Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 13

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Chapter 13

August 4th

It had been two weeks since Tenille’s birthday party. Tenille had managed to maintain her big girl status, complete with big girl underwear, and had not had a daytime or night-time accident since she had first qualified for the plain cotton briefs she was so proud of wearing. More than that, she was enrolled in the pre-school in the nearby town, and one of the sisters would soon be taking her down the road to catch the bus every morning.

Tenille was looking forward to pre-school, and jealously guarded the school-oriented presents she had received on her birthday. Among these was a set of coloured pencils – much more grownup than the crayons Candy and Chris used for a favourite occupation, drawing on the large sheets of paper which Mandy provided via a new friend at aerobics. More important to her than this, though, was Tenille’s shiny new school satchel.

The sisters were becoming tired of resolving endless little arguments between Tenille on one side and the emerging ‘gang of two’ - Chris and Candy - on the other. Angela had assumed that the underlying cause was Chris’s deep-seated resentment at still being in nappies while Tenille, despite careful counselling to be mindful of the feelings of the other two in relation to her recent promotion, wore big-girl underwear. It wasn’t until one morning when the sisters, returning from the gym and a shopping trip, were informed by a worried Helen that Chris had thrown a tantrum, presumably about the underwear situation. He had exploding into shouts and wails, and had defaced Tenille’s new satchel by scrawling on it in crayon the word ‘baby’.

That episode had earned Chris a thorough spanking at Angela’s hand. Meanwhile, Tenille’s inflammatory response, for which she had been cautioned, had been to ridicule Chris for the clothing he now wore most of the time – comfortable and practical shortalls in soft fabrics featuring snaps at the legs and crotch. Chris was now needing changing five or six times a day, more than Candy, who was even starting to ask for the bathroom for number ones as well as number twos. Chris didn’t seem able to tell when he was wet. At any rate, he wasn’t able, despite urgings from the sisters, to ask to be changed when he needed it, and so was at risk of serious nappy rash unless he was checked regularly and changed as required. The soft shortalls with the snap crotches made the regular changes quicker and easier, and Chris seemed happy to wear them once he had got used to them.

The nappy issue was troubling all three sisters. The answer to the problem of Chris’s attitude occurred to Mandy, one night when the three sisters were watching an old movie long after ‘the kids’ had been put to bed.

Mandy had suggested that they give Chris’s self-esteem a boost by giving him a satchel of his own, without of course, giving him the impression that he was about to start school. So the three went to work, and a day or so later the work was finished.

The result of the sisters’ efforts, presented to Chris one morning straight after his bath, was a happy moment. The sisters had bought a cardboard briefcase which they’d covered with a colourful collage of cartoon cars, trucks, rockets and planes. Inside was a collection of items which the sisters hope would keep Chris amused.

Chris was sitting on the big rug where he now spent so much time when Angela gave him the brightly-wrapped package. Angela had waited until Candy was in the bathroom. Tenille was in her bedroom where she was spending more and more time these days.

Chris turned the wrapped package slowly around in his hands. He smiled up at Angela.

‘Thank you,’ he said, and used his forearm to wipe a drip of drool from the side of his mouth.

Angela smiled back.

Chris’s daytime nappies, at least for around the house, were now no different to his night-time ones - triple terry with plastic pants. To stop them sagging when he wet, most of Chris’s t-shirts had a long tail and front that snapped together in the crotch like his shortalls did. While Tenille insisted on looking as ‘growed-up’ as possible, neither Chris nor candy seemed to mind what they wore, as long as they were comfortable.

Chris was also a lot calmer since the sisters’ chemist friend had supplied medication for him – ‘guaranteed not to rob you of your husband’ in the light of the previous experiences. There had been no more tantrums, and Chris was generally well-behaved. The tablets were very mild, the sisters were assured, so they continued putting them into Chris’s meals, as well as playing the relaxation tapes that Shirley, the tablet vendor recommended as a useful adjunct in treating anxious patients (or ‘clients’, as she called them.

After a few false starts, when he would scream at her that he was an adult and didn’t need a nappy at all, let alone changing, all the while standing in a sagging, saturated nappy, he was even letting Helen change him now.

Chris’s behaviour was slowly changing to suit the way he was treated, and the way the sisters were treating him was changing to suit his behaviour. But the process was subtle and the sisters were busy – ignoring themselves as yardsticks the only ready measure they had for Chris’s behaviour was the naturally changing and somewhat chaotic behaviour of Candy and Tenille, while Helen, in front of whom Chris had retreated into his shell anyway, thought he had ‘development issues’ and dismissed him as a child.

So Chris, watched carefully by his wife, unwrapped his present and opened his new briefcase.

He laughed at the cartoon pictures stuck to the small cardboard suitcase. Then opening the case, he began to remove the various items the sisters had worked hard to create. First came a pink plastic mobile phone. Chris hadn’t used a cell phone for months, and happily began pressing the big buttons on the front. He couldn’t remember any numbers, but it hardly mattered – each button made a different kind of comical beep, buzz or raspberry sound, but did nothing else.

‘Hello?’ Chris said into the phone hopefully after pressing some buttons.

‘Hello Chris!’ said a voice.

Chris giggled excitedly and grinned at Angela, then spoke into the phone again.

‘Hello, who is it please?’ said Chris, still grinning at the phone.

‘It’s Tracy!’ said his sister-in-law, who had crept into the room after Angela had put her finger to her lips, and who now jumped up in front of Chris.

Chris looked confused, putting the phone to his ear then looking at Tracy. Then he joined in the general laughter.

‘Hold on a minute, trace,’ said Angela, getting up and squatting in front of Chris. ‘We’ve had a wardrobe malfunction here.’

Angela attended to the burst snaps at Chris’s crotch.

‘He’s absolutely soaked, Trace,’ said Angela, sliding a finger under the tight, bulging nappy. ‘I’ll have to change him.’

‘That’s a job I won’t miss with Tenille,’ laughed Tracy.

‘Sshh,’ said Angela in a loud whisper as she took Chris by the hand.

Tracy watched Chris waddle off to the bathroom.

‘Mum!’ Tenille called from her bedroom. ‘Can you help me please?’

‘Coming honey,’ called Tracy, leaving the room.

To be continued.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 13

Way to go Sally!! Chris is progressing (or is it regressing) nicely!!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 13

love it well done and i’m glad you mannaged to fit in a few of my sugestions in your own way it’s much better i’m waiting for more keep it up, good work

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 13

Oh, Sally, where are you? You have to finish this, please!!