Cabin Fever Chapter 2

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CHAPTER 2 - Turn Around, Please
“I told you that outhouses were stupid.” Yuzu broke a nervous silence blurting out as such; to nobody in particular, her slightly pudgy face puffed up further by her frustration. It was a very old house; the underground portions were built quite a long time ago, and indoor plumbing was simply not an option, lest the place be completely rebuilt. Yuzu had been, by far, the noisiest detractor about the outhouses since they arrived.

It was almost too much to take in for Janadriel; too much to believe. She crouched down in front of the four, and shook a little. She knew what they’d have to do, but she just couldn’t…she just couldn’t believe it was actually happening. She’d put her arms round the many shoulders, idly playing with Ginger’s dark curls. “…I’m…not sure what we should do. I mean…I think…I think we all know what we can do, but.” She sighed, before continuing. “We’re not going to be able to use the bathroom. We’re going to have to go, but…there ain’t no bathroom.” Yes, it was pretty much impossible for Jana to say what she had to say. And for a variety of reasons. So she rose up, motioning for the four to follow, and approached the large trap door; the key to which she happened to keep in her pocket. It was the only other copy of the key; this Cabin was Jana’s responsibility. And such a heavy door as it was, needed a crowbar to open it. “Come here. This is the only option I can think of.”

The key chain was removed from her heavy pants pocket, and slipped into the large metal lock. A clang, and it was open. That crowbar? After putting it in her pocket, she procured it from the side, popping it open and straining with her hands to open it the rest of the way. It wasn’t that hard once pryed loose. A musky, though not exactly disgusting, odor came from down below.

It wasn’t a place that campers were supposed to go. Retrieving the flashlight from Ginger, and making sure everybody held hands, they descended into the deepest catacombs of the cabin. It was the basement of basements; probably as old as the cabin’s foundation itself, which was at least a hundred years. It was very dry down there, and no electricity. It wasn’t very cold, either…did the dirt and stone keep the place insulated? Jana didn’t know; she wasn’t a historian. She hesitantly turned the flashlight to the far right corner. It was a very large room, and the light spanned a variety of items; red crosses unmistakeable. “This is where we keep medical supplies in case of a disaster…nothing ever really happens, though, so we don’t ever have to come here often.” Jana thought to explain before the revelation, but she was far too nervous. She didn’t dare say a word, even though they were just kids. And the light slowly paused over the unmistakable: four packages, all bearing the infantile, puffy Squeezies brand diaper logo. They sat there, looking not at all medical and being of various sizes; three for various children, and one intended for adults. It was a very accomodating diaper company. And it was hard to tell unless you were close; which they were not, but one had been opened. The light shook as Jana’s hand did. She didn’t think she would ever show those to anyone. “…its either these, or going in the house.”

Time seemed to stand still. It didn’t, of course. They didn’t have anything to say, was all. Lotte walked up to the responsible adult among them, looking nearly straight up at her, trying her best to keep calm, even at the realization of what they had to do. “Ms. Janadriel? …we’re going to be here a little while, aren’t we?”

Jana sighed with relief as Lotte broke the silence, and she’d trail a hand down to the kid’s somewhat messy blue hair, giving it a ruffle. “I think so, sweetie…a few days, maybe. Maybe even…m-maybe not, but…l-look, there’s no reason for anybody to be ashamed.” Jana announced, giving Lotte’s head a tiny squeeze and even a gentle shake. “We’re all here together, and we…we all have to do this. I-I don’t think anybody wants to go in the corner.” Jana’s moment of triumph over shame and guilt was interrupted by Yuzu barely containing her laughter with a few obvious snickers.

Lotte, on the other hand, was particularly unamused. In fact, she seemed quite frazzled; even disheartened, and turned to speak sharply to her friend. “U.Z., this isn’t funny!” She wanted to say more, but couldn’t think of a thing. She shivered a bit as she stared her friend out of her giggles.

Ginger tried her hand. She wiggled a bit in place; she wasn’t exactly empty herself, her hands fidgeting over the tummy of her pyjamas; which happened to be not only one piece, but to have little padded feet. “Ms. Janadriel…isn’t there anything else we can do? …I don’t…wanna wear a diaper…and…we’re not babies…” Ginger’s voice trailed off in a rather hopeless whine, and she gave up arguing pretty quick. She simply couldn’t think of anything to say!

A sniffle was heard, but Jana didn’t place it. Janadriel quickly realized she was asking too much, but concerned as she was, she had found her reasoning; she had essentially the only solution, and she couldn’t conceive of anything more, even though it troubled her. Empty headed, she took a moment before she was ready to articulate. “I know it isn’t a pretty idea, kids…I don’t like it any more than you do, but…now, look. Until we get out of here…I’m in charge, all right?” Jana didn’t want to sound mean about this, so she tried to tone her voice down. “It isn’t just you, Ginger…or you, Lotte…or…its Susie, and Yuzu too, and even me.”

The kids looked briefly between them…they didn’t even seem to consider that Janadriel was in the same spot. Jana crouched down to their level once more; Ginger giving a little whimper. “I’ll…look, I’ll take care of you, right? …it’ll be like…we can pretend we’re at the hospital, and I’m the nurse. I’m just taking care of you. We won’t tell a soul…I won’t…” She paused…looking to Susie, an idea coming to her head. “Not even to your moms and dads! Susie…how many diapers did your mom and dad bring for you?”

Susie, who was fidgeting urgently, spoke with haste, despite her utter embarrassment. Her friends knew she wore a diaper to bed, but it was still embarassing to talk about. “Th-they brought a whole package from home! I-I don’t know how many’s left, but I’ve only worn four!”

It was sensible, as the family had only spent four nights at the cabin so far. Jana looked towards her own packages; she was sure she could hide the fact that they had already been opened. The kids weren’t likely to walk up to them any time soon. And then back to Susie. “Alright…now, I told you, your moms and dads will never know. Susie will even wear one of hers…every night that we spend here; if we spend a night at all. Nobody will ever know…I promise…okay?”

Jana felt it swelling up in the air earlier. She knew when she heard Ginger’s whimper; she knew it would have to come several minutes ago. They were youngsters, after all, all of whom were quite privileged. It started with Susie, and then Ginger, as she started comforting her. Then Lotte, who stood by herself and shook as she did it; trying to fight it off. The girls had started to cry. Janadriel was still crouched; and sat, frazzled. For a moment, she was unsure of what to do as the three girls sobbed. She wasn’t the most maternal of individuals; the idea itself made her feel very uncomfortable. But she finally drew all four of them into her arms, hugging them tightly. Even Yuzu; who had taken to quietly sucking on her index finger and didn’t seem the least inclined to sobs, was held tight. Jana felt a mixture of adoring laughter and earnest sobs welling up in her own chest; both of which she suppressed, as seven little arms were put around her; Yuzu still sucking her finger.

About a minute or so in, Yuzu gave in and started crying as well; and it certainly made the others cry harder. That eighth arm finally wrapped around Janadriel…who had to heave and let a few tears go, as she quietly shhed the children; stroking them and kissing their little heads. The cry seemed to last a good three minutes or so, and it was pretty near unbearable. Jana was exhausted when they finally calmed down; she had been up all night for a party between the camp’s workers, then spent what seemed like forever hiking through the blizzard to get to the cabin. She had risked her life even, and spent even more time digging frantically to get down in there and force herself into the door. And here she was, trapped in her cabin for God knows how long, with the cutest bunch of kids she’d ever seen, and they were crying their little eyes out! When the sobs began to end, Janadriel slowly began to distance the four from her, gently pushing, having successfully fought off a good cry of her own. Cries were pretty contagious, especially when they were the sobs of frightened children who were depending on you. That’s how she felt, anyway. Especially since she wasn’t confident about it.

“Its alright, darlings…everything’s going to be alright.” she tried not to let the exasperation show in her voice. “Nobody’s going to be embarrassed or ashamed.” Her heart sank, of course…as she realized what she needed to do. “I’ll…I’ll even go first.” And as she expected…this got the girls’ attention. All of them looked up at her, with wide little eyes. Jana felt fairly guilty; almost nasty about this…she had to look away; towards her secret stash of course. Her voice trailing off a little. “There…there they are. I’ll put mine on first, okay? You can…you can watch, or not, but when its over, I’m going to be wearing a diaper, and you won’t have any reason to be afraid.”

Janadriel had given her ultimatum. The four kids looked to the woman, their faces still a little tear stained and occasionally sniffling. She watched them for a few moments, as she moved towards the diapers slowly; her heart thumping wildly in her chest. A hand moved down to her pants. “…actually…please turn around? …put the flashlight in front of you, so I can have some light.” She didn’t feel at all right about this. Neither did they; everyone but Yuzu turned 'round quick…Lotte quickly correcting that with a yank of the arm, and a stern whisper. “U.Z., be good!”

Jana sighed, slowly undoing the belt around her pants. The boots would have to come off next, and so they did. Thick white socks came into view, and as the pants came down, the black, lacy panties she had worn the night before, at the party, also came into view. She took a break from undressing at that moment, just to hesitate, and tearing a bit at the side packaging of the diapers; to give the kids the false impression she was just now opening them. The lovely scent of fresh disposables had long left this package; it had been a solid week since she had come down to the tight room to admire and play with her collection…and she took one of the adult sized diapers from inside. And it was a real diaper; the way they were supposed to be. Plush fabric interior that was not designed to be unnoticeable to the eye. Noisy plastic exterior was definitely designed to be noticable, even when she slowly removed it from the packaging. They were just about the fanciest diapers on the market. There were no designs on it…she preferred them without…and the thick thing was placed down beside her.

“Miss Jana…ummm…I need to be changed.” Susie said with a noticeable whimper. A strong indication that she hadn’t been able to hold it in; that her night time diaper had made itself more useful than usual.

Jana knew this was no time to sit around and be nervous; Susie wasn’t the only one who needed to go, so she hurried along…tugging her underwear down quick. She was shaven, naturally… “Hold on, sweetie…you can go first.” She said, and quickly unfolded the diaper, sliding herself over it without any joy. That was unusual, to say the least, for Janadriel. She quickly brought it up between her legs, but certainly not clumsily. The diaper had four tapes, which would fold over the front and lock the hole thing in place. And so, diaper taped perfectly over her waist, Jana stood slowly and hesitantly, the flashlight’s rays thankfully missing her blushing face, but perfectly capturing everything below and including the thick, plush diaper.

“Okay…you can turn around now.”