Bringing science back to the White House...

So, Obama ran on a plank of bringing science back to the White House. An idea I believe in. Laws and policy should be based on fact and logic, not opinion and being PC.

Which is odd… Because Obama’s current attempt to classify CO2 (carbon dioxide) as a pollutant that must be controlled to reverse global warming is NOT based on science, but on speculation, and very BAD reports from the UN.

So let’s get this straight: There are currently 1700 climatologists that state global warming being caused mostly by man is NOT true. Which is more than double the total that claim it IS.

CO2 is about 0.038% of the atmosphere. Of which man contributes 3 percent. So CO2 is LESS than 1 percent of the air we breath, and man makes 3 percent of that tiny number….

The report the EPA used to classify CO2 as a “pollutant” was created by the UN. The report the UN created was based not on science, but on opinion. When the report was being made the UN told it’s writers to IGNORE recent evidence that showed CO2 was not the problem it was thought to be and basically told them what the conclusion should be.

When informed by scientists that the report was faulty, our government told them to “shut up”, that the administration has decided it’s going with CO2 being a pollutant. After all, let’s not let FACT get in the way of sweeping government control…

Obama, and EVERYONE that voted for the current Cap and Tax bill are trying to pass something that other countries have already tried.

Pelosi calls this a JOBS bill? Something like this bill cost Spain 2.2 jobs for every “green” job created… I guess negative jobs, still means jobs huh?

And Obama doesn’t want tariffs involved with this bill? So I make something in America, and it costs me an energy tax to create it, or I can do the same in China, with cheaper labor, and no energy tax… Hmmm…… WHERE will I be making my products?

And this IS a tax. There’s no other way to say it. I LOVE that it’s supporters claim that AFTER tax rebates the average household will only pay 150 more a year on energy costs….

So WHERE is that “tax rebate” coming from? I thought I and other citizens of this country pay taxes, which means the rebate is coming from my pocket anyways.

And seeing as the government is hardly ever right about their “cost” forcasts I doubt they are anywhere near the true cost of this bill.

I hope the senate has the stones to say no to this thing.

Bringing science back to the White House…

Not only is this a bad piece of legislation, but I have doubts as to whether a lot of legislators who voted for it (or against it, for that matter) actually bothered to read and consider what they were voting on. Sadly, that is all too often the case.

Bringing science back to the White House…


I’m not an environmentalist by ANY means. But I know we need to stop our dependence on foreign energy. I’m afraid that when this thing blows up in our faces it will poison any chance at passing future -logical- attempts at using our natural resources.

I live in the middle of the desert. Until recently there was no power line coming here. It was solar, wind, and when water was needed a generator for 220.

I can tell you right now that “personal” solar and wind units like what we still use here for half our power will NOT work for the majority of Americans. I’m sorry to say that most people are to stupid to keep one of these systems running.

You have to keep the water up in the batteries. You have to keep an eye on the power levels, making sure that you don’t fall beyond a certain point, at which time the system shuts down. You have to know how to reset the system when something “happens”.

So far we’ve had a lightning strike, to much wind, one panel blow up. Another blow up when a wire was hit by a carpenter that didn’t know what wires as thick as a NICKEL were power lines… And sometimes shit just HAPPENS!

Imagine letting people run a power plant! Not a nice thought is it?

We need investment into power plants. Nuclear power being a big one right now. But watching the history channel tells me that we’re only years away from CHEAP solar power cells. Once that happens we only need a small portion of a sun drenched state, (like Arizona) to power the entire country.

And just like other states selling their natural resources I would hope Arizona gets a good chunk of cash for it.

Nuclear power would give us the decade or two we need to get the science right (cheap mostly). Tapping our oil now would help as well, even if it takes ten years for it to enter the economy, that’s oil we’ll NEED in ten years.

Sadly, in the end it doesn’t matter. If man is causing this, it will continue as no one can stop “developing” countries from pumping out the pollution.