Bully Turned Into A BABY


I was an 11 year-old bully it did not make any difference if my target was my age older or just two-years-old if I got a chance to tease, make fun of or take something I wanted I did it. All the younger kids in my neighborhood were afraid of me.
My four-year-old brother Timmy was my main target. As far as I knew he was still wetting his bed every night like I did at his age. I never went into his room because of the memories of my bed wetting problem four years ago. I figured that he was still wetting his bed and pants too because mom still had stacks and stacks of diapers and Pull-ups in the room. I called him my baby, baby brother. I thought he would wet his bed like I did until he was seven or eight. I let everyone know that he still wets his bed and sleeps in a big crib.
I knew moms strict rules about bedwetting and the need to sleep dry for 21 nights to get to sleep in a big boy bed and wear real underwear during the day like had to do. I got my big boy underwear three or four years ago. Wearing a Pull-up to kindergarten was bad but to wear them in first and second grade made me the bully I was. I thought I had to fight to keep my secret. I knew if the other kids were afraid of me they would not find out my secret.
I figured Timmy would be like I was and need night diapers and daytime Pull-ups until he was seven or older. I was happy when mom removed my plastic sheet last year. She kept telling me it was just in case of an accident that is why I had to keep it on my bed. I never had anyone in my room for that reason. Timmy was not aloud in there until the plastic sheet was removed. So he would not find out I was a wetter too.
When I came home from school I saw Timmy was having a little party but I could not figure WHY. When I asked mom what the party was for she told me Timmy was finely successfully potty trained now day and NIGHT. I did not want to go to the little party with all his baby friends where he got gifts of big boy underwear and big boy pajamas. The big gift was of course his big boy bed with a plastic sheet to protect the new mattress.
I went to my room and got my play clothes on and went to the park down the block. I played in the park with my friends terrorizing the little kids until Timmy and mom came to the park to tell me to come eat dinner.
I sat in my booster seat and ate my dinner and watched Timmy eat his meal sitting in his highchair. We were both small for our ages and the seating arrangements work out for the best. I did not mind sitting in a booster seat any way I could reach more stuff on the table that way.
We finished eating our meal and went to play until mom called Timmy for his bedtime bath. I played for another two hours and mom told me it was my bedtime so I took a shower and got my pajamas on and walked to my room to get in my bed.
I looked in Timmy’s room to see his big crib still set up in his room just to remind him if he wets his big boy bed two times in a week he will go back to sleeping in his crib diapered wearing daytime Pull-ups for twenty-one nights and no daytime big boy underwear. That was mom’s standing rule for bed wetting. I thought he would be going to kindergarten wearing Pull-ups like I did.
My bed wetting history is spotted until I was eight years old. When I was seven I was wetting every night. So I was sleeping diapered in a crib just like my brother. For some reason I just could not wake up then when I was seven and a half I started to wet my bed only three or four times a week then once a week not every night. Then just before I turned eight I was wetting once every other week. Then I stopped when my brother was one year old and got my own room. I figured that my brother would be wetting for another few years at least if he was like I was. When I stopped wetting I got my own room.
I was excited summertime was coming and I would be free to tease and bully everyone in the neighborhood. I was small for my age just 46" tall and 44 pounds but I was strong and tough. I could take a lot of punches and still not cry it just made me get madder and hit back harder. Even the bigger kids up to twelve year olds respected the way I would fight them. When my brother and I were next to each other we looked alike in size. I was only two or three inches taller.
The day before school would be out for the summer mom took Timmy and me to the see the doctor for a check-up. We need a check-up to go to daycare. I did not know mom had a plan to teach me a lesson. She had her doctor friend give me a shot while I was in his office that would make me go to sleep for about an hour or so. That would give them time to do a little out patient operation while I slept.
The process is a simple one called a bladder stent insertion. A bladder stent is used for people that can not easily relax one of the two muscles needed to let pee come out of the bladder. Without it they had to use a catheter to go pee with the stent when they wanted to go pee all they had to do was concentrate on relaxing the last muscle and their pee would flow.
The process was to put a catheter like thing in me. The thing had a hard tube to hold the first muscle of two muscles connected to my bladder from closing shut. With a little modification and a longer soft end on the stent it would make the second muscle too weak to hold back very much pee. The doctor drained my bladder and they redressed me.
The process took about 30 to 45 minutes to do. I had no feeling that they done anything to me. When I woke up they said I just passed out for a few minutes from the shot.
While I was out Timmy got an exam and his shot. I was still out of it a little listening to doctor tell mom if he starts wetting his pants to put him back diapers NOT Pull-ups he is old enough to know better. Keep him diapered until he proves he wants to be a big boy by keeping his diaper dry. He needs to stay dry for at least two and a half hours if he fails that just keep him well diapered.
The doctor said there is no need to let a boy wear a Pull-up or underwear if he can not hold his pee for two and a half hours. He needs to learn to stay clean and dry like most four and a half year old boys do. If he wants to be a baby and wet his pants treat him like a little baby with pacifiers, bottles the whole works. When he proves he wants to be a big boy staying clean and dry. Then he can try to use the potty correctly. Timmy whimpered. “Me is a big boy not a diaper baby.” I was the one that called him diaper boy.
On the way home we stopped of at McDonalds that was next door to the doctor’s office where I had a happy meal with Timmy for lunch. While I was munching on some French fries and drinking my Coke I felt my pants get warm and wet in my crotch. I looked down and was horrified at what I saw. I had a big wet spot in the crotch of my pants. I did not even feel the need to go potty and now I have wet my pants like Timmy did a few weeks ago. I knew if Timmy saw my wet pants he would be telling everyone.
I was able to turn away from mom and Timmy on the walk out to the car when we left. Timmy was being strapped in his car seat while I waited on the other side of the car. Mom had Timmy’s car seat equipped with an anti-tampering child seat belt for Timmy. The kid sitting in the seat could not get out without someone else releasing him. Timmy could not unfasten his own seat belt now. When mom closed his door I quickly jumped in my booster seat next to Timmy and fastened my seat belt quickly. I put my hands in my lap to hide the wet big spot. The wet spot seemed to be getting bigger every minute.
When we got home I was out of the car in a flash running to my room. I quickly removed my now soaked pants and tried to use the potty only a very small amount of pee came out. I put fresh dry clothes on and put my wet underwear and pants far under my bed where I would take care of them later.
I told mom I was going outside to play with my friends. I ran to the park five blocks away. When I got to the park I met my buddies and started right away bulling the other smaller kids playing there.
I was in the process of telling a little boy that looked to be five or six that he could not play here at the big boy area he had to go play in the toddler area. I said this area is for BIG BOYS ONLY. He started giggling. Thinking he was wising off to me I grabbed him and was going to push him down on the ground. He yelled back to me I needed to go play with the babies because I wet my pants like a baby.
I let him go and looked down to see and feel a big wet spot forming in the crotch of my pants again. I tried to cover it with my hands but it was too large. Another younger boy that I have bullied before yelled out and pointed at me saying BABY DONNY WET HIS PANTS. I turned and most of my friends were right there. I ran home as fast as I could. I was so embarrassed I could not get home fast enough.
Timmy was in the yard when I got home he saw the huge we spot on my wet pants right away. He ran in the house telling mom that Donny wet his pants. I could not hide it now everyone in the world knows that I have wet my pants like a little baby.
I had no where to hide or go now so I slowly walked into the kitchen with my head hung shamefully. I could hear Timmy telling mom what I had done. What am I going to do now tears were rolling down my face as I walked into the kitchen where mom was standing listening to Timmy tell her what I had done. Timmy was telling on me just like I would tell on him for the same thing.
Mom turned around to see me crying she just told me to go to the bathroom and take off my wet clothes and take a shower. I was relieved I thought she would me real mad and spank me for what I did. Mom followed me to the bathroom door and asked me for my wet clothes so she could wash them while I took a shower. I removed my wet cut-off jeans, underwear, and tee shirt. I handed them to mom through the door and she told me to wash real myself good. I took my shower wanting to hide from everyone that knew that I had just wet my pants like a baby.
When I was finished showering I pee in the toilet with very little effort a small amount of pee went into the toilet. Without even trying hard the pee went flowing into the toilet. I finished drying myself off and wrapped up in a towel opened the door a slowly walked to my room. In the center of my room saw a small pile of pee soaked clothes. I saw both sets of my wet clothes in the small pile. Mom had found my other wet clothes under my bed. Mom stepped up behind me with Timmy standing at her side handing her one of his Pull-ups from his room. They were the same ones he wore a few weeks ago. Mom told me looks like I need some potty training again wetting my pants twice in the same day.
Mom told me that I know the rules about pants wetting in her house. She handed me the Pull-up and said it should be a diaper because of the two pants wetting I have had today. She will let me wear the Pull-ups instead. I told her the Pull-ups were too small for a big boy like me. She sternly told me to try to put it on anyway. She snatched the towel away from me and I stood naked in front of bother of them. I slowly pulled the Pull-up on with ease. She told me see they fit just fine. She told me I know the rules I would have to try keeping it dry because the next time this happens today it will be time for a diaper for Donny.
She led me by the hand to Timmy’s room wearing only the Pull-up I could feel the padding between my legs and hear a slight crinkle. I was led to where Timmy’s little training potty was back out of the closet sitting in his room next to his crib. The same little potty Timmy used for his potty training. She told me to sit on it for ten minutes and try to go potty like a big boy should.
I told her I peed in the toilet when I finished my shower. She told me to try again anyway. I felt very ashamed as I pulled my Pull-up down a little and tried to pee standing up. Mom said not that way she pulled my Pull-up down to my ankles turned me around and told me to sit. I slowly sat down on the little potty with my Pull-ups at my ankles. Mom and Timmy watched me for a few minutes then left the room. I was sitting on the little potty with my legs slightly bent. Mom had fastened the seat belt in the back and could not get up until someone releases me.
I was sitting on the little potty with my Pull-ups pulled down to my ankles feeling so small. Timmy came back in the room and started to play with some toys while I was sitting on the little potty. Timmy started commenting that he was a big boy he don’t need Pull-ups or that little baby potty. He said that Pull-ups are big diapers. He said he can use the big boy potty too not the baby potty like I am sitting on. That is what I would tease him about when he was wearing his Pull-ups using this little potty I am sitting on. I use to tell him Pull-ups are for big babies not big boys. I would even tell him this potty was for babies too.
Now here I sit where he was three or four weeks ago being wearing Pull-ups getting potty trained. Ten minutes after mom strapped me on the potty she returned. She let me stand up and look in the potty she praised me with a small piece of candy for peeing in the potty. Mom pull-up my Pull-up back in place and told me to go play.
That was weird I didn’t know that I had peed I did not feel it. Now she is telling me to go play until dinner just like she would tell Timmy when he was being trained. I did not want to go outside and face all the kids wearing my new underwear. Everyone knew about accident in the park anyway so I played in the playroom in the basement with Timmy.
Mom walked in the playroom and told Timmy and I both it was potty time before we could eat dinner. Timmy said he doesn’t need the potty he can hold it. Mom looked at me and said. Looks like Donny needs to lean to hold it like you Timmy his Pull-up is soaked. Mom told Timmy to look Donny’s stars are gone he must have really soaked his Pull-up this time.
Timmy started giggling as mom had my hand sort of dragging me up stairs to Timmy’s room where the changing table was ready for me. I could feel my Pull-up sagging and bouncing between my legs; I now know that I was soaked. I was lifted on to the table with ease and quickness. Mom had the chest strap across me holding me down. Mom removed my soaked bloated Pull-up by tearing the sides open just like a diaper. I heard it hit the bottom of the empty diaper pail with a thud. She use a cold baby wipe and cleaned me off then powdered me good. She grabbed my ankles before I could react and started to lift my bottom up. I kicked away knowing what she was going to do. I said. NO diapers I was too big for baby diapers.
Mom was quick she had my ankles again holding my bottom in the air giving me one very hard swat causing me to yell out in pain. I started crying asking mom not to diaper me. Mom never liked to hear crying so she put a pacifier in my mouth and told me to keep it there or get spanked more. Mom slowly lifted me off the changing table and sat me on the little potty and strapped me down.
Ten minutes later I was again praised for peeing in the potty again I had no feeling of peeing. Mom lifted to the changing table where mom had a Huggies size 5 diapers all ready for me to wear. Mom softly let my now sore bottom down on the thick padding of the Huggies. She had it taped it in place in seconds. She started dressing me in a new playsuit I never saw before. It was my size and zipped up the back. Mom let me get off the changing table and told me to go the kitchen. I waddled to the kitchen sucking my pacifier feeling the new thicker padding between my legs.
Walking down the hall I could feel my diaper bouncing all the way to the kitchen and it was dry what would it feel like wet? Timmy following me all the way to the kitchen when I got to the kitchen I started to climb into my booster seat and mom grabbed me from behind and sat me in Timmy’s old highchair. Timmy had stopped using his highchair last month when he stopped wetting and messing his Pull-ups while he sat the table. Mom told me I knew the rules if you are wearing diapers you sit in the baby chair. Mom fastened a bib around my neck I wanted to tare the bib off. I knew mom would not like that and spank me again.
I really did not want to eat in the highchair. I knew mom was mad at me so I sat there and watched her started cutting my food up so small I would not even have to chew it. She started to feed me like I was a one year old. I did not even need to chew the food. For my desert she fed me a large bowl of baby food pears.
When dinner was over mom wiped off my messy face off saying looks like Baby Donny is wet again. Timmy just giggled and said not again just like I did when he was wetting his Pull-ups all the time. Mom changed my wet diaper and said until I can keep my diaper dry for two hours like the doctor said little boys older than three need to do before they can start potty training. Little boys older than four need to learn to hold there potty needs for two and a half hours. I remembered what the doctor said about keeping your pants for two and a half hours for older kids.
I was now wetting myself and could not stop it. I really did not want to go outside and face the kids wearing my diapers. Even if I was wearing underwear they had all had seen me with wet pants on and they would know. Mom told me she called the daycare and they said. They did not allow diaper wearing kids outside of the toddler area. So I will be in Timmy’s class tomorrow.
For the rest of the evening I played with Timmy trying to hold my pee as hard as I could but by bedtime I was soaked. Mom changed my diaper again this time she had a thicker night diaper on me. She zipped me into a one piece sleeper pajama that zipped up the back. Mom told me I would be going to the doctor tomorrow to see why I have started wetting my pants so much, maybe he can help.
Mom put me in Timmy’s old crib and told me I had to sleep here until I stop wetting myself so much. I watched her tuck Timmy in his new big boy toddler bed. She gave him his night bottle that is the only bottle he wanted. I told mom I was thirsty too I wanted to get up and out of this baby bed. Mom told me to stay in my crib she would get me a drink. She returned to the room a few minutes later with a bottle for me. I told her. “NO I want to get out of this baby bed.” Mom told me I had to drink the bottle if I was thirsty or leave it until tomorrow morning. She held it to my mouth a few times and I gave up and started sucking it. The lights were turned out and I tried to remove the nipple to drink it like a big boy. I could not unscrew the cap so a laid my head back down and continued to suck my bottle looking through the crib bars. I was going to try to escape the crib when I finished the bottle but I was asleep in a few minutes still sucking my bottle.
The next morning I was awakened by mom trying to changing my wet night diaper. I had wet my night diaper big time. Even with my thicker night diaper my pajamas, sheets and everything I was sleeping with was soaked. My diaper was overfilled and leaking all over the place.
When mom found that I was soak she removed my pajamas and had me on the changing table getting my diaper changed. I watched from the changing table as Timmy woke up got out of his bed and run to the bathroom in our bedroom. I could see Timmy as he stepped onto the little stool in front of the toilet pulled down his pajamas and underwear to sit on the big toilet. Timmy let a long pee into the toilet then he sat there a few minutes longer then he wiped his bottom off with toilet paper and flushed the toilet. I was helplessly sucking a pacifier while mom was cleaning me up.
When Timmy finished using the toilet mom told Timmy to wash his hands. While Donny’s takes his turn on his little potty to try using the potty like a big boy. Timmy watched me get strapped on the little potty naked just like when he was learning to use the potty. Mom went back to the changing table to get a fresh diaper ready for me to wear. I was working at trying to go potty Timmy was watching me too. Timmy said. Go potty Donny be a big boy not a little baby. I use to do that to him when he was going through his potty training.
I tried to go potty but no matter what I did I could not make pee or poop go in the potty to make mom proud of me. Mom had my diaper ready for me ten minutes later so she removed me from the potty chair. I was on my back still sucking my pacifier looking at the ceiling. Mom finished powdering my crotch. She lifted my bottom off the table by holding my ankles in the air she put the fresh diaper under my bottom and let my bottom down.
I had watched her do this to Timmy a thousand times but this was the first time I realized it was happening to ME. Mom quickly pulled the thick diaper up between my legs fastened the taps to the front of the diaper finishing my diapering. She told Timmy that he was her BIG BOY NOW.
Mom took me off the changing table put my feet on the floor then grabbed my hand and started to lead me waddling to the kitchen. As I walked down the hall I could hear my diaper crinkle loudly with every step. The padding between my legs caused me to do a baby waddle like I saw Timmy do many time. I often wondered what it was like to wear thick diapers and walk funny.
Now I know what it was like I could feel my diaper bounce with every shuffled step. I don’t remember Timmy’s diaper making this much noise. Mom sat me in the highchair again just like last night. But this morning all I was wearing was a diaper like I had seen Timmy do many mornings.
Timmy was sitting in his booster seat waiting on mom to get his bowel of cereal and glass of milk. I watched as Timmy started eating his breakfast. Mom was tying a bib around my neck then she started feed me again. I asked if I could feed my self. Mom said. OK but I need to eat it all. My breakfast was baby food oatmeal and I did love oatmeal but this oatmeal was almost like pudding.
I was half-way finished with my oatmeal when the sudden need to poop came to me. I asked mom to go potty she told me I just got off potty the five minutes ago. Mom told me that I had to eat my breakfast first. I suddenly felt my diaper get warm from pee coming out. Even though I was trying as hard as I could not to wet my pants I was still wetting my pants.
I told mom I need the potty badly it was poop not pee she told me to hold it like a big boy. That is not what I wanted to hear. I started to wiggle and squirm as I ate my oatmeal faster. When I finished eating my oatmeal mom handed me a large sippy cup of milk saying to finish it so we would go potty. Just before I finished my milk I felt soft warm poop was slipping out of my butt all at once.
At first it felt real bad sick and disgusting it smelled real bad too. When ever I moved a little it squished up between my legs and the back of my butt. By the time I finished my milk my diaper was feeling so good and squishy between my legs.
Timmy said. He smells a poopy diaper just like I would do to him when he was the diapered one. Timmy was starting to tease me like I teased him. I cried to mom to make him stop teasing me I can’t help it. Mom put a pacifier into my mouth and said. “Stop whining like a baby.”
Mom told Timmy. Baby Donny can’t help it he needs his diapers until he can learn to hold his potty needs like a big boy so don’t tease him. Mom told Timmy. From now on little Donny is a helpless baby he needs diapers until we can potty train him to be a big boy like you. She told Timmy to help keep an eye on Donny’s diaper and tell her when he needs changed.
I felt relieved that Timmy would not be aloud to tease me so much now he had a job to do.
Mom led me to the nursery to change my wet and messy diaper. Mom was fast walker and my diaper was sagging and bouncing and I was led to the nursery. She had me on the changing table so fast and my messy bottom cleaned off. I was back sitting on the potty for my ten minute potty time. After I had my potty time mom diapered me quickly. She told me to go outside and play with Timmy in the back yard.
I knew when I was in my backyard I could not be seen because of the privacy fence all the way around my yard. Being outside wearing only a diaper made me feel insecure. I played around the yard and soon forgot about wearing only a diaper. I was starting to have fun and for the first time ever I was not teasing Timmy about something. I was playing with him. Then I heard mom calling from the porch.
Mom was on the porch with a diaper in her hand calling my name to come get a change. I was embarrassed hoping no one would here her I slowly waddled over to her feeling my wet diaper sagging between my legs. Mom had me lying on the changing pad she had on the porch. She quickly changed my very wet diaper just like I have seen her do with Timmy many, many times.
I went back to playing again trying to stop my pee from coming out but every ten or fifteen minutes it would come out making my diaper wetter. Just before lunch I felt the need to poop again I started to run to the house before I had another accident. Just before I got to the back porch steps I felt a load poop slip out into my soggy diaper. By the time I got on to the back door I did not need to go poop any more. I stopped and turned around and looked back to Timmy playing having fun on the sliding board.
I knew I had just put a load of poop in my wet diaper. I really did not want to face mom with a messy diaper right now I knew I could not hide it. So I waddled back to join Timmy going down the slide. After twenty minutes playing with Timmy. Timmy said. Donny you stinky you need a diaper change. I could not smell it what was he talking about. Timmy grabbed my hand and started dragging me to the house calling mom.
He was yelling to mom Donny has stinky in his diaper. I was hopping no one would hear Timmy’s telling mom what I had done. Mom looked down at me and said. Looks like Donny is going to be diapered for a long time now that he can’t even hold his poop. I tried to tell mom it was an accident that it would not happen again. Mom led me to the nursery and with Timmy’s help changed my wet and messy diaper.
Mom said my doctor’s ordered this medicine for you to start taking to help with your problem. We have another appointment is this afternoon. So I think we need to give you a bath after we get this poop off your butt. I felt so ashamed to let Timmy wipe my behind while mom started my bath water.
Mom had Timmy help her bathe me he did most of the washing as mom watched. He dried me off and finely he had me lying on a changing matt in the nursery. He was aloud to tape my diaper on me. I had done it to him many times but it is quit different to have him do it to me. Timmy put a tee shirt on me the tee shirt on me that had Oscar the grouch on the front holding a pacifier up. Oscar was saying need to be quiet.
Then mom started snapping snaps in my crotch of the Tee shirt. I realized it was an onesie not a tee shirt. Then Timmy was putting my feet in the legs of a short-all. Mom pulled my short-all all the way on and snapped the snaps closed in the back. Then she put my socks and shoes on my feet and we were on our way to see the doctor again.
Things were moving too fast I was put in Timmy’s car seat and strapped in. Timmy got in the booster seat I wanted out of this baby seat but could not reach the releases. Mom had us at the doctor’s office in fifteen minutes. I had to wait in the waiting room with other kids mostly toddlers today.
I sat quietly not wanting to draw attention to myself. They called my name and we went in mom dropped Timmy off at the play area next to the reception nurse. I went into the examination room and the nurse told mom to remove my clothes. There was nothing I could do now the nurse was going to see my diaper. When mom got me to wearing only a diaper the nurse said to remove the diaper too. My diaper was very wet by then so mom dropped it into the Bio waist can next to the exam table.
I was naked sitting on a pad waiting on the doctor when the nurse gave me a shot and out I went again. While I was out the doctor repositioned the stent to allow me to be able to hold more than the one ounce of pee I was holding. Then he put a similar but much larger stent in my butt making it very difficult for me to hold my poop very long. I was now very diaper dependant like a new born baby.
They redressed me and carried me to the car and I was almost home when I woke up. I had wet and messed my diaper by then. Timmy was saying Donny is a real diaper baby he pees and even poops his diaper more than I did when I was a baby. Mom said. From what the doctor told her all Donny needs to do is try a little harder there is nothing wrong with him.
The doctor prescribed drugs to help you. I did not know the drugs were muscle relaxants to help make me more diaper dependant. I was now wetting and messing my diaper just like a one-year-old baby. If I ate or drank something then something was going to be put into my diaper.
I did not want to be playing with boys my age so I played with baby toys. When playing with baby toys I did not have to stand and walk around to much. Playing with baby toys was better all I had to do was sit and play. I did not have to walk around the room showing everyone I was still in diapers that I was a big baby.
After six months of going to the daycare things were getting better no one teases me any more they consider me to be just one of the real babies. I was starting to walk around the room more and play with the ride on toys. I found that I like to big spring horse especially when I had a big mess in my diaper. That trick always got me punished in the playpen for two days.
One year of this treatment I turned twelve so mom had me back to the doctor where they knocked me out again and removed both stents. I was still on the drugs for the next three months. The doctor told mom I would be a very late bloomer and not got through puberty until I was about fifteen.
When the drugs were finished three months later I started to feel the need to pee but was unable to hold it very long. When the feeling of the need to poop was back I was unable to hold it long enough the get someone to take me to the potty. I still had accidents just like a beginner at potty training does. I ended up with a mess in my diaper about ten percent of the time.
Six months after they removed the stents I had the potty training of an eighteen month old. I had grown quite a lot sense my first diaper mom had to buy me larger youth sized diapers now but they looked and worked the same as baby diapers accept much larger.
Three months of potty training I was able to hold my poop most of the time but accidents were common, at least once a week. I could hold my pee for two and a half hours to start potty training. I was still soaking my bed every night so the crib was still all mine it had a twin sized mattress I would never out grow it.
I have been around kids younger than five years old for the last two years. They never made fun of things like pacifiers, diapers, baby clothes, or crying. Those were part of everyone’s life in daycare.
I now like to suck my pacifier most of the time it relaxed me I also like to take a night bottle to go to sleep. Timmy stopped taking his night bottle shortly after I started wearing diapers. Timmy is the one that puts my bottle in my mouth after mom puts me in my crib. Timmy’s bedtime is one hour after mine.
Timmy is ten times more mature than I am he don’t cry by being teased he knows how to come back at a bully. I cry when other kids tease me about my diaper wearing most are just three or four years old. If I was to return to school I would be going to the twelfth grade because I passed all the tests for my school work. I even took another test for college entrance and passed with high marks.
Socially I was not much more than a two-year-old not potty trained yet. I need to get my potty training up to where Timmy’s was two years ago. When I can do that they told me I could start going to preschool to get fully potty train and socialized to be a real big boy. Here in nursery school all I do is play in the playpen alone or with another baby that can not talk or play very well. I do go to a little room with a highchair to be tutored every day during naptime. Once I go in the room I stay there for three hours. I do this instead of taking a nap with the babies.
I was starting to gain more and more control over my poop by the end of my second year of loosing my big boy status. I was almost ready to go to the two-year-old room. There I could get my social life up to at least a two or three-year-old not a one year old.
My social life is over with my old friends because I was wearing diapers all the time at the age of thirteen. I just got some great news I don’t need to go to school ever again because the tests I took last week got me my high school diploma I graduated high school. The tutoring every day at nursery school for three hours every day did that.
School work at nursery school was the only thing that I enjoyed I was a big boy there. Even though I was strapped into a highchair wearing a thick diaper so I had not need for potty breaks. Having so many accidents in my diapers is causing me problems nursery school. They told me in preschool I would not be aloud to use the potty until it was potty time. Even thought I am a head and a half taller than the tallest kids in the room.
Wearing diapers gives the Pull-up wearing babies something to tease me about. I am going to have to work it out. I need to remember how to be a bully again but the drugs that I took for a year has made me weaker than I use to be.
Every day I get stronger soon I will be strong enough to fight back. The problem is if I hit someone I will spend a month back in the baby class where I will sit in a walker or playpen alone. I will be back to wetting and messing my diaper. I will get fed in a highchair and that will be all I will be aloud to do for the whole month. So I will never hit.
I have not hit puberty yet but it will happen soon from what the doctor told mom. Then I will start to grow and need to learn to care for my own diapers. I have had my diapers changed by someone for three years Timmy is the best diaper changer because he never says a word he just does the job. I had one of my messiest diapers ever last week and he just cleaned me up and had me comforted with a pacifier in my mouth. I felt so ashamed of the mess but I could not make it to the potty in time. I really do try hard but accidents happen when you are potty training a beginner.


Re: Bully Turned Into A BABY

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not the same story you posted yesterday, here?

Re: Bully Turned Into A BABY

So why did you post this in both Member Stories and Completed Stories?

I promise you, the 286 views you got in Completed are about all you’ll get. It’s not a very good story, starting with the title and going downhill. I get the feeling a bunch of folks are being kind and not posting at all rather than rip the thing to pieces. However, since you feel the need to crosspost to get attention, I’m going to just lay it out for you:

  1. This reads like it was lifted off D***er.com. You abused every single cliche there is in bad diaper stories. There’s no plot, only a rapid-fire sequence of events (all involving some kind of mention of diapers and/or pull-ups) designed to get straight to the payoff, which is someone too old for diapers being diapered AND miraculously acting like a baby instantly thereafter.

  2. You have no concept of tense - you mix them constantly. “My bed wetting history is spotted until I was eight years old.” This is a perfect example. Take a look through yourself and you’ll see at least a dozen more such sentences where you flip between past and present tense with no real purpose.

  3. You have no concept of punctuation or sentence structure. “I was an 11 year-old bully it did not make any difference if my target was my age older or just two-years-old if I got a chance to tease, make fun of or take something I wanted I did it.”

This should read:

“I was an 11-year-old bully. It did not make any difference if my target was my age, older, or just two years old; if I got a chance to tease, make fun of, or take something I wanted, I did it.”

Never mind the fact that, the way the back half of that second sentence is structured, it indicates that if you got a chance to tease (something you wanted), make fun of (something you wanted), or take (something you wanted), you did it… This is a failure to understand object, or it’s just lazy writing.

In short, your story is rankly amateurish and reads like you were typing with one hand the whole time. No one here is impressed by it, I assure you.