped and stared in disbelief at the toilet bowls standing freely at the back wall without doors or even screens between them. Berrigan turned her back to the next toilet bowl, lifted her skirt and lowered her tights and panties. He forced her onto the bowl: “Pee!”

Elena was astonished by his behavior. She wasn’t able to imagine how to use the bathroom in presence of a man. She almost opened her mouth, but she remembered the rules and kept silence, trying to obey him. However it was quite difficult.Her muscles were like cramped and she couldn’t relax them. Berrigan watched her closely and he suddenly moved to her side, grabbed her back and pressed his hand against her abdomen: “I help you, camper 126.” The pressure and Elena’s surprise make the muscles relax and she peed in front of him, blushing deeply. Berrigan waited, helped her stand up and wiped her genitals. After pulling the panties and tights up he led her back to the entrance hall.

Bella watched Elena and she tried to guess what had happened in the toilets. Her bladder was full as well, but she was afraid and embarrassed to ask like Elena did. She didn’t think of possible consequences and didn’t tell anything.

The muscular man turned to the women again: “Now it’s time to change your clothing.” The guards dragged both women through the door on the left form the bulletin boards and they entered a small room with several cabinets. The men stopped in front of the cabinets; two of them were holding the women while two others pulled down their skirts, tights and panties. Bella and Elena were dressed into orange knee-length skirts and thick tan tights without panties. Their legs were tied together and their wrists were untied. The guards gave them two plain white bras, two orange T-shirts and two orange jackets: “Put them on quickly.” All clothes were a bit too large, but none of the women tried to protest. All pieces of clothing were clean but Bella and Elena looked horribly. Neither of them would put on this clothing willingly.

Berrigan grinned: “Don’t worry, ladies. All campers wear this kind of clothing. Now you have to be restrained,” he got two lockable belts with shackles on both sides, locked them around their waists and locked their wrists into the shackles. The guard untied their legs and pointed to another door: “This way!”

Bella and Elena stepped forward and followed the guard. They entered the bathroom. Bella was taken aback by the toilet bowls, but Elena had seen them earlier. However the guard led them into a separated part and both women stopped dead in their tracks. There were two large tables equipped with straps and leg stirrups at the back wall and two big cabinets next to them. Bella and Elena were forced to lie down on the tables, they were strapped down and their legs were tied to the stirrups wide spread. Two guards stepped to them, lifted their skirts and pulled down the tights as far as possible.

Bella and Elena tried to struggle, but they were totally helpless. The men shaved their genitals and then opened a cabinet. It was full of large and thick cloth diapers and rubber pants. Bella recalled the rules and realized what the next step was. The guards powdered their crotches, put thick and large cloth diapers onto them and fixed them by rubber pants. When they finished, the tights were pulled up and both women were released from the tables. Bella and Elena were shocked and unable to do anything; their faces were deep red in embarrassment. They felt like overgrown babies and couldn’t walk properly due to the diapers; the garments kept their legs slightly apart. The guards led them through another door and got to a long corridor with doors on both sides. Both women were put into different cells and locked there:

“Camper 125 and camper 126, you will stay in the cells until dinner.”


As the door were closed and locked, Bella looked around. There were two beds in the cell and one of them seemed to be occupied; however her cellmate wasn’t there. Aside from the beds there was no other equipment inside. There was a small barred window on the back wall, but Bella could see only a dark forest outside. She looked at the beds and found straps on the bedsides. She realized they would be tied to the beds during the night probably.

Bella sat down on the free bed and tried to think of the last events. However her bladder notified her of another problem. All of sudden she realized her mistake in the entrance hall. At this moment she was alone and helpless with a full bladder. The pressure was growing and there was no other option that the diaper between her legs. She tried to cross her legs, but the diaper was too thick and large. All attempts to ease the pressure failed and ten minutes later the first spurt of pee escaped her bladder and soaked into the waiting cloth. Bella desperately clenched her bladder muscles in a vain effort to stop the inevitable, but the muscles betrayed her. A massive torrent of pee drenched the diaper and tears appeared in her eyes. She just peed herself like a little baby and couldn’t do anything but wait until someone changed her.

After a seemingly endless time the door opened and a young girl in the camper uniform appeared: “Camper 125, it’s time to go to dinner. My name is Camper 101 and I’m an authorized client.” The girl was not restrained; she led Bella out from the cell and headed across the corridor to the dining room.


Elena entered the cell and spotted another woman strapped down to the bed. The woman looked exhausted and her eyes were closed. Her skirt and jacket were hanging on the bed head and she was wearing only the T-shirt and tights. Her diaper was swollen and there was a large wet stain beneath her. A strong smell of urine and poop was spreading across the room. Elena stared at her and felt sorry for her.

Suddenly the woman opened her eyes and smiled at Elena: “Welcome to Camp Angel, dear. Sorry for the smell, but I’ve just come back from the punishment chamber and have to stay tied up. Anyway I’m glad I’m not alone anymore. It’s been worse than the straps and soiled diaper.” She lowered her voice: “My name is Cassie, but you have to call me Camper 115 in public.”

Elena walked closer to the bed and whispered as well: “My name is Elena and I wrote an article about this place, but you should call me Camper 126. Why were you put into the punishment chamber?”

Cassie grinned: “As usually; I tried to untie myself and run away. I do it again as soon as possible. The punishment chamber doesn’t stop me though.” Suddenly Elena felt a great sympathy to Cassie and she realized she just found an ally in this damned place.

At that moment the door opened and two guards entered the room: “You smelly bitch,” they yelled to Cassie and one of them put his hand onto the diapered crotch and pressed the diaper against her skin. Cassie sighed and struggled slightly. They untied her from the bed, but Cassie seemed to be weak and unable to move. The guards pulled down her tights and removed the soiled diaper. Elena could see the diaper rash on Cassie’s crotch. Cassie was cleaned by a wet rag and her diaper was changed. After the bedding change the men put clean tights on her, strapped her down and left. As they carried the dirty diaper and bedding away, one of them turned to Elena: “Did you see? It happens to everybody who tries to escape.” They locked the door, but one of them came back five minutes later and grabbed Elena: “Dinner time!” He led her to the dining room.

In the dining room Elena and Bella had to experience another embarrassment. They couldn’t eat by themselves; Bella was fed by the girl Camper 101 and Elena by the guard. The food itself wasn’t bad, but they hated their helplessness and felt like small children who aren’t able to feed themselves. Moreover, Bella had to sit in the wet and uncomfortable diaper on her behind. She was afraid of the moment when she has to ask someone for the diaper change but she knew she had to do it soon.

After the dinner the Camper 101 turned to Bella: “The dinner is over. You have to go to bed.” Bella had to collect all her courage and suppress the embarrassment: “Please … please … Camper 125 needs the diaper change.” Camper 101 nodded and led Bella to the bathroom. Bella had to lie down on the table and Camper 101 strapped her down. She pulled Bella’s tights down and changed her wet diaper; however she cleaned and powdered her. When she finished, she unstrapped Bella and led her back to the cell. A guard appeared and strapped Bella to the bed. He gestured at Camper 101 and she followed him. About ten minutes later they came back and Camper 101 was strapped down to the bed as well. The guard switched the light off and left.

Elena’s guard finished feeding her and he led her to the cell directly. Elena didn’t feel any urge to pee and she forgot about the whole night ahead. Just like Bella, the guard strapped her down, switched the light off and left. Cassie seemed to be asleep.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 3:

Bella waited until the guards locked the door and she whispered to Camper 101: “Camper 101, could you tell me your name? I hate using the numbers.” She hoped to get closer to the younger girl, but to her disappointment she answered: “Camper 125, I’m Camper 101. Remember the rule 1! Don’t try anything funny. I’m about to be released soon and I don’t want take any risk.”

It was a clear sign that Camper 101 didn’t even try to break the rules in private. Bella sighed and tried another topic: “Camper 101, have you babysat? According to your skill I’d say you have.” Camper 101 nodded: “You are right, I have babysat often. I could use my skills to become an authorized client along with my obedience.” She highlighted the word ‘obedience’ and Bella startled. This girl would be able to report her mates probably. She definitely wasn’t a good roommate. Hopefully she would be released soon and Bella would get rid of her.

Anyway there was another question. Bella remembered the article and wanted to know more: “I’ve read an article about some mysteries in this camp. Something strange happened to several clients and they were sent to mental clinics.” Camper 101 replied immediately and in a nervous voice: “Don’t believe everything you read. There is nothing mysterious in this camp and maybe the clients weren’t able to cope with the order and discipline.”

Camper 101 wasn’t willing to talk anymore and Bella fell asleep about fifteen minutes later. Hopefully she would be able to find anybody to talk with later. Camper 101 dozed off as well.

Elena was trying to fall asleep, but she couldn’t. Her mind was occupied by the last events. Why was she captured? Was it related to her article?

Suddenly she heard Cassie fidget and whispered to her: “Cassie, aren’t you asleep?” “No, I’m not that tired. If you have to lie in bed for the whole day, you don’t get tired though.”

Elena hesitated if she should ask Cassie the unpleasant question, but she couldn’t resist the temptation: “Forgive me my curiosity, but could you tell me about the escape attempt? I’m not able to imagine how to escape from this damned camp.”

Cassie laughed: “I’m sure there is a way to escape from here. The last time I wanted to use a hairpin to unlock my shackles. A female caretaker lost it and I managed to hide it. Unfortunately the attempt was discovered before I could even start it.” Cassie kept silence for awhile and she recalled the last days.

It was the damned Camper 101. Cassie lifted the lost hairpin and hid it in the hem of her skirt. The next day she should be assigned to the outside work at the coal container and her hands should be freed. It could be a great opportunity to unlock her leg chain and run to the forests. However Camper 101 spotted her and she reported it immediately. The guards searched Cassie and found the escape tool. Cassie was put into the punishment chamber, locked into stocks in an unnatural position and she was given a strong diuretic. Her limbs got numb and cramped and she wet herself many times. Her tormentors changed her a few times only. After two days in stocks she was hardly able to stand up, but she had do hard physical exercise until she passed out in a total exhaustion.

“I had to spend two days in the punishment chamber and another one on the exercise place, but it didn’t discourage me. Elena, we could try to arrange an escape attempt together if you want to.”

Elena was surprised by Cassie’s courage and nodded: “I think I support you. However you should recover first. You looked weak.” Cassie sighed: “Unfortunately you are right. My muscles are cramped and I’m hardly able to move.” Suddenly she stopped: “Damn, I’ve just peed myself and didn’t realize it. The diuretic made me pee many times and I didn’t try to hold it anymore.”

Elena was taken aback by Cassie’s openness; she was able to speak about wetting herself without any sign of hesitation. What happened to her and changed her attitude in that extent? Elena tried to guess it when she realized she had to pee as well. A couple of hours ago the guard assisted her in the bathroom, but this time she was tied up to the bed and she had to use the diaper:

“Cassie, I … I have to pee.”
“Don’t worry, Elena and let go. You don’t have any other option though.”
“I … I know, but … but … it is for the first time after a long time.”
“Don’t think about it and get used to the diapers. It isn’t that bad.”

Elena sighed; Cassie was right, but it was difficult anyway. She tried to clench the muscles, but after several minutes she gave up. However the feeling of wetness between her legs was quite unpleasant.

The door opened ad a young girl entered the room. Cassie looked at her: “Hi, Sera, nice to see you again. Elena, this is our good fairy Sera. You can trust her.”

Sera walked over to Cassie and checked her diaper; however she did it in a much kinder way. She pulled the tights down and opened the diaper: “Cassie, you need some rash cream.” She left, came back with clean diapers and a small box and changed Cassie. Elena turned to her: “Sera, could you … ?” Sera smiled: “Of course, dear, I know.” She changed Elena’s diaper as well. Cassie asked her for something to drink and Sera brought her a bottle with straw: “Don’t worry; there is no diuretic in this drink.” Cassie drank and thanked Sera.

Sera left and Elena was able to fall asleep finally. During the night she awoke when Sera came and checked on Cassie. She changed her diaper and put the rash cream on her diaper area again.

Bella woke up in the morning by her full bladder. Her diaper was wet already. At home she had to go to the bathroom eat least once every night. This night was no exception, but she was tied up and had to use her diaper instead. Camper 101 was asleep, but five minutes later a guard entered the room: “Get up, campers!” He untied both girls from their beds, but Bella’s hands were still tied to the belt. She desperately wanted to go to the bathroom, but her diaper heeded a change, too: “Camper 125 needs the diaper change and she has to pee as well.” Camper 101 grabbed her arm and escorted her to the bathroom. Bella turned to Camper 101: “Please, remove my diaper and let me pee into the toilet.” Camper 101 shook her head: “I can’t do it in this way. First I have to change you. We have to keep the rules. ” Bella had to lie down on the changing table and her legs were tied to the stirrups. At that moment a new wave of urge hit her and she wasn’t able to hold her pee anymore. She was wetting herself in front of the girl. Camper 101 noticed it and waited before removing her diaper. She didn’t try to tease Bella or laugh at her.

After the diaper change Camper 101 unstrapped Bella and helped her stand up. At that moment two guards appeared. One of them strapped Camper 101 to the changing table and the other one escorted Bella to the boss office. The boss was waiting for her already:

“Camper 125, you are about to start your duties. Let me explain it closer. Electricity is needed in this camp and I think you are grateful for the light and heating. We have provided everything necessary, the boiler, generator and coal. However the coal has to be carried from the port to the power station. It would be your job.”

Bella almost opened her mouth to give him a spicy answer, but she remembered the rules and nodded only. She didn’t want to start her stay in the punishment chamber. Camper 101 took her to the dining room and after breakfast the guards led her to the dressing room, unlocked the belt and gave her a dark long overcoat. They locked another belt with longer chains on her. Bella could move her hands a little. They led her to the port and a coal container. Another girl was chained to the container. She filled two buckets with coal and Bella had to carry them to the power station in a distance about half mile. She emptied the buckets into the smaller container near the boiler and the third woman added the coal into the boiler. The work was quite hard and Bella was getting tired after several rounds. Even worse, the walking encouraged her bowels to a quick movement and she had to poop. She tried to hold it, but an hour after starting her work the muscles betrayed her. It was a terrible feeling to walk back and forth with a load of poop between her legs. The guards watched the women, but didn’t show any interest to help them.

Elena woke up in the early morning and to her utter horror she realized she had to pee and poop. She was used to go every morning and she liked it; she did her business comfortably and at home. However her actual condition was quite different; she was about to go in her diaper. Several hours ago she had to wet, but now it was much worse. Cassie was asleep and there was silence on the corridor. Elena wished she could call Sera and ask her for help, but she didn’t know if Sera still was on duty. She tried to fight the urge, but her effort was vain and her bowels expelled a massive load into her diaper; the pressure made her bladder void as well. The smell spread in the room and Elena wished the floor swallowed her. Cassie woke up a little later, but she greeted Elena and didn’t mention the smell at all.

Suddenly the door opened and a guard entered the room. He stopped and grinned at the girls, walked over to Cassie and then to Elena: “I think we have got a lot of work,” he laughed and left the room. Five minutes back he returned with clean diapers, a bucket and a cleaning rag:

“Well, ladies; which one would be the first. I think our escape artist deserves it,” he pulled down Cassie’s tights and removed her soaked diaper; she had to pee several times during the night. To Elena’s surprise he was kind and used the rash cream. As soon as he finished, he walked over to Elena: “Let’s go to the bathroom better.” He untied her and escorted her to the changing table. Elena was strapped down with her legs spread and she was blushing deeply. However the guard cleaned her thoroughly and used the rash cream as well. It was a nice surprise that not all guards were nasty.

After breakfast Elena was led to the office and she met Bella in the entrance hall. The boss was waiting for her:

“Now let’s look at the bitch of reporter. You thought you could slander our camp. Now you can do a more useful work. You liked to sit in a clean office and write filthy articles. Your job won’t be in a clean office. You always have clean diapers available, but somebody has to take care of the soiled ones. It will be your task.”

The guard took Elena to the neighboring room, unlocked the belt and gave her a long overcoat; he locked the belt again and led her to the basement. They turned to the left and the guard opened a door. Elena spotted a large room with an old-fashioned washing machine and several basins. The smell was spreading across the whole room and Elena could see another young woman: “You have to wash the diapers manually, rinse them first and then put them into the big machine.” Her wrists were freed, but the guard locked a long chain on her leg and an iron ring near the machine. He left and closed the door.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 4:

Camper 101 was disappointed when she spotted the guards. They definitely weren’t very kind and liked to molest the captives. One of them grabbed Camper 125 and led her away while the other one strapped her down to the changing table. He pulled the straps taut and set the stirrups apart as much as possible. Camper 101’s diaper was soaked and he didn’t forget to comment it in a spicy way: “You filthy bitch, why have I to clean your dirty behind every day? I hate this part of my job.” He took a wet rag and cleaned her crotch, but he used ice cold water. After putting a clean diaper on her he didn’t unstrap her, but left her lie on the table, removed her shoes and tickled her soles. Five minutes later she felt her diaper getting wet again. Suddenly a voice from the corridor called him; he unstrapped her and left.

As she emerged from the bathroom, she encountered the boss. He invited her to the office:

“Camper 101, I have a good news for you. You have proved a very good obedience and you will be released in three days. Until then you will help in the kitchen and assist at the care of our clients.”

“Thank you, sir,” her heart jumped and she walked to the kitchen quickly forgetting about the guard and wet diaper between her legs. The cook smiled at her and showed her what to do.

While shelling the potatoes and cutting them she was recalling her stay. It was a very hard experience first, but she was able to adapt her behavior quickly. Now she was waiting for her release. She would go home … at that moment she stopped in an utter horror. Camper 101 realized she had forgotten about her family and even about herself. During the long weeks she was using the name Camper 101, but now she should use her true name … Her brainwashing was more effective than she was able to imagine. She was Camper 101 and belonged to this camp. There was no home, no family and no … What was her name? All of sudden she realized she wasn’t looking forward to the release anymore.

Her diaper got warm and heavy and Camper 101 realized she had wet herself again without realizing it; she also has lost her bladder control. Up to his moment she didn’t mind it and considered it a part of her obedience training. However if she is released and needs diapers like a small toddler, it would be terrible. Tears appeared in her eyes and she doubted about her attitude for the first time since she became obedient.

She started thinking about her former behavior. Last night she lied to Camper 125. There was a darksecret in the camp. She experienced it the first time on the day when she was appointed for the authorized client. The guard was leading her to the boss office. He opened the door between the corridor and entrance hall, stepped forward and disappeared in front of her eyes as if he dissolved in air. She stopped, but another guard came to her and they proceeded to the office. The missing guard appeared again a week later in the same doorframe and he didn’t remember anything.

However it wasn’t the worst case. About two weeks later Camper 95 disappeared in the same way. Camper 95 was her cellmate and she leaked that night. Camper 101 escorted her from the bathroom to the dressing room to get clean tights for her when the girl disappeared in the doorframe. She was found two days later in the basement storeroom behind two locked doors and nobody knew how she could get there. Camper 95 was in a bad condition, she kept screaming and wasn’t able to tell what had happened to her. The only intelligible word was ‘Ahibor’ and she had to be locked into the isolation room. Since then her screams have been echoing in the basement corridors almost every day. She has to be tied up in a straitjacket and nobody wants to take care of her. Everybody considers it a punishment. Camper 101 had to feed her and change her diaper several times, but she hated to do it.

Elena was washing the smelly diapers and she tried to talk with the other girl. She introduced herself as Camper 117, but she didn’t want to talk very much. Elena realized she wouldn’t be able to get any information from Camper 117 and focused on the work again.

Her bladder was filling up and her hands were free. Elena could remove her diaper and pee, but there was no toilet available nearby. Another idea hit her mind; she could change her own diaper after wetting, but all diapers in the washroom were soiled or wet. She sighed and let go. The diaper change had to wait until work end probably.

All of sudden a terrible scream echoed in the basement. Elena could hear it even through the closed door. She turned to Camper 117: “What’s it. Did you hear the scream?” The girl shrugged: “Yeah, I did. It is the Camper 95 in the isolation cell. However I’d like to give you an advice; don’t meddle into it; you could end in the punishment room.”

The scream sounded again, but this time Elena could hear the word ‘Ahibor’. At that moment she got curious and decided to find a way to the Camper 95. Of course she didn’t tell anything to the Camper 117 and continued her work.

After Elena had left, Cassie was untied from the bed, fed by a guard and led to the boss. However the guard had to support her due to her weakness:

The boss watched her: “Camper 115, you could relax after your punishment and now you can work again. Anyway I’ll be merciful. You get an extra portion of food and a medicament to help you recover and then you will clean the floor in the corridor and in the entrance hall. After all, it isn’t that hard work.”

She was led to the dining room and given an extra breakfast. The guard gave her a pill and led her back to her cell. About an hour later she recovered indeed and was able to work. Her hands were free and she couldn’t be chained, but an escape attempt was out of question. The back door was locked and there were several guards in the entrance hall.

Cassie started the cleaning on the far end of the corridor, near the back door. The first door on her right side was the door of the dayroom. Cassie never got a reward and she never was there; she was curious about it and wanted to peek inside at least. She waited until the guards left the corridor and stood up. However she got an odd feeling as if a chill was spreading from behind the door. The handle was ice cold and Cassie pulled her hand away. She kneeled down again and continued cleaning. The corridor was long and she needed almost an hour to get to the entrance hall door. She opened it, but she got the same odd feeling and the handle was colder than the air in the corridor. Cassie could see the entrance hall, but it looked like behind a gauzy curtain. She collected her courage and stepped forward. Suddenly the entrance hall changed its look. It wasn’t tidy and clean anymore. Cassie was standing in a shabby and dirty room. She turned back and looked at the corridor. It was as shabby and dirty as the entrance hall. There was an unnatural silence all around for several seconds. Both the corridor and entrance hall were empty; no guard or camper could be seen.

Two guards were standing in the entrance hall and watching Cassie when she entered. They noticed her hesitation and disappearance:
“Boss, Camper 115 has disappeared in a portal.” Several doors in the camp were known by the mysterious disappearances and the staff called them portals.

Finally the work was over and Bella could return to the main building. She was hungry, thirsty, tired and the package between her legs was heavy and smelly. She looked around and tried to find the Camper 101 to ask her for the diaper change. However Camper 101 was nowhere to be seen and Bella could hear whispering as if something happened.

The guard unlocked her belt, asked her to remove the overcoat and locked the original belt around her waist. He led her to the changing table and strapped her down. It was the same guard who changed Camper 101 before and he molested Bella even more as her diaper was messy. She had to endure cleaning with cold water and he left her strapped down without putting a clean diaper on her.

Camper 101 entered the bathroom and the guard strapped her down next to Bella. Bella had to wait until he changed Camper 101’s diaper and unstrapped her. Camper 101 walked over to Bella, finished the diaper change and escorted her to the dining room. Bella was glad that she could eat and drink finally even if Camper 101 had to feed her. However, Bella spotted something odd; a small tear in her eye.

After lunch Bella was escorted into her cell and Camper 101 left for the dayroom. Bella was tired, lied down on the bed and dozed off in an utter exhaustion. Camper 101 waked her up at dinner time and Bella was surprised by the change of her behavior. She took Bella to the bathroom and let her pee in the toilet. After the light dinner they stayed in the dining room for awhile and talked. To her surprise Bella couldn’t see Elena.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 5:

Cassie looked around and walked over to the entrance door. It was not locked, but to her utter horror there was a dark stone cave behind it. She stepped forward slowly and touched the stone walls, but they were real. The whole room was illuminated by an orange light coming out of nowhere. Cassie returned to the entrance hall and realized that the hall was illuminated by the same light. I looked like a fire but the fire was nowhere to be seen and she also didn’t smell any smoke.

All of sudden Cassie heard a squeaking door and she startled. The heavy steps were approaching from the corridor and a dark and muscular man appeared in the doorframe. His face was hidden behind a black mask and he was dressed in a long black coat. His bass voice echoed in the hall:

“Welcome to the alternative camp, dear. I’d like to be polite; let me introduce myself. My name is Ahibor!”

The name hit Cassie like a heavy hammer. She exactly knew about this mysterious creature and now she got into his claws. Cassie tried to find a hideout, but Ahibor was much quicker. He grabbed Cassie and lifted her easily onto her shoulder. The poor girl was weak and she couldn’t do anything against the muscular beast. Ahibor carried her down the stairs and to the punishment chamber. Cassie stared in disbelief at the chamber. She spent some time there, but this chamber was scary and unfamiliar to her.

The chamber interior looked like a mortuary. There were two hearses with open coffins in the middle, several extra coffins leaning to the back wall and the candles standing around the coffins. Ahibor put Cassie into an open coffin and tied her wrists and ankles to the iron rings on both sides of the coffin:

“Be prepared to experience the breath of death!”

In the washroom Elena and the Camper 117 finished their shift. The guard tied their wrists to the belts again, unlocked the chains on their ankles and led them to the bathroom first. Elena tried to hold her pee; she didn’t want to go into her diaper again. The Camper 117 seemed to be in the same condition and both women couldn’t wait until they reached the bathroom. Even if asking the guard and peeing in front of them was humiliating, it was still a bit better than changing the wet diapers.

Elena was the first one to ask the guard; she remembered the right way: “Camper 126 needs a clean diaper and she has to pee.” However the guard surprised them in an unpleasant way: “You know the rules. Diaper change first; then you can go to the toilet.”He strapped them down to the changing tables and left the room.

Elena turned to Camper 117: “Where did he go? He should change our diapers and let us go to the toilets.” Camper 117 sighed: “He is very unpleasant and likes to molest the campers; I’m sure he waits until we pee into the diapers.” Elena sighed and tried to struggle. It was frustrating to be close to the toilet, look at it and not be able to go there. Her legs were held by the stirrups and she couldn’t close them; it was even worse than earlier in the morning. However she was still able to hold her pee when the guard returned. He removed the diapers and found out that Camper 117 had wet herself seconds ago, but Camper 126 was able to hold it.

All of sudden Elena got angry and she wasn’t able to control herself. As soon as her diaper was removed, she peed on the floor and even on the guard. He looked at her: “You filthy bitch, you will pay for this.” He left the room and came back along with the boss:

“Camper 126, you started your stay in a very bad way. I hate to do it, but you definitely need a punishment.” The guards put a thick diaper on her, unstrapped her from the changing table and led her to the basement. The turned to the right and opened a door: “This is our punishment chamber.” Elena stared at the torture devices. She was tied up to a large wooden frame in a spread-eagled way; the ropes were taut and she couldn’t move at all. There was a big bottle next to the frame and the guard fixed a tube to her mouth: “You can drink if you are thirsty.” However Elena wasn’t aware of the diuretic added to the juice.

The guards left the room: “We come later to check on you.”

Camper 101 escorted Bella to the bathroom again and then to the cell. The guards tied them to the beds and they did it thoroughly; the straps were too tight and uncomfortable. Camper 101 didn’t like those particular guards and hoped the night guard would be kinder.

As soon as the guards left, Bella was curious and she asked Camper 101: “Camper 101, what happened to you?” The girl replied and Bella could see she was on the verge of tears: “I … I … should be released in three days.”

Bella was taken aback: “It is good news for you, isn’t it?”
“I thought so and I was glad. However I’ve found out something terrible. I don’t remember my family, my home and even my name. Yesterday I didn’t want to tell you my true name, but today I realized I didn’t remember it.”
Bella suddenly felt sorry for the poor girl: “Don’t worry; your family reminds you of everything and you get your past back.”
“No, Bella, they sent a stubborn young girl to be re-educated and they get back a ruined person who can’t control her pee and doesn’t remember her own name. I don’t want to be released anymore. Camp Angel is my world and I’m the Camper 101 forever.”

At that moment the door opened and the night guard peeked inside: “Good evening.” Camper 101 smiled at him: “Hello, Jackson. It’s good you are here. Would you be so kind and loosen these straps?” The man stopped; he was taken aback by the sudden change of Camper 101 behavior. She always was strict and kept the rules. This request was definitely behind the line. He stepped closer and spotted the tears in her eyes. Something serious happened to her. He loosened the straps of both girls. Camper 101 looked at him: “Please, could you do me a favor?” He shrugged: “It depends on the favor.” “Could you look into the documents and tell me my name?” “W … what? W … why? You don’t know your name?” “Camper 101 couldn’t control herself and tears ran down her cheeks: “No, Jackson, I don’t know it anymore.” Jackson shrugged: “Alright, it is a little thing. Anything else?” Camper 101 blushed: “I … I’m very wet already.”

Jackson left and Camper 101 turned to Bella: “He is a very nice guard. Although he is a man, he never hurts us and he never stares at our genitals at the diaper change.”

Jackson came back about ten minutes later: “Camper 101, your name is Eileen. And I can change you just now,” he pulled down Eileen’s tights and changed the wet diaper quickly. After that he wiped away her tears: “Don’t cry; you meet your family soon.”

As he left, Eileen turned to Bella again: “Bella, forgive me my former behavior. I was brainwashed and I realized it today only. Be careful, please. There is something wrong in this camp. People disappear in the doorframes and they come back later. The Camper 95 was found in two days and she probably will end in the mental clinic.”

“Don’t worry, Eileen. I try to be as careful as possible. Do you know by chance which doors are dangerous?”
“I know about two, but you can’t avoid one of them. These are the front door between the entrance hall and corridor and the side door between the bathroom and dressing room. Maybe there are more of them, but I don’t know about them.”

Eileen yawned: “Let’s have some sleep. You have to work hard tomorrow.” Bella nodded and they fell asleep ten minutes later.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 6:

Cassie was struggling in her ropes, but they were tight and unyielding. After many attempts she calmed down and tried to guess the meaning of words ‘breath of death’. She didn’t have to wait long for an explanation. Two dark figures appeared in the door. Their faces were hidden behind masks and their bodies were covered by long coats.

One of the creatures lighted all candles around the coffin. The candle light was unnatural red. The other creature walked over to the coffin, leaned over Cassie and removed the mask. His face was misshapen; the skull was visible on several places and the eyes were missing. All of sudden the man opened his mouth and Cassie could sense his breath; it was ice cold and penetrated her entire body. She felt like she was dead already. Her arms and legs were getting paralyzed and she felt her diaper getting warm.

The man stepped away and a slow mourning march started echoing in the room. Cassie got a feeling that the coffin was descending towards the floor. She screamed in terror, but she couldn’t move at all even if she wasn’t tied up. The coffin touched the floor and Cassie passed out.

When the guards left, Elena felt a small relief despite of her helpless condition. She lifted her head and looked around. There were more torturing tools and she recognized the stocks Cassie had told her of. She imagined herself locked into it and this image was much more unpleasant than her current condition. Although she couldn’t move, her position was comfortable. She also could see several paddles, riding crops and steel clamps hanging on the wall.

Elena was thirsty; she didn’t have any opportunity to eat or drink since she came back from the washroom. Her tormentors left the bottle and put a tube to her mouth. Elena didn’t think of their motives and sucked on the tube. The juice was cold and sweet and she drank a lot of it.

All of sudden Elena got an odd feeling as if she wasn’t alone in the room. She lifted her head again and kept looking around, but she couldn’t see anybody. The feeling got stronger and Elena spotted foggy shape of other equipment. There were two hearses with coffins standing in the room and candles standing around them. Two dark figures were moving around the hearses. Elena wasn’t able to figure out what it meant.

The foggy shape disappeared, but a terrible scream sounded somewhere in her mind. It wasn’t a real sound; it was more like an illusion. To her utter shock Elena recognized Cassie’s voice.

Cassie regained her consciousness and opened her eyes. She realized that the burial scene had been an illusion only. She was lying in the coffin on the same place in the room and the candles weren’t lit up anymore. However she still was paralyzed; her arms and legs were weak and she could move them a little, but she wasn’t able to sit up or even turn over. She couldn’t do anything but wait or scream for help. Suddenly the door opened and a female figure entered the room. She looked exactly like the two men before: “Do you need anything?” her voice sounded unnaturally and her face was hidden behind a mask.

Cassie wanted to nod, but her muscles were weak and she even couldn’t lift her head: “I … I … Camper 115 needs a diaper change.” The woman nodded: “Okay, dear. You needn’t use the nasty name Camper 115.” She untied Cassie and lifted her on her arms easily, carried her upstairs and put onto the changing table. She cleaned Cassie tenderly and carried her to her cell: “I bring you something to eat.” Cassie was taken aback by the different attitude and felt a little relief. However she still didn’t know how to recover and how to get back. Her present condition was much worse than any former punishment. Although she kept her mind, she suffered the paralysis. She wasn’t sure if it was better than the mental disability like Camper 95. Hopefully the paralysis was temporary only.

Elena needed some time to recover from the shock. What did she see and hear? Was it an illusion only? The room in her illusion looked differently and she could hear Cassie scream. Elena felt as if she had peeked into another world for a few seconds.

Meanwhile her bladder was filling quickly. She tried to close her legs, but the ropes were holding her legs wide apart. Elena sighed; she knew nobody would come and help her. The pressure was increasing much quicker than usually and she realized that the juice had to be drugged. Five minutes later she stopped fighting the urge and flooded her diaper. However her comfort didn’t last long and in half an hour the pressure started to grow again.

After two more wettings her diaper was saturated to the leaking point and Elena was thirsty. She had to decide if she should drink the rest of the juice and wet her clothing or endure the thirst. The tube was attracting, but Elena was disgusted by the image of wet tights and skirt. Unfortunately the effect of the diuretic didn’t wear off yet and to her utter horror she peed in the diaper again and wasn’t able to stop it. Her tights and skirt were drenched and tears appeared in her eyes.

Ten minutes later the door opened and a man entered the room. He smiled at Elena: “Wait a little. He left and came back, wearing clean clothes and a clean diaper. He changes her diaper and clothing and wipes her tears: “Don’t worry, I come again.” Elena stared at him in an utter surprise. He brought her another bottle of juice: “This one isn’t drugged. Drink as much as you want.”

Cassie was waiting for the woman impatiently. She was hungry, thirsty and curious. She wanted to learn about the world she got into. Finally the door opened and the dark woman figure appeared. She fed Cassie and gave her tea in a baby bottle; it was a comfortable way to drink even if Cassie felt humiliated by it.

After feeding Cassie turned to her caretaker: “Could you tell me what happened? Why am I paralyzed? Is there any possibility to cure it?” The woman sighed: “Cassie, the breath of death is very dangerous and effective. It isn’t possible to get rid of its effects, but you could make a deal with Master Ahibor and the effect will change.”

Cassie startled: “Change? How?”
“It can be different and the change is random. The paralysis can change to mental disability, permanent incontinence, blindness or another disability. Even Master can’t tell you in advance what happens.”

At that moment Cassie realized what probably happened to Camper 95. She got to this damned world and the breath of death caused her disability or she made a deal. Cassie had to think of her options. There was only one chance to escape this world. Incontinence wouldn’t prevent her from finding another door and getting back. The real camp was bad, but still much better than this alternative hell.

Jackson checked all cells and he was heading towards his office. His shift was almost over. He was looking forward to his comfortable bed in the staff bedroom. However he had to write the short report. He didn’t understand the reason for writing reports every night but he had to write it anyway. Of course he didn’t intend to write down his help to the Camper 126.

As he was entering the entrance hall, he suddenly found out something was wrong. The entrance hall changed and there was the mysterious orange light all around. Jackson stopped and stepped back, but he realized he had just passed the portal. It was his first experience and he didn’t know what to expect.

He returned to the corridor and encountered a dark female figure. She looked scary but she passed him without saying a word. Jackson wasn’t interested in talking; he wanted to find an exit portal as soon as possible. Suddenly two dark male figures grabbed him from behind. They tied his wrists behind his back, led him to the nearest cell, forced him onto the bed and tied him in spread-eagled to the bedposts and put a diaper on him. He could see Camper 115 on the other bed, but she wasn‘t tied up at all.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 7:

Jackson was quite surprised by the fact Camper 115 wasn’t tied to the bed and he turned to her: “Camper 115, what happened? You aren’t tied up.” Cassie sighed and almost cried: “I’m not tied up, but I can’t move at all; I’m paralyzed.” Jackson realized Camper 115 couldn’t help him at all. He struggled violently, but the ropes were tight and he wasn’t able to get free. His bladder was filling up and half an hour later he had to pee in his diaper and started struggling anew.

Cassie was thinking of her options. Should she ask Master Ahibor for a change of the effect? She wasn’t sure. The paralysis was quite unpleasant but the other options were even worse. She took the final decision to accept it and try her luck in the real world. Maybe she could be cured there.

The mysterious woman came again and she checked on both captives. Jackson blushed when she checked his diaper, but she changed him anyway.

Elena had to endure until morning when the guards came to check on her. She was thirsty and drank all the juice the man had brought her. Although it wasn’t drugged, Elena had to wet her diaper again and it was soaked. The guards untied her from the frame, led her to the bathroom, changed her diaper and led her to the washroom again She didn’t have any opportunity to look for Cassie.

The Camper 117 was working in the washroom and the girls kept silence. Elena didn’t want to tell her mate anything. She had to listen to Camper 95 again. This time Elena didn’t want to go to the punishment chamber again and she was careful. After their shift Elena was tired and she wanted to have a nap after meal. The guard fed her and led her to her cell. In the cell Elena faced a big surprise. Cassie was lying in her bed and she wasn’t tied up at all.

Bella and Eileen were able to sleep until morning when the guards waked them up. The guards on duty were not as unpleasant as the ones from yesterday and Eileen could assist Bella. After breakfast Bella was assigned the same work and she had to carry the heavy buckets full of coal. However she was getting used to her work slowly even f it was a hard one.

Eileen started her work in the kitchen and she was crying again. She was regretting all her former deeds and wished she could undo them. All of sudden a crazy idea hit her mind. If she did an offense, she wouldn’t be released and got an opportunity to apologize to those she had hurt in her effort to become an exemplary camper.

Eileen stood up and hurried to the corridor. She didn’t any idea what to do to deserve a punishment, but she wanted to do anything. However she didn’t expect the surprise behind the door. The corridor changed and she realized she had passed the portal. Eileen startled and opened the kitchen door but there was an underground tunnel behind the door instead of the kitchen. She looked around and ran to the nearest door on the opposite side. To her utter surprise she spotted Camper 115 and a guard. The guard was tied to the bed. Camper 115 wasn’t tied to the bed but she didn’t move at all.

Eileen hurried up to Cassie and hugged her: “Camper 115, forgive me. It was my fault you got the punishment. What can I do to undo it?” Cassie replied promptly: “Don’t lament now and free the guard. We could talk later.”

Eileen nodded and turned to the guard. She untied his arms and he helped her quickly: “Eileen, open the door and hurry up.” He lifted Cassie on his arms and hurried out of the room. Eileen showed him the underground tunnel and they entered it. The tunnel wasn’t long and there was another door at its end. Eileen opened the door and they entered the basement storeroom. As soon as Eileen closed the door, it disappeared.

Jackson stopped suddenly and he looked around in an utter surprise: “How did I get here? Why am I carrying Camper 115?” He put Cassie on the floor but she stayed there, unable to move: “Please, carry me to my cell. I’m paralyzed?” “Why? What happened?” He reached down to his crotch: “Who the hell put a diaper on me?” He apparently didn’t remember anything.

Eileen opened the storeroom door and they proceeded towards the basement corridor. The desperate screams of Camper 95 were echoing in the corridor again. Jackson climbed the stairs and carried Cassie to her cell. A guard grabbed Eileen and brought her to the boss. Although she intended to do an offense, a cold chill ran down her spine at that moment:

“Camper 101; you disappointed me. How did you dare to leave your assigned workplace? You’ve just lost your privilege of the authorized client and you will be assigned another job soon. For now you spend three days tied up in your cell.” The guards grabbed her and led her to the cell. They strapped her down and pulled the straps tightly.

Ten minutes later Jackson appeared in the office and he reported the boss about Cassie. Boss started at him wide-eyed: “W … what … what happened? She is paralyzed? We are turning into a hospital.” He followed Jackson to the cell and checked Cassie: “What happened to you, Camper 115?” “I … I … got into an alternative camp and met Ahibor. They gave me the breath of death.” “What are you blabbering about? Breath of death?” In either case Cassie was paralyzed and there was no explanation available except the mysterious ‘breath of death’.

Boss turned to Jackson: “What happened, Jackson?” “Sir, I don’t know. I was about to finish my night shift, opened the door to the entrance hall and all of sudden I was standing in the basement storeroom, carrying the paralyzed. Camper 115 on my arms and Camper 101 was standing next to me.” “Jackson, how much did you drink?” “Nothing, sir!”

Boss shrugged and left for his office. He took a bottle of whisky and poured a double dose: “It is like a madhouse here,” he drank it all. However he had to face a serious problem; what to do with both Camper 95 and Camper 115? They couldn’t stay in Camp Angel forever. Unfortunately, the two girls weren’t the only ones who had experienced the alternative camp. He realized he couldn’t take the risk anymore. For now, his contacts assured him safety but he didn’t have any idea of the next victims. He had to find an appropriate solution and he had to do it quickly. The portals to the alternative camp had to be found and disarmed in some way even if he didn’t have any idea how to do it. He returned to the Camper 115 and Camper 101 and questioned both girls what had happened. When he compared their stories, they matched each other and Jackson’s story if he didn’t remember anything in the alternative camp.

Bella finished her shift and after changing her diaper, clothing and a quick meal she was led to her cell. To her utter surprise she spotted Eileen tied up to the bed:

“Eileen, what happened?”
“Bella, I wanted to do an offense to avoid releasing me. I hurt several girls here and I need some time to apologize to them. Unfortunately I passed a portal and got to an alternative camp.”
Bella stared at her: “Oh, my god! Was it bad there? And … which door did you pass?”
“I used the door from the kitchen to the corridor. The alternative camp looks like the real one, but it is dirty and shabby. Fortunately nobody captured me and I even was able to find rescue the Camper 115 and Jackson. However,” she started crying: “Camper 115 is paralyzed.” Eileen tried to calm down: “Bella, I know about the door back to the real camp. It is the same door from the corridor to the kitchen, but there is an underground tunnel there and it ends in the basement storeroom.”

Bella leaned down to Eileen and tried to wipe her tears: “Eileen, don’t worry; everything will be alright. You are not bad.” She sat down on her bed and took her at hand.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 8:

Elena stared at Cassie: “What happened? How is it possible you are not tied up at all?” Cassie sighed: “Elena, it isn’t necessary anymore. I’m paralyzed and can’t move my arms and legs. Yesterday I was working in the corridor and passed a portal into another world. It was terrible and I had a horror experience in the punishment chamber.”

Elena remembered her experience: “I spent the evening and night in the punishment chamber too and I could see a strange image there. It looked like as if I was peeking into another reality and I could hear you scream.”

Cassie looked at Elena: “I have to admit it was the worst moment in my life I ever had. All former punishments seemed negligible in comparison to the man who leaned over me and gave me the breath of death. I thought I was dying indeed and my limbs got paralyzed. My escape attempts are over now and don’t have any idea if I could be cured at all.”

Elena felt sorry for the poor girl and she wished she could help her in some way. An idea hit her mind; however she couldn’t even think of it now; she had to wait.

Several days passed and the life in Camp Angel flowed peacefully without further incidents; nobody passed a portal. However Wynton, the boss, had to face other problems and got an unwanted attention.

Camper’s 95 parents who had committed her to the Camp started asking about her advance. They were curious when she could come back. She basically wasn’t too rebellious and the parents wondered what was going on. Wynton tried to prolong her stay even if he didn’t know what to do, but the parents insisted on an immediate release.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Wynton’s only problem. In the morning he got an unpleasant call from the police station. Elena Tasis had been reported missing and there was a witness of her capture. The girl who lured Elena out of the café went to the police when Elena’s disappearance was announced. The local police chief knew about the Camp and he was willing to tolerate Wynton’s business as long as nobody was looking for the campers. Of course, the men who had sent the stubborn wives or daughters to the Camp didn’t report them missing. However, Elena’s parents reported her and they kept calling the police. Two police officers would come the next day and investigate in the Camp. In no case they could find Elena, Camper 95 or Cassie.

Wynton sighed and picked up the phone. He never believed he would need the person he was calling and he was disgusted by him. Wynton’s worldview has been strictly materialistic and rational and he never was willing to believe in ghosts, portals or alternative worlds. When the staff members talked about the alternative camp, Wynton got angry and refused to listen to them. However at this moment he had to admit it and he even had to deal with it. The alternative camp was his only hope and a sorcerer was the person who could help him. His rational worldview was about to break into shards.

In the afternoon a helicopter landed near the Camp and a man wearing a dark long coat got off it. Wynton welcomed the guest: “Welcome, Mr. Asmonar. I’m glad you could come; I can assure you I appreciate your help.”

The man nodded and pushed Wynton away: “Let’s hurry up, Mr. Wynton. Save us from unnecessary speech. Show me the building!” Wynton led Asmonar to the entrance hall and Asmonar stopped immediately:

“Of course; I can see the portal,” he pointed at the door leading to the corridor; he then walked through the entire building and located several portals: “What do you want from me, Mr. Wynton?”

“I want you to open one portal, let it opened for a short time period and then seal all portals.”

Elena just finished her shift in the washroom and wanted to start her plan. She would ask the boss for another unpleasant job. Instead of washing the dirty diapers she could take care of Camper 95 and Cassie. Elena knew about the reluctance of the staff to take care of Camper 95; Cassie told her it before getting paralyzed. It was a good chance for Elena to learn something from Camper 95.

Cassie was lying on the bed when Elena entered the cell. Her diaper was soaked like usually, but she wasn‘t able to do anything and neither was Elena. Both girls had to wait for a guard. They were lucky; Sera came to the cell and cleaned Cassie quickly. She took Ellen to the bathroom and changed her as well. Elena wanted to ask Sera about a possibility to change her job, but another guard entered the bathroom and took Elena to the corridor. She could see Cassie in a wheelchair and Camper 95 in a straitjacket. Two guards led all three girls to the entrance hall door and pushed them through the door.

Elena looked around in an utter surprise and Cassie screamed: “NOOOO! We are in the alternative camp.” The Camper 95 screamed even louder: “AAAAAA! NOOOOO!” and she struggled in the straitjacket violently. The door behind them closed.

Wynton and Asmonar were standing in the entrance hall and watching the three women disappear in the doorframe. A guard closed the door and Wynton turned to Asmonar: “Seal the portals now!” Asmonar nodded and read another magic formula form the book he was holding in his hands. When he finished, he closed the book and turned to Wynton:

“Mr. Wynton. I’ve finished my part. Let’s go down to business now!” Wynton sighed deeply and led Asmonar to his office; he opened the safe and gave a thick pile of bills to Asmonar: “Thank you.” Asmonar took the money and left quickly.

Elena looked around the entrance hall and ran over to the entrance door. Her hands were still tied to the belt, but she could open the door; unfortunately she saw the cave just like Cassie did several days before. She returned to Cassie and Camper 95. The poor girl was shaking and Elena tried to calm her down:

“Camper 95, what’s your name? It is unpleasant for me to use the number.” “M … M … Melody.” “Melody, try to calm down. We are alone here.” Elena wasn’t sure if they were alone, but she had an odd feeling and hoped it would calm Melody down.

The entrance hall was empty and there was silence all around. Elena opened the door to the corridor and walked down it until the very end. The corridor was abandoned. All doors were open and all rooms empty. Elena checked the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, dressing room and even the basement. They were alone indeed. Elena couldn’t know what had happened, but Asmonar sealed the doors and the same spell repelled all creatures. However it wasn’t good for the girls; all of them were helpless and unable to take care of themselves. Nobody could come and help them. They had to find a way how to escape from the sealed alternative camp.

Bella was just returning from her work when she spotted the helicopter and a strange man in the black coat. She immediately got a very bad feeling that something had happened. The staff members were standing in the entrance hall and talking. Sera led Bella to the dressing room, helped her put off the overcoat and changed her soiled diaper, but she looked like she was taken aback. Bella didn’t want to be too curious and didn’t ask her. While Sera was changing Bella’s diaper, Eileen appeared in the bathroom as well. Sera took care of both girls and led them to the dining room. Bella realized that Elena was missing.

Later in the afternoon Bella did another discovery. The screams of Camper 95 usually could be heard in the whole building, but she couldn’t hear anything now. She collected her courage and dared to ask Sera at the dinner. To her surprise Sera kept silence and turned away.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 9:

Sera was leading Bella and Eileen to their cell and Bella turned to her again:

“Sera, I spotted a strange man today. He was wearing a long black coat. Do you know about him?”
Sera sighed. It wasn’t possible anymore to conceal what happened: “He was a sorcerer.”
“W … what? Are there sorcerers indeed? What did he do in the camp?”
“The boss invited him and he should …”

Suddenly another guard grabbed Sera from behind: “Sera, what does it mean? You are a guard and you know the rules.” He pushed Bella and Eileen into their cell, locked the door and dragged Sera to Wynton: “Boss, she has just broken the rules and told the campers what happened today.”

Wynton listened to the guard and got angry: “Sera, you have got a warning already. I think you need a lesson. You will spend the night and day in the stocks and I’ll think about some additional measures.”

Two guards grabbed Sera and tied her to the changing table in the bathroom. They pulled down her pants and panties and tied her legs to the stirrups wide apart. One of the guards pulled a small bottle and rubbed the itching crème onto her privates while the other one covered it by a thick diaper and rubber pants. Sera was dressed in thick tights and the orange jacket and led to the punishment chamber. She had to sit down and put her ankles and wrists into the stock holes; her legs were wide spread and her wrists between her ankles. The guards locked the stocks and left the room. They proceeded to the Bella’s and Eileen’s cell; dragged both girls to the bathroom and tied them to the changing tables.

Eileen sighed when she spotted the guards; they were the most unpleasant ones. The girls had to stay on the changing tables long and in an uncomfortable position. The guards changed their diapers and untied them when the next girls had to be changed. Both Bella and Eileen were led to the cell and strapped down to their beds. Before the guards left, they warned the girls: “Campers, forget everything Sera told you. It would be better for you.”


Melody looked at Elena in an utter surprise: “What … what … what are you saying? There are demon creatures here,” she stuttered. Elena shook her head: “No, Melody, nobody is here except us. I show you the rooms. Hopefully Cassie won’t be too afraid to stay alone for a few minutes.”

Cassie was confused. Elena’s voice was very self-assured, but she was helpless. However she realized Melody was the only person who could help them. The straitjacket was not locked and Melody could be freed: “Elena, hurry up, please.”

Elena nodded and stepped forward. Melody hesitated and followed her seconds later. They searched the whole building and peeked into every room. All rooms were shabby and dirty, but no creatures appeared anymore. The building was illuminated by the mysterious orange light. The bathroom seemed to be functional and so was the kitchen. If one of them were free, she could take care of the remaining two until they are able to find a way out.

Melody was shaking in fear at every door, but at the end she seemed to be calmer: “I … I think we are alone indeed.” Elena smiled at her: “Melody, I try to free you from the straitjacket.” She started working on the straps. Fifteen minutes later Melody was free. She was wearing a diaper, rubber pants, tights and an orange jacket. Elena sent her to the dressing room to find some clothing and Melody found the matching orange skirt.

Their condition was much better than an hour ago. Melody was free and she was able to think more clearly even if she still kept looking around if a creature appears suddenly. The alternative camp was abandoned, but they found some food, water and working bathrooms. However they still needed to find an exit. The former portals leading to the real camp were sealed.

All of sudden an idea hit Elena’s mind. If they found clothing and food, she could find the keys as well: “Melody, let’s go to the ward and look for the keys. We could unlock my belt.” Melody nodded and headed there, pushing Cassie’s wheelchair. The ward door was unlocked and many keys were hanging on the back wall. Melody had to try more than ten keys until she found the right one. She could unlock Elena’s belt.

Elena sighed in relief and used the freedom immediately. She ran to the bathroom and could pee in the toilet unassisted for the first time after more than a week. However she still was wearing the diaper, but it was dry. She returned to the entrance hall and pushed the wheelchair to the next cell: “Cassie, we better put you on a bed; it would be more comfortable for you.” Melody helped her to lift Cassie from the wheelchair and put her down onto the bed. When they finished, Melody turned to Elena: “would you change my diaper, please? I’m wet.” Elena nodded: “lie down on the second bed and I bring everything necessary. However, don’t you want to wear panties, Melody?” Melody shook her head: “I’m afraid not. I spent long time in diapers and I’m not sure if I’m able to hold my pee.”

In the bathroom Elena found clean diapers, cleaning utensils and in the dressing room she even found panties. Fifteen minutes later Cassie and Melody were clean and Elena changed into panties. The next step was a dinner and night rest until they start looking for the exit.

The next morning Wynton waited for the police officers. He tried to be friendly and invited them to his office first:

“How can I help you, officers?”
“Mr. Wynton, Elena Tasis was reported missing and there is a witness who watched her capture. Of course, we don’t consider you a criminal, but she wrote an article about your camp,” the older of the officers started the conversation: “However you didn’t capture her to prevent her from further investigation; did you?”

Wynton pretended a total surprise: “I run a legal business, officers. Why should I do something like this and get into problems? You can search the entire camp. Anyway I’m glad you are here. I might need your help. Two of my campers disappeared this night.”

“What do you mean by disappeared? This is an island; did they dissolve in the air?”
“Of course not, but there are several cliffs and caves here. They could lose their way and fall down a cliff. My staff starts the searching soon, but I’d appreciate your help as well.”
“Mr. Wynton, we can give you advices if you need them; unfortunately our current task is checking the camp. Maybe we can extend the searching a little, but if you require a search action, call our local chief; he tries to help you.”

Wynton thanked the officers and accompanied them throughout the entire camp and close surroundings. As expected; they didn’t find neither Elena nor the missing Melody and Cassie. In the late afternoon the officers left and Wynton could continue his plan.

He sat down in his office and wrote two letters; he explained the families that Camper 95 and Camper 115 had escaped. The Camp Angel would do everything to find the escapees and return all payments. When Wynton finished, he drank another double dose of whisky and sighed in relief; his current problems were solved finally and he could run his business without further disturbances.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 10:

Sera was struggling desperately in the stocks. Her position was very uncomfortable and her body was cramped already. Moreover, the itching crème was driving her mad. Her legs were locked wide apart and she couldn’t reach down and scratch the itch. Her bladder was full and she knew she had to wet her diaper soon. Sera changed many soiled diapers, but she never had to wear one in the Camp. All of sudden she realized the embarrassment.

The pressure in her bladder was growing and she kept struggling in a vain effort to close her legs or reach down to her crotch. Te stocks were holding her legs in a wide open position and her wrists far away from her crotch. Half an hour later the pressure grew too much and the massive stream of pee soaked into the waiting diaper. The tears of embarrassment appeared in her eyes.

Elena and Melody went to the kitchen and found some food in the fridge and in the pantry. They were able to prepare a dinner. After dinner all three girls were tired and fell asleep. Melody woke up several times in the night and screamed in terror; however Elena calmed her down. Elena also had to change Melody’s diaper once.

The next morning after the diaper change and breakfast Elena decided to start the exit. She checked all rooms and doors yesterday and didn’t find anything, but she still didn’t want to give up. There had to be another option. Elena recalled the punishment chamber and the strange illusion there. Maybe it would be the key.

The punishment chamber looked like it was before when Cassie got the breath of death there. The hearses with coffins still stood in the middle of the room surrounded by the candles. Elena searched the entire room and tried to find any clue. When she pushed away a coffin which was leaning to the back wall, she spotted a script engraved in the wall:

[chat]Enter the dark tunnel of death,
you find resurrection and new life,
all your troubles will be blown away,
all evil will be defeated,
justice will win.[/chat]

Elena touched the script and she could feel some heat emanating from it. What should it mean? What was the Dark tunnel of death? She turned back and spotted the coffins. An idea hit her mind, but the idea was the most morbid one she was able to imagine. If she lied down into the coffin, it would be a way to the resurrection? Elena returned to Melody and both girls came back to the script. Melody read it over and over and she shook her head: “Elena, I don’t know. It is bizarre indeed, but we didn’t find any other way out of this place. It seems to be sealed somehow. However, how do we explain Cassie she should be put into the coffin again?”

The returned to Cassie and told her about their findings. As expected, Cassie startled first. She remembered all the terror in the punishment chamber. She then turned to Melody:

“Melody, tell me about your experience, please. Maybe it helps both of us.”

Melody’s story wasn’t too different. She was brought into the same coffin and experienced the ‘breath of death’ as well. However she didn’t want to accept the paralysis and asked Master Ahibor. Her condition changed to a constant feeling of terror and she kept screaming. Anyway she didn’t know the reason of another change after sealing the alternative camp. The symptoms retreated a lot.

Cassie’s heart jumped at these words. Hopefully her paralysis could be cured as well; however she was still weak and hardly could move her limbs. She turned to Melody:

“Melody, do you want to take the risk?”

Melody shrugged: “Do you think we have another option? This place is sealed and we weren’t able to find any real exit. Let’s try to use an unreal one.” Cassie nodded: “Let’s try it.”

Melody and Elena put Cassie into the wheelchair and drove her to the punishment chamber even if it was difficult to climb down the stairs. They put her into the coffin, but nothing happened:

“Elena, what’s wrong?”, Melody asked.
“I don’t know, but … wait. Let’s light the candles first.” Elena got a lighter from the kitchen and lighted all candles. They were waiting, but still nothing happened.

An idea hit Melody’s mind: “Cassie, try to ask for entering the tunnel.” Cassie looked at Melody in surprise, but she nodded and tried to say the words:

“Let me enter the dark tunnel of death!”

As soon as she said the last word, she disappeared and Melody and Elena were staring at the empty coffin in an utter surprise.

Bella and Eileen waited until the guards left the room. Bella started the conversation:

“Eileen, do you have any idea what Sera wanted to tell us? She mentioned a sorcerer. I never believed in sorcerers.”
“Neither did I, but according to Sera the boss invited him. I wish I knew what he wanted.”
“It seems to be related to the portals and the alternative camp. Eileen, did you notice the missing Camper 95? Her screams can’t be heard anymore.”
Suddenly Eileen realized Bella was right: “Bella, I start finding some relations. Camper 95 is missing, Camper 126 is missing and a sorcerer was here today.”
“Imagine the situation! Camper 126 and Camper 95 disappear at the same time when a sorcerer is invited by the boss. Did the boss want to send them into the alternative camp? Why?”
“Looks like he wanted to get rid of them. The alternative camp is a perfect hideout, but the portals could open and the girls come back eventually. Unless …”
“Unless the sorcerer arranged it otherwise,” Bella finished: “The last piece of puzzle is the reason why the boss called a sorcerer and wanted to get rid of the two girls. Camper 95 was very noticeable and not matching the camp objective, but Camper 126 … I don’t have any idea about her.”

Eileen sighed: “Neither do I. Let’s have some sleep better.” Both girls were tired and fell asleep in five minutes. They could sleep until morning when Jackson waked them up. It was a pleasant surprise; he took care of them quickly. After breakfast they started their regular routine, Bella at the coal container and Eileen in the washroom.

Sera had to spend a very unpleasant night. The itching crème on her crotch made her struggle in the stocks, her muscles were tired and her body was cramped. Fortunately the wetting washed the crème away, but she had to sit in wet diaper the whole night and she even had to wet once more.

In the morning Jackson came to the punishment chamber to check on her; he changed her wet diaper and brought her food and water. Sera was glad and thanked him a lot. Unfortunately he couldn’t do anything more and she had to spend the whole day there.

When Jackson left the chamber, Sera got an odd feeling. She could see a foggy image of another chamber with different equipment; two hearses were standing next to the stocks. All of sudden the image changed, the hearses disappeared and Sera felt an unnatural relief. She tried to guess what had happened, but she didn’t have any idea.

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Re: Camp Angel

I hate it when I set up a submissive re-education & brainwashing camp, and it turns out I built on top of a Hellmouth.

Re: Camp Angel

Well, it’s your responsibility to obtain the appropriate maps from the county surveyor’s office prior to construction. You have no one to blame but yourself if you didn’t even bother to check…

Re: Camp Angel

The poor Wynton. Why didn’t he invite a sorcerer before building the camp? Now his business will be over soon. He’s learned a lesson; it is not wise not to believe in magic :smiley:

Re: Camp Angel

Rookie mistake. :cool:

Re: Camp Angel

Part 11:

Elena and Melody were staring at the empty coffin and Elena collected her courage: “I’m the next one. Melody, follow me.” She lied down in the coffin, repeated the words and disappeared as well. Melody waited five minutes and followed Elena.

As soon as Melody disappeared from the sealed basement, the entire alternative camp vanished in seconds. The sealing spell had unexpected consequences. The alternative camp could exist as long as somebody was trapped there. When the last living soul managed to escape, it meant the end of its existence. Sera could feel that process, but she didn’t know what happened.

Cassie could see a white vortex and she was dragged into the vortex. She felt like she was flying through emptiness, beyond space and time until she landed on a wooden floor. Cassie looked around and found out she was inside a barn. She didn’t recognize the barn at all; there was no such barn near the Camp. The vortex transferred her to an unknown place.

All of sudden the vortex appeared above her again and she instinctively rolled away; Elena appeared on the same place. Cassie realized she was able to move; was her paralysis over? She tried to stand up and her limbs obeyed her commands without problems. Cassie recalled the words ‘all your troubles will be blown away’:

“Elena, I’m not paralyzed anymore,” she screamed in joy. Five seconds later the vortex appeared for the second time and Melody fell onto the surprised Elena. Cassie had to laugh when she spotted Elena’s facial expression. She waited until both girls stood up and turned to them: “Hey, let’s go and find out where we are.”

Elena nodded and stepped forward. She opened the barn gate and looked at the surroundings. The barn was standing near a road and they could read a label: ‘Stamworth 5 miles’. “Cassie, Melody, we are at home!” She spotted an approaching police patrol car and waved at them.

The police officers were taken aback by the three girls and they pulled out an alcohol tester first. After a longer talk the officers drove the girls to the local chief. He immediately recognized the Camp uniforms, identified Elena and asked the two remaining girls about their Camp numbers. He knew about the letters from Wynton and he had Elena’s picture on the board behind him. Anyway he was surprised by their story and couldn’t understand how they escaped.

At that moment the police chief was aware of the fact he couldn’t tolerate Wynton’s business anymore despite of all bribes from him; otherwise he would face serious consequences and his career would be over. He gave orders to two officers to drive the girls home, waited until they left the room and picked up the phone; his fingers were shaking when he was dialing the district attorney number.

After finishing the call, the chief decided to provide the last aid and called Wynton.

The police officers drove all women home. Elena lived alone, but she had to retrieve the keys from the landlord after the police explained what had happened. The landlord was staring at them in surprise; he was a very kind man and promised Elena every support she would need.

Melody’s parents were surprised when they spotted their daughter and asked her for forgiveness. They knew they had done something terribly wrong.However, Melody hugged them and she didn’t insist on a criminal complaint against them. The police officers could leave immediately.

Cassie, on the other hand, experienced another and unpleasant welcome. Her husband asked the police to send her back to the Camp and the officers had to explain him what happened and what he had committed. He was arrested immediately and charged of kidnapping. Cassie told him she would ask for divorce.

Wynton hanged up the phone and his face got pale. His business was over and he had only hours to escape the justice, maybe even less time. He called a helicopter first and then he ran out his office, looking for Berrigan. He dragged Berrigan to the office and explained him what happened:

“Berrrigan, the bitches escaped from the sealed camp and got to the land. How was it possible?”
“Boss, I’m a guard and no sorcerer. Ask him better.”
“We don’t have time, Berrigan.The helicopter will arrive in ten minutes. Take all documents and I take the money from safe.”

Wynton opened the safe and took a big and heavy bag from it. There was a small metal box on the top shelf and Wynton took it as well, holding it carefully; his hands were shaking when he was putting it into his pocket.

Five minutes later he was sitting in the helicopter and looking at his former source of income. He turned to Berrigan: “What a pity we had to leave this place. It was a very good business. However we can’t leave behind any traces.”

He pulled out the metal box from his pocket, turned a switch and pressed the red button.

Eileen finished her afternoon shift and a guard was leading her from the basement washroom. All of sudden they spotted Wynton and Berrigan running out of the building. Eileen wondered what was going on when Jackson appeared and grabbed her: “Let’s run away from the building, don’t ask me anything.” Eileen followed him and they could see a helicopter taking off. Two coast guard boats were approaching the island.

Minutes later the ground shook below their legs. Eileen looked back and she could see the collapsing building behind them. The main building turned into a pile of ruins. The next explosions destroyed the coal container and power plant. Seconds later the boiler exploded and the pieces of iron were flying in the air.

“W … what happened?” “Plan B,” Jackson replied: “All evidences should be destroyed.”
“Oh my God, there were people inside!”

Eileen turned back and ran towards the ruins in a vain hope to find somebody; however her wrists were still locked to the belt and she was helpless to do anything. She could see several more girls running away from the coal container, but she couldn’t see Bella:

“Bella …. Bella …. BELLA!”

Sera was still sitting in the punishment chamber and she was unaware of the events outside. Nobody came free her or even tell her what was going on.

All of sudden the light went off and the building shook violently. A dangerous cracking could be heard. The big piece of ceiling fell down, smashed the stocks along with her hands and legs and stopped inches above her head. Sera passed out.

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Re: Camp Angel

Part 12:

The coast guard boats landed and the rescuer teams hurried up to the collapsed buildings while more police officers tried to find the staff members and captive girls. Jackson walked towards the officers and offered them help:

“I know what I committed and I’m ready to carry the responsibility. However let me help you now. I can be useful.” He led them to the building and explained the rescuers where they should look for the survivors.

The ground floor collapsed totally and they weren’t able to find anybody alive. Suddenly Jackson realized the punishment chamber and Sera. The basement was damaged heavily as well; however there was a hole near the former stairwell and a rescuer could crawl to the corridor and the punishment chamber. He found Sera and found out she was still alive.

About an hour later a helicopter landed and the firemen unloaded a hydraulic lifter. They were able to lift the collapsed piece of ceiling and free Sera; unfortunately her health condition was poor. They bandaged her crushed arms and legs and transported her quickly to the waiting helicopter.

Eileen hurried up to the coal container and stopped dead in her tracks. The heavy iron wall fell down and the coal spilled out of the container. Bella was lying beneath the wall and her eyes were open. Eileen knelt down and collapsed. She was absent-minded when a paramedic helped her stand up, led her away, a police officer unlocked the belt and the paramedic led her towards the boat. She noticed Sera lying on the stretcher; her arms and leg bandaged.

On the boat another police officer tried to ask her what happened, but she was hardly able to tell him something and she didn’t remember her identity except of the first name. He called a doctor and Eileen was placed into a small cabin. The doctor was very kind and she gave Eileen a soothing medicine. Fortunately Jackson remembered Eileen’s name and address and she could be driven home.

Eileen’s mother almost collapsed when she spotted her daughter. She hugged Eileen tightly: “Forgive us, please. We didn’t know it would be that bad.” However Eileen was staring at her mother like she was a stranger. Her brainwashing was too strong.

The rescue teams were leaving the Camp, but the balance of the explosions was disastrous. Sera was the only survivor in the collapsed building, Jackson and Eileen escaped in time and three more girls were carrying the coal buckets in a safe distance from the destroyed container and power plant. All documentation has disappeared and finding physical evidences was very hard.

Wynton and Berrigan left the country and the police wasn’t able to find them anymore. The police chief warned them in time, but his call wasn’t revealed. Anyway he quitted shortly after the investigation end.

Sera was transported into the Stamworth clinic and she had to undergo several surgeries. Unfortunately, her hands and feet were crushed by the stocks and the heavy concrete block and had to be amputated. Her life changed dramatically. The police was investigating Jackson and Sera, but all four women asked for a grace. The state governor granted Sera the grace ‘for special reasons’. Jackson was charged of kidnapping, but he ended with probation; no torture or violence could be proved.

Eileen’s parents were charged of kidnapping as well, but the jury was mild; both parents were considered not guilty. Anyway the condition of their daughter was a big punishment; she had to attend psychiatric sessions every week.

Bella’s husband Mark was devastated when he read the news; he wanted to have an obedient wife and now she was probably dead. The rescue teams and police weren’t able to identify the victims, but Eileen told them Bella’s first name. She didn’t know anything more. Jackson also didn’t remember it; he didn’t see the documents except looking for Eileen’s name. Bella should be buried into a nameless grave unless somebody identified her. Mark collected his courage and went to the police. He looked at the pictures and tears appeared in his eyes:

“I … I … I have sent her into the damned place, I deserve a sentence.” The police officers didn’t arrest him immediately, but they asked him to stay in the town and cooperate. He nodded, left the office, went home, read the news again and realized he was not able to live with his guilt anymore. He reached into the drawer and pulled out his gun.


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Re: Camp Angel

I’m not sure what to make of this story. It starts as a kind of common Gore-esque world, then suddenly goes with the paranormal additions. I really didn’t see that coming.

I didn’t see a lot of misspellings, but the grammar and wording felt odd. I’m wondering if English is a second language for the author? I think this may also be a first story as well? This one’s a little rough in places, but it’s all there and it’s complete.

Re: Camp Angel

The paranormal additions were planned as a kind of surprise for both staff and the campers.

You are right; English is not my first language. Anyway this story is not my first one. Did you read the Happy Family?