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Ms. Tweedelbow stared down at the paddle in her hand. She had been right about one thing. She was right about one thing- girls that bratty must have been constantly pampered. Seems she was right in more ways then one. While she normally wouldn’t condone physical violence, it seemed that there was only one way to solve this particular kind of problem.

She bit her lip. She was sure there could be some kind of consequences from the university if she did this.

What were those consequences again? She tried to think of them, but ran into sudden brain fog. However, it would have to be an issue. It was definitely… definitely…

What would it be? More fog, and she couldn’t think of anything. More importantly, she was angry, and could think of a LOT of issues for her losing control of the class to these two “pampered” brats.

She hefted the paddled, walked around the front of the desk, and in front of the stunned class raised it behind the first upturned adult diaper.

“Why you little!” Matilda shouted, grabbing at Rebecca’s head. She was sure she should be able to fight better then this. She was a trained athlete fighting a geek, this should be easy. Instead, somehow they were both bent right at the desk flopping around like uncoordinated idiots.

She tried to push herself up, but Rebecca pushed at her face and the shock knocked her back down. Rebecca then tried to get up over her but she pulled her hair down. It was almost as if some outside force was ensuring their fighting would keep them perfectly positioned as they were.

She noticed the teacher walking behind her saying something, but she paid it no attention. Instead she shouted “You pants-wetting @*#)!” and drove her palm into Rebecca’s eyes. She gained an empty hand, and tried to…


“AAAA!” she shouted, as a sudden pain struck her bottom. What the heck was that?

She looked behind herself. Ms. Tweedelbow was behind her holding a paddle.

Her eyes went wide. “What? NO!” She shouted as the paddle came down again. She screamed again.

Rebecca watched in glee as her former rival was getting spanked in front of the class.

“Yes! Take that! BAD GIRL!” she gloated. The paddle went up and down again, hitting Matilda’s diaper with loud WHACKS and CRACKS. She tried again to make her mess and wet herself and failed, but almost didn’t care as she watched her take on the well deserved punishment. Matilda tried to argue, but each spank cut her off with a shout, and quickly she devolved into a whining, tear soaked mess.

The teacher pointed the paddle at Rebecca. “Don’t you go gloating! I have no idea what’s going on here, but your huggies are getting this too, you fucking diapered brat!” She stepped behind her.

“What? But I’m the… OUCH!” she shouted as the paddle hit her, shocking her.

“You’re what!?” she asked as she spanked her again.

Her mind scrambled. She hoped for better words, but what came out was “But I’m a good girl! I’m the best student!” She was sickened by the whininess of her own voice.

“No you’re not! You’re just another spoiled brat!” Ms. Tweedelbow said, and spanked her again.

Ms. Tweedelbow gave the brunette diapered brat another hard spank, then moved behind the blond diapered brat. She had no idea how she ended up with two girls like this in her class, but if she couldn’t make them grow up in one way, she’d at least paddle the brattiness out of them.

“Please! No more!” Matilda said. She stared at her through tears in her eyes and tried to stand back up.

“NO!” Tweedelbow shouted, and pushed her back down. “You stay right there on my desk where you belong, or I’ll fail you and get you expelled!”

Rebecca started after her. “But wait… can’t we just…”

Ms. Tweedelbow pointed her paddle at her. “NO! No more want-to-be-clever arguments. You stay right there and take your spanking or I’ll fail you too!”

Rebecca sobbed and went back down.

She went behind the two girls and began thrashing both their behinds in turn. She switched from their diapers to their thigs back and forth, hoping to leave clear red marks on their legs so everyone could see what happened to people who acted up in her class. Each loud SMACK brought another louder yelp from them, bringing them further and further into tears, and the class further into laughter.

She began to yell between each smack. “I SMACK don’t SMACK Know SMACK what SMACK you SMACK two SMACK are SMACK playing SMACK at, but SMACK I’ve SMACK had SMACK it SMACK up SMACK to SMACK hear SMACK with SMACK you!”

“You constantly disturb my class, you’re constantly doing these childish little squabbles, and you come in with that embarrassment of a project only to end up fighting like children! I don’t know why you’re both dressed like this but the diapers are fitting! If you’re going to both act like children I will punish you like children until you behave!”

The smacks continued, and both girls sobbed onto her desk.

Rebecca sobbed, her legs flailing behind her as the smacks came down. Almost as bad as the pain was the humiliation this would inevitably cause when word got out. The only thing she could think of that would distract people would be someone else humiliating themselves even more. She once again tried to squeezed Matilda’s bladder and guts, and once again it didn’t work.

The witch smiled, watching the results of her handiwork. The “professor”- really an adjunct who kept “forgetting” to include her full position when speaking about it- was another easy one to work with. Massive ego problem, authoritarian issues, abusive tendencies she was one of the worst examples of bullies, someone who only cared about having authority over people, was given a tiny bit of it, and used it in the worst ways possible. The paddle was something the witch had planted months ago, figuring it would come in handy. As her plan developed, all it took was ensuring Rebecca and Matilda both acted up a few times and challenged her in her class, and she would get angry. Then her favorite little brain fog spell would make her forget the consequences of spanking two grown adult women in her class, and voila. Two diapered brats were getting their backsides paddled in front of a class, and three bullies ensured future punishments.

They tried to get up, but the witch sent her spells out. To the class, it looked like they were just clumsily flailing and uncoordinated. In reality, each motion was blocked.

The witch felt Rebecca try to make Matilda mess herself again, and blocked it as she did the others. This brought even more, stronger attempts, and the witch couldn’t help but laugh.

Both girls were sobbing loud enough for her to hear. The thrill of watching them first have their diapers exposed, then get spanked, was a lot. Watching the class laugh and record, knowing full well that this was going to be spread around the college by the end of the day, was better. However, the best was still yet to come.

She had two other spells at play. The first was block on both of their phones keeping them from sending compromising pictures and videos to each other. Quietly, she lifted it, then began a bit of what she called, “meddling.”

By ‘coincidence,’ both their flailing led them to knock their phones out of their bags. Then, as they tried to grab at them, they both simultaneously hit a “send” button.

The first people to notice were in the front row, then a few others began to see. The two girls and the teacher, caught up in their own scene, didn’t even notice as the students found another entire reason to laugh.

In fact, they found hundreds of them. Dozens of potential blackmail images and videos both girls took of each other in their worst mindsets spread out.

She had been selective in what she included. None of it was nudity or sexual, she wouldn’t go that far. But dozens of adorable costumes, messy diapers, embarrassing statements, punishments, and compromising positions were suddenly visible. Realistically, it wasn’t much more then the videos of their current spankings, but it meant the bullies were being punished by their own actions, which the witch wanted more then anything.

The second spell was a bit more complicated. First, it involved giving Rebecca her own spell, through the witches’ own power. Then, she blocked it at the right time. In a play that she admitted even impressed herself, she ran it through what she called a “doubler,” a “mirror” and a “conduit” set at fifty percent. In simple terms, this allowed the spells to go onto their intended target, while also reflecting all the same spells right back at their target. She then set dams at both ends and let the spells build up, and up, and up… all waiting for release.

She smirked at the diapered brats getting spanked. They probably thought this was the most humiliating thing that could happen to them, and they were so, so wrong.

She let the magic dams release, and two other very visible dams did the same.

Rebecca, crying and sobbing, desperately tried push her spells again.

Finally, something happened. She felt the invisible wall that was stopping her disappear, and her magic moved forward.

“Yes!” She cheered before letting out another yelp of pain. She forced a smile. She was suffering, but at least Matilda would get it worse.

She saw Matilda’s eyes went wide. “No no no!” She pleaded as her stomach loudly grumbled.

Rebecca had made her mess and wet herself before. She had done it badly, even. However, what followed was worse.

Matilda could only moan and cry as the built up pressure from dozens of spells hit her stomach at worse. Like watching a train wreck, Rebecca could only stare as her diapered instantly inflated behind her… then kept growing. Within seconds it was stained a deep brown, and the smell made them both gag.

Rebecca put a hand to her nose. She knew she had pushed a lot, but didn’t imagine this much. From the sounds of the ewwing and people moving behind her, the smell had already hit the first few rows of students, and more came.

“You @*#@…” Matilda sobbed. “Why are you so mean? You #((# @((@~!”

Her stomach groaned, and more came. Her diapers, thick as they were, were already leaking, and Rebecca was shocked they hadn’t burst.

She laughed. This… THIS… was the best possible revenge. She may be getting spanked, she may have had her own secret exposed, but it was nothing compared to…

Her laughter stopped. Her own stomach turned.

“NO!” she shouted.

Her mind raced, wondering what was happening. All the ‘spells’ she had cast on Matilda, everything she had done to her guts, were now pouring into her. She struggled to hold on, but barely last a second before a loud BRAPPT came into her own waiting diaper, which was still completely exposed and pointing right at the class and their cameras.

The mess kept coming. She looked ahead through the list at the dozens of ‘spells’ she sent to Matilda, each getting progressively worse as she tried to humiliate her more, and her frustration grew. She almost envied Matilda for her double thick abdl diapers, and prayed her own diaper could hold it all.

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Ms. Tweedelbow raised the paddle again, then stopped.

Another loud noise, coming from Matilda’s ass, startled her.

Her intended target was expanding. She looked at Matilda, and saw her moaning and shouting “no no no” repeatedly.

It took her a second to guess what was going on, and a second longer for the smell to confirm it. She gagged, put a hand to her nose, and backed up.

The girl was messing herself. BADLY. She looked at Rebecca, and saw she was doing the same. Both girls had gone from a chorus of whines and pained yelps to a chorus of moans, farts, and squishes.

She shook her head. Both girls deserved punishment, and she wouldn’t allow further proof of their childishness to stop that. All this did was show what their diapers were for.

“You disgusting brats!” she said, and raised the paddle again.

Matilda moaned as she kept messing her diaper. How much had Rebecca pushed on her? It just kept coming and coming, seemingly for minutes on end. She could already hear fluid dripping from her diaper onto the ground. She gagged from her own smell, and could only imagine how it looked to the class.

“AAA!” She shouted, as yet another spank hit her.

The professor was STILL going to spank her?

“OWW!” she shouted again at another whack.

This time it was different. The pain from the smacks was matched from another feeling. Each smack brought a stomach turning “squish” as her own still growing mess was pushed back against her.

“No eewww please its so… AAAA… gross! AAA!” She cried as the spanks continued, once again switching between her and Rebecca. She felt the pile in her diaper turn to an even more disgusting mush and coat her entirely. Her mind switched between concentrating on the growing pain and disgust, becoming unbearable. Worse, the knowledge it was happening in front of the class, all people who once were intimidated by her, and likely being filmed, filled her with more humiliation then anything Rebecca had brought.

Rebecca. In the end, it really was all her fault. She comforted herself that at least she was experiencing the same.

Rebecca sobbed on the desk. She had stopped struggling all together, and her only motion was the involuntary flailing of her legs as she was paddled. She assumed the witch had done something to keep them both bent over, which meant there really was no choice but to stay and accept her awful “punishment.”

Her stomach turned, and her thighs ached. The awful feeling of the slop in her diaper being spanked against her was almost as bad as the still increasing pain. She prayed the witch would decide to end it soon.

The witch covered her giggling behind her hand. Anyone looking would probably assume she was covering her nose, which would probably have been the case if she wasn’t used to it from her experience with submissives. Even far back in the class, the combined smell emanating from the two bullies’ diapers was driving people away. The witch didn’t mind, she had planned this after all, so she just sat and watched. She would have brought popcorn if it wouldn’t be too obvious- this was better then any movie.

Rebecca had really gone overboard with her spells on Matilda, and the witch was LOVING it. Rebecca seemed to like to focus on the sound, ensuring whatever Matilda did was as loud as possible. Presumably she wanted to make Matilda jump, and everyone else laugh. The long of spells she had sent, now coming all at once from both of them, resulted in a cacophony of noise that, when combined with the rhythmic spanks and pitched yelps and moans, rivalled most orchestras.

That is, if the orchestras were out of tune and written as a joke. She doubted the rest of the class appreciated it as much as she did. Without knowing the background of the petty war between them, (and without the proper appreciation of bizarre kinks the witch had) the pure comedy and beauty of was missed. Part of her was tempted to record it and use it as a ringtone.

Even better, it just kept going. Rebecca had tried dozens of times over a fair bit of time to make the spells work, meaning it was taking a long time to go through them, and the “professor”- she refused to think of that woman as a real professor without quotation marks- kept spanking them for the entire time. The witch subtly sent spells to add to the strength and absorption of their diapers to ensure they stayed where they were supposed to.

She couldn’t bear it anymore. She went from small giggles to outright laughing, with her own tears streaming down her cheeks. The scene really was so perfect, and it just kept going. It was just so long and awful, and they deserved it so much.

On top of that, she couldn’t deny she was enjoying it for other reasons. She loved seeing women be diapered and punished, she had dozens of submissives who could attest of it. Both of these girls were particularly adorable in their outfits, and she could have just stared at their cute, diapered bottoms and blushing faces for hours.

She had an idea. She reached a spell into the teachers mind, and changed her ranting between spanks.


“You two smelly, disgusting brats!”


“Both just pathetic little babies!” Her voice was wonderful, the perfect mix of teasing and harshness she used on her own subs.


“Did your mommies forget you here? You need someone to change your poopy widdle pampies?”


“I should have you crawl around the entire school begging for a change! Beg your superiors, the ACTUAL grown up students who can ACUTALLY get through the day without filling their fucking huggies, for a diaper change, so we can all see what pathetic babies you are!”


“Do you have pacifiers too? Should I get you a stroller and push you like that into the main square?”

The girls pleaded for her not to, and she kept going, berating them as she spanked. The professor went on mocking them in the same tone and words the witch used in her submissives. She considered herself a professional when it came to humiliating spoiled brats, and her odd kind of eloquence ground the girls even deeper down.

Finally, both her swings, and their bottoms, slowed. Ms. Tweedelbow lowered her arm for one more light spank on each, then dropped the paddle on her desk. She was soaked with sweat and panting.

The witch smiled. She reached out with her spells, and each girl let out one last loud BRAPPT filled the class room and brought the scene to an end, and remained lying bent over and sobbing on the desk.

The class stared. They had seen many bizarre things since coming to the university, particularly in MS. Tweedelbow’s class. This, however, was bound to go down as the strangest event yet.

That is, until the witch found another collection of bullies and came up with an even stranger punishment.

The ‘professor,’ of course, wasn’t done.

“You and you,” She said, pointing at both the sobbing girls. “Stand up.”

Still sobbing and rubbing their bottoms, they obeyed.

She went behind her desk and took out two large pieces of paper and some tape. As they watched, she rolled them both into long cone shapes, and in large letters, wrote “DUNCE” down the side of each.

“D…dunce caps?” Rebecca asked.

The ‘professor’ nodded. “Yes. Are you seriously arguing right now? Can you even smell yourselves?” They both hung their heads.

“You’ve bone been acting like dumb little babies. This fits you perfectly.” She stuck one on each head. “Now. You,” She pointed in Rebecca. “Go stand in that corner. Matilda, in the other. Stay in there and suck your thumbs like the dumb little babies you smell like while the rest of the class acts like adults.”

Both girls began protesting, but Ms. Tweedelbow simply raised the paddle and an eyebrow, and both meekly obeyed the humiliating directions.

She ordered the other students to open the windows to let the air out. The rest of the class continued on much as normal, with the exception of the fragrant girls lightly crying in the corners, dark brown diapers and bright red thighs on display to show what happened to bullies who took it too far. The class tried to pay attention, but spent most of their time teasing and giggling at their former bullies, both of whom were too afraid to respond, or do anything except suck their thumbs and pout.

When the class ended, they were both brought back before the class. The ‘professor’ made them hug in front of the class to make up, and they obeyed while exchanging glares.

Both their skirts were ruined, and unsurprisingly no one wanted to offer any of their own clothes to cover the bulging diapers. Instead, Ms. Tweedelbow decided it would help drive the lesson home if they walked back to their dorms dressed as they had been in the corner, with the addition that they should hold hands as a sign of their newfound friendship. Both wanted to argue, and both hated the other even more then before, but the memory of the spanking and the embarrassment of the situation removed any will to fight back.

The walk home seemed miles longer then ever before, and was full of the laughter and mocking of students who they used to look down on. By the time they got there, much of the school had seen them. Shortly after arriving, they realized they had seen far more- the dozens of videos and images they had sent to embarrass the other were released, and were getting shared around the school.

The lesson was hard, and neither was likely to try bullying again.

Of course, “likely” never satisfied the witch, and she decided to be certain.

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In a large, oak paneled office full of books, two girls stood in front of a finely carved wooden desk. Both were dressed as normally university students, with one slightly more fashionable in a nice shirt and jeans, the other might be seen as a bit ‘geekier’ in a thick woolen sweater and corduroys. The light in the office was dim, the lamps were finely carved but old, so that is all some might have noticed of them. However, if someone looked closely, they might have noticed not all was ‘normal’ about the girls. Both had the bulge of clean disposable diapers under their pants and the slight smell of powder, which all around decided was better then the alternative. One had argued she didn’t need the diaper, but at this point few believed her.

Behind the desk was the Dean of the university, Doctor Jefferson. He was a gray, heavy set man who was always seen in similar brown pants, brown plaid shirt, and darker brown woolen vest. To his right was a women both girls knew as Ms. Tweedelbow, who glared at them over folded arms. To his left was another dark, statuesque women in a long black dress neither girl knew.

“Hello all, and welcome to my office,” the dean said in a slow, sonorous voice. “We have much to discuss, so I think we should just overlook t the fact we are in a room full of women and the person in charge is a man.”

“What?” Rebecca asked. She looked at the other faces, and no one else noticed.

“I am not quite sure why I said that. Anyway, we obviously have a few issues here. Obviously, we can’t overlook months of back and forth blackmail and harassment between students, much less the public fighting. On top of that, the situation was obviously embarrassing for both stinky little babies involved”

“WHAT!?” Rebecca said again. This time, only her and Matilda seemed to notice.

“Once again, I’m not quite sure why I said that. The second problem is the damage to reputation with possible future implications. As the school is always looking out for our students and for possible lawsuits, we think we have a solution to both. Oh, and you obviously failed the design class, your “baby clothes for adults,” wasn’t meant to end that… literally.”

“Ok but right there,” Rebecca cut in. “Don’t you think that was just a really weird assignment? Isn’t a lot of what happens at this university really weird?”

“No,” the Dean shook his head, and both the other professors did the same. “That seems normal to me.”

“Me too,” the woman in the black dress said.

“And me, obviously, since I made it,” Ms. Tweedelbow added.

The Dean looked at her, then back at the two students. “So, we think we have a solution that will work for both of us. Doctor Bruxa?”

The woman in the black dressed stepped forward. “We are planning a new class that will combine our home economics, nursing, and drama divisions.”

“SEE!? What kind of university thinks of that? Its WEIRD!!” Rebecca added.

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” the Dean added. “Doctor Bruxa, please continue.”

“Thank you. This course will consist of multiple sections each of three students. In each trio, two will play one role, the third will play another. I think it can be best explained through example. Miranda, you have the rights to enter.”

The door opened, and a pair of students walked in. The first was a short, dark haired girls in a long blue dress. The other was a tall blond boy wearing a…"

“Is that boy wearing a tutu!? And a DIAPER!?” Matilda shouted out.

“Actually, I don’t WEAR anything,” the boy smiled. “I ROCK whatever clothing happens to be lucky enough to find onto my body. However, yes in this case its a tutu and a diaper. Both pink. Also, a paci and some cute socks,” he lifted his legs to show long stripped stockings.

“Mhmm,” the dean said. “Yes, and while I understand the diaper and pacifier…”

“Wait, that’s the part you understand?” Rebecca asked, but was ignored.

“But the tutu… Doctor Bruxa?”

“I’m not sure. Miranda?”

“I’m not sure either. We lay out the blue onesies he was supposed to wear, but they kept getting replaced by pink onesies and skirts. We aren’t sure why.”

“Gee imagine that” the boy said, putting a hand to his chin s if thinking hard.

“Well… yes… ok I suppose that’s fine,” Doctor Bruxa added. “As I was saying, these two represent our new program. His “Daddy” couldn’t be here, as he is buying more diapers.”

The boy in the tutu giggled. “Hehe my ‘daddy’ has to buy me more diapers since I go through them so fast.”

“Is it just me or is he enjoying this to much?” Rebecca asked.

He looked at her in fake shock. “Heavens! Whatever could you mean? I have no idea, please explain in detail what you mean and what websites you’ve been looking at which would make you think that would be a thing.”

“Yes, that is a very strange thing to imply Rebecca, you are definitely the weird one here,” Doctor Bruxa added, and the others nodded in agreement. “He applied for this role purely on financial gain, and we chose him as we think it could help with some of his other issues, particularly with his writing classes.”

“Anyone who accuses me of writing self insert characters into my stories is just being observant and accurate.”

“Quiet Alex, adults are speaking,” Miranda said, pushing a pacifier into his mouth. “You know the less you speak the less likely you are to get into trouble.”

Doctor Bruxa cut in. “No no, its quite alright, we have time here while the other baby comes. I know how much you like telling people they can get in trouble for saying the wrong thing Miranda. He also has issues with spelling,”

“Mi deadication two propar speling is proff ov mi respkt four mi adience,”

“And outright insulting people in his stories.”

“My readers are dumb babies and someone needs to tell them.”

“Excuse me, are we late?” another student walked in. Both Rebecca and Matilda were shocked when they noticed Ben, the football player Rebecca used to torment Matilda. He was dragging a another by the hand, a brown haired girl with glass. She strode in proudly, sashaying a blue her skirt with her spare hand and swinging her hips as if to deliberately emphasize the fact she was wearing a thick diaper underneath it. She also sucked a pacifier and hummed loudly behind it. It was as if everything she did was to attract as much attention to her infantile clothes as possible while also nonchalantly pretending as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Ben?” Matilda shouted."

“Yes, you know him?” Doctor Bruxa said. “He suddenly seemed very interested in being part of this a few weeks ago. Talked a lot about bouncing the adult babies on his knee.”

Rebecca and Matilda looked at each other, and Matilda blushed.

“So… uh…” Rebecca continued. "Is this another one of the babies?’

“Yes! This is Danny!” Ben said. “My baby!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” the new girl said from behind her pacifier.

“You’re the baby. That is why you are wearing a diaper and sucking a paci.”

“No I’m not.”

Matilda cut in. “You are CLEARLY wearing a diaper and showing it off.”

“Diaper?” Danny looked down. “What are you talking about? I’m wearing normal underwear, right?”

“Yes, of course you are,” Alex said. “She’s being weird again.”

“Anyway,” Doctor Bruxy said. “She was a good choice because she posted a picture of her own butt in a diaper online several months ago.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, I never wear diapers for fun.” Danny said, shaking her head. “Even if I did, it was probably just for this.”

“Once again, it was several months before we announced this.”

“Does it bother no one that all these people are clearly just doing it out of some kind of kink?”

“WHAT?! Our motivations are purely financial!” Alex busted in.

“Yes! And also I don’t know what you are talking about!”

The dean pointed at her. “See? Clearly she doesn’t like it. She is so embarrassed she is traumatized and repressing it. That is alright though, we are paying her, and the solution to all problems is money.”

“Right,” Alex said. “Like me. My sole goal in doing the thing Danny isn’t doing is money.”

“But,” Rebecca said. “Aren’t you the designer guy? I’m pretty sure we had a class on you where everything you designed was pink.”

“NO!” Alex shouted. “That is another totally different character with the same name and awesome taste. Also I hear he’s really cool.”

“Alright, we are getting off track. Also, we hope this will solve silly claims of magic on campus,” Bruxy said.

“Yes, magic. That will conveniently explain any potholes,” Alex said.

“What an odd statement, but true. Anyway, the idea is two students raise the third as a baby for a full semester. They push them in strollers, dress them, change their diapers, feed them, and ensure they do their homework. You can stay in new wing of the university with furnished adult sized nurseries, funds for clothing’s and other items are provided by the school, and the “baby” students are each given a bursary for their other classes in exchange. This way, the two “parents” get a home economics lesson as well as a nursing one, as the “babies” are actually adults,” and the “Babies” get money and a drama class. Sound reasonable?"

“NO! Nothing in this school is reasonable! How the heck does this place pass inspections!” Rebecca shouted.

“I handle the inspectors, they go fine,” Doctor Bruxy said with a wink. “So, we have two more couples to set up.”

“Annndd you want us as the caretakers?” Matilda said in a pleading voice.

The teachers looked at each other. “Don’t worry, she wasn’t the one who thought she was smart,” Tweedelbow said.

“Oh no,” Matilda said, and put a hand to her mouth.

Dr. Bruxy reached behind the desk and pulled out two outfits. Both girls gasped.

In her left hand was a cloth diaper in a bizarre pattern of dark colors on it, and onesie in a disgusting green color with “Pampered” written across the chest. In the other was the same “Dumb baby” diaper that Rebecca had forced Matilda to wear, and a pink onesie with the same on it. “We are sorry about the designs. Matilda’s mommy and daddy wanted to go for all natural with cloth diapers and recycles cloth, which lead to this particular… look. Rebecca’s were ordered from a kink website and all arrived like this by mistake. Anyway, if you do this not only will we let you stay and remake your scholarships, but we think your past… events… can be passed off as part of it in exchange for a signed agreement not to sue.”

"So… I’m not only going to be treated as a baby, but do it in the ugliest clothes possible while being labelled “pampered?” Matilda asked.

"And I’m going to be going around getting called “Dumb?” Rebecca said.

“Yes. Isn’t that clear?” Bruxy asked.

“But you can’t do this to me! My dad will…”

“Your dad agrees with this, since you lost your athletic scholarship.”

“But you can’t just make us dress and act like babies!”

“We can if you want to pass.”

“But… but” both girls said in unison, staring in shock at the humiliating outfits.

“No,” Bruxy said, slamming her hand on the desk. “You are going to be babies. You will wear your diapers, fully visible in public, be brought around in strollers and on toddler leashes, you will wet and mess yourself, you will get spanked by your caretakers…”


“Yes, to ensure control they are being given paddles to ensure control.”

A clapping sound filled the room.

Rebecca pointed at Danny and Alex. “They just high fived! Look at them smiling!”

“I have no idea what you mean, but if you continue acting up we will have your new mommy or daddy spank you. You are going to learn to be good babies, or you will be expelled, understand?”

Rebecca and Matilda’s mouths both hung open.

“Say it. Say it now or be expelled.”

“I will learn to be a good baby,” Rebecca said slowly.

“I will learn to be a good baby,” Matilda said through tears.

“I WILL LEARN TO BE A GOOD BABY!” Danny and Alex both cheered in unison.

“Good. Good babies. And yes, you will. Don’t worry, we will organize for you to be re-potty trained at the end of the semester.” The sound of another high five filled the room and Rebecca rolled her eyes.

Oh, and one more thing." She looked at Tweedelbow. “We can’t let you physically abusing and berating students go unpunished. You can keep the job, but you have to help us with something.”

“What?” Tweedelbow asked.

“We technically can’t force janitors to carry out dirty diapers, clean nurseries, or wash soiled cloth diapers. Adjunct professors, however, we can do anything with.”


“Also, our rules have a strict dress code for this, ordered from the same site,” She held up a short maid’s dress.

Tweedelbow’s hands went to her mouth. “Oh #@#$,” she said.

All three former bullies looked at their new chosen outfits in shock as the outfits.

And, as Matilda and Rebecca both glanced up at Broxy, something else happened, something that if it wasn’t for their new caretakers grabbing them by the wrists to dress and diaper them would have led to another of their patented tantrums. For a quarter of a second, Broxy winked, and changed into the witch, then changed back.

A week later, the witch was again leaning in her chair in the back of a class. At the front, four students, each wearing only t shirts, diapers, and soft soled booties, sat in high chairs. Around them, pairs of other students fed them bowls of mushed food and bottles of formula milk while the rest of the class watched. Two of them seemed to be enjoying it, the other two sat bored and angry, eating between glares.

If you asked any of the students, the two angry ones used to each be a kind of diva in the school. One, who you could tell by the fact she was wearing the thickest cloth diapers and ugliest possible onesie. She had been a cheerleader and an athlete who used to mock others for their clothes and use her popularity to lord over others. The second you could tell by the words “Dumb Baby” written across her shirt and diaper. She was an over arrogant want to be ‘intellectual,’ who looked down on anyone who she didn’t think was as smart as her, which was, well, everyone, and refused to see she was often the problem. Now, neither would have the standing to bully again, even after their term in diapers.

There was an odd sense about the new program. Most people took the explanation that it was simply something people could willingly due in exchange for funding, which was obviously a benefit. Still, there was a sense that somehow the people being pushed into it had done something to deserve to be there. People cooed and dotted over them as you would with a baby, while still looking down at them. Two clearly didn’t mind, and it was the grumpy ones most assumed had done something really wrong.

That was, of course, as the witch had hoped. She had a fair bit of influence over the collective mindset of the students. She didn’t want to permanently ruin the girls, just teach them a lesson. Once they were done with this, they could move on, and few outside the university would remember. They, however, would, and would benefit from the lesson in humility.

However, she couldn’t hide the fact she loved watching it. Using her fake bodies, she put herself into a number of positions to watch and take part. Doctor Bruxy was her favorite, this one, the same ‘boy’ that watched the scene in the design class, was another. She sometimes let them know it was her watching, and had even pushed the knowledge of what had happened into Matilda’s brain, just to gloat over it. It was fun to see the reaction.

The ‘babies’ finished their food, and the witch watched for her favorite part. The caretakers circles around behind the 'babies." The pushed them to lean forward, and opened the back of their diapers. Hands went to noses, then to clips on the high chairs.

Each baby was taken to a pad in front of the class. Danny and Alex made a show of embarrassment through giggles, Matilda and Rebecca groaned and blushed. each was laid down on the pad, then changed. The students watched as the caretakers tore their old diapers off, wiped them down, powdered them, and re-diapered them. Then, they watched as their former abusive adjunct professor came in in a maid’s dress to finish cleaning up the mess, holding her own nose shut as she carried out the used diapers.

Applause filled the room at a job well done. The caretakers lifted their "babies’ up and they all bowed in unision, and Alex’s hands shot up in celebration. Rebecca and Matilda bowed reluctantly.

The witch made a point of catching their eyes. She winked.

Immediately the two girls threw a tantrum, smashing their feet on the floor and trying to pull toward her. Both were quickly pulled over their “Daddy’s” lap. Their “mommies” came with paddles, and soon they were receiving one of many, many spankings.

The witched smiled and sighed. It was going to be an EXCELLENT semester.

(thus ends what is probably my longest story yet. Thanks for reading all! :slight_smile: )