Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…

Chapter 10

The next morning was a Saturday, and the three sisters were up early.

It was to be a busy day. For a start, it was Tenille’s 4th birthday, an event almost forgotten in the excitement of moving to the new house. The sisters had decided to give Tenille a party, despite the children not knowing anyone else of their age in the vicinity.

The sisters had also found a gym in the nearby town, and had joined a weekly jazz aerobics class to augment their workouts in the home gymnasium. They had decided to attend the class early on Saturday morning, two at a time to leave the third sister home as a babysitter.

Chris was woken by Angela and Mandy discussing their exercise wear.

‘Ange, have you got a sports bra I can borrow? I think mine must still be packed somewhere,’ said Mandy, standing by Ange’s bed wearing just her panties.

‘Sure,’ said her sister. ‘Try this,’ she added, tossing Mandy one of her stretchy bras.

Chris blinked at Mandy. He had just emerged from another strange, infantile dream. The moment he moved his legs he knew he had wet heavily, and was relieved and embarrassed to feel the nappy and plastic pants around his loins.

‘Hi Chrissie,’ said Mandy, smiling at him as she slung herself into the bra.

Chris smiled back, happy not to feel himself blushing as he watched his half naked sister-in-law.

Angela was adjusting the crotch of her hot pink leotard. She had already discovered that Chris had wet his nappy.

Leaning down to kiss him, Angela said ‘Chris, Tracy is just getting the other two up. Mandy and I are going to aerobics class. You can sleep a little longer if you want, but don’t forget to give your nappy and plastic pants to Tracy for the wash please honey.’

Before Chris could answer, Mandy stepped towards the bed and kissed Chris as well.

‘And,’ she said with a grin, ‘Don’t forget that it’s Tenille’s birthday today. Don’t have too much breakfast because there’s a party at lunchtime!’

Chris looked surprised. He had no idea of the birthday. Mandy smiled again as she pulled her tights up snug around her waist.

‘She’s growing up – she’s a big girl of four now,’ said Mandy.

Chris smiled and nodded. ‘Growing up’, he thought, and here I am in a wet nappy and plastic pants.

Mandy borrowed a leotard from Angela and the women admired each other, discussing where they needed to lose a bit of weight here and there. Then they were gone.

Chris lay back in the bed for a few minutes, then decided he should get up and slip his nappy into the wash to save himself the embarrassment of having to face Tracy with them.

He had just climbed out of bed and had waddled to the middle of the room in his sagging nappy and was standing there chewing the tip of his thumb, wondering what to wear, when Tracy’s cheery voice wished him good morning. Chris turned to see her at the door, feeling himself peeing in surprise.

‘Oh,’ he said, his voice breaking slightly.

He looked around frantically for a towel or something.

‘I’ve just given the other two a bath, honey,’ said Tracy, walking into the room and picking up a towel from over a chair. ‘If you give me your nappy I’ll put it in the wash, then you can hop in the bath while it’s still hot.’

Chris was still a little stunned by Tracy’s casual tone and by his own position.

‘Come on, baby, nappy please,’ she said, standing with her hands on her hips. ‘And Chris, I don’t want to sound like Mummy, but don’t suck your thumb, darling. It’s not very hygienic. It took me ages to train Tenille out of it.’

Chris dropped his thumb from his mouth immediately.

‘I wasn’t…’ he said.

‘I know, honey, it’s a hard habit to break. You know, even some grownups do it in secret, but it’s still a messy habit. And do you know what might happen to anyone who keeps doing it? She might get buck teeth!’ Tracy said.

‘Tracy, I wasn’t…’ Chris said, trembling slightly, considering his very recent dreams, at the word ‘she’.

‘It’s alright, sweetie,’ Tracy said. ‘Now, nappy off, please baby.’

Chris fumbled with his nappy, and ended up letting his sister-in-law remove it.

Holding the unexpectedly heavy nappy rolled in her hands, Tracy felt sorry for the naked, shivering boy in front of her, and regretted being so harsh about his thumbsucking.

‘Honey, I didn’t mean to be mean about you wanting to suck your thumb sometimes, OK? In fact, if you want, I’ve got something to help, but you can’t have it all the time, just as a treat for special occasions, alright?’ she said, pulling Chris towards her and giving his blonde head a rub.

Chris found himself nodding into Tracy’s soft breasts, then felt her lifting his head and holding something soft and rubbery against his lips.

‘A little treat while you have your bath. It used to be Tenille’s, but I still carry it in case Candy needs it when I’m around,’ said Tracy.

Chris’s lips opened reflexively and the latex teat slip in.

‘There you are, baby,’ said Tracy, looping the pacifier’s ribbon over Chris’s head. ‘Nice binkie,’ she added, patting him on the head. ‘Now, bathtime!’

‘Twacy I dow’t…’ Chris said, now clutching his genitals and blinking back tears.

‘Oh, shush,’ said Tracy, taking his hand and pulling towards the children’s bathroom. ‘Just enjoy your binkie and your bath, OK?’ she said as they entered the room.

‘In we go,’ Tracy said happily as she hoisted Chris off his feet and swung him into a standing position in the warm, bubble-filled bathtub.

Chris felt saliva overflowing his mouth and dribbling down his chin, and sucked the binkie a little harder.

Tracy was there to wipe his chin almost as soon as the dribble had started.

‘Oh, poor baby,’ she said, squatting down and gently taking Chris’s penis and testicles in her fingers and pulling them slightly to one side. ‘You’ve got a nappy rash, honey. I’ll put something on it after your bath.’

Chris whimpered and said something unintelligible around his binkie.

‘It’s OK, honey,’ said Tracy gently, ‘It won’t hurt for long. Tenille used to get just the same sort of rash when she was littler. I’ll put something on it when you’ve had your bath.’

Chris whimpered again, and Tracy both saw and felt his buttocks clenching together.

‘What’s up, honey?’ she asked him.

Chris had been trying to decide how to say what he wanted without sounding juvenile, but now the need was so urgent that he could only blurt out: ‘Need do poo Twacy!’ Chris said desperately around his binkie.

‘Oh, baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise,’ said Tracy as she swept Chris, dripping with warm bubbles, out of the bath and plonked him on the toilet seat.

Chris had given up any pretence of modesty and sat on the seat, crying softly as he had a noisy bowel movement. After he finished, he didn’t resist when Tracy wiped his bottom, picked him up and put him back in the bath.

‘There you are sweetie!’ she said, and left him to his toys and bubbles.

To be continued.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

nice chapter, Sally. I can’t wait for Tenille’s birthday party!

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

Great chapter, once again. Keep it up. Daytime diapers after the bath? Look forward to seeing what happens.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

i do rather like the story but something doesn’t quite seem to fit i’m not sure why but 2 or 3 day’s seems a little fast, the speed is right as far as chapters are concerned but only 2 or 3 days have actually passed i’m sure (even with the fact he was abdl before) i’m sure he’d still be able to come out with adult phrases, he may be enjoying it but i don’t think it would be beyond him to have in a few situations been much more adult for example
lunch with the kids - i can wait i’d rather eat with you honey
toy car present - don’t you think i’m too old for that and it’s scarcly replacement for the $x0,000 SUV of mine you just sold
adult/childrens bathroom debate - i’m quite happy to use either bathroom since i’m desprite, i’m not so petty i need to distinguish
before the work party - don’t you think your husband is good enough for you, ok, i’ll stay and look after the kids
after waking up (seemingly with a more adult mind) - morning girls, it seems that i need to clean up, i’ll go and use the bathroom (and weather or not they aproved used the adult one to get cleaned up)
at any time - i’m sorry but is there a problem with you i’m not a toddler i’m an adult and i don’t know why your treating me as you are but stop otherwise i’m leaving (he has access to the cars as has been established he gets 49% of whatever the busness sells so his car and house amongst other things he could easily rent out a flat with some of the money and work from their not only this the sisters had won $5,000,000 assuming they invested some and bought a house then split the money evenly $1,000,000 would be his wifes which, i would assume from the way his assets are tied up in the company, also belong to the company…… and i’m sure he’d have worked out they don’t want any of that to happen, so they’d slow it down a lot)

these are just a few that he would still have been able to come out with that would have prevented various other problems where as if it had happened over a week or two his mind would have regressed beyond coming up with these solutions and he wouldn’t be fighting it
eg setting out a fammily meal so that chris and wife sat at opposite ends of a table and the girls sat between thier mums and chris (issolating him but making him feel like he was just immagining it

although it is your story and it’s your’s to do with as you please don’t feel you have to take any of what i’ve said into account

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10


I read you post with great interest, and I agree with most of it. I think that even in fiction, realism and internal consistency are marks of a quality product, if you like.

In this story, I agree that the time seems to be going faster than would be ‘normal’ (if this situation were even half normal). I also appreciated your technical points about assets and equity!

My excuse is this: I have a busy little business to attend to, which supports me and my dependents, car, mortgage etc. I write these stories chapter by chapter when I get an hour or so, often late at night or early in the morning. I don’t reread the whole story each time I add a chapter, and so I only have a vague overview of the story as a whole, so continuity may suffer. Doing it this way tends to make each episode a story in itself, with a climax etc - in other words, truly ‘episodic’ in the critical meaning of the term. I’d love to have a few weeks to write a more complete, slower moving tale.

The short stories I post here are something like pulp fiction - artificially compressed time so that every episode has some action.

You’d never guess one of my favourite authors - it’s George Meredith. Look him up, and try to find some of his work. It’s slow to the point of being stately, but with very finely wrought characters, analysis of actions and so on. All the lovely things you can’t include in amateur, fetish short story writing. I don’t claim any literary talent, and in my stories here, I feel lucky if I achieve readership, let alone the finer points of fiction. If I can entertain, and hopefully be a little erotic, then I’m happy.

Thanks for the careful analysis, anyway, jay-dl. It is much appreciated, and you are spot on. I’m not sure I can easily fix the racing clock in this story, though, which is a result of the ‘production process’ as discussed above.



Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

doing so would be a timely thing (unless he makes a stand which of cause would be a climax) and probably wouldn’t make sense in the story but it was just ment to be a note for any future story … and if you only get to doing one chapter a day or every few days try making the chapters like one day of time i know it means the climax is dealt with but your a good writer and you don’t need to do that to keep people coming back for more the, people who usually write pulp fiction think that they need to in order to keep thier readers hooked it’s not true if your not a very good writer then people won’t read it anyway and keeping people hooked isn’t an issue because they cant hook them in the first place you’ve got some readers who post and probably twice as many who don’t they are hooked to your writing not your climaxes (i wish i had responces to my story then i might think about writing morerather than so,ething compleatly different)

there is no need for any excuse because i know what it’s like only being able to write when it suits with limiting time and space
i write alot of my stuff into my mobile on the back seat of a bus meaning i only have 3000 charactors (not words) to make a decent chapter or to plot out a story to write later now 3000 charactors isn’t a lot which means i have to miss out punctuation and txt talk a bit and re-edit it before i thinking about posting …. any way i digress …. what my point was sometimes you need to take more than that time to just workout where you want the story to go rather than just pushing out another story just to keep your readers happy if they like the story even if you don’t write any more for over a year they will still read the next chapter …… i’ve said it before my favorite abdl story is the Chronicles of Vickie and if Vickie ever got round to writing another episode (her last being a while ago and left on a very interesting cliffhanger not that it needed to be) i’m sure i aswell as others would be all over it like bees to a jar of honey

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

Thanks again jay-dl

I’ve thought of a solution - just put ‘a week later’ in front of each of my chapters!

Thanks for the critique, though. Much appreciated.


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

your welcome now if only i could critique my own stuff so hashly ^^
seems like a good solution ………. other than now 2 and a half months (10 weeks) have past it’s nearly autumn ……………. i think you leave it as it was and maybe tweak the odd bits and pieces and a few extra days would be pleanty i’m sure …… or am i just being picky now??……… hmm………… i hope i havn’t delayed your next chapter i’m hooked ^

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

Hi jay-dl. I took your advice and added a few dates here and there, as if we were looking in on Chris and the sisters every week or so. It reads much more smoothly.

I haven’t posted these tweaked episodes yet. I might wait then package the lot into a completed story,and post it as one item if my clipboard will stand it.

Thanks again for the advice. Nothing wrong with criticism from a good critic.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

Okay I really like this story so far and I am sorry for posting a reply on this chapter when later ones are already posted, but I got confused at the beginning of this chapter.

Do we have two characters with the same name. This chapter starts with a grown-up named Candy, and there is a 2 year old named Candy. This is confusing?


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Chapter 10

Hi Teekabell

The little girl is Candy, and the mother is Mandy. (I made them like that to remember whose daughter was whose, sorry for the confusion).

I like your stories, Teekabell!