Rebecca set her bag down upon the bed. Her bed now. At least, for the next semester.

The choice to live on campus for her second year wasn’t one easily made. Her parents had offered to let her stay in her old bedroom, and it wasn’t that long a commute. But… she needed her freedom. There was a time in everyone’s life when they needed to go out into the world to figure out for themselves who they are, and you didn’t do that by living forever in your childhood bedroom. She couldn’t be act like a kid forever.

She sighed. Some might argue that last part for certain things. Despite what she wanted, some things wouldn’t change. Other things, however, needed to change right now. She opened the bag and dug to the bottom. She felt around with her eyes closed until she landed on the familiar plastic feel. She pulled out the thick, white diaper and looked around her room. She could try going to the bathroom to change, but then she risked being seen. Changing here, however, meant finding a place to store a soaked diaper until she could take her trash out. She sighed, thanked god she managed to get an individual room and put a bag inside the sealing garbage can she had picked out specifically for this. She took hers off, wrapped it in an extra plastic bag, and shoved it in. She re-diapered herself and pulled her skirt down over it.

She looked in the mirror and frowned. It wasn’t too obvious but… her bottom definitely stuck out. She sashayed back and forth, and the sound of crinkling plastic came through. She told herself it was more obvious because she knew it was there, and realistically no one would be able to tell unless they were looking for it, but it was hard to convince herself.

She opened her bag further and took out the bag of diapers. There were twenty of them, each thick, plastic, and unmistakable for what they were. At least they weren’t the printed kind- she still remembered with horror when her parents presented her with a pink bunny covered diaper for a “fun change.” She wrapped the bag in a blanket, shoved it in a suitcase, and looked around her room. Finally she hid it in her closet and sighed. The brand was far from what she would have wanted. She had considered just stocking up on the underwear like pull ups she wore at home, but even back then she rarely tried wearing them outside the house, or anywhere she’d be far from a bathroom. The next were a bit thicker but still paper backed and quiet. She’d wear them when she’d be out but knew she could change quickly.

That had been harder to give up, but in the end it was also still wishful thinking. With hour long classes and even longer tests, not to mention walking all over the campus without a private bathroom, it was too much of a risk. On top of that, a leaking diaper in public was far worse then plastic underwear. So, here she was.

She thought for a moment, then reached back into the bag and took a spare diaper out. She figured she should probably bring a spare around, just in case. The campus was large, and she couldn’t always be sure to make it back in time. She then reached into her “regular” underwear drawer, took out a pair of briefs, and pulled them up her legs. It always made her feel more comfortable to have something extra in case her skirt ran up, and it helped keep the crinkle sound down.

Someone knocked at the door. Before she could answer, a smoothed skin, perfectly formed face, flanked by long, bleached hair, poked inside.

“Eeep!” Rebecca said. Thinking quickly, she let her skirt drop back down and threw her her blanket over her bed.

“You a bit of a scaredy cat?” the head asked. It was Matilda, an annoying cheerleader who shared some of Rebecca’s classes. “What are you hiding?”

“None of your business!” Rebecca said. “I mean, nothing. What do you want?”

“Just letting you know there is a party tonight,” she said.

“Oh, I uhhh…” it was tempting, but it was also a Wednesday night. “I really should study. I have a morning class.”

Matilda laughed. “Oh, the party is for cheerleaders only, silly. Just letting you know in case it got too loud.” She slammed the door behind her as she left.

Rebecca grumbled to herself. Of course there was no reason for her to mention it, Rebecca was sure the cheerleader just wanted her to know she wasn’t invited. She packed and headed to class.

The red-headed girl walked through the hallways. She kept telling herself the sound of her diaper crinkling was not as loud as it seemed. It was something she knew was true, but had still been a source of anxiety for years. Now, with the unfortunate choice of the extra thick diapers, and the close call, it was all she could think about.

“Hello again Rebby!” Matilda said, coming beside her.

Rebecca jumped, startled at her sudden appearance. “My your jumpy today Rebby. Or do you prefer Becca?”

“I prefer Rebecca,” she said.

“Whatever you want Becca. Sorry about our little run in earlier, I hope I didn’t sound like I was making fun of you.” She was dressed in a tank top and short skirt, in direct contrast to Rebecca’s sweater and long, plaid skirt.

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Not at all.”

“Its just, you know, only for cheerleaders. And their boyfriends. And some of their friends. And a few other people. But its ok, you got your own thing going. Love your long skirts and frumpy clothes! Its cute, like a schoolgirl, and I suppose you have to dress according to your build.”

"Wow, thanks. Yes, your tiny skirts just shout “maturity.”

A girl they were passing giggled. She had long black hair and short black dress, and hit her smile behind her hand. She winked at Rebecca as they passed.

Matilda made a face as she was laughed at, then put on a fake smile and wrapped an arm around Rebecca stomach and pulled her in close. Rebecca kept walking but froze from the waist up. Where she was, Matilda’s hand was dangerously close to her…

She reached down and moved Matilda’s arm away. “Sorry would you mind not doing that?”

“Awww. I would mind not doing that, actually. I’m just trying to get close with my new friend.” She put a hand around her waist again, this time lower.

Rebecca looked at the arm nervously. She considered pushing it away again, but that would probably only encourage Matilda, and she didn’t want to risk her trying again and ending up right smack in the wrong place.

“I think that’s close enough!” Rebecca said, wiping her hand away.

Matilde smiled. “Wow! Feisty! You go girl!” she said, and smacked Rebecca on the bottom.

There was a moment after the thud where neither spoke. Rebecca stared straight forward, and Matilda looked at her.

“What was that?” Matilda asked.

“What was what?” Rebecca said.

“That sound.”

“Probably a bird.”

“No the thud.”

“Hit a tree.”

“Then there was a crinkling sound.”

“A plastic tree.”

“Awww that’s a cute joke sweetie. Such a clever girl!”

Rebecca pointed a finger at her. “Hey! Don’t talk to me that…”

She stopped as Matilda hooked a finger under her skirt and lifted.

“HEY! Don’t… Errr!” She said, pushing her skirt down.

“Sorry, what was that little girl?” Matilda asked. She stepped a bit closer and put her hand back on Rebecca’s skirt. She looked straight into her eyes and gave a mocking smile. “I gave you a compliment. What do you say, little girl?”

“Ah…” Rebecca paused. It was only a second of contact, she wouldn’t necessarily have seen anything. Then again, she might have already seen something from when she barged into her door and been suspicious.

Rebecca shook her head. She was trying to think of a way out of it, but realistically she was beaten. Matilda had been teasing her before, but in an entirely different way. She must know. “Thank you for the compliment.”

“Good girl. Well have a good day! I’ll see you in the afternoon class!” Matilda said, and ruffled Rebecca’s hair, then hopped away in the other direction.


“Uggg…” Rebecca put her head in her hand. She had almost forgotten that she shared her afternoon history class with Matilda. She clutched her books to her chest and walked with her head down, embarrassed.

The building she was heading to was the Humanities Center. A hulking, three story building of stone and cement shaped into a multiple levels, with a glass pyramid on top. Statues and art work filled its yards and halls. However, she couldn’t notice any of it in her frame of mind. She opened the door and went in, and felt like all eyes were on her. She felt like her legs were being pushed apart far more then usual, and she tried not to waddle. Normally she was used to the sound of her plastic underwear rustling, but now it sounded far louder and echoed in the hallway.

It was afternoon, and Rebecca was moping as she paced toward her next class. She stopped and pretended to look at some flowers she would only be delaying the inevitable. Eventually she’d either run into Matilda in the halls, or have to go back to class. She sighed and walked toward class.

A few minutes later, she shuddered, and pushed the door into the half full class.

“Rebecca! Come sit with us!” Matilda said, patting a chair beside her.

She was sitting in in a few rows of her friends. Rebecca already felt out of place looking at all the short skirts and tight clothes. They whispered after Matilda called her over, until she said “No I think shes very cute and sweet. Come little sweetie!”

“I’m…” Rebecca looked at the group, then back down toward the front where she normally sat. “I don’t think…”

“Oh why? Are you hiding something?” Matilda said.

Rebecca groaned inwardly and walked toward it. She felt extra self conscious as she shuffled behind the row of seats, bottom directly in front of all the other students.

She ended up right beside Matilda and three of her best friends. They were all like her- all on the cheerleader crew, long haired and attractive, and always wearing tight clothes to show off. They all cared more about picking up guys then studying, were more like to be at a party the at the library. In summary, they were all the people Rebecca liked to avoid. Right now, she was smack in the middle of them, and they were all giggling while looking at her.

“Awww thanks for joining us sweetie,” one of her friend said.

Rebecca ignored her, but Matilda tapped her on the shoulder. “Ah ah ah, don’t be rude sweetie. You’re friend gave you a compliment. What do you say?”

“You’re welcome,” Rebecca grumbled.

“Good girl. Isn’t she such a good girl? Always working so hard!” Matilda said.

“Yes and she’s so cute too!” one of the others said. Rebecca made a note to try to learn their names.

Rebecca sat with her head down as they teased her. So Matilda had told them. What’s more, they all planned to use the knowledge against her. This was turning out to be worse and worse.

She hoped they were the only ones Matilda had told. Knowing Matilda, she’d rather have the leverage of the knowledge then spread it right away. Still, that was four people who knew her secret. Rebecca wished she could disappear.

The professor, a middle aged woman in a sweater and skirt, came into the room. She walked to the front and wrote “Professor Tweedelbow.” Most of the class hushed, but the four girls around Rebecca kept teasing.

“Alright welcome to Psychology 201. Due to budget cuts we will also be discussing skin disorders. This is the class you can use to annoy your friends and family with unlicensed diagnoses. I’m professor Tweedelbow…”

“Excuse me miss, the sheet says you are just an assistant professor.”

The professor glared at the student who spoke up. “Anyone who knows me knows that I do not tolerate interruptions. Once more and I’ll be docking a mark for this class. Now for today’s class on body dysmorphia and hypertrichosis, please turn to page 394…”

Rebecca flipped through her text book and tried to ignore the girls beside her.

“Shh, did you hear something?” Matilda asked.

“No what?” one of her friends responded.

“It sounded like plastic crinkling.”

Rebecca blushed.

“Did you hear that Rebecca?”

She shook hear head.

“Say is it just me or are you sitting a bit higher off the chair then normal? And why do you spread your legs so wide?”

Rebecca tried to pay attention to the lecture and ignore her, but her friends came in.

“Now that you mention it it does seem odd, and all the crinkling sounds are coming from her too. I wonder why?”

“Say do you hear that now? Its like a weird hissing noises, and some other sounds too. You know anything about that Rebecca?”

Rebecca shook her head. And kept reading. The professor was going droning on about example cases of different disorders. She was hard to listen to as it was, and now there was even more distraction.

Matilda pretended to sniff into the air. “Say, Rebecca do you smell something? It smells like a dirty…”

“No I do not!” Rebecca hissed under her breath.

“EXCUSE ME!” Professor Tweedelbow said. “Whose that speaking in the back?”


LOL thanks :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

“Oh its Rebecca,” Matilda said, pointing at her. Rebecca looked up and gasped.

“Always Rebecca. We tried to tell her to stop but she’s so social,” the cheerleader to her right said.

“Isn’t that right Rebecca? You just have such a hard time keeping things to yourself, right?”

“Is that true Rebecca?” the professor asked.

Rebecca looked back and forth between them, then at the professor. “Yes Ma’am,” she said.

“Well then that is a mark off for you today. Try to stay quiet next time.”

The others giggled as Rebecca stewed in her anger. Thankfully they remained quiet until the class had ended. Rebecca got up immediately and power walked out of the class room before the cheerleaders could say anything more.

She wanted a moment of privacy. After her first year of university here, she had learned where the quiet spots were, and where she could expect more traffic. The closest bathroom was just down the hall, but that would probably be full of people after class. She opened a side doorway and ran up two flights of stairs then walked toward an almost always vacant bathroom.

She leaned on a sink, panting. She looked up at herself in the mirror. She felt like it was written on her face somehow, or visible in her eyes. Every day she tried to get from class to class normally, back straight, smiling at people, and every day the temptation to hide and stare at the ground was there. Now it was coming back as hard as ever. She looked down into the sink.

She felt something behind her, then heard a click. She looked up and screamed.

Matilda was standing behind her, smiling, with her phone out. It took Rebecca a moment to figure out what would happened. She pushed her skirt down, turned around and faced her.

“How did you… why did you…” of course she knew what had happened. Matilda had snuck in behind her, lifted her skirt, and…

She turned her phone so Rebecca could see. There, plain as day, was a picture of Rebecca bent over with her diaper plainly visible. Rebecca stopped talking. “Being on the cheerleader team has made me nice and light on my feed. Don’t be upset about it diaper girl, I could sneak up on anyone if I wanted.”

“But that… that doesn’t…” it didn’t make much sense at all. Why hadn’t she heard the door open and close? Normally she was much more aware, she always had to be since an early age.

Matilda turned the phone back to herself. “Don’t worry little baby, I’m not going to be spreading the picture of your adorable widdle diapie-wipies around. Might show them to some friends who you met, but that’s it. I just like having pictures of your cute bum in pampers to look at whenever I want.”


Matilda smiled. “Megamaxes. Good to know when I need more. Do they make those cute printed ones you sometimes see on tic toc, or is that another brand?”

Rebecca glared at her and tried to grab the phone. Matilda held it away and waggled a finger at her.

“Ah ah ah, I wouldn’t try that you naughty baby,” Matilda said, and held her thumb over the messanger button. Rebecca’s eyes went wide and she drew her hands back. “Let me clarify. These pictures are for myself and my closest friends only… as long as you are a good little baby for me. Otherwise, they go on the University social sites. Sure they might get taken then, but by that point… who knows who might see them. You’ll be a laughing stock, and no one will see you as the perfect little smarty padded pants you pretend to be anymore. You’ll just be the diaper girl, the school baby, and the only thing people will ever wonder about you is if you are the source of some funny smell. Got it?”

Rebecca frowned. She doubted people would be as cruel as Matilda said, and realistically if they ever found out she was the one who spread it Matilda would probably get in a lot of trouble. However… the idea of it being seen by all the other students was terrifying. She nodded.

“Good girl,” Matilda patted her head. “Now, you were very rude today to me and my friends…”

“My friends and I,” Rebecca thought, but kept herself from saying.

“When they were just trying to be nice to you. So from now on you are going to promise to be a good little baby and listen to them, ok? That way we can take care of you like you need and watch after your diapers. If not I might have to send this picture to everyone so I can be sure anywhere you go someone will be able to take care of you, which I guess you don’t want. Fair enough? Will you be a good little baby?”

Rebecca wanted to punch her and smash her phone. Instead, she nodded. That phone might connect to any number of social sites or data bases.

“I want you to say it, little girl. Say 'I will be a…”

Rebecca squeezed her eyes shut. This was NOT happening. However, she said it anyway. “I will be a good little baby for you and you’re friends.”

Matilda nodded. “Good, now add the last part. What do you call someone whose in charge of you for your own good?”

Her frown turned into a sneer. “I will be a good little baby for you and your friends, MA’AM,” she emphasized.

“Good baby girl. See? It isn’t that hard,” she ruffled Rebecca’s head. “And since no one is intimidated by a little girl in diapers sneering at them, l’ll count that as you being a good baby despite those cute faces. Now you are going to prove it. First, lift up your skirt and wet your diaper like a good little potty pants. I want some cute baby pictures.”

“What!?” Rebecca shouted, eyes wide. “I’m in the bathroom, and I…” she was cut off as Matilda waggled a finger and held up the picture of her bent over.

“Yes, you were in the bathroom, which means you wanted to use the toilet. That is a very no no, bad baby thing to do. My baby will use her pampers, and come ask me for a change. Also, don’t pretend you aren’t used to this, you didn’t buy diapers that thick if you didn’t need them.”

Rebecca groaned. She was right, it was far from the first time she wet. “Why are you doing this to me? Its a physical disability. You can’t just lord yourself over me for something I can’t change This is… evil.”

“Oh?” Matilda tilted her head to the side. “So you can’t change it, as opposed to the students who aren’t quite as smart as you who you had no problem 'lording yourself over?” They can totally change it." She shook her head. “We all have advantages and disadvantages, and right now I’m using mine to get what I want, no different from what you do with 4.0 gpa brain of yours. So wet yourself or everyone sees your diapers. Now.”

Rebecca muttered under her breath. It was NOT the same. Still, she slowly lifted her skirt. She closed her eyes, relaxed, and…

“Good baby” Matilda said as a familiar warmth surrounded Rebecca’s privates.

“There. Happy?” Rebecca said. Her diaper was sodden, but thankfully she had a change.

“Very. Now, smile for the camera!”

CLICK she snapped a photo on her phone. Rebecca wondered why she had added a sound to her phone.

“Now, turn around and let me see your cute bum.”

Rebecca rolled her eyes, turned around, and held up the back of her skirt for the picture.

CLICK. “Now, face me and do one while sucking your thumb. And no sass this time!”

Rebecca obeyed for another photo. “Done yet, MA’AM?!” she asked.

“One more. Go into the bathroom stall.” Matilda pointed to an open door behind them.

“O…k?” she said in a questioning voice. She walked into the stall.

"Now I want you to lift your skirt, look down at your soggy diaper, and put a hand on it. Open your mouth like you are surprised.

Rebecca wondered what was going on, but she obeyed. She lifted her skirt and posed as she was told. Matilda grabbed her and moved her wrist, then posed her chin. She smiled at herself, nodded, then closed the door half way at an angle. She walked toward the mirror.

Rebecca looked up at her with a questioning look. “Ah ah ah,” She said, waggling her annoying finger. “Hold the pose little girl. Don’t be naughty or you will get a time out.”

Rebecca went back to her pose. Matilda faced the mirror, reached into her pocket and got her lip stick out. She put it on, then held took her camera out and pursed her lips. CLICK CLICK CLICK, she snapped a few photos.

She walked back to Rebecca and showed her. “Oh,” Rebecca said. From the look of the picture, she was taking a photo of her new lipstick… and just happened to get catch Rebecca in the background, who forgot to close the door completely as she checked her own soaked diaper. That eliminated the problem of being blamed. She could easily post the photo anywhere saying she wanted to show off, then play innocent as other people pointed out the girl in the soaked diaper in the background.

“Alright, you win. What do you want?” Rebecca said.

Matilda smiled at her. “Good girl, knowing when you’re beaten. And you’ll find out what I want. First, come with me.” She grabbed Rebecca’s hand and pulled her out of the bathroom.

“Wait! I need to change!”

Matilda laughed. “Awww coot widdle baby asking for a diapie change. No, I don’t want to keep my friends waiting. We will change your diapers later.”

Keep her friends waiting? What? And what did she mean by “WE will change your diaper’s later?” She dreaded to find out. Defeated for now, she let herself be lead through the campus, waddling in her soaking wet diaper, toward whatever nightmare Matilda had planned for next.

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Seems odd that a functionally incontinent person (to the point where she needed Megamax diapers during the day) would be able to pee on command like that, but…


That’s entirely possible. Clawdia could because despite her incontinence her bladder wouldn’t fully empty unless she forced it to empty fully. :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the clarification there.

No problem. It’s an odd combination of issues to have so most people wouldn’t know about it/think of if. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is correct.
I’m also not going to go into great detail about how bad her issues are.

What Penguin said. Its also mentioned that she had different kinds at home and the megamaxes were more a precaution for longer classes.

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Matilda dragged Rebecca by the hand. Rebecca followed as quickly as she could, though the thick, sodden padding between her legs didn’t help much. She tried to keep her stance and steps as normal as possible to avoid notice. She had been in similar situations before- it was far from the first time she had been in a wet diaper in public. However, normally she’d immediately head to the bathroom and change, walking as carefully as possible. Now both the change and controlling her own walking was off the table.

The halls were full of people. IN her head, Rebecca imagined everyone noticed her exaggerated waddle, the crinkling and slushing sounds, and worse of all, the smell. She knew it probably wasn’t true, but she imagined every set of eyes they passed settled on her, and every smile was really a barely covered laugh.

They exited the building and went into the lawn. She wished she could say it was better then the hallway as at least no one was close by and there was fresh air, but the wide open space filled with people only made her more worried.

They went through the campus and into their shared dorm building. They went up through the halls and to Rebecca’s room.

Matilda stopped her with a hand on her chest. “Good girl, you were very well behaved on our little walk.”

Rebecca sneered at her.

Matilda continued. “Now, you are going to go in there, get all your little pampers, and bring them out, alright?”

Rebecca’s eyes went wide and she put a hand on Matilda’s mouth. “SHHH don’t say it so loud!”

Matilda smiled and pushed her hand away. “Awww is baby embarrassed by her diapy-wipies? Then she better do as I say or I’ll announce it right out loud where everyone can hear it. Go into your room, get all your diapers, put them in whatever bag you think will hide them best, and give them to me. Oh, and anything else you need for a diaper change. Now.”

Rebecca shook and looked over her shoulders. Throughout the entire speech Matilda hadn’t lowered her voice at all. Thankfully, the hallway was mainly empty and no one appeared to have noticed.

Rebecca opened the door and went in. Matilda followed behind her and, thankfully, closed the door. Rebecca went into her closet and grabbed the package of diapers, the wipes, and powder she stored. “Why is it you want these anyway? What are you planning?” she asked.

Matilda shook her head. “Thats for me to know and the diaper baby to find out. Now find a bag to hide them or I’ll make you carry it like that through the hall.”

Rebecca looked back at the close. “Ummm…” she said. She grabbed her backpack, shoved it in, struggled to get the zipper closed, and finally got it done. She held the bag up to Matilda. “Here. Good? Now what?”

“Ah ah ah, you can hold your own diaper bag for now. One more thing.” She put a finger to her chin and glanced around. “Where is your spare dorm key, diaper girl?”

Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Really?! You want that?!”

Matilda took her phone out and put a finger on it. Rebecca backed up. “One more argument and the entire class sees your soggy pampered behind. So, what will it be?”

Rebecca thought for a moment, sighed, reached into her desk, grabbed the key and gave it to Matilda. “What do you need that for anyway?”

She shrugged. “Just so I can check up on my little baby whenever I want to. Never know when you might need a diaper change.” She jabbed at the bag of diapers. “Frankly, you are lucky I let you have one at all. I could have just given one to my friends and kept the other. Most babies I know don’t need privacy. So, what do you say?”

Rebecca glared. “Thanks ma’am.”

Matilda smiled. “No problem Becca. What a good little girl!” She patted her head. “Now come on lets go.”

She grabbed Rebecca’s hand, dragged her out of the room and toward her own. When they arrived, Rebecca found Matilda’s three friends standing around her bed.


“She’s here!” one of them said. “Is it true? Let me see!”

“I can’t believe it. You must have been joking,” said another. Rebecca made a mental note to learn their names, but they all seemed so similar to her. The same rich, obnoxious girls in skimpy clothes Matilda always hung around with.

“Oh its true. Rebecca had an accident on the way here. Isn’t that right, diaper girl?”

Rebecca glared. “No you…” she stopped herself, remembering the photos. “Yes, I did.”

“Good girl. Now,” she smacked Rebecca hard on the bottom. “Take your skirt off and show them what you are wearing.”

Rebecca sighed. The idea was horrifying, but three more people seeing it was better then the entire school, even if they were the most obnoxious girls in the school. She reached down and pulled her skirt down."

“Awwwww!” they said at once, and the room was filled with gasps and laughter. As normal, they all behaved the same way, backing up with hands to their mouths.

“It IS true! She looks just like a baby!”

“Oh my god its so cute! And she’s wet!”

“Awww does the widdle baby need a change?”

They all said their lines, and Rebecca didn’t bother to see who said what. She closed her eyes as they teased. This HAD to be a nightmare. Of all the people to find out, it was the four dumbest, most annoying bullies in the school. She told herself she should be able to outsmart them, think of a way out, but the reality was she couldn’t do anything but stand there as they gawk at her humiliating “secret.”

Matilda hushed them. “Now now now, there will be time to tease the baby later. For now, I think we need to change her out of that soggy diaper and set her new rules.”

Rebecca looked at her. What horror was she in for now?

She lay a towel on her bed. “Now baby girl, want a diapie change? Are you a widdle potty pants? Are you a widdle baby in a soggy diaper? Have an accident in your widdle pampers? Ask nicely!”

“Yes,” Rebecca said.

Matilda shook a finger. “Ah ah ah, say it right baby girl. Answer ALL the questions.”

“Please don’t make me do that.”

"Now. WITH the “widdles.”

The other girls all held back laughter as they stared at her, waiting for her response.

“Yes I want a diapie change. I am a widdle potty pants. I am a widdle baby in a soggy diaper. I had an accident in my widdle pampers. Please change my…” She groaned. “Widdle diapers, mistress.”

They burst out laughing. Matilda patted her bottom. “Good baby. Now, lie on the bed.”

“What are you going to do?” Rebecca said, but obeyed the command.

“I’m going to change my baby’s diaper silly! Now hush and let me work.”

“You wha…!” she said with her eyes wide, but was stopped by a finger. Instead, she lay helpless as Matilda bent over her and untapped her diaper.

“Oh no no no please don’t…” she pleaded, but was ignored as Matilda opened her soaked diaper. The three others laughed and laughed as she took out a box of baby wipes and ran it along her skin, then threw both into a plastic bag. She took out another diaper.

“Bum up baby girl!”

Rebecca felt like crying. This was by the most humiliating sequence of her life. Her secret was exposed, she was mocked for it, she was getting changed by someone her own age, and worse, it was all done by the people she hated most in the school. Part of her thought it might be easier to just let Matilda show everyone. However, she obeyed the command. Matilda lay the diaper underneath her and covered her with powder, then taped it on snugly.

“There, have your fun? Can I go now?” Rebecca said.


I have a feeling it will not always be her on the receiving end of embarrassment. Will be curious to see where this story goes.

might be true, might not be true. You’ll have to wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like to think all my stories exist in a sort of alternate world, even (and especially) the ones that seem to take place in the real world. I know I say it a lot but I always find a freewheeling imaginative approach often works better for the theme of these stories then a strictly real one. They are inherently silly, so I’ll let them be that way. That being said, there will be an explanation for that later.

On the other hand… do you think in her scenario she necessarily would want to report? It would be hard for to prove any specific crime was committed, and given her pride and focus on reputation the fear of the pictures going public might outweigh any possible gain from reporting. The sad fact is people are bullied, and blackmail using photos does happen. Realistically the “bullies” releasing the photos would probably look worse on them then anything but she might not see it that way.

But yeah, I’m just spitballing, and I don’t know if that is all making sense. The story will have an explanation later, wait and see


“Nope, not yet. We aren’t done humiliating you,” Matilda said, and her friends laughed.

Rebecca could have cried. That was blunt, but at least she was being honest.

“So how long?” She asked.

Matilda laughed. “You don’t get it, do you? This isn’t something that’s going to end, this isn’t going to be a thing where we have fun of you for one day and let you go. See this?” She held up the phone and scrolled through photos of Rebecca- bent over in her diapers, wetting, getting changed, all of them making her shudder. “This means we own you, and we have it saved on a cloud all of us can access so even if you somehow steal my phone we still do. You lorded it over us for a year, thinking you were oh so special, and now the tables have turned. We are NEVER going to get tired of this, and you are going to be our little play thing ALL year or everyone will know your dirty little secret. Got it, diaper girl?” The other three nodded in unison beside her.

Rebecca gapped at her, shocked by her cruelty. What did she ever to to her? How could she be so mean?

Matilda bent over her with a pen. She drew a star on each tape of her diaper, then took a picture. She showed Rebecca the picture. “See this? This is how we know you won’t go behind our back. Every time we diaper you, we’ll be marking the tapes and taking a picture. Since the odds of you making the exact same markings or getting the tapes in the right place are pretty low even for a smarty padded pants like you, way we can be sure you won’t cheat and go to the toilet or get changed. So, the only way out of your soggy or smelly diapers is to come to me and beg for a change. Got it?”

Rebecca was shocked. Soggy OR smelly? Did that mean she intended… no… “You want me to do… THAT in my diapers too? Every time?”

Matilda nodded. “Mhmm. From now on, as long as you are in this university the toilet is off limits. I want you wandering the halls, diapered, soggy, and messy, completely reliant on us so you never get it in your head you are better then any of us again.”

“But thats… thats so mean! And disgusting! Why are you doing this…”

“HEY! Thats enough from the little diaper girl, or you won’t get a change tonight,” Matilda said. She sat on the bed beside her and patted her lap. “Now be a good baby and sit on my lap as we explain what will happen next. And just for that whine, I want you to suck your thumb as we do.”

Almost crying, Rebecca stood up and sat on her. She put her thumb in her mouth and hung her head, feeling every bit the baby they were treating her as. She felt her face flush, and tears began to drip.

“The first thing we’ll need is a new set of clothes. We can’t have our diaper girl going around in her frumpy shirts and longer skirts, can we?”

The others shook her head. “Its so out of style. We have to help her!”

“I agree. Make her wear something more like us for the boys. Its only being nice.”

Matilda nodded. “What do you think of that diaper girl? First we are going to take you shopping and get full closet of short skirts, tight pants, cut shirts that leave your midriff bare, and all sorts of things so you can show that hot body for the boys. Hows that sound?”

Rebecca didn’t respond. So, a dozen things that would make her diapers harder to hide. Figures, it perfectly fit their type of cruelty.

They continued lecturing her on the “rules.” Every morning someone would come “get” her for her morning diaper change and pick an outfit. She’d have to keep whatever clothes and diaper they put her in, getting fresh diapers again at lunch and after school. If they wanted to change her, they would, if not she’d just be given the diaper and report back for it to be ‘signed.’ Meanwhile, she’d be doing any homework they didn’t want to do, helping clean their rooms, doing their laundry… basically their slave on the threat of even greater humiliation.

Finally they concluded, and Matilda patted her leg. “Now, since you were so rude earlier, I think its time to show you what happens when you’re naughty. Take your soggy pamper, go stand in the corner, and put your thumb in your mouth. Don’t move until we say otherwise.” She held the wet diaper toward Rebecca.

Broken and humiliated, Rebecca obeyed. Of course they would “punish” her like a toddler. At least they weren’t spanking her. She got up, took the disgusting wet plastic, sucked her opposite and stood in the corner. The others laughed as she hung her head in shame.

They went to talking as if she wasn’t there. She heard them flipping through webpages, talking about clothes and what she would look “good” in. Rebecca groaned, knowing full well what that meant to them.

Rebecca’s neck got sore from how she was hanging it, and she raised to stare at the corner. It would still be warm until about the end of October, at which point they’d have to let her wear thicker, longer clothes. Until them, it was going to be a long end of summer.


I don’t see them being able to dress her like they are. The idea is for the diapers to be their secret, and that clothing would announce it to anyone that noticed her.

With Rebecca being smart, I see her somehow outwitting them soon, or someone else noticing her in distress at some point and helping her help herself.

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Yeah, keep in mind they are trying to scare her. They probably will also have more mixed ideas about changing messy diapers when it actually happens. For clothes, they probably would get her into as skimpy as possible without actually going as far as they would wear. Of course, this is all guessing and I’m not giving the plot away :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll have to see what happens next about her outwitting them!

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remember that party shes “not invited to”
i bet thats changed since that morning . . . along with something else

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hey good catch!
Wonder if they realize they left that loophole?