Céile: Chapters 1-11

Hey guys, would you rip this apart, im having alot of trouble writing it so i would appreciate all the criticism constructive or otherwise. Thanks

This is just a bit to tell you what is going on. First off this is my first attempt at a story in a few years. Some of you might remember my story “Summer In Diapers” but you probably don’t, in the off shot that you have read my story don’t worry its not going to be as graphic, gladly I am no longer 14 and my raging hormones have subdued. But I’m still going to warn you that there will be a few sexual scenes and bad language, racial abuse, violence and some drug abuse. So for that reason I suggest only read if you are 18 years old and of a humorous nature. This is a story set in Ireland. Well I’ve blabbed long enough enjoy my story. Oh and criticise it lots


Chapter 1

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rang the school bell as 3:45 dawned and final period let out. The students at St. Colms secondary school were thrilled as it was Friday and they had a whole weekend of fun ahead of them that had just begun. The students scampered out of there respective class rooms almost as fast as the teachers. Students went to there lockers, gathered into cliques or just went home to study…… but the more adventurous ones (I mean Sane) went home to get ready for a weekend of debauchery.

In the atrium two teenage boys stand waiting. One is about six foot and is a bit over weight, he has greasy brown hair although it appears black, a scraggly beard. He’s got green eyes and a few spots on his face. He is wearing the St Colms uniform which is a green blazer, green tie, white shirt, navy pants and black shoes. His tie is half way down his chest, the second top two buttons on his shirt are undone and his shirt is un-tucked at the back. His name is Adam. The other boy is about the same height but is a bit scrawny. He has a tight blond hair cut and blue eyes he has a great complexion his uniform is neat and tidy. His name is Rick.

“Man I can’t believe my head is still on my shoulders.” Winced Rick.
“Either can I buddy, last night at Micks 18th you made it look like a 21st. I didn’t even think it possible to out drink Mick. But hey what better day to do it then on his Bday, ya jerk!” Joked Adam.
“Ha yeah and what better day than to get stuck into his sister.” Retaliated Rick.
“Oh man I thought that didn’t happen, shit I thought it was just a nightmare. Did Tina see me?” Adam asked horrified.
“Nah she was busy sipping water. Man I don’t know why she wasn’t dinking last night. Its not like her. You still got a thing for her don’t ya?” Teased Rick.
“Man a bit but hey its cool that we friends and all ya know. Ha I remember last nigh it was Rick and Mick sitting in a tree, what in the name of god was with that? I thought you two were just friends. But I guess not.” Laughed Adam.
“Man that’s gay chicken for ya. He was after my title” Shrugged Rick.
“Dude just because you beat a gay guy at gay chicken… I don’t know but its not a good thing for crying out loud.” Laughed Adam again.
“I think your jealous.” Teased Rick as he punched Adam on the shoulder.
“Jealous Ha… Why would I be jealous that you got rejected by a gay guy.” Adam retaliated and threw a punch of his own.

Just then Tina walked through the atrium doors. She was about a half foot shorter then the two lads and she had long straightened blond hair with big green eyes. She wore make up but grudgingly to lessen the girls teasing her. She has a ok figure, her legs weren’t sticks but they weren’t hippo legs either I guess they classify as beefy.

“Hey lover boys do you want to know what I think.” Shouted Tina and with that she let out a huge fart. Tina was like a guy, in fact she was one of the guys. She was a complete tom boy. It was suspected that she had a penis, she insist she keeps it in a jar in her shed though.
“Oh dude nasty!” Gasped Rick and Adam at the same time
“Hey man when did you guys loose your pair. I had been baking that for a good few periods.” Joked Tina.
“Anyway you sicko why weren’t you drinking last night?” Asked Adam.
“Ah I just think I over did it last time, you know just giving my liver a break.” Replied Tina.
“I think your just becoming a bitch.” Teased Rick.
“Maybe but I wasn’t the one making out with Mick was I ya big gay.” Retaliated Tina
“Shut up.” Rick said dejectedly.
“Anyway lets get going we gotta get out of school before it sucks us dry.” Ordered Tina.
“Ah you guys go ahead I got grinds in Maths and Irish to get to” Replied Rick.
As Rick departed the trio turned into a duo.
" To my place?" Asked Tina.
“To your place…… Wait what for?” Asked Adam.
“I just need to talk to you Adam.” Said Tina in her serious voice.

So they both set out for Tina’s house. It was about a ten minute walk, but it felt like hours due to the incredible silence between the pair. Finally they got to Tina’s house and went up to her room.

“Ok Tina what the HELL is going on. You hardly said a word over here and normally it’s a miracle to shut you up?” Asked Adam as he raised his voice.
“Yeah I know man, look I need to talk to you. I need my best mate right now.” Stammered Tina as she sat on her bed.

Adam looked at Tina. His heart beat faster. He looked at her slunched over, her head in her hands. She looked so helpless. Adam felt so guilty because he thought she looked so cute right now, he was really digging her helplessness.

“Sure thing hunny, sorry for being short with ya, look what’s up?” Asked Adam as he sat next to Tina and put his arm around her.
“Ok thanks, look I need you to keep this secret for me, its been tearing me up inside. I really need to talk to someone about it and you’re the only one I know who can deal with this.” Sobbed Tina as she began to break down.
“Man is it drugs… wait I know you do hash but shit you aint been doing coke have you?” Asked Adam as he began to crack up.
“No no no its not that, look its why I wasn’t drinking.” Informed Tina
“Ok what’s up?” Asked Adam as he simmered down a bit.
“Look its really embarrassing can you keep this secret, I gota thrust you.” Asked Tina.
“Of coarse I can look tell me hun you are worrying me.” Soothed Adam.
“Ok well the reason I aint been drinking is because…. I started to piss myself.” Tina blurted out then after a brief pause she started to cry uncontrollably. Adam just stared at her for a minute then he gave her a big hug.
“Ok Tina I wont tell a soul.” Comforted Adam.
“Its been happening for a while, it started out I would just piss the bed then I did it a few times when I was drinking. I’m so confused, the whole thing is driving me mad.” Confessed Tina.
“Well I bet it has been. Ok we are in this together now. Ill take care of you ok.” Adam soothed. And then hugged Tina even tighter.
“But I don’t need taking care of Adam!!” Shouted Tina.
“But…” Stammered Adam.
“Look I’m not a retard Adam, I can take care of myself, I’m not a fucking baby.” Exploded Tina.
“Tina I didn’t mean anything by it, look I think I should leave.” Whispered Adam as he got up and left.

Tina was livid, but not at Adam but at herself. She just ate the head off her best mate over nothing. She was so ashamed. One she was wetting herself like a baby and two she was throwing tantrums like a baby. She started pacing about her room contemplating what had just happened and how she was going to fix it. Here was this guy, who she loved like a brother, and all he did was be a great friend. What did she do, she yelled at him till he left. With that thought she threw herself on her bed and started to cry. What had she done, she wouldn’t be surprised if Adam never talked to her again. Soon she calmed down and noticed the faint smell of urine creep into her nostrils. Great soon she wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that she was wetting the bed from her family. She now started to bawl, soon she fell into a deep sleep.

Adam started to walk home, he was distraught. He couldn’t believe what just happened. He walked home briskly. Not meeting anyone, It took him two minutes as he lived just down the street. He went to his room and had a long shower. That’s were he went when he needed to think. When he was washing he noticed some bruises around his ribs and back.

“Ha musta been a great night last night.” Thought Adam to himself.

He finished washing, but he felt just as bad. Two thoughts were in his head. One Tina must hate him, and Two how lost and helpless she was. To Adams horror he was getting turned on by this. He felt like a pervert, how could he be getting off to one of his friends misery.

“Right brain you want to confuse me, well I’m going to get even with you, I’m going to get langered!” Thought Adam
He picked up his phone and dialled Ricks number.
“Hello?” Answered Rick
“Yo mofo, we gota get arrested tonight!” Exclaimed Adam.
“HELL YEA!” Answered Rick.
“Man I knew I could count on you.” Returned Adam
“Buddy you don’t need me, ha you almost got arrested last night. Man I never saw you take so much punishment, you were lucky those jerks only hit u in the body and not the face, ha it was great taking care of them though, bunch of jerks!” Laughed Rick.
“Man I was wondering about those bruises!” Laughed Adam.
“Ah don’t worry me and Mick had your back.” Reassured Rick.
“Cool, Get over here fast!” Ordered Adam as he hung up he phone.

He went down to his kitchen and got a six pack of beer out of the fridge. His mom was in the kitchen also.

“Hey Mom, I’m going out soon ok.” Said Adam casually.
“Ok hun don’t get to drunk.” Replied Adam’s Mom.

Adam opened a can and headed to his room. He put on some pennywise and started to sip his
beer. Land of the free had just come on when Mick burst through the door and jumped on Adam and started to wrestle him. Mick was big and burley, he was six foot 3 and was built like a tank. He had green hair at the time as he was always dying it, It was long enough especially for a boy. He had brown eyes. They were rolling on the floor wrestling for ten minutes, Mick would be dominating when Adam would get the advantage for a short while due to a cheap trick such as a poke to the eyes. Things finally stopped when Adam kicked Mick square in the nuts.

“Oh shit man, that’s fucking killing me!” Shouted Mick as he crawled over to Adams bed and sat down.
“Ah man up you wuss!” Teased Adam as he tossed Mick a beer.
“Thanks Man.” Gasped Mick.
“You guys done.” Slagged Rick.
“Hey buddy.” Greeted Adam as he tossed Rick a beer.
“Well the bus aint leaving till 8, so we got a few hours till then.” Explained Rick.
“Well that’s more time to get started.” Informed Adam and with that he left to get another six pack.
“Dude about last night, you know it wasn’t anything right?” Asked Rick
“Fuck man I know, but lets not play gay chicken while drunk again ok.” Answered Mick.
“Way ahead of you man.” Said Rick somewhat relieved by this.
“Chug.” Shouted Mick.

They both started to down there beers immediately. The frothy brew settled in their stomachs, and the metallic containers emptied leaving Mick the victor.

“HA beat you ya wanker!” Exclaimed Mick triumphantly.
“You got me this time ya bolox, but I will have my vengeance!” Laughed Rick.
Just then Adam walked in with another six pack.
“Ok lads this has to last us till tomorrow, so lets make it count.” Informed Adam as he gulped down a mouth full of beer.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 2

As eight o’clock approached we find Adam, Rick and Mick waiting at the bus stop. There is no one else at the stop but the lads. They are discussing the plan of the night while they finish off the last of the beer.

“I think we should do the classic lads night, go to a club and score some birds then go were the music takes us.” Stated Rick.
" How about we go to a strip club?" Asked Mick.

It went on like this for another half hour and they were well on there way to Dublin city. The journey took anywhere between 45 minutes to a hour and a half, depending on traffic. Tonight was oddly quiet so they were almost in town when they just decided to go to Bruxelles.

“Lads look we can’t decide in this state, we need more booze, lets start in Bruxers and then we can see what to do in a bit.” Advised Adam.
“Man that place sucks, its full of loser rockers.” Whined Mick.
“Dude we are rockers!” Retorted Rick.
“First off, were not anything, we don’t fall into any clique, if anything we are punks cos we do our own thing. Secondly I meant rockers who happen to be losers. The last time I was there, a guy was sitting there with a guitar, an electric guitar with no amp, ok. And he was trying to play along with the juke box. So I went up and asked him what’s with the guitar, are you in a band? And the eejit said no he just liked to play along to the fucking music. What a freaking loser. I never wanted to punch someone so bad in my life!” Ranted Mick.
“Wow man a lot of pent up rage there, your really in touch with your feelings!” Teased Adam.
“You sound like a Gay!” Retaliated Mick.
“Ha coming from you man Ha!” Laughed Adam
“Shut it!” Ordered Mick.

Adam not only stepped over the line but he ran passed and left the line shrinking in the distance. Both Rick and Mick were beat red. Mick was red from anger, while Rick was red from embarrassment.

“Jeese dude, your not turning EMO on me are ya, cos if ya are I may have to put you down. It’s the only humane thing to do!” Teased Adam.
“Don’t get me started on them!” Hissed Mick.
“MEOW!” Slagged Adam.

The remainder of the journey was silent. Not just silent but really uncomfortable for all involved. Although it gave Adam some time to think.

“Women are crazy!” Thought Adam.
“Or your crazy about women!” Returned his inner sanctum
Author note: The voice in Adam’s Head is going to be referred to as Dale, and all Adams inner thoughts will have be marked with these weird bracket things as shown here [] hence forth
[“No I don’t think so Dale.” Replied Adam.
“Perhaps just one?” Offered Dale.
“Whom might that be?” Asked Adam.
“The one that’s causing you to talk to me!” Stated Dale.
“Yeah but she thinks I’m a freaking weirdo!” Returned Adam
“Well so what if you are that’s her problem man, fuck her!” Said Dale indignantly.
“Yeah id like to!” Cracked Adam.
“Ha, is it just me or is the fact that she pisses herself mega hot?” Asked Dale.
“Yeah what’s with that bud, like its nasty, yet so freaking hot, and the look of shame on her when she was telling me, god it was Hot with a capitol FINE!” Admitted Adam]

“Hey snap out of it man this is our stop.” Nudged Rick
The three companions got off the bus. And each went a different direction.
“Hey this way.” They said in harmony.
“Weird!” Started Adam.
“Look we should go to Bruxers, man I’m in the mood for good tunes, good beer and then getting kicked out by the bouncer before 11!”
“Hey yeah now that sounds like a plan, lets get pissed!” Encouraged Mick.

The trio swaggered down to the bar. The lads were out and were going to make this a night to remember. They always went out with that attitude but strangely could never remember any night they had normally. They reached Bruxxeles promptly. Bruxelles is a bar off of Grafton St. in Dublin city. Outside it is a bronze statue of Phill Lynnet. It’s a small bar but has a few levels. Its got its main floor were a band normally plays but its more senior bar with music aimed for people around forty or so. Or if they ever got a big act to play (well big for them) they would play here. Downstairs there is two bars one for a live band and another with a juke box and T.V for televised events. Its tiny down there and its always cramped. They head down to the juke box room, its quiet being only nine o’clock no one has really arrived yet. They head to the juke box and stick about a fiver in it so that they have a huge queue of songs. With that there first song pops on. Highway To Hell by AC/DC.

“Well lads lets do this thing!” Ordered Mick.
They ordered 3 tequila slammers as was there tradition.
" Onze Doze Treize Tequila!!" They shouted as they slammed away the tequila.
“WEW man that’s the shit, right 3 pints barkeep!” Ordered Rick.
“Here’s to anarchy!” Toasted Mick.
The trio clinked glasses and started to chat bout this and that.

“Man Tina is fucked up!” Bitched Adam.
“You guys fighting?” Asked Rick.
“Yeah she started shouting at me at her house it was weird man ah fuck her, hey look what just walked in.” Stated Adam

As he was talking 3 EMO kids walked in. each wearing skin tight cloths and dawning stupid hair cuts.

“Ah for fuck sake, man I’m gona be kicked out of here before eleven!” Boasted Mick.
“I think you should join them Adam you know being moody over a girl, you Fag!”
“Hey shut up man, I can’t stand those cunts!” Roared Adam just loud enough to make the EMO kids paranoid.
“Ha way to go man, they is a brooding now…… what ever that means!” Laughed Rick.

All through the night the trio did everything in there power to annoy the EMO kids. They were getting some serious stares from the EMO kids, mainly because they were Bogarding the juke box. When ever Rick saw one of the EMO kids come anywhere near the juke box he would quickly push as many coins as he could down the slot and queue up more songs. The EMO kids were sulking in the corner, our trio couldn’t be happier.

“Right my round.” Exclaimed Adam
He went up to order when Rod Steward “If You Like My Body” came on. As soon as Adam heard this he jumped onto the bar, knocking a few pints over. He started to dance on the bar, the tender was roaring at him to get down. Everyone in the bar was applauding Adam on. As soon as Adam realised the bar tender was trying to get the bouncers, he immediately whipped out his wang and proceeded to beat off. Before he knew it he was grabbed from behind and flung out of the bar. The bouncers threw him out on his ass. “SHITE” he thought to himself. Not soon after Rick and Mick joined Adam on the curb.

“What you guys get done for?” Asked Adam.
“Ah we were leaving and Rick here whipped it out and slapped one of the EMO kids with it?” Laughed Mick.
“Ha legend!” Exclaimed Adam.
Just then the EMO kids walked out.
“What’s your problem?” Shouted one of the EMO kids.
Rick started but was stopped by Adam.
“Please allow me mon liege.” Hushed Adam
“Our problem is you, and your kind. You guys suck, you give lads all over the world a bad name. first off stop fucking wearing women’s jeans, your supposed to be dudes. Grow a Fucking pair and stop slitting your fuckin wrists. Boo fuckedy hoo mama didn’t buy you the right colour cons well fuck me now that’s a reason to off myself. And the fucking hair, I have seen horses arses with better style. My god you guys are ugly. Man if you were my kids I would beat the shit out of you with a rusty iron pipe. So fuck off you fucking fucks!!!” Roared Adam.
And with that the trio turned and left the EMO kids stunned.

“Man you told them.” Stated Rick as the trio walked off side by side.
“Adam……. Adam…… Adam?” Stammered Mick.

Rick and Mick both turned around to see the EMO kids pounding on Adam. Rick and Mick charged to their fallen comrades aid.

“I’m slick Rick!” Shouted Rick
“And I’m slick Mick!!” Shouted Mick also.
“And were limousine riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing sons of guns!!!” They shouted in unison and pounced on the EMO kids.

Although the EMO kids were tiny more of their friends had joined them over the coarse of the evening. There were about six EMO kids scratching and scraping at Adam. They were also punching and kicking. Adam had slugged two already fairly hard in the face and broke both there noses but the numbers got the better of him, he was curled up in a ball being stomped on by six EMO’s. Rick grabbed one from behind and suplexed him half way across the street. That guy wasn’t getting up anytime soon. Mick smashed one in the face with a ferocious haymaker, knocking a few of the kids teeth out. Two EMO’S let up on Adam and hoped Rick. They punched several times in the face, he was going down. Before he lost his balance Rick grabbed one of them and brought him down. Adam was able to kick one of them off of him and Mick knocked the living piss out of the other. Adam slowly got to his feet he noticed the predicament that Rick was in. He rushed in and delivered a swift drop kick to one of the EMO kids face’s. The EMO kid went flying. He kicked the other one In the head and he went down fast. The EMO kids that were conscious helped their fallen brethren and made a hasty exit. Except one. The one that Adam kicked off him. The three comrades got up and congratulated each other on a job well done. It was about then they noticed the EMO kid on the ground motionless. “Oh shit they thought.” Had they killed him. They walked over to him for a closer inspection. When they got close he nipped up and delivered a devastating round house kick to Adam’s head knocking him loopy. Rick threw a punch to have it blocked, next thing Rick knew was that he was lying on the ground in agony. He had just been flung over the EMO kids shoulder. It was down to Mick and the lone EMO kid. Mick threw a punch and the EMO kid dodged and hit Mick in the stomach. Mick stumbled but managed to grab the EMO kid in a arm bar. The EMO rolled through and threw a kick aimed at Mick’s head. Mick grabbed the kids leg and flung him over his head.
“Shit man, you can take a beating, lets see for how long!” Enticed Mick.

The two fought back and fourth for a few minutes, it was fairly even. Both were sporting wounds from the fight. Rick and Adam just looked on. It was a very entertaining fight. Suddenly sirens could be heard in the distance.

“Shite it’s the fuzz.” Shouted Adam.
With that Adam and Rick ran for it.
“Quick follow us.” Ordered Mick
“Fuck off!” Retaliated the kid.
“Man you will get arrested, look follow me, I’m not tricking you!” Confessed Mick

The kid had no choice but to follow Mick, he was not sure of his surroundings at all. The unlikely pair ran for it just as the squad car pulled around the corner. They darted trough the alley ways. Mick navigated the complex maze of alleys expertly. After two minutes of running they caught up with Adam and Rick at a bus stop just as the bus pulled in. The four miscreants jumped on the bus and were off, narrowly escaping drying out. The kid looked deeply distressed and would not sit beside the trio.

“Look bud, you fight really well, which makes you ok in my book!” Informed Mick.
“Yeah dude, we may be dick’s, but watching you out there, man it was class!” Laughed Adam.
“What’s your name anyway?” Asked Rick
“Ian.” Stammered the kid.
“Right, to my left is Adam, and this thick bastard is Rick, and I’m Mick.” Introduced Mick.
“Cool.” Replied Ian.
“You got a place to crash buddy?” Asked Adam.
“Yeah but I have no idea where it is, or where we are.” Replied Ian.
“Crash at mine.” Offered Adam.
“What gives man, a second ago we were beating the shit out of each other?” Demanded Ian.
“Anyone who can fight like that is a friend of mine.” Adam Replied calmly.
“Now stay at me place.”

Ian was drunk and didn’t know where he was, he mulled it over and concluded that he had no choice. His mate he was staying with ran off, and he was not at all familiar with the city. He reluctantly accepted the invitation and crashed at Adam’s place.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 3.

Tina didn’t leave her room at all on Friday. She was emotionally distraught. This was turning into a pretty exasperating era of Tina’s life. She just kept flying off the handle. She was really tired from a hard week at school but she was terrified of going to bed.

She decided to do some of her history homework. She had to write an essay on Bismarck’s Foreign policy. She loved history and was good at it. But her love for history had almost been annihilated by a former teacher. She had been in a honour history class but the teacher, Mr. Reid, an aged portly man, who was very highly opinionated, insisted on doing things his way. Which sounds only natural of coarse. But it completely clashed with her ideas of how a class should be thought. The teacher would drone on about a subject an expected you to take down his notes word for word. When it came to exam time you were graded on how close your essay resembled his. Tina just couldn’t learn that way. The only way she learned was through constructing essays of her own and contrasting essays and debating them. She could memorize facts, figures and all that malarkey but not essays. And the honours teacher insisted that all 40 European History and all 40 Irish History essays be learnt word for word. And these essay averaged 5 pages a piece.

She had no choice but to drop to the ordinary class. This bummed her out because she needed all the points in her leaving cert she could get as she wished to do political science in college. Tina was highly academic and studious. She still managed time to get her work done and get mashed when ever there was a need. It was taking a toll on her though, she was under unbelievable amounts of stress.

Her uncle Howard was a huge factor to this. Howard was in his 40’s and was a very youthful looking man. He had brown eyes a rugged chin and dreamy auburn hair. His face was pronounced with stubble. He was a very intelligent man, while growing up everyone reckoned he was going places. This gave him a huge amount of confidence. He was sure he wouldn’t need to study and hence he messed up his leaving cert. he decided that he needed to travel to get his mind straight so he could re sit the exam a year later. Unfortunately his thirst for life led him to give up on his academics and instead he became a drifter. Drifting from town to town just barely getting by.

Tina did not want to end up like that. She was in the same boat as a young Howard once was. Her praise was sung at all the family gatherings, people were convinced she would be a lawyer or a doctor and make more money than she could dream of. She had figured out that if she let that get to her head that she would probably be a failure just like her uncle. She wouldn’t let that happen.

When she dropped to ordinary level she became much happier. Her teacher, Ms. Holstein, was a much younger woman. She was in her thirties and very intelligent. She wasn’t much to look at though, she was over weight and always looked in a mess. She was Tina’s favourite teacher though. She challenged her relentlessly. Within the first week of Tina being in her class she had agreed to teach Tina the honours course. Being a colleague of Tina’s former history teacher, Ms. Holstein realised just how Tina’s and Mr Reid’s personality’s clashed.

Tina was excelling marvellously at history now. She started on her essay and switched on her laptop to help with references. After a few hours she was almost done with her essay. She had managed to keep her mind focused on her assignment for most of the time. Every now and then she kept pondering about what had happened. And what was happening. Now that she was nearing the end of her essay, she was beginning to lose concentration. She decided to take a break as she was getting no where.

She lay down on her bed staring at the ceiling, not knowing what was happening, no knowing whether her and Adam were still friends, not knowing if she would make it to college, not knowing how she felt about everything she was thoroughly confused. She kept playing the events which had unfolded just a few hours ago in her head, she was exhausted. Her feelings were all messed up. She thought back to her last accident and how it made her feel. She had been out with her friends Melinda or Mel for short and Karen. Mel was from Australia, she was tiny. She was just at the five foot mark and a body to match. She had brown eyes and long black hair. Karen was 5foot 6 and was like a stick, she was trying to overcome anorexia. She had short black hair and green eyes. She had met both girls on her cricket team. Cricket was a secret passion of Tina’s. Her Dad had got her into it when she was young. She played for a club with the two girls. Tina was ok at the sport. She was decent at both bowling and batting, but nothing compared to Mel. She was there secret weapon, and had been the domineering force on the team. Karen wasn’t so good and was the team’s Wicket Keeper.

They were drinking to celebrate Mel’s anniversary of arriving in Ireland. They had been drinking for quit some time, and the night was just over. Mel had offered Tina to stay, but she felt she should get home. It was a long walk home but Tina didn’t mind. She bid her friends goodnight and set off on her voyage. Tina was a few blocks away from home, and it was late. Tina had left Mel’s at about 2 and it was now approaching 3. She was about a ten minute walk from her house now, and she started to feel the need to pee, oh great she thought. Tina quickened her pace but suddenly he bladder let go. She flooded her jeans with smelly urine. Since she had had a few scoops the flow of piss didn’t stop. She was mortified, she wanted this to end as fast as it possibly so Tina squatted and just pushed as hard as she could. She was peeing for five minutes before the flow stopped. This was so embarrassing. She had gone beat red. She ran the rest of the way home. When she got home she made a B Line for her room. She jumped onto her bed and started to cry. She was so humiliated. She soon started to calm down and started to take in what just happened. She had just pissed herself like a dirty little baby.
The strange thing was how Tina felt. She wasn’t disgusted with herself at all. She felt good. It was so different to how she was supposed to act. She was suppose to be proper and dignified but there she was sitting on her bed with soaked pants. The feeling was driving her mad, it was such a turn on to be naughty and humiliated like that. Tina urged to put her hand down her pants and relieve herself. She couldn’t though, she felt to guilty to do it. She was glad that she didn’t soil herself in front of anyone but a part of her craved to do so. Back to reality and Tina was just lying there. She felt that she must be weird to like this, why would anyone want to lower themselves to the level of a beast? It was thrilling to her. Even though she was a tom boy she was still a respectable teenager in the eyes of most people. She never got rowdy in her home town, she hadn’t been arrested unlike the rest of her group. She was very intelligent, she was a member of the debate team at school, (she got a lot of abuse from this) she was very sophisticated for her age. The thrill of doing something so dirty and low was such a turn on. From school, homework, her fight with Adam and just the emotions she was experience she was exhausted. She soon fell asleep.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 4

Adam woke up with the mother of all hangovers.

[“Oh man what happened?” Asked Adam.
“Oh god make it stop!” Screamed Dale.
“Hold on buddy, I’ll get us some aspirin and a hair of the dog.” Reassured Adam]

Adam looked through his drawers un till he found some aspirin. He popped a few of them then searched his room for some beer. Once he found some he downed it and started to feel better.

[“Man what did we do?” Asked Adam again.
“Oh I can’t remember, the last thing I can remember is drinking Absinth with Ian over there.” Whined Dale.]

Adam looked at the lump on the floor where Ian lay, and some of the night slowly came back to him. He began to remember reaching Bruxers. He remembered the EMO kids. He remembered the fight. He remembered how valiantly Ian had fought. He remembered running from the cops. Then he remembered insisting Ian crashed at his house. He remembered coming home. Then blank. He staggered towards the door, and kicked a bottle. It took a few seconds for him to focus on the bottle. It read “BLACK ABSINTH 85% VOL.” It was completely empty.

“Oh Jesus!” Thought Adam.

He staggered down the stairs and went into his kitchen. He got out a glass and a carton of eggs. He got a shaker and some liver salts. He put 3 eggs in the shaker and shook them till they were well mixed and frothy. He then made the liver salts drink by adding the salts to water. He drank that down and went to work on his new drink. He got some milk of magnesia, wheat grass, protein powder and the milk out onto the counter. He rummaged around in the medicine cabinet until he found the glucose supplements. Once he found them he ground up three supplements and put them in the shaker. He put a dose of wheat grass and milk of magnesia into the shaker. He started to shake the mix. Once it was mixed somewhat, he added two scoop of protein powder and topped up the mix with milk. She shook it furiously until it was blended. He then knocked it back. It almost came back up again but he managed to keep it down. He then
proceeded to make one for Ian.

“Hey wake up and drink this!” Ordered Adam as he kicked Ian in the side.

Ian took the concoction and sipped it. He gagged immediately.
“Dude back in one!” Ordered Adam again.

Ian paused for a minute but his hang over was hitting him so he decided to knock it back in one. It was horrible. The consistency of it was like phlegm and it tasted god awful, like minty liver pâté. It was all he could do to not throw up. When he had finished Adam collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Ian couldn’t see straight. The room kept spinning, he closed his eyes and did his best to fall asleep to end the horrible sensation of being hung over. And soon he was out cold.


Adam began to stir. It was getting late in the afternoon. His head felt fine as his hangover had subsided. He looked around his room and saw a boy, about same age as himself, he had black hair shaved back and sides, his fringe was down to his nose and to one side. He was a bout 5 11 and had a fit body, he looked completely confused. It was Ian

“Hey” Greeted Adam.
“Hey” Replied Ian.
“Man you fight really well.” Praised Adam
“Well you got to when you’re a EMO kid.” Replied Ian.
“True that.” Agreed Adam.

Over the next few hours Ian and Adam talked about this and that, they really hit it off.

“Hey Ian can I talk to ya bout something personal?” Asked Adam.
"Sure, but why not talk to one of our other friends about it? Asked Ian.
“Well they wouldn’t understand.” Replied Adam.
“Oh because I’M EMO you think I will?” Asked Ian rather indignantly.
“No it’s not that, I just cant talk to the people who have known me so long.” Explained Adam.
“Oh ok well yeah sure go ahead.” Insisted Ian.
“Well its about a girl.” Started Adam.
“Oh Jesus.” Sighed Ian.
“Forget about it.” Shouted Adam.
“Hey man I was just joking, go on.” Stammered Ian.
“No its fine.” Grumbled Adam.
“Ok, I better be going.” Stated Ian rather abruptly.
“Fine take a left outa my house and the bust stop is a five minute walk just keep going straight.” Instructed Adam sourly.

With that Ian left, leaving Adam to his thoughts.

[“Man that EMO fag was meant to help us out.” Yelled Adam.
“Yeah I know, that bastard!” Stated Dale.
“Well it looks like its down to me and you!” Explained Adam
“You mean you and I!” Corrected Dale.
“Fuck off being smart man!!!” Yelled Adam irritably
“Fine, lets do this. How do you feel about her?” Asked Dale
“I really like her.” Replied Adam
“Can you forgive her?” Asked Dale again.
“With out a doubt.” Replied Adam
“Now that that’s sorted talk about the pissing herself.” Instructed Dale.
“Well I like it. The way she looked so little, the fact she couldn’t control herself, it drove me mad. I just wanted to take care of her, make her feel better, take all her worries away from her. I wanted to hug her and tell he everything will be ok. Imagining her pissing her pants with no control was so hot. Its driving me mad. I want to be with her so bad. I think I love this girl.” Confessed Adam to himself.
“Why?” Asked Dale.
“Well why else would her pissing herself turn me on?” Asked Adam.
“Maybe its pissing in general!” Hinted Dale.
“I don’t know.” Admitted Adam.
“Well we could check it out on the internet.” Suggested Dale.
“Ok lets check it out.” Agreed Adam.]

Adam turned on his computer, while he was waiting it for it to load up he switched on his stereo. He put in his best of Alice Cooper C.D. Soon the pc had booted up and was ready for surfing. He looked at all kinds of sites with videos and pictures of women pissing themselves. He didn’t really like it. It looked forced to him, like someone just doing it to be a prick. He shut off the computer and felt a bit sick at what he had seen

I cant be without Tina. She is the rock that gives me hope. Clearly I love her because no matter what she does it arouses me when other women don’t. I cant remember when she was not around me for longer than a week. Oh cruel fate why do you mock me. The most arousing thing I have ever encountered is completely taboo and may cost me, if it has not already on of my dearest friendships. What am I to do. She is my sun, she is my moon, she is my ocean, I can not exist with out her. I vow that I will not loose Tina, I will not let temptation destroy me. When the serpent raises his ugly head I shall vanquish it. This Adam will have his eve and dwell in the garden of Eden. Where one Adam failed another Adam shall live.

[“Deep man, but you sound like one of those fancy pants homosexuals.” Teased Dale.
“Shut the fuck up or I’ll stab you with a tooth pick.!” Threatened Adam
“I’ll be good.” Submitted Dale.]

How to get my woman back, alas she was never my woman but I still must get her back. If I call her I am admitting that I was in the wrong, when I was only being a good friend. I should call over to her and see what happens. If it comes to it I must admit defeat and accept undue responsibility. God you have undone man in the creation of woman. Give me a woman and her name is Tina, give her sanity and she becomes man. Temptation thy name is Tina. Desire thy name is Tina. Infatuation thy name is Tina. Love Thy name is Irony.

After his insight into his growing affection for Tina, Adam had a shower. He was going to Tina’s and he was going to sort this out.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 5

Light beamed down on an unconscious Tina. She had been asleep since nine pm. As the light hit her face she began to stir. She was awakening from fantastic dreams that had made her feel really secure and at ease with herself. Unfortunately for us Tina can rarely recall her dreams. She woke and let out a big yawn. She sat up in her bed and felt all warm and fuzzy. As she started to get accustomed to her surroundings she started to take in everything that was in her room. It was about this time that she realized why she felt all warm and fuzzy. She was looking, through hazy eyes at her duvet and thought that the colours of the sheet looked darker in the middle. She tried focusing harder but it still looked the same. As she became more aware, a ghastly image struck her. She put her hand down the covers and recoiled with horror, for a being of dread dwelled under her covers. When her hand reached down it became clammy and sticky. She felt ill at this sensation. She threw off her covers to face her tormentor head on. She had pissed herself again. She had defiled her bed uncontrollably. As she sat up her heart burst. Her rear was stuck to the bed.

“What fresh hell is this?” Thought Tina.

A putrid smell swirled into her nostrils. She lifted herself up and the smell got stronger and stronger. She jumped off the bed and stared in bewilderment. Fear, panic and dismay filled her as she stared at the abomination that resided in the middle of her bed. Her sheets were soaking wet and were her bum had slumbered the previous eve there was a puddle of liquid crap.

She screamed in frustration. Her own body had decided to vex her in the middle of the night. She screamed, again, with misery. She immediately kicked herself for she knew her parents would probably come into to see what was up. Then it dawned on her, her parents wouldn’t be in on a count of that they played golf on Saturdays.
“God bless my snobby parents!” Tina sighed with relief.

This allowed her to relax. She thought about what had happened. She had pissed in her sleep. She had also crapped. Then her inner demons started to corrupt her sanity.

Normally she was a dignified, sophisticated young lady. But she had been stripped of all her dignity and sophistication. She had a messy bum and wet pants. The humility was so intense that Tina thought she would crack. She was so conflicted. She felt so ashamed, and on the other hand she felt immense satisfaction. The disgrace that was present in the back of her pants was an incredible stimulant, not just for her lechery, but it also stimulated her happiness. She felt such bliss at being so filthy, she felt at ease. She felt that being so messy was her only problem she had to worry about and that in its own was incredibly comforting for Tina.

Part of her wanted to sit there all day in her own filth, where as another part of her told her that she should clean up to save face. After an eternity the battle in her mind was over and she decided to clean up. She had her sheets and duvet cover in the washing machine and was heading for the shower when the door bell rang.

“Oh sweet Zombie Jesus, who is that?” Panicked Tina.
She stayed absolutely still and hoped who ever it was would go away. The bell rang again and again. This person was relentless. She dared not to move. The phone began to ring. She decided she better get it in case it was an emergency. She grabbed the phone and answered.
“He… Hello.” Tina Stammered.
“Hi Tina, its Adam.” Greeted Adam.
“Oh hi.” Replied Tina.
“Well are you gona let me in?” Asked Adam.
“Look Adam I can’t.” Tina informed him.
“Look Tina you’re my best friend I’m not going to throw that away over a stupid argument, let me in we need to talk this through!” Exclaimed Adam.
“I know Adam, I don’t want to loose you either, but I just cant talk now.” Replied Tina.
“Why not?” Asked Adam.
“Cos I cant.” Replied Tina.
“That’s rubbish, open the door!” Ordered Adam.
“I can’t, it’s about my problem.” Sighed Tina.
“What about it?” Asked Adam.
“Well it happened again. Last night.” Admitted Tina. “So you can’t come in.”
“Look I don’t care about that I have to speak with you.” Retorted Adam.
“Please Adam, I need to shower.” Pleaded Tina.
“Look take the door off the lock and have your shower I will let myself in.” Instructed Adam.
“Fine but I am not going to be happy with you!” Warned Tina.

Tina unlocked the door and ran as fast as she could up the stairs and into the shower. Adam let himself in and took a seat in the kitchen as he waited for Tina to finish her shower.

[“Well Adam she is gona eat you alive!” Harassed Dale.
“Yeah I know buddy, but at least it will put me out of my misery.” Joked Adam.
“Ha she will do more than that.” Teased Dale.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Insisted Adam.
“HA I really don’t know man.” Laughed Dale.
“Do you know what I ain’t seen in ages, Good Will Hunting. That movie was so good, I don’t know why I aint watched it in a while. I’m gona watch it tonight before the pub.” Conversed Adam.
“Yea its pretty cool but… Oh I think I hear Tina.” Replied Dale.]

There was noise coming from up stairs so Adam decided to put the kettle on. As it boiled Tina headed down the stairs.

“Hey thought you could use a cuppa.” Greeted Adam.
“Thanks.” Replied Tina as she sat down at the counter.
“So how you been?.” Asked Adam meekly.
“Alright.” Replied Tina.
“So.” Started Adam as he handed Tina her tea.
“Look Adam, I’m really sorry about yesterday.” Apologised Tina.
“Don’t worry about it, it must be crappy for you.” Accepted Adam.
“You have no idea.” Sighed Tina.
“Oh.” Replied Adam.
“Yeah.” Returned Tina.
“Can we talk about it?” Asked Adam.
“Eh, I don’t know.” Replied Tina wearily.
“I’m not gona force you to talk about it, but if you need to talk I’m here.” Offered Adam.
“I wanna talk about it but its hard.” Replied Tina after a few minutes.
“I bet it’s hard.” Agreed Adam.
“Look I got lots of homework to do.” Informed Tina.
“Oh ok, yeah I had to go anyway, I gota meet Mick and Rick, man I’m beginning to worry about them.” Replied Adam.
“Me too, I will call you later ok?” Asked Tina.
“Yeah sure.” Responded Adam as he got up and headed for the door.
“Wait up.” Said Tina as she grabbed Adam’s arm. “Look I really appreciate this, I do still have alota homework. Look lets get dinner tomorrow or something ok?”
“Yeah sure Tina that’s groovy.” Replied Adam half heartedly.

Tina grabbed Adam and hugged him. She felt so guilty about being a jerk to him yesterday. She also felt so comforted in his arms. Adam was taken aback by this sudden show of affection. None the less he enjoyed it. He was craving some sort of tenderness from Tina ever since he had learned of her shame.

“I better get going.” Sighed Adam as he ended the hug.
“Oh ok.” Replied Tina. “I’ll call you later.”
“Ok cool.” Said Adam softly as he made for the door.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 6

Tina regretted sending Adam home, but she did have a small bit of home work to do. But the main reason for sending Adam away was because she wanted to research why she was doing this. There had to be a reason for this. She had to find out. She decided that she was going to spend the day researching this and then later that night she would finish her homework. She logged on and went to ask Jeeves. “How come I piss myself” She typed. And nothing relevant came up. It was all logs and the like saying how someone would piss themselves laughing if something or other happened. Then she asked “Why do I wet the bed?”. The search came up with more blog’s, un till she hit the bottom of the page and saw a link to goodnights.com. She checked out what it said about bed wetting. It didn’t give a cause. But it gave some advice on how to stop. The site suggested to go to a doctor. No that would not do, at 18 she could not go to the doc about this. The next suggestion was not to drink before bed. With that suggestion she could not promise anything. The next suggestion intrigued her. They suggested to wear a goodnight. She wasn’t sure what a goodnight was so she looked further into the site. They looked like pull ups. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that. She looked at some other stuff too, then she stumbled across a message board.

The message board was about people with similar circumstances. She read tons of peoples confessionals of wetting the bed and during the day. Some people were humiliated, some were indifferent about it and giving advice, some hated while some people loved it. Some had to wear underwear with alarms, some had to set alarms so they would wake up and use the bathroom and some used diapers. This really interested Tina. She wanted to talk someone. She decided to leave a message and see what happens. She made herself a new email address and posted her story.

Hey I’m Tina. I’m 18 and I got a problem. A few weeks ago I started to wet myself. It started out it would only happen when I was drinking. Now its progressing to wetting my bed even when I’m not drinking. In a average week I wet the bed more often than don’t. last night something horrible happened. I pooped in the bed. It was strange. I’m sorta liking it am I weird? I really need someone to talk to. Please email me on tastytinababy@yahoo.ie.

Tina xxx

Tina was happy about posting her story, she was sure that some help would come. She read some more of the confessionals and became really interested in the ones that had diapers in them. She didn’t know why.

Hey my name is Sarah and I also wet the bed. I am 16 and haven’t been dry at night ever. A few months ago my little sister died. I was devastated. She was only 4. She had meningitis and the Dr. didn’t diagnose in time. My dad is not around, it used to be just me, my sis and my mom. Now it’s just me and mom. Things started to get weird. I started to wet my pants. Its totally embarrassing. People would tease me at school. I use to be a cheerleader and they kicked me out because I pee my pants. I felt like my life was over.

My mom was going through a hard time as well. I sometimes came home and my mom would be sitting on my sisters bed and just cry, for hours. One day when she was crying I went into the room and sat on her lap and just hugged her. We both started t cry. It was such a hard time for both of us. I felt so secure in her arms. I felt like I had no worries at all.

Then it happened. I peed, on my mom. She didn’t get angry though. She said that she had got to worked up in the departing of her baby that she forgot that I was still her baby. I didn’t know what she meant. She said to have a shower and that she had to go to the store. I went and started to have a shower, I was so mortified I couldn’t believe I just peed on my mom. And she didn’t get angry.

I got in the shower, sat in the corner and just cried. I cried and cried and cried. About a half hour later I was still crying in the shower. My mom knocked on the door and asked what was wrong. I didn’t answer, so she came in. I was still crying. She looked at me for a minute or so and then started to wash me. I was so distraught that I let her, I didn’t care anymore, life was shit.

Then it all changed. After my mom had finished washing me she towelled me off and led me to my room. I was shocked at what I saw on my bed. A big pack of diapers for kids my age. I was stunned.

She told me that I was still her baby and that she was going to keep me that way until I stopped wetting my pants. I didn’t know what to say to her. I was so taken aback. I knew that my mom needed an outlet so I decided that I would not fight her I couldn’t do that to her I had to be supportive. Anyway my life was over. What could it hurt.

I hugged her and told her that I understood and didn’t mind. She smiled and hugged me. She took out a diaper from the package unfolded it. She told me to lay on the floor. I hastily obeyed. She hoisted my legs high into the air, and placed the diaper under my bum. She powdered my crotch with baby powder and pulled the diaper snugly between my legs. This felt awesome. She taped it tightly around my waist and that was it. I was wearing the first diaper I had worn in years. My mother looked so happy. I hadn’t seen her smile since my sister died. I felt so good about me.

I felt like I had done the right thing, I felt secure as well. Wearing that diaper made me realise that I was just my mommies baby.

She brought me downstairs and fed me some baby food. She had bought lotsa stuff at the store. She made me a bottle and brought me into the sitting room. We watched TV. She cradled me like a baby and fed me my bottle. I felt so close to my mom. I don’t think I ever felt that close to her. I started to doze.

I woke a hour later with a terrible cramp in my stomach. I had to do a stinky poop. I told my mom and she said that I had a diaper on and to use it.

I was a bit grossed out and it took time to start but as soon as I did I knew I had made the right decision. It felt so right. I had gotten off my mommies lap (she insists she calls me mommy now) and squatted over. I was so un dignified. And I pushed as hard as I could. Mommy was watching me. My face was bright red from strain. Finally some warm, hard poop flowed into my diaper.

The relief was unreal. My mommy smiled at me and ran over and hugged her. I felt so good, so proud that I had just messed my diaper. I was mommies little baby girl, and I loved it. She picked me up and kissed me on the cheek. And brought me up to my room for a change. Bt I stopped her. I told her that I wanted to be a baby stinky pants a little while longer. She laughed and we went to watch T.V.

So that was a month ago and I been a baby ever since, I even made new friends. I am part of the rocker clique now, so I can wear diapers 24/7 because we wear such baggy clothes.

I love my diaper and being my mommies baby. My life has never been better.

Thanks for listening.

This story was followed by all sorts of comments. “Such as wow that was hot” and “oh your such a filthy liar”. Tina was not sure whether she believed the story but it had captured her imagination.

She thought it was gross being babied by her mother, but by a boy, now that would be perfect. She read a few more stories but decided to call it a day and to do a bit of homework before she went to the pub with the boys.

She opened her math book and started to read some of the problems. She was distracted by what she had read today and could not study. She kept thinking about Sarah’s story. She felt that it was fabricated, but it still fascinated her. She had no idea why though. Everything she had lived thus far forced the idea of wearing diapers right out of her. It was simply unacceptable . But there was one thread of fantasy, one thread of desire in her that held on. And it was a powerful thread. She was so conflicted. She fantasized were she was being forced to use diapers in front of everyone. The humility, the security, the reliance of diapers really hit Tina. She was throbbing with pleasure just thinking about it. She could not look at her math book at all.

As she was fantasizing her yahoo messenger chimed. She looked at her computer screen. She had received a new email.

Hey Tina,
I read what you posted on the forum, and I find myself in a similar predicament. Care to chat?


Tina didn’t know what to do. She contemplated her options. She could email him and talk about what she was going through, or ignore him. Naturally she emailed the guy.

Hey I would love to talk

She sent the email and waited for a response. It took a short time but it arrived.

Cool ok, it’s a bit awkward I guess but I don’t know how to really talk about it. So I guess I will just start. I’m Tony. I’m 25 and I live in Dublin. First off no you are not weird there are plenty of people who are like you. I am one for instance. As long as I can remember I liked wetting myself. It makes me feel really good.

Tina and Tony emailed each other for a while. Tina was so happy that she had found someone close by who was in a similar predicament. They talked and talked. It soon got very late. And Tony had to go. Tina was a bit relieved she had a lot of homework to get through.

She went back to her math homework. She was not understanding the problems at all. It was stressing her out. This particular section on the leaving cert was worth 80 points. She needed to understand it. She had 3 problems which took her 2 hours longer than it should have, and she was not happy that she had done the problems proper either.

It was getting late so she decided to go to bed. She was really upset. She couldn’t stop thinking about how screwed she was at math. It was her weak link. She was unbelievably stressed at this. It took her 45 minutes to fall asleep, it was 3 A.M when she finally drifted off.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 7

Squelch, squelch.
“What is that?” thought Tina as she rolled around.
Squelch, squelch, squish. Tina was still very drowsy and had no idea why it was so squishy in her bed. She rolled around again and again trying to figure it out. Soon she was fully awake and fully aware what happened. She peeled back her covers to reveal one soaked bed. Tina just stared at her wet crotch. Her mind was blank. Then the humility hit her and she burst into tears. Why was this happening to her. She screamed in frustration. She heard her mom headed for her door. She threw her covers back over herself a split second before her mom entered the room. Tina and her mom looked very similar. Picture Tina, add 20 pounds, lots and lots of make up, a few wrinkles and a look of complete defeat and you had Tina’s mom.

“Is everything ok?” Tina’s mom Olivia asked bluntly.
“Yeah just had a bad dream is all.” Gasped Tina.
“Ok if you want to talk about it your father will be back from mass soon.” Olivia returned shortly and left the room.

Olivia was sort of emotionless. She was a bit of a socialite. She thought it weak to show emotion to your offspring. Yeah she was weird. Came from a bit of a troubled back ground. Her mom and dad were both alcoholics (paved the way for Olivia) and were always fighting. It sort of screwed Olivia up in the long run. As she was the eldest of 5 she took on responsibility of looking after her siblings when her parents were loaded. For most people that would have involved being caring and understanding. But not for Olivia. She insisted everyone put on a brave face and to suck it up as not to give the neighbours any ammunition.

Tina sighed a great sigh of relief. If that had of been her father, the gig would have been up. Tina’s father was a very loving man, he showed so much love that it made up for Olivia showing none. He was the one that Tina went to if she had to talk to a parent about something. Martin was very youthful for a 42 year old. He had brown hair and had a healthy build to him he was tall enough as well about six three or so. He had a much better upbringing then Olivia. Although his parents were hippies and he lived the hippy life. He wasn’t encouraged to go to college or even to do well in school. They brought him up to love and live. They had high hopes for him to become a music star. They wanted him to be able to live off of his expression. But when he was in his final year of school something amazing and completely un expected by both Martin and his parents. He got enough points in his Leaving Cert to do what ever he wanted in college. Martin decided he wanted to design house’s so he studied to be a architect, much to the dismay of his parents.

Tina was disgusted with herself. She did not like not being able to control herself. Granted the humility was turning her on, she still hated it. She was shaking with anger. Anger for herself for being such a idiot that she couldn’t even control her bladder. She started to cry she was so annoyed. She had to find a way to stop this. Her parents would find out if she had to keep washing her sheets. She calmed herself down eventually and cleaned up. She put her dirty sheets in her closet, she would wash them once the cost was clear. With that she hopped into the shower then got dressed for the day.

“Hello?” Adam answered as he picked up his phone.
“Hi its me” Returned Tina.
“Oh hi, where were you last night?” Adam Asked.
“Oh it took me ages to finish my homework, sorry for not calling you last night.” Apologised Tina.
“Ah don’t worry about it, figured it was something like that.” Adam said compassionately.
“Well how about you come over early and ill make it up to you by making lunch for ya?” Invited Tina.
“Hell yeah, you know I cant say no to a nice, free meal!” Adam exclaimed happily.
“Cool get your sweet little butt over here then.” Teased Tina as she hung up.

Tina went to the kitchen and started to get lunch ready. She decided on soup and sandwiches as an excuse to go out for dinner later with Adam. She started to chop up some lettuce and tomato. She was looking forward to having Adam over so she could talk to him about her shame, with that said though she was still nervous as hell. She knew that Adam wouldn’t care but she was still scared.

The door bell rang and Tina let Adam in.

“Hey hows you hun?” Greeted Tina as she wrapped her arms around Adam.
“Ah not a bother.” Adam replied as he squeezed Tina.
“That’s good, come on in.” Tina invited merrily.
Adam followed Tina to the kitchen and sat down at the table.
“So any news?” Asked Adam.
“It happened again.” Tina replied bluntly.
“What you talkin bout?” Asked Adam
“I wet my bed.” Sighed Tina.
“Oh…… Shit are you ok Tina.” Adam asked.
“Yeah I am, I almost got caught though by my mom.” Tina informed Adam bleakly.
“Oh man that woulda sucked.” Laughed Adam
“I’m glad you find it funny.” Tina scolded.
“Ah lighten up you.” Reprimanded Adam.
“Look I don’t want to fight.” Informed Tina.
“Right, right neither do I……… Want to get high?” Adam asked.
“I was hoping one of us would ask that.” Laughed Tina.
“Sweet get your smoking pants on and to your room didla doo.” Exclaimed Adam
“Didla Doo?” Asked Tina.
“Yeah the batman thing you know from the sixties.” Explained Adam.
“Good good all is falling into place.” Gloated Tina evilly.
“What are you talking bout Tina, are you high already?” Asked Adam.
“No, no just having a evil genius moment.” Laughed Tina.
“Oh…” Said Adam.
“Come on lets get high.” Ordered Adam.

The duo headed up to Tina’s room.

“Yo bitch start rolling.” Tina shouted as she tossed Adam her shit.
“Yes Sir!” Replied Adam enthusiastically.

As the unlikely pair proceeded to get high, they naturally became more relaxed. The two began chatting about complex topics at first such as why people have to work to be accepted in society, is it just to execute someone for murder and so forth. But soon enough the conversation turned into such drivel as why you have to go to school and why people need to wear pants…… infact there was a lot of talk about pants being evil. So I’m going to spare you the insane musings of two doped out teenagers and cut to the juicy bits.

“So in conclusion I think pants suck.” Stammered Tina.
“Here here.” Agreed Adam
“Hey Adam.”
“Yeah?” Replied Adam.
“Can I tell you something?” Asked Tina.
“You know you can.” Returned Adam
“Ok well it gets weirder then the last few tid bits I’ve confided in you.” Informed Tina.
“Well as long as you don’t like to fuck dead dogs I’ll be cool with it.” Laughed Adam.
“Ha no you bastard.” Joked Tina. “Its about my accidents, they sorta well, this is hard so I’m just going to blurt it out. They sorta turn me on.”

There was a long uncomfortable silence. Adam couldn’t believe it. The girl he fancied likes to wet herself. While he thinks that is unbelievably hot. This was to good to be true, oh wait no it wasn’t. Tina had no interest in him. Adam was so conflicted. He wanted to ask her out but he knew if she said no the friendship was over. Adam began to contemplate this. He ran every possible scenario out in his head and he just didn’t know what to do. He then noticed Tina staring at him.

“let me take you out to dinner.” Offered Adam.
“What?” Asked Tina.
“Look I’m cool with it, its no biggy we all have stuff, let me take you out to dinner and we can talk about it.”

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 8

Tina and Adam headed to an Italian restaurant that had just opened a few weeks ago. They had been before and thought it to be nice so they visited it again. They both enjoyed Italian food. And it had a very romantic atmosphere. They both knew this and they both hoped that it would lead to something but they both knew it wouldn’t.

They reached the restaurant and were seated in a booth. This was perfect because they had privacy. They thought that the hostess must have liked them but in truth she sat them in a booth because she didn’t want the other customers to be witness to two teenagers ramming their tongues down each others throats. They sat down and ordered. They both decided to get wine as well.

“I think Mick and Rick could be gay.” Informed Adam .
“What makes you say that?” Asked Tina.
“Well they were playing gay chicken again last night, for about a half hour, and Rick started to go down on Mick but I threw my pint on them to break it up.” Recanted Adam.
“Those two.” Laughed Tina.
“So spill your guts chicken.” Ordered Adam sweetly.

With that Tina told her story to Adam. She told him how she got turned on when she did it, she told him how she liked feeling dirty and helpless. She told him how she liked the feeling of being so absurd. Adam was taken a bit back by this but he felt the same way. He was going to tell her when this happened.

“I been lucky though I found this really cool guy on the internet his name is Tony, he’s been great he has helped me through a lot. He’s so cool I think I have a crush.” Told Tina.

She wasn’t sure why she said that she wasn’t sure if she had a crush or not, but she was sure she had a crush on Adam. Adam was destroyed by this news of her crush. He was heart broken. There was yet another uncomfortable silence.

“I feel so weird though, I feel like I’m doing bad even though it feels so good. The weirdest part is I think I want to wear nappies.” Informed Tina as she broke the silence.

“Ah you ain’t weird Tina your sexy, seriously everyone has something. Your not hurting anyone by it, and your not hurting yourself. All you are doing is crapping yourself.” Assured Adam. “Now what’s wrong with that?”

Tina felt really good about telling Adam but was somewhat disappointed that they weren’t making out. He was such a good friend and was cute. She wanted to hop across the table, rip his clothes off and ride him…. But that would be inappropriate. That made her want to do it more so.

Tina was able to control her urges and soon the dinner was finished. Tina was wondering why Adam was taking this so well, it was weird and icky but she figured that Adam was being a good friend. She was completely oblivious to the fact that Adam also enjoyed her taboo. As
Adam went to pay the bill Tina contemplated her next move. She wanted Adam, but like Adam was afraid that it would ruin the friendship. She decided she would kiss him.

Adam returned from paying the bill and they both exited the restaurant. They were a bit tipsy due to the wine. They both headed to the door and as they left Tina proceeded to hold Adam’s hand. Adam was a bit taken aback by this development. He began to get very excited by this bold move by Tina.

They held each others hands tenderly and began their journey home. The walk was most pleasant. The two should be lovers, but for now friends strolled slowly hand in hand in silence. Every now and again they would gaze into each others eyes. Although they walked quietly there was no sign of awkwardness, there was an air of romance.

The pair reached Tina’s house. They stood on the porch, gazing into each others eyes. Adam leaned into kiss Tina. But just before his lips reached hers it happened. It stared off as a trickle but within a split second it turned into a raging torrent. Tina was pissing herself right on the porch. Adam froze on the spot . Tina was mortified. She burst into tears and ran into the house. Adam started after her but slipped in the puddle and knocked himself out.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 9.

Tina was horrified with herself. She couldn’t believe that she just pissed herself in front of the fella that she wants. She went straight to her computer and checked if Tony was online. Luckily for Tina he was.

Tina: Hey Tony I need to talk to you I just had the worst thing happen to me.
Tony: Ok hun what happened? Are you ok?
Tina: No I ruined everything.
Tony: what did you ruin.
Tina: I was out with Adam, and I told him how I got turned on by what I’m going through.
Tony: Oh and he didn’t take it to well.
Tina: No he took it really well he took me out for a meal and everything.
Tony: That sounds like everything is going good.
Tina: Yeah well then when we got home he went to kiss me.
Tony: I wish I had your problems Tina, you have it easy.
Tina: No when he went to kiss me, I peed my pants.
Tony: Oh yeah well that does suck, what happened then.
Tina: We both ran, I ran into my house and he ran away.
Tony: Tina, you must feel like shite.
Tina: Yeah I do, I was really falling for him then I spoiled it all and sent him running.
Tony: No you didn’t, he is sposed to be your friend, he knows you have a problem, he should be more supportive.
Tina: Yeah but I peed right when he made his move.
Tony: So you couldn’t help it, it was an accident.
Tina: Yeah I know.
Tony: And he didn’t even wait to see if you were ok, that shows what sort of character he is.
Tina: Well how would you have reacted?
Tony: You know I dig that stuff, I woulda put you in a nappy you naughty little girl. Ha
Tina: Ha funny……… I think id like that though
Tony: Heh heh thought you would. Look Adam aint as good a friend as you think he is.
Tina: Maybe your right Tony.
Tony: I know I am. So how many accidents have u been having?
Tina: A few
Tony: Any idea why?
Tina: Nope none
Tony: You should get that checked out.
Tina: Ah ill be fine its probably just stress ya know.
Tony: Well I hope you get better sweetie I don’t want anything to happen to you.
Tina: Why cant I meet any guys like you Tony your so sweet J
Tony: Well you got me.
Tina: Yeah but I never even met you.
Tony: Well we can rectify that.
Tina: That might be fun.
Tony: Yea you could try out a nappy and everything.
Tina: Ah don’t tease me.
Tony: What we could have a play date.
Tina: Well I have to meet you first before we do anything like that sailor.
Tony: Well do you want to meet me for coffee then?
Tina: That would be nice.
Tony: How about Friday?
Tina: Yeah that would be cool, where can I meet you.
Tony: Is the city ok?
Tina: Dublin? Yeah cool ill meet you at the central bank?
Tony: Deadly, what time suits you.
Tina: Well I can get there for about five is that cool?
Tony: Five it is so
Tiny: Ill be there with bells on.
Tony: Cool, crap I got to go so ill see you online or else on Friday.
Tina: Cool seeya then.

With that Tina logged off and went to bed. She had some pleasant dreams where she was content, where she was happy. But then when she woke up, she woke up wet. She had done it again. Her jammies and sheets were saturated. This was to much for her to take. She burst into tears. She sat in her wet bed bawling like a baby. Then her door opened. Her eyes scanned to her door as she looked at her dad in dismay, and kept balling.

“Tina what’s wrong?” Asked Tina’s dad as he went to comfort his daughter.
“I keep wetting my bed.” Sobbed Tina.
“Oh honey are you okay? don’t worry about it, it was just a accident its probably to do with your exams.” Reassured Tina’s Dad
“No you don’t understand, I have had many accidents.” Cried Tina
“How long this been happening?” Asked Tina’s Dad.
“A few weeks now, I cant help it.” Said Tina as she began to cry harder.
“Ok well don’t worry you go shower, then I’ll take you to the doctor and we can have a father daughter day after, I think one is long over due.” Tina’s Dad said tenderly
.“Okay Daddy.” Smiled Tina.

Tina was mortified that her dad had caught he but he was cool with it, so Tina felt a bit better. It had been a very long weekend so she was looking forward to spending time with her dad. Although she was dreading going to the doctor, all sort of scenarios were running through head. What if the doctor said she was fine, that would rock. But what if the doctor said something was wrong with her, what if she was regressing, if she started loosing control of her bowel and bladder what else could she loose control of. What if the doctor said that she had to wear nappies. She was incredibly conflicted about that. Granted is what her heart desired but she did not want to have to wear them she wanted to have control. What if it was much worse, what if she had cancer. She had to stop thinking. So she went and showered and just thought about cricket.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 10

Adam woke up cold, disorientated and wet. He was lying on a cold porch and it was the middle of the night. It took him some time to figure out where he was and what had happened but the memories eventually came rushing back to him, he remembered going to the restaurant, he remembered flirting with Tina, he remembered what Tina had told him, he remembered walking her home, he remembered leaning in to kiss her, he remembered her slamming the door in his face then he remembered waking up.

He now was fully aware of his surroundings, he was on Tina’s porch alone and rejected. He had leaned in to kiss her and she had darted… He could not remember Tina pissing herself, he could not remember slipping in the pee. As far as Adam was concerned she could be responsible for him being unconscious. She never even checked to see if he was okay. He was deeply hurt. Soon though his pain turned to anger. He had so many unanswered questions: why had Tina rejected him?, why had she slammed the door in his face?, how was it that he had ended up lying there?, was she the reason he spent half the night lying unconscious on the cold, wet porch?.

Adam looked at his watch, it read 3.30 A.M. He was tempted to confront Tina right then but decided he should go home and sleep on it. He wandered home dejectedly and went to bed.

Adam’s alarm sounded at seven on the dot. He opened his blood shot eyes and stared blankly at the clock. He almost vomited there and then. He was so hung over. He crawled out of bed and went to have a shower. His head was spinning the whole time.

When he finished dressing for school he headed down stairs to get breakfast. He looked at his watch and it read 8.45. Well he was late so he decided to take his time so he stared to fry up some rashers, eggs and sausages. Just as he had started to cook his meal his mother walked in the door.

“Adam your late for school……. And what’s that smell?” Enquired Adam’s mom, Úna.
“Yeah I slept it out, what smell?” Replied Adam innocently.
“Smells like whiskey…… Adam did you drink my whiskey last night?” Asked Úna.
“Em yeah, I did, sorry mom, I had a rough night.” Adam Confessed.
“Oh what happened?” Úna probed.
“Ah things with Tina……… Bleh!” Explained Adam just as he spewed.
“Oh God Adam, are you still drunk?” Scolded Úna.
“Possibly.” Giggled Adam.
“This is not fucking funny Adam. You are doing your leaving this year, you got to cop the fuck on you plank!” Shouted Úna.
“I know I know. I messed up, no need to yell at me!” Retaliated Adam.
“Just get out of my sight Adam, go to fucking school, I cant look at you right now.” Screamed Úna.

Adam grabbed his back pack and made a hasty exit, bumping into everything on his way. Women are crazy, what the hell was her problem thought Adam. She has seen me drunk going to school plenty of times. Well fuck her.

Adam’s anger towards his mother soon subsided as he remembered the look in her face and the tears running down her cheek as he was leaving. He felt really guilty now. It was just him and his mom.

His Dad had died when he was 10. He died in a car crash, on his way home from work. He hadn’t died instantly, he made it to hospital and survived for a few days but died on the operating table after complications arose. Adam was devastated, he really looked up to his Dad, being ten, his Dad was still his hero. They were really close and did so much together. His Dad was his team’s soccer coach, so they spent a lot of time together. Adam got really depressed for a while.

One day about a year after his Dad had passed away, he came home from school, and saw his Mom with a butchers knife. She was had just slit her wrist. Luckily Adam got there in time and phoned for an ambulance. His Mom had to see a shrink, but eventually she became stable. Adam had to spend a few months with his Aunt and Uncle while his Mom got better.

Adam blamed himself for what his Mom had done, so after that day Adam started to become more responsible, and took on the roll as man of the house. His mom was more like a friend now, Adam always took care of her. He had almost been expelled on the head of it. One day in school a bully had slagged his Mom. So Adam beat the guy into a bloody pulp. The bully was a lot bigger than Adam, but he didn’t care. He just hopped the bully. The bully had to spend the night in hospital. Lucky for Adam the people who witnessed the fight said that the bully had started the whole thing and had got what was coming to him. He got away with a months suspension.

After his Dad died Adam became a different person. He had two sides. He had the angry dark side which he let out on Friday nights… or anytime him and the lads were out on the piss. But he also had the sweet nurturing side. He always looked out for people. He was always the guy who took care of you. This was partly why Tina liked him and why Rick and Mick hung out with him. He was a bad boy, but also a loyal friend and very paternal.

Adam was so distraught, Tina had rejected him, and his Mom was really upset. He was also still a bit drunk so everything seemed a lot worse. And he kept walking into things. It took him a long time to get to school, it was almost 11.00 o’clock by the time he got there. His head was killing him and his stomach was turning upside down and inside out.

He got to the court yard and saw Mick and Rick heading to the lockers.

“Hey guys wait up.” Yelled Adam as he hurried to catch up
“Yo man your hella late, legend.” Greeted Mick.
“Yeah man, you look like shite.” Laughed Rick.
“Ah had a bit of a rough night.” Explained Adam.
“Where you with Tina?” Rick Asked
“Yeah.” Adam replied dejectedly.
“Well how it go?” Asked Mick
“It was crap, I went to kiss her and she ran away.” Sighed Adam.
“Fuck off man, you actually tried it on with her?” Rick Exclaimed.
“Yeah I did, and now she can go and fuck herself for all I care.” Spat Adam.
“Woah man why you say that.” Enquired Mick
“Well she was flirting with me all night, she even held my hand on the way home. She’s just a big cock tease, and you know the policy on cock tease’s.” Informed Adam grimly.
“Yeah but it’s Tina, you guys have been mates for like ever, do you think you should throw your friendship away man, and are you sure that’s how it happened, cos you look awfully hung over, maybe it went down differently.” Said Rick.
“I don’t know man, if it did why hasn’t she texted me?” Asked Adam.
“I don’t know maybe she’s embarrassed or something.” Replied Rick.
“I still need some time away from her, where is she anyway?” Adam asked
“She hasn’t been in yet, probably hung over you know.” Informed Mick.
“Ah well, so what are we doing on our Wednesday mid week booze up?” Asked Adam.
“Well we could go to my house and watch a few DVD’s and get a few tins.” Offered Rick.
“Sounds good to me.” Second Mick.
“Right so sounds like a plan.” Said Adam.

With that the trio headed to their next class.

Céile: Chapters 1-11

Chapter 11

Tina got out of the shower and dressed herself for the day. She was looking forward to spending some quality time with her Dad. She hadn’t spent time with him in what seemed like forever. Although she was dreading the visit to the doctor. She decided the best course of action was to just go down stairs and get it over and done with…… also she smelled the mouth watering aroma wafting from the kitchen.

She hit the kitchen and saw the plate of pancakes that her Dad had prepared. She loved his pancakes they were so light and fluffy. She sat down at the table and began to fill her plate with pancakes.

“I’ve made an appointment for you dear, we were lucky there had been a cancellation so we have to be down there in a hour, so eat up and well start to make a move.” Instructed Tina’s Dad.
“Okay cool, I will just wolf these down then.” Replied Tina as she gobbled down some pancakes.

Soon she was finished breakfast and leaving in the car with her Dad to the Doctors. The journey was slow and painfully awkward. After it seemed like an eternity they had reached the Doctor’s office. They sat down in the waiting room and waited to be seen to. Tina’s Dad thumbed through some magazines, and kept starting to ask Tina something but then retreated to what ever magazine was in his hand. Soon it was time for Tina to see the Doctor. She walked into his office and sat down as the Doctor followed her in. The Dr. was about as tall as Tina, he was probably in his mid forties, and always had a warm and inviting smile on his face.

“Hi Tina, how are you today?” Asked Dr. Roberts.
“Oh I’m ok.” Tina replied to the middle aged Doctor.
“Then what brings you to my neck of the woods?” The Dr. asked
“Well its kinda embarrassing.” Started Tina.
“Well I’ve heard all the embarrassing stuff before so don’t worry Tina, I’m not here to judge or to gossip, I may put it up on my blog tonight though.” Joked the Dr.
“Ha ha.” Laughed Tina sarcastically.
“Seriously though don’t worry your secret will be safe with me, if you want to tell me.” The Dr. reassured.
“Well, I’ve sorta been having accidents.” Tina Stammered.
“What type of accidents, and how often do they occur?” Asked the Dr.

Tina told him all about the wetting the bed, her pants and the messy accidents as well. He didn’t look to concerned, and he asked her to pee in a cup. He then took the cup of to be analysed as he said, but all he did was put a strip of paper in it that reacted with different chemicals.

“Ok Tina, I cant see anything medically wrong with you. I think it could just be stress, are you under a lot of stress?” Asked the Dr.
“Yeah I am, I’m doing my leaving this year.” Tina replied.
“Ok well then I think the best thing you can do is just find a way to relax, when you feel stressed try and do something relaxing like take a bath, listen to some music, what ever you want that relaxes you.” Instructed the Dr. “If you want I can send you to the hospital to door more tests, you will probably have to stay over night, and they will probably give you the same answer I did.”
“No its ok, I trust your opinion. Is there anything I can do though.” Asked Tina.
“Well not really, I’ll subscribe you some vitamin, just to keep your immune system up but apart from that there is nothing other than unwinding.” Stated the Dr.
“Ok Dr, but I really don’t; want to wake up wet, and I don’t want people to know when I have had an accident” Said Tina

There was a brief pause as the Dr. dissected what Tina had just said

“Now there is a lot that can be done. For protecting your bed, you can get a plastic sheet, you can set an alarm to wake you up to pee, you can get pants with a dampness alarm.” The Dr. paused. “There is also protective underwear, they are discreet and very convenient, also if you want to protect against day time accidents they are probably the best bet.” Finished the Dr. Tina’s heart skipped a beat.
“It’s all up to you, but if you decide to use protection, here’s an address for a chemist that sell all the products I have just mentioned.” Said the Dr. as he gave Tina a piece of paper with the address of the medical outlet store.
“Ok…. Yeah ……thanks, I’m not sure what I’m gona do though” Replied Tina as she took the piece of paper.
“Well you think about it, and don’t worry I’m sure once the angst of doing your leaving is over this will all stop.” Smiled the Dr.
“Ok…. Well eh…. Thanks.” Thanked Tina as she left the office.

Tina met her Dad in the waiting room and then they paid the receptionist and headed for the car.

“So how it go?” Asked Tina’s Dad.
“Well he said that its probably stress.” Relied Tina
“Oh yeah with the Leaving and all I’d say you are really stressed.” Sympathised Tina’s Dad “is there anything that we can do.”
“Well yeah, there are a few things, we can set and alarm to wake me up to pee, we can get protective sheets, or we can get………. Protective underwear.” Stammered Tina, and as she said underwear she blushed deep red. “I don’t know what I want to do though.”
“Well its up to you?” Insisted Tina’s Dad.
“I know, but it is a hard decision” Replied Tina calmly.
“Ok honey, lets get some coffee and think about it” Advised Tina’s Dad.

Tina and her Dad hugged, and they set off for coffee. The car ride was great, Tina was really bonding with her Dad. They were laughing and cracking jokes, singing along to the radio and just having a laugh. The drive flew by and they were at the café in what seemed like a heart beat. They sat down at a table and ordered there coffee
Tina was drinking her coffee and was reading the newspaper, when she stumbled upon a article regarding the up coming leaving cert. She read the article and she felt the colour leave her face. The article was about how this year saw the most applications to the C.A.O, the body that governed what college you got into and what course you did by a means of how many points you got in your leaving cert. the article went on to say that you could expect and increase in between 50 and 100 points in the worst hit courses.

Tina began to panic, she hadn’t been doing enough study, she wasn’t prepared, she was going to fail, become a bum. This was all to much for her to take. Then it happened. In the midst of her panic attack, she felt her groin grow hot and slippery, she heard the sound of running water. She looked down at her pants and noticed a large wet patch grow around her crotch and work its way down her thighs.

Tina began to break down. Luckily her Dad noticed and was quick to react. He quickly stood her up and put his jumper around her. He then quickly got her outside and to the car. Tina managed to keep somewhat composed up un till she got into the car, then she started to bawl. She was so humiliated. She had just peed herself in a café in front of her Dad. She looked at her Dad and started to cry harder.

“look don’t worry honey we are not to far from home we will get you a new pair of clothes.” reassured her dad
“Ok lets go.” Sobbed Tina

The car journey was horrible, the smell of pee was a constant reminder to Tina of her predicament. She couldn’t even look at her dad. What seemed like an eternity later they arrived home. Tina ran up the stairs and hopped in the shower. She kept playing the event over in her head. She needed the nappies, although it would be humiliating she had to tell her dad. She took her time in the shower to delay the inevitable. Soon she was sparkly clean and now in new pair of clothes and making the longest walk she had ever made to her kitchen.

“Hey Tina, here have a seat.” Greeted her Dad.
“Ok” Replied Tina as she sat down.
“Ok Tina, we need to talk.” Informed her Dad. “You had a embarrassing moment today sweaty, and I don’t want you to have to go through it again, so as your Dad, I’m insisting that you take the doctors advice and get some protective underwear.”

Tina could not believer her luck, it was like something that happened in a poorly written story. She was just about to confess that she needed nappies to her Dad, but he had saved her the humility. So she was safe from that embarrassing moment at least. She took in what was just said and gave her Dad her sad face.

“I guess you are right” Replied Tina meekly as a tear rolled down her cheek.
“Ok that’s settled, now don’t worry hun no body need to know, we don’t even need to tell your Mother.” Reassured her Dad “So get ready we still have a day out to get through.”

Tina got ready and hopped in the car. She felt like she was on her way to certain doom. It was such a mix of emotions, she was getting what she wanted but at a price. Hopefully her Dad wouldn’t make sure she wore her nappies. That would be humiliating.

The journey took 40 minutes, it seemed like 40 days to Tina. But they had arrived

“Well we are here.” Informed Tina’s Dad.
“Yeah.” Gulped Tina.
“So want me to come with you?” Asked Tina’s Dad.
“No, no its ok it something I have to do myself.” Stammered Tina.

She took a deep breath and started to get out of the car, and her Dad handed her a fifty, she looked at him curiously then realised it was the money for the nappies. Tina felt a bit guilt taking her Dad’s money because she craved the nappies, but realised she didn’t have any money of her own so she had to take it.

She walked into the store and looked around. It took her a few minutes but soon she found the aisle she was looking for. “Incontinence Products”. She stood in awe of what was in front of her. Rows upon rows of nappies. She almost squealed with delight. She looked at all the different brands and none of them were familiar to her.

So she looked at the different types she could get. There were pull ups, nappies, belted ones, pads that you put in plastic pants, pads that you put in your under wear. Tina thought for a while on what she was looking for. She wanted something thick and absorbent, she also wanted something discreet something that if she had to wear during the day that she could pull down and be able to use the loo.

She looked around and decided on Molicare Extra Absorbent. And some attends pull ups. She had enough money just for a pack a piece. She brought her purchases to the counter. Now was the moment of truth. Luckily there was no other patrons at the counter so she was seen to right away. She started to sweat and blush beat red. The cashier didn’t even take notice, he just grabbed the packages and scanned them through. Tina paid the cashier and walked back to the car. She was so glad that was over, she was so embarrassed. She was so glad that the cashier was probably used to it. She hoped in the car and let out an enormous sigh of relief.

“How did it go?” Asked her Dad.
“It went ok I guess.” Replied Tina.
“Ok well Tina, I want you to put one on, there is a bathroom around the side I believe and it has a lockable door……I been doing some scouting.” Ordered her Dad.

Tina was mortified, she had just been told to put a nappy on by her Dad, like a little baby. She stormed out of the car, nappy in hand and found the toilet. Surely enough there was a lock on it. She dropped her pants and took off her underwear. Then she just stared at the nappy. She had taken a pull up so she could use the loo when needed. It took her ten minutes and the banging on the door by a angry customer waiting to use the bathroom for her to put it on. She pulled up her pants and left the bathroom apologising to the angry lady on the other side.

The walk back to the car was great, she loved the feeling of her new potty pants. She had to hide her pleasure to guilt her Dad or else he would get wise. She got back in the car without say a word to him

Céile: Chapters 1-11

chapter 12