Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 4

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Chapter 4

Chris sat around the house for a while. Ange had gone for a test drive back to the city with the buyer (and to his bank for the cash, she hoped) while Mandy was working in her bedroom. Chris was desperate to put on a diaper, but settled for a little private time in one of the lodge’s two bathrooms. He needed release.

He stripped to his underpants and found Tenille occupying the first bathroom he tried so he went to the second bathroom where he opened the door and strode in, almost naked and with his erection dribbling a dark circle of pre-cum on his cotton underpants, only to confront Tracy who was standing in the uncurtained bath, quietly soaping herself before rinsing with the shower nozzle on its long extension.

‘Oh, I’m really sorry, I didn’t hear anything in here,’ Chris said, backing out of the room with his hands over his crotch, trying not to look at Tracy’s full and statuesque figure.

‘It’s alright sweetie, I’m nearly finished,’ said Tracy with a grin. ‘Can you hand me that razor next to the hand basin?’

Chris complied, looking down at Tracy’s wide, fleshy hips and full, rounded belly, his eyes fixed on the soapy water trickling over the bushy black triangle curving away between her legs.

‘Thank you, honey, and don’t be embarrassed, we all look the same naked, don’t we?’ laughed Tracy, turning to face Chris. ‘It’s just like looking at your own mummy, isn’t it? Only you’ve really got three mummies in this house, haven’t you, just like Tenille and Mandy.’

Chris blushed even harder, and didn’t know quite what to say. At least Tracy hadn’t mentioned his erection. Maybe she hadn’t noticed it, he thought hopefully.

Tracy proceeded to shave her armpits with the wide, feminine razor Chris had handed her. He was feeling slightly more comfortable as he remembered being in the bathroom with his own naked mother.

‘And the aftershave, sweetie,’ said Tracy, ‘It’s the pink squeeze bottle.’

Chris found the item, and handed it to Tracy.

‘Thank you, Chris,’ said Tracy. ‘And my panties too, please. You’re much better at handing mummy things than Tenille. She gave me the toothpaste last time when I asked her for the conditioner. How silly is that!’

But Tenille is three years old, Chris thought with some annoyance at having his competence compared with hers, but said nothing and gave Tracy the pink, lace-trimmed briefs he found on a chair, on top of Tracy’s carefully folded jeans. Tracy had rinsed herself off, finished with the aftershave and had wrapped a towel around her hair. She stepped out of the bath and into her panties, then pulled them up tight over her hips and adjusted the fabric across her wide pubic mound.

Chris watched as Tracy put her bra on, settling her big, pendulous breasts into the cups. She smiled at Chris as if she were doing nothing more sensual than putting her hair up.

Chris was gripped by an overwhelming urge to put his nappy on and to wet it.

To be continued…