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Rebecca smiled as she left her final class of the day. She reminisced about teasing Matilda near the trashcans. Simple, effective, and got the point across. She was glad she noticed them on her way down the stairs. Even with the power she now held over her former harasser, she didn’t want her meeting up with her friends again. Matilda she could stop with her newfound powers, the others had no such weakness, vicious mentalities, and knowledge of a secret Rebecca didn’t want getting out. Fortunately, they were also followers, and not very smart ones at that. Without Matilda, they were sheep without their former nasty shepherd, and Rebecca had little to worry about. It was nice to feel in power.

Speaking of… “Fuck!” she loudly swore as her phone began buzzing as an alarm went off, surprising her. She had forgotten about that timer.

The alarm had nothing to do with her own schedule, but reminded her of Matilda’s. Specifically, the fact she was about to go on an hour long break before her next class. In a different world, this would be where she’d meet up with friends, grab a coffee, take a nap, or, if she was so inclined, might actually study for once. Unfortunately, she decided to bully someone who was given magic powers by a nice, friendly witch.

Rebecca focused her energy. Somewhere across the campus, Matilda was messing herself. If she was smart, and more importantly obedient to Rebecca, she had her diaper on, so it wouldn’t be too big an issue. She laughed to herself at the thought of Matilda jumping up and running to the bathroom, desperately trying to hide what was going on. Let her see how SHE liked it, since she was so keen on making fun of others for the same problem.

Despite glorifying in the bully’s embarrassment, Rebecca liked to think she was a fair witch. Her goal was to punish Matilda for what she had done and keep her in line, not ruin her life on campus. So, she did what she considered the “nice” thing, given the circumstances. She always waited until she knew Matilda would be out of class, always gave her enough diapers for the day, and despite having seemingly unlimited ability to control her functions, never brought it to the point where her diapers would leak, or where it would be to obvious to anyone nearby. If anything, it was better then what Rebecca had. She supposed that was the right thing, she hadn’t exactly read books on moral responsibility when given magic powers over a bully’s bowels. Such a weirdly specific thing, she almost wondered why the witch gave her THAT power exactly, but decided it was best not to question her luck.

She walked across the campus toward her room. She loved Wednesday afternoons. With nothing after 1 PM and no classes early the next day, it was her day to relax and rest after a busy Monday and Tuesday. Today it was even better, with no tests or projects coming up she didn’t even have much homework to do. Instead, she looked forward to spending a few hours playing video games and surfing the internet.

She entered her tall brick and cement building, then up the stairs. She walked down her hallway, smiling and waving at other students that lounged by their doors. She opened her mouth to speak to one of them, a stocky redhead named Samantha, when she stopped.

She was wetting. Badly. Far worse then normal. She started walking again. Her casual walk turned into a powerwalk, then a full on trot as she felt her diaper expand far more then even she was used to it. By the end, she was sprinting. She got to her door just as it felt as if it was about to leak, making a nauseating slush every time she stepped. She opened the door, panting, and escaped into the privacy of her bedroom.

“Hello Babykins!” a familiar voice said. “Hiding something?” Rebecca jumped up and screamed. So much for privacy.

It was the witch. Dressed in her normal black hat with a matching short and low cut dress, effectively a modernized and smaller version of the classic witches outfit that Rebecca had first took as a Halloween costume.

“Wha… what are you doing here?” Rebecca asked.

“Just checking up on my favorite Babykins. Need help with something?” She snapped her fingers, and Rebecca’s clothes disappeared, all except for her bulging diaper.

She shrieked and covered her body with her hands. Thinking again, she put her hands down to cover her diaper, then settled on one across her body and another on the diaper.

The witch laughed and walked closer. “Don’t worry silly little Babykins, its nothing I haven’t seen before, and your clothes are safe in your closet. Now let me see.” She walked up to Rebecca and lifted her hand from the diaper. She grabbed Rebecca by the waist and turned her around slowly, making a point of inspecting her. “Tsk tsk,” she said. “You almost soaked this through! A bit more and you’d have leaked! Isn’t that right Babykins.”

“Yeah,” Rebecca heard the pathetic whine come from her lips as she was manhandled.

“Awww, its ok Babykins. We’ll get you cleaned up.” The witch stood and began stroking Rebecca’s head while keeping a hand on the back of her diaper.

“Why do you keep calling me that? That’s not my name, and…” she thought for a second. Had the witch ever told her her own name? “Wait, what’s yours?”

The witch laughed. “I know its not your name silly Babykins, but its what I’m going to call you since you’re such a cute, sweet little baby. And you can call me Mommy. Now lets get you changed.”

She snapped a finger, and the room expanded. Where there was once blank wall a table appeared, something like Rebecca had seen in doctors’ offices. It took her a moment to realize it was an oversized diaper changing table.

“Wait, what do you mean “change?” And why would I call you that? What are you going to do?”

“Isn’t it obvious silly? I’m going to change your diaper like a helpless little baby, and you are going to thank me and call me mommy while I do it.”

“What?!” Rebecca shouted. “No! Why would you do that? I can do it myself! And I’m not calling you…”

She stopped talking as a pacifier appeared in her mouth, cutting off her words.

“Oh no? I think you will. I think you agreed to it.” The witch snapped her fingers, and an image appeared in the air. It was half transparent, and hovered like a cloud between them. It was the two of them, back when they first met at the Halloween party. Rebecca was wearing a onesie and sucking a pacifier, and the witch was holding her cheek.

“As for if I want anything in return… Lets just say I like taking care of little adult babies, so I get that in return. However, if I ever come by and ask something, I expect you to obey, alright?” The witch said in the image, and Rebecca nodded. The image disappeared.

“Really, it seems a fair trade for the powers I’ve given you, doesn’t it?”

Rebecca stared in shock. She remembered the incident, but never thought the witch would actually WANT to do something like this. What was she getting out of it? Still, she realized she had agreed, and didn’t want to know what going back on a deal with a witch would entail. She made a nervous swallow, and nodded.

“Good Babykins. Now, ask me nicely to change your diapers, and use my name properly.” She snapped her fingers, and the pacifier disappeared from Rebecca’s mouth. She put a hand to her chin as if thinking. “Or, I can just go, and take the powers I gave you with me.”

“NO! Please no!” Rebecca screamed, then blushed. “Please change my diapers mommy.”

“Good girl,” the witch said in a disgustingly cloying voice. “Now, what was your name again?”

Rebecca cringed. Being changed was bad enough, being forced to play along with this game was worse. “Please don’t make me say it.”

“Say it diaper girl, or your powers go away. ‘My name is…’”

“Babykins. My name is Babykins.” She said.

“Good girl. Now, lets get you out of that soggy diaper, ok?”

Something tightened around Rebecca’s limbs. She gasped as was grabbed by invisible hands and lifted into the air. She was turned horizontal as if being cradled, and floated toward the changing table. It might have been fun if she didn’t know what was happening next.

She was lowered onto the changing table. She felt her shoulders being held down, then her legs lifted up in a V shape.

The witch walked toward her, looked down at her and smiled. She put a hand on the crotch of Rebecca’s diaper and began rubbing it, then patted her bottom. “Hmmm, soggy soggy soggy. What a baby,” she said. Rebecca cringed, unable to do anything but lie helpless, with her legs and diaper open in the most humiliating and revealing position possible.

The witch kept her hand on the wet padding but turned her eyes away from it up Rebecca’s body and to her face. “Much as I love seeing my little adult babies naked except for their diapers, I think your earlier spat means we can do a bit more to emphasize your position. What a conundrum. Lets see…” She chuckled as if she just had a realization. “I know.”

Rebecca groaned. As if wearing nothing but a diaper, lying on a changing table, and having her legs held by invisible hands in the air didn’t “emphasize her position.” She wondered what horror was next.

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She felt her arms move up, then come down across her stomach. A teddy bear appeared in them, and they wrapped around as if clutching it. “Better. Just like a little baby, you’ll have your toy to keep you company during the change. And of course, since you won’t need to speak much anyway…” A pacifier appeared in her mouth, oversized like the one she had been gagged with at the party. “And finally…” she felt both sides of her hair tighten, moved into what she could only assume was pigtails.

“There. Cute little baby clutching her teddy bear, waiting for her mommy to change. Now be a good Babykins while I clean you up and get you into a fresh diaper.” She chuckled. “As if you have any other choice.”

Rebecca glowered. The last part was unnecessary to say, and completely true. The invisible binds held her perfectly still as the witch untapped her diaper and began wiping her. The position she was in maximized all the witch said she wanted, as the teddy bare and pacifier managed to make a full adult baby costume while still leaving her practically bear.

“Silly Babykins, trying to make it in university but I bet you can’t even spell or read right. Isn’t that true?”

An invisible hand made Rebecca nod her head. She blushed.

A onesie appeared in the air with “Babykins” written across the chest. “I bet you don’t even know what this says, do you?”

The hand make her shake her head. The onesie disappeared.

The witch laughed. “Oh I love teasing the want to be smart ones. This is going to be SOOO much fun!” She finished wiping Rebecca, then held her hand up. A plain white diaper appeared in it, much like the ones Rebecca normally wore, but thicker.

“Hmmm, doesn’t seem enough. How about this?” The diaper began to change, and the plain white padding was replaced by colorful prints. The front had little diapered animals, and baby blue tracks ran along either side. She turned it around to show Rebecca a cartoon kitten head with a pacifier in its mouth. “The adult baby companies have made some good ones, but as I can make my own, I just take what I like from each. If this were released, I bet it would be the most popular one on the market.” She wiggled it in her hand, making a loud crinkling sound. “Definitely the thickest, and the loudest crinkles, and those AB’s LOVE that. You want to wear it? Would you rather your normal thin, ugly, white ones, or this thick cute one? Huh, Babkins? Want to wear the cute diapers?”

Rebecca tried to shake her head, but the hands made her nod instead. She groaned.

“Good girl! And should I turn that extra bag of diapers hidden in your closet into the same?”

Rebecca was forced to nod. “Good girl! What a good widdle babykins! Don’t you just WUV the printed diapers?” She spoke in the same irritatingly sweet voice, and it made Rebecca want to scream.

Rebecca watched as the witch tape the extra humiliating diaper onto her. “What a lucky baby,” she said. “Getting to wear such a cute diaper! Its even cuter then the ones your friend Matilda wears! I bet all your friends would be jealous! Huh, wouldn’t they?!”

Matilda. The name triggered something deep inside Rebecca’s mind, and she felt herself filled with rage. It was HER fault, after all. The powers she had were needed to keep HER in line, it was the party SHE took her too and the outfit SHE made her wear that lead to the problem where she met the witch, and it was HER bullying that lead to it all. It was HER fault she had to go through this humiliating ordeal to keep her powers and keep from being exposed to the school.

And yet, she had been so kind to her. She had been letting her off easy, waiting until her classes were over, making her ‘accidents’ easy to clean… well, no more. She focused, and once again somewhere across the campus Matilda soiled herself. THIS time however, it was not light or easy. She made sure it was loud and noticeable, and she knew from the schedule she’d be sitting in class when it happened, and now sitting in her mess as well.

The witch appeared to be holding back a laugh. The hands grabbed Rebecca and set her on the floor. She stood, naked except her diaper, still forcibly clutching her teddy bear and sucking her pacifier.

“Now, our games can begin,” the witch said.

Rebecca looked at her in askance.

She laughed. “Oh, silly widdle girl, that wasn’t all of it. I’m going to be playing with you ALL night. Just watch.”

She snapped her fingers, and the room changed. In place of her bed was a giant crib. In the place of her normal wardrobe was a colorful white a pink set of drawers with diapers piled on top. The walls expanded, and became brightly painted, covered with Disney-esque princess, but with all of them in diapers and sucking pacifiers. In one corner was a giant foam matt surrounded by play pen walls, and filled to the brim with stuffed animals. Beside it was a high chair, complete with a baby bottle and a bowl of what she could only assume was baby food.

Strangest of all, one entire wall, in fact the one she was facing, turned into a giant mirror. She looked at her reflection, for the first time noticing the giant teddy bear in her arms was itself wearing a cloth “diaper” and had a pacifier in its mouth, and confirming her hair was in pigtails. The sight of herself, cradling the bear, printed diaper on display, teddy bear in her arms, sucking a pacifier, with bows- BOWS, she noticed, for the first time- in her hair, and naked otherwise, almost made her want to cry.

“Aww what’s the matter Babykins, don’t like your outfit?” we can change that.

Her arms were moved out to her side, the teddy bear instead being hung from one hand, leaving her completely exposed except her diaper.

“How about this?” A frilly baby blue sun dress with ruffles running up the front and sides, in a look Rebecca recognized from online pictures of conventions and cosplays, appeared. It was a dated style, almost Victorian, and cutesy enough to make her stomach turns. Sheer white stockings ran up her legs toward a short skirt, and pleather platform shoes with buckles appeared on her feet. “Babykins” was written in glitter across the chest.

"Hmmm… no, not quite. That’s more ‘toddler’, when we want “Baby.”

She snapped her fingers, and the dress turned into a onesie. The white sheer socks became striped silken ones, and the shoes disappeared. The only thing that remained the same was “Babykins.” Rebecca wanted to cry.

“Hmmm, still no. I put all that effort into making the perfect diaper, I want it visible for now.” Another snap, and the onesie disappeared, replaced with a matching shirt. The socks were the same, and came out of baby booties. Her hands became covered in mitts, which still managed to clutch the teddy bear.

“I like it! I think we are getting somewhere!” She snapped again, and chibi style characters in diapers, all matching her in appearance, appeared. “See? Its a personalized adult baby t shirt. Aren’t you lucky?”

“MMM MMM” Rebecca said, and shook her head.

“Oh no? Want something else? Don’t worry, there is a lot we can do.”

She snapped her fingers, and the shirt changed to long footed pajamas, then another dress, another onesie… Rebecca’s eyes went wide as a long list of humiliating outfits flashed across her body. They ranged from almost immobilizing infantile pajamas to cat girl outfits with ears and a collar, all with only the diaper remaining consistent. Finally, it settled back on the shirt.

“Good? We will try it all in our little games, you’ll get to amuse me in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. You like that, Babykins?”

The pacifier fell from her mouth and, and she found it was attached to her shirt. For the first time in a while, she could speak. “No! I don’t want any of this? Please just stop! Why are you doing it?”

She giggled. “Awwww have you not figured it out yet? Should we add another message to that diaper?” She snapped her fingers, and “Dumb Baby” appeared in block writing across the front of her diaper. “Can you read that, Babykins? Are you able to read, Ms. Smarty Padded Pants?”

“Yes,” she said, through tears. “But why? And why are you still calling me that?”

“Hmmm. Lets see if you can figure it out. You are being teased for being in diapers, and made to go to a party dressed a baby, where you wet yourself. A witch notices you, starts calling you cute nicknames, and insists on changing you. She gives you the ability to make your tormenter mess and wet herself, which you barely used before now, and now she wants to play with you in a giant nursery. What can you figure out?”

“Uhhh…” Rebecca said. Each part hit something in her head, but she couldn’t make them connect. As she often found when the witch asked her questions, her thoughts ran into a thick fog.

The witch patted her bottom, and rested her hand on her diaper. “Aww, poor dumb little Babykins, you really are earning those diapers tonight. It means the witch has a fetish for diapering and babying adults, and thinks you are cute. It also means if you want to keep your powers and not have your bully return with ALL the images she has and seek revenge, you better play along?”

“Wh…what? A diaper fetish? You want me to do anything…” She didn’t finish, but let it stand.

She laughed. “No, no, you don’t have to do anything sexual. You will, however, have to wear adorable outfits, play with baby toys, and humiliate yourself in all sorts of cute ways for my amusement. So, we are going to be up all night while we play, unless I decide to put you in your crib, and every Wednesday after this. Don’t worry about sleep, I can keep you awake with magic. If you want to keep your powers, that is. Deal?”

Rebecca considered. The idea made her stomach turn but she was in way too deep with Matilda to give up her powers now. She nodded.

“Good baby. Then I want you on all fours like a little baby learning to crawl, pampered butt toward the mirror. NOW.”

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Rebecca obeyed, and got down on her hands and knees.

“Good Babykins. Now turn and look at your own bum in the mirror.” She swatted her backside to demonstrate. Rebecca turned, and cringed at the printed kitten on the back of it. She had to give the witch one thing- she managed to turn every single thing into a reminder of her status with her, even more then they should be. Every item, from her teddy bear, to the pictures on the wall, to the print on the back of her diaper, was either itself diapered or sucking a pacifier. With the mirror, she couldn’t open her eyes in any direction without a reminder of her role.

“Good baby. Now I want you to crawl and mess yourself. Then, tell your mommy that widdle Babykins messed her pampers.”

“What?! But you just changed me!” she whined, hating how pathetic her voice sounded. Rebecca groaned as a sudden, horribly uncomfortable mass filled her stomach.

“Yes, and now I want you to mess again. You’ll be getting your diapers changed a lot tonight, and you’ll be filling them up again for me each time. As I said, I have a thing for humiliating adult babies, and I am going to have my fun with you. Now, I want you to stare at yourself, and see yourself crawl and fill that diapers. I want you to see how pathetic you can be.”

“But… this is so much! Please don’t make me do that. Or… can’t you just… make me? With your magic?”

The witch shook her head, then waggled a finger in Rebecca’s face. “Yes, I can. I can make you do whatever I want with magic. And believe me, I will be making full use of those abilities later. However, I want YOU to do it. I want YOU to chose to humiliate yourself, CHOOSE to crawl, and CHOOSE to fill those diapers to the brim. And I want to to see yourself do it. I want you to do it because you know otherwise you lose your power and are at the mercy of that bully with all her photos. Oh, and with how you made her mess her diaper in class back when I was changing you, she will NOT be happy. What is it, one day a week of humiliation, or constant humiliation?”

“I… #$&%.” What choice was it really? A temporary night mare, or a lasting one. “Yes. I’ll do it.”

“I’m sorry? What was that Babykins? Yes what?”

She shuddered. “Yes Mommy.”

“Good Babykins. Now, pacifier in your mouth, teddy in your hands. Crawl, mess yourself, and watch yourself doing it before I give you a spanking.”

Rebecca, now in tears, obeyed. She suckled the pacifier and stared directly at the back of the diaper, right at the pacifier in the mouth of the kitten, as she crawled. She pushed, and…

A long, loud stream, enough to shock her even after all her experiences, came into the diaper. It inflated behind her and quickly turned brown. She stumbled, and squeezed.

The witches hand came down hard upon the back of her diaper, resulting in a nauseating, and painful, squish. “Keep going, I gave you way more then that.”

Rebecca kept crawling, filling her diaper as she did. The magically increased pile seemed to never end, and she was forced to keep crawling for what seemed an eternity. Finally it stopped, and she collapsed, kneeling with her head on the ground.

She looked up at the witch, who reached down and cradled her chin. “What a good baby. What a good widdle babykins, just a sweet, messy widdle baby. Wasn’t that easier then being exposed to the whole school?” Rebecca nodded and hung her head. The witch walked around behind her and patted her bottom. “Whew! A good baby, but a stinky one! That is one FULL diaper! Its a good thing mommy put you in her special extra thick ones, isn’t it?”

Rebecca nodded again.

“Good Babykins. Now, time for your spanking.”

Rebecca’s head shot up. “What?” she said, dropping the pacifier. “But you said…”

“I said you better mess yourself before I spank you. That means I am going to spank you after you’re done. I never said I wouldn’t do it if you obeyed. I know its hard for dumb little babies like you to think of these things, but try to keep up.” She reached down and grabbed Rebecca’s hand and dragged her to her feet.

“What, but I…” she made herself say the next words. “I was a good babykins for mommy.”

She giggled. “Aww, isn’t that cute, trying to win favor with proper names? Its true, you were, after some arguing you were. However, as I said, you are here for my amusement.” She snapped her fingers, the far wall changed. The paintings remained, but over them rows of paddles, switches, straps, and handcuffs appeared. Matching them, a medieval style stockade appeared next to the high chair. “Sometimes mommy just likes spanking stinky babies, and you did argue after all. So…”

She pulled down the railing of the crib, and pulled Rebecca over her lap. She mushed her diaper a bit. “Tsk tsk, stinky stinky stinky. You aren’t making it easy for mommy, having to spank such a poopy diaper.”

The first whack shook Rebecca and made her gasp. The smack was WAY to hard to not be magically influenced, especially through the extra thick diapers. The second WHACK was worse, and made her scream.

“Its ok Babykins, shout and cry all you want, no one can hear you, no one will come in.” She began raining blows down on Rebecca, each getting more and more painful, and each making her stomach turn as it pressed the mess in her diaper down. She instinctively tried to squirm, but couldn’t move, and only lay helpless. Soon she was crying, as much from the pain as from disgust and humiliation.

Eventually, the smacks stopped, leaving her simply sobbing. The witch began to massage her back. The scratches and rubs sent shivers down her spine, and she had to admit it felt comforting. It ended on her diaper, where the witches hand rested, slowly patting her as if the spanking was a hard exercise and this was her cool down.

“Now Babykins, did you learn a lesson?” the witch asked in her syrupy voice.

“Yes Mommy,” Rebecca sobbed.

“And we won’t argue anymore?”

“No mommy.”

“And we know whose in charge, and agree to do what they say?”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Good.” Magic hands lifted Rebecca, and placed her sitting on the witches lap. Her stomach turned as her diaper squelched against her knee, and even more so as the witch began bouncing her. “There’s a good girl. Bounce like a baby!” She said, and Rebecca obeyed. Each bounce made her diaper worse, and for the first time she was hit with the full force of the smell. More then anything she wanted to disappear.

The witch put her pacifier in her mouth and pointed to the mirror. “Now, does that look like a regular big girl to you? Nod or shake your head.”

Rebecca shook her head. What she saw in the mirror… an adult woman in a clearly filled printed diaper, sucking a pacifier, wearing a humiliating shirt and clutching a teddy bear as she bounced on her “Mommy’s” knee, was such a humiliating image she had trouble connecting it to herself.

“Does it look like someone who deserves respect? A smart girl?”

She shook her head.

“Or does it look like a dumb little adult baby in a poopy diaper who needs her Mommy?”

She nodded, crying.

“Say it, through the pacifier.”

Rebecca inhaled. “It looks like a dumb little adult baby in poopy diaper who needs her mommy, mommy.” She added the last “mommy,” unsure if it was needed for the sentence.

“Good, because I agree. That is the most pathetic, stupid little girl I’ve ever seen, rightfully humiliated in her messy diapers by her superiors.”

She continued. “And you know what? Its going to continue. In case it hasn’t clicked in your dumb little baby head, when I said I have a fetish for this stuff, I REALLY meant it. I have a whole lot of fun ideas, saved up from years of thinking and playing, that I can’t use. Even with all my magic, it is hard to get someone to find someone willing, and the rules of magic don’t let me just force people into this stuff, I need agreement.”

“So, I have you. You are going to agree to help me live out my worst, darkest fantasies. Every Wednesday, after your last class, you are going to come in here, put on one of the special diapers you have in your closet, put on your special t shirt, sit on the bed, and say outload “Babykins is ready to play Mommy.” Then I will appear, and we will spend all afternoon and night together do whatever I want, no matter humiliating. Wear the outfits, fill the diapers, play with the toys, be fed in the high chair, get tied up in stocks and spanked, all while being a good baby for mommy. When we are done, you will be ready to go in the morning, fresh as if you had slept all night, and no one will know the difference. Meanwhile, you keep your powers, your bullies never seek revenge on you, and no one knows about your little secrets. You want your revenge, this is what you have to do for me in exchange. Agree?”

Rebecca glowered at the image in the mirror. All this for her powers? She thought about it.

The image was humiliating. The thought was horrifying. The diaper bouncing was disgusting. However… the thought of Matilda getting off for her months of bullying was enraging, and she couldn’t let her win. She nodded. She would be the witches “Babykins”, if that was what it took.

“Good Babykins.” She stopped bouncing and set her, crawling, on the floor. “Now crawl that bottom toward the play pen. You’ll spend the next few hours sitting on your bottom and playing with your toys.” She patted Rebecca’s diaper, and she began crawling.

The witch laughed. “What a cute sight. What a good, docile little sheep of a baby. I hope you use your powers enough to make it worth it!”

Rebecca glowered. Right. The powers. The one thing that made this all worth it, that she had underused so much before. She focused on Matilda. She focused harder then she ever had before. She wasn’t being merciful anymore, if she had to do all this for her powers, she was going to ruin the bully’s day as well.

She kept focusing, knowing Matilda was facing just some of the humiliation she was.

Matilda hammered on Rebecca’s door. She checked her phone. It was after classes, she should be back.

The mess in her diaper was horrible. It itched, and there was no hiding the smell anymore. The skirt she wore bulged out behind her, and she was forced to stand with her legs apart to make room for the now sodden padding.

She checked her phone. Half a dozen messages to Rebecca, no response.

She wanted to go back to her room and change herself. Except… Rebecca had threatened much worse treatment if she changed without permission, and she didn’t want to test that. More importantly, she didn’t actually HAVE any more diapers. Rebecca stored them in her room, and gave them out as needed to keep Matilda in line. If she just cleaned herself she could easily end with a far more visible public problem. Not to mention ruined clothes or ruined bedsheets which would be harder to hide then a messy diaper.

She moaned and put a hand on the back of her diaper. The itch was getting worse. She needed out of this mess- figuratively and literally.

“OH MY GOD! What is that?”

Matilda froze in fear. Two other girls were walking behind her. She didn’t recognize the voices and dared not turn to look. If they noticed…

“I don’t know! Is it another problem with the sewage pipes?” the second girl asked.

“That or another stink bomb. Why are there so many of those?”

Fortunately, they walked by without noticing the source of the smell. It would get late soon. If she didn’t find Rebecca, she’d have to spend all night in her bedroom and wait until morning for a change. Matilda went back to banging on the door.

Rebecca knelt in what had become of her bedroom. Her bottom itched and stung, she was panting, and tear lines ran down her cheeks. She was now wearing footed pajamas, made with the same words and patterns as her t shirt, thick, double layered diapers, and a bonnet. The pacifier remained stuck in her mouth, and the bear stuck in her hand.

The witch stood over her smiling. She held a long leather switch, which she ran up and down Rebecca’s cheeks.

“Awww poor Babykins. Have you been crying? Didn’t you have fun playing with your Mommy?”

Rebecca nodded, fearing what she’d do with the switch if she didn’t.

The room itself hadn’t changed much from the night before, aside from signs of their use. Discarded toys lay scattered on the floor, dropped wherever Rebecca was when the witch decided she was bored with their current game. A formerly empty diaper bucket was filled with far too many diapers then one night should need, and was left open, making the entire room smell like its contents. The sagging padding between her legs didn’t help. The witch didn’t seem to mind, and enjoyed Rebecca’s obvious discomfort.

“Alright sweetie. We’ve had enough fun for the night. Its almost time for Babykins’ classes! Are you ready?”

Rebecca nodded. “Yes Mommy,” she said, finding the pacifier shrunk to the point she could talk.

“Stand up,” she said.

Rebecca stood.

“Annnnddd…” the witch snapped her fingers. Rebecca gasped. The giant nursery changed back to her bedroom, and her onesie was replaced with her regular pajamas. The diaper, however, remained. As the witch promised, she didn’t feel tired despite the sun coming through the window proving it was morning.

“Now, as I promised, I’ll be leaving you a few gifts.” The witch opened her closet door. In it was the “Babykins” t shirt, teddy bear and a bag of the “Dumb Baby” diapers. “Just in case the silly baby forgot her instructions, again. Every Wednesday when your classes are done, come into your room, put on one of your special diapers and your special t shirt. Grab your special teddy bear, sit cross legged on the floor and say “Babykins is ready to play, Mommy.” Then, I’ll appear, and we will begin. Understood?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Repeat what I just told you so I know you got it.”

Rebecca sighed. She closed her eyes and said "Every Wednesday I’m to come here, put on the special diaper and t shirt Mommy gave me, sit on the floor with the teddy bear, and say “Babykins is ready to play, Mommy.”

“Good girl,” she patted Rebecca’s head. “And if Babykins forgets…” Rebecca’s stomach turned enough to make her groan. “I’ll find a way to reminder her. If you decide you don’t want to, your magic disappears, and you deal with a very angry Matilda with ALL your photos. Understood?”

“Yes Mommy,” she said. The feeling in her stomach disappeared.

“Good girl. I figured you’d see it my way. Smart girls listen to their mommy’s logic. Now, you have classes soon and you’ll probably want to change that diaper…”

Rebecca began to roll her eyes then stopped, not wanting to anger the witch. Having the ability to ‘magic’ her directly into a clean diaper, but leaving her in a messy one to change herself seemed deliberately obnoxious. In fact, there was probably more she could do. She could…

Her mind started to move toward something. If she could control someone’s functions, make them incontinent, even give Rebecca the power over Matilda, then she almost DEFINITLY could…

No. The thought was gone in a cloud of fog.

“Are you paying attention sweetie? Babykins? Oh Babykins?” the witch was snapping her fingers in front of her face.

“Sorry mommy,” she said.

“Good girl. What’s my name?”


“And what is yours?”

“Babykins, mommy.”

“Good girl. Now, as I was saying, I’m going to leave you to change out of your stinky pampers. As a parting gift…” she snapped her fingers. A bag of the “Dumb Baby” diapers appeared in her hands.

“What am I supposed to do with these? Aren’t there more in the closet?”

The witch shrugged. “That’s up to you. By the way, Matilda will open your door the second after I leave. Goodbye Babykins?”


“AAAAA!” Rebecca’s door flew open, and Matilda fell in. “Oooff,” she said as she landed on the ground. “What the #$$@ Rebecca? You aren’t here all night then you just pull the door open so I fall in? Since when isn’t this locked?” Matilda pushed her shoulders off the ground and glared.

“Uhhhh…” Rebecca tried to regain her composure. “Its my business whether I… Oh god…” The smell hit her, and she remembered what she had made Matilda do the night before.

Had she been in that same diaper ALL night?! Rebecca wondered.

Matilda was getting up and dusting herself off. She was wearing pajamas with a skirt over them in a fashion faux-pas Matilda would never normally commit, but Rebecca could still see the bulge through her.

She HAD been in the same diaper all night. Rebecca realized she had probably been scared to change.

Matilda stared at the bitch who had ruined her night. She lowered her voice to a whisper. “What was that? You used to be reasonable about this! Last night was disgusting! Why would you…” She stopped talking as her stomach turned.

Rebecca stepped toward her with a smug, confident look on her face. “I’m sorry what was that little girl? You arguing with me?”

“No…” she whined. She didn’t want to make the situation worse then it was, and she didn’t think her diaper could take any more.

“Good baby.” She walked up to her. “My my, you are a stinky baby aren’t you. I bet they could smell you ALL the way down the hallway, and see those buldging pampers.” She reached a spare hand around and patted the back of Matilda’s diaper, making her cringe.

Matilda tried to control her breathing and her insides. “Yes Ma’am. It was a rough night.”

“Good,” she patted the diaper again. “You deserve it after what you did to me.”

“What I did…” she noticed the package in Rebecca’s other hand. “Wha… what is that?”

Rebecca looked down at it, as if she had forgot it was there. “Oh…” she held it in front of herself.

Matilda gasped. “WHAT THE #($ ARE THOSE?!?”

They were the most ridiculous adult diapers she had seen, even after spending days searching online for ones to torment Rebecca on Halloween. They were huge, thick, and covered with prints. They even had writing on them, and she tilted her head to see…

“Dumb Baby. Really? After all you’ve done you have to go after me again like that? Its bad enough that you make me wear diapers at all, but you have to get ones that make fun of me for it?” she realized she had tears in her eyes, but couldn’t stop them. “You’re always talking about how much smarter you are then me, how you do so well in school, looking down on everyone else, and now…”

Rebecca cut her off. “Yes, I am. You are dumb. You barely passed school and only got here because of your dad’s money while the rest of us had to work. You tried to hide it with your little team of bullies, but I can see what you are, and damn right I’m going to label you it. You are a dumb, stupid little baby in a messy diaper, and now the writing on your widdle pampers will identify you as such…” She reached around and grabbed the back of Matilda’s padding. “You are a pathetic loser now, and are going to follow the winner’s orders. You will wear these diapers so you can always remember how dumb you are. If not, I’ll make your life hell, alright?”

The pain in her stomach increased, and the adrenaline from her anger wore off. “Yes ma’am,” she managed weekly.

“Good baby,” Rebecca patted her head. “Now, poopy pants. Go stand in the corner and wait until I come back.”

“Stand in the corner!? WH…” she was cut off by another surge in her stomach.

“NOW!” Rebecca shouted and pointed. Matilda walked to the corner and hung her head. Rebecca walked behind her and pulled her pajama pants and skirt down, then handed her the bag of diapers. “Now, with one hand you are going to hold these so you remember how dumb you are, and with the other I want you to suck your thumb like a baby. I’m leaving my phone recording, and you won’t move until I’m back. Then, you can change, and I have a game for us today.”

“What’s that?” Matilda asked, but got no answer. She clung to the diapers and sucked her thumb as ordered, and waited.

“What are we doing?” Matilda asked. She shuffled awkwardly, trying to push her skirt down to cover the diaper she was forced to wear. She angrily wondered who the heck made such a thing.

The issue is she could see no practical use for it. It was too thick to hide under any amount of clothing, too high for most of her beltlines to cover, and too wide to walk properly in. The material was absurdly stiff, and LOUD. She had to wonder if it was really as loud as she thought it was or if it was all in her head, but the clear sounds of plastic crinkling with each step, even when outdoors, even when other people were around making noise, left little doubt. Worse, the pattern meant if any part of it became visible- almost a guarantee given the size of the garment- it was be obvious what it was. The writing, “Dumb Baby,” seemed like a bad joke. She had to wonder if even any of the kinksters who normally bought this stuff would want that.

The outfit Rebecca had made her wear- almost a costume- added to her problems. The choice of her shortest skirt was almost a no brainier. Ironically, it was one she had initially got for Rebecca herself. It was tiny, and probably wouldn’t have done much to hide her regular diapers. With the new ones, it was practically smaller then the padding itself. Rebecca had then made her wear knee high white socks, something she would never do aside from a costume or under a longer skirt. Her t shirt too was an issue, a white t shirt with a teddy bear on it that somehow both added to the schoolgirl look while making it seem even more childish. It was a cut off, and ended above her waist, leaving her shifting her skirt up and down, debating between covering the bottom of her diaper but leaving the tapes uncovered or vise versa. She eventually left the bottom uncovered, hoping no one would be looking there anyway. Her normal choice of wearing underwear over the diaper was a non starter with Rebecca. Finally, to top it all off, Rebecca had put her hair in pigtails, the same she used to force on her.

The weird thing was, she didn’t even know where half of it had come from. She could remember the skirt, but swore she left it with Rebecca. She imagined she could have forgotten a random pair of socks, but the shirt… why had she even bought such a thing? It seemed to just appear when Rebecca was looking for something in her closet, leaving her flabbergasted.

Rebecca, dressed in her normal frumpy sweater and long skirt with tights, smiled. “I told you, you are obeying me. Now lets go diaper girl.” She smacked her bottom, then led her by the hand. Matilda quickly waddled after her.

She could tell where she was being lead almost right away. “Oh no Rebecca, please no. Whatever you’re thinking, please no,” she begged.

Rebecca only smiled in reply.

She was leading them to a specific intersection at the university, which had trees and cement benches to sit on. It was a common meeting place, pick up and make out area for some of the boys she liked, and where she…

She shuddered at the thought.

Where she and her friends had used to like to make Rebecca sit on guy’s laps while wearing short skirts and soggy diapers. Several times. It was probably one of the cruelest in a long list of awful things she was learning to regret, if not THE cruelest. Aside from the Halloween Party, that is. She hated to think what kind of revenge Rebecca had in mind.

They arrived, and as expected, a group of varsity boys was sitting around, flirting with girls walking by.

“Please don’t make me do this,” Matilda said. She then gasped and grunted as her stomach and bladdered turned. The feeling disappeared, but the warning was clear.

“Remember this place?” Rebecca asked.

She nodded.

“You used to LOVE coming here to meet with your guy friends before your little change in situation, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Good girl. I’ve decided I’ve been to harsh with my treatment, since clearly you aren’t getting the boy friends you used to. So, I’m going to change that today.” She snickered. “Probably change a few other things to, eh? You see any guy there you know?”

Matilda looked at the group, then nodded sadly. “Ben. We’ve… done things together.” She pointed at a tall, broad shouldered and light haired man who was passing a football back and forth.

“Ah. He seems bright. Real future there.”

"Yeah.’ “He’s in pre-med you stuck up #($@,” she thought, but didn’t say out loud.

“Why don’t you go over him, and pay him a visit? Do your little flirty thing and sit on his lap.”

“That’s it?” she asked.

“Yep. You are going to sit on his lap and STAY there. You will not get up until I say its time to go, no matter what happens. I will wave you forward when we are done.”

She moaned. “Why?! What are you going to do?”

“Hey!” she pointed a finger into Matilda’s nose. “That is for me to know and stupid little babies to find out. You will sit on his lap and stay there until I say, or you will leak right in front of them and leave a trail all the way back to your dorm for everyone to see, and I will make you do the same thing every day until you get it right. Understood?”

“So basically I have to sit on his lap in this ridiculously thick diaper while you do who knows what, or you will turn my stomach so bad everyone I pass will see, and then do it every day from now on?”

“Wow! What a smart baby!” Rebecca said in an obnoxiously cheery voice and ruffled her hair. It had little effect on the pigtails she had made her wear, but the effect on pride was enough. “Funny given what your pampers say. But yes, that’s absolutely right soon-to-be poopy butt. That is, if you don’t obey. Now, go do it.”

Matilda walked… waddled… toward the crowd. She tried to regain some of the swagger she had been known for before Rebecca got her strange powers. She used to be able to walk so confidently up to any group, now she just wondered if anyone would notice her underwear, or when Rebecca would…

She grunted and let out a loud fart. She looked back at Rebecca, who smiled. “Just teasing,” she said, then waved her forward.

Matilda walked up to the group and set her sight on Ben. The others stopped talking and looked at her as she walked through them. She prayed it was because her forced swagger was working, and not because they could see what was under her skirt.

“Matilda! Haven’t seen you in a while!” Ben said.

“Uhhh… Just what I was thinking,” she said.

“Pigtails? That’s new. I didn’t think you’d go for that look. Very cute,” he said. She could have sworn she heard another guy laughing nearby.

She pushed up her pigtails, blushing as she remembered the hairstyle Rebecca made her wear. " You too. You’re also looking… cute."

“Cute?” he said with a confused look on her face.

She swore at herself inwardly. He was NOT the type of guy to say that to. Flirting had come easier before. “I mean… cut. You’ve been to the gym a lot?”

He smiled. The fact that, despite being spelled similar, “cut” and “cute” sounded nothing alike didn’t matter. “Oh yeah! I’ve been putting on some pounds!” He flexed an arm to show. “In a good way, I mean.”

She smiled back at him. “Well I like what I see.”

She felt her stomach turn, and looked behind her to see Rebecca watching and pointing at her wrist, where a watch might have been if she didn’t own a cell phone.

She ran a finger along his leg. “Is this seat taken?” She tried biting her lip, one of her old seductive faces. He looked confused, and she changed her expression, realizing she had bitten the wrong lip.

He stared at her for a second, then spread his arms wide and out his hands behind himself. “Sure!” he said with a smiling.

She sat down on his lap, annoyed by how loud her diaper crinkled as it crushed against him. She could barely feel his leg through it, and squashed thoughts that told her he must be able to notice as well.

He wrapped his arms around her, with one hand sinking dangerously low. She pushed his hand away, and he looked at her confused. She smiled, and let it go. There was a risk he’d notice something if he put a hand around her waist or grabbed her ass, but if she sat on his lap and then pushed him away they’d all realize something was wrong.

She let the hand sink down and cradle her bottom. If he realized something was off, he didn’t say anything.

“Sooo… what sorts of things do you do in the gym?” she said, trying not to sound as awkward as she felt. She leaned in close to him.

“Well a lot of things! I’ve been trying to bulk up, so heavy lifts. I can bench 350 pounds now!”

“Oh wow! That’s so much!” Matilda said. She had absolutely no idea if that was good, but he was muscular enough that she assumed he must be strong. “So compared to me, thats…” Her mind blanked, the same fog. She tried to remember how much she weight, then questioned why she would tell him her weight.

“More” he said, raising his eyebrows. “A lot more. I could lift you if I wanted. I mean, if you wanted too. If we both wanted.”


“I mean I’m pretty sure its more then you weigh. I might be wrong. I mean you don’t LOOK like you weight that much, but I don’t know.”


“I guess you’re sitting on my lap so I can feel you weigh less then that, unless your feet are on the ground.” He checked. “Uhhh nope, you weight less then that.”

“Wow, thanks.”

Matilda could feel the conversation getting more awkward. He was blushing, seeming to realize the same thing. She turned her head to look at Rebecca, who was nearby on another bench, and who pointed to her imagined watch and shook her head.

Matilda turned back to Ben. Conversation wasn’t working, and she couldn’t risk him getting bored and leaving her to deal with Rebecca’s described punishment. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she knew one thing to keep their attention.

She put an arm around his shoulders, leaned in and kissed him. He was surprised at first, but then went into it.

They began making out, with him running his hands up and down her body. Each motion frightened her, and made her wonder if he’d notice her secret. He grabbed at her all everywhere he could. He he put a hand on the back of her skirt and spanked her hard, and her breath caught at the sound. Fortunately, he didn’t to notice, and they kept going.

Even for her normal meat ups, this seemed a lot. They were in the middle of a popular court, but he was groping her like no one was watching. She waited for a professor to come by and tell them it wasn’t a night club, or one of his friends to make a joke, but no one did. Instead, he kept going. She tried to match his energy, but blushed at the thought.

Finally she put a hand on his chest. “Whoah whoah there Ben, what are you doing?”

He looked surprised. “I mean, if you want to go…”

She glanced at Rebecca. “No, sorry. Just, never mind.” She pulled him in for another kiss.

His hands went back on her, this time focusing on her skirt. He put one between her legs and moved it up, and reached down to block it. He seemed to acknowledge it, and went back to feeling up the bottom of her diaper, not knowing that is what it was.

She heard loud sound coming from her diaper. They both stopped, and she looked at Rebecca, who was smiling at her.

“What was that?” he asked.

“I heard that too,” another said.

“Uhh probably nothing,” she said, and pulled him in.

Another fart, and he pulled back a bit, but she pulled him in.

Mentally she went through a list of awful things she would do to Rebecca given the chance. She sure was having her fun. More and more came out of her, and they got louder.

He stopped and backed up. She smiled sheepishly.

“Are you farting? Like, constantly?” he asked.

“No…” she said. "I heard that too. Must be something else.

They returned to making out. Matilda braced herself for more of Rebecca’s little “prank,” but nothing came. Inwardly she let out a sigh of relief.

Then she felt something else. The padding around her legs was getting damp. She choked a bit as she realized what was happening.

Rebecca was making her WET herself. On a random boy’s lap, in the middle of the court with dozens of people around.

She tried to ignore it and keep going at the same pace so he didn’t get suspicious, but the feeling was making it hard.

“Do you hear something else?” he asked. “It sounds like… running water?”

“No. Probably rain.”

He looked up at the sky. “Its clear and sunny!”

“Just… keep kissing me.”

“What… umph.”

She felt her padding expand around her.

“Is your ass changing shape? And getting warmer.”

“NO!” she shouted.

She began to wonder how much her diaper could hold. She knew the padding was thick, but it just kept expanding and expanding. The feeling of damp material turned into the feeling of sitting in a puddle, and…

“What the fuck? Did something spill on my leg!?” he shouted, and some of his crowd turned to stare.

She pulled him in again. The less he spoke, the better. She turned to look at Rebecca while still kissing him, and she smiled and pointed at her wrist. She understood that as the symbol to keep going, and she did.

Fortunately, she could tell she stopped wetting herself. Rebecca seemed to have stopped just as she began to leak, and she was grateful for it.


She squeaked, and froze with her arms around him and her lips open.

“What is that?” he asked.

She was messing herself again. This time there was no warning, no gut wrenching, just muck pouring into her diaper.

“Its…” she tried to make herself start kissing him again, but couldn’t.

Finally, she let out a breath. The feeling had stopped. The mush in her diaper was covering her, but there was nothing more coming out.

“Do you smell that?” he asked.

“No. Uhhh. Must be another stink bomb.”

“Oh yeah there have been a lot of those this year for some reason. Do you want to move?”

She looked at Rebecca, who shook her head. She groaned, realizing she still wanted more. She turned back to Ben. “No, I like sitting here on your lap, in your big, strong arms, feeling you bounce me…” she stopped, shocked at herself. Where had THAT come from? It wasn’t something she’d normally say, or ever say even. The idea itself seemed strange, and completely different from the image she liked to present. The word had just come out of her mouth without any thought.

He smiled. “Oh, you like that?” He began bouncing his leg. “Like it when your daddy bounces his little girl?”

She groaned. “No, I don’t like that at all. Its weird, not my thing, and especially with what I’m wearing I DON"T want it,” she wanted to say. Instead, she nodded and said “Mhmmm. Yes… Daddy. Please bounce me.”

She still wondered why she had said it. The action was humiliating, even without the messy diaper taped to her waste. With it, she almost sick.

She pulled him close again. He kept bouncing, and began grabbing at the back of her diaper again.

She sniffed something, and realized it was herself. Despite the thickness of her diaper, the amount in it and his bouncing made it obvious. He seemed to notice too, and made a face as they were kissing.

“You know, I don’t think its a stink bomb,” a voice said behind her. “It smells more like a dirty diaper.”

Matilda’s eyes went wide in panic, and she looked at the speaker. It was a dark hared man. She figured he was on one of the teams, but his short stature and narrow shoulders seemed out of place amount the athletes.

“What?” another of his companions said.

“Yeah my parents had a few kids when I was a teen, and I used to help out. That DEFINITLY smells like a dirty diaper,” he said.

“No… that doesn’t make sense at all!” Matilda said.

“Why not?” he said, and the crowd turned to her.

“I… uhhh…” she said, blushing and frightened by the sudden attention. “I…AAA!” she gasped.

She was cut off as messed herself again. This time, instead of being coming quietly and slowly, it poured out of her with a loud, stomach turning BRAPPT that left little question what was happening.

“Oh god oh god…” she whispered. Her diaper, previously inflated, now expanded and sagged drastically over his leg. The smell immediately hit her, and she could tell from the other’s reactions they noticed it too. People began backing away from her. A few let out audible “ewws” and blocked their noses.

More came. She wasn’t just messing herself, she was LOUDLY and horribly messing herself, in a short skirt and insanely thick diaper, as a crowd of her former friends and boy toys watched her.

“What are you doing? Are you ok?” asked Ben, who, thankfully, still seemed unclear on what was going on.

It stopped, and she let out a sobbing gasp.

“Ok that smell is back and its WAY worse,” one of the other boys said, and got up and left. “That’s one of the worse stink bombs yet.” Other’s agreed, and began moving away from her. She glanced around the emptying square. The boy who had correctly identified the smell winked at her. A few others stared or began to look for the source of the smell, but most were leaving.

She looked at Rebecca, who waved her toward, finally ending her game.

Matilda looked at Ben. “Thanks… uh… Daddy. I have to go but I’ll see you another time?”

He was staring around the crowd and blocking his nose. “Ok. Yep. I’ll see you another time.” He didn’t seem upset at all as she got up and left.

She walked toward Rebecca. Half way through, she let out another loud BRAPPT, and people turned to look at her. She walked faster.

They walked together back toward the dorm. Each step sent shivers down her spine as her diaper shifted. She was shocked it wasn’t leaking more.

“That was, cruel,” she said. There was no other word for it. “Disgusting, too.” There was a second.

Rebecca smiled and smacked her bottom. “No, it was fair. Its the exact sort of thing you’d do to me, if you could.”

She glared. She honestly had no idea what she’d do with that power. It wasn’t something she had considered, it was such a strange idea. “Well… you didn’t have to make it so loud. Or gross. Or…” she shook her head as tears welled in her eyes. “So awful.”

Rebecca laughed. “Oh, but I did. Get this straight, you dumb baby. I’m in control now. I went easy on you before, but that ends now. I want to see you upset. I want to see you crying, running, shouting. I want you to be humiliated, and I only have one way of making that happen.” She reached down and pressed Matilda’s diaper. “I am going to make use of powers and take revenge for how you treated me for years, so get used to the idea, stinky girl.” With that, she turned another corner and walked away.

Matilda watched her leave, speechless. What was she planning?

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“Ooog…” Rebecca said as she crawled across the ground, the nonsense word making her blush as it came from behind her pacifier. She slobbered over it as she crawled, forcing out more idiotic grunts. “Mmpha,” she said, and tried to keep her eyes from rolling.

The witch stood over her, watching and smiling. She was wearing her usual Halloween costume-esque equivalent of the traditional witches’ outfit Rebecca had seen in television, with a tall black hat, low cut black top and short black skirt with matching knee high socks. In her hands was a long black rod which she used to direct Rebecca and instantly “correct” any mistakes with a sharp smack to her diaper or thighs.

The one difference in the look was something Rebecca had seen her occasionally wear: her own thick, black, diaper, easily and deliberately visible under her skirts. She had worn them from time to time after her first few “games” with Rebecca, and Rebecca held her tongue rather then mention it. She assumed it was all part of the witch’s kinks she now forced on Rebecca. This had shocked her at first, as she had grown used to the witch using them as a form of humiliation and control. However, it never gave the same feeling as it did with the others. While both Rebecca and Matilda blushed at their baby printed versions and tried to hide them, the way the witch flaunted her black version, moving confidently around as she gave instructions, emphasized it was a deliberate choice. It was as if she was saying, “Yes, I can choose to do the thing that most represents your submission, and I still get to control you. You are so far beneath me it doesn’t even matter. You are so pathetic you are a diapered submissive even to another willing diapered girl.” Either way, the witch hadn’t brought it up, and Rebecca didn’t dare try.

“Good baby!” the witch said. “You are coming really far on your voice training. Now keep making your cute noises and crawl toward the play pen, and take your teddy with you.” She snapped the rod across Rebecca’s diaper and pointed it at the other end of her room, which was now dominated by a gigantic net play pen.

She still thought of it as “Her room,” but she wasn’t sure that was the case. Every Wednesday the witch came and her room became something different, and she wasn’t sure if it was being changed or if she was being transported. This time it was even more difficult to tell. Though the room and décor was all stuff she had seen before- the oversized cribs, high chairs, and toys between brightly painted walls covered with cartoon characters and soft carpet- it was now far bigger then before. Crawling from place to place seemed to take forever, and when she got to any of the furniture, she found herself dwarfed by it even more then usual. She crawled by a crib she knew she wouldn’t be able to enter or exit if she tried, and a high chair she could have sworn was fifteen feet off the ground. For the life of her, she could tell if she had shrunk or if the room she was in now was the size of a small gymnasium.

She looked up at the witch. The witch also seemed bigger. It was hard to tell from where she crawled, but she could have sworn that even if she stood up, the witch would be head, shoulders, stomach, and hips above then her, despite normally being roughly the same height. She guessed her head would come up roughly to the witch’s short skirt and diaper, which she guessed may have been a deliberate choice. Was it an optical illusion? Clothing made to emphasize size? Some kind of internal impression because of her power over her, the way a celebrity may seem taller? Or just the magic?

“Uwu maaa” Rebecca said, improvising more of the sounds the witch had made her use. Her “voice training”, as the witch called it, involved her being forced to either make nonsense babble or speak with a lisp, depending on the witch’s commands. She had practiced it several times in their meetings, getting quickly “corrected” for any mistakes, so she dared now try now. Instead she concentrated on the play pen, which was both bigger and further away then she anticipated.

She passed a mirror. The witch liked to spread them liberally throughout the rooms they ‘played’ in, presumably so Rebecca could constantly see her own humiliating outfits and positions. The witch often made a point of this, forcing her to watch as her normal clothes changed into submissive outfits, then force her to comment on how cute she looked. She checked herself- this time in a baby blue bonnet, matching pacifier, white dinosaur themed onesie, and long white socks with tiny red bows. All of this was over the one consistent part of her costumes- the excessively thick, colorful, and cartoon printed diapers that budged behind her from under her onesie. Even after a life time of wearing medical diapers for incontinence, seeing the witch’s punishing version of the same thing made her cringe inside. The only thing that didn’t fit the look was a pink collar with a heart shaped tag that labelled her “Mommy’s Baby Girl,” and emphasized her predicament as a form of humiliating submission, rather then being thought of as a baby.

“Aww, see the mirror?” the witch asked. She pointed at the reflection. “That’s you, Babykins! Not another baby, you! Don’t you look cute?”

Rebecca forced herself to nod. “Mmmrmm,” she mumbled.

The witch shook her head. “No no, try the other voice and say it.”

“I wook vewy coot mommy,” she said.

“Good girl! Now back to the sounds and crawling.”

“Rumph” she said, and continued to crawl. She felt the witches hand come down on her backside, and looked up to see the witch smiling at her. She went back to crawling, and tried to ignore the witch continuously patting and squeezing her as she did. She remembered that this was, after all, for the witch’s amusement, and she needed to play along to avoid worse punishment.

The play pen was coming closer, and once again it seemed to have grown. Every time she thought she would reach it she realized it was in fact further away then she assumed. By the time she reached it, her limbs felt exhausted from the motion.

She looked up at the play pen. It was huge, with white net walls way over her head. The toys inside matched, each massive versions of their normal selves. If the witch put her in there, there would be no way to get out.

The witch, now appearing to be a giant, grabbed the top of the wall of the play pen, and opened it. She signaled Rebecca to crawl in, and she did. The ground inside was soft and padded, and toys lay scattered everywhere.

“Ok, good baby. Now, I want you to put on a show for mommy. You’ve mastered the baby talk, the baby crawling, and baby diaper filling,” Rebecca blushed at the last one “Now to practice your baby acting. Play around, improvise, and try to have fun.”

Rebecca looked up at her and cocked her head to the side. “Mrrph?” she asked. “Are you serious?” she would have said if it wouldn’t have gotten her in trouble.

The witch smiled at her. “Confused? Its simple, even for a widdle babykins brain like you. All you have to do is play!”

Rebecca looked out over the piles of toys scattered across the room. “Ummpha,” she slobbered. “BRRRpa.”

“Here,” the witch said, drawing Rebecca’s attention back to her. “There are some nice blocks there, plenty safe for babies to play with. Why don’t you build a nice little castle for your princess teddy bear?” She pointed at a pile with her rod.

Rebecca looked at it. There were colorful blocks with letters on them, each about about a foot across. Among them was a large teddy bear, about half as long as Rebecca was tall, and dressed in a pink medieval-esque “Princess” dress and tall pointed hat. Why is everything always pink in these worlds? She asked herself, but instead went to work.

She first sat the doll up, figuring it would be easier to build that way then cover its entire length. She then began to pile the blocks in a square around it. They were surprisingly light for their size, and she quickly began to make a structure.

“That’s good, but babies tend to enjoy playing rather then look grumpy. Try smiling and giggling while doing it.”

Rebecca paused. She definitely did not want to smile like an idiot while playing with children’s toys, but multiple weeks of “training” had taught her better then to disobey. She forced a smile and kept stacking the blocks. After a few went up well, she made herself giggle.

Soon she had built square walls around the teddy. She knew the witch would want it decorative, so she kept a ‘window’ for it to look out, and added crenellations to the top. When finished, she made herself giggle again and clap her hands in her best impression of a happy baby. Hopefully that would satisfy the witch.

“Good baby! What a good little girl!” the witch, who was suddenly inside the play pen, walked up and ruffled her hair. “Now, take it down.”

Rebecca began taking the blocks down piece by piece.

“Ah ah ah, do you think a baby would be that careful?” the witch asked, brandishing the rod menacingly.

Rebecca looked back at the castle, thought a moment, then swung her hand at it. It went down in a rain of colorful destruction. Rebecca made herself giggle and clap again.

“Good baby. Now,” the witch pointed her rod at the princess teddy bear, which suddenly tripled in size. A second later, the pile of blocks grew with it. “May another, one you can fit in as well. And add a few towers.”

Rebecca gapped and her pacifier fell out of her mouth. The witch raised her eyebrows, and Rebecca quickly grabbed it and put it back in. She looked pleadingly at the witch. “Rumfa?” she asked, hoping the point got across.

The witch shook her head. “No no, you’re going to play for me Babykins. I’m training you to be a good baby, and part of being a good baby is to just play and have fun for your mommy or daddy without direction. Until you can do naturally, I am going to give you instructions, and you will follow. That means you’ll be doing the same things over and over, got it? Not get going baby butt, before I decide you need a spanking.”

Rebecca looked at the now giant stuffed princess and pile of blocks. She sighed, then forced her best smile, and got to work.

In a way, it was fun. Silly, kind of funny, and embarrassing as she knew the joke was on her. However, when compared with the other things she had done here, it was relaxing, even enjoyable. She tried to get into it, figuring it would make the time go faster while satisfying the witch. If this was how it always went, she wouldn’t be so angry at Matilda for causing all this.

(Sorry for the long pause. I’ll have another section up this weekend to make up for it!)

Matilda stood on the crowded bus, carefully cradling her empty back pack. She watched as stops went by and the crowd of strangers got thinner, but didn’t sit down on any of the empty seats. That would mean being squished between two people, and they were too crowded together for her too feel safe doing that in her current outfit. Besides that, she figured if she remained as perfectly still as possible, there was less of a chance of exposure.

A man, tall, dark, and lean, was looking toward her. She wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or if he was deliberately staring.

She caught her breath. Was he making a funny face at her?

She looked down at the clothes she was assigned to wear today. Her belt had dropped down slightly, and between it and her shirt, the edge of her colorfully printed and double thick Cushies diaper was visible. Panicked, she folded it down then adjusted her belt and shirt until it was invisible. She looked back at the man, who stared forward with the same face, leaving her unsure if he noticed.

The bus suddenly stopped, and as her hands were now on her shorts and bag rather then the support poll in the bus, she flung forward to all fours.

“Nooo!” she thought. She could FEEL her diaper ride up above her belt line. She reached back to pull on her shorts, and fell forward to her face. She reached one hand in front of her head to support herself, while the other stayed behind.

Under her hand, she felt a solid three inches of plastic. Her tiny shirt had gone up her back, her equally tiny shorts had gone down her bottom, and the diaper had stayed exactly where it was, colorful prints shining like a beacon. Worse, with the colorful printed ones Rebecca now made her wear in public, there was no denying what it was.

“You ok miss?” someone asked.

“Yes,” she said. “Just one…” she spotted her back in front of her. She grabbed at it.

Her breath caught. Underneath was something almost as bad as her diaper which Rebecca now made her carry, and which anyone around could now see. She panicked again, grabbed it, and with one hand holding it and her bag and the other on her shorts, she ran off the bus before anyone could ask. She definitely didn’t want to know what Rebecca would do if she lost THAT.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she got off. She looked down at what she had grabbed, cleaned it off, and put it back in her pocket.

She then looked at her reflection in the window.

She had no idea what made Rebecca’s change in attitude, but it was both frightening and infuriating. Her new instructions were often so harsh she almost wanted to just give up, stand up to her, and let Rebecca give whatever punishment she could through her bizarre magic. Humiliating as that might be, the way she was being treated since the incident at the school benches was almost as bad.

She still remembered the day she got back to Rebecca’s room after that horrible day, as if it was just a moment ago.

Rebecca smirked at Matilda. “Enjoy your shower, stinky?”

Matilda grimaced and looked down. “Yes, ma’am.” She hated the words coming out of her mouth. The power had shifted weeks before, but now Rebecca was taking full advantage, and Matilda didn’t like where she ended up. She wanted more then anything to scream at Rebecca and refuse her instructions. Still, whatever power Rebecca had somehow got was far to hard to face. It made no sense, but she couldn’t risk it.

“And did you follow all my instructions? Come back like I said?”

She nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Then prove it.”

Matilda sighed. She took her backpack off, opened it up, and emptied it on Rebecca’s bed. Out feel two bags of adult diapers, one all white, one purple and printed with small cartoons, and labelled “Cushies.” Along with it came powder and wipes, then the onesie and pacifier that made up Rebecca’s costume on Halloween. Essentially, everything she had used to humiliate Rebecca was now in her possession.

She looked at Rebecca, who raised her eyebrows expectantly back at her.

Matilda sighed, pouted, and opened the front section of her backpack. She emptied out her thongs and panties, all her old underwear, onto the bed.

“Good baby,” Rebecca said. “These,” she said, holding up one of her panties “are getting cut up and going in the trash, and you are going to do it out while I watch, so you know this is for real. And THESE” she held up a diaper “are going on you. For now, they will all go in my closet, and you can come by and beg for one if you need a change, which will happen at my discretion. And the other instruction?”

Matilda rolled her eyes. She lifted her skirt to show nothing underneath. As Rebecca’s final instruction before she showered, she was to wear her shortest skirt with no underwear. Rebecca had told her she wouldn’t wear “big girl undies” as long as they knew each other.

“And back?”

Matilda turned around. Rebecca grabbed her bare bottom, then spanked it hard, causing her too gasp. “Good girl. All clean, and you didn’t put your big girl undies back on. Good to know you can follow instructions. Maybe I won’t make you mess your pretty pampers in class tomorrow.”

Matilda groaned at the implied threat.

Rebecca took the plain white diapers and put them in her own closet. “I don’t want to see these on your butt. From now on, the plain white ADULT diapers are for ADULTS like me. The cute printed BABY diapers are for BABIES like you, who were too dumb to realize they should mess with people smarter then they are. HOWEVER,” she continued, raising a finger. “I know the printed diapers are a lot more expensive and slower to get. I saw the website you ordered them from, and I’m guessing they took a few weeks?”

Matilda nodded, though she wondered why Rebecca would ask when she was the one who gave her the bizarre “dumb baby” diapers.

“So, you will stock up on the plain white adult diapers, and order more of the others. Every day you will wear one of the white ones and one of the printed ones over it. That way, everyone who notices can see how babyish your diapers are, but as long as you aren’t too stinky or soggy, we can reuse them while replacing the cheaper white ones. See? Clever. You would never have come up with that, because you’re a dumb baby and I’m a smart adult.”

Matilda gapped at her. “TWO diapers?!” she said. “The Cushies are thick enough, don’t even mention your OTHER ones. How am I supposed to keep them hidden!?”

Rebecca shook her head. “Not my problem. In fact, the opposite. You never gave me mercy, so now I’ll do the same to you.” She leaned in close and lowered her voice. “I want you in thick double diapers and your flimsiest possible clothes. I want every second of your day to be spent trying to hide them and wondering who noticed. I want you blushing every time someone snickers or laughs near you. And, I want you to know you brought it on yourself, and you deserve each second of your humiliating punishment. Now, on the bed,” She patted the sheets.

Matilda lay down and covered her face. Matilda watched as the first thick, white hourglass shape was brought toward her, followed by the colorful one. She lifted her hips for each. She cursed herself for buying them. She just HAD to rub it into Rebecca, and get those bizarre adult baby diapers from that strange website. Now, she was cursed to wear them herself. What she had meant to be a one night joke for Rebecca had become a continuous embarrassment for her. Rebecca went to work, an expert hand at the trade, and had her powdered and diapered in a moment. The thick padding and plastic was wrapped between her legs and tapped on snug. She sat up, getting used to the new feelings and sounds. Every motion brought new sensations that reinforced her new status in her mind. The cuffs clung to her, the padding rubbed against her, and the plastic crinkled constantly. It was a diaper that was made to be as obvious as possible, and it succeeded.

“Now, open wide!” Rebecca said. Matilda saw the pacifier in front of her mouth.

“Please don… UMPH!” she said, cut off by the nub. She hung her head and suckled.

“Good baby,” Rebecca said. She reached out and pinched her cheeks. “Awww don’t you look so cute in your widdle pampers, sucking your pacifier.” She laughed. “I mean BIG pampers. You won’t have an easy time keeping THOSE hidden. You remember when you made me wear triple thick ones?”

Matilda nodded.

“Well see this as a light punishment, considering. You know, you always made fun of me for my incontinence, but I don’t think that’s enough for you. No, you’re going to be my little baby. I want you to order more of these cute printed diapers, and I want you to carry your pacifier in your pocket at all times. When you are alone in the dorms, I want you sucking it, understood?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Matilda said.

"That’s another thing. I’m sick of “ma’am’. That is what I called you. YOU aren’t just my diapered servant, you are my baby. I want you to call me “mommy”, alright?”

Matilda groaned. She recognized what was happening, she had felt it from the other side. Rebecca had began to feel the power, the great feeling of humiliating her enemy. However, the second she hit one level, she’d just crave another, then another… She had done it when she made Rebecca dress as a baby to the party, and when she had made her walk through the university in a messy diaper. Now, the shoe was on the other foot, and she was helpless to her whims. Once again, her silly joke on Rebecca had become her hell. She wished she could shout, argue, fight back. However, all she said was “yes Mommy.”

“Good baby. Now, time for your punishment.”

Matilda threw up her arms. "What? This isn’t my “punishment?”

Rebecca waggled her fingers. “No, no. This is just your life now. When you make mommy mad, you’ll be punished, and you’ve made her VERY mad. Come here,” she grabbed her wrist.

“What are you going to do?” Matilda was pulled to her feet, then turned around.

“I know your rich daddy spoiled you and gave you whatever you wanted” Matilda rolled her eyes at that “but when I grew up, my parents gave me limits. And when I broke those limits, they punished me. I think its time someone finally put you in your place. So, how would a mommy discipline a spoiled little girl.”

Matilda stared at her. “No, you don’t mean…”

“Mhmm.” Matilda was cut off as Rebecca pulled her over her lap.

“NO! Please don’t spank me! I’ll do anythi… OW!”

*The first whack caught her off guard. It was stunning, and sent a shock through her entire body. Even with the diaper on, the pain made her gasp and open her eyes, and the humiliation made her shudder. *

“Awww did that hurt you that much? Poor baby. Better bite down on your pacifier, this will get MUCH worse.” WHACK! Another, harder smack made her gasp. She felt Rebecca rub her diapered behind and groaned, wondering how far she’d take it.

*Then the spanking began in earnest. Hard, rhythmic whacks came down upon her diapered behind, each one making her gasp. The pain got worse and worse, and she heard her own cries get louder. *

What made the situation worse was that, in a way, there was no reason for her to accept it. She had spent her life in sports when Rebecca was reading, and could easily push herself up and fight back. However, the bizarre type of blackmail Rebecca had over was worse then any humiliating spanking.

The pain was getting to be too much. “PLEASE! I"M SORRY! PLEASE STOP!” she said.

Miraculously, the whacks stopped. Rebecca went back to rubbing her diaper. “Aww, does the widdle baby want me to stop spanking her diapered butt?” Another hard whack took surprised her again.

“Yes!” Matilda shouted.

Another smack. “Then you better ask again. PROPERLY, this time, with my name, and what you want.” Another spank.

Matilda groaned. “Please stop spanking my diapered butt Mommy.”

“OK, good baby,” Rebecca said cheerfully. She grabbed the waist bands of her doubled-up diapers.

“Thanks, wait what?” Matilda said as she felt her diaper being pulled down.

“You wanted your diaper off. Then you asked me stop spanking your diapered butt. Meanwhile, I wanted to START spanking your pretty bare @$$ instead.” She laughed. “Sorry, I shouldn’t swear in front of the baby. Bare bum. Way I see it, we are both getting what we want, and I’m doing you two favors in one.”


The spanking continued, faster this time, as Rebecca rained down blows. The only relief came when she stopped a few times to rub and grope her bottom, then went back to the spanking. Soon, to her shame, Matilda was crying over the other girl’s lap.

Matilda lost track of time. The pain mounted until she even forgot the embarrassment. A while later she realized the smacks had stopped all together, and she was merely sobbing pathetically, folded over as Rebecca rubbed her and shushed her.

“There’s a good baby. There’s a good baby. Learn your lesson?”

“Yes mommy,” Matilda sobbed.

“Good.” She gave her two more pats on the bottom, then pulled her diaper up. “Now, go stand in the corner with your hands on your head, suckle your pacifier, and don’t move unless you want another spanking. I want you thinking about what you have done, what your future will be, and why that’s your fault, until I’m done my homework and come to get you. It should take about an hour, then you can pose for some pretty pictures. Have fun!”

Matilda groaned and stepped toward the corner. She did have a lot to think about. She knew her life was about to change, it really was in a way her fault, and there was nothing she could do about it.

The memory came through Matilda’s head in shocking, vivid images, as if they were happening right then and there. Her rage at it grew, and she almost wanted to head back to the dorms there and then to shout at Rebecca, but knew it would end badly.

From that point on, her relationship with Rebecca, and in turn much of the rest of her life, had gone downhill. It all cumulated in her standing there, on an embarrassing “Mission”, dressed… she shuddered.

Dressed mainly in clothes that would have been perfect otherwise. A tight, short, almost crop top shirt, wide belt, and tight, low waisted shorts. They were some of her more provocative clothes, which she bought specifically for attention. Now, with the double diapers underneath, she was attracting an entirely different form of attention. Along with it, the pacifier she was now required to always have on her, and which was almost exposed on the bus.

Arguably it could be worse. Normally Rebecca put her in short skirts, which meant an added risk of them being visible from below. The few occasions she had fallen over as she she had on the bus while wearing a skirt, her embarrassing underwear became exposed to anyone nearby with eyes. Worse was when Rebecca made her “use” them and the dark padding hung below. Still, the outfit left little to the imagination.

The waist band of the printed diaper was showing, and above that, the white one went even higher. She sighed, folded both down, and adjusted the rest of her clothes. It still had an obvious bulge and forced her legs awkwardly apart, but it was better then before. She looked down at the object in her hand, which she had grabbed off the side walk. It was her pacifier, which Rebecca demanded she always had on her. She stuck it in her pocket. As with the diapers, she hated thinking it was there, but it was better then what Rebecca did when she disobeyed. THAT hadn’t been fun.

The class ended, and Matilda stood up to leave. She reached down to smooth her skirt, ensuring it hid what was underneath. She left as quickly as she could and began walking to her new class.

*“And where are you going little one?” *

Matilda froze and shuddered. She turned to see the woman she now called “Mommy” smiling at her.

“To my next class, urm…” she looked down the hall to make sure no one was listening, then whispered “Mommy. Do you need anything?”

Rebecca chuckled. “Yes. I need to make sure you’re following your rules. Come on,” she took Matilda by the hand and began pulling her to a sperate hallway.

“What are… where are we going?”

“I figured you’d want some privacy. Or we can just do it here where everyone can see?”

Matilda shook her head and followed. She hated feeling so submissive to her rival, but she hated the idea of being exposed even more.

They ended in a hallway slightly off the main course. She could still see people walking back and forth at the end, but at the very least there was no one heading down toward her. “Can we move a bit further? Or somewhere more private…”

“Finish that sentence.”

“Can we move somewhere more private, mommy?”

“Well maybe if you had asked right the first time, but since you didn’t, no. Now, skirt up.”

Matilda groaned, looked down the hall way each direction, then obeyed.

“Higher. I want to see all of it.”

Matilda obeyed again.

“Good baby,” Rebecca said, annoyingly loudly. Rebecca smiled down at her diaper, then rotated her finger to signal her to turn around. Matilda turned, and felt Rebecca’s hand smack the back of her diaper. She then turned back.

“Ok, can I go to class now?” she demanded.

“Wow feisty feisty. I don’t think that was the only rule. Where is your paci baby girl? No no, don’t drop the skirt.”

Matilda sighed. With one hand still holding up her skirt, she reached the other behind herself to grab her back pack. She fumbled trying to hold her skirt up while simultaneously opening a pocket, and took out her pacifier.

"Good baby. And since you were so feisty and forgot to say “mommy” again, you can put that in your mouth and hold up your skirt with both hands. And put your back pack back on, its cute.

Matilda was near tears with both anger and fear. She looked again down the hallway. No one had come down, but they were dangerously close.

She wanted to scream. She wanted to punch Rebecca and shove the annoying diaper down her throat. Instead, she put her bag back on, put her pacifier in her mouth, and held up her skirt.

Rebecca looked like she was going to laugh, which enraged Matilda more. “Good baby. You’re so cute when you try to glare above your widdle paci. Smile for the camera!” She took out her phone and snapped a picture, surprising Matilda. She showed the picture to her.

*Matilda groaned at it. Her own shocked face, flanked by pigtails with bows, a pacifier in her mouth, a t shirt with a teddy bear on it and her plaid skirt held up to show off her diaper above long stockings. Every aspect made for the best, worst, photo possible. Even the back pack, in this scenario, had the exact effect Rebecca wanted. *

“Can I go now, mommy?” She asked.

“One more thing. Did I say to wear a diaper?”

Matilda looked at her in confusion. “Yes, mommy?”

“No, silly baby. “A” means one. I DEFINITLY said TWO. Where is the white diaper underneath?”

Matilda gapped, and her pacifier dropped to the floor. “I umm… uh… #$@.”

Rebecca laughed and waggled a finger. “No swearing. Alright. After your next class you will report to my bedroom for your spanking.”

“WHAT!? You can’t… ugh…” she stopped as sudden cramps hit her stomach. She felt her bladder grow and begin to drip into her diaper.

Rebecca leaned in close to her. She reached down her padding and pushed it against her, making Matilda gasp. With her other hand she smacked her bottom, grabbed it, and squeezed. She whispered in her ears. “Oh I most certainly can little girl. I am going to spank you until you are in tears and begging me to stop. Then, since you only wore one today, you are going to wear the extra tomorrow and I’ll get to see you waddling around in triple thick pampers, and you’ll be grateful for the extra padding because you’re bottom will be sore ALLLLL day. And if you want to refuse, then the entire college will see you mess yourself again and again until you agree. Got it?”

Matilda fought back tears. Not long ago, she was at the social top of the college, and someone like Rebecca was barely a joke. She wore the newest fashions and got all the attention she wanted. Now she was agreeing to getting spanked and wore outfits that made her blush and want to hide. Worse still, there was nothing she could do about it, or it would get worse.

“Yes, Mommy,” she said.

Rebecca backed up. “Good girl, Babykins. Don’t forget your pacifier!” she said too loudly, and left.

She then stopped and turned back. She put her hand to her chin as if thinking. “Oh, and one more thing. I bet you wish you HAD worn your extra diaper, because the smell wouldn’t be so noticible.”

Matilda looked at her confused. “Smell? What smell?” The realization hit her. “No please mommy no!” She said, way too loudly, and in vain.

Rebecca only laughed “Dumb baby,” she said.

BRAAPPT… The sound was as loud as her begging had been. Matilda doubled over as her guts turned, and she felt her the contents of her stomach explode into the back of her diaper. It was over quickly, but the damage was done.

She looked at Rebecca, eyes pleading. “Please mommy, don’t make me…”

*“You’re not skipping class, and I’m not giving you a fresh diaper until its time for your spanking. This is what you get for disobeying me. I recommend sitting far away from the other students, especially those boys you like to flirt with. Have fun!” *

Matilda stood up and looked down at the padding, now hanging beneath her skirt. It was far from the worse Rebecca had given her, but having to sit in it for a full class was not going to be fun.

*She groaned and remembered what the class WAS. It was an English class, where, for reasons she couldn’t explain, she was the only student consistently given children’s books to report on. Worse, the professor had assigned her to sit at the front of an already crowded class. *

She signed, looked at her watch, and noticed she was late. So even entering would attract attention. It would NOT be a fun afternoon, and she would not risk disobeying Rebecca again.

Matilda felt her rage boil at the memory. Once again, it had come almost as a vision, clear as if it was happening right then. She HAD been sore the entire next day, and trying to sit normally in class was just a constant reminder of her new status. Another flash of anger came, and she wanted to punch the image in the reflection. Instead, she turned, and continued on her task.

She had ran off the bus one stop before she had wanted to. This left her moving a few blocks in the annoying walk-waddle her now extra thick diapers forced her into, another thing she cursed Rebecca for. She HATED how obvious the motion was, and especially the chaffing it caused. She had tried talcum powder, but then she had smelled notably like a nursery all day.

She grunted. ALMOST all day. Rebecca heard her complaining about it and, in her words, “gave her something else to smell like.” Another act of cruelty that made her angry.

Finally, she arrived at her destination. She checked her phone to ensure it was the right place.

“Buyers Medicine Mart.” A pharmacy that carried, among other things, a wide variety of adult diapers. They were running low on the normal medical brands that Rebecca wore as her only underwear and Matilda wore under her printed ones, and since she was effectively acting as Rebecca’s servant in any embarrassing task, it became her job to buy more.

This lead to a conundrum. The ones she had bought before were all online, which would mean too long of a delivery period. When she asked Rebecca where she normally got hers without attracting attention, Rebecca shrugged, patted her head, and said “Figure it out, dumb baby.” She also wouldn’t tell her where she had ordered the “Dumb Baby” diapers.

This meant Matilda had to manually buy adult diapers, the thought of which was enough to make her want to hide. She couldn’t buy them anywhere on or near campus, or she’d risk being recognized. She didn’t want to go somewhere with too many people, or too many might see. However, it needed to be a big enough store to have what she needed. Worse, she decided she couldn’t do any at peak shopping hours.

She had considered going late at night when others would be asleep, but most were closed too early.

This left Wednesday afternoon in a store a fair distance from the campus. She had no classes at that time, and Rebecca always seemed busy with something else. From the feeling in her guts during and the bizarre plans for her Rebecca often had Thursday morning, she could only assume she spent the entire time thinking up more evil ways to punish and humiliate her. She told Rebecca her plan, and prayed she’d be kind enough to not mess with her as she travelled across the city.

If Rebecca was gentle, no one recognized her, and her back pack was big enough to hide them, this should be relatively painless. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and walked in. She grabbed a basket and walked down the isles looking at the signs.

“Shampoo, Soap, Family planning…” and finally, “incontinence.” She looked both ways and walked down.

She stared at the line of packages. Depends, Molicare, a store brand… Rebecca had warned these wouldn’t be enough. She had some specific instructions, including that they must have tapes, made of plastic and to be all white, emphasizing it was so Matilda would “look cute enough.” She then added they had to be thick and practical enough to function, and gave her the list of brands.

She noticed one. “Abena.” She looked for the right size.

“Can I help you, miss?” someone said.

“EEP!” Matilda gasped, and covered her mouth with her hands. An woman in a pharmacists smock was looking at her.

“No, no, its ok…”

“Are you sure? You seem to be confused by the incontinence product. Do you need help picking? Is this for yourself or someone else?” She looked down at Matilda’s waist, and Matilda quickly put her hand down to her skirt.

“I uhhh… No, not me. Someone else.”

“Do you know their size? And level of incontinence?”

Matilda looked up and down the aisle. She prayed the woman would speak quieter. “I mean, uhhh… wrong aisle.”

She turned and left, leaving the woman staring behind her.

Matilda stood and panted at the end of the aisle. She would have to be careful. That was dangerously close to being a problem.

She knew that technically wasn’t Rebecca’s fault. If anything, Rebecca was being kind that day. Often by this point on a Wednesday Matilda would be groaning in pain as she filled her diapers, with Rebecca no where to be found, so Matilda would lock herself in her room. Now that she was out, nothing was happening. However, she still blamed her for the incident, and got angrier.

She went into a different aisle. She arbitrarily grabbed body wash, then shampoo, trying to seem as casual as possible.

“Oh, are you buying that for your daughter?”

She turned to see the same pharmacist looking at her and pointing at the shampoo she grabbed.

“No, its for me. Wh…” she looked at the bottles she had taken. The shampoo was like a fish and read “Loreal,” and the soap had Cinderella on it. She cursed herself for not paying attention. “Its uh… good for my hair.”

The woman nodded. “I see. Let me know if you need anything else.”

Matilda sighed and went down the other aisles. A few people came in, and she tried to look busy until they left.

She walked back to the incontinence aisle and reached to grab the packages, but a man turned down toward her, and she kept walking. She was thankful that for once Rebecca wasn’t doing anything to attract attention to her.

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