Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 6

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Chapter 6

Out of earshot on the verandah of the lodge, Tracy and Mandy were discussing the days events.

‘I treated him all day exactly as if he were a three year old,’ said Tracy, ‘And he didn’t object at all. He even reacted like a three-year-old!’

‘I can’t wait to see him waddling around with a thick nappy under his playsuit,’ said Mandy.

‘You know he’s got a pair of overalls that are just like a toddler’s, only bigger. Angela bought them for him,’ Tracy said. ‘He wears them, too. They’re easily big enough for a nappy underneath.’

‘That girly yellow track suit does it for me,’ Mandy said.

‘He even wears it in public,’ Tracy said. ‘Ange says he thinks it’s orange.’

‘It probably would be orange if he wet himself,’ Mandy said, and the three women laughed.

‘At this rate, we won’t even need pills, or hypnosis tapes,’ said Tracy.

‘I don’t believe in hypnosis,’ said Mandy.

‘It works if the subject is willing,’ said Tracy, ‘And he certainly is. Remember his hidden stash of great big nappies Ange showed us? And those plastic pants? I’d love to see him actually wearing that stuff.’

‘I want to see him actually needing to wear that stuff!’ Mandy said.

‘Stop it Mandy!’ said Tracy, clenching her thighs together. ‘Or I’ll need a panty change myself!’

Mandy laughed. She was feeling moist as well.

‘Trace, seriously, why don’t we just tell him that in this house he’s a child from now on and that’s how he’ll be treated. I think that’s what he really wants.’ said Mandy.

‘No, Ange is right. It’s better if he goes down the path and opens the door himself; it will be much more deep and lasting,’ said Tracy. ‘Anyway, this teasing is so much fun. “Toytown Ranger”!’ she added, stifling her giggles.

‘Deep and lasting,’ repeated Mandy, raising her eyebrows. ‘Do you mean permanent?’

‘With any luck,’ replied Tracy. ‘Then we get him signed over to us as his guardians.’

‘With a court order giving him only the rights of a child,’ said Mandy.

‘Less. With only the rights of an infant in the care of his mummy,’ said Tracy with a smirk. ‘Anyway, let’s go to bed. I’ll check on the babes. Well, on two thirds of them, at least.’

Mandy thought for a while.

‘Trace, do you think we can really pull this off? I mean, are we dreaming?’ she asked her sister.

‘Of course we can,’ Tracy said. ‘He’s ideal – no family or ties, he’s naturally submissive, in case you hadn’t noticed he even obeys Tenille! Psychologically he has to be at least half-way there already with his nappy fetish, and we have plenty of assets to apply to the project,’ Tracy said.

‘Assets – you mean lottery money?’ Mandy asked.

‘Of course,’ replied Tracy. ‘And our own assets,’ she laughed, looking down her cleavage and adjusting her bra. ‘The more natural, mother and child exposure to us he gets the better. Angela says it won’t take long to ‘sexually desensitise’ him so he’ll just see us as mummy figures and nothing else. He’ll be interested in our boobs, but only because he wants to suckle on them, not because he’s a guy and he finds them sexy.’

‘It’s still hard to believe,’ said Mandy. ‘He’s not there yet, though. I was getting into about my tightest jeans yesterday, and he came in with Ange. He couldn’t take his eyes off my fly while I was yanking it up.’

‘Well, Ange says wait, and she’s the pediatric psychiatrist, after all. I’ll just keep treating him like a toddler,’ Tracy said. ‘Last night I made him use the bathroom while I was totally naked in the shower.’

‘You made him?’ asked Mandy. 'Did he do it?

‘Well, the kids, I mean the other kids, were in the babies’ bathroom, so it was use the grownups’ bathroom or wet his pants, I suppose.’

‘I can’t wait,’ said Mandy. ‘This is the most exciting project we’ve ever done.’

‘I don’t know,’ said Tracy, ‘Patty was an interesting exercise,’

‘Mm,’ said Mandy, thinking of her former husband, Candy’s father. She wondered how he was getting on. At least he was getting good care in the home in which they had eventually placed him. ‘I think we went a bit far with him. No drugs this time, remember?’

‘Definitely. I made Ange promise,’ Tracy said, thinking of Mandy’s once virile husband, now drooling, diapered and struggling to even say his own name, clutching his frilly dolls and looking out at the barely comprehensible adult world he was once a part of with his big, sad, scared eyes.

Poor Patrick, she thought. Still, he had sort of asked for it.

‘Well,’ said Mandy. ‘I’m going to hit the sack,’ she added, swinging her denim-clad legs off the sofa and following Tracy inside to check on the babies.

To be continued…