Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble... Chapter 1

This story is nine chapters long. I’ve written the whole thing, but since I have a bad habit of not finishing stories, I will atone (partially) by posting a few chapters of this one at once.

What the heck, life is short and I might get run over by a bus any time, so here’s the lot. I hope you enjoy it, that’s what I write for.

The usual dopey male is entrapped by the usual fearless and beautiful ladies…

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Chapter 1

What a great deal, thought Chris.

Chris couldn’t wait to move to the new house with Angela, his 28 year old wife of just over a year, and her two sisters. Bring it on, the 24 year old thought. Angela’s two sisters were hot, even if they did each have a toddler in tow. 23 year old Tracy had three year old Tenille and 22 year old Mandy had little Candy, aged two. For various reasons, neither had a husband.

Chris began to spend time fantasizing about the new arrangement. It suited him perfectly. Firstly, and Chris had to pinch himself regularly to make sure he wasn’t dreaming about this, the three sisters had recently won almost $5 million with a shared lottery ticket and were happy to foot the bill for all four of them. They had already bought a place in the woods some way out of town - a secluded, state of the art lodge complete with lake, gym, sauna, pool and home theatre.

Secondly, Chris had a lifelong interest in nappies, and here he was about to spend an unspecified amount of time in a house full of them. He had a secret stash of baby things in his garage. Chris had struggled for years with his fetish, but had finally accepted it as part of himself, and indulged himself whenever he could.

Chris was over the moon to be married to Angela, although she had no idea of her husband’s little kink. Sadly, Chris thought, he had never had any sign from her that she might accept it, let alone participate. Still, he thought, life in general could hardly be better than it was now. And maybe just the sight of all the nappies he would soon be exposed to would be enough to satisfy his urges. Ah, life was good.

As the date for the move approached, Angela suggested Chris start winding up his one-man financial services business. Chris was surprised, but as Angela explained, the three sisters were happy to treat Chris as one of them, sharing the benefits of the win, and he wouldn’t need to operate his business. Besides, Angela said, there would be lots of ways he could help out in running the financial side of life at the lodge.

Chris realised that he could do that easily and spend the rest of the time fishing, hiking, working out, relaxing in the home theatre or the sauna, or making love to Angela, or ogling her sisters, as well as visiting a little stash of nappies somewhere in the woods. The thought of such a future had its effect on Chris, and his hand went to the crotch of his track pants, rubbing his hardening penis.

Chris was home alone, and soon he was in the garage, pulling on one of the thick Molicare pull-ups he kept hidden away. It wasn’t long before he was back in the living room, imagining himself to be a naughty little boy who was about to wet his pants. He never really got fully erect (a lifelong source of embarrassment), he managed to wet himself enough through his soft erection to feel the soggy weight between his legs. Next, he massaged himself to orgasm through the thick layers of the track pants and his pull-up.

‘Sorry Mummy, I wet my nappy,’ he mumbled to the imaginary Mummy who was always present when he wet.

When Chris was younger, the Mummy he imagined at these times was his own dear mother. Then, as a single young man, ‘Mummy’ became whatever maternal looking lady had caught his eye of late. Chris’s ‘Mummies’ usually had certain characteristics in common: full breasts, often accentuated by a visible cleavage, and wide hips, usually encased in figure-hugging pants or a tight skirt both of which emphasised a feminine, smooth crotch or rounded tummy.

‘What was that, Chris?’ asked Tracy, the middle sister, who had silently entered the room behind him.

Chris’s heart went to his mouth, and in his shock and embarrassment, a long spurt of pee flooded his already soaked pull-ups.

To be continued…

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 1

I’m very glad to be here! There are a few people not here - Todd, Jared etc. Any idea where they are?

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 1

OMG SALLY!! It is so nice to see you back & writing!!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 1

Thanks Vickie.

I did visit and register at the breakaway forum or whatever it was that Jared has gone to, but I had lost the URL.

I have no axe to grind with this forum, so I’ll keep posting here. And rather than annoy everyone with bits only of stories, I’ll write them complete then post them. That should keep everyone (including me) happy.

Best regards to everyone