Céile: Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Tina and her Dad spent the rest of the day hanging out in the city. They had a great time and they both enjoyed bonding with each other . Her Dad even got her some bath salts and CD’s to help her relax. Soon the day was over and they had to get home. Tina went straight to her computer once they got home. She logged on and was delighted to see that Tony was on.

Tina: Hey Tony you will never guess what happened to me today.
Tony: Hey Tina, What happened to you?
Tina: Well I went to the DR.
Tony: How did it go?
Tina: I’m not sure, he said it was probably stress, but something great, and not so great happened.
Tony: Well do tell.
Tina: Well the DR advised me to wear …. Eh nappies.
Tony: Man that’s great, it what you wanted right?
Tina: Oh you have no idea, but there was a weird incident with my dad after.
Tony: Oh yeah, well what happened?
Tina: Well he made me put a nappy on, as soon as I got them.
Tony: Embarrass ya?
Tina: Yeah I was mortified, but also I liked the humility. I think I’m perverted or something.
Tony: Well everyone is perverted.
Tina: Ha very funny, but like I think I’m defective.
Tony: Ah ya aint hun, we all have things you know.
Tina: No, I’m freaking weird.
Tony: I don’t think your weird, I think your wonderful.
Tina: Oh Tony, you to sweet to me.
Tony: Well hun you deserve it. Ah shite I gota go, here I’ll talk to you later ok hun.
Tina: Yeah ok, talk to you later.

After Tony logged off Tina decided that she should to.

“Look dude, we need to get you out of this mood. We are going cruising for chicks.” Instructed Mick.
“Eh where?” Asked Adam.
“We can go to the centre.” Suggested Rick.
“I don’t know you guys, I kinda wanta brood on this for a while.” Whined Adam.
“To bad buddy, you are coming with us.” Insisted Mick.
“Lads I really don’t want …… Hey put me down!” Yelled Adam as Mick and Rick picked him up and dragged him to the car.

The trio set off for the mall in Rick’s piece of junk car.

“Dudes, I really don’t want to go, look can’t we just go back to my place?” Asked Adam.
“Hell no Mofo, we got to get you thinking about something else, you need some tang, and I know just where to get it.” Insisted Mick gingerly.

They shortly arrived at the mall, it was fairly crowded, so cruising in there car was out, so the rambunctious dudes headed for the stores to harass some of the female clerks. They walked by a birthday card shop which was pretty dead, so they wandered in. There were only three people in the shop, who all worked there. One guy who was in his forties, who was clearly the manager. Another dude who followed the manager around like a lapdog, an then there was a outstandingly beautiful girl sitting behind the till. The lads had found there prey.

“Allright darling.” greeted Rick.
“Hi how can I help you?” Enquired the girl.
“Oh I think it is us who can help you lady.” Stated Mick.
“What are you talking about.” Asked the girl.
“Well you look positively bored, and we are here to rock your world.” Informed Rick with a twinkle in his eye.
“Ok I’m not interested in creeps like you.” Responded the girl.
“How do you know? You don’t even know us.” Asked Mick.
“I know well enough, Dave will you take care of this, I’m going on break.” Shouted the girl.
“Sure thing” Replied Dave, the man in his forties, “How can I help?”
“Fuck off that’s how.” Insulted Mick as the trio left the store.
“Well that went well.” Stated Adam sarcastically.
“Well it was the first shop, you weren’t expecting a miracle were you?” Asked Mick.
“Well no, but I was hoping for some success, not to be thrown out of a shop.” Replied Adam.
“Lets just move on and stop bickering.” Insisted Rick.

They wondered from shop to shop, being rejected everywhere they went. Adam was really feeling low, when they bumped into Jan, one of the girls in there year. Jan was about five and a half feet tall and she was overweight. She had long greasy black hair, and always wore dark make up. She was clad in baggy black cloths, yup you guessed it, this chick was pretty gothic.

“Hey you guys, what’s up?” Greeted Jan.
“Ahh we just cruising for chicks, aint going to good though.” Returned Rick
“Mall chicks, really? Cant tap that? Ha lame.” Teased Jan
“Hey be nice.” Moaned Adam.
“Ok, ok I’m just teasing, hey do you guys wanna go to a partay?” Invited Jan.
“Yeah, sure, where and when?” Accepted Adam.
“Ok, I’ll just write the address here, and here you go, right I gota g get some booze I’ll see you at the partay tonight so.” Informed Jan as she gave Adam the piece of paper with the address on it. And then she parted with the boys, and went to get booze.

“Well that settles what we are doing for the night.” Stated Rick.
“Lads I don’t know, I’m not in the mood to party really.” Winged Adam.
“Adam, you can come willingly or we can drag you.” Instructed Mick.
“Fine I’ll go, but we need to get alota booze, I need to drown my sorrows.” Whined Adam.
“Fine but stop being a bitch.” Teased Mick.

The trio made there way to the nearest off licence and picked up two cases of beer. They then made there way to the party.

Céile: Chapter 12

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Céile: Chapter 12

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Céile: Chapter 12

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