Camden's Second Chance (Complete)

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Camden’s Second Chance

By H.E. Jones

Chapter One

Camden Brown woke to the sound of his baby brother’s cries. His bedroom was dimly lit by the rising sun. He turned to check the time on his alarm clock.

“6:00. Well, at least it’s not 5:30 this time”, he thought to himself with a sigh.

Camden was a 16 year-old high school student, spending his summer vacation at home while his mom took care of his 9 month-old brother, Brady. Still adjusting to being a big brother, Camden wasn’t completely used to having a baby in the house. After all, aside from his cousins, he hadn’t been around a baby since, well, he was a baby. In a matter of 9 months, Camden’s world had gone from daydreaming about cars and dates with the popular cheerleaders at school to helping out his single mom with the day-to-day duties that went with having a baby. Diapers, bottles, pacifiers, baby food, Teletubbies, Sesame Street; it wasn’t exactly a teenage wasteland, but to be honest, Camden really didn’t mind too much.

He could hear his mom walking into the nursery and soothing Brady’s cries.

“Aww, whassa matter? Why’s mommy’s baby crying?” his mom said in that sweet, motherly voice reserved for babies and small dogs.

Camden could picture his mom picking Brady up out of his crib and carrying him over to the changing table. By now, Camden had learned to tolerate the smell of dirty diapers, and had actually begun to enjoy changing Brady. There was something so sweet about a baby needing their diaper changed, and though he’d never admit it to anyone, Camden had, even in the smallest part of the back of his mind, wished he was in Brady’s place.

After all, his mom had been so distant since his dad had left for the Army and was killed in action by a roadside bomb. She had dated off and on in the years that followed, but the only result was Brady, and the guy who had made this little miracle split the second he found out Camden’s mom was pregnant. Camden had pretty much raised himself, and he had to grow up a lot faster than he wanted to. Childhood, or babyhood, only happens once, and sometimes looking at Brady he wished he had a second chance.

Camden forced himself to get up and get dressed, knowing his mom would need all the help she could get while she worked from home. He walked downstairs to find his mom putting Brady into his highchair and getting ready to feed him his breakfast.

“Morning honey, sleep well?” she asked.

“More or less, until my alarm clock went off.”

“That’s weird; I didn’t hear your alarm.”

“I meant Brady, mom” he retorted.

“Oh, yeah. Well, you know sweetheart, that’s just the way babies are. When you were Brady’s age, you got up before the rooster. You were up and you made sure your dad and I knew about it” she replied as she put Brady’s bib on him.

“Yeah, and look how that worked out” he mumbled.

“What was that? You know I don’t like it when you mumble, Camden” she said in a sharp tone.

“Nothing mom.”

“Just remember, Brady is going to pick up on everything you do, and I don’t want him doing anything naughty”, she said, feeding Brady applesauce and strained peas.

“Well, we wouldn’t like that” said Brady with a hint of sarcasm.

“No we wouldn’t! No we wouldn’t!” she said in baby talk as she wiped Brady’s face with his bib.

Camden had to hide a smile as he made himself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and went into the living room to watch TV. He loved to hear baby talk, even though it wasn’t directed towards him. He turned on the TV, and after watching a Geico commercial with the weird looking gecko, a Pampers commercial came on, with little babies and kids running around in just t-shirts and diapers with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on them. They looked so happy, so carefree.

“God, that looks like the life. No responsibilities, nothing to worry about; just having to stop every once in a while to get your diaper changed and lay down to take naps and get spoon-fed”, thought Camden. He looked across the room to Brady sitting in his blue mesh playpen, playing with various toys, drooling and occasionally putting one or two in his mouth.

“I wonder…”

Chapter Two

Camden sat there, staring at his 9 month-old brother Brady playing in his playpen, contemplating the possibility that he could act and be treated like a baby. His mind ran wild; he was really small for his age, and most likely wouldn’t have any problem fitting into baby diapers, but what would his mom think? She’d probably send him to a therapist or something. Or perhaps not. Maybe she’d love the idea of having a second chance to baby Camden, to really be a good mom.

Camden aside set his infantile thoughts for the time being. There was no point in attempting anything until he had an actual plan, and he didn’t want to risk his mom thinking he belonged in the loony bin. As the morning dragged on, he played with Brady a little bit and watched SpongeBob while his mom worked in her office down the hall. He sat on the couch and found that the orange juice and milk from his Fruity Pebbles was threatening to break the levee, so to speak.

“Shouldn’t have drank so much,” he thought as his bladder tightened.

SpongeBob and Patrick frolicked through Jellyfish Fields as Camden started to get more and more restless, painfully resisting the urge to get up and go to the bathroom until the episode was over. He looked over to Brady in the playpen, squatting as if he was about to leave Mommy a little present.

“Well, if Brady can do it…”

Camden relaxed his bladder and felt his pants get warm as a wet spot spread on his jeans. He was peeing his pants like a baby! Maybe his mom would see that he couldn’t hold it and had to be put back in diapers!

The smell of Brady’s poopy diaper permeated the room. Their mom walked into the living room to check on her boys, and the smell of Brady’s mess and Camden’s wet boxers assaulted her nose.

“Pee yew! Smells like someone needs a diaper change!” she exclaimed in a teasing manner.

She looked over at Camden on the couch, who was half hiding his wet pants.

“Camden Nathaniel! Did you just pee your pants?” she demanded.

“Uh, yeah…” replied Camden shamefully.

His mom sighed. “Well, you better go clean yourself up young man, while I change Brady. I don’t need two babies in this house,” she said.

As she carried Brady into the nursery to change his diaper, Camden was dumbfounded. He had just peed his pants! What kind of reaction was that?!

If he was going to be treated like a baby, he was going to have to take his game up a notch…

Chapter Three

Camden went into his room and changed his pants. The wall between his room and Brady’s were paper-thin, and he could hear his baby brother babbling as their mom lovingly changed his poopy diaper. That did it. He resolved himself to being treated every bit the baby Brady was. And instead of thinking like a 16 year-old, he was going to have to think like a baby.

The day wore on. Morning turned into afternoon, and when the mailman came with his daily delivery, Camden’s mom asked him to go get the mail. As he walked out to the mailbox at the end of the driveway, he saw Miranda Ferguson jogging past. Ah, Miranda Ferguson; head cheerleader at Camden’s school and Camden’s secret crush. He watched her jog down the sidewalk with her iPod blasting, her ponytail bobbing up and down in unison with her breasts.

“Damn… I wouldn’t mind her changing my diaper,” he thought, almost dropping the mail as he stared with his mouth agape.

He walked back inside in somewhat of a daze, placing the mail on the kitchen table without even looking. Brady was down for his afternoon nap, so Camden had at least another hour before he had anything he absolutely had to do. Peering around the corner to make sure his mom was occupied, he tiptoed around the kitchen and grabbed one of Brady’s bottles. He got out the can of formula and fixed a bottle for himself. As he picked it up to lift it up to his waiting lips, his mom came into the kitchen.

“Oh, hey Camden. Thank you for fixing a bottle for your brother! It’s great to see you taking on more responsibilities around here,” she said, taking the bottle out of his hand.

Playing it cool, Camden smiled and said, “No problem. After all, he’s just a baby. It’s not like he can walk in here and fix it himself.”

His mom chuckled and went to give Brady the bottle. This was getting more and more frustrating! He couldn’t even fix a baby bottle for himself!

“Wait a second… Babies can’t fix their own bottles. I just said so myself! Hell, they can’t do anything for themselves!” he thought.

Afternoon turned into evening, and when it was time for dinner, it was time for another try. Camden’s mom fixed herself and Camden roast beef and mashed potatoes, and mashed peas and mashed potatoes for Brady. While she alternated between feeding Brady and feeding herself, Camden looked down at his plate.

“Remember, think like a baby,” he thought.

He took his hand and stuck it in his mashed potatoes and started licking the white mush off his hands. “Not so bad!”

His mom looked over at him and said, “Camden, stop playing with your food! Use a fork like a grown up!”

She turned back to Brady and did the whole airplane routine. Camden didn’t really know what to think. Clearly that wasn’t babyish enough. He looked at Brady, and put every ounce of energy into his desire to be treated like that; like a small, little infant with no ability to do anything for himself. Diapers, bottles, pacifiers, formula, baby food, he wanted it all. And he wanted it NOW!

Camden felt his stomach rumble, and in a matter of seconds he felt the seat of his pants begin to expand with a warm mush. The feeling was so good, he couldn’t help but smile. The more that came out, the bigger the smile. The smell began to fill the immediate area, and his mom sniffed the air. She picked Brady up out of his highchair, sniffed the back of his diaper, and squinted her eyes. Turning towards Camden, she saw her 16 year-old son filling his boxers like the 9 month-old baby in her hands. The grin on his face; the red shade of his cheeks, the increasingly strong smell of poop filling the kitchen; she couldn’t believe it. Her oldest son, the young man she had raised to be a responsible adult, was sitting there in the kitchen, his hands covered in mashed potatoes and pooping his pants like a baby.

Camden froze for a second, and with the last ounce of effort in his body, he took his free hand and stuck it in his pants, covering it in his mess. He wanted to be a baby, and he didn’t care how. He wanted it now.

Placing Brady back in his highchair, Camden’s mom stopped and stared at Camden for a few more seconds. Never had she thought she would see the day when her oldest son would be acting like this. One baby was bad enough, but two?

Her voice cracking a bit, she said, “Come here.”

Camden took his hand out of his pants, looked at the mess on it, and said in his most babyish voice, “I poopy mama!”

As if she were talking to Brady, his mom waved her hand in front of her face and replied, “Poo tinky! Baby needs a fresh new diapey, doesn’t he? Doesn’t he?”

“This is it! Goodbye adulthood, hello babyhood!”

Chapter Four

Camden’s mom walked over to the messy teenager. Since he was so small for his age, it look little effort for her to lift Camden out of his chair and cradle him on her hip, being careful not to get his messy hands on her. She carried him into the nursery, and gently laid him down on the changing table. His feet managed to barely miss hanging over the end as she pulled a strap across his chest.

“Okie dokie baby, let’s lift that shirt!” she said in a sweet, adorable tone.

She carefully lifted his shirt up over his head and neatly folded it, placing it on the floor next to the table. Camden hadn’t yet hit puberty, which was strange for a 16 year-old, so his body was as bald as a cue ball. Reaching under the table, she pulled out a set of plastic keys and handed them to Camden.

“Awesome! So much better than car keys!” he thought as he stuck them in his mouth.

“Awwww, does baby like his boo-boo keys?” asked his mom.

Camden just babbled and kicked his legs in the most infantile way he could. He was in heaven.

His mom took out the necessary diapering supplies; powder, wipes, Desitin, and the piece de resistance; one crisp, white, plastic-backed Pampers diaper with Mickey Mouse’s smiling face decorating the waistband.

Camden’s heart began to beat faster. “That’s one of Brady’s diapers! Does it get any better?!” he thought.

“Hold till, honey bunny” she whispered as she slowly managed to pull down Camden’s shorts.

She tossed the shorts into the clothes hamper in the corner of the room and placed a towel down underneath Camden’s bottom. Then came his soiled boxers. She carefully pulled them down his legs; instead of throwing them in the hamper, however, they went straight into the trash can.

“Alright baby, here comes the wipeys!” she exclaimed.

She took a few baby wipes from the container and crossed Camden’s legs, lifting his bottom to reveal his mess caked to his cheeks. As she wiped the poopy mess away, the coolness of the wipes made shivers go down Camden’s spine.

“Ooh, baby likes wipeys!” said his mom with a smile.

One by one, she cleaned his poopy bottom, making sure every crack and crevice was clean. After depositing them into the trash, she set Camden’s bottom back onto the towel and grabbed the Desitin.

“Mommy’s gotta make sure her baby doesn’t get any nasty rashes the next time he makes poopies!” she said.

Squeezing out a dab onto her index finger, she carefully rubbed the ointment into his skin, ensuring that no rashes would develop. The smell of the Desitin was so calming, so reassuring. His mommy was taking care of him now.

After replacing the cap on the tube, she wiped her hands off with a baby wipe and picked up the diaper.

“Look what mommy’s got! Mommy’s got Mickey! Can baby say, ‘Hi Mickey?’” she teased playfully as she waved the diaper in front of his face.

Camden babbled through the plastic keys in his mouth and smiled as he kicked his legs in excitement. “Hi, Mickey! Where have you been all my life?!” he thought.

“Such a cute baby!” exclaimed his mom as she unfolded the diaper.

Laying there, he could smell the diaper, letting the amazing babyish scent caress his nostrils. If he ever considered backing down, he was more determined than ever to be a baby.

His mom grabbed him by the ankles and lifted his legs with one hand, placing the fresh, crisp diaper underneath him. Placing his bottom on the soft, cushiony diaper, she chuckled as his face lit up.

“Baby loves getting new diapeys”, she smiled.

Twisting the cap on the baby powder, she slowly sprinkled it over his diaper area, lifting him by the ankles and rubbing the soft powder into his skin.

After positioning Camden on the diaper and pulling it up so that his bottom sat just right, she pulled up the front panel, with Mickey smiling up at her. She pulled the right tape and fastened it, then the left. Careful to make sure all the leak guards were nice and snug, she smoothed the front of the diaper and admired her work.

“There we go! All better!” she exclaimed.

She took the keys out of Camden’s mouth, placed him in Brady’s crib, and shut the door behind her as she went back to the kitchen. Camden sat there in the dark, wearing only a Pampers diaper that this morning would have been intended for his baby brother.

“Holy crap! Did that seriously just happen?!” he thought.

It seriously just happened, and it was just beginning.

Chapter Five

Camden slowly lifted his eyelids, revealing the dimly sunlit nursery. A noxious odor hit his nose; had he pooped in his sleep? The bars of the crib rose to each side, and as he turned over to his right, he saw Brady fast asleep. Camden looked down at his diaper. His diaper. It was such a weird phrase to think about, but it was a diaper, and he was wearing it. As he shifted, he heard the distinct crinkle the diaper made and felt the damp and messy sensation. Yep, he’d pooped and peed in his sleep! Unsure of what time it was, but remembering his new status as a baby, Camden did the one thing babies did best: He cried.

His mom heard him through the baby monitor, but didn’t come rushing into the room like Camden expected. No, she took her time, as if it were completely normal for her 16 year-old son to be wailing at the top of his lungs at the crack of dawn. As she walked in, she said, “Good morning! How are my sweet baby boys today?”

Camden smiled and made little babble noises, playing up his new role.

“Awww, does Cam Cam have a surprise for Mommy?” she cooed.

His mom lowered the rails of the crib and with little effort, lifted Camden out of the crib and carried him over to the changing table. Looking to Brady who was beginning to stir, she said, “Mommy will change you in a minute sweetie, as soon as I take care of Mr. Stinkypants over here!”

Laying Camden down, she smiled and said, “Arms up!”

Camden obeyed, and she lifted the t-shirt off of him and tossed it into the hamper. Laying him back down, she pulled the strap over him, blew raspberry kisses on his tummy and said, “Such a good baby for Mommy!”

Camden was eating it up. Amazed at how seamless his mom’s treatment of him went from teenager to baby, he thought, “Gee, you’d have thought I was never a teenager!”

As his mom reached for the diapering supplies, Camden cooed and babbled, kicking his legs. “The grass really is greener on the other side!” he said to himself.

Having collected the necessary supplies, his mom reached for the tapes of his diaper. “Scritch!” went the left. “Scritch!” went the right. As she pulled down the front panel, the smell of poop and pee wafted into her nose.

“Wooo weee! You sure are a stinky baby, aren’t you?” she cooed.

Camden smiled and giggled. “I sure am, Mommy! Better make sure baby gets a new diapey!” he thought.

“Do you like being Mommy’s little stinker? Do you? Do you?” she teased.

“I sure do, Mommy!” thought Camden as he giggled.

Taking his ankles in her hand and lifting his bottom, his mom used the front panel to clean the excess from his bottom, and took a couple baby wipes and made sure every bit of his diaper area was nice and clean. Lowering his bottom back onto the table, she put the used wipes in the dirty diaper, re-taped it and balled it up, and tossed it into the diaper pail. It was the first of many.

As she rubbed the Desitin into his skin, she hummed a tune that seemed so familiar, but Camden couldn’t quite place where he had heard it. “Maybe she hums it to Brady”, he thought.

Unscrewing the cap on the baby powder, she exclaimed, “Here comes the snow!” and sprinkled his diaper area, rubbing it into his skin and ensuring that Camden would continue to be diaper rash-free. “Snow never felt so awesome!” he thought excitedly.

Putting the powder bottle away, his mom picked up the new diaper, another white plastic backed Luvs diaper with Barney and Baby Bop on the waistband. “Barney’s here! He wants to play, Cam Cam! Are you ready to play with Barney?” she said playfully.

Camden smiled and reached for the diaper, babbling excitedly. His mom let him hold it, and as he felt the nice plastic backing, his whole world felt complete. This is what he wanted. It was finally his!

“Awww, baby loves his friend Barney! Okay sweetcheeks, let’s get that new diapey on you so Mommy can change Brady and we can go downstairs for breakfast!” she exclaimed.

Taking the diaper from Camden’s hands, she unfolded it and lifted Camden’s ankles, sliding the new diaper underneath him. Making sure that his bottom sat perfectly on the diaper, she pulled up the front panel and carefully taped it in place; first the left, then the right.

“All better!” his mom smiled. Instead of putting a new shirt on him, she picked him up and placed him back into the crib.
“Whoa, not even a shirt? Kinda different, but I don’t care!” thought Camden as he looked down and examined the diaper on his waist.

His mom then hoisted Brady out of the crib and changed his diaper in much the same way as she had changed Camden’s. After Brady’s wet diaper had been changed, once again leaving his brother in just a diaper, Camden’s mom picked up Camden and placed both he and Brady on one hip, and went downstairs to fix her babies breakfast.

Chapter Six

Camden’s mom had been busy. After diapering Camden and settling him in the nursery the night before, she had scrounged around the basement and attic for Camden’s old baby things. She was as sentimental as they come, and she had kept virtually everything from Camden’s first babyhood. Setting up a second highchair, playpen and car seat for her van, her only real concern was the other essentials: baby food, formula, diapers, and the other things babies went through on a daily basis. As mentioned before, Camden was very small for his age, and easily fit into Brady’s diapers; it was more a matter of supply, not a demand for larger “baby gear”.

So with Camden straddled on one hip and Brady on the other, his mother, though not unburdened by the extra weight, managed to walk down the stairs to the kitchen, where two highchairs awaited their charges. Sitting Brady into his highchair, she managed to position Camden into his, and snapped the tray into place, with Brady’s to follow. Tying a bib around Brady’s neck, she cooed as he eagerly awaited his breakfast. Turning her attention to Camden, she smiled as she moved to tie a bib around him.

“Okie dokie sweetie, Mommy’s gonna put on your bib! We sure don’t want Cam Cam to make any messes on himself, do we?” she said sweetly.

Not wanting to incur Mommy’s wrath, Camden held still as she carefully tied the bib around his neck. As he looked down to inspect it, he could make out the words, “Mommy’s Little Stinker”.

“Well, if the bib fits…” he thought.

His mom turned to the cabinet and pulled out two jars of baby food. Camden recognized the Gerber label and the color which meant that his first meal as a baby was to be applesauce.

“Not bad. At least it’s not something insane like strained carrots” he mused.

Sitting down between the two highchairs, she opened the jars and proceeded to feed Brady a spoonful of the sweet apple mush, and turned to Camden.

She dipped the baby-sized spoon into the jar and raised it in front of Camden’s face. Using her sweetest and most excited sounding voice, she exclaimed, “Okay baby, here comes num nums!” and managed to get the majority in Camden’s mouth, with Camden intentionally dripping some onto his bib in an attempt to play up his newfound role.

“God, that stuff’s sweeter than normal applesauce! What are they trying to do, give babies diabetes?!” he thought.

Breakfast continued in the same way, with Brady acting as if it were any other morning and Camden’s mom acting as if the sixteen year-old sitting in a highchair and wearing a Luvs diaper was every bit the baby she was treating him like. What could have possessed her to go along with this?

Camden didn’t care. As far as he was concerned, he had hit the jackpot. So far his day had been amazing. Sure, waking up after having pooped and peed himself felt weird; but he had his diaper lovingly changed by his mommy, and though the applesauce was a bit sweet for his taste and the bib was rather infantile (not that it mattered to a baby anyway), he had finally achieved the treatment which he had so deeply desired.

But looking back on the past 24 hours, the whole experience had happened really fast. Yesterday he woke up a teenager, the “man of the house”, and his mom, not his “mommy”, had entrusted him to help her take care of his baby brother. What happened? Sure, the desire to join Brady had been there for some time, but did it really make any sense for the change to happen that fast?

And he hadn’t spoken a word since dinner the previous night. What was it he said? “I poopy mama”? He hadn’t so much as uttered a syllable since then. All he had done was babble like a baby. But that was just to play up the idea that he was really a baby. Wasn’t it?

After cleaning up her babies, Camden’s mother placed them in their respective playpens to give the boys enough room so they could play. After turning on the TV and changing the channel to Sprout, she went back into the kitchen and fixed two baby bottles of formula.

“Okay babies, here’s your babas! Mommy’s gonna go make a couple phone calls, so you two play in your playpens for a little bit. I’ll be right there in the kitchen, so don’t you worry your pretty little heads about Mommy being far away” she cooed as she gave the babies their bottles.

Camden took his bottle and lay down on the cool plastic floor of the playpen. As he lay back, he put the nipple into his mouth and easily managed to suckle, as if he had never been weaned from bottles at all. The formula was so sweet, so rich. A little bit dribbled out of his mouth and onto his naked tummy, but he didn’t care. His focus was on his baba.

Meanwhile, Camden’s mom was in the kitchen making arrangements for a babysitter to come over and watch her babies while she went looking for a second job. Two babies were expensive for two parents, let alone a single mother.

“Hello, is this Miranda Ferguson? Yes, my name is Mary Brown. I saw your ad in the Times about a babysitting service. I have two baby boys, both about a year and a half, and I was wondering if you were available to sit for me for a few hours this afternoon. I have a couple of errands to run in town. No, I can’t think of anything they’ll really need except the occasional diaper change. Great! Can you come over, say, around 1:00? Thanks! The address is 106 Westview Drive. Okay, see you then!”

Needless to say, Camden’s day was about to get rather interesting…

Chapter Seven

Camden finished his baba and sat up, noticing the plethora of baby toys that surrounded him. Stacking rings, a teddy bear, plastic blocks; it was a baby’s wonderland. Crawling over to the teddy bear, he grabbed at its fur and squeezed it. The bear’s fur felt so soft, so comforting. More than usual, even. It was as if Camden’s sense of touch had gotten more sensitive. Without thinking, he put the bear’s ear into his mouth and began to suck on it. Perfectly content with his current action, he lay down on the playpen floor and stared at the TV, sucking on the teddy bear’s ear. He knew those people in the black box. For some reason he couldn’t remember their names, or how they got into the box, but he definitely recognized them, and they made him happy.

His mommy occupied herself with housework for the next few hours, peeking into the living room periodically to make sure her babies were okay. At one point Brady needed changed. Walking into the room, she wrinkled her nose and smiled.

“Hmmm, smells like someone needs a diapey change!” she said.

Walking over to Camden’s playpen, she carefully rolled him over and pulled back the back of his diaper. Camden didn’t flinch.

“Nope, no stinky pants here!” she cooed as she rolled Camden back over and ruffled his hair.

She walked over to Brady’s playpen and checked his diaper, she found her culprit.

“Uh-oh! Look what Mommy found! Bray Bray left Mommy a big surprise, didn’t he? Didn’t he?” she teased. She walked upstairs and got a changing mat and the diapering supplies.

“Okie dokie artichokie! Let’s get you changed!” she cooed.

Camden had smelled Brady’s poopy diaper, had felt his mommy check his diaper to see if he needed to be changed. He didn’t care; he was content to lay in his playpen with his teddy bear and watch the people in the black box.

Their mommy changed Brady and placed him back in his playpen, and resumed her housework. After another hour or so, the cuckoo clock began to chime 1:00. Camden heard the funny noise, and looked to where it had originated. On the wall there was a round shape with smaller black shapes inside them. A little figure kept popping out of it and made the funny noise. Camden smiled and began to kick and giggle. That was a really funny noise!

He heard another noise a few minutes later; much louder though, and more like a song. His mommy walked over to the source of the louder noise and opened a part of the wall. An older girl, but younger than his mommy, stepped through the opening in the wall. She looked so familiar, but Camden couldn’t figure out where he had seen her. She looked nice though.

“Hi Miranda! Come on in. The babies are over here in their playpens” said his mommy as she greeted the girl.

Miranda. Mi ran da. Wait a second, he knew that name!

His mommy led Miranda over to the playpens. Miranda wore a white cutoff t-shirt that stopped just above her belly button and short black yoga shorts that complemented her athletic body. As she looked down at the babies, the bigger one looked familiar.

“Aww, they’re so cute! I think I’ve seen him before though. He’s a baby?” Miranda queried, gesturing to Camden.

“Of course he’s a baby, Miranda,” his mommy chuckled. “His name’s Camden, and his brother’s name is Brady”

“I just adore little babies!” Miranda gushed. “I know we’re going to have an awesome time!”

“I’m sure you will! Now, I better get going. Brady’s been changed, so he should be fine for a while. Camden’s being a stubborn little monkey butt, though. He’ll probably need a new diaper here soon”

Diaper? He didn’t wear diapers! Wait, how hold was he? Camden’s sudden panic was quickly soothed by his mommy’s kiss goodbye.

“Mommy’s gotta go bye-byes, but Miranda’s gonna play with you until I get back”, she said as she kissed her babies.

“Now, there’s money for pizza on the kitchen table if you get hungry. The boys’ bottles are in the fridge and there’s baby food in the top cabinet. If they get cranky, give them a pacifier, or if you want you can give them a bottle and put them down for a nap. Hopefully I won’t be gone too long”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Brown. I’ll take good care of Camden and Brady. Just relax and leave everything to me” reassured Miranda.

Camden’s mommy chuckled. “You’re right; it’s only for a few hours. I guess I’ve got ‘worried mommy syndrome’” she laughed.
After taking one last look at her babies, Camden’s mommy walked out the hole in the wall, leaving Miranda to watch over the boys.

“Okay sweeties, I’m gonna go to the bathroom real quick and I’ll be right back” said Miranda.

Camden felt his tummy rumble. He didn’t like it; how could he make it stop? He put his teddy bear down and moved to a squatting position. His face turned beet red as he grunted and pushed hard, feeding his diapey with a big stinky mess. After the pressure in his tummy was relieved, he opened the floodgates of his bladder and gave his diapey a warm drink. After his diapey was full, he sat back down and resumed playing with his teddy bear.

Suddenly, his world seemed to flash back into focus. He could feel the warm mess in his diaper. Looking down, he could see that he was still naked except for the now-dirty diaper.

“Guess mommy’s gonna have to change baby Cam Cam!” he thought eagerly.

Instead of his mom, Miranda Ferguson walked into the room.

“I think I smell a 'tinky diapey!” she exclaimed sweetly.

“What the heck is Miranda doing here?!” thought Camden. “When I said I wanted her to change my diaper, I didn’t mean it literally!”

Miranda didn’t recognize Camden as the kid she’d shared every class with since kindergarten. Why should she? After all, Mrs. Brown had said he was a baby. There he was, wearing a dirty diaper in a playpen.

The doorbell rang, and Miranda walked over to answer the door. Her best friend Hannah, occasional object of Camden’s deepest desires, stood at the doorstep.

“Hey girl! So glad you came. I was just about to change a stinky diaper, so you get to help me!” said Miranda.

“Oh, yay. Just what I wanted to do on a hot summer day. Who wants to chill at the pool when I can be helping Supernanny change a baby’s diaper?” replied Hannah sarcastically.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me! Now I have to have Miranda and Hannah see me all poopy and naked?!” thought Camden. What had he gotten himself into?

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Interesting. I’d like to read more of this.


Re: Camden’s Second Chance

This is great. Don’t stop now.

Re: Camden’s Second Chance

Here’s the rest. I finished it the other night, and I’ve been working ever since lol. Hope it’s okay!

Chapter Eight

Miranda led Hannah over to the playpens. The smell of Camden’s poopy diaper filled the room.

“Damn, you’d think babies wouldn’t smell so bad because they’re so small!” exclaimed Hannah as she pinched her nose shut in a vain attempt to avoid the ripe smell.

“Hannah! Don’t cuss around the babies! They’re young but you never know if they can understand you. The last thing I need is Mrs. Brown accusing me of corrupting her children” admonished Miranda.

“Geez, sorry. You know, I don’t have to be here. There’s a ton of hot guys at the pool just dying to get a piece of me”

“And they all know they’ll get a turn sooner or later. Look, I just thought it’d be cool if you hung out with me when I babysat for once. People pay big bucks to watch their kids”

“You couldn’t pay me enough to change diapers. I don’t care how cute the kid is; I’ve got a reputation to protect”

“Well, Camden here definitely needs a diaper change. You can just assist; you don’t have to do everything, Hannah”

“Ugh, fine. I’ll help out. What do we do?”

Miranda reached into the playpen and hoisted Camden out.

“First, go upstairs and get me a diaper, wipes, baby powder, a changing pad, and a toy or something”

“You want me to bring the whole nursery down? God! I’ll be right back”

Miranda lay Camden down on the carpet in front of the TV. “Someone’s a stinky monkey butt, huh Camden?” she cooed.

Camden struggled to form a coherent thought. He had decided that the whole diaper change would just be easier and more fun if he tried to mentally regress and pretend he really was a baby. Now his teenage mind was repressed, and he just looked up at the girl and smiled at the sound of her sweet voice.

Hannah came back with the diapering supplies and laid them next to Miranda. “All right, Dr. Spock. Let’s get this over with” she sighed.

Miranda took Camden’s feet and moved them up and down. “Baby gonna get a new diapey! Baby gonna get a new diapey!” she cooed playfully.

Camden giggled. The girl was funny! Miranda slid the changing mat underneath Camden, and waved a stuffed monkey in front of him, making it look as if it was dancing. “Mr. Monkey wants to play with you, Camden!” she teased. Camden reached for Mr. Monkey and Miranda let him hold the stuffed animal.

“Okay Hannah, I’m gonna open the diaper” Miranda cautioned.

“For Pete’s sake, Miranda, just do it! I don’t need the play-by-play!”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” chuckled Miranda. “Scritch!” went the right tape. “Scritch!” went the left.

Hannah gagged. “Oh my God! How can a baby make such a huge mess?!” she cried.

Miranda, on the other hand, was all pro. “Hims such a wittle 'tinker! Yes he is!” she cooed.

Camden looked up at the two girls kneeling down in front of him The one on the left was making icky faces. The girl on the right was making funny ones; Camden liked her! As Miranda pulled away the front of his diapey, he felt his pee pee fill up and shoot wa wa out at the girl making icky faces.

“He’s peeing on me! That little brat!” exclaimed Hannah. Camden giggled. He liked shooting wa wa at that girl!

“Boys will be boys!” laughed Miranda as she covered Camden’s penis with the front of the diaper. After waiting a couple seconds, she made sure Camden was done peeing and continued with the diaper change.

“God, I am never having kids!” exclaimed Hannah. This was highly unlikely, though. Hannah’s “reputation” included being the easiest girl in school.

Miranda ignored Hannah’s complaints and proceeded to clean Camden’s poopy mess. After wiping the excess with the front of the diaper, she lifted his bottom up and thoroughly cleaned the remainder off of him.

Pulling out the dirty diaper from under Camden and placing it next to him, she placed the dirty wipes in the diaper, placed Camden back on the changing mat, and taped the diaper up. Handing it to Hannah, she said, “Toss this for me, would you?” without looking at her.

“Eww! God Miranda, you owe me big time for this!” she said as she ran to the trash can, as if the diaper was a lethal weapon.

Miranda was in her element. She watched Camden play with the stuffed monkey she had given him and smiled. “Who’s my little monkey butt? Is it Camden?” she cooed.

Camden held the brown furry object in his hands and smiled, babbling as if he were carrying on a conversation. He felt so loved by the girl who had given him the object; she was a lot like his mommy. Maybe she would stay and be his and Brady’s other mommy!

“Such a cute baby!” she said as she busted out the baby powder and sprinkled it on his diaper area and rubbed it in.

Hannah walked over to Brady’s playpen and noticed that Brady, too, was in need of a change.

“Hey Miranda, this one needs changed too” she said.

Miranda looked behind her and laughed. “His name’s Brady, Hannah. Not ‘this one’. Why don’t you change him? It’ll give you some practice” she suggested, turning back to the task at hand.

“You’re kidding, right? After your little buddy over there peed all over my new Aeropostale sundress?”

“Sorry, we can’t hear you, can we Camden?” cooed Miranda, not bothering to see what sort of screwed up expression was on Hannah’s face.

Hannah groaned. “Fine, but you’d better buy me dinner!”

Miranda ignored Hannah’s prissy comment. “Hannah banana sure is cranky, huh Camden?” she teased as she unfolded the fresh Pampers diaper. “Guess we’re gonna have to put her down for a nap soon, aren’t we?”

Camden giggled and wiggled around. This girl was funny! She made funny faces and she made the other girl cranky!

“Hold still monkey butt. I’ve still got to make sure your diaper is on right” she said, calming Camden down with her soothing voice.

Once she taped his diaper and made sure there wouldn’t be any leaks, she blew a raspberry kiss on his tummy.

“All better! I bet that feels so good being in a fresh diapey, doesn’t it?” she said.

Camden giggled as the girl made funny noises on his tummy. The feeling made him smile, and he liked that. Slowly a thought started to form in his head. “Stay! I want to stay!”

Miranda put Camden back in his playpen and went over to check on Hannah’s progress with Brady.

“How’s it going, you two?” she asked, though she could clearly see the answer.

“I don’t want to get peed on again!” squealed Hannah. She hadn’t even opened Brady’s diaper; she had just collected the diapering supplies and sat there staring at Brady.

“God, Hannah, I’ll change him. Just go to the pool; I’m sure there’s a guy there just dying for you to come over”

“Thank you! I didn’t want to come over here anyway, but I didn’t want you to feel like a total loser!” Hannah exclaimed as she stormed out the front door.

Miranda rolled her eyes and began to change Brady’s diaper. “And you two are supposed to be the babies here” she said.

After Brady was changed, Miranda took the babies up to the nursery for their nap. She went to the kitchen and fixed them their bottles, went back upstairs, and tucked them in. After she had started the mobile, turned off the light and closed the door, Camden lay in the crib next to Brady, his teenage thought process forming more coherently.

“It seems like I can choose to mentally regress at will. But that last time… It was harder to think like a teenager than before. Don’t get me wrong, being a baby rocks, but I’m 16. I can’t spend the rest of my life like this, can I?”

There was more going on here than Camden realized, though. A lot more.

Chapter Nine

A word to the not-so-wise: moms know everything. Don’t even try to hide anything from them; they’ll find out anyway. Camden’s mom was no exception, either. You see, our intrepid hero kept a journal. Yes, he somehow found the time to actually sit down and record his thoughts. I’m not sure who really does that anymore, but hey, I’m just a narrator.

Because Camden kept a journal, he found a great outlet for those thoughts he’d never dream of sharing with anyone, especially his own mother. Amongst the usual stuff teenagers have thought about for eons; girls, cars, girls; Camden had periodically written down his thoughts about his baby brother Brady, and the feelings he got from having his father killed when he was a baby. The most common phrase when it came to those thoughts and feelings was, “I wish I was a baby again”.

Mary Brown was a nosy woman, and as any nosy woman with a teenage son is wont to do, she’d go through his room from time to time when Camden wasn’t home and look for things that teenage boys usually keep in their room, like Playboy magazines. Not that I know anything about that. Besides, the articles really are great reading. Anyway, Camden’s mom came across his journal one day and decided to peek inside. Boy, was she in for a shock!

In all honesty, she wasn’t that surprised by Camden’s wishes to be a baby. She hadn’t really been able to give Camden a real babyhood, and she could definitely see where he would feel like he missed out on something when he looked at how she treated Brady. Therefore, Mary Brown hatched a plot.

Okay, so it wasn’t a plot, per se, but it was a plan. She went to a store and bought some mental regression pills. Camden’s favorite drink was Pepsi; she couldn’t even get the kid to drink water. So every time she picked up a two-liter from the store, she crushed up the pills in the Pepsi and Camden would drink it, unaware of what was inside. Being so small for his age, and having still not hit puberty yet, it honestly wasn’t a stretch of anyone’s imagination that Camden would look and act like a baby once the pills had kicked in.

Camden woke up to the smell of pee and the sound of his mom coming into the room. She knew that at this point, the thought process in Camden’s head was coherent enough to comprehend what she had to tell him, so as she lifted her baby boy out of the crib, laid him on the changing table, and pulled the strap across his tummy, she decided to tell Camden what was going on.

“Camden, sweetheart? This is going to be the last time you’ll be able to understand me for a long time, so I want you to know what’s happening to you. I found your journal in your room and read where you said you wanted to be a baby again. I want you to know that I’m not punishing you, honey; I’m giving you what you want. I bought some mental regression pills and I’ve been putting them into your Pepsi. You’ve been progressively been regressing to the mental capacity of a baby, and you’re going to get to stay a baby for two years. Brady will be your older brother, and you’ll get to have a second chance to experience being a baby. This time, I promise I’ll be a better mother, baby”, she said.

Camden smiled at what his mom had said. “God, I’m the luckiest guy on Earth!” he thought.

“I saw where you wrote in your journal that you had a crush on Miranda Ferguson, so I hired her to be your and Brady’s nanny. She really likes Baby Cam Cam, and judging by the way she talked about you, I think you really enjoyed yourself today. Once you get to the mental age of a two year-old, you’ll be potty trained and you’ll go through school all over again. I talked to your doctor, sweetheart, and you’re never going to hit puberty. So it really won’t matter when I take you to a pediatrician for your check-ups.”

As Camden’s mom untaped Camden’s diaper and he felt the cool air hitting his pee pee, he could feel the last remnants of his teenage mind drifting away. Finally, sixteen year-old Camden Brown was no more; Baby Cam Cam lay on the changing table as his mommy lovingly changed his soaked diaper.

“Baby sure made lots of wee wee! Didn’t he?” she cooed. “Let’s get baby into a nice, fresh diaper!”

Cam Cam giggled at the noises his mommy made. He couldn’t understand what she was saying, but it didn’t matter; the tone of her voice let him know he was loved.

For the next two years, he would develop a daily routine filled with diaper changes, feedings, and most of all, love. Miranda Ferguson, the girl he had a crush on when he was still a teenager, would become his nanny; playing with him, changing his diapers, feeding him, and loving him in a way he never could have imagined. One day he would face the dreaded Potty Monster and say bye-bye to his diapers, but not today. No, today, he was just a baby getting his diaper changed by his mommy. And today, that was all he wanted.


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excellent job. you should write a number 2.