Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 - What Is Wrong With You?

Nobody laughed, but everyone could see her, and she knew she was quite ridiculous. She certainly felt ridiculous. She felt that way when she was doing it alone, and now she was doing it with onlooking dependants that weren’t that long out of diapers themselves. She’d get her nerve back soon enough…and slowly crouch down, her facial features visible in the light, the thick garment between her legs crinkling away noisily and noticably. She’d speak softly. “Alright, then…see? Nothing bad’s happened…nobody’s laughing at me.” They’d better not. Her constitution was quite fragile; she wasn’t sure what she would do if they did. “Now…Susie, you’ll go first, okay sweetie? Let’s get that thing off of you.”

And Yuzu, being Yuzu, gently stood behind the hesitant Susie and gave her a soft, guiding push. “Come on, Susie, we have to go!” She would say just as gently; and she was very rarely gentle with anything. She never meant to hurt Susie’s feelings, or rush her, but she didn’t know how else to act.

Susie didn’t seem hurt by the crassness of Yuzu’s push, and was at last placed on the floor. Jana had spread her jeans out generously in preparation for the child to lay on, and she lightly tugged Susie’s pyjamas down…revealing a twice wet diaper. It was a diaper, mind…not Goodnites or another brand of bed-wetting pant, but a thick, plush white garment…a Squeezies in its own right; though of a different make than what Jana had in mind. This one was too thin, and Susie was about to leak. Janadriel hesitated at first, as her hands came down to the tapes of the girl’s diaper. She did not falter, and soon enough the diaper’s tapes came off with a pair of slurping rips.

She would coax Susie into comfort as best she could. “Alright, honey, you’re doing fine. There’s nothing wrong with it, see? You’re just getting your diaper changed…I’m going to have to have changes, too, and so will Lotte, and Ginger, and if she’s good, Yuzu too!”. She winked to the girl, trying to be as friendly as possible, and proceeded. Susie laid very still, and kept very quiet, throughout the process. Jana applied moist baby wipes; also Squeezies brand, to the process of wiping her clean. She did her best to make the diapering as painless as possible: easily, but quickly, with care. The new one would be slid beneath Susie, taped up good and snug, tested to make sure, and then the girl would be stood up. Susie gave Jana a weak smile of thanks, but didn’t say a word, and tugged her pyjama pants back up. She didn’t have too much to smile about, really, and she hung her head a bit as she walked, with a greater waddle than before, over to her friends.

“Alright, Ginger sweetie, let’s change you next, okay?” And so the youngest of the four would approach, hesitantly. She, being a bit wider around than Susie, required a diaper of a larger size. They were all were a creamy white in colour, and it contrasted quite nicely with Ginger’s dark skin. Or so Janadriel thought, once it was taped on. She smiled once she was done, that extra bit of pudge; and Ginger was a pudgy girl, looked very much like baby fat on her. She couldn’t help but imagine how good Ginger might look when she grew up. “Good girl, Ginger! You look as pretty as a peach.” She figured Ginger might be a little self-conscious, so compliments were in order, and with her, they were genuine.

It did seem to warm the embarrassed child up, though, enough to get a little giggle from her. She wasn’t quite sure how to respond. “Thank you, ma’am…you’re really pretty, too…”

Janadriel chuckled a bit at the kid’s response, and thankfully remembered that the girl was not a baby. As such, once she was all diapered up, she let Ginger guide her own legs back into her footed pyjamas, and merely helped her up, letting her zip them back up all by herself. Ginger gave Janadriel a soft little hug, then stood aside, looking down with a newborn curiosity; though not a completely pleasant one, at the odd sensation of a diaper under her pyjamas, hugging her waist crinkling with each step she took…

Lotte was the most resigned of the four. She seemed more depressed than anything, as Janadriel adjusted the smallest sized diaper; the same size Susie had worn, onto the littlest and oldest of the girls. The top leakage barrier came almost up to her belly button, but she managed to tape it snugly and right. Lotte was even more cooperative than Susie had been, and was trying her hardest to brush off the fact that she was wearing a diaper, by tugging her pyjama pants up and waddling away without a thank you of any sort. Jana didn’t blame her, but she did feel a little hurt that Lotte reacted so coldly. They were practically buddies last night.

She decided that the somewhat pudgier Yuzu should also have a larger sized diaper, but this was where it got weird. Yuzu made faces as she was laid down, having stripped down, trying very much to get Janadriel to laugh. “You little piggy, you didn’t have to get naked. What is wrong with you?” She said, with a slightly frustrated and very tired sigh, tickling the girl’s tummy and getting some giggles out of her instead.

“No tickles, no tickles, I’ll behave!” Yuzu said through her giggles and squeals. She was so easy to tickle; Jana took that in mind.

She should have expected that Yuzu would behave like a two year old or an idiot; the few times she and Yuzu met, she never failed to leave that impression. But Yuzu gave her no trouble, otherwise. She expected the girl to struggle a bit, but there was nothing, aside from some wiggles, for obvious reasons, as she nestled her bottom into the diaper. This was one girl she wouldn’t hesitate to give a swat to the rear once she was done, and so she did so, after standing her up. “Get dressed now, ducky. Its still chilly upstairs, and this ain’t a nudist camp.” Yuzu would join her friends, soon, waddling to them with pants at her knees, and once amongst them again, she’d bother to tug her pyjama pants over her diaper. Of course, she was giggling at the nudist camp remark.

Jana had to admire them all so far. They had only cried once, and though they were obviously embarrassed and miserable because of it, they didn’t seem any nearer to crying. She walked with a noticeable and loud waddle towards the bunch, having gathered her pants and underwear back up, but not dressing back up. Her steps faltered briefly, as a dizziness came over her. She was exhausted. She turned to them, a noticably tired smile forming over her lips. She didn’t want to leave them alone, but she didn’t know how she was still awake as it was. After last night’s festivities, and the morning’s struggle, she was absolutely spent.

“Now…I need to get some sleep, alright? I’m very tired…I was up all night, you know!” She said, trying to keep their spirits up, even if it meant they were going to be alone. “I want you girls to stick together, but…please, don’t wake me up unless something is the matter, alright? …something bad. Really bad. Something you absolutely, positively have to have an adult for. Life and death stuff; and I mean it. So I hope you don’t have to wake me up.”

She was very forceful, trying as hard as possible to indicate that ‘I need a diaper changing’ was no reason to wake her up, because she knew they’d have to go soon. It didn’t seem the least bit cruel to her. She folded a hand over her eyes, closing them to get a brief moment’s rest as they talked. “Just…pretend that everything is okay, and that your moms and dads are still here. Behave, and…mm…play nice.” By this time, it was about all she could say. She’d walk with a waddle towards the flashlight…picking it up into her hands, and would begin to lead the flock out.

And out they went. Nobody could hide, and nobody would say anything about, the near rhythmic noise of diapers rustling together, against body and clothes, with every step they took. A single one was louder than what Susie wore; together it was far more noticeable. Susie, of course, looked embarrassed; even guilty; as if this was somehow her fault.

Ginger’s reaction to it all made Janadriel smile, as they left the cellars and began to head back to the stairs. Ginger didn’t seem too terribly bothered by it; she was more bothered by Susie and Lotte’s feelings, and always glanced between them. But she seemed to have trouble walking! It was too precious.

Yuzu looked slowly between her friends, catching tiny little glances of their reactions. She didn’t really mind it the way it felt, and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. She was confused, if anything. Yuzu took off waddling ahead of them, and turned 'round to face them…waddling backwards…she looked as if she had something to say; perhaps words of encouragement or maybe nonsense, but she lost her balance and fell backwards on her fanny instead, just as she opened her mouth, with a grunt.

Lotte was, overall, plain dismayed. She’d glance between her friends; her face ridden with guilt, of all things, as well. But she was a bit shaken out of her frustration, and quickly hurried ahead to squat down in front of her Yuzu. She didn’t seem physically hampered by the diaper at all. Yuzu pouted as she was helped up. “I didn’t know diapers made you so clumsy, Lotte!”

Lotte sighed and shook her head, giving her friend’s hands an affectionate squeeze as she held them. “No, they make -you- clumsy, stupid butt. The rest of us still know how to walk.”

Jana laughed heartily at the two, though she had to shake her head of her exhaustion. She didn’t see any reason to discourage Lotte from teasing poor Yuzu. By this time, they had arrived, and she waddled herself up to the door of Susie’s parents’ room.

“Okay, kids…behave, now. I’ll let you know if there’s any news. Do not burn the house down, Yuzu.” She just had to tease the poor girl herself, and ruffled her hair affectionately. She opened the door, looking to the bed longingly. "I’m going to leave the door available…Lotte, you’re the oldest, so you’re in charge. I don’t think anybody will have any…o-objections. " She groaned a little.

Good night." And with that…she closed the door, leaving the children somewhat at a loss for what to do. Jana did not lock it…making her way first to the computer, peaking at the mail. Nothing new. She was rather glad there was nothing to respond to…she would not have been able to. She was too sleepy to even worry about it now, and so she flopped down onto the bed; out cold in a couple of minutes. She was far too tired to enjoy the soft diaper crinkling between her legs, as she usually did.

Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

It is being read; promise.

Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

I’m really liking this story too. I don’t know why no one’s commenting on it but it’s really great.

Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

dude, this story rocks the casbah.
i check my computer like 5 times a day to see if it is updated.

Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

I do enjoy this story

Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

so far i like this story, there are a few mistakes in spelling and grammar but nothing that makes the story hard to read.

my main qualm with the story is that the main character seems like a total bimbo. i first start to notice this when she was talking about how under the cabin was warmer, she wasnt sure how this would occur and she wished she was a historian (now im paraphrasing here she might have only wanted to ask a historian about it but im not about to go back to the other threead, its early in the morning here). a historian wouldnt necesarily be the one to ask. i would more likely ask a contractor or a enginear about that sorta thing.
now that wasnt a major thing. the main concern in regards to her being a bimbo is that as soon as she finds out the the privy is a out-house her first idea is diapers. now that just screams bimbo to me. it’s obvious now that she has a diaper fetish and introducing theese children into the mix is a stupid thing. like when or if they get rescued do you not think the children will out her, they are to young to “be cool”. so they tell mommy and daddy that they had to wear diapers, and so did jana and the parents would be like…. were did the diapers come from and the kids would say oh well jana brought us under the cabin to a supply closet with diapers in it. alarm bells go off jana is discovered as a dl and then prosecuted for subjecting innocent children to her fetish. Also most people and im going to say most abdl’s in that situation would never think diaper as a solution. id say abdl’s would be even more sensitive to using a diaper in that situation because of the media witch hunt that could encur as a result of it. What most people would do is either use a pot, a bag, the corner in the basement, but diapers no never, only a bimbo would.
but yeah apart from that im enjoying it, keep it up

Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

Very Nice! have you written any other stories Konata?

Cabin Fever - Chapter 3

I agree with someguy’s POV… when i read it i was like ‘in an emergency why not just use the damn sink or something?!’ a bit uncivilised, but yeah…