Breastfeeding Noah

I wrote this about breastfeeding for the first time with someone very special. I am her little tangerine. Let me know what you all think!

I am begging for you to breastfeed me Ms. Ally because I want to experience the ecstasy the first time I taste your milk. Nursing from you would be a very intimate experience that I would greatly enjoy because I want to share that moment with you. I want to submit to you and allow you to guide me as my teacher into your chest and ultimately latched upon your perky breast. I want to feel the warm milk drip down my face and have you lovingly help wipe it off my soft little cheeks. Most importantly I want to experience all this for the first time with my first true mommy because I KNOW it will be a moment I will never forget and hope to repeat the bonding experience several times over and over.

I want to help lift your arms high over your head mommy and then I will probably need your help unclasping your sexy patterned bra from behind your back. When your bra falls to the floor below I will take a few seconds to admire your luscious, plump, perky breasts before my tongue slips out between my lips and flicks at your right nipple (my left). I will keep my eyes wide open and wait to see your nipples turn rock hard before I know it is time to latch onto my mommy. You will help guide me with your gentle hands and help to support my precious little head as I try and suckle on your boobies. I want to stop momentarily and gaze up into your eyes as if I am looking past “reality” and staring deep into your loving, nurturing soul shaking hands with your innermost being.

When your milk begins flowing out into my mouth I will not be able to control the explosive orgasm I will experience. Your sour, warm milk will fill my puffy cheeks and I will swallow it down like a good boy. You will pat my back and tell me what a good baby I am being and I might even shed a tear or two for how safe you are making me feel wrapped up in your arms.

Soon you will guide my hungry mouth across your chest and help me latch onto your left nipple which will be so hard little crusties will have formed. I will take the nipple into my mouth and begin sucking using my left hand to squeeze ever so gently all around your breast. My pee will have gone soft by now and I will be fully immersed in little space adoring your beautiful face enjoying every loving second of our “mommy and me” time.

After you feel like I have had enough of your milk you will pull my hand away from your nipple and wrap your arms around me continually telling me what I good little boy I am. My chin will nuzzle up under your chin and I will whimper and coo like a little baby. You will begin patting my back until you hear me make my burpies. You might stick two fingers down the back of my dipee and declare I am soaked at which point you will plop me on the ground and tell me to crawl with you to the nursery. Mesmerized, I will follow you; squirming all over the floor while my sagging droopy diaper hangs just above the carpet. When we get to the nursery you will retrieve my goldfish-changing towel and lay it down in front of me on all fours continuing to look up at my mommy’s beautiful face. Your smile and soft nurturing voice will turn me on as you guide me onto my back and start to untape each side of my soaking wet diaper. As I start to suck my thumb you will gently replace it with my favorite purple paci and give me a big wet kiss on my forehead explaining what a good sissy baby I am being for you. Thinking about this will never get old Ms. Ally and being with you and having mommy and me time is something I want more than anything.

I crave to feel safe and wanted in your arms. I want to give myself to you because I want to experience your power and control since I fully understand you will always have the best intentions. I want you to know I trust your judgment and while I may be naughty at times and second guess I want you to know deep down in my heart you will always be my mommy. Submitting to you is not a chore or a punishment but rather something I enjoy and crave. Please hold me accountable and please never give up on me because I desperately desire to be your naughty, little for each and every day hereafter.