Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 7

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Chapter 7

Chris had to wait for Tenille and Candy to finish their baths before he had his turn in the babies’ bathroom.

He stripped to his underpants and looked for a place for his clothes among Candy and Tenille’s tops and bottoms strewn around the chairs and benches of the sweet-smelling, steamy room. Eventually he found room on the padded changing table.

The bath was still full, with the girl’s plastic ducks and coloured toys floating among the fragrant bubbles. There was no shower head. Tracy had removed the shower extension to prevent the girls wetting the floor with it, although the floor and bathmat were still soaked.

Chris was about to get into the bath when Mandy arrived. She was wearing only her panties and bra, and had another piece of clothing in her hand.

Having seen Tracy completely naked, Chris was less embarrassed about seeing the youngest sister so scantily dressed.

‘Ange said you don’t wear pyjamas or even panties to bed, so she wants you to wear something more modest with Tenille and Candy around,’ said Mandy, dropping a soft, light blue garment on the changing table. ‘It’s one of Tracy’s t-shirts, but it’s long on her so it should right on you. It should do until we can get you some things of your own for bedtime.’

‘Thanks,’ said Chris, then thought for a moment. ‘But it’s not just…Tenille and Candy,’ – Chris bit his lip; he had nearly referred to the toddlers as ‘the other two’ - ‘It’s you and Tracy as well. I don’t particularly want to be running around in the nude in front of you.’

Mandy laughed. ‘Oh, don’t worry about that. We see enough bare bottoms with our own little ones. Here, slip off your undies and I’ll put everything in the wash with Candy and Tenille’s things. The sooner the better since you all made such a mess of yourselves at dinner!’

‘Well it was hard to eat,’ said Chris grumpily, handing his underpants to Mandy.

Mandy was a little plump compared with her sisters, and Chris watched the little roll of flesh above her smooth full briefs as Mandy bent to take his underpants.

‘It’s not your fault,’ Mandy told him. ‘The other two were having trouble as well. We should have found the bibs by the tomorrow, when we’ll have all the boxes unpacked.’

‘I don’t want a bib,’ was Chris’s surly response.

‘We’ll see,’ said Mandy, ‘It’s just a practical thing, like tucking a restaurant napkin in you collar to eat ribs, only this one’s washable. You don’t wear anything with a collar to tuck anything into anyway, sweetie,’ she added.

Chris slid into the still warm bubble bath, wishing Mandy would leave.

‘Look at this tummy,’ Mandy was saying, smoothing her fingers over the bulge of her belly and over the swell of her vulva. ‘I’ll need firm control panties if I don’t lose a bit of weight.’

She seemed to be talking to herself and quite ignored Chris as she turned this way and that in front of the mirror.

‘I want to wear my red dress tonight, too. Ange is wearing her little black number, and I want to keep up,’ she said.

This was the first Chris had heard of any outing.

‘Are you going out?’ he asked.

‘Yep,’ Mandy replied. ‘We’re going to Ange’s work drinks. Didn’t she tell you? She thought you’d be bored stiff. Anyway, one of Tracy’s found someone to come around to keep an eye on you all.’

Mandy looked at her watch.

‘She’ll be here shortly,’ she said, ‘So scrub up, sweetie. I’ll leave your nightie here.’

‘Mandy, I can keep an eye on things while you’re out,’ Chris complained.

Mandy looked at him, sitting in the bath, covered by soapy bubbles, surrounded by floating toys and holding a pink duck in one soapy hand.

‘I think all of you would be better with someone here. You’ve had a big day and you all need an early night after all the excitement of a new house,’ she said. ‘Anyway, you’ll probably be tucked up all toasty warm in bed by the time she gets here. Which reminds me, time for you to hop out of the bath, sweetie.’

To be continued…